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Google Ads (Adwords) Crash Course From A Professional Ads Specialist

Khadirah Muhammad, Your Google Ads Coach

Google Ads (Adwords) Crash Course From A Professional Ads Specialist

Khadirah Muhammad, Your Google Ads Coach

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6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How Does Google Work?

    • 3. Google Ad Type Differences

    • 4. Targeting Your Google Ads

    • 5. Creating Your Campaign + Optimization

    • 6. Thank You + Next Steps

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About This Class

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is the creme-de-la-creme of online marketing and digital advertising and generating new revenue for businesses and entrepreneurs. In this course I am going to give you an overall understanding of Google Ads and how to make it work for you.

You'll be learning about the following:

  1. How Does Google Ads Work?
  2. Who Are Google Ads Good For?
  3. What Can I Sell With Google Ads?
  4. Differences between Shopping Ads (Ecommerce) and Text Ads
  5. Why Choose One Ad Type Over The Other
  6. Which Ad Type Is Best For You?
  7. Short-tailed vs Long Tail keywords?
  8. How To Tell Google When Not To Show Your Ad
  9. How Do I Target With Shopping Ads? YouTube?
  10. How to Create Ad?
  11. How to Structure my Campaign?
  12. How To Optimize My Campaign?

I know it may seem like a lot for any search engine marketing course, but you'll come out the end with a ton of useful info!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Khadirah Muhammad

