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Google Ads Crash Course!

Tim Cunningham, Online Instructor

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8 Lessons (41m) View My Notes
    • 1. Google Ads Promo

    • 2. Setting up your google ads account

    • 3. Discovering New Keywords

    • 4. Setting Up Your Campaign

    • 5. Create your first ad group, ad and keyword

    • 6. Building Out Your Campaign

    • 7. Making Sense Of Google Ads Data!

    • 8. Ad preview tool and adding extensions


About This Class

Get started with google ads and have your first ads up and running right after you finish this google adwords certification course.

How To Discover New Keywords in Google Adwords.

How To Use The Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Create A Google Ads Account.

Getting Website Visitors.

Creating Your First Campaign.

Create An Ad Group, Keyword And Ad.

Using The Ad Preview Tool.

How To Make Your Ad Bigger.

Ad Extensions.

Building Out Your Campaign.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn the most powerful and popular advertising platform Google Ads.

Small Business Owners who want to increase their sales and revenue through their website.

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs who want to generate traffic to their own website or start generating leads for local businesses!

Marketing professionals who want a understanding of AdWords.

Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills.

Beginners who want a closer look at how to set up campaigns properly without losing all of your money. However even those with experience using google adwords will be able to get something out of this course.

If you have ANY product or service that you want to promote, advertise or sell online, this course will give you the best tools and skills to succeed doing just that.

This course is NOT for you if you are not ready to take your online advertising and marketing seriously, or if you are not willing to take action on the information.

This course is NOT for you if you expect to sit through hours of video content and just consume information. Most courses can be over 20 hours long and it is unnecessary and will only confuse you further, if you value your time this course is for you and will give you the best information without any filler videos just to make sure the course ranks better.


