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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome to Google AdSense and working online!

    • 2. What are the basics needed to run a Google AdSense business online

    • 3. See a live example of a Google AdSense business system bringing in a lot of revenue

    • 4. The ideal Google AdSense business system for ongoing income and working online

    • 5. Enroll in Making 100,000 with Google AdSense and Living The 4 Hour Workweek Featuring Jordan Arsenau

    • 6. Jordan's story from before he made a dollar online to now

    • 7. What I learned from Jordan's story of working online

    • 8. Life cycles of working online

    • 9. What was the main thing I learned in 2016

    • 10. The number one thing I want to improve at in 2017

    • 11. Work life balance and challenges working online

    • 12. Outsourcing and business scaling

    • 13. Where to get started working and making money online

    • 14. Inside the Google AdSense interface

    • 15. Creating a new ad unit to place on my website

    • 16. How much have I earned in less than 24 hours?

    • 17. AdSense is now running on my website!

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About This Class

How do we build a business with Google AdSense?  Let's review a case study from Jordan who earned as much as $2177.89 in a single day on Google AdSense from 184,704 page views by doing what we call AdSense Arbitrage where we pay for traffic from another source.  In this class, we go through Jordan's AdSense story which I help us focus on concrete learning action objectives going forward!

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1. Welcome to Google AdSense and working online!: welcome to making 100 plus $1000 with Google AdSense and Living the four hour work week featuring my friend Jordan Arsenal. This class was originally a one on one interview with my friend Jordan Arsenal, who in one year made over $100,000 with Google AdSense and over the course of his life with Google, AdSense probably made about $200,000 with it. This course is to share his experience with you directly, and what I will do in the course is try and summarize some of the key points up front, and at the end that you may find relevant to repeating these results are making your own business with Google AdSense. What I think is really powerful is, too, just to see how many different ways there are to make an amazing business online. Would you like to get the experience in this class off seeing inside how Jordan made ah, 100 plus $1000 in one year with Google? AdSense seeing what it's like to live the four hour workweek work online, Jordan's traveled the world working online. Would you like to get into that here with me now? Thank you very much for getting started with this. And I'm really excited to share our experience in the course with you. 2. What are the basics needed to run a Google AdSense business online: What are the basics? You need to be able to run a Google AdSense business system like this. Well, to me, the first key thing that think of is, what are you going to give to someone else? What are you going to do to get traffic to your website? See, how did I find the source dot com? Well, I Googled the sore ISS. So what, You really need to run a business system based on Google. AdSense is traffic. So one of the ideal ways to get traffic for an AdSense business system is organic traffic. That means organic Google search or YouTube or social media. Any traffic source that you can get for free. That is the ideal Google AdSense business system. You need to be able to get the traffic for free because if you don't get the traffic for free, you can see it can be pretty difficult to actually make enough money. Even if you get paid clicks for one cent each, you might need 1000 paid clicks just to get three clicks on your ads. So if you do the math on that, that means you have to spend $10 That's assuming one cent clicks $10 to get three clicks on your ads, which likely is going to get you about 3 to $5 back. So the Holy Grail, the rial way to make great money today with the Google AdSense business system is to get organic traffic because then everything you all you don't have to spend any money to make money. You just let the ads sit there on your website, just like this, the source does. You just let the ads sit there on your website and make money whenever someone clicks them . So you really need depending. What you to figure this out is, how much money do I want to make based on home and how much traffic do I need? So let's take a look at that for a minute. So let's say you want to make $500 a month. Now. The clicks on Google AdSense, depending on what your country is, may very greatly so let's assume 50 cents a clicks what you're going to net. That might be over or under, depending on your country. But let's just assume that so what we need to do is divide 500 by 50 cents. That me Jeannie 1000 clicks on your ads per month. Normally, it takes about from the display ads. I see it takes about 300 clicks, or it takes about 300 ad shows to get an impression. So what you need is about 300,000 people to come near website every month. Now that's per ad unit impression. No. So let me divide that that you need actually 300,000 ad pulls. But what you'll see on the source is I just searched and I just pulled four different ad units here once. So let's divide by four. And now that is per page load. So you need 75,000 page loads in order to get people in order to get your ad traffic. Well, let's sound that the source. I just searched three times, so if you could get the average person, let's say toe, look at three pages on your website. That's 25,000 people. You need to come to your website and look at three pages eat. So let's let's just round that up to let's round it up. Say 2 30,000 and divide by 1000 so and that actually I needed to do that the other way. So what you really need is about 1000 people a day to come to your website with organic traffic, ideally because then you don't have to spend any money. So what? She really needs about 1000 people a day to come to your website through organic traffic toe. Look at a couple 345 pages each time, and to click on the add at the normal click rate and then you're looking at, you could make about $500 a month in Google AdSense ad revenue. So I would suggest if you want to consider doing this, you think of something that could generate you a whole lot of traffic. So you see, the source has a nice business in the sense that you want people to keep coming back to your website. Also, it's difficulty to get that first person through organic traffic. But look at me now that I've found the source dot com, I keep coming back, so that makes these calculations a lot better. If you can get someone to come back to your website 10 times, then you only really need 100 people a day to come to your website for the first time. If you can give them something so good, they'll keep coming back for free. So you'll see some of these numbers get really big really easily. But if you will think of a really good offer and then executed and you can execute it just with wordpress website, think of a really good offer you can make. Like the source. I have the source bookmark. So I come back to the source on a daily basis. I load a couple of pages. I look around now, even if even if I don't actually see any of these ads, these still count as a page load. But these are often they don't Costas much to be down here. You don't get as much per click, but lots of times people don't even see them either. So obviously this ad appears likely to make more money than down here. But you can make money on all the different ads on your Web site. So I've given you the straight details of this because I don't want to try and sell you on something and make it look like a get rich quick scheme. This is a business system that requires work just like any other business system. Now, the beautiful thing about this business system, though, is you can make some really good money on it. You can make some great money on this business system if you're willing to get everything set up. And I've just sold myself because I have 1000 people a day coming to my website, and I just did the math with you right here. I could be making $500 a day on my website in Google AdSense units. All I need to do is go over here and set up, go straight down here and look, I could throw. Ah, Google AdSense unit down here. I could throw a Google AdSense unit up the top of the website somewhere. I could throw a Google AdSense unit on anywhere. I've got a sidebar aside. Page like on my blawg. I could throw a couple of ads since units over here on the side and I could be making like , $500 a day. Aren't a day a month. I could make 500 to $1000 a month just by throwing some ghoul AdSense code up on my website . So now love ran the numbers with you. I may do that. The point of this is to think about from the beginning what you could do with Google AdSense. The beautiful thing is, the more traffic you get to you if you build your entire business system up and make all of these things work together, then even making $100 a month on Google AdSense might not sound like much. But you pair that up with $100 a month and you two bads. You pair that up with 100 or a few 100 a month and doing work for clients, and you can easily make a full time business that you can work online anywhere in the world . Now, Jordan actually used some more advanced techniques. He used some things like paid ads to boost its traffic, so there's lots of other things you can do to make this business system even better. The nice part about this is this a fairly simple and straightforward business system that you can use to monetize a blawg that you can use to monetize your ideas. You can