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Google AdWords for Skillshare Enrollments with Responsive Display Network Remarketing Ads!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Enroll in Google AdWords for Skillshare Enrollments

    • 2. Start with a list of all Skillshare courses and the Skillshare referral link

    • 3. Connect YouTube and Google Analytics for remarketing

    • 4. Create a display network campaign to begin

    • 5. Launch an ad group to target remarketing

    • 6. Making the first ad in the ad group using my Skillshare profile

    • 7. Targeting an additional audience

    • 8. How to optimize display network campaigns with exclusions

    • 9. Show ads for a specific Skillshare class with a new ad group and ad

    • 10. Project for Google AdWords for Skillshare enrollments

    • 11. What results have I got months later?

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see how I advertise my Skillshare classes to all of my YouTube viewers, website visitors, and students from other websites using my Skillshare referral link!  Each step I take in this class is one you can do by following along starting with a list of your Skillshare classes and referral links.  Next, see where you need to setup remarketing with Google Analytics and YouTube to get the audiences in AdWords.

Watch further to see how I quickly make a display network campaign and discover the trick I use to help avoid wasted clicks!  Continue by learning what steps I take to make my ad groups for retargeting and then see how I quickly make a responsive ad in real time both for my Skillshare profile and for an individual class using third party tracking.

Finish the class by watching me point out additional tricks I use to avoid wasted clicks and bad branding along with motivation to share what you have learned in this class with your fellow students!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Google AdWords for Skillshare Enrollments: in rule in Google AdWords for skill share enrollments To see how I'm using Google AdWords and setting up my campaigns to get more skill, share students from YouTube from my website and even from courses on the last website I was teaching on what I'm going to do, a show you live as. I actually make the's campaigns here in my Google AdWords account. I've got some re marketing campaigns up. I've made a lot of great campaigns in Google AdWords, and I'll show you how I'm going to set up a re marketing display campaign that will take my re marketing audiences on YouTube on my website and in other place. I've re marketing and show ads, then for my entire skill share account and for specific skill share courses. I am grateful that last month was on the best months I've had on skill share with 800 plus new enrollments, and I'm planning to take that to the next level of this month by making Google ads. I'll show you exactly how I do that in this course when you enrolled today, you will join me in this adventure together as we make Google ads for skill share courses 2. Start with a list of all Skillshare courses and the Skillshare referral link: thank you very much for enrolling in this class to get started. I recommend getting this set up before you go do anything else I recommend. First getting your referral link. It should be skill. Shared dot com slash r slash your user name and that you can see I've got that available from the top of the screen. The second thing. Get a list of all your skill share classes with direct links to take them. So what I've got I've divided mine up between free and premium That prevents me from any complication of using double links anywhere. That way, I know which class are always free and which ones are always premium. So I've got my free links over here, and I've got my premium links over here. Now, as you can guess, I'm going to want to do these free ones first. And then I want to also get these premium ones. And so if people see multiple ads, they'll have the chance to start some courses free and then on some courses, they'll have to then be a premium member. And on all of those I get referral links. All of these give me referral links. So to start, I think this a good idea toe have to begin. And once you have this set up, then 3. Connect YouTube and Google Analytics for remarketing: the second step to get this set up is to get your accounts linked. What you can see here is I've got my YouTube channel linked to my Google AdWords account. My YouTube channel is my main resource for re marketing. Everyone who watches any of my YouTube videos is then on my re marketing that I can then show adds to This is why everything I suggest I say build your YouTube channel because then you've got built in re marketing on your YouTube channel. Everyone who's ever watched one your videos, you can then make ads just to them in order to a link that what you do in your AdWords account, you click up on the top here and you see this linked accounts option. You'll then find linked accounts over here, and you can link Google Analytics to link things like if you have a teachable where all your courses are hosted, you bring all your students from there. If you have a website, you bring everyone from your website. If you have courses on 1/3 party website that allows Google analytics, you can even bring everyone from that website. So if you've got all of your courses online hosted on you. To me. You, to me has Google analytics. You can then literally bring everyone who looks at any of your course landing pages on you to me and offer them a chance to enroll with you on skill share. I'd say that be a pretty good system If you've got a decent amount of you to meet courses. You can also link up accounts in