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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

44 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. 01_Goals: What will you learn

    • 2. 02_Intro Meike Hohenwarter

    • 3. 03_About this course

    • 4. 04_Alice and the Cat

    • 5. 05_The Harvard Study

    • 6. 06_Wishes

    • 7. 07_Reason 1 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 8. 08_Reason 2 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 9. 09_Reason 4 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 10. 10_Reason 3 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 11. 11_Reason 5 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 12. 12_Reason 6 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 13. 13_Reason 7 for not Reaching your Goals

    • 14. 14_The one thing

    • 15. 15_Lifeleadership

    • 16. 16_Your Eulogy

    • 17. 17_Your Timeline

    • 18. 18_Diary-Entry 5 Years from now

    • 19. 19_Your Visionboard

    • 20. 20_Your Key Values

    • 21. 21_Your 5 VIPs

    • 22. 22_Your People

    • 23. 23_Beliefs

    • 24. 24_Conclusion

    • 25. 25_Set Holistic Goals

    • 26. 26_The SMART Model

    • 27. 27_Your 3Ps

    • 28. 28_From problem to goal

    • 29. 29_Specific Goals

    • 30. 30_Your Subconscious

    • 31. 31_How to Integrate your Body

    • 32. 32_The Benefit of the Problem

    • 33. 33_How to Integrate your Systems

    • 34. 34_Ressources

    • 35. 35_Who am I

    • 36. 36_Your Future Pace

    • 37. 37_Your Subgoals

    • 38. 38_An Example for Subgoals

    • 39. 39_Your Timeline work

    • 40. 40_The Power of Habits

    • 41. 41_4 things

    • 42. 42_You want it Fast

    • 43. 43_Celebrate all Successes

    • 44. 44_Project Goals

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About This Class

Some reviews on this course:

"The most complete goal-setting course I've ever taken. A really actionable and informative guide. Highly recommended!" Azam

"This was an amazing course, which has helped me be clear about my goals for 2016. It had concepts I knew about and some I did not know about before. I really liked the thought provking exercises aswell. I would 100% recommend this course to all my friends. Thank you." Hina

"Very detailed discussion on goal setting. good work Meike!" Robert Anderson

"Clearly set out, bit by bit, instructions on how you can achieve your goals. Just shoving a big wish into the future isn't enough. However if you follow Meike's instructions and take action then you'll be well on the way to success." Mark Casey



This course is for people who want to set goals and achieve them

I show many techniques from NLP & Co, which also bring the subconscious aboard

First I show 7 reasons, why people do not achieve their goals.

Then you define your life vision, because only then your goals will be in alignment with you

Next I show you how to formulate goals and how to involve the body and the subconscious

Finally, you learn how to stick to achieving your goals

This course is for people who are willing to act in order to achieve their goals.

A willingness to selfreflection is of advantage.