literally just put your music up it for something and have people come to the page and listen to or download your music. Watch your videos is all kinds of things you can do with a Google AdSense business system. So I hope I've shared here with you my excitement about making a Google AdSense business system and what it may be able to do for you. 3. See a live example of a Google AdSense business system bringing in a lot of revenue: I am really excited you've gotten started. I've got so much passion for teaching and sharing how toe work online. I also have affection. I don't know if anger is the right word, but I'm giving you an example right now of using Google AdSense. If you've never Google ads and you have no idea what what is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is Google's display network advertising system. So the easiest way is to simply show it to you in action. I'm on vous orris dot com, which I try and use to find more words to express. Express yourself. Where should I put my head on this? Maybe look over here. So I searched for passion on the source. I have a lot of zeal. I have warped. I have spirit about sharing all of this information with you because what I hope youll get out of this is excitement that maybe you could make a business out of Google AdSense. I don't know what your unique journey is. I think it helps me to see all the different things other people to do to help me put my own complete business system together. So here's what Google AdSense This is what an ideal Google AdSense set up looks like. So what you've got here is something really useful. Useful. The source dot com is useful. I go on the the sorest dot com I've stick a word like passion in or excitement to try and figure out how to express that in a different way. So how about adventure? Would you join me on this adventure, which I have so much feelings of motivation and passionate about? So the source dot com offers a helpful service. You really need to focus if you want to make a great AdSense business system. Focus on this part right here. What are you going to do for people? That's really helpful? The source has a really simple set up. There's a search bar, and then there's all of these words that go along with it now. You probably don't have the opportunity to make a new the source dot com, but this is the key with AdSense is to figure out what you're going to put here that's going to help people a lot. Now, once you've got that down, you might want to know. How do I make money off this. So Google AdSense. These are Google AdSense ads. You'll see Al Zoom in some more. You'll see the add up right here. So it's tax time. It's January 31st you see, and I've been all over working on my taxes. You'll see right here that you've got an ad and you see that it's ad because it has this little ad choices mark on it. This is the Google AdSense symbol, so to speak. This is how you know you're looking at an AdSense ad. So the source dot com as this AdSense adhere. And then if you scroll over to the side, look, there's another tax ad. This is another Google AdSense ad unit right here and then you'll scroll down. This is another Google AdSense unit right here. And then I'll zoom out a bit and then at the bottom. This is another Google AdSense unit down here. So this is Google AdSense in action. This is how you make money with Google AdSense. You've got all these different ads on the page. I'll zoom. Oh, you'll see the basic structure a lot of websites use with AdSense. You've gotten adhere. You've got ads on the side, and then this is actually with a partner. I would imagine dictionary dot com. Steve got ads on the top side bar and bottom. This is a kind of normal Google AdSense set up. So Google AdSense, this is Google AdSense. What you do, you put code on your website and if you have a WORDPRESS website, you can just get plug ins. You could put the code on your website, and then Google shows all the ads and pays you money for all the clicks you get. And you can even get paid for impressions. I think sometimes, but usually you'll just get paid for clicks. So if someone clicks on and if I click out one of these ads here, which I never dio the source dot com has the chance to make money. So what, you'll see this is the core of a Google AdSense business system. Now you can immediately see the problem. Did you hear what I just said? I go to the source all the time and almost never click on an ad. The problem is, you need thousands. Usually you need thousands of it deserves to get even, like three clicks or something. My typical Google AdWords click is about three is about 1/3 of a percent. So that means every 300 impressions someone clicks on my ads. So advertisers like me can put ads, and I am running ads in these places right now. So this is the inside of a Google AdSense business system, so I'll give you some of the basics that you need to be able to run this successfully. 4. The ideal Google AdSense business system for ongoing income and working online: what I think is the ideal Google AdSense business system. I think what I'm about to show you is the ideal Google AdSense business system because it's natural. It's something that you might enjoy or love doing anyway, see what you're gonna hear. In the interview with Jordan, he did an AdSense business system that was based on just getting traffic. So Jordan made websites kind of like the source. He got articles printed. He got a lot of organic search traffic use paid traffic to boost it up. But the problem is, Jordan stopped doing his Google AdSense business system because it was just simply work. He didn't care about it. He wasn't passionate about the topics. He was just doing it to make money. And while he made great money doing it, he's not. He can't stand to do it anymore. What you want to do is set up your AdSense in a way that it naturally links up with what you love to do. See, I've got my website jury banfield dot com, and if I put adsense on it, it naturally links up with what I want to do because I want to get his many people visiting my website as possible. I want if you see in my analytics here, I'm getting thousands of people a day to visit my website. So I'm getting like 3000 page views a day, 2 to 3000 page views. I want people to visit my website. So this is something I want to do indefinitely. So I think, making AdSense on your own dot com and writing, creating content, whether it's videos, audio blawg, post creating things on your own website and then putting AdSense on there is ideal. Even if you only make a dollar a day or a few dollars a day, that's more than you would have had otherwise. And in fact, I've sold you on it so much that I'm planning on setting up AdSense on my website now because you're like Wolf. I had your website, I'd have AdSense on it and I'm thinking, Yeah, I probably ought tohave adsense on my website. Now I'm looking. I probably could make 500 or 1000 a month by putting adsense. Now, up until this point, I haven't done it on principle. But if you do because I'm Mike want, I don't want any ads on my website to distract anyone. I don't want ads on my website to divert anyone from what I'm doing, but now I'm thinking it might be worth testing, at least to see how. Because I've got a lot of things now like this on my website, that air just free information that are just here to be helpful. So I easily could put an ad since unit somewhere on this page, I could easily put several AdSense units on various parts of this free coupon page here and then, especially with I'm trying already. I'm sending paid traffic to this page, and I've got tons of different ways to make money on this page with people enrolling in my courses Skill share, affiliate program. Then why not just throw an ad ST Unit or two on this page and see how much additional money it makes? And then I've got I've got a blog's sidebar, which is ideal. Lots of the traffic on my website comes to my blawg, so why not throw a couple of AdSense units in the sidebar? Even if they don't get clicked on that often, people are used to seeing ads on the side bar, and I could make some extra money on that every day. And it's not hurting anyone, so to speak. It's not severely her annoying my users or anything. It just be some ads on the empty sidebar. No. So I'm going that plan. Teoh, go through and show you how I implement AdSense code on my own website. And the cool thing is, I've actually sold you on this. I've been selling. You were telling You are cool. This is I've sold myself on it. Now, that's just hilarious. I didn't expect to do that, Making this course. I'm just realizing, you know, I worked so hard to get people in my website. Why not put a few ads on it In places that are relevant? Why not maybe not do a header ad, for example. It might be too obnoxious to put an ad like straight up at the top of the page, but maybe putting adhere or maybe put an ad here, maybe figure out like on my product pages here. There's no reason I couldn't have ad units on my most popular product pages as well, or add some ad units maybe into the footer off my website here. So I think AdSense is a great thing toe add into your existing business system. I think the ideal set up is to make a page with really helpful information on it. Like my free courses page. The point of this page is to be really helpful. I'm working to get his many people as possible on it. This seems like it be ideal to put an ad unit or a couple of ad units on this page and just see if they actually make any money. So I'm grateful that I've shared this experience off Jordan's with AdSense because it's helped me to see the ideal way to use AdSense is to just try and involve it in what you're already doing. I recommend against making a business system that just does what Jordan's did, even though make a lot of money. If you do your if, you're gonna make more money. If you keep doing it over time, for example, even if I only make 500 month, with 30,000 people coming to my website every month, even if I make 500 a month on it, if I do this for the next 10 years, I'll make way more money than Jordan did. And it doesn't disrupt my existing business system. All have to do is literally throw some AdSense units on the pages already have. So to me, if you use a your name dot com and then you write a blogger, you post audio, you do videos on there. You write about what you care about. You make your your name dot com and those AdSense units on it. I think that could be a great way to have a AdSense business system that you use for the long term. So I appreciate you sharing this with me. I hope this is really helpful for you. It's been really helpful for me. I can't wait to get some AdSense set up on my website. 