other areas over here, the ones I use or Google analytics and YouTube. And when you've got it linked, it'll look just like this. If you need to go learn out of link your Google analytics account, the basics are this you need to in your Google analytics account. First, you need to link your AdWords account. And then in your audiences, you need to turn on re marketing and creative re marketing audience, and then what you'll see. You'll see all of these different options over here so you'll see that you've got everything linked in Google AdWords. And then once you can see your analytics in here and you can see your YouTube channel here , you'll be able to have a re marketing audience. Now, if you're re marketing audience is smaller than 1000 it's going to be difficult to spend any money at all the advertised to them. I recommend a re marketing audience of 10 plus 1000 good news. If you link your YouTube channel, your audience will immediately be available. Bad news. If you link Google analytics, you manually have to wait for the audience to build up. So this may take you a while. The set up. If you don't already have Google Analytics on, say, third party websites are on your website. Get Google Analytics on everything now and then get those re marketing audiences set up so that you can then run ads to them in Google AdWords. And you can use this than for anything else. To me, the ideal way to do it is run your re marketing audience into everything you dio 4. Create a display network campaign to begin: Wow, Jerry, that was a lot of work just to even get to the point of creating a campaign. Yes, it is. And I hope it's really productive work for you to do also, because now you're ready to actually reach your re marketing audience. And out of all of my ads, this has been what has worked the best for me to drive sales directly from Google ads. You two bads have worked the best overall, but they work in directly. You advertise, and then it makes follow up. This is the best thing I've ever found. Toe work directly. You advertise using display ads to brand help people remember you and to make immediate sales. So once you've got the things I've shown you set up or if you don't have any of those things to set up, you can just try and target with keywords. It's likely not going to work at all. I don't recommend it, but you still can do this just by targeting your own audiences manually. And if it works, please let me know because display ads hardly ever work that aren't re marketing in my experience. So please give me some evidence it works if you can. Now here's how you create a campaign. The first thing you need to do is create a campaign to get your ads started. So you go over here to display network on Lee. You want display network on Lee? You don't want any search as you don't want any displaced like display network Onley. That's all we're doing with this is display ads. Now the next thing over here, if it loads, then we pick our objective. So what I want now I want people to buy on my website so I could just visit. But I want to drive action. So we're going to get customers to buy on my website. And now what I'm going to do. I like to split campaigns up among different countries. So what I'll do to make this first ad, I'll make this 1st 1 just to the U. S. And I'm going to call this skill share U S. A and I. I'm going to just figure it's display. If I need to make a search campaign later, I can change it. But I like to keep them A simple is possible. So this is skill share U S A. And what you need to do. I'll show you one step at a time. You don't. You don't get too far ahead of me, Jerry. All right, let's do that. So what we're going to do now is we're going to do manual bidding because we're going to need to just see what the clicks aren't everything. And I'm going to put a budget Aiken stand to totally throw away to begin. Now, I have a large re marketing audience, millions of people in the U. S. A. And like, five million globally. So $10 a day is enough to reach a lot of them repeatedly. If you have 10,000 or so globally, a dollar a day is probably enough to reach them. So I set the budget an amount I can stand to completely waste. If I throw away $10 a day and don't get one enrollment, that's fine. Hopefully, I'll figure that out soon enough, but I'm gonna start with $10 a day now. This is not ideal with skill share because it doesn't have conversion tracking, so I'm to turn off, can enable enhance CPC. This is not ideal, but right now, skill share doesn't have conversion tracking. I'm just going to send clicks over there and figure that some of them will lead to enrollments. Sometimes that doesn't work very well. Other times it does. So now I'm going to do additional setting. There's a couple of important additional settings in here. So first I want to do optimal. I want to do my adds to optimize for clicks because I want to get the most clicks on my ads . And then when I want to do is capped the viewable impression. I don't want any more than one viewable impression per day per ad group. Each ad group will be split into unique ad ideas. So I don't want the one ad group to just beat someone over the head 15 times in one day. Now, the next thing is, I want I want it. This location options down here. Now Google says when I've Okay. So you see what I did? I targeted the United States here, right? Ghoul down here says, Oh, Did you mean did you mean people who are in the U. S. A. Or show interest in the USA, for example, someone who searches. Jerry Banfield, US A. Anywhere besides the U. S. A. Will then have a chance, or someone who Google thinks might be related to the USA. Somehow maybe they visited the USA once, or they've been searching for things about the