Your Google Ads Coach


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1. Introduction: What's going on? Everybody, welcome to the basically Google ads for beginners. Many course on this is a crash course into Google ads for anybody who's kind of new into the thing. And so, um, I want to talk about this introduction a little bit about myself with those courses about that, your extra picked expectations on one night. So Homa, I get my name is Qari Mohammed. I am a super glass specialist and all things paper quit advertising, obviously specifically Google at, um, I used to work at an agency in I've been that was there for a couple of years, and I was able to manage over $300,000 an annual advertising spend from people who, where small is maybe your local businesses across the street from you or in your local downtown, toe national and almost international brands as well. So it's I mean, I have a far right. I've worked with other people, you know, really big businesses like New Balance, and I've worked with other individuals. Who are you? Just people you may not know, but they make millions of dollars, and it's it's been crazy. I've seen very complex campaigns. I've seen very interesting campaigns. I've seen civil campaigns, and all that information has, um I have been able to use for myself in my own clients, and I wanted to kind of scale up that expertise and give it out to more people like you who are interested in the into this, and they want to learn more. And so I'm a little bit a little bit more about myself. And I already coach over 220 individuals myself and other programs. Um, and that a lot of knowledge about Google search text ads, Google shopping campaigns for e commerce, folks, I've been studying YouTube as and so and I've been using it myself. This is all information that I used myself. Um, it's not you. It's kind of theories, actual practical knowledge. So something you should understand. And I wanna X, you know, give set your expectations for the courses that I want to have your own role understanding Google ads. I'm gonna show you how you can make Google work for you and opportunities to find more buyers that are looking for you. You're gonna be learning Well, what? All that means, how you actually make it happen for yourself. You're gonna get that actual knowledge here so that for their do wanna go ahead, introduce the course. You guys take a look at it and tell me how you feel about in the comments and reviews and thank you all for watching. I'll see you guys in the next video. 2. How Does Google Work?: What's going on? Everybody, Welcome to day of Google. As for beginners, many course in this video we're gonna learn about how Google ads actually looks right. So the of course, the first thing about that is how it works. Number two in the mine, about who Google ads are good for And number three, we're gonna lie about what we can sell using Gulas. Okay, so number one, how does rule ads actually work? The way to think about the last is really to think about Google itself, right? So realize that Google is a search engine rules association That brings up a wide variety of different types of websites that answer to whatever people are searching for. So if you're searching for, you know, restaurants near you who was going to show you a bunch of restaurants that are near you? If you're searching for an online course related to digital marketing, Google is going to show you a bunch of all my courses related to marketing or people talking about courses related to marketing, right? And so the purpose of Google eyes is actually to be able to promote advertisements directly related to what people are already searching for you're not finding people who may be interested in the sphere of what you want to sell. Like Facebook, as Facebook, as is entirely interest based Google has is entirely intent. Based people are finding you, you're not really finding them. You're just advertising to come at the top of the search results when people are searching for whatever they're searching for. So it's awesome because really, it's just connected to people who are searching for you, whereas on Facebook you have to do a lot more been saying. I mean, oftentimes you gotta convince people that they even have the problem, that you say that they have and that your solution works for whatever their problem is. And so with Google and people are just searching for what ever they you said what you cells related to what they want and your advertising right keywords, which will get into in a later video. Then you're gonna win, right, because you're already getting to. You're already clinic closing out fun. You're not necessarily. You are the top in a sense that people may not already know you, but you're not targeting people who just you know nothing about what you sell your at least that four. And so that's a huge jump in a huge hurdle that you're already over without even starting on the track yet. So, like I says here, Gulas, connect me to people who are searching for you. It's based entirely on what people are actually searching for. And so how ideally works is that when people start for your keywords, your at pops up, click it and they perform that caught action, whatever it is, whether if your product based business, the called action, is for them to buy from you. If you're cyberspace business, the clot actions Probably what they wanna even book with you or call you or fill out a form . Okay, so hopefully that makes sense. Now who are Google ads? Actually, good for? Like I said, this in this Google, as is entirely intent based, So the best people are People who are are actually have products or services that people are searching for, right so you can you can sell B two c. Business of consumer products. B two B Business to business products with your goal is the but now you can sell B to C and B two b services where the goal is that. Like I said before, book now call now. Additionally, a lot people majors useful last for strictly branding. Maybe they built up a big brand within their niche. And maybe now people are maybe started to look for them specifically, but they probably weren't looking for the product or service as much. So they just want to be shown up at the top and taking a bus alleged group real estate as possible for branding purposes. There's a wide variety of reasons people use cool ass, but these are the main ones. Okay, again, the goal is that connect you with. People were already searching for you, so you wouldn't really think about whether or not you sell something that people are searching for, which we're going into the next I What can you actually sell with Google s right. So the thing is, like I said before, you can sell anything that people are searching for. These air BTC products