1. Google Ads Promo: 2. Setting up your google ads account : our guys. So we're gonna go over now how to set up your Google AdWords account. So I'm gonna talk in AdWords into Google here, and you just click on the first ad, then he you are So you get a little burners credit when you saw on up when you bring me into Google odds. So when you spend $75 you get $100 credit, sir, that's a good amount of stock with $175 100 of it isn't yours. So it's a good opportunity feet alone on someone else's ad. Spend so Allah recommend when you saw not you just put your email and you know so money is Ah, I would sign up 1990 whatever it is that you saw on up there and just for the problems. And then you will come to this page here, the car. Now we're going to go here and you go to my account, then payments and subscriptions, So payment methods. So what you want to do is you want to put in your payment method in here, and then once you dual that you'll be able to use the Google keyword planner 3. Discovering New Keywords: Hey, guys. So now we're going to go over how to discover new keywords with the K word planning and competitive websites. So wait, you find the keyword planner is in this talk corner of Google ads, he and the tools in setting tub. So you will need a credit glaad's account to get to the K word planner, which we run out before. So you should have one up and running now. So just click on the tools and setting time and you'll notice here under planning that you've got K word plan. Also, just click on that for me. You want to be clicking on discovering UK woods. All right, so let's just say Anish is where a car mechanic on. We're gonna put up some Google ads. Teoh generate blades and sales calls for a business. All right, so we're gonna put in the key word that we're thinking of bidding on, which is car mechanic Malbin to say we're in Melbourne, Australia. Assaults location will change the location here. That's all of Australia. But I've got a very specific search, so we'll select mild when there just hit safe. Okay, so this is the key world were thinking bidding on And these are the keywords or search terms that Google believes are related or other Kate words that we could potentially be it on. OK, so this is the one that we have talked in You can see here we've got the average monthly searches. It said this between 100 to 1000. You can see it's quite broad in case you're not going to get a exact sort of measurement of how maney monthly searches there after the specific que would. All right, So this is just a game. So take anything that you see, hear with a pinch of salt. The only way you're gonna find out this and obviously what you bid processes once you actually get these campaigns up and running, I would think that the big price would be much Ivan that being in Melbourne and obviously banning competitive area would think it would be my child, especially when you start campaigns because you want to give Google a bit of a kick. Kick that and are that your are you serious? So that will give your information for the top of big page bid lower range and obviously the high rain. So sometimes it's what it's saying is sometimes might be paying this. Sometimes you might be paying this and obviously days or old ones that are related. So BMW mechanic Melvin, maybe not, sir Related this alert search volume that anyway, apparently someone might be have a BMW and they're looking for a specific band of you Deal . So I probably wouldn't be wise toe bid on such sort of K would, but this will give you a good understanding of, you know, and the other key words that you might have met something you might not have thought off. Battle will be here now. Another way to discover keywords is just gonna jump on the Google when we're gonna talk in the same thing. Car mechanic mounting. So you can see here as soon as I popped that in. We've got a few ads here is another one there, But I'm pretty sure if we if we go the way, Dan, you'll see a bunch of these ads as well. Okay, so this mains, obviously by on paying as much as what the people at the top of the page are not necessarily now. This might be working for them because of their budget, they might find that the blades and or whatever they're getting out of the ads, he's far in having these lower page position. Obviously, that wouldn't be getting as many contacts is with people the top AAA. But you don't always need the top position anyway. Okay, Now, another way to get the keywords is We're just gonna go on to these, I say to all competitors website. Okay, so it's gonna go on he now. Here we go. Off panel Betas, One stop shop for we ordinary mates. Another way to discover the K words. We're just gonna click on keyword planner again. And you can see here is where we talked in our K word before. What we're gonna do this time, it's just go to this tab, start with a website. We're just gonna copy and paste this domain into hell and just click on get results. And that will bring up all the keywords Google thinks is relevant for this website that you should be bidding on. So you can have a fair idea of, you know, based on what other businesses are based on their business. And that's another way for you to discover some keywords pretty quickly as well. You can see that's quite a few searches. Here is about 103 so that might give you, you know, a bit more help in discovering some K Woods. 4. Setting Up Your Campaign: So what we're gonna go over now is crowding your first Google ads campaign. So within your Google ads account, you can have up to 10,000 campaigns now, Yeah, I'm likely to create anywhere near that many. So you shouldn't really do so into you comfortable, you know, starting to create campaigns by hand. So age campaign that you have can have upto 20 to 30,000 and groups, and it is in there Is that groups that continue ads in the k words you want actually bid on . It makes sense to sort of create a separate campaign to contain at groups that are related to each other so that you can view how age campaign performs a glance. Now you need to configure Cem important settings at the campaign level to include what, what physical location that you want your rights to be showing in and that sort of thing. So you might only want to show ads to people searching for, you know, comic car mechanic in ah Melvin, who are physically work out in the mobile area. So how to do that and