Gold, Glitter, & Gouache on Your iPad in Procreate + FREE Metallics and Gouache Brushes | Liz Kohler Brown | Skillshare

Gold, Glitter, & Gouache on Your iPad in Procreate + FREE Metallics and Gouache Brushes

Liz Kohler Brown, artist, designer, illustrator, teacher

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9 Videos (56m)
    • Gold, Glitter, & Gouache on Your iPad in Procreate

    • Downloads Password + Brushes & Metallics

    • 6 Ways to Use Metallics

    • Adding Gold to Fonts or Lettering

    • Adding Painted Flowers and Leaves

    • Adding Gold Leaves and Berries

    • Adding Gouache Ferns

    • Adding Flowers and Berries

    • Adding Glittered Leaves

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About This Class


In this class, I want to show you how to combine gold, glitter, and gouache on your iPad to create unique and bold compositions.  I made all of the metallic textures you’ll need to immediately start using gold and glitter on your iPad. I created 3 types of glitter, and 6 types of gold that I want to share with you as free downloads when you take this class.

I also created 7 gouache brushes with varying levels of wetness and texture that you can download and import into Procreate.  I’ll show you how to use the brushes in combination with metallics to create bright and sparkling projects.

First, I'll show you:

  • some simple ways to start brining gold and glitter accents into your paintings
  • six different ways to use metallics as an accent
  • how to change the brightness and color of each metallic element

Next we’ll create a floral wreath with layered gouache flowers and ferns, then we’ll add gold leaves and berries, and add some gold to the text in the center.  I’ll show you how to add a shadow to your text to make the gold texture stand out on the page.

Then we’ll decorate a quote with a botanical menagerie of plants and flowers, and add glitter accents throughout the piece.  You could sell the finished pieces you make in this class as a digital download, or you could use the process to create a greeting card, art print, or desktop background.

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.

You can get the class downloads here.  The password for the downloads is on the slide shown for 10 seconds at the very beginning of video 2.





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Liz Kohler Brown

artist, designer, illustrator, teacher

Every class I create is broken down into bite sized pieces so you can learn how to draw and design on your iPad by learning one little step at a time.  I design projects that anyone can create, and give tips for designing that will help you develop your own style and process.

 About Me

I'm a designer, illustrator, and teacher who loves sharing new techniques and methods.  I started my art career in sculpture and design, and earned an MFA in art in 2013. Si...

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