like clothing, food courses, services, carpet cleaners, age back repair cleaning companies, B two B services, janitorial H, back installations and beauty products. Office supplies desperate set up all the categories that listed, for example, or actually representative products or services that my clients have sold using Google. Let's so I know for effect that toes work. And there are tons of services, tons more products. People search for things like a mile a minute, every single day. Okay, so you don't think for one second that people aren't really searching for you. You just have to think about how were they searching for you And that is actually going to get us into the next video, which I'm not going to spoil it for you. The next video. We'll just give you a look at mine. Obviously, you could get excited for it. We're gonna talk about these Boulez and how they work. The difference between them how to choose one over the other. Which one is gonna be best for you depending on your product or your service that you service based business that you own? Okay. So I will see you all in day two of the Google ads for beginners medicals, CEO 3. Google Ad Type Differences: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the Google ads for beginners. Make course. Okay, I'm back with Day two, and today we're going to talk about what? Even are these Google ads. And this is about the run down of what we're gonna be talking about today. So we're gonna be talking about the difference between shopping and roses text as why 21 at type over the other and the which at type is best for you and why? Okay, let's get straight into it. So we're talking about actually putting a little bit more information for you guys. We're not just talking about shopping at Texas, but I'm also gonna be mentioned display as as Well, So what even are these first Rocketeer? You're saying these words? I don't know what this means. What are these things? Okay, so, shopping ads, I'm gonna give you an example of all the shopping ads are primarily ad types are for product based businesses. Text and art are advice that primarily for product based and service based businesses. So don't think we're forgetting about people who have services, shopping and show up at the top of Texas and shoulder anywhere on the page shopping as a different way of targeting than these text ads. And then textiles are entirely targeted with keywords. Which Russian? Telling about tomorrow with Day three. And I am gonna mention living by display. I should tell you that you probably shouldn't even consider them unless you are retargeting . But these are just a bunch of words. Let me give you actual examples of what I'm talking about. So this is an example of a shopping at. So I had a client who sold a dough diapers for elderly people. People who need nurses and people to take care of all what not This is the type of no where they would be buying. Okay, So this is the example for you. All some of your like it here I will never buy. This was Okay. So this is that somebody searches on YouTube for incontinence products for a woman. They're looking for diapers. They're looking for a specific type of product. If you sell that problem, you have a shopping at. Your ad is likely going to show up right here. So do you see right here these air shopping at? I just took a screenshot. These are shopping at shopping and almost always show over the top. It's very rare to the show, but the bottom or in the middle of the page, actually, never, sometimes Sheldon and build the page, depending on how broad the keyword is. Sometimes they also show up in the side, so you mind someone seen them on the right hand side. But if you're on mobile, they always were showed at the top. And so with these abs, they're really cool because I'm go down this also, it looks like when people go on the shopping tab own rule, the ads maybe show like this. Or they can show it like this when you're searching for keywords or one of these air type of results that you're like that, and so that's what they look like. They'll show the probably show information about it. As you can see that they'll show pricing with. They'll also show how many people are selling it. So you see down here, says 22 99 from to store. Those are two people selling the same product, and they're competing against each other. You might be a brand in this. In this, for example, This is a brand, and they might be on person selling it. Remember the office on the Amazon? Amazon is huge on. I don't know who would know this, but Amazon basically built its business off of Google. Tom. Basically entire business of Amazon build off of roulette, some fact, or anybody you know that. But this is an example with shopping acts of like This is an example of a text at okay, this an example? So if if I type in comments that literally thes air the type of asset show what? Sometimes these ads show up at the top sometimes show up in the middle of page. Sometimes show, but the bottom of the page in the other times will show up on the next page in the next page. After that, the goal here is, however, we want to be at the top of the first page we wanted at the top of the first page of re doing any type of add a text adult shopping at the goals to be at the top of the first page for shopping ants. The goal is to be within the 1st 4 to 5 ads that pop up because, as you saw here, it's what you're really seeing. Five at sometimes it's four, sometimes five. Everybody else that bottom. Sometimes people don't click this Harold to scroll and see other options. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't just depends. Well, this is an example of a text on that. You've definitely seen this. You definitely seem probably this. So you should be familiar with that now what display and is different a display and utilizes the network of websites that allow Google to run advertising. It's called AdSense. That's the program until these weapons allowable toe post there at whatever adds that would be posted on that person website. So, for example, I'm on Ford website. If you've ever been on, like four of CNN, CNBC, they run advertising. And so they allow Google to post any type of ad year. So this is an example of an advertisement by Capital One no one that's sponsored by them. But this is an example that you seems everywhere, definitely see them accidentally clicked. Um, you had to go back so many times on your phone, okay? Because I didn't want TEM I know because I've ran into ads not run. These ads received his abs. I understand. 