Meet Your Teacher

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Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. 01_Goals: What will you learn: hello and cordially welcome in this course from vision to reality on how to set your goals and to also achieve them. This is a quick overview on what you will learn here in this course. So what is the reason that I created this course in the first place? People, they're asking me to create this course because they were always asking me How do you manage all that? I think I'm quite many fester. I do lots of things. First of all, I do a lot of all nine courses and webinars and stuff. And then I'm also a video crater for for explainer videos and marketing videos. And I have had many customers on that too. And the most a business coach. I help people toe put their business online and to market it successfully. And I used to have a huge center on helping Children with learning difficulties. And I still have some groups and some students left. And you're finally I'm only mother of two Children. So this is why people approach me and say, How do you manage all that? How how comes that you're creating that many online courses and all the other stuff and my short arms are usually is well. I don't have TV at home, and I mean, that's surely part of the truth. But there's more behind that. So often people just ask me, What's your time management secrets? And then I just can say it's not only time management, I mean, who can manage the time Each of us got 24 hours a day and some of thes hours. We have to sleep and need to do other things, but of course you can. You can be very efficient on how you use your time. But this is not varied old starts, and this is very important to meet because, like many you talk about time management. Managing your time is only a small fraction. It's It's not very dull starts because your time is embedded in something that we can call life. So it's more important that you manage your life and then you know which direction to go and what you want to do in your life. Then you can start on thinking how to manage your time. There's this great duality on effectivity and on efficiency. These two words were used by Stephen Kobe and Stephen. Kobe is one of my great teachers. His book, on Seven Habits of highly effective People was about one off the first self improvement books. I fret, I think 20 years ago, and the principles are still deeply engraved into my daily habits and into my mind because they're so true. It's like a Bible, and the difference between effectivity and efficiency is the divisions. People just want to get more things thumb. So they want to find ways how to doom or in their time. And they never asked themselves what what they are aiming for, where they're going. Various effectivity means that you do something to have something in the end, to reach a goal and to do with a clever way. This is the distinction of Stephen Kobe makes, and this is what I always have have in my mind when I do something. Stephen Cov also votes that people would climb up leather and they put lots of efficiency in there just to find out when there's finally up there that the letter was leaning to the wrong house, and I think this is what what happens to many people that they are just too busy and too proactive, always doing, doing, doing and never really holding. Still, for a moment to find out if if it's the way they want to go and then they are up there and suddenly they feel empty because it was never their way. It was never really wanted to go to, but they were just too busy to ask for the way Those who want to vote Mark Twain here he has always funny quotes. Having lost sight off our goals. We redouble our efforts and this is exactly what many many people do, that they just put more our efforts into it instead, off off, just taking some time and rethinking it and looking if they're really going the right way. And I think that's just how modern life Burg's. So as I said that, I want to embed it in something bigger. I want to give you a concept which is also life changing for me, which is always on my mind, and these are the logical levels, thereby Robert deals. He was one of the first Enel T who was inventing a lot in NLP and those of spreading NLP all over the world and he has the so called logical levels, and the logical levels can be applied of many things. But you can especially well apply them on how to change habits, for example. So if you decide you want to improve your time management, most people would first change the environment, which means they would find a new place or they would tidy up their desk. Or they would ask people to help. Then they would start on changing their behavior like, for example, starting half an hour earlier or measuring the time or whatever it is that did apply new behavior. Then they maybe would hold their capabilities like they would go for a course to learn the special software or something like that. Then they might work on their beliefs, which means that they start believing that they can reach certain goals. Then they would think about their values and finally about their identity or about their vision. And this is just the wrong way to do it. It's much easier if you go from upside down, which means that you first think about your big vision about who you are. What kind of person am I about to have want to reach in my life, and then you go down and find out what your key values in your life are. Then you bring your believes in alignment with that, Then you start on learning new skills, and you also change your behavior. And maybe then you finally decides to tidy up your desk. And this is just the the better way to approach things. Because this way, when you start from who you are and value a drink this, then it makes it much easier. And all the levels, the richer on the need to go with it easier, and the way up is the hard way. So when you want to change your time management habits, it's better to first ask you why. Why am I doing this? Who am I? What do I want to reach? And then afterwards you ask yourself, How am I going to manage it? And this makes it easier. So therefore, when people were asking me that I should do a course on how I can be that productive, I decided or not doing only one course, but I decided on doing three courses in order to assume in to go from the big picture into the small one. And so the 1st 1 shows the big picture first course this course year is on how to set goals and how to achieve them, because first you have to set direction. First you have to know which way to go. And if your goals are attractive to you and the next course, then is managing your time, and this is how to structure your year. You're weak and your day, and once you've done that, then you can boost your productivity and then you can optimize your daily routines and habits. So these are the three courses Ivan will offer, and now this is the first course. No offers courses from vision to reality just to go with Seneca. If one does not know toe which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable. So this is the reason why we first have to set our goals and we have to set them wisely because otherwise it's all the same. We're just drifting in life. If we don't have any ghosts since what will you learn in this course? First of all, why should you set goals? And I already told you a bit on death and evil here more. Then why are goals so often not achieved by people or also by you? What did you do wrongly? What? What was it? That it didn't achieve it. And then we have us three step program. And step one is that you define yourself. First, you have to find out who you are and what your big visions in life are. Before you said any goal, then in step two, you can formally, you concrete goals. So now you can save what it is that you want to achieve. Then you take off and you go for your goals and you measure all your improvements. And of course, the very important US step is always to celebrate your successes. So this is what we are up to in this course, and the really wish you a good time. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 2. 02_Intro Meike Hohenwarter: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Michael Home Bata and I'm a business coach, and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development in this course, you can start a discussion. Or you can ask me questions any time you want to, and according really invite you to do so. Furthermore, I would ask you to review this course because this helps me, and it also helps future participants and now enjoy this course. 3. 03_About this course: Okay, So before we start off with that course, I first would like to talk a little bit about discourse. This course is thought to be a workshop, so this means it's not just sitting there watching the videos and not doing anything. I mean, of course, you can also do that. It's up to you, but it's thought to be an active workshop so that you really get the most out of it. So I recommend that you take a note pad and put it next to your computer and that you take notes and that you also do all the exercises. And any time you're asked to do a certain action, I really recommend you to actually do it. This is in order to get the most out of the course and to really learn from it and to really achieve your goals. 4. 04_Alice and the Cat: Ellis ends two cats. What you tell me, please. Which way I ought to go from here. That depends. A good deal on where you want to go to. I don't much care where. Then It doesn't matter which way you go from. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 5. 05_The Harvard Study: So in this section we're going to talk about why you should set goals. And at this point, many books on personal improvement vote a study by the Harvard University. At this point in this study, former students were asked if they had set any goals when he graduated, and 83% had not said any goals for their careers. And so they just earned an average amount of dollars 14% off. The former students had set clear goals, but not in writing, just inverting. They earned on average, three times that much and only 3% off. The former students had set clear goals and also ahead of him writing, And they earned, on average 10 times in the first group. And this really sounds very nice. I just have to tell you, this is an urban legend. There has never been this study, but I still like it. And even though this study has never really taken place, there are other studies, meanwhile, who came to the same results. So even though this study might not be riel, I still believe in what it is saying it, saying that you should set your goals and that you should set him in writing and that this just makes you achieve more and just took a vote. A frame. Lessing Even this lowest one who does not lose sight of his goal. It's quicker than the fastest one who runs around without any goal. 6. 