U. S. A. Google basically, then just takes their own discretion in mind. Here, we're gonna show it to people in your area or who show interest. No, you don't want that unless you're doing some kind of travel ads or something, which we're here for. Google ads for skill share online courses. You want to actually just get it to show to the ones you've targeted, And if you've excluded, you just want excluded. So I picked this on almost every campaign because it often will kind of pollute the results if you don't. So I hit saving. Continue. Now I've got the foundation of this. Now the next step is to make an ad crew 5. Launch an ad group to target remarketing: The next level is the ad group level. So there's three levels. An AdWords. There's the campaign, which contains all the ad groups, the ad group, which contains each individual group of ads. Hence the term Add group, then the ad level, which is what you actually show. So Google does this three nested tear of ads, ad groups and then ad campaigns or just campaigns for short, and that allows you to then do many different things in one place. So in this campaign, I want to make different ad groups based on my message. For example, if I'm saying Jury Banfield courses all courses for 99 cents, that's one specific message, and then I could try different types of ads with that message. Then for another at group I could say all new Jerry Banfield classes 99 cents or what I could do is do, ah, one just to my skill share profile and then make different ad groups toe every single different skill share course I have. That seems like a really good way to do it to me, because then if one person sees multiple ads over time, they'll see a class on this specific subject. All Jerry Banfield classes. Ah, class on this specific subject this subject So they'll get a fully well rounded version an idea of all the things I'm teaching plus a direct link at some point turn role on the skill share. So what I need to start with is an idea for this ad group. So this is going to be just a skill share profile. So I'm just going to actually put profile on here, and then I'm going to put from my previous ads. I think a bid about 39 cents will work these air display ads. Maybe 39 cents. Let's just see if that works. I'm putting that bid up because then I want to get ISMM. Any clicks is possible. I can always lower the bid if the clicks air cost too much or raise the bid. If they're not running, then when I need over here is my landing page. So what I need is my skill share referral link, as you can see at the top of the page. So this is my landing page. And then from here, Google will get some ideas from my landing page. So it's not actually making the ad right now, but it's getting ideas. So if you don't have a re marketing audience, the next step is to pick keywords in here. You see, these are the key words Google has recommended based on the ideas I've got here. Now, most of these key words are probably totally worthless, and you're likely to get almost no results out of them. However, you may try them and they may work for you. I don't know. What I'm going to do is go to interest and re marketing here. And this is why pick where I'm running the ads to So each individual add group is where you target the audience is. What I'm going to do is break it into two different audiences. So I'm going to just do profile YouTube and then I'll do all my other re marketing audiences combined. So I will then dio the all the other ones combined. I will go ahead and do That was next. So what I'll do first is picked the video viewer list. This is where all of your video view re marketing goes from YouTube, So when you sink your YouTube account, you get all this data and what you can do is turn show similar off similar shows. People who haven't actually washed my videos, but who looks similar to Google. So what I've got here these this is the size of my list. And these are the action. So I can just choose subscribers here or I can chewed. Viewed the channel here. I can choose. People have actually visited the page and choose people have actually watched a video. So then I can just put all of these in here for my re marketing. And now I've got my audience. So these ads are only going to show people who've done one of these things. And now what I do is hit, saving continue. There are additional ways you can know you're targeting. If you're doing conversion tracking, you can hit this. But since I'm not on skill show, I'm not going to do that. So what I do is hit saving, continue. And then the final step in making this first ad an ad group live is making ad 6. Making the first ad in the ad group using my Skillshare profile: Are you ready for the fun part? Because here comes the fun part by the fun part I mean the difficult part. So I'm going to make an actual adhere. And now with these new Google ads, you see a preview. I need an image to go with the ad and then I need all of these options and all of these had fancy oral options. We pretty much have to use everything in here want, want, want. So I'm going to try and do all of this as fast as possible with you in real time, but not too fast causing a butcher it. So what we need is an image. So wait till you see this operation. So what Google has is all of these different image formats that you can pick on here. So it's got keywords straight from my skill share profile, which are nice, so I can actually pick one of these straight from skill share. It's pulled the images automatically, so that's really nice. So I can then pick one of these directly and then just hit. Continue here, and that's about as easy as it gets. So right now what I can do is just use that image and hit save now it doesn't get much easier