create your first campaign? You should just go here and this little plus symbol and click on that and then just go our new campaign. Then you want to select the campaign talk. So we're gonna go website traffic. Anyone there, click on search ads, then just hit. Continue. Now, at this point, you wanna Namie campaign so you can name the campaign people who want a car mechanic in Melbourne. All right, so this campaign will target people in your specific location that you've chosen. So I've named the campaign Something someone of that. Just so it's easy if you don't recognize what's what If you've got multiple campaigns running so we're gonna say campaign cool car mechanics melting. Now, the next step here is you've noticed you've got the networks to truce from. All right, I suggest turning off these to begin with. Okay, So these abhorrent show for people that are searching another search networks like Google and Yahoo here so you can get good traffic from him. But I suggest just starting off, we're gonna take these boxes. You have share more settings here. You don't need a hit or anything. Now you can specify always with the locations you want a target. We're running a campaign and somebody woman guard. But our campaign is for Melbourne now, so we're gonna enter that specific location. All right, so make sure that ad showing the area that we wanted to show force we're gonna go. Melvin. Victoria, I'm gonna talk at this location here. All right? Now, you want to prevent Google from showing your ads outside of the location that you're specified. Okay, so you want to be clicking people in or regularly in your type of locations. So if you don't do that, even though you specified in your ads of your specific in their targeting location, sometimes people outside of that target area can actually see your ads. It's are Just be careful because this cannot be I'd spend and create unnecessary, you know, unnecessary traffic and just changed these two people in horse. You're interested in your target locations. So you don't want people in your excluded locations to, you know, the ad showing to them because it's a waste of Utah on. All right, if they're not any target of vacation, they probably know your audio customer with language is you want to select old languages. The reason for that is if you're going to write yard in English on bid on English, sir. Terms they weren't care what language you search A has said their browser to, You know, if they're brass, is that the Chinese were there talking in English or it said French with the talking in English. He's doing ad to show them. So don't worry so much about that now. What you want to do here is that you can pain budget. So start with a lower daily budget while you're learning and just starting out with Google . I just because you won't be spending a whole hell of a lot. You know, if you make some mistakes than you know that you're not gonna spend over this amount per day, really get grateful when you start out and you learn so you can spend up to twice the daily budget. So I just keep that in mind. But it will average out of the month, sir. The count will, you know, go through ups and downs. So one day you must just say our budget is $10 which we're gonna set that at now. It's an Australian dollars because that's where I live. You might spend 20 goals in the next day might spend too. So it'll average out over the month. Sorry. Just keeping on your daily spend when The first few days and adjusted as necessary for NATO . And he you have got your bidding strategy. Okay, So you want to go with manual CPC? You don't want to let Google control your bids are select the bid strategy directly. Make sure enhance a per se is not selected. So your ad schedule okay, You might only want to show you ads at certain times of the day or certain days of the week , so this could be important. If you know you're putting things in your ads that are trying to get people to court. Now, are you putting something in your ad? A call to action at 12 o'clock at night and you're not open. That might waste, um, spend for you so you can set your ad schedule for new businesses opening and closing or their business that you're generating leads for whatever you're using Google ads for at that time. So conversion rates you might find could be different in different times a day as well. So as you've got the campaigns running, even dialed in that way to flying when you're getting the best results there. So with the advert ation you don't need about control of the campaigns to Google's algorithm, so it select the option indicate so select the option indicated sorry. Darnell's guard with Google's day folds, the options indicated, was removed a while back. And a lot of people in Google ads professionals got getting angry with it. So we'll talk about about why and how to use this option some other time. Maybe another course. But for the moment, just click on Do No optimized for a Tight adds indefinitely. Now add extensions will ignore this for now, but adding schedule is a really great for making right appear a lot bigger than ever on ulcers with more information in it. So are the most important add extensions if you're going to compete for the top positions. Slight links. Okay, these are additional links below your answer, the manicure and bigger and increase you include through right, so we're going to ignore that for now. But just remember that slightly heats, tensions could be, you know, the most important one toe do, but we're not going to do that for now and then just click saving. Continue. So are now you done so you don't have to go through that campaign for all future new campaigns. Any new campaigns could be corn from that particular one. So you have to go through all those settings again. And, you know, after you do this Ah, beat. You can actually, and I get through it fairly quickly anyway. All right? 