100%. The's display ads are not the favorite unless you're doing we're targeting. Unless you doing some type of tightening campaign. I would not use this play as every you've heard my disclaimer. Um, so why would you shoot one Adds hype over the other one. Just just do all of them. Number one, it does the pendulum. What's your cell number? Two of the pencil here. But it ideally, if you own products, you would actually do both shopping at and tax as. And I should say you do all three because then you would also be doing retargeting advertisement using display campaign, which you can do on when I say retargeting. I'm talking about getting back in front of people who came to your site, but they didn't convert or he didn't call it. And a lot of for whatever it is the action that people don't your website really? We do awesome. The reason why you would do all of them is because shopping and and text ads shoulder in places differently, display ads and any others have at type and so you really want to kind of get the reach that you can't right, because not everybody was a product. These businesses selling in the shopping at section they also are necessary selling in the Texas section. So it allows you to kind of get more space, get more realistic and allow you to get from people who are trying to buy. Because remember, like I said, before Google Lands isn't goal is entirely intent. Base is entirely based on people who know what they want. Or at least they're searching for something related to what yourself these are. People already know that. Maybe they don't know who you are, but they do know that your private even exists a lot of times. That's the difficulty when you're going toe other advertisements like Facebook or Instagram , which is owned by Facebook. So still. But, um, people on Facebook when they're receiving as they don't necessarily know what you are, they don't know about your pride. They don't know about what you do OK, they don't know why they have a ton more convincing. At least with Google. People are you know you exist and you're already passed that hurdle. So like I said, if you ideal. If you're a part of bass presence, he would do both shopping text ads. And then if you want to do this marketing with display campaign, that's totally fine to servers based businesses. You're kind of stuck with text ads, but you've been often do retargeting. Every marketing and the Google display campaign settings Totally good option free now, Like I said before, shopping ads are good for, of course, people who sell products. Anybody says the service, unfortunately, not going to be used diving. And, um, they, uh, they tend to be a little bit less expensive. Um, just because the reaches a bit broader because the targeting can be a bit broader, we're gonna talk about starting tomorrow. Sorry, my friend. Let's hardening tomorrow how you actually target using a shopping campaign, um, text and are definitely good for products or services. So for service basements, since your your your campaign is a Texas by far in large, that's gonna be your go to, especially if you're a local search. So you are like, um, you're a plumber. If your carpet cleaner if you're a maid, service of some sort like those types of local services do extremely well. They often times are good way for branding like I have a client right now. Who wanted to Texas more so for branding than for straight conversions, however, are saying converging from them. So she's loving it. Um, and again, it doesn't matter whether you're a product or service based business. If you're selling T shirts, if you have a private practice, doesn't matter. As long as people are searching for you because of that, because it's wider. This can be a bit more expensive because targeting is different and your target based on keywords. And I've seen keywords that cause anywhere from like I received clicks for as little as 12 cents a quick I've also has a bill. He words that caused, like, five bucks a click, 10 bucks, 20 bucks a clip. These thing, it expensive. You are eso. So don't underestimate that he doesn't want to hire kind of a confessional that could give you a good idea how much you see where's actually cost and what what's happened. Budget you're looking at. But look, if people are searching for your rule and that's the main way you're getting this anyway, you gotta want investment you really have to considering. And like I said, display ads are mainly different targeting because the Regis abroad and Google doesn't really have a good way of doing any type of solid targeting the websites that has. I would not use it to track target cold alliances. That's my professional opinion. I have tried it before with other clients. Has not worked, wouldn't recommend it unless you're doing regarding what now? Because I feel like so super nice. I definitely talk about something else, which is you to bats. I am like a super fan of you to ask, and there's a ton of reason why, but I'm gonna try to surmise it in a way that makes sense for you guys. User bats to me, is what Facebook ads, where way back when faced with that sort, and the reason I say that is because the targeting it's so terrific for a multitude of reasons. The main there's different ways. Your target on YouTube, you can use keywords all these other things, but here's something I want you to pay attention to. If you know who your audience is and know what they watch and know who they watch on YouTube, you can put your ad right in front. So if you are a plumber and you know, people are searching on user trying to learn how to fix their own sinks. But you know they're not going to be good at it. You can put your ad in front of those people. And guess what? Those people already know. The men. I know who you are, but they know about your niche. They know about the product or service the pentacle. High target. They know it exists, and they're already interested in learning and more information about it. If they weren't then they weren't being then they wouldn't be on YouTube watching a video on it. It's Some of these videos can be ours, longs. You guys, you guys, like they give me hours loves the fact people you're searching for it. The fact that they are trying to seek more information about it means they're interested in . So it's like another step down The funnel Use a bass is also a great place to do retargeting like I'm in. Some guys were targeting funnels straight ahead because I get his videos every single time I searched on anything on YouTube, and I'm watching any video. I always get it always, always, always. So I know that retarded and funnels definitely exists, and they worked pretty well. You took. So that's deafness of the consider. It's also newer, so because our definitely lowered and its mark intentional. So it's just it's awesome around around around the world. That's awesome. Definitely something to consider. This is an example of a YouTube ad specific. There's different places you can actually advertise on you soon. Most of you are probably