5. Enroll in Making 100,000 with Google AdSense and Living The 4 Hour Workweek Featuring Jordan Arsenau: thank you very much for joining a Me here with my friend Jordan Arsenault, Jordan. Arsenault has made over $100,000 online with Google AdWords. He's been working on and line on and off for eight years, and he's been working full time online for last four years. I'm grateful he's here with me today. I'm going to share my experience through Jordan. I'm gonna introduce Jordan a bit more here, and I hope this is useful for you today to learn what Jordan knows. If you would like to make one of these with me, I have a nice patron page. I'll show you the end. You can literally sign up and make thes with me, too. So I'll start. I'll give you an introduction with Jordan. I'm on this page. Jury banfield dot com slash partners. All of my partners get all the benefits here. I've got a link to Jordan Arsenal right here, So whatever you see, this will be a link to Jordan Arsenal. You can click on it and it will take you to his YouTube channel. Jordan is making new YouTube videos here. He's making new courses. He's got a website down here. If you hear something in Jordan's experience, you would like to learn more about. Go down to the bottom of the page and use the contact form and send Jordan and email. And then you'll be able to contact Jordan if you have anything you want to say, and Jordan is also unlinked in, and then I just posted this on my Twitter. So these are the things I do for my partners on a regular basis. Jordan's also in my Facebook group here, masters of online business administration. And that's how Jordan and I originally met Jordan was. He found one of the posts on my website, and he was one of the first people in my mastermind group, which then was called my online success group, even though the only success I had to offer was pretty much running my business into the ground. Having borrowed a bunch of money and almost nothing to show for the Jordan and I have talked every week for years now, Jordan has helped me see the importance of having a friend that you can talk to about your business, who get your business, who understands the world who lives in the same world. So I'm very grateful to be here with Jordan today. He's lived the four hour work week much more than I have. He's made money online so many different ways. I think he's got a lot of good experience to share. He's going to share his story with you two of all the things he's done, how we got to working online. Ah, lot of the things that have went wrong for him, and I'm excited to share this with you. I hope it's helpful. If you would like to be in Jordan's position. I have a call in live stream reward on patri on dot com. You grab this call in live stream reward. This is on YouTube live Facebook live, and this is going is a free course on skill share. The cost of this goes up $25 permanently for everyone that gets this. I think the cost of this will be 3000 plus dollars. Someday you could be one of the very first to get on it at whatever level it is when you see it. So, Jordan, I appreciate Jordan being here to test this out with me. Also, while I'm planning to offer this to lots of and do this with lots of other people. Jordan is is the guinea pig. So this is the very first time I've done well. These live. So thank you very much for listening to my intro here and now what I'll do. I'll turn you over the Jordan. He can tell you about this story of how he started working. 6. Jordan's story from before he made a dollar online to now: Thanks for that introduction, Jerry. So I guess I'll just get started back before I ever made a dollar online. Essentially, I I always wanted to work online. I always wanted work on Internet, but I found it difficult to make that initial dollar. You know, I would do some writing. I would create a blawg, and I might get. Some visitors are just telling, mentioning to you that the first blogger I did, I actually didn't have any analytics on it. So I have no idea how many visitors actually got high. But whenever I was getting started, I knew a piece of what to do. I always knew something, but I didn't know all of the pieces enough to put together system that made money. So I tried a bunch, these different things. I tried running some ads to affiliates, which I think never made me very much money at all. I think was a grocery coupon site or something that first when I tried e. I eventually kind of tested out these different banks whose you know, once in a while that I would test something up, wouldn't work. So then I stopped doing it, and I get another idea. I used to work in car sales. Another thing I did was tried to create a newsletter that I'd send out to people and hopefully to drum up business again. That didn't work. So what I actually got it got kind of frustrated because this is over a few years and I decided that what I would have to do is to buy a site that was already making money. And if I could buy site that was making money and then continue to run it the same, I figured, well, that I should have, Ah, site that's being money. So about two different sites one and this is from flipper dot com. This is a place where you can buy until websites. Just small website about one that was an ad Sands webs, and you use a tense makes you money whenever somebody clicks on their ad. So you're getting paid by advertising. Essentially, the other one was for an affiliate, which means that I'm selling somebody else's product. So I bought these two websites. The affiliated website was for like a weight loss patches, a patch you put on and then a real product so I bought this. And, uh, Folate, That's good. You bought it first for you trying to sell. It s so there's $2500 I spent on each of these website and, uh, the first on the weight Passion lost one. It made some money initially, and then it quickly went to, like, $0 a month. So it was died because the traffic stop coming to it and it just die The second, the AdSense site it was making, let's say, around $200 a month. I think it was around 200 and maybe around 250. Some and I bought that one, and that site continued to grow. I think the top month ahead with that site was like $1000. So it was pretty good, considering I paid $2500 for it. And through that process, I copied exactly what the guy who owned the site before was doing. I didn't try to reinvent the wheel. I tried to improve something's eventually, but I didn't, you know, try to drastically change anything. I just kept it running the same way and made these small improvements and did test in that kind of thing. So I felt that I had found the way that worked. So I tried to fill it, didn't work at sense, did work so by more AdSense site. So instead of, you know, spending the money on something else, it's only a couple $100 month. Anyways, I also heads of other savings that I was saving up and I reinvested the money. So as I as I made more money, I didn't take any money. I just kept re investing and reinvesting, reinvesting until I had enough to that I could actually live on and would be enough for me to live. So once I got so that's what I kept doing. I bought about 10 of these sites will see you through just reinvesting the money that was making. And then I started Get this idea. Okay, I'm buying these websites for this amount of money. If you look at the content than the stuff that is on them, I could build these for a lot cheaper. So I got thing next step. Stop buying these. Say I should also mention one other thing. Sometimes you buy a site and you might just barely recover your money, and then it basically dies. Other times you might buy a site and not even recover your money and it dies. So it's not, like 100% perfect where you get, you know, you could just definitely succeed with it. So I got I was getting kind of frustrated with that, and I thought I could be just building these myself. So I did try building that with some of the AdSense website, and I wasn't able to get enough traffic to them to make it work too well initially with some of the ones, because I basically just tried to clone some of the other ones that had built the exact same style. Some of them worked, and it makes money. Some of them didn't. But the really thing that that shifted for me was I found a website for sale on Flipper. It was for Lerner ships, which is kind of like a scholarship in South Africa. And I like that it's a cover name. And so they were driving traffic from Facebook. So I looked at what they were doing, and I thought, Okay, I'm gonna buy this site, and then I'm going to try to develop it more. I tried to buy it, but the way the auction site work on flip, I ended up being asleep. My alarm didn't wake me up whenever I was supposed to, every bit and so I lost of sight the next morning, I was really angry. No, man, this is like, I'm just gonna build this same thing myself. So I built it. And the way it was getting traffic was from Facebook ads. And I wasn't. You weren't actually