5. Create your first ad group, ad and keyword: So it just created our first campaign so well done there. Good job. So now we're going to create an AG group, and the key would. So I recommend to have one keyword in a chat group so you can actually have Mawr makes life easier with the one key word for ag group structure we can then name Yeah group with the same name is the key word, which is another simple naming convention that will help you keep track of what's going on with your ads accounts. So don't start with 10 to 20 k words. Goodwood belies its just that one k would and pro plus on before h word in the K wed. So the plus sign means that that would basically needs to be in the search term that someone typed in. So if you taught, plus car plus mechanic, plus some brie, that basically means that someone types in car mechanic but leaves out car mechanic, some Brie or Melbourne or whatever location you're in. Your adult still pop up. So that's called a modified broad matched up, and if you would only know one match type, then this is the most useful one so that's freely available. Whether we should increase well, it's pretty debatable whether we should include a plus and in this case would. But we'll run with it for now. So someone talked in car mechanic, some breathe, and this keyword Martin will be triggered. It depends on whether Google say's Andi as a synonym for And so, if you will type in Andi instead of and in your you know, your keyword than that I might not come up if someone has this and in there rather than that, if that makes sense. So I probably cried another ad group with the end in. They're in both ways with the appropriate K wedding and it just so that you don't miss any traffic. So H ad group needs to be day forbid. So sitting like 0.1 cent so and we'll do the bidding at the K word level. So put in here, uh, mechanic. Okay, so when you put a plus before heat before these are words. That's a modified broad match. Now, this is just the ad group name. So this isn't We aren't telling Google right now that this is the key word. There were bidding on were just naming the ad group the same as what the K bird came. Word is that we're gonna be bidding on just a simple fly things. So putting $0.+01 and then click, save and continue. So now what you need to do is create your first that. All right, so this will come up here. So you want to enter your former your all the fun. We are hours where people go to when they click on the ads. Or Google will automatically copies into the display path there. So because we don't have our own website will just use someone else's. So we use this one here. All right, Now, you notice here. Rapid chain calm mechanics. We're gonna putting Tom Mechanic Malvin, cause we're gonna echo back what's in the search term there. All right, so you can have up to 30 characters in the ah headlines. You want to put the words that people search for into the headline and into the ads as much as possible. So Google bold these words, so they stand out to pay for the searching. First off, sir, this Abul So showing my balls as well. So we're not necessarily trying to use older characters. The one created here is 22 characters. And that goes back What? The searcher likely type into Google. So this is a good start. You want to echo back what people were putting into the search term, so they know that they're your right is what they're actually looking for. All right, that's a big mistake that people make. So if you have a page already to send visitors to you, then have a look at the copy on that page and try to echo it in the ad. So with this one here, United States note a very good landing page because it doesn't say their common Khaneqin. Melvin vulgar to these page I would be extremely confused about Okay, where The Bay Service. And I'm not gonna go through all that I want. Just click back car mechanic Berwick that echoes backwards in the search term. So this is a march. Better add. It doesn't occur back car mechanic Melvin, but it has mechanics servicing. Narrow warrens are elicits echoing back some of what's in the search time. Sir, you can see a copy such as mechanics servicing narry. Born a day spend ordinary services. We specialize in mechanic repairs. All that's all the stuff. So we don't know how many people are searching as yet, and how many times establish are so don't get through pressures about crowding the at at the moment for at ahead one to you also. And they have 30 characters as well. So we're not necessarily trying to use a with characters spot. Yeah, you can if you want to, if it's relevant, and if it makes sense that the risks are great because it will make your out of P bigger as well. So at headline tool shows to the right of that headline one and the headlines will be separated by a little colon like VCR. So we're very calm. Mechanic Melvin and the local mechanic servicing Barry born Beautiful had 13 port, complete mechanical repairs. We'll just put in mechanical repairs. We're not gonna get too precious. That's full on right here. You can see a preview of the ad what will look like on Michael Maribel on desktops? So that's what it looks like on deck stops terrify. And that's my balls. All right, so That's a good little tooled as you making the ad just to say how will appear. So the next step is to grade the paths. So the display path for the Abou Show in green underneath the ad, sir, consists of lucky domain. And obviously we've got the demand here, many for part one and passed through there. So that looks like directories on the Web site. But they don't actually have to exist. It'll so you can throw another one of the words we supported earlier on a call to action in the display part. If you wanted to do that so make a booking so it can put make a booking you can put in Cool . Now, that's just more cold actions that are actually in the ad. Uh, so you can see how it looks as you're going along. And then once we get to these path, we can create the descriptions are the description convey out to Nani characters for H. So you want to call to action in your ad. Like all export Koldo actions in the description ones, their description to may not particularly sure, our peoples on a draw Liza particularly drawn to numbers. So another that, you know, a car mechanic service my car. And I saw the ad from the home page. You know, this is what they're doing in that sort of thing. So we can use Koldo actions that are actually on the landing page in the description. Preferably so, Yeah. If there's any court actions on the landing page, you can use this fits in great. And then to the 19 characters allowed. So we just have a look over the page here and to say OK, what's ah, cool actions Have they got now, this is says Buick and he says, marry warrants are call today four on mechanical appears in Mary Warren. Description, too. Description here. We're not