06_Wishes: Often people make the mistake that they mix up their vicious and they're golds. You know, wishes like in a fairytale in the fairy comes and you have three vicious free in real life , you can have many more witches, and you should go and wish for anything you want to achieve. But you just have to be completely clear on the wish is not a goal, and not any wish has to be fulfilled. Wishing is good for you to find out what you really want to achieve in life, but as it is said, a goal is a wish with a deadline. So make sure that you don't mix those two, and I want to invite you to a little action step. Go ahead and just take your note pads and write down all your wishes. You can think off everything you wish for can be in business, can be in family, can be about your friends, about their sense in life. Anything you wish for what you want to be or want to half just write it down, do this at least five minutes or even 10 and really go for writing down at least 100 wishes and this least doesn't have to be completed by today. You can continue to write on it, and you will see that just writing down all your vicious also has its magic power. So I really invite you to do that. Because, as I said, you will get the best results out of this course if you really actually do the action steps . 7. 07_Reason 1 for not Reaching your Goals: in this section. We're going to talk about why people do not achieve their goals, and I will tell you the seven main reasons I found. So let's start on reason number one, and this is already a really common one. It's that you only thought that it was your goal and it never really wants your goal. So just think back about 100 years have us average life than most people, that farmers or or some crafts people, and they didn't have many possibilities. It wasn't that they could choose or if they could use. It was not from a big selection. They would become what their fathers had bean and also like When you think on choice, where to go, for example, that didn't have many possibilities. Maybe there was this one popped to go and at Sunday's to church, and even when they were in the larger city, it still wasn't that much choice. Today we're really drowning impossibilities and even in the smallest will it. You can go to summer classes and yoga classes and language classes, and travelling is really cheap. You can fly anywhere you want to. There's so many things you can also be connected to lots of people in a re away or also just in a virtual way. You can be connected and you can talk to them and you controlling groups. So you have so many possibilities and possibilities always mean choice. You have to decide if you want to do that or not. And in earlier days you just didn't have too much choice. It was easier to set clear goals. I want to share it an experience I had more than 20 years ago on on a seminar. Boss, I don't even remember the trainer's name. But he showed us something funny that made it very obvious to me how important it is to clear what's on your minds. He had a self built device. It was a little bit like a lie detector, and he was asking this one girl if she wanted to volunteer. So he plucked her to the device, and he said that it wants to go through her apartment virtually so she should just tell us when you come in what you see there. So just introduce us on a virtual way to her apartment. Any time this device was showing a peak he said, Okay, there's something. Tell us what is there. And then she would, for example, say yes. Here in my corridor. I wanted to put a shelf, and I wanted to put it already very long ago, and and I hated that. I still have to put my shoes on the floor and don't have the shelf I wanted to build a long time ago. And then the next time there was a peak on the device. He asked, Okay, what's there? And she said, Yeah, you know this closet door. It has to be fixed, and it has to be fixed for quite a long time. And so on her. So you could really see that there was a physical effect on her because there were several things that had to be done. But the trainer called it open cycles, and the later found the same thing on open loops. Louis Hay says that we're thinking 60,000 thoughts every day, and the crazy thing about it is that it's almost the same thoughts every day. So it's like ground hog day, every day. And so this poor girl must have been thinking about her corridor and the shelf and so on at least once a day. And the tricky thing is that it is not on her conscious mind. It's all subconsciously, and it's necking her subconsciously every day. And I mean, it's not only this corridor in this closet door, there's many more things that are necking her and that the nagging me into the nagging you every day and the dangerous thing about it is that it never comes to the conscious mind. It's always just in a subconscious level. And maybe, you know that every second we have 13 million subconscious bits of information and only 40 bits of conscious information. So this means on the conscious level, you do not even know that there is something that is bothering you. But on a subconscious level, you're always stressed because there so many things you ought to do and just listen to yourself talk every day. How often you say I should do this. I should do that. I should learn another instrument. I should learn another language. I should go there. I should write a car to this person. I should write an email to that. I should phone that person. I should I should. I shoot, and you often do that on a subconscious level. And so it's very important to once make a huge perch and really put it all on a conscious level on the surface. So then consciously decide if you want to ever fulfill this goal at all, if you ever want to do that or else decide otherwise. And this is something we are going to do in step one that you decide what goals are really goals in your life, in which one's you could easily let go or maybe delegate. 8. 08_Reason 2 for not Reaching your Goals: reason number two I found by people often do not achieve their goals is because they object their principles. So often you create a new goal just on your mind. It's easy to do so. It's just some birds. But you do not check whether it resonates with your principles and resonating means that you really want to fulfill it on all different levels. And for that of, um, took vote once more. The logical levels by Robert Deals. And I already told you that the higher the level, the more impact it has on the whole system. So I want to take an example, a goal that many people said is to earn more money. So there is this guy and he just earns enough to make ends meet. And he wants to improve on money making. And so he sets his goal that he wants to have a revenue, for example, of $100,000 euros next year. But people who don't have lots of money, they have an identity of people who do not have lots of money, so they the identity means I am. I am a person who and so he says, I'm a person who is poor. He doesn't say that consciously, but in his mind he always knows each decision he has to make. He thinks I am poor. I am poor. And so he has all this poor thinking in his head and poor people sort of get used to being poor. And so I I'm a person who has to take good care to have the money together and don't take risks. And then there's a lot off believes and sayings about what rich people do. And often it says that rich people do not go to have it, that rich people are billions and off frauds and that they haven't during the money in an honest way and stuff like that, and especially when you're poor. Many people think that. So when this guy decides now that he wants to be rich himself, there's a conflict in his identity because he thinks bad things about rich people and now he wants to become one himself. So there's a lot of our conflict and a lot of this resonance, so he first has to clear on dead. I am a person who can also be reach. You first have to clear that also on the values if you think that rich people are criminals and that they haven't earned their money honestly, he has to work on his values because before he can become rich himself on the beliefs, all body things about who rich people are. And of course, he has also to get new capabilities on how toe deal with money and new behaviors, what to invest money in. And, of course, also the environment on which people to do businesses with, or even just the way, how toe arrange his bullets. There's also a way off what rich people doing what poor people do. Also, there is a difference. Or just take another example. Losing weight is also one thing many people want to do so as long as in your identity you think off yourself. It's a person who is not worth to be attractive or a person who will never be attractive, no matter if fat or slim. As long as you have this thinking about you at an identity level, you will over sup Atash yourself on losing weight because subconsciously you just don't think that you have earth being slim, so it is very important that you have your goals in resonance with with all the a logical levels and we will do a lot about this in step number one. 9. 09_Reason 4 for not Reaching your Goals: reason them before is that you do not want to pay the price for the goal. So what does that mean? There's always surprise. When you look at people, you can look at the systemic constellations at systems, so you live in many different systems. One off your major systems is your family. Another might be your workplace or where you do your sports, whatever groups you're joining in, it's always a system, and you also play a certain role in this system. And systemic theory says that if one person in the system changes, then the whole system has to change. So if you achieve a certain gold, like for example, you use slim or you get rich or you get your promotion of whatever your gold waas. Then suddenly you play a new role in an existing system. And not always all the people like that. People might feel objected by your new rule, and it might fight against you or else you might not want your new role. You might not like that. You have a neuro, and your subconscious knows that long before your conscious knows that. So often your subconscious, the pathologists achieving the goal because it knows that you won't like your new role, because the subconscious knows that you're not willing to pay the price that the new role will break. So in order to achieve your goals, you also have to be a there off the price. You have to pay for reaching something you because that's like physical law. When there's something new, something old has to go. It's always that way and on how you can investigate on there and how you can be a layer off the price you pay. And if you're willing to paid it, we're going to talk about that on step number two. 10. 