driving traffic with Facebook as you were just building up the Facebook pages with with Facebook ads, and then the posts were this was back before Facebook change the algorithm and the post would go viral and you get like, at one point, I think I like 500 people come on from, like, one post, like if you watch the stats, they're just people coming on like crazy. So I built that up until the country had basically scene like there is no more people who could like the page. It was a certain percentage. It was something like, I don't know if it was 10% of the population or something like that, that was on Facebook had already like the page, and it was so there was nowhere to go with it because the money was made when the pages were growing. And then Facebook also changed the algorithm. It still made money for quite a while, but I, uh it didn't it didn't. There was a high growth period, you know, for for let's say, six months or something like that, where it did really well, then. One other thing that I did was this was back when Facebook was going well. I made a kind of a partnership with another guy who had big Facebook pages, and he would drive traffic to some viral type sites where you write viral story of cell articles like the 10 10 items in your house that have cancer causing materials and because , like, there's a bunch of things your house that have these kind of things, So those were a few different things that I did. I I think once I once I was make enough money to travel, I did travel. I moved to South America for six months, actually went for a month to see if I liked it. Then I went for six months under Argentina, and then I went home for gold minutes, and then I went back to Argentina for six months, then went to the UK for six months and then Greece for three months, and then it came back to Canada, so I was able to travel. I do tend to intend to travel again. I'm shifting my business now. As you know, I've I've gotten away from the AdSense, and the reason why I've gotten away from Ed Sense is I can't buy any traffic with AdSense because you don't make enough money per visitor. So there's no way that I could grow pat. I couldn't control the growth very well with a tense, because it costs too much to buy more traffic, essentially. So that's why I'm getting away from that. I did create a couple courses and especially we don't create a couple works on you to me, and, uh, I've also done some consulting work I was doing Facebook at. I work for some people for a while. I've gotten away from service work a little bit more now, and I'm currently working on a course for, uh, basically active campaign, which isn't marketing automation, so I think that that is. I think I've covered the majority of the story already. Is there any, uh, anything that you can think of that I'm missing? All right, Questions. That is excellent. I appreciate that. The story. I guess I'll start a new lecture here and summarize this on skills here. 7. What I learned from Jordan's story of working online: Jordan. I really appreciate you sharing your story, These air, the things I've heard and learned from the store you just shared. You've you've been ableto have a full time business working online for four years, and you've done a bunch of different things The persistence and the using failure as motivation to do better and do more alike. I mean, by missing out on buying auction. And you got really frustrated with that. And then what do you do your like? You know what? Maybe I can just build this myself and the same thing You like most people, some of those websites you tell me that cost thousands of dollars to buy, and then you buy a website and you don't hardly make any money back off of it. I mean, to me, these air things that a lot of people just that's the kind of thing like you by your tri and work. You wanna work online, but something like that happens. And then it's just like never again. I I had a survey program, an MLM thing I bought into in 04 or 05 And both of those, unlike the survey thing, was a scam and then the MLM program. I remember. They're telling me you'll be bulletproof. You'll be able to sell this in any scenario. And I'm like I'm selling. I'm bulletproof on selling household cleaners, energy drinks that do taste good. But do people need those like I'm? Why am I learning and doing all this to sell someone else's product is such a scam? And I asked, it fell apart for me. I asked the guy above May How much money you making? He wouldn't tell me. I'm like if the guy two levels above me won't tell me how much money is making and it doesn't look like it because it was too big, like And so I just gave up for like, seven years. I'm like, I'm not trying this. So what? I've seen out of Jordan stories that persistence, the It's not smooth and it's frustrating and you just keep going anyway. Yeah, and I think it's important has been important for me anyways to do what you want to do, because this is something I've actually learned for you, Jerry, which I have told you this before. But like the reason that my business is now on Jordan arson. That's where I'm gonna be released. My courses is to get everything under one roof like under one stream. Because I did have I was doing marketing services under a different business name. And then I I also mentioned to you that I started selling shoes at one point. Yeah, but there's all these different things that I was doing, and so to bring it under one roof and just say, OK, this is under my brand. Jordan, this is what I'm selling now. You know, if you're interested in this, you might be interested. What I'm selling later, that's that was, I think, an important thing that I learned for you as well. So do do what you want so that you will keep doing it. Although I should also say that you also have to do a lot of times. You have to take steps and do intermediate things before you can get to wherever you want to go to. So there's that too. Yeah, So I I love what Jordan mentioned about doing what you want. We've talked about that a lot lately, and it's the funny thing is, with most of us, is humans are not programmed to do what we want. We're programmed to do what we're told, like most of us are very comfortable with the idea of going and sitting down a desk and doing exactly what we're told. Now we may not actually like that once we're in the spot, but having freedom to do whatever you want online is overwhelming. I just I get up and I'm like, What am I supposed to do today? I can do whatever I want. Like, should I make a you tube video? I write a block poster. I do something on Patron Dr Drew A life you enjoyed your course like work on my website. That's one of the hardest things about working online is most of us air conditioned for all our lives, toe work in very rigid, specific structure. And then how do you know how to do what's fun? Like? I've I've learned by doing it wrong so many times that if I'm doing things that aren't fun that I don't like, I'm not helping anyone, even if it does make me money, I'm not really helping anyone, and I know this is another conversation. We've had a lot of it's taken me a long time, and I'm not even sure I'm not even there yet. I don't think to figure out exactly what it is that I enjoy doing. I do enjoy creating content like I do enjoy what I'm working on right now, but it does take a lot of effort and trying different things to find out what you do like and what you don't like. For example, I li I don't have a big desire to start a big service company and partially from for me, for that is because I don't personally like doing, uh, tons of Turks. I like doing a little bit of services for people. I e just wouldn't want my whole life to be doing that marketing for other companies. So yeah, yeah, that's it. Well, I'm grateful to have this conversation with you because it's this is a really look inside like two guys working online. It's not like this. Everything is agreeable time. We're getting it right. It's more like I need a support system for all the things I mess up. And then I need a support system for when things were going well. So I guess I'll that's a good point to make a new life 8. Life cycles of working online: So one of the most valuable things I've found talking with Jordan on a weekly basis is a support system because working online is really hard or everyone would be able to do it. And yet the same thing working online presents the best opportunity for work I've ever seen in my whole life. And, well, the biggest value have got out of Jordan is just this, like is talking them every week is like just a peace of mind about things. Like for a while my you, to me stuff was doing just insanely good and, you know, from joins point of views like it's crazy, like, you know, we're both fooling around online now. His stuff just went crazy, But then I get banned from you to be and, you know, kind of come back down the earth like you just get this sense of peace, like anything you're going to do is going to pass to, like, you're not gonna make something that's just you're gonna fly away forever on, like you gotta You got to enjoy the work you're doing because wherever you're putting it is is likely to, uh, it's always changing. It's never just one way. Yeah, I find that is very true as well. Like things things can go ramp up and then you reach the end to start to accept a little bit differently. Whatever it is that that reason is like you find okay, I can't get past this barrier that I thought would be able to get past, and you have to shift directions. But I think that's really common. And what was your first point that you have made the support system like online for both someone to be accountable for? I think that's been a huge thing, like it's difficult to even talk to. There's very few people that I can actually talk to about what I do online. And if