familiar with the in strange YouTube as either come right before video happens or in the middle of your video. You're watching a longer video. For example. This is a video four displacing it from me because I'm watching the video about the 2020 Toyota Super, Um, as you can see on the right hand side, if you look at my mouse, this is a banner on you through that you can also go, and sometimes you may see an ad in the middle. It may be a banner in the middle of Gil that's also too bad as well, and then you might see ads and a thumb. Now those are also used to. That's so there's different places. You can target YouTube, but the best one by far is probably going to be an in stream ads that is usually skip herbal. If it is capable, add it could be usually longer. So that's definitely not Get in the weeds of of things. But I want you. I want to give you all familiar the concept of youth back. And so, like I said before you, too bad or good, Colder audiences good targeting their good from creating multi add sequence funnels very similar to what people do on Facebook. YouTube actually just came out with a feature to specifically create a multi add sequence funnel inside the platform without you, kind of mainly doing it yourself, which is totally awesome. I haven't tried it myself. Just realized it was there. But, man, I'm very excited working. I think there's a lot you can do with that right there, and so there's like a ton of potential YouTube ads are fairly new in the gang, and so there's a lot of potential, and I think I read somewhere, are washed it they use. It was only using Lee. Maybe what, 20% 20% or so of its? Um, it's uh um, it's what's the word? 20% of its ad space. That's what any only 12% people are using. Which means mostly we're not using it like Facebook, right? So it's definitely a place to go if you're seeing your face with costs go higher in there. Definitely growing, growing higher as we go. YouTube is definitely place you may want to consider putting fast against, so that is pretty much it. You guys for day two, we talked about the difference after at types, you talk about who at which ad type is good for who we even put in. The bonus about use advanced, and we talked about a little bit about targeting and what to do on one. Adds I what you can't do in other. So I hope love day to this is going to be the breakdown for Day three. We're talking about targeting what God bless, because what's the plan? Knowing how to even run an ad if you don't even know how to target targeting is the name of the game when it's when it comes, the advertisements. So we're talking about short tail, long tail keywords and widely matter. How did Tobu when not to show your ad when you're targeting? And then how do you actually perform targeting with shopping ads and usual ads, which is different than text? That's right, because these are different types of assets. So that's going to days three. I'm your girl could do your Mohammad Uganda questions leaving down below Send me a message and I will be happy to respond to you. Thank you so much for watching the Google. As for beginners, Many course And I will see you tomorrow. Thank you. 4. Targeting Your Google Ads: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the Google ads for beginners. Many course we're here with day three and we're talking about targeting today. So with how we target with Google as we're gonna talk about short tail for since long tail keywords Well, what keywords are even use for we're going to talk about how we tell Google Winter that sure at they're gonna be time. You don't want to ask your show, and then we'll talk about how we target for hobby Target shopping ads and YouTube, as goes. Those ads are talking a bit differently. The search text time. So about cures, just like he words plural because we're not just isn't one k were. But what are keywords and whether they matter, keywords are the life blood off your campaign. If you stick with me and maybe even join my globalized beginner's course, you're gonna hear me talk about keywords. Often, keywords are the lifeblood of your campaigns. There, the whole game there, the whole game. Remember, Google is a search engine. The only way you really access cool is if you search for stuff and those searches are search queries. Those are key words. Okay, we bid on keyword, right? Ads specific to the key words or keywords. Tell us what that audience we're gonna have. Keywords. Are everything okay? Keywords are everything. Everything there, everything. And then what we do is that we bid on the keywords themselves. Okay? And we sit are what's called our cost per click, right? How much money we're willing to spend part Click four Key where it can be parklike, per keyword or per click for a batch of key. Or it's a pencil How you want to do it. And so what's Let's talk about the difference between short tail and long tail keywords, cause you're gonna hear me talk about that throughout today and probably throughout the rest of this miniseries, right? So what a show took, he was short tell key words are words between 1 to 2 words long. They're much broader. They're very, very broad, and they have a high search volume because they're brought. But they are also less targeted. So why do I say that they're less targeted? The reason I say that less targeted is because these keywords that people are typing in they're not necessarily at more than middle of the funnel bottom to funnel people. If I'm typing something in about Listen, I'm typing in something about coffee T shirts, right? Let's say maybe I'm interested in a T shirt that's has to do with coffee. Just because I'm interested doesn't I'm gonna buy it right. We're trying to find high by so working for high buyers and 10 keywords, a short talk he wears off. I'm not going to be a high bites and 10 top keyword because nobody just beginning to call the T shirts. Not everybody was typing and then necessary once the T shirt, just like I said, right, unless they typing something that's a bit longer. Because more words and putting your surgery, the more specific you are, Which means the more likely you're interested to know about your knowledge, about knowledgeable about whatever you're searching for. It also means you're probably likely to buy if it's a product or service. So I'm just typing in, um, carpet cleaners. That's too broad. That's too broad, because I could just be looking about what our carpet plans for. Um, you know, how do you even become a carpet cleaner? Right. But Leslie, I'm side beginning private cleaners near me, carpet cleaners and sleep in Ohio, carpet cleaners and the not in man United States, but like harming players in Michigan or something, cause I live in their Ohio mission. In those people who are looking for carpet layers in