than that with Google AdWords Now, lots of times, though on your skill share profile, you should have an image which should make this a lot easier If you're doing something else , though, you may not have an image Now for a logo here you should be able to use Thescore will share logo because you're advertising to skill share dot com But you says you Onley have that right. You only have the asked right to use. So I'm not going to use the skill share logo because I'm not sure if I have permission to use the skill share logo so they keep this simple. I've got I've got my image done. Now what I need is a headline The headlines 25 characters and then I get a longer one. So now is the question. What theme do I want to choose for this ad? I'm to go with help me reach 100,000 skill share followers, and I've just follow the short headline to see you've got now. OK, so we're gonna skin to Jerry Banfield. Skill share there. That's a simple is it gets on the whole headlines full. Yes, that's about as easy as it gets. So if people use skill share, this display ad will let them know. You can see it's Jury Banfield Skill share Help Jerry Band Field Or I could even say Help me reach and let's just take the self. Help me reach 100,000 followers on skill share. So don't use any exclamation points ago e either Google doesn't like exclamation points. And then I've got my long headline on here so I can say Jerry Banfield, skill sharing you can see and then when it changes, help me reach 100,000 followers on skill share and enjoy new classes daily. So I've got that extended long headline down here and then I can even pick my I can do my business name like jerry banfield dot com over here and then my description. Now I want a different description, something like Get all off Jerry Banfield's new classes for 99 cents today on skill share. They're so I've got you can see the different ways that comes up. Jury Banfield Skill Scher, get off! Jury being feels new class for 99 cents on skill share, and then it has different versions that it can pull down here based on how it wants to. So you've got all these different headlines on it. You've got the pictures. So now the ad flashes back and forth with all this message. Now, one more fun thing to do on there, and that's about as easy as it gets to write one of these ads. The last thing to do I actually need to fix my girl up because the final u R l is not where I'm actually going to go. So if I paste the skill, share your girl up here and actually takes me in this to a much longer version of this. So here's the really Earl I've got over here. This is the really you, Earl. So now you can see how long this is. This is the final your l. Google wants the actual landing page. You are all you go to and then what I've got. I've got this final you, Earl. Now what I need to do is take my referral, you, Earl, and put that in the tracking template, because what Google does When someone clicks, they put them through the tracking template, and Google wants to know the u. R L they should expect to reach at the very end. So I've got the tracking template in here. I've got the business name on here, and it might even be nice to see I don't think it will fit. But then I can go business name and that's too big, too. So I'll just leave that. I'll leave that with Gerry being field dot com and then I've got everything on there so you'll see it now shows skill share dot com when you go there on the final Europe. But the nice thing is, then it has jury banfield dot com on there as the business name. So I can't fit my whole business name in here. But I could put skill share Jerry being field or something like that. It's fine. That remark. It's my website in there as well, So this one ad in Google does a whole lot of things when it shows, which is nice. It's got a lovely picture of my face. It's got the follow button, and it shows all this different information in one ad. So now what I've got. I've got everything set up effectively on here. I've got my tracking template to track people once they go make a click, and then I've got this entire ad finished. So what I'm going to do is hit, save, add on here and now I've got the entire thing finished. So I go over to my campaign here and you'll see what I've got. So I'm in this. I'll go all the way to the top level. I've got another new campaign here called Skill Share USA, along with these other ones. Then I click down here. I've got one ad group called Profile YouTube. Then I click down here and I've got my one new add on here is well, and all the ads go into under review by default, and then usually they get reviewed in 24 to 48 hours 7. Targeting an additional audience: if you thought we were done, We're not done yet. I've only targeted half of my remarking audience. So what I'm going to do now is show you how to then target and copy this ad group into an additional audience. So I've got this add up already. Now, normally, once I created ad, I wait and leave that first ad until it gets approved before I do anything else. Because lots of times I've gotten add rejected and I've got as many as 1000 or so adds rejected at once on Facebook. So I try and just make the first ad, make sure gets approved and then leave it. However, since I'm teaching this course straight through, I'm going to show you this right now. So when I'm going to do, I'm going to select this ad group over here, So we're not at the top campaign level all the way. Were in this skill share USA campaign were selecting the profile YouTube group. Then we go to copy over here, and I'm showing you how to do this. I usually use the keyboard commands. I hit paste and then I paste this new ad group over here And then what I'm going to do is go into