I do tell them one of doing there like they just don't get it had on me, it so sample of like I do this and then I do this and I do this and then yeah, OK, and that partially could be just the way that I'm explaining it. But it seems to me that is just a whole different world, and unless you're working in it, you don't get that, and so that's been useful to chat. And another thing that's being useful. The chat is having somebody else to say, You know, whenever you're going through a down period or enough period, the other person to say it doesn't sound that bad. It just sounds like you're I just need to keep going, you know, whatever it is, because that's really on common, probably to be ableto get that kind of feedback. And it's really nice to have someone to be honest with, cause a lot of us were so busy selling our businesses and what we do, that everything's always great and it's always working. Jordan has helped me see, like to present my teaching honestly, to not be like, Oh, look, I made all this money on YouTube A. But to be like look how many things I screwed up and then I happen to make a bunch of money on you two meet all worked for a little while, and then I got abandoned. It was nice, like talking about Jordan after that, like toe, especially after I got banned talking with Jordan like, you know, because I'd tried present this like I know what I'm doing. Front with him, then it just wouldn't work. And I don't know what the home do with my business. Now I'm totally clueless and lost, and this is whatever I'm doing today, and we'll see what next week looks like. You may have totally changed my business system by next week. Yeah, that's very true. And that's why I had to go back to the same point of. That's why I think it's important to try to pick one place that you can stick around, even if you do have to make changes like That's why I like that you have your personal brand name website and that you have also built up your Facebook page. Heard about your Facebook, your YouTube page, and you've done a lot of different types of videos on it. But you have all those different followers, you know, from those different types of videos, and those come with you into the future for whatever type of videos you do. So I think that that's a powerful. That's one thing that I would probably do a little bit differently starting out again, and there's a lot of starting out again working online, man, it's I'm trying to make my business set up today so that I don't have to start out because I've started out brand new, like starting with a new website. I don't know how many websites I've made. I've made lots of websites. I made lots of social media accounts, hired lots of freelancers. Now I realize most of the time, if I'm starting from scratch, I'm usually usually messing something up like I'm not doing something that would be better . So it's it's tough online. Here's a question given that were at the end of the year. Two. What do you What do you think that you learn 2016? Like, what was the main main thing that you think you learned? Well, that's a great That's a great point, Unless do it will do that in another 9. What was the main thing I learned in 2016: Jordan just asked a great question, which is why I love doing this. It's so dynamic compared to just me talking to myself. It's Jordan asked. What do you think? The main thing you learned in 2016 and the main thing I learned in 2000 and 16 is to there it goes, I don't know. The biggest growing point I had in 2000 and 16 was getting banned from you to me and kind of remaking my business from scratch Almost. And the are so the biggest thing I've learned in 2016 is to do the absolute most good possible with my business, so to set my entire business up so that it makes the greatest contribution. So that's a big change from when I was doing before to set my business up. So it makes me the most money, and if I can happen to help other people out, and that will make me more money, but to think first about what my business is contributing and then think second about what my business is receiving. Instead of thinking first about the prophet I'm making and then second about what I'm giving so that's and that was a very painful lesson. I doubt I would have been banned from you to me if I had been thinking about it in the other order I was teaching on you to meal The focus on How can I make a much money as possible, doing what I love instead of how can I help as many people as possible doing what I love? So that's motivated a business system now to give you the absolute most help possible with the very least resistance in the form of asking for your information, requiring you to pay showing you ads before every video. So that's thanks you're right now is a really good question. Now you're turning. Answer the same question. I think I was just trying to figure this. I like I'm bet I'm better at asking the question. Uh, um, I would probably have to say it is just the working on one cumulative system because at the start of this year last 2016 I built a shoe business on Shopify, and then I was also doing consulting, and I think I might have also done some Facebook ad. So there's all these different things and they weren't cumulatively building toward something and like they're all of it was all over the place. And it wasn't under a central brand or central website. And I think that that's probably the biggest thing I learned this year is if you want the best impact build cumulatively because then you could benefit from everything that you've done up until now. So that's my answer. I guess that's fantastic, is So what Jordan is saying is that you want to put everything you do in one place, if possible, so that, like Jordan is that's exactly what I did my business of first several years. I'm just all over the place and even with the U To me, everything was still scattered. A good bit like I I did better focusing. But then you just put everything in one spot that you don't control like 1/3 party website . You might lose it. So that was a great It was a great answer. Joined like to not see cause what Jordan did a lot throughout the years. Like he'd be working on these landing pages that no one would be able to find like that. No one can find them now if they go to his website. So the more you split, it's like Harry Potter. If you've seen Harry Potter, if you split your soul in all these different places, it's hard to have any love enjoy in your body. Kind of. You know, now you might be able to prevent yourself from dying that way. But e I put my heart. And so I I've learned that to just put everything in one spot so that even if I mess it up like my legal legends videos. But the downside is, sometimes people don't like it. People are like I subscribe for hacking videos on what you know. I'm un subscribing. Yeah, I totally understand as well. But the thing is, you'll still get a percentage of those people that will continue on, and that's the big, big deal. I think the other thing I think is probably this is something I found interesting. This is kind of unrelated, but you mentioned the hacking videos. One. Anything that I learned about YouTube was the power of the search traffic, because if you look at even, uh, you have, how many followers do you have any on YouTube, I think 113,000 subscribers today. Yeah, So if you look at your initial video like the ones that you published yesterday, there's not a ton of videos our views on a video immediately, which gives you a false impression that there's not a ton of traffic because the traffic that is coming on the search of all of those videos that people that are searching for the ones that you already have. You told me the number before. I don't remember what it's huge like, and that is that is the power of YouTube, which I don't think most people realize. At least I didn't realize it until I think just this year, actually, whenever you were telling me telling your numbers. So that's another thing I learned this year. Not the most important thing. Yeah, I've learned that this year to as I got banned from you, too, may so easily like you want. You want to focus on putting everything where your traffics coming from, like I just kind of did you tube in the background to try and boost by you to me sales. But if you keep building where your traffics actually coming from? It's like it's like if you the difference between having a faucet. This is stupid example. I'm gonna try again. It's it's like trying that. No, that's not gonna work either. If all your if you're using some other source to filter out your traffic. No, I'm done. Uh huh. That's that's it, e. I don't know what else. What do you think? If there's one thing that you would like to do better So, like, you know how I was saying Whenever I first got started, I didn't have a problem getting traffic. And then I also had a problem converting anything in the money. What do you think is what Would you like to improve that? What do you think is the number one thing that would benefit you to improve that, like traffic conversions, anything, email, anything in the online world? Well, that's great. Or start another new 10. The number one thing I want to improve at in 2017: Jordan just asked another great question. I'll start this lecture off with, Jordan said. What do you think is the number one thing you'd like to improve? That given your experience, the number one thing I'd like to improve that is my for so there's a two different and so on my personal for my personal life. The number one and this is like for business. So what I'm doing, essentially, I want to improve the end product and the end product is who I am so that I've taken action on this recently spending more time learning and growing myself. What I have available, the teaching contributors of function of who I am. So to focus mawr focus