10_Reason 3 for not Reaching your Goals: reason Number three that many people do not reach their goals is that their goal is only a thought. So I'm still talking about resonance about how a goal is resonating with US person and reason number two watts that your goal did not resonate with your principles. And now in reason number three, I'm talking about that. Your goal doesn't resonate with your body. Nowadays we live such a virtual life. We are always only now thoughts, and it's for some people. It's really hard to feel the body it old. It's as if they would not need it. Or maybe just for balking or something that it for carrying their brains around. Nothing more so for many people, they don't feel what they think. There's this saying that you have to bring it down to Earth, that you have to earth people that you that you have to be more grounded, and this is what many people are liking. So they just make up in their minds that it would be good to reach that on that goal. But they don't involve their bodies and involving the body means mainly involving the senses that you perceive with your senses with you're seeing your hearing your feeling and even tasting and smelling. So when you set up and you go, you really have to see yourself how how it looks when you succeed when you reach that goal and you even have to hear what you yourself are saying, or maybe other people cheering you that you reached it or any sounds that come to your mind and you have to feel it, you really have to feel. But it feels like that you have reached it, and maybe you even have a taste or a smell on it. And this long as your body isn't put in alignment with reaching your goal as long as it is just a thought, it's like a thought bubble. It's nothing mawr. It's disconnected from your body, and so your subconscious again will knock you out. Your subconscious will will supple tosh you on the way to reach you go. So in step one and two, we will talk about how to get your body into alignment with your goals because this is very important 11. 11_Reason 5 for not Reaching your Goals: another very common reason my goals are never achieved is that you have never precisely formulated thumb. This means you have an uncertain feeling that you should change something, but you have never precisely formulated what it is all about, what you want to change and how you want it to be afterwards and when you want it to happen and how it looks and how it feels. So this way you have never given any assignment, not to your conscious mind and also not to your subconscious mind. And so there's nothing in you that goes for fulfilling this goal, and you should always formulate your goals in writing this. This is very important to and in step number two, we're going to talk about how you can do that, how you can set an exact frame on how your goal should look like and when to achieve it. 12. 12_Reason 6 for not Reaching your Goals: Another very common reason that people do not achieve their goals is that that they just do not stay on trek. So they even take their time toe once, formulate on what they would like to achieve, But then they forget about it. So there is no follow up. It's like you write your your goal down on a sheet of paper and maybe one year after, when you finally clean up your desk, you find it again. And you never thought of it anymore. And you say, Oh, yes, right there was this gold I'm on set up and you just don't have any follow up on it. So to make sure that this doesn't happen to your goals and that you always always have them on your mind on your screen right before you, I will talk about that in step number three 13. 13_Reason 7 for not Reaching your Goals: son. Finally, reason number seven by people do not reach their goals is that it is just not attractive enough to them. This can be for different reasons. It could, of course, big reason number one. I pointed out here that it is just not your goal that you find out that you do not really want to achieve that. But even if you want to achieve it, it can happen that it just doesn't feel attractive to work on the goal. And even reaching the goal doesn't seem too attractive to you. And this could be because the goal is just to huge for you or maybe the opposite. It's just too small to really put effort in reaching the goal. So if you find out that you just do not feel attract toe, achieve the goal, you have to think about it. And often it helps that you talk to somebody about why you do not want to achieve that goal . And remember, your subconscious is very important. You always should have your subconscious aboard in reaching your goals, and the subconscious is like a little child, and little Children love presence. They want to unwrap some present So maybe you just cannot see or feel the reward you will get when he wants a chief this gold. Maybe you just have to work on that. We will talk more on how toe make you goal attractive and having a big reward in the end in step number three. 14. 14_The one thing: So now I ask you to take a little break and to find some minutes really go into this question because this might be very important for you. So the question is, which single thing could you do? Which you're actually not doing that if done regularly, would have a huge positive impact on your whole life. So what could you do? But you aren't a wing That would really change your life for the better. Really. Take some minutes and think about it. And best best thing is to even ready town. 15. 15_Lifeleadership: So I hope you really took the time. Took some minutes to answer the question. I was just asking you on which single thing you could do that. If thumb I would really change your life would have a positive impact on your whole life. And I hope you found the time to do it. And I hope you also found Announcer. And the next question I want to ask you is, So why don't you do it then? And this is a very important question because sometimes it's just some simple things, some, some happy, some routines that would really have a huge impact on your whole life, and you just don't do it. And this does, of course, not only concern you or me, it concerns almost everybody. And this is because everyone is just in a rush all the time. The question I was just asking is from the book already introduced by Stephen Covie, and Stephen Cove is full of stories in this book, and one of the stories he's telling is about this lumber check who is sawing trees and there's this man passing finances. Hi, how are you doing? And how is it? Iceberg and the lumber check says. It's really strenuous on sweaty. I'm I'm completely tired. So the man says, So why don't you shopping? You saw then and the lumber Texas don't have any time, don't have any time and this is just how we approach our lives. We do not have the time to really take a step back and to look at what we could do to improve our lives or if they're even living the lives we want to live. We had just like maniacs running in our hands this wheel and organizing things and doing things and do not take a break to look if we're really doing the right things and that's already said Stephen, Kobe is differentiating between being effective and being efficient. So being effective means that you do things that really have a huge impact on your whole life that have a meaning in your life. And being efficient is just doing the things which which seem to be done without checking if they are important in your whole life. Anyhow. Another pair, furred Stephen Cov was, is using very often is important in contradiction toe being urgent. So remember when I was asking you to write down DeVaughn question to answer this one question. I'm I marked it being important, and this is off course important. It's important for your whole life that you think about what you could change in your life to make it better. Various urgent things. Urgent? Is the telephone ringing? Urgent? Is the email you have to send? Urgent Things are almost never important, and this is this is very true. Another pair of words Stephen Coe was giving meaning to is the word leadership versus Divert Management's Today. When you read books on how to do your business, you can almost always see this distinction. Some management means that you're just doing the things efficiently that you that you take good care, that you are using the resources the right way and that you fulfill your assignment in time . But leadership means that you think about if if it's really the right things that you're doing, there are. If there there are other things that should be done to invent new things to improve things , this is leadership. There's another story by Stephen Kobe on that on leadership and management, he says. Just imagine this group going through the jungle, and they have this MMA heat isn't just finding their way through the jungle and the top of a manager. There is to take good care that this is done efficiently, but the job of a leader would be that he would climb the next tree and have a look. If they are in the right jungle, and to take that one step further, you can then compare life leadership to time management. And this is violent. When I told you in the beginning that time management is not enough, because time management is just on how to manage your time, how to do things efficiently. But life leadership is that you always ask yourself the question. Do I live the life I want to live? Could I improve it? Are there other things I would rather do? Other other people I would rather be with, and this is what you should do. You should take your time to think about these questions very often because other voice what happens is the burnout. People who have burnout are completely tired