their city because they want a probably not because they wanted you want right? Someone who was a view across Britain is different. Somebody who is a carpet cleaner and people are searching for that. Or so my who needs an article in a cell, I'm saying. So I stray away from short, so keywords It's good to rank for them on a CEO side of things. But when you're running advertisements, we don't want to write for this. It's just not a good move was just a lot of symbols. What we do when a rank for is long tail keywords and I go back up to that chart in a second . The longer the T would be better, long salty, working between 234 keywords or longer. Like I said before, longer the keyword, the higher the intent is, the more specific people are being in. A more willing people are to bind because they're already down the funnel. If you already know about, um, you know, whatever assets water activities related to you're proud of your service. These are people who want to get it right now, right? They want to. They know that things that they came to do, they're being very, very specifically what they want. And they're searching for something related to your industry or your niche. They want you. Okay, They want you. So we should for long self viewers don't stick to the ones, too. He worries that Maybe talk about your industry. Talk about your niche. They'll go just super. Don't go too short and too broad. Be specific. Don't think that nobody searched for you. People are searching for you. I thought about that a little bit later. That's like one negative. It's OK. What? I'm negative. Keywords. This is a negative. T Word is a word that you do not want your at to show up for when people start for okay. So let's say I sell coffee T shirts by Onley sell coffee T shirts. Let's see. I don't still hoodies if somebody searches for coffee Hood. Is that my actions up? I don't sell abilities they're not gonna buy, But those are looking for her. These that's what it's hype in hoodies. I would make hoodies a negative keywords. I will tell Google, Hey, Mobile, I don't want my had to show up. People are searching for hoodies. I won't put coffee hoodies because I don't want cause it to be in there to message system. But I'll just let him look. It's just it's important to tell. Google went to national your at just as much as it is important to tell Bo went to show you , but Google will show you ab whenever, however, whenever. Whatever. Okay, and we do not want that had those problems because that means less, um, less specific clicks. Worthless clicks and worthless clicks equals wasted money. Whether your costs replaces seven cents or $7 we don't wanna waste any dimes. We don't want any pennies any times nor quarters. Okay, now let's talk about targeting with shopping outs. Now here's the thing. When you're creating a regular search, take at to search text at which I soldier wall in a earlier course in the middle of this series, a text at its targeted different than a shopping at text as a just rating shop against picture of products there specifically for products, text ads them before products or services. The thing is, you tell Google what keywords you wanna bid on when you're creating a search text. Well, when your critics shopping at Google is gonna tell you how I was gonna target your products in the only way you could die go in the right direction is with your product titles in your district. Your descriptions. That's no. You wait right with a text ed. Your drive in the park with the shopping at Google was driving a car for you and you got to give you with directions that what they end up in the right place and you're getting the right people in your vehicle. Okay, um, against the right, that's next. So how you do that is embedding long tail keywords and you're proud description and title. Those are two places that really matter. You don't put him there. Bulls like we'll see who was driving in the dark. Ran into a pole of some key bones I'm assigning will stop. So we want to make sure we're telling Google. Where to go? How to get there. Who? Which specific street is a 24. Those 25th? We're going to let him know. Okay, so this is where so key that on your website. Because Because again, you don't type this into the Google ads platform Google's is gonna get is gonna look at your product itself is gonna look at this. It's title is gonna look at his description. Right. So this is where you have to be very, very specific in your product title in the description. Okay, That is how you target and put the key words in the title and description. You don't put them anywhere else. All right? No. Now let's talk about YouTube. Have you target? We used to hear you talk about the Bowmans yesterday. That YouTube was a great place. A great ads I should use. How do I target with you two? How does that work? There are a few different ways to talk with you. Tube at actually four different ways. I'm not gonna go into all those because it's on Lee. One that I want you to care about. And this is why I feel like a power in you to so crazy right now with you. Soon you can target by specifically targeting channels and videos. You could tell you to show my ads on this channel in on this video. You can tell you to Why do I feel like that's powerful? This is where audience research is the absolute danger. You need to know your audience. You going to know who they're searching for? You need to know what happened. Channels they're looking at. You need to know what type of videos looking. You need to know what they're watching, who were watching and why. Because let's say that I'm selling coffee T shirts. Well, here's the thing. Who drinks coffee? Who? The big coffee fan. A lot of times, it's office people. Last time vs Last Times stressed out folks, these people were drinking coffee. They like off the drink it every single day. It's a part of their routine part about life. Really, they're not going to go a day without coffee if they don't have to. Maybe I'm looked. I researched my audience, and I know they're watching a specific channel off people. Whether it's channels clearly about coffee, it could literally be about coffee. There's probably tongue the channels on using that only talk about coffee. I've seen blocks that just all they do is talk about coffee. I could put my video, my add on, that channels videos indefinitely. Every new video they come out. My ad's gonna be on that. Well, maybe there are really popular videos that talk about coffee, whether benefit to call if you're just Maybe it's a funny sketch about how much people are dependent on coffee. Whatever it is. Somebody who wants coffee, it's going to be watched. I mean, someone who likes coffee is gonna be watching that video. I'm gonna put my adult that video. Know how amazing minutes. I'm