this new ad group and change the targeting, so I'll start to edit the name. And what I need is something that it reflects. So I'll go, JB, JB. Anything that reflects my other re markings all go JB re marketing or something. There, JB, are something short because then there How about JB re eso that'll show me. That's my Jerry Banfield re marketing, then outside of YouTube. So what I did. I know I might have went too fast. I go back over here, I click on profile this new because I've changed the name. I haven't actually changed the targeting and what it's done is copied a new ad in here. So I clicked on, and I'm now at the skill share us a campaign in the profile J B R E ad group looking at the one and I've got what I need to do to change the targeting is go over to display network first. So you see the tabs here? I go over to display network. Then I go down to interests and re marketing. And now this will show me each of my individual audiences. Now what I'm going to do first is remove the existing ones. Now, the problem is, as Google points out, your ads can now show everywhere my ads can literally show anywhere on any targeting. So you want to make sure to add your new targeting back in right afterwards. So I've removed. I have no targeting. Now what I'm doing, I hit plus targeting now, and I go down here and go back into my interest in re marketing on this end of it. And then once I've clicked interests and remarking and go down to re marketing lists now and now, what I will do is put in every single other audience in here. I've got all of all of my ads from tracking. I still have up today on that third party website. Everyone who's been there on any course. I still have tracking even some of my courses that have been banned. And some course I was a co instructor on going to go ahead and get all of these re marketing. Now I've got my website thrown in there as well, and then I've got my I go down here and I've got my teachable. Everyone who's enrolled are visited my teachable websites on their now. So I just put all of these re marketing audiences in here together. And the nice thing is, I only have to do this once because from here, then I'll be copying lots of these again. So I've got all of these different re marketing audiences selected. I've selected all of them and I can You can make a list and include all of them together, so I may start doing that. But I've got all 71 off my remarking list thrown in here together, and now I hit save. So when I've now got, I've now got all of these different re marketing audiences here. These are all targeted now, and you'll notice on lots of them. It says too small for the display network, and that's fine because I'm OK with that. So what will? If it's too small? That's no big deal. So I've got all these re marketing audience is set up Now. I've got the same ad targeted, one to YouTube and one to all the rest, so that I can easily at the ad group level, separate the results so lots of times, these audiences will be more expensive than the others. Now, this isn't necessarily strictly needed because I can go in and manually do this at the display network level also. So for my skill share profile, I'm going to separate thes. However, for many of the individual courses, it will be better to not bother taking the time to separate those because I want each of these profile ones to run and be able to be controlled separately. But then I can put the individual courses out there to just all of them, since I can control it at that level. So I've shown you how to split the targeting up into different ad groups and then raise the bid level for the entire ad group or lower it if you want to. The problem is that the ad group level, the budget is all taken from the campaign. So this is why split based on country, this allows me to make sure certain countries like the U. S. Gets $10 a day and then what I'll do once I build this entire I or build deeper into this campaign, then all I have to do is copy the entire campaign toe, put it out into a different country 8. How to optimize display network campaigns with exclusions: If you want to optimize your display campaigns after talking with the Google AdWords specialists, I've got a few tricks you might like. So one of the main things they told me is to go through and optimize based on excluding some of the specific places ads will show. So you can do that. You go over to display network and then you scroll all the way down the bottom, and then you hit site category options. Now, what this will allow you to do is to prevent your ads from showing on certain areas so you can add campaign exclusions in up here. And then this will allow you to get everything opted out of some of these different places you might not want your ads to show. For example, I then it can turn off and exclude police crime and emergency from the entire campaign. So, as you see now, this campaign will not showing any crime, police or emergency. If there's some awful event that happened somewhere, I don't want my ads coming up in that context. I want people who are in the right state of mind, so to speak, to be seeing my ad so what I do. I continue doing this under site category options. I'll take out death and tragedy. Military and international juvenile. Gross and bizarre profanity and rough language sexually suggestive. If someone's looking at something that sexually suggestive, then they're probably not in the mood to take my courses. Sir, maybe there are what I know. Anyway, I'm excluding that I don't want them to be. I don't wanna be paying the show them ads in that situation. If they're looking at sexually suggestive, probably not in the mood to go learn about Google AdWords just then. So what I can do