gonna get too precious about it. I'm not actually sure. All right, so that shows you hear how adds gonna look on a marble and that shows how it's gonna will p on your desktop. A guy that looks really good, guys. So I've got two ads there, so and and explained to him on other ways include a little the text as we went before escape that in Maan crowding your ads. Then what we're gonna do is click saving. Continue. That's a Lord one. Policy violations are for number in add text. Contains our train on seven. Have any phone number in the antics? If you want customers to cool, you consider using coal extensions. So that's fun course today because they called today for a mechanical repairs in married Milica. That's done so Google will let you know if there's any policy violations and you can deceit saving, continue and go to the next slot. Now I want to click on Continue to campaign now we just want to check into the AG group reprises 0.1 so this should be pretty field for you from the default bid price you set when you created the campaign and well. But if it's not, this will give you a are quick overview just to make sure that's all about border. And you've noticed that you've got your budget per day here as well. Remember when we created the campaign, we set a lorry budget. You can still change this now while you're in the winning face. Just toe get used to having ads running in, you know, getting things live. So now you want to set the keyword bid price. So remember we said before that will bid at the K word level, sir. That's because we want to see the warning messages and you don't get them at the AG group level. So to warn you that RK you know, maybe you aren't bidding high and are for something like that. So we're gonna the key words here, and we're gonna click the plus sign, and the ad group will come up. He'll which is the one that we want to attach the k words, which is this particular group. So from here, we're gonna put an AK a would remember putting a plus before it, as that's a modified broad matches. Ogre car plus mechanic, plus some very all right. That's probably the most important key word that you usually feel only remember one. This is the most important modified broad match car mechanic. Somebody with a plus in front of h wood. Sorry. When you first get things going, said a cost per click something that's reasonably high because it's a brand new account that you've set up. You wanna giggles, I'll wear them to take you seriously so we can always reduce the bid price in a day or two on and on. Our campaign budget will prevent there from being any runway spend or anything that's gonna get out of control. So, basically, for this one, nothing. Something that's like $4 of a good start and then just click safe. Menopause is for the parents. So they go, guys, Now you have your first campaign up and running. 6. Building Out Your Campaign: So we're going to do now. Use had to build out your campaign. Okay, so we're gonna run over that with you guys quickly, so you'll notice the campaign. He africom mechanics Melbourne, this ad group, We've got one ad group through this campaign. Now, remember, before how we used the K word plan up to discover other new keywords. Okay, we're gonna add different ad groups, and we're gonna call them the name of the K word that we're gonna beat on and at the other key word to those I groups. All right, So when I had the plus symbol here at a new ad group, so we're gonna coleus emergency mechanic in Alban. All right. Remember the day phone bid process explained before cause we're bidding at the k word level . So this is a majesty mechanic Melvin, sir. Remember, we want to try and Eckhard back what's in our ad based on what the other person searches for. So instead of putting car mechanic Marvin, we're gonna changes to emergency mechanic Melvin and mechanical repairs. So put emergency here. Mechanical repairs call today for a mechanic. Mechanical repairs and marry warn. So I say, Cool. Now because if someone's looking for a imagine the mechanic, that is a very, very specific search down there and they're needing someone now and then I would leave that . We're not getting Teoh caught up at this stage in what they had. Looks lock. We confine journal of the, you know, riding and the coffee and what appears in the display pop here in the description. Once we get some Datta and find out exactly how many people are searching for this, don't get too caught up with it at first because you haven't got any diarrhea to determine whether this keyword is even worth beating on. So just keep it simple. Go backwards in the search time in the cave when you're bidding on, and then you just want to heat saving. Continue. We'll keep this call extension here because it's the same business, all right, and just click, save and continue Ban and you've got to add groups there. Then you want another key word. Remember where adding key words of the I I group level? All right, so go, keyword. I wanted to emergency mechanic Melvin. I would say that they're gonna pause it because we're just using it as an example. Now, remember, we could see Casey, we're gonna give that a bit of a kick in, have a quite hard to start off with. So every time you want to add keywords to your campaign, always at a separate ag group during Adul, if you came words under the same anger hurt. All right, this is much better. And it's much easier for you understand how much traffic a specific K would is getting through here. All right, So I have that hope you guys have How do you know? Build out? You can't pains what we're going to go over next is, you know, negative keywords on how and when to use them when you run campaign to yourself in Google ads. 7. Making Sense Of Google Ads Data!: Okay, guys. So now we're going to go over making sense of your data in Google ads. So all this stuff that you're seeing in here is old previous daughter from campaigns that have run in the past. Okay, so what were the goal of you know, this little lecture is is just a and how we got to make sense of everything that you say here and give you a better understanding of how toe interpret that daughter and how you can use it to improve the campaigns that you run for yourself in Google ads. OK, so here we've got impressions. Okay. Now, what is an impression? Okay, Basically, Wouldn't impression is, is if someone types something into Google