off the life they're living. They forgot to climb the tree and have a look at their lives to see if they really want to live that life or how they could improve it. They feel driven by the life. They don't feel like they are leading their life, and this makes you feel powerless and meaningless. So often, the only way to step out of this life is to become you. This is why are also was introducing the logical levels. And remember the vote on the top levels are the important ones, the ones written in black. You can find it in any power to do book on what you could do in your environment in your behavior and your capabilities. Let's, for example, take. You want to lose weight. Many people give you the advice. Okay, We want to lose weight. You have to eat less and to more sports, and you can find in many how to books. But if it was really that easy, nobody would have a problem in losing weight. And why is it more complicated? Why is it so hard for many people to lose weight? Because it starts on the identity on on what you think, who you are and if you allow toe Muslim and on your van views what's important for you and also on your belief system. So you have to work on that. If this is in alignment with being slim, then the others will follow or, for example, quit smoking. I mean, quitting smoking is is easier as that. Just don't smoke the next secret. It isn't more complicated and you can write books you can write hundreds of pages on why and how. You should not smoke another secret, but people will still be smoking. I just think of that one acquaintance I have who just had heart surgery and still continue smoking. I mean, he knows himself how stupidities, but he still thus and you won't find reasons for that in his capabilities are in his behavior in the environment. It's some there in his identity and in these values and in his beliefs. And as long as he doesn't work on those, he won't stop smoking. So this is the reason why it is that important that you really find out who you are and what you want to do and who you want to be with. Before you said any goal, because then you can put you go with in alignment with who you are and to find it out. I cordially invite you that you take some time out right now Vials during this course. But not only right now. You should do that more often. At least months. A year. You should do a big one reflecting on how the last year waas and already visioning the new year and finding out what was good and with what was bad. But you should also do it like, for example, Montag water for a year. You should take one or two days off to do the same. And you should also do it on a weekly and even on a daily basis that you think, Am I just living the life I want to live? Is this my life? Am I leading my life or is my life leading me And to find out more on who you are and what you really want to achieve in life, I cordially invite you to do the assignments. I have little exercises and to really actually do them because then you will have most out of this course 16. 16_Your Eulogy: what we're now going to do is to several action steps so that you can learn more about who you really are, what your vision is in order to bring it in alignment with all your future goals so that all your goals fit in tow. The bigger picture off, who you really are and even never set goals again that do not fit with you as a person. And the first exercise is a very special exercise. Because what I'm asking you to do now is to write your own eulogy. So just imagine your funeral. And of course, there are lots of people and lots of people from all your different groups, like from your family, from your friends, from your work place, from your hobbies. And now you can take one person off each group and think what this person I would say about you, What kind of person you there, What they liked you most for how you were helping them, how you were inspiring them, what it busted made them pick you as a friend. And of course, you are writing it so you can do you can you can make it. You can make this speech really the way you want it to be. And you really should do that, and you should do it in writing and just in case it gives you goose bumps and you feel completely terrible right in your own eulogy. Then just take your birth pains that make it use 1/17 or 18th birthday and write speeches. People would have them, but I ensure yet we're expected with your eulogy. So go for that and really go for it. 17. 17_Your Timeline: So how wasit was it? Very hard. Was it difficult? I think that this exercise is very good to think about who you really want to be in life and who you want to be for other persons and what you want to stand for. So I hope you liked it too. And we go to the next exercise. The next exercise is your timeline. The timeline is just a line that represents your life. There's your birth that someone and somewhere is now and then you go about further into the future. And of course, within always depends on how old you are. Way you're standing in your life and I invite you that you think about your life, how it was going so far and what you wish for the future. And it can be something mathematically like a graph. For example, you could go for that and just find out what video the peaks in your life and wherever the dips and that you think about what events this wear and also for the future. But you hope for the future what peaks should be like. But if it is certain events that you're looking for but You don't have to be that mathematically. You can also take pictures you can either draw and drawing is never being because so, drawing is something that really connects you to your subconscious. So it's only for you. But of course I invite you that you take a canvas for this exercise, or at least a huge drawing paper. Not only a note, pet paper, but take anything you find. Just do it. The most important thing is that you really do it so you can either just draw pictures so you can take pictures from magazines or you can just go with a graph or both. The very important thing about this exercise is that you take some time to think about her life, how your life was going so far and how you wish you to be in future and what special events were important in your life and things like that. 18. 18_Diary-Entry 5 Years from now: the next exercise. I want to recommend you to do on finding your vision and on finding who you truly are is to write a diary today in five years. So you take the date off today and you just at five years and then you toe a diary entry and you write as if it was an ordinary day. So what will happen today in five years? And of course, it's what you want to happen. So it's Who do you have breakfast with? Who is around? Who do you live with? How do you spend your day? What are the things you you're thinking about? What is it you're doing on an ordinary day to the A plus five years and the first time I did that Waas one of us about 20 and that he did on a seminar, and I was really shocked when I wrote where I want to be in five years, and it seemed so far away and nothing seemed to work a bad relationship and stuff. But what shocked me most Waas When I I kept this paper and venerated five years later, everything was fulfilled, so there's really an extreme power coming from riding down how you want to spend your life . And ever since I'm doing it at the beginning, off a year, and I always keep that and almost all the time, everything full feels that I dream off its manifestation power. So I really recommend you to do that as well. 19. 19_Your Visionboard: So I hope you like the exercises so far. And I hope that you already came closer to who you really are and what your visions are. And one further exercise there really recommend you to do is to do your vision, board your vision for what it is. Something where you collect all that you would love to be, would love to have. This is one example. I just found it in the Internet and this is a collage out off magazines, and you can do it just the same way. So you just go through several magazines and you take all the pictures that attract you. And once you start on doing a vision board regularly, But I really highly recommend you to do at least once a year at best at the beginning off the new year. Then you will go the other way round and you will flip through magazines, and each time you find something that attracts you, you will take it and you will collect it for your next vision board. You can also go for the Internet and you can you can browse it for pictures off things you want to have and then you should hang it somewhere where you see it very often. So I work from home and my vision birth board is hanging just inside off my working place. Each time I look up from the computer, see my vision board and that really tell you it manifests manifests all the time. It's really go for it. You can even take it. There's a screen saver on the your computer if you want to. And as I said, there are no rules and you can do it any way that that feels that feels good for you. But I want to show you a way. I do it. I learned it in a seminar many years ago. It's a shamanic way on doing it, and I really like that way. So I just want to briefly show you what you could do if you want to have some some inspiration. So mine looks like that, and the lower quarter is everything about material things. So here there's the money. There is, like cars, houses, things you want to have everything that is material, and on the opposite quarter, it's the mental thing. So it's things I want to learn new stuff. I want to know the left side. There is the body, so everything that is related to the body. If you want to exercise more or if you want to lose weight or any health issues, everything goes there. On the right side, you have the relations, so it's the relationship. You're special but partner, but also to your Children, to your friends groups, year in so anything about relations and in the center you have dispute ritual part. So it's what you want to be, what kind of person you want to be, uh, how you want to self improve, for example, by by meditating Moore's anything that takes you to a higher level. And I always arranged my vision board like that, and I really love to do it, and I talked this already several times is that often have workshops on vision boards, a T beginning off a new year, and sometimes participants would ask me Where do I have to put my work? Because there is no special quadrant for forbid to put your work, and I'm self employed for so many years. So for me, work is not something that is apart from me, and I think that is the way it should be when you're self employed that what you do us is a profession completely relates to who you are, so that it that it's no separate thing. And so there's no specific place where your work goes, but like you, if you're more like an employee, stilled and it might be at the material quadrant because then you were mainly to get some money. And if you work because you love to be with people than it might be more in the relations section. And if you do some sports like, for example, that your yoga trainer that maybe it belongs more to the body section, there are no special rules how to do it. It's just something that should help you with your creativity is a put burke wherever you want to put it very right feels okay and put everything wherever it feels. OK, it's This is just something that should help you to make it more dimensional and not only orientated on the material things, but people usually would do with their first vision port. So have fun. Doing this really laughed is it's a power off manifestation and really just do it 20. 