also is take out specific placement, so I like forms. Social networks are find parked domains, though that's probably pretty worthless. But I don't know that necessarily error pages. There's likely to be some sketchy stuff going on air pages in Game now in game can be really good. Or it could be a big waste of time. Self people are gaming. That includes a lot of mobile APS and games. So I'll leave in game on for now and then I'll hit safe. So I've got all of those things excluded on my campaign level now and then another thing. Aiken Dio. I can go in here and pick certain exclusions, so what I'll do is add placements now. One thing the Google specialists I talked to specifically said was AdSense for mobile aps dot com. So that was one specific placement that was recommended to exclude. I figured that specialist works at Google. They probably know that. So I've excluded AdSense for mobile aps dot com. Now my ads won't show in those various locations, So if I go back here, it shows my specific placement. And then I can take that out any time if I change my mind. So I've got this, and this is at the entire campaign level. You can also do this on the ad group level. For example, I could exclude anyone who's on YouTube here if I wanted, or I could exclude anyone here from seeing the ad group in YouTube. I don't see the need to do that, but I do have the option to do that if I want to. So this is a little trick that helps then, especially if you've got a bigger re marketing audience or if you're targeting by things like keywords or you're targeting by interests using some of these things can help your ads run better. They also can help you get a higher cost per click, though as well, so I think it's worth it. I'd rather show my ads in more of the right places of possible and show it for a higher cost. 9. Show ads for a specific Skillshare class with a new ad group and ad: one more thing I'll show you before this class is finished. I'll show you how to make an ad for a specific skill share, course or class, because while it might not work sending ads straight to your profile, it might work to promote an exact class and then get people involved with you from there. So one of my classes people have liked recently I've made is a complete online teaching business set up. So I'm going to do now is make a new ad group for this specific class on Google AdWords. You can Onley use one landing page or you are l per ad group. So if you want to advertise your profile and a specific class, you have to make a different ad group. So I'll do. Now I hit plus add group while I'm in the campaign. And what I will call this is the exact name of the class. And I'll dio complete online teaching business set up. And now I'll put the Max CPC bid at the same. And now what I need is my spread sheet over here. So I go down here, I need my landing page. You are l here So I grab this and I'll put that in on the landing page. And now here's the cool thing. I'm actually going to copy my re marketing over, so I'm not even going to fool around with putting it in initially. But Google, it may not let me. Yes, okay, you have to actually select something. So what I'll do real quick is just go into my video viewers list and put all my video viewers in. And then I can actually copy all those ones over from the previous ad group I made, so I don't have to go manually. Select all of them again. Now I need an image now. Skill share, thankfully, should have a cover image on this page, so hopefully Google will be able to just pull my cover image from the page. We'll see what happens. Otherwise I can just upload it straight from what's already on there. So that's beautiful. It pulled the image straight from here. I can crop it a little bit and hit. Continue, so that's nice. So that's got another thumbnail on it. I hit safe. So thankfully, these skill share ads make doing the image much easier. So I've got the image now and you can see then if someone sees an ad from the other ad group, then you can see the consistency here where it's got my face again. Plus a word and a little picture. What I need to do here first is fixed the URL So this the direct skill share link goes in the tracking you are out template. This will allow you to affiliate market in the sense of get a referral and all that. So I click over here, I put the exact you are Ellen. And then what I do, I go back here and put the page it actually went to in the final, Earl. So this is the link that goes to the attracting. You are all this is the class that goes into the final You, Earl. Now, keep in mind on Google AdWords, the final u r l includes your skill share class name if you change your name of your class in skill share. And I'm saying this so I remember if you change the name of your class and skill share, it will change the you Earl. Also, if you change the u. R l your final u R l will not work. Your ads will immediately automatically get disapproved. If you do that on a bunch of class at once, you might get your whole account suspended. So if you're going to make an advert class, make sure you're going to leave the title. As is indefinitely. I have no plans of changing any of my class titles. However, now that I'm making these ads, I'll have to remember that if I do so what I've got here. I've got the tracking New World done. I've got the final world done. Now I just need the headlines. I go over to my class and I probably can't copy. Hardly anything from here. Complete teaching business. And that's one character over Nice online. My my online teaching. Now, if that's even more words, isn't it? This is one of the hardest parts on these ads. Full teaching business set up? Nope, that's too late. Online teaching business. They're So I