and you've got ads running for, like, this one does heal an impression would bay like I am. Now. I say this that OK, but I don't necessarily click on it. All right, That is what you would call an impression. Okay, So someone saying your ad, they've just gone over at nine every day, you know? It's not what they want. Maybe I've looked at car mechanic Melvin and says expert, mechanical and smash appear. Maybe I think Yeah, I think that's what I'm looking for so I can continue my way down the list. OK, so that's what an impression is. Also, this is clicks. Okay, so this gives you the daughter of how many clicks How many? Thompson was, you know, actually clicked on your ads. So they've Ben have clicked on, and they've made it to your landing page, huh? Out of how many impression? So you can say OK of this. Many people would have looked at my ads about this many clicks. OK, this is for a whole bunch of different campaigns and was just trying to add a bunch of stuff last month with things that I was trying to do. Like the name out list trying out different things. Now, what you've got here is your click through, right? OK, so just explain. See, here. Obviously, the percentage of people that see my adds a rebel This is out of old. The campaigns that I've done while Scott months not just one particular campaign. So overall, like summer, full form better than others. So quick through right means I count of how many times did someone say my I have to actually click through to my website, and that's 2.64%. OK, now average cost per click. That means, on average, what I have paid every time someone is click mad. Now, over the last couple of months, I've had some cost Costa clicks like $89. You know, this is and I've paid my Google ads bill. So obviously, this is all the spend that's coming up here that gives you an idea of you know, how much average cost per click is. All of that data you want to see will be here. Okay, Conversion. Right. Well, that sort of stuff. Phone calls now with phone calls. That is when we had the ad extension onto the ad. So that means Okay, how many people have just click directly on that number from the ad and called You haven't run any foreign or add extensions the last couple of months because it hasn't fit with what I'm doing. It's all been on wine based, but anyway, it's obviously biggest changes. So this is how much you've spent on each particular campaign. This was for some Google ads. That all I mean YouTube ads that I was trying out. So just messing around that's getting a good idea if you know how it works. And it would work for the particular vertical bottles in. So I just messing around there. Les generations those generating blades for a local service business all right and obviously costs of a summary. That's obviously from a lay generation campaign as well. These were from, you know, people looking for cooking tips and that sort of thing. So I've had some adds up for people that want to look for cooking tips, and these are the particular campaigns and the keywords associate ID with all the different campaigns that have run. So you can say there's been quite a few that I've ah been doing these here are the surgeons . So this is what the person has talked into Google once they've clicked on my ad. Say this started will only become available to you Once the person actually clicks on your ad, you can see what they talked in. Okay, so obviously, all days okay, someone's talked in Cairo recipe, and it's been triggered by my K would carry recipe how to make pancakes. It was triggered by the K would pancake recipe. So you conceive are using abroad modified match. My keyword doesn't exactly match whatever the search team is that someone's putting the Google. Okay, that'll that'll happen all the time now to give you an example of when you would use the negative K would when I was generating waits for a local service business. You can see here how we got zip pay money mechanics. Okay, now, that got triggered by the K word summary mechanics. Now, that was a wasted click with. The reason for that is the mechanic didn't offer Zipay. Okay, So if I would have added zip and pay as negative keywords to the campaign as you can see just here. All right, that wouldn't have happened. But, you know, at the same time time you're not going to know every negative K word when you want to campaign. I thought of a bunch of negative k words that that this particular campaign, but obviously I didn't realize that someone would pretend to pay. Was it paid a mechanic? I've never done that before personally. So you have your own biases towards that. But you can see here one person didn't wanna pay with Zipay based on the clicks and impressions because that was on offer are just putting the negative k woods it pay. And that prevents next time when someone toxins it, pay money from clicking on my add and wasting any unnecessary ad spend. Okay, now what? This little bit here charger is obviously h particular ad. How that has performed. So you can see for this particular ad. Okay, you've got the amount of impressions in the amount of clicks 3.47%. This particular ride Hell, 0.45%. You can say, you know where what I was bidding on was bidding on cabbage recipes. Okay, that could pay because I didn't have cab address piece in the search in the ad there. Okay. Now, always bidding on your recipes, the K word recipes and in the Australian location. So that's performed a little bit better. As you can see, I've got recipes in the adhere. Okay, so that's probably wise performed better than, say, this one that didn't have cabbage recipes in the actual at itself. This one here career s peace had the word recipes, so you can sort of see a trend of Okay, Which one is the sort of forming? Better. So then I would have gone back and looked at this before and gone If I wanted to continue the campaign because a lot of the time when you get the dialogue for a specific a word, you decide air. Maybe I don't want to continue bidding on it. But if that was the case, Agok, it's not performing. That while was 221 impressions and I really had one and click. So maybe I'd go into and change these two cabbage recipes and cooking tips or cabbage recipes straight to your inbox. That's on the thing. Okay, so you'll have a whole bunch of different daughter and he and saying which has particular ads are going to work the best for