putting my ad in front of people who are already interested in my subject in the in the industry or in my product. That's amazing. Until targeting and using using its called placements, it's called placements of what you actually going to the platform, but it's basically just targeting specific channels, specific videos. It's a game drinking. It's amazing. So this is again I should have to stress. I have to stress. You need to know your audience. You need to know your industry. You need to know what people are you searching for For you to even figure out which videos which channels you guys. That's one of the book of what I want to talk about. Today. I'm going to talk about a few words about shorts over the long tail keywords how to target with search ads shopping at and with due to ads. You guys, that is a three. That is a three. It may sound simple, but this is the hard core stuff, and you don't know how to target. You're not women. And so we're trying to win out here. So you are gonna talk about talking because we're gonna know how target videos and find the people that resonate with our product. I started the most either videos of shopping and or attacked. That's whatever this ready for the final day. You guys this year probably thinking All right, so I know what ads. I know how Google works. I know how ads work. I know which ads have. I'm gonna pick and I know how to target. I don't even get started. And so that's the purpose of tomorrow. And talk about how to actually create your first search text. I talk about how this actually structure your campaign for success and bringing talk about how to optimize your campaign. After eight launches. This is Madeira Muhammad with Google ads, Beginners for beginners. Many course. I will see you all tomorrow with video. I think that's 5. Creating Your Campaign + Optimization: Hello, everybody. Welcome to day for the final day of the Google ads for beginners. Many course, Siri's. I'm gonna thank you all for hanging on. Thank you all for watching of the past videos. You've learned a lot. Honestly, if you've washed every single video you have learned Ah, lot and it's amazing. Okay, so we're not I'm not going to get to sad. Being right is awesome social. That is going to come at the end of this. This this this series. So? So just hang on. She's one more video. We're gonna be talking about how you actually started with Google ads, right? We talked about key worries. You're talking about targeting. We talked about which at ties will be best for you. What, exactly? Google ads even is now money to know how you have to get started a global leads and actually creating your first rule. And OK, so how we're gonna talk about hot a great A. Google s specifically a search text at we're gonna talk about how to structure your campaign and wanna talk about how to actually optimize your account once it's up and running. So in terms of ads were gonna be specific and talking about search text at. I'm not gonna be talking about shopping and or YouTube as well. Those are two entire beasts and this video Be way too long. Okay, so the an enemy of a text AB, it's pretty simple. It's three headlines, and it's two descriptions. This is actually update was free for a while for years in Google ads, a search that size, which is two headlines and one description. But it was more space and more room. So the headlines are really just information that are grab that supposed to grab uses attention, right? So if you're let's say you're a cleaning company and you offer a 10% off for the first time or something like that, you would maybe put that discount in the headline you would talk about what you do, so maybe you're if you're ah, homemade. If your housemate just like your house made right, so your home cleaner in whatever city that your and if you sell a product, let's say you sell coffee T shirts like we talked about in the past. Uh, the past videos talk about the fact that maybe you're offering a 15% discount on all T shirt on the site, all coffee teachers on the site, right? So the headlines and the headlines are supposed to grab the attention. It's also very important that you put one of your best keywords in the headlines as well. This is where you mentioned so again. If you're bidding on here, is that that talk about housecleaning? There's, you know, people who are looking for house cleaners are searching for house cleaners. You would also put that keyword in the actual headline. OK, that helps you rank. Google loves that. You know, a creature quality score basically in your quality scored, basically will say, you're awesome. We want to keep your ad run because you're gonna run the best. Okay, the description is similar. Along with the headline, however, you have a little bit more room. The headlines are only 30 characters each. Descriptions are only 90 are 90 characters. You get triple the amount of space was going a little smaller Text This again is a place where you put keywords. You talk about the let's say you're the best house cleaners in the state of Michigan. You know best how planets in the city of Detroit. That's what you put that information in a description. Okay, and it's 90 characters you get tool from. But here's a disclaimer. The third headline in the second description of a search at usually only show up on mobile . They're relatively new, and Google doesn't always show them up on desktop. They usually show on mobile. So it's very, very important that you put the most important information you make the cell in the 1st 2 headlines and the first description those those those spaces always show. But don't put, you know, really whore information in the third headline on the second description. Because they don't always show you want to make sure you put your most important information first. Okay, let's talk about structuring the actual account. How do you actually start to your account for success? I've been in accounts where they the ads are everywhere, the adverbs looking crazy. The campaigns are just wild, and it's just not a good move. Okay, this is a very simple way of creating your campaign when you Kareen the campaign think of it is that is your entire service catalog, your service or your product catalog. So let's say Let's say you have an online store and you sell other brands and you're a dealer for other suppliers. One campaign should be talking about one supplier. Okay, if your service one campaign should be talking about one catalogue off services. Okay, if your carpet cleaner you got one campaign that talks about Carpet Queen. Okay, you got one campaign that talks about upholstery clean one campaign, this house about commercial thing, whatever it is. Whatever the catalog is, the campaign is the catalogue level. The and group, which is basically