online teaching business that that fits their so online teaching business set up. Is there any shorter way to do this? I'm not sure, So let's go to the long headline Now I'm so I've got online teaching businesses. My big, huge head word here. And then I've got a description I can put with that, and I can do the business name again for consistency is jerry banfield dot com. And then I've got a long headline. See, my complete online teaching business set up on skill share in this new class in this October 2016 class. That way, someone knows how old it is. If this ad runs for a year, they're so see my complete online teaching business set up. They're so I like having my name in the big headline. It's got my face. And there maybe I could do Jerry Banfield. And then maybe I've got 11 more characters classes and I could do new Jerry Banfield class . Will that fits. Could be close. Yes, there ago. Knew Jerry Banfield class perfect. See Mike complete. Oh, here we go. Now enroll in a complete online teaching and rolling in there. Now, you just that you can see this is just ugly. You just do your best. Oh, here we go. So I'm won't modify this. I'm gonna leave. That is is And now in the description, all hit and roll in a complete online teaching business. Set up with me on skill share to see how I do this. Nope. There we go. So I'll just cut out skill share there and rolling a complete online teaching business set up to see how I how I teach full time online. There we go. Done. And remember, you don't have to make a perfect add. What you want to do is make sure your ad gets approved first, and then you can try different versions of this. And when you try different versions of this over and over again, then your belt to see which one works the best. So now you can see outlooks New Jerry Banfield class right here and roll in a complete online teaching business set UPS CEO. I teach full time online, and then you can see exactly how all of these show in different areas. So these are very nice looking Google ads on here. I've got my image, my short headline, my long headline and the description Business name. I'm ready to go So I it save ads Now I've misspelled things in ads I've written, adds poorly, and they've still converted. You don't have to do ad perfect. It's more important to just get the ad done. Get the ad done. Make sure it goes through review and then go try different versions of it. So all you have to do to try a new version of your ad, you can then just copy and edit your ad. You can collect over here and go to copy and paste. You can do the same thing I did with the ad group and then you just make a new version of the ad, try some different text. The final thing in this I'll show you, is how I then add all those audiences. So I'm in the ad group. You can see the ad. I go back to display network Now it on Lee as you to been there so far, right? What I can doing actually click over here, go straight to all these other audiences. I can then select all of these other audiences. Copy. Go back over into this one and then paste so this will paste everything in two new ad group . Now, one thing I don't want to do while the destination you URLs I'm not even sure what it means in that Them I don't even know why I would use that. Naughty. And some of these words are confusing. You don't have to know what everything exactly means. So I've got the information about this list size in here. So I will just go back, hit the back button over here, and I'll go paste all of that in here and pay 71 audiences in a new ad group. I've got bids and bid adjustments. So there, I'll just hit Paste in here. So now it'll put its got all of these new audiences in there. So everything's all set up now. I've got all these audiences in this one. So I've got this full ad campaign here. Now it's got three different basic offers. It's got my profile split into two different categories, and then it's got this which targets everyone toe one specific skill share course. So this is how I've then made my ads just for the USA. Then all I need to do is copy this campaign, do some more work in this campaign, and then I can reach my entire global audience doing the same thing 10. Project for Google AdWords for Skillshare enrollments: thank you very much for finishing this class. Here's your class project. Would you please share the ad you've made using what you've learned in this class? This you can access it. When you go over here to the individual add level, you click a preview ad and then Google will load all these different versions of your ad. And then if you have snag it like I do, you can then just take a picture of it here. You can go like that, and I hit print screen to do that. Now I've got a complete screenshot. I just hit Save as in here. I go to my quick access and I'll put this in my Screenshots folder. So I've got my Screenshots folder here and then Google AdWords skill share. And then I called that project. So I know all my projects in here. So I've got my project for my Google AdWords skill share save and now I'll put that in the class project myself to lead by example. The nice thing is, then you show all the other students what you actually did and the other students you may like some of the ads other people make for their courses or classes much better than mine. So I hope this gives you a chance to be helpful. And you may even be able to get some other students with me to find out about you and what you're doing that way. Thank you very much for finishing this class. Now, when you will leave a review on it, that's one of the most helpful things you can do to help other students know how you felt about this class. 