20_Your Key Values: now we had several exercises on your vision, and something is also very important. Are you key values? So values are like lighthouses in your life there, the marking stones on how you react and what's really important to you. And here's some example. Sarah. I think you have between 102 100 defined well used, and it's very important that you know which values a key to you. I already did several seminar exercises on that, and mainly it's just that you sort your values in order of importance and you find your 10 key values, which is quite nice. But I had this one seminar exercise I really loved, and that really showed me what my important values are. It was a game and being each of US River huge group, and each of us got 10 values, and when you looked at them, they were on small slips of paper, and then he looked at them. Some off. Them seemed great to you and me. Some you just didn't know what to do about you didn't really like them. And this game was for several rounds and in each round just lasted some minutes. And in this round. You could swap Williams with any person you want to do. So I give you one of mine. You give me one of yours. But both off course had to agree on. It s So you started swapping and at the end of each around, you had to give one away. So you finally ended up only having three values. And this game really showed to me which values are key to me. Those weather ones are wouldn't give for swapping. No way I would give them away. And on the other hand, weather values I never got. Even though I was negotiating with people that they should give me, there's so I saw completely clearly which values are key to me. Advice that's important. It's just important that, you know, these are the rules off your life where you rely on to act according newly. And if you know your values, then you know a lot more about how you function 21. 21_Your 5 VIPs: Hi. Some stop in between with a little task, and I cordially invited to do it and to take a pen and paper because he's always Berg's better. And just think about the five persons your spending most time with. And this doesn't have to be the person's you're really actually seeing the most time. It's also if you're hanging on the phone with them or also maybe you know that some people take lots of energy, like when you're thinking about them very often, or you will think they give you a bad feeling about moodin and yeah, anything. Just which five persons take most of your energy and most of your time and just write them down. I cordially invite you to really do that. 22. 22_Your People: So I hope you found the time to write down five people you're spending most of your time with, because people is a very important chapter on your goals and on your vision. If you think of those five people, think about how much money they earn and think about which political party to vote for and think about how much weight day, approximately half. And I can tell you that in most cases you will be an average of thes five people, so it's really important to know who you're spending your time with. If you're setting new goals and you want to reach out for new things, it's important that you are aware if the people in your direct environment have reached that. This is the whole thing about mentorship, because usually you surround yourself with people that are the same as you are, and goal setting is something about uplifting yourself going to higher places, and the people in your environment usually cannot help you. Often they even do not want to help you, because in a group no one wants that somebody suddenly peeks out that someone suddenly is better than the rest. So maybe they don't don't even want to help you. But even if they want to help you, the often cannot do it. They cannot help you to achieve new goals because they have 90 achieved it themselves, and I'm becoming a better person. It is very important that you have a close look on what people are surrounding you, because this is where you spend lots off your day lots off your time. And if you spend your time gossiping about other people or talking about how bad health conditions people have, this is not uplifting. It's better to have a mentor. This This is the reason why people are looking for mentors because if they surround themselves with people who already achieved what they want to have, they can show them. And usually your direct environment cannot show you how to achieve new things. So I just want to encourage you that you proactively go and find new friends, people who already know what you want to know, people who already can, but you want to be able to 23. 23_Beliefs: So we have talked about your vision and about your values, and I also want to talk about you. Believes and beliefs doesn't have anything to do with religion. It's more what you believe, how what the rules off the world are, how the world is turning around. And this is something that is mainly from your parents so early, from from from being a baby on. Your parents tell you how life Berg's, her relationships work, everything about money, everything about laugh. And that's many sayings, like Money doesn't grow on trees. Ah, life ain't easy. And so first, only your parents tell you and later on also, your teachers tell you, and then your friends tell you, and the tricky thing about it is that you're bathing in these sayings and you're never reflecting on them on a conscious level. So this is the only only May you were shown how things work. And so you think it is the way you can always see that with Mandera nations diff different nations meet each other of different religions. One things. It has to be done that way, and the other things. It has to be done in a completely other way and their voice about it, or at least conflicts. But when there are conflicts, at least then it's taken to the surface than and there's discussions on it. But usually with your own beliefs, you do not even know that there are people who do it other ways. Or maybe you know what you think that's wrong. So you believes are just the way you think that things have to be and that everything should work out. And these beliefs are a lot off. I shoots and because your parents told you because your teachers told you because your friends told you, You think that you should act a certain way that you should do things like you should be a good person. Usual phone somebody. You should send emails to somebody. You should take care off somebody. You should take good care of your flowers to your neighbors, like your garden. Um, you should learn another language. You should do this. Usually do that. You should. You should. You should, because your parents think this is what a nice girl and nice boy has to do or because you teach us, say that it's the correct rated with because your friends say that it is cool to do so. And so you are full with lots off I shoots And you think these are goals. You think that you should achieve that all. And this takes you close to burnout because there is such a huge list of things that you should do, but you never do. So I encourage you that you take your note pad once more and you write a big list off all your off all your eye shoots, and then you take a red pen and you cross out everything you should do but you do not want to do. And I really encourage you to do that because this is a great relief. When you find out that 90% off, what you think it was, your goals isn't wasn't your girls, but it's just the belief that you should do that 24. 24_Conclusion: So finally a short conclusion on this section. So we were looking at who you are. What you will use are and what he believes are because if you just set goals and set them without being in alignment with you as a person, it's a holistic person. Then you won't achieve most of the goals. So it is really very important in order to save a lot off sweat and stress that you first find out who you are and when you know what you're standing for, what what is the most valuable things you're living for. Then it is much easier to set goals that can really be achieved. And this is why I put some time and effort and exercises into this chapter and in the next chipper chapter, we can then talk about how to actually set goals, how to formulate goals, that you really can achieve them 25. 