you? Okay, this one here is devices are Google ads will give you the data. On what specific device. Someone was looking on your website for where they've landed. What did they come from? They come from computer tablet, mobile phone. So you can see here that someone's had two clicks on the computer and six clicks on a tablet and 41 under my ball. Now it's safe to say that if I was running this particular campaign now landing on my landing page, it's more important for them to be for the landing page to look really good on a marble firing. That means on a desktop desktop. It's really important for to look good. And I'm terrible firing rather than what it is on a desktop or tablet Now. The reason for that is if it looks fantastic on a desktop when you're looking at on the computer. But you talk the same website in when you're foreign and it doesn't appear is friendly to use or cold action isn't is clear. That's not much point where most of your traffics coming from arable friends now is it Okay , so you can use this data to optimize your landing pages, which is, you know, it's fantastic. And obviously you can use this Dr Marcia ads and so forth and just have an idea of you know what K words you're running in that sort of thing demographic. So it even gives you the average age of the people that you're looking for, Okay, where they found you, so you'll find most of the time that a love your searchers will come from Google search results because we obviously were just running it through Google at this point in time. YouTube is from those YouTube ads that I was just trying out that I told you about before. This bit here is really handy. So you can see at different times of day there's gonna be different. Click through Rights are Well, that's interesting. Between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. On a Friday, I had 50% of the people. Let's see my ad quick on it. Okay, so you can use this Southern Circe while if I had 50% here, 30% between three and four and 15% here. Wouldn't it make sense to make sure my ads showing war in these times so you can use the start of the You know, you might have questions over the month to say, You know what, really not worth me running ads around here. 18% maybe D c on. You can make sure your ads appear in specific times a day. So hurt that helps Guys. Um, yeah. If you have any questions, feel free toe. Let me nart 8. Ad preview tool and adding extensions: That's the right here. This is the Google ads interface are Don't be intimidated by a lot of it. You know, a lot of it. You weren't really natal use. That's fine. So we'll go through everything. Be light up, up. You can add new K words to the staggered by selecting the blue Cross button, which is just up with topia. Sorry. Instead of doing that, instead of adding keywords to this, the same ad group market recommend issue like reading a brand new way group for H and K. Would you want to add and have one keyword per group? Okay. And then the ag group the name as you're the same name is what the K word is you bidding on . So if you want to add small ads, these I group then select the ads and extensions menu autumn and then select the blue button. All right, sir, as of extensions will be here. And if you want to add some extensions locked before how we did the admits any competent far number in in this particular ad, you can add this an extension guy saying get extensions, men at extension, so you can add a cool extension and then add that to your particular campaign. All right, that you could going. So you go use existing and you can use something like that. That's just a fun number that I had previously beacon crying near said the locations, obviously where you are and then at that, to be your particular campaign. All right. See, obviously, and select your location, which is Australia. Then you put the phone number of your business. It could be I 3974652 for one order. The location is they can just click safe. Okay, So added to campaign for car mechanics. Melvin. Sir, please call extension will be added to your ad so you can go to the campaign overview. Hell, that's what you'll add. A wall clock. And you can notice how you've got these cool at extension here, which will, you know, if someone wants to call you that can just click on that phone number and give you a buzz. All right, now what you can do after these things, you want to make sure you adds a running. I've kept this out on pools, but what you do use your just garbage of the tools and settings Tab here. Nine. Click on add preview and diagnosis. You don't want to search on Google like the Google page for your ads by talking, you know, car mechanic album, which is the k with the were bidding on Sorry, this if you do this, what happens is the that adds to you away impressions. Do you Google ads account and get you? You know, you get pumped out about, you know, people seeing the ads and that sort of thing When the only person who's saying the address yourself, sir, you it allowed to your impressions and Google ads making you think that someone else will you dragged when really you would want the beauty rad. OK, so don't do that. You can just search for it in the ad K words like the and prayed beyond diagnosis tools, all typing calm. Mechanic Melbourne Keeping in mind that I have got this campaign on pause. All right, but this is basically charger. This if you're not talking in this case, would search time here. This will show you what's pumping out me out. Well, that'll show you what's popping out. Okay, So sure you see that your ad isn't actually showing up at this time. So it's a nice, handy little to tool to preview your ads that most people call the ad preview told why, called the preview tool. So are you Enter the search firm obviously well, in our bar on If it says yes, he'll if it's not red. Okay, that major at is showing that? No. So you even get to say which k word has been treated in which Campaign and and Watch ag Group And we JAG group gets triggered so you can click the link on the ad group and drops straight into that I'd group if you want to make you know, analysis on that particular thing so we can see at is in top position or if it's below the organic results. This can fluctuate, you know, without a saving. Amending the process just depending on other competitors are your ad might appear the bottom here? Well, something like that. Okay,