Going Abroad: How to deal with Culture Shock?

Michael Kimmig, Intercultural Trainer and Coach

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8 Videos (21m)
    • Going Abroad: Dealing with Culture Shock | Welcome & Intro

    • What is Culture Shock?

    • Acculturation: The Process of Transition

    • Acculturation: The 4 Stages of Transition

    • How to recognise Culture Shock

    • Dealing with Culture Shock

    • Experience with Culture Shock | Class Project

    • Sum up & Closing


About This Class

"Living Abroad 101: How to deal with Culture Shock?" walks you through the process of transition entering a new country or cultural context in order to live and work abroad. 


Living and working in another culture is a challenge, especially in the beginning!

Have you ever felt lost in another country, not having any idea what is going on around you and people and culture throw you off balance. If this sounds familiar, you probably experienced what is called a culture shock.


Who is this class for?

This course is for anyone who is (or is about to be) living and working abroad: travellers, students, volunteers, expatriates, entrepreneurs, global nomads as well as their partners and kids.


What’s in this class?

We are going to explore culture shock. We will have a closer look at experiences connected with culture shock and explore theories, models and practical experience that help to understand culture shock better.


What’s in it for you? What will you learn?

At the end of this course you will be able to manage the transition from the familiar into the new / unknown more easily and successfully. You will find that you are not only more effective in what you do, but you will be able to see living and working abroad as an opportunity to learn something new about the other culture as well as your own.


Class Outline

  1. Going Abroad: Dealing with Culture Shock
  2. What is Culture Shock?
  3. The Process of Transition
  4. The 4 Stages of Transition
  5. How to recognise Culture Shock
  6. Dealing with Culture Shock
  7. Experience with Culture Shock | Class Project
  8. Sum up & Closing

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I find the class of Michael about cultural shock very helpful in uderstanding deeply what kind of processes, feelings and behaviours may appear while living in another culture. It will be very useful for my foreign friends and for my work.





Michael Kimmig

Intercultural Trainer and Coach

My name is Michael Kimmig. I work as an intercultural trainer and coach.

I am fascinated by the various journeys individuals take when they change course and manage all kinds of transitions: going abroad to another country or working in an interculturally mixed team, entering into a new personal or professional life, changing the living or working context, etc. 

International Voluntary Service and International Youth Work are in the centre of my personal and profess...

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