25_Set Holistic Goals: in this video. I want to talk about setting holistic goals when talking about goals. Many people think off material goals in the first place, but you're more than just a material person. You don't only want tohave. You also want to be. It's all about what you want toe lead your life. And so I invite you for this little exercise he just put across into your note pats. And you can also imagine that from the heart off the cross to the outer edges that there is a scale from 0 to 10 for each. If you prefer that and then you just think about each of this off thes sections. What about your mental world? Everything. What you're thinking about what your experience in seeing what you want to learn, How competent are you with this, and you can give it points, a score from 0 to 10 and then you can just market on this arm on this branch. Then the next relations relationships with your Children with your parents, with your partner with your whole family, your Kovar curse all the people you meet at your hobbies at your sports. How content are you with this and you just market again. You give it points like for example, it's a score of five. Then how contents? How satisfied are you with your material life? Everything you have all the money you have all the things you have high content. Are you with this in the last sister party? Do you like your body? Do you feel well in your party? How satisfied are you with your fitness and her content? Are you with your weight and with your health? So you just think on each of thes And if it's too quick for you now than just press stop for a moment and I will show you an example. So this could be an example of a person who just did this exercise and you can see right away that this person is very content with her or his mental life and also with the relationships. But it's not very content with the material life with the things the person has and with the body. So maybe he has some here. She has some health conditions or is overweight who could be many things. So this is 11 possible solution off this one possible outcome off this little exercise. You can tell that this person is not imbalance, So the gold would be that there should be a square, even even if you have everything, its core. Three. It would make it perfect. Squares. It's better to have a small square, but this would show that you're in balance. And the less it is, it looks like it's created. More certain are areas off your life are not imbalance. So this person should set more goals for its body, for his or her body and for his material achievements. And you can have a look at yours and can find out what you there. You should set more goals, and I just want to remind you on the exercise on the vision board I showed you. And this is just one possible metrics. How you can do it. There's many different metrics is on how toe put your life into certain different departments so that you can have a closer look at each one off them. Mostly, they are divided into 4 to 5 different sections, and so this is just my approach. You can choose any other if you prefer that, and I told you I This is the way I also told my vision port and today's December 29th 2000 and 15. So I think my vision board for 2016 only yesterday and I told you that I always do that and usually I do it with some magazines, some kalash. But this year I drew it. And so I just want to give you a short look on my private life. So this is how it looks this year, and you can see there are goals for my body. There goes for relationships who want to be with their goals, what I want to achieve on the material basis. And there are also goes on what I want to experience, what I want to learn, where I want to be. And in the center part. I have some key values, and I said, self center parties, the rial essence off you yourself. It's like sort of the soul, the U. S. A spiritual being, and so the values fit in there very well because they should resonate with you as a spiritual being. So this is what I put in the center 26. 26_The SMART Model: So in this section, we're now talking about how to formulate your goals. We were saving a lot of time and and threat in the last section by finding out that about 90% of what we thought were our goals were and really Argos, because they're not in alignment with who we are and what we want to achieve in life. And so we only have to take care of off the last 10%. And we want to set these goals that we really can achieve them. And one way to do this is to formulate your goal in writing. And there is the smart formal up. The smart formula is an acronym. And so it's the first capital letters off the words and s stance was specific. So specific means that you have tow state clearly And of course, in writing what you want to reach, how it looks like what you want to achieve. M stands for measurable. So this is normally in figures. So you have to say, how much money, how many kilos, how many centimeters, Whatever your goal is, you have to make it measurable. How many times a stands for action so This means that you should have a verb that describes what you want to achieve. And it also means that you should formulate your gold positively so you don't say what you do not want to achieve, but exactly what you want to achieve. You maybe know the story about not to think of a pink elephant. If you somebody tells you that you should not think of a pink elephant, you can be quite sure that everyone will think of a ping elefant. And in order not to think of a pink elephant, you have to think of a green monkey, so you should formulate a verb what you're going to achieve and you should formulated positively. Do not say that you don't want to be ill, but you say that you want to be healthy. For example, artisans for realistic. So this means you can set high goals. You don't have to make it easy for yourself, but you should be able to achieve it so it should be like in terms that you yourself believe that you really can reach this goal and time bound means that it has to be terminated, that it has to be clear when it has to be done, because otherwise it's just wishing again. You remember I said a goal is officially that that line. So this is the deadline. So in order to achieve your goals, it is very important that you exactly formulate what you want to achieve and that you do that in writing and the smart formula helps you with that. 27. 27_Your 3Ps: So in the last week you were talking about the smart model and there's nothing wrong about the smart model toe. Define your goals, but I think it's not enough. In my in NLP training, I learned three also very important things, even mawr important. And I call them my three piece. So the first p is positive that your formulation should be positive sometimes. This is also mentioned in the A for action that the action should be formulated positive, but often you do not find it. And I think it's a very important point. So I want to make it a own point. So that was the story about the pink elephants. You should always formulate what you want and not what you do not want. So you want to be healthy and not you. You do not want to be ill. For example, then the second is that it should be formulated in the present tense. No shoot or Bodo Villar Shell. You shall formulate it as if it had already happened. A very important one is that it has to be under your personal control. You cannot have goals where other people have to act. You always only you only have yourself under your personal control, and so this is a very important point to I understand that formulating goals is a little bit tricky in the beginning when you're not used to it, this is viable thought. I want to do some examples here. So the first example is I want to lose weight. So somebody who is not very familiar with formulating goals wrote that down. So what's all wrong about that? First of all, it's not said how much weight, how many kilos, how many pounds, or you can also define your goal. You want to weigh that and that many kilos by. That's the next point. There's no time. You should have a certain date when you want to be done with it. And then, of course, I want to is just a wish, nothing else. So it should somehow be formulated, like on September 30th 2016. I way 80 kilos or less, for example, this would be this would be a goal. The second example. My relationship be better. So this is really just wish. What I see first is what is better. The relation people have all different kinds of relations, and you have to define very clearly what better means. And you have to define it together with your partner because your partner might see it in a completely different weight. And you see, so what does better mean less arguing more time spent with each other, feeling closer, talking mawr or maybe talking less so better is not specific at all. You have to define what it would be like when you feel better in your relationship. And, of course, it would be best if the partner feels the same, so as it is not specific, you can also not measure it, so it's also not measurable. There's also no action. When you have this goal, it could mean that you think you don't have to do anything at all. It's just your partner who should change himself or herself because it doesn't say anything about the action. You are going to take in the order tomato relationship work better then it's maybe not even realistic. It's not time bound. It's not in the present Thames, and it seems not to be under personal control. So there's a lot of missing there, and 11 final one next year. My boss shall no longer irritate me. Okay? We have a time bound next year. Just still, you have to say by the beginning, by the end, which they exactly him The boss is not under your personal control. What is under your personal control is how you feel about it. So I do not feel irritated. Palm oppose any longer is better. It's not. It's not the best you can do, but it's This would work better because then it's just your reaction and not what the cost us. So the boss can still be nagging. But you do not to feel irritated anymore. This is much better. It's also not action orientated. So it doesn't say what you are going to do about it. It was not in the present tense, and it's also not positive. Positive would be what should be there if it doesn't irritate you. So if it doesn't irritate me them I feel free when I'm with my boss, for example, if I feel OK, I feel welcome. So you really should say what exactly it is that you want to feel when you're around your boss or you might have for the other plan and quit the job. This could also be a good plan about that. So I hope this was help on how to formulate your goals. Eso When you have formulated you go Just make clear that you check it on all these 88 points if there are fulfilled. 28. 