11. What results have I got months later?: how have my results been? Months after applying the things I've shared with you in this class? I am very happy with the results because I'm getting referrals nearly every day using my Google AdWords ads and Facebook ads and my free coupon page on my website. I've spent thousands of dollars advertising on Google, showing links back to my courses on skill share and using what I've made in this course for you has allowed me to. Currently this month I have $940 off pending payments from referrals. I've earned thousands of dollars in referrals, and I'm grateful I have. There's hundreds of minutes being watched every day in my classes. If you look down at my payment history, using these Google ads and creating new courses has allowed me to continue to increase. You'll notice the referrals Since I started, these Google ads have continued to go up and up and up with 153 last month, and the royalties then have continued to go up a swell as the people has been referred. End up watching now. At the same time, I am doing an overhaul on my Google ads I want to improve them and do even better with them , because right now my Google ads are sending people all toe, one free courses page when I'd rather do it, send people directly to skill share to a specific class with a referral link. And then people, if they click on the add, might be interested in that exact subject instead of being interested in the entire free coupons page. So I'm looking to do is actually improve my Google ads and take my Google ads to the next level to help me make even more referrals. So what I've done for now is paused. My existing Google ads and then I'm going to make adds that go directly to skill share that actually use skill share links. That way, I've been sending people straight to my website Well, what if people go to my website? Don't even click on a skill share link. What if they just get lost on my website and there's too many things? You see, I currently have it set up to do a good job getting my most enthusiastic followers to go sign up. But what about when someone wants to learn a specific subject. What about sending them straight to a particular class toe watch and learn? What I'm planning to do is make some coupons out there. I'm going to make free coupons on my Google ads and then I'll be able to track sign ups from there. And that way people can watch one class for free right away, and then they'll be motivated to sign up for a free trial. Some from there. And then I can actually track how Maney new students I get directly from the Google ads instead of right now. I've just been sending people in my website, so these Google ads have worked really well for me to increase my minutes washed. If you look over the previous months, once I started my Google ads, I have continued to get a lot more minutes watched. So these Google AdWords ads get a lot of impressions, and that's one reason they're so effective. So you I I'm grateful you've been here with me today. I'll even go show you my Google ads that I was running here because what better way to wrap this up with you? You notice I've stopped all of my ads for now, because I find that if if I continue to run, my adds that I'm less motivated to make them better. So I'm going to I'll show you my this month statistics, and I'll go over here and show you just the display campaigns. These display campaigns have worked really good, and I'll just search for the free courses global or actually just need free courses. Here, there, these air, the three I've been running and I'll go all time on these. So I've spent ah $1000 on these ads. You'll see the cost per click is great anywhere from 90 cents in USA to 37 cents globally. And then I've gotten thousands of people on my page. Now. I just started counting a conversion is someone who went to my page. So what? You'll notice I've got thousands of clicks on the ads, but I've only tracked. I wasn't tracking consistently the whole time, so I've got thousands of visitors to my website. The problem is, people don't always actually go click on a link on my website when I goto. If I take them to the free coupons page, they can get lost in all these other courses on there, and then they may not even actually take my courses. So the way I've had it set up, I've been sending people this free coupons page. Now there's tons of free coupons on here, which is good, but the problem is, this is overwhelming. I'll move my head over here to this is overwhelming. How do you figure out where to start? There's so many different classes, and it's like having a menu in a restaurant. Having 74 classes is intimidating. It's too many different classes to enroll in its to many different choices. And they're not just that, but I have other people's on this page. So I'm going to try and do is make ads for all of the end or many off the individual classes. And then what I'll be able to dio is the ads will run that people are click on an interest in the most. Then I will actually have free coupon links that they'll go straight to Babel enrolled in the first class for free. But if they wanna watch any additional classes off to sign up for a skill share premium, So, for example, something like this Facebook ads in marketing class, I could send them over to this. They could watch that class free, but then to continue, they need to sign up. So that should do a good job of getting more premium referrals. So this is where I'm at today and what I'm planning to do next. I hope this has been helpful for you in seeing that these Google ads have been a huge part of increasing my minutes watched and increasing my referrals on skill share. I'm grateful for the experience with that and have it to share with you. And I hope this course has been helped before you.