my energy on becoming the best rather than looking the best. So that might sound like a subtle difference. But what I have focused on most of my business is looking the best I want to impress. You want to show you two million followers. You better damn he really knows what he's doing. I want to show you. Look, I made $600,000 like now you can trust may like instead of trying to impress you with what I've done impression to be helpful for you through who I am. Hello, Madeleine Sweetie Toby. A person who says hello to their daughter and doesn't completely nor ignore her because I'm doing a live stream or something to be a person that is as helpful as possible. So that's the to me. That's the foundation, the better person I am. The better I can teach, the more value I contribute if I'm like when I first started my business, if I'm trying to teach all this inspirational stuff and I'm getting hammered and having a hangover so bad, I want to die the next day like that's that's not gonna be effective teaching. And I'm saying one thing that I'm doing something else. So then the the other part from like the delivery or the online marketing aspect er, is to emphasize and consider think less of myself and more about you. Like what do you need me to dio? What? What would it be helpful for me to learn that you would like? Because most of my business I've thought more about getting what I wanted, so that's that's the main thing I want to improve at eso personally is to be more of a student instead of a teacher and then, for like, my work and teaching online to be more of a giver instead of a taker. What do you think, Jordan? That was a good answer. Thank you. Heart answer to follow. Uh, I would say probably probably related to email mark marketing and automation marketing automation, which is what I'm working on, which is what I'm making courses on, which is why I'm kind of doing it. I think I think I've gotten traffic to the point that I can get traffic for whatever it needs to be gotten. But I need to be able to develop that traffic through a better market Autumn automated marketing process, email marketing process. And second would be to once you get those people, um, on board, how do you find out what they need next? How do you find out what the next product to make is? There's really a lot of things. Another thing would be to build a good value ladder like good like system like you, actually a symbol of value. Ladder is one that you have for your patron on site very at $10. To get this $25 you get is $250. You get this, like to build that same value letter for the courses that I'm offering and to to do that yet to do that in a probable way. I think that that would be my goals for this year. I think that's a nice thing. You can always change them if you want. Or exactly I I think that's so. What I heard is you what you are emphasizing your wanting new do better at just serving the people who are interested in your You want to be ableto give them the help they want without it taking you so much time and then you want to be able to get. You want to be able to listen to their feedback and have a way to to be able to learn from them and go back and forth with um and exactly you're interested in doing that via email, which that's a very effective way of doing it. It's a good summary. Thanks you, you, Madeleine. Madeline's very my daughter mandolins. Very interested in Are and what we're having this say she's like she's like she's She's riveted. It's just like, What do you doing? Hey, sweetheart. Oh, then that's what Madeleine has to say. That she'd like us to learn this well. 11. Work life balance and challenges working online: one of those challenges for me with having a business size is being able to is balancing work life because, like I work at home, as you can see, there's so much freedom I can do. I can work all day in. I've had a hard time doing my work life balance, like I've missed out on a lot of time of my family so that I could get an extra few minutes of work in. And to me, that's been one of my biggest challenge. Is Jordan working so great? Ah, well, the short version when I dry and do now was intentionally take more time to take care of myself and make sure I intentionally take some time on my family every day because freedom is easy to misuse. And if you're used to being able to work online and do whatever you want all day, you know when you actually work on something you care about, it can be all consuming, and that can kind of ruined family relationships. What do you working right now? Today I probably work. That's a good question. I just stopped playing video games, and if you so just don't we don't need to debate. Rather that was work or not. One of the I'm I think I'm probably working about five or six hours on average every seven days a week. Okay. Yeah. So that's I've learned also, that it's nice to work a little bit every day to not get burned out because it's work. Life balance has been one of the hardest things for May working online, either going overboard or, you know, not working enough, like So how has that been for you? The work life balance. Pretty good. Right now, I I'm doing fine with it. I something actually, that affected the balance Quite a bit was whenever I I'm not drink caffeine right now. And I find that it's a lot easier to balance work life because with caffeine, sometimes, you know, you drink coffee and you're just like I could work. You know, you're working all day, so I think you probably work too much sometimes. But right now I'm not drink caffeine. Fine. Uh, I work for four hours a day where I do creative stuff, so all right, or record. And that's that. Something I do every day. It's first thing I do before I check email, I don't check any email or do anything until that four hours is done. I don't usually go to phone calls and that kind of stuff anything, and then just whatever I have left to do for the day with pen today. But mostly I'm it doesn't go longer than eight hour date. Now I should say I also read a lot about stuff that a that is related. So I might be reading ah, marketing book or something like that, which happens outside so study. There's probably extra study in there as well, but no. Right? Right now, I find I think I'm pretty pretty balanced. Well, that's why I love talking with Jordan. Is this some of the things he I struggle with like he the whole time? I've talked with Jordan over two years. Like he, he's consistently done work life like I don't think I've talked to him once, where he's just been working way too much now. Occasionally, all the day goes, a little overboard will be stressed. But, I mean, he's talked to me a lot of times when I've went way overboard with my work and then before I started talking with Jordan after I read the Flower Work Week. The problem is, if you get a better opportunity in your life, it will usually make room for your bad the the your vices to grow. So I read the four hour work week. I'm like, This is awesome. I'm going to hardly work at all. And I'm just going to drink and play video games of all that free time, like I didn't set out to do it that way. But that's what happened. Like I'm like, Well, I'm just gonna clear out, like, 30 hours of work a week from my business. So I had quite a while where I didn't I didn't work enough. Yeah, I Then I got into my bad habits more, which sometimes you need to mess things up sufficiently toe, get motivation to doing better. Yeah, that is one thing about the whole four hour workweek thing is that the only time you could do that is when you already have an income and you pretty much just can sustain like you can keep the same thing running. That's been my opinion, anyway. It's like if you have something that up and running and you could outsource, and you just need to manage and check in with it. I think it is possible, however, if you want to grow or if something happens in the changes, the situation, it's and, for example, like Facebook stops working the same way that it used to. You're not gonna be able to fix that. That short of a maritime. So and then the other thing is which obviously, I'm sure Tim Ferriss would agree, but he also works. He wrote the book, but he also works it done. So that's kind of, I think, talking cheek name more than anything, but, uh, but it is it is possible to outsource. And that something actually that I that I do a lot off is outsourcing if I can. If I could build a process for if I could build a system for it, I outsource it. If it just is repetitive work, I outsource it. It's creative and very difficult, outsource, I think. Well, I think that's a good topic 12. Outsourcing and business scaling: So Jordan just mentioned outsourcing In between the two of us, Jordan's hired hundreds of people online on up work. I've hired either mere through my friend Joseph. We've hired hundreds of people to work on up work. Jordan. I've hired a lot of people who work for us online, and the one of the ideas that comes up working online is outsourcing a lot like you want to just make this business and outsource it. And one thing I've found is that you can't outsource creative work. Now you can empower people to do their own creative work like Jordan and I are to doing this creative work together, so to speak here, you can't just is not a simple is paying for someone to write blogged articles for your website and getting traffic like that. That didn't work for me at all. There's there's so much of the same stuff you can outs, and then another thing is, do you outsource something? If you outsource something that doesn't need to be done, you've just made the problem worse. Whatever you were in trying to fix without source, things got worse. And then if you take a big ego thing about it like I did. Of course, like I've got like, 10 people working for me right now. I'm important, you