group of abs. It's just it's Ah, second level that will be talking about the individual product or the Surks. That's where you talk about the individual product or service. If you have won t shirt that says one thing and a second teacher, this is the second thing. Those two things should have different ad groups. Reason being is that in each ad group, you have your ads okay, in each ag group is where you actually Hoddle's your ads and you don't want to run ads. Talk about coffee T shirts. If you're bidding on keywords that are like coffee hoodies, you know sometimes saying you don't. Your ads are gonna be triggered by your keywords. But if your keywords in your as and that if they don't makes it that they're not supposed to even come up together, it's a bad move. Google doesn't like what you're gonna spend more for clicks that you don't need. Okay, that I mean targeted or bad. Badly target. I'll say that. So just go. Just a recap at the campaign level that is a product or service catalog. Okay, that's the company level. That's a service or product catalog. The ad group is the individual products for services. Okay. And in each ag group, those ads are specifically targeting whatever that ad group is not. Okay. Whatever product you're selling, whatever service you're selling, all right, hopefully I'm really hoping that makes sense for you guys. And then, lastly, how do you actually want your campaign after it's up and running? Okay, the very person I'll tell you to do is that, especially during the 1st 30 days, every single week, at least once a week, especially in the 1st 30 to 60 days, you need to be in putting negative keywords that we talked about negative keywords, A video or two ago Naylor cures just keywords and basically telling global. Hey, I don't want to show I don't want my ass to show. But when people search for this, people start for this keyword. You understand what I'm saying? And so the more you tell Google went to not sure you're at the more you're as them a chauffeur places you do want to show. Okay, so it's a balance right there. Sex. The second thing, I will suggest it as you adjust a key were bidding. So sometimes your your cost per click or your bidding amount is to little. You need to spend a little bit more in order to get the click, or at least for your ad to show what more to potentially get more clicks by. The third thing is that you want just a campaign budget. Sometimes you're in your entire campaign is gonna be limited about your budget years. Increase your budget north, get more clicks, so that way you can get take up more space, get more flicks, giving more convergence. All right, cause the bowl is converge is not just a bunch of place. The fourth thing is to try and add a copy. Remember your keywords. Air good You're bidding on. Those keywords are good. Your campaign, but it's fine. But maybe the ad itself just isn't converting its on Lee. It only can be the copy because you're on Lee Just typing in things. You're your only writing the at your aunt. Any pictures with the search tech set? So you gotta change at that changeup headlines. You could test a bunch in Google that okay, in the number five, you want to consider spending more on some demographics versus others. So if you see that the majority of your sales conversions come from mobile traffic well, maybe you want to turn up the mobile traffic and maybe once just take out this top completely. Just just take out the desktop option completely. Or maybe you can actually schedule your ass to show up during certain times of the day, Right? So let's say most of you conversions happened in the mornings, but you're still spending a let for when people are clicking in the evenings, you can actually solve it. Well, hey, Onley, show my app between this time and this time you save money in the other option. It is a time, my actions, but then just one. This list, By the way, the other option is to go geographic. So let's say you do sell your product mix business and you sell it on the country. But you said you could have a sells for some reason from California, you can actually create a totally different campaign and just increase the budget. Or just target Onley California. If it works for you and you get a lot of sales from that, go ahead and do it. That's something you can do. There are tons of other ways to actually optimize your campaigns and Google ads. But leaders or some of the ways that I find that are the most important in the first place is to start all right. 6. Thank You + Next Steps: Hey, you guys, thank you so much for watching this course. I hope you got a lot of good information from it. I think you all for taking the time to watch. It's amazing. I appreciate all of the great comments, that great views of it. That's awesome. So here's the thing. What's next? What's after this course? The thing is, you can't learn everything, a bubble glass and just kind of one sitting like this. But what you can do is actually get more information from May that's actually for free. I actually have a free gift that I want to give to all of my students every time they've complete one of my courses. So Karen is actually a free Google Ass checklist that I only get to my students as well as free additional videos, all about goal, as is something's free that I like to give specifically to my students. And it's awesome. And here's the thing. This Google and checklist is amazing. I used for all my clients and I usually I give it to my other students. I use it from myself, my own campaigns and and this is what it looks like. It's very simple to the point, but it's something everybody needs. If you're running well, that's campaign because it's easy to get. Stuff is easy to not check stuff. It's easy not to do any of these kind of pre launched tactics and tasks. So the way you get this checklist is that you go to this link down here and you just go to this link. This, uh, that's listed right there. You'll be able to go to this page this play just a nice low video from me, and then you just kind of click that button and you'll be able to download the checklist when you just enter. In your information, you'll be able to download the checklist. And then after you get that, I will also be sending emails every single day. And you can access the free four videos of just like this, going even more in depth about Google ads on top of whatever you have already learned inside the course. But the only way you get the check was, and only way you get the videos is if you go to this page and go buy via this link and go to this page in order to get the check list. So go ahead, go to this link and go ahead and download your free check ways to get your free videos. And I will see you guys in the MoU get once you download your checklist. Thanks you all.