know, like there's a difference between just having people work toe work versus like, Can I make some work that someone, or can someone help me? Who would really enjoy helping me? Yeah, I think when I forget who it was that I read, this is some book, but they were saying, This is when I was trying to hire somebody to be. There's there's managers and there's there's I don't know what they There's managers. And then there's project managers, project managers. They like to, uh, they like new project so they like when everything changing. And then you have what's called the systems managers ever get cold, but they can keep the system running consistently the same way, and I've never I've found it very difficult to ever get somebody who wants to take a new idea and develop it from scratch and, you know, just created. I find it's easier to get mad at people to manage a system and keep going. And another thing about working online, I found, is you often have to go through a lot of people you have Teoh. Then that's why we both Jerries had we both hired 100. It's because you have to go through a lot of people like the same people don't stick around usually very much. Or they stopped completing the work, whatever, where they're just not doing a very good job. So you have to higher three people to find one person and then good. But it is pretty awesome that you could do that in the first place that you just like I forget. This is maybe a month ago A to fix something on my website. I posted a job up on up work, saying, I need somebody to make this adjustment of developer and I said as soon as possible Somebody got a bunch of applications, probably within, I don't know, half an hour and head. I'm working on my site within, like, you know, 45 minutes of when exposed to go crazy, like I didn't even I didn't know the guy, but he had good reviews and it was fairly simple work for that person like developer. Do that. So that's that's pretty amazing that we I live in a world there that you could do that that fast. That's incredible. I've never done something that fast before. Yeah, because I That's what I think. I didn't I guess I just found out that you could do it by doing it, cause I need something done. I didn't want to wait. So I put a soon as possible in the job, just like in the headline people mentioned. Like, one of the things they say is Tell me how fast you can do it or when you can do it. And people say messages saying like I could do it right now if you just hire me so that yeah works pretty well, George. Good. Is that Is that where you're about? Say, that's it On letter, uh, you got more know that much? 13. Where to get started working and making money online: So for the last question, or wrap our time up. Join for anyone watching in this. We've went through a lot of things, like learning and building and growing a business online that I hope are helpful for people who already have businesses online who are already teaching online. And I think to wrap this up for people who are watching that haven't made hardly any money or are still in that stage you talked about in that I've spent a lot of time in of kind of not taking working online seriously, like you're doing it as a hobby. You're messing around a little bit, but you're afraid to fail. What if what do you think is the easiest way or the most of? I guess I should not say Easiest way. What's the most effective method you think? For someone just starting out who hasn't made money online, get a consistent income online? That's a good question. I think your first step to me, what I would start if if I was getting started today is I would probably take a course such as like a Facebook ads course or Google AdWords or maybe even take a few of them and then find a client that you can offer that service to because and it could be just somebody you know. It doesn't have to be for a ton of money, but get some work. That's how I always start doing probably is. Get some experience that way. You can do some work for different clients and get used to driving traffic through Facebook out there. Something that's that's that's hands down. Probably how I was, because once you figure out traffic, then you can go on to building your own products, and you will also learn a lot by seeing what other people are doing. So yeah, I think that that's probably what I would recommend. So what Jordan's recommended is basically learn a technical skill that people find very valuable and are willing to pay for help with. So Facebook and Google ads are both good spots to do that. That's Jordan said exactly. That's what I did the first thing that I ever did that made good money online and kept making. It was I learned Facebook ads and I helped clients with it, and the first full year that I did that I was the first year I made a profit in my business , so I definitely And if you don't want to learn Facebook, who realize that's fine. That's a really effective way, because people are already spending money on those things. But if whatever you can uniquely learn a technical skill that's in demand and then work online, I think that's a great way. Yeah, because you'll get so much side, so many of side benefits, so much side experience from doing that that you know, you'll probably learn about different types of platforms like WordPress and Shopify. You know all these different things. You'll learn a lot by doing it until you get to the point where you're not burning. And then I would probably switch to building your own website and built building a product unless you really like services and then just, uh, get more cart. What about you? But I didn't do this consciously, but I've totally just threw in a nice sales pitch for the give away. I'm about to dio. So one thing I think that's really helpful for working online is to have some kind of proof that there's really money in it. And Teoh when I started working online, there's no proof. I was totally skeptical that anyone would ever pay me anything in. Just getting those very first few dollars into me is that one of the most critical things, like toe believe once you get that 1st $10 payment or $200 whatever it is, the first payment you get excited about. Like, wow, people really just will give me money, toe work online, and then to me there, That encourages a decision. I made a decision in 2012. I had a job. I was had a career path, I had a real job, and I decided after I had made thousands of dollars online, like I'm going this put my whole everything. I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna go all in on working online. I'm not going to do it half way or I'm not gonna I'm gonna just quit my job and I'm gonna put everything in the working online. And to me, one of the most helpful things for that is to is to get get that first dollar in the door, get that 1st $10 in the door, and then the 1st 100 the 1st 1000 like getting that initial income, getting that initial little bit of money, the biggest differences, having made nothing online versus having made a dollar. That's the biggest difference in world cause most everyone, the world hasn't made a dollar online, and then the people who are likely to make a $1,000,000 online start off making a dollar. So I've got a way. Of course, I've built in eggs. I build a system that I hope will help one person on every live stream, and I hope it will help students on skill share. And I open will help everyone on my patron page. I've built the system to give one viewer $10 on in Bitcoin on every one of my life streams . My hope is that over the course of the year, I've given out 300 plus people $10 in the for you receiving the $10. You're like, OK, this is the real There is really money. Even $10 might not seem like much to some people, but to get $10 given to you in exchange for doing something online, I think that might be a way to help the ball get rolling like Okay, this guy gave me $10 in exchange for pledging on his patron pager of being coming a premium member on skill share. Maybe someone will give me $100 to do something for them online. You know, just get the ball rolling. So what? I do it then all my videos air, actually, any of my videos? If you post a comment that I asked for on jury banfield dot com slash giveaways The first person to do it will get $10 on every live video like this. I do. So if you've already posted it, please post it again. Eso I appreciate you watching this on skill share. And Jordan, Do you want to add anything at then? Yeah, actually want one thing I would like if there's people watching this. They've heard kind of what my story is. And you know how I started working on line? I I would be interested in hearing what parts of the story you're connected with and Fallon that were interesting or kind of connected with your situation where you are in. Because that's one thing I'm kind of wanting to learn right now. is. You know, whenever people hear my story, what is it that stand out to you and And what What made an impression on you? So that's that's my final take away. And thanks for watching. Thank you, Jordan. I think this has been a lot of fun. And I would love to do this again with you next month. Yeah, that sounds great. 14. Inside the Google AdSense interface: welcome to the inside of Google AdSense. This is exactly what it looks like when you're inside. Now when I'm on is on my sites. So what I want to do is add in my new website here. So I haven't even put jury banfield dot com in is a sight yet. So I'm just adding the website now and you'll see this website is verified because I've already got this in the rest of my Google tools. So now I've got my website on here, and this is a verified website I own. Now what I've also got on I have sight authorization on sight. Authorization, as you can see, is an optional feature that lets you identify your verified sites as Onley sites permitted to use your Google ad code. Now, I can still have people copy my ad code and show up in other places, but I won't generate any earnings from them. And I think this is a good way to do it because other websites copying my ad code theoretically could get it into trouble. I've got websites that seem to have copied my ad code from other units and if I'm not earning anything from them. Google's likely to not have a problem with whatever goes on on them, so I've got it set up this way with sight authorization. Now for your site to be verified that it's in your AdSense account. You just need to use the same Google AdSense email that you use for your Google Web master tools. You go through your website verified and confirmed through Google Web master tools, and then you have it added in the sights here. So once you've got a site added in here, then you can see specific reports just for your website. 15. Creating a new ad unit to place on my website: Now that I'm ready to put the ad code on my website, all I need to do is click plus new ad unit on here, and then I will use their unit recommended by Google. So Google has an automatic size that allows me to optimize automatically. If Google's got room for a big, huge skyscraper ad, then it'll put it in there. If it doesn't, then it will do a smaller one. So what I'm going to do is call this my sidebar ad for my website. And now I've got code over here to go specifically on the sidebar so I can choose. I can choose all these options on the text ads, but I don't need to do any of that. I can create a custom channel for this. Also, I can call this a specific area like I could call this than sidebar, and I could add that or I can make a different channel in there, but for no, I'm just going to keep it simple. I'm going to save and get code. So now all I need to do is put this on the sidebar on my website and should start pulling some ad units on their now. This brings in new a very important key here. You want to comply with program policies. The worst thing that can am with AdSense of you build a whole business surrounded or get it set up. And then you get your AdSense website band. So you want to be familiar with those program policies before you put anything on. 16. How much have I earned in less than 24 hours?: How much money am I making on my ads, and how do you even see that? So these air this to taste six? It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, so I didn't get most of these ads live yesterday until the afternoon. So it's been less than 24 hours right now, and it already says I've earned about 92 cents, which is great because that's money. That's just being handed to me for doing a really simple thing. And you see, that's on 757 page views. This is about with 2400 impressions. That's about what I was sharing with you to expect. So I'm grateful. I've already earned almost a dollar in the 1st 24 hours, and if and then today I've actually earned it says I've earned today. I've learned about 52 cents today already, so I have a good chance at turning this into anywhere from 2 to 10 plus dollars a day. Once I put a couple more ad units up on the pages I've showed you here and as the ads simply are actually showing full time, so at this rate, it looks like I should be able to consistently make at least a dollar 50 if not have some days where I make five or $10 and that is just extra money. That's passive income, then I don't have to do anything. And the more website traffic I get, the more money I should make. So at this rate, my website hosting should be fully covered, even costing 100 plus dollars a month. AdSense should now be covering my website hosting, and that's just a miracle, so I'll keep you updated as I go forward. But you can see it's nice. I've already made some money today. I've already made about a dollar 50 in less than 24 hours on putting this on my website. Even though none of the ads air in a great position, The main way to make money is to have the adds up in a good position. So even though none of my ads are in a position that interferes with the user experience, people still are clicking on them and I'm still making some money. So I'm very grateful for that and I'll keep you updated in the future to show how things are progressing 17. AdSense is now running on my website!: Welcome back. It's the next day today, and I'm really excited to show you that my ads are working just using simple copy and paste on my website. Plus having the Google in my theme, how to make a slight adjustment to get the ads to show without putting three little bullet point dots on there so that once you try and copy and paste your cold somewhere on your website, it may not be a simple as having the ad shop right away. Now, the main thing you want to know is that it may take a few minutes for your ads to show it might even taken our a couple hours. When you see these two ads on the bottom of my page, I'll move my face to the upper right. You see these two ads on the bottom of my page here? It took a couple hours between when I put the code on and when the ads actually started showing on my website, so I've if just be patient. Once you get the code up and you don't see anything right away, give it a few hours or maybe even a day, look and see if the code showing the next day. If it's just blank, it may be blank until Google start pulling everything from the page in getting it to show. So that to me, is the most powerful tip that I wish I had known before I started setting this up, that it may take several hours. Four adds to actually start showing once you've got them actually pasted onto your page. Now what does it look like to actually get them on the page? So what I did, I went over in the widgets part of my theme. So I've got mine in the widgets and on this footer column here, I'll move down to the lower left here, I've got the footer column and then I literally just paste in the cold right here in this text, which it Now I use the unfold theme and fold theme. If you want the exact theme I use, just go to jury banfield dot com slash resource is or go to the blink on the bottom of my website. There isn't exact link to the theme I use, and then all you have to do in the theme is throw in the exact script in a text widget. Now, I did have to edit one more thing in the theme. I had to also go put this quick. CS s code in here I had to put this quick CSS code in my theme because it was putting these three little dots up some conflict in the theme or with wu commerce or something. So this has this little code snippet in the quick CSS is fixed it. So you very likely if you're using existing theme, it may be possible. You have problems, and all you need to do is Google that exact theme. If you've got that exact theme in WordPress or whatever content management system, if you have little problems, just Google that exact theme. So I'm very grateful to have this to share with you today because I'm actually earning money now with AdSense, and it was really easy to set up, especially with these widgets. Then I've All I've had to do is just throw widget wherever I want. So you see on the footer I've got my ads in these two widgets on the footer. So now when you go to the bottom of my page, you'll see these two ads in the footer just by pasting the code in on the foot. And then you'll see both of these air called footer ads right here so that when I look at the reports in Google AdSense I can see specifically what my footer adds air doing versus ads on other pages. Now, where else do I have ads? I don't have ads plastered all over my website. I just have ads in the footer. I've got ads in the sidebar on blawg posts. So now I've actually got five ad units over here on the sidebar. Now Google has a policy about valuable content. So that means you can have There's not a limit strictly how many ads you can have on the page. But the ads should not be the dominant thing on the page that think of it is 80 20 thing. So 80% of what you see here on this post for examples, helpful content, and then the ads come down here and that's 20%. So the ads are just little side extras and the nice thing add the toe. Had the ads to put the ads on the side bar Blawg. All I had to do, I made a sidebar ad, and I just put each individual ad unit and on the sidebar. And if I want to throw some or ads and on the sidebar, I can easily do that if I feel like it. So I've got ads on my website. Now they're showing. I'm really excited about it because that's pretty much just free money. It's not a big downer to my users. For example, the users aren't being negatively impacted that I can see from having ads on the bottom of my website and then having ads on the side bar of my blawg. I can't see that that's doing a big negative impact to my users. And then on one of my most popular pages, This Free Courses Page, which is available at jerry banfield dot com slash free courses where I have all these coupons, then I have got ads on this page is Well, so it's nice then, since this is one of my high traffic pages and it's not a blawg page. Now, I've got some ads on here, especially on mobile devices. Then, as people are scrolling this page on mobile devices. The ads come up in a different size. So they're really good then from mobile and you can see it pulls the ads based on what's on the actual page. And then the next place I'm looking, I'm gonna try and put some ads on my most popular course pages. So if someone comes over here, I could probably fit a nice little ad unit in right down here and again. That's probably not going toe impact. The user experience that much and yet will give me some extra ad impressions on some of my most popular pages. So I'm grateful this was really easy to set up a Google AdSense on my own website, and now we'll show you what actually I'm making as I've just got this starting.