28_From problem to goal: I guess you're familiar with this concept, the carrot or the stick? Or in Germany, say the carrot or the whip. Even there's always two ways to approach new things either. We say we want to get away from something or we say We want to get towered something. It is very human toe. Rather, I want to get away from something than go towered something. And this is why it is quite difficult for some people to formulate goals because they only can say what they do not want, where they want to get away from. And it's hard for them, for them to say where they actually want to go to. And as we already said, goal should always be formulated in a positive way. We should not say what we do not want or where we want to get away from. We should say where we want to go to, and so if it is difficult for you to formulate your goal in a positive way, I want to give you a little help from NLP. So you just have to be aware that when you have a problem and you want to solve it, that on one hand, there is a problem, and on the other hand, there's a goal that this problem should no longer exist. So you have to switch one for the other. And one thing that helps to formulate you gold in a positive way is the following its dish hazers miracle question and I will talk about it later in the later with you also. But what you should imagine is there is this problem you have like you say. Okay, I I don't want to be poor anymore. I don't want to quarrel with my husband anymore. I don't want to go to these chop anymore, whatever it is. And when you want to formulate it in a more positive way, you just do the miracle question and the Shays assays. Just imagine you go home and have a good night's sleep, and in the morning you wake up and what you don't know yet is that the problem has gone. There was this fairy and it just miracle e disappeared. How could you tell that you have lost your problem? Who would tell first that you lost your problem and so on? There's many questions. I'm probably as I said. I will talk about it later on. But the very important thing is, how would you feel when it is gone? What would be different? But what different feelings? So do you have for different thoughts? Would you have How how would you see yourself differently? How would you act differently? And the important thing is that you imagine this either alone or with the help of the coach . And then when you can imagine a little bit how it looks and feels like and how you would act like if you just got rid off the problem overnight by a miracle, then you can ask yourself for you, your coach Can I ask you, they're in your past? Have you ever had only the slightest feeling like that? Where was it? A little bit the same like that. So the next thing is, you want to find out where it felt a little bit like it, or where you were acting a little bit like it, and you might find the situation in your past where you just you're feeling better where where you were closer to your goal, where it was easier to achieve, and then you can build this up and can see Okay, I already had. It may be just a slightly bit off it, but I already had it. And then from this feeling from But you feel there what you experienced there, then you can formally it your goal Positively. Because this is what you had. You were feeling light. Ah, you're body was not that heavy. You had more connections to people. Whatever your goal is from this that you already had it. Even in a slow in slightly pits in slight bits, you can formulate. You go much better. The hope this exercise helps you. 29. 29_Specific Goals: in this video, I want to talk how to set specific and realistic golds. There's always a discussion about how realistic should you be when you set your goal. And some people say it should really be really sticking something. Some say no, you have to dream. You have to make it really peak because otherwise it's not challenging. So I want to share my approach, and I want to show you how I said Cal goals. And as this is a, um, a course, I thought it would be nice to share my you'd amigos with you. And so I want to go to my profile. So this is my youth a MI profile, and I've started just a little bit more than a month ago. I came back from from some seminar event in London on the 20th of November, and some days later I started, and now it's the 29th of December. So it's just some or more days than a month, and I did really find, I can tell you the figures in the German speaking you, to me, are completely different than the ones in English. Because the chairman speaking czar just starting on you than me and because it turned out that great it is only made me start to think on doing more new to me. I have my own nine courses before already. But I usually sold him on my own webpage and as an hour found out that you demean is quite a nice platform to share your courses with. I decided that I want to do Maurin the next year in 2000 and 16 there are three key figures that you can see and other important. And these are the number off your participants off your students, the dump off your courses and the number of few reviews. So these are three values where can formulate a clear goal. So the first is the participants, the students. And as you can see, I have 269 after month and this so far only had German courses. And this course is the 1st 1 I doing English as well and I just got gutted released by you to me. So it's open now and I will do some advertisement to the eight later on. But till now, nobody knows about this course, so I don't have any English speaking participants at all and fortune and speaking means 269 after month. It's really great, but the English is completely different because there are so many more people who speak English as a first or second language in the world. So I know that this number will be It will explode as soon as I let people know that I have a course. And I had the look on people who were doing quiets goods and how they developed after year , and some of them have 3000 or 4000 participants, and I really don't know how it develops. This is the figure are most in the talk about, but I just thought I want to set high goals. And so I said, By the end off 2016 I want to have 6000 participants and I really do not know if I can reach this. But just 3000 or 4000 didn't seem huge enough for me. So this is more thesis some. Some figure. I really don't know if it is much too high, but I know that I am good and that I am engaged when I do something So I just said it and you can watch it and you can see if I reach it or not. The second number is number off the courses and I have actually only nine because the tenant 11 are these course, which I just got released, so I don't have any participants in them right now. About 11 is a very high number for one month, and this partly comes because I put up some courses already had. So I didn't do 11 courses in one month and but I have some more. I can just load upload to the system. And I have many, many ideas. I have so many ideas I want to realize, and I just decided to put some more energy into you to me and put it away from other things . Some I was originally planning to have more energy on in 2016 but I really love to do courses, and I think I'm good at it. So decided I want to do 50 courses, which would mean 39 more that I have 50 courses at the end of 2016. And then I thought, you know what, 50. I'm really sure I can reach that. Let's make it a little bit more challenging. And so I I thought 60 fits much better with the 6000 participants. And so it just made it 60. And then about the reviews. I have 44 now. So if you say I reached 44 reviews in one month, so if you just take it times 12 and it at this 44 it's 500 something. So I thought, OK, let's just make it 600 because 600 really fits nicely with my 6000 and my 16. And so this is what I ended up with my you'd amigo. That's it until December 31st 2000 and 16. I have got. So it's present tense. You see that 6000 students, 60 courses and 600 reviews or more. You should never put away the possibility to even gain more or more or my you Dima platform . So this is specific, and it's realistic in a sense off that I can reach it, but it that I surely can only reach it if I put lots of energy and effort into it and already told you that in my vision vision bought only yesterday. And as you can see, it's already included in there. So you can see my your Ammi goals in there. And you you can watch me and can't find out if its really realistic and if a really reached Michaels. 30. 30_Your Subconscious: the following video is very important because we're going to talk about your subconscious mind. And I'm an NLP Master trainer. And there I learned a lot about how to get your subconscious mind aboard how to use the power off his subconscious in order to achieve vehicles. When I first heard about the concept of the subconscious mind about Sigmund Freud and things like that, my imagination waas somehow like that there was my conscious thinking, and then, like a little appendix somewhere, there was this subconscious thinking. So the subconscious thinking would be for where I could put everything. I didn't want to think aloud, so to say about lies and sex, about things you feel embarrassed or ashamed for and only when I started on my annual p, I found out that it was just the contrary. Actually, your subconscious mind is a huge thing. The subconscious mind is what we perceive with our senses. So it's the visual sense, all the seeing, the auditory sent a sense, all the hearing, all that comes in. All that is perceived by hearing the kinesthetic is all the repair. See by feeling the olfactory smelling and to gustatory is tasting and our senses bring in Tom's and tons of information, perceived tons and tons of information every second. And if it would really experience them on a conscious level, we would just go crazy. We would be completely gaga because it's much too much information. So what we do our brain field us each and every second, so that only some information comes to a conscious mind most of its days, subconsciously. And just to tell you some figures, we perceive 30 millions bits off information every second, and the conscious mind field is the conscious mind only gets 40 pits of information every second. So even this black thought this very too huge to show what is really happening. And if we formulate goals on a smart basis with a smart method, if we formulate goals if it put something introverts, were working with just a little bit of our brain, just some grams off a brain off are huge brain, and you can imagine how much more power it would have if he could also take our subconscious to help us. So many people think with their conscious mind you can to everything, but it's just not true. You have to get the sub conscious aboard because we're not just heads. We are whole persons. We have a body. We have to involve our body, our senses. And we also don't live on an island. We live in systems. Each one of us has a working field and working system and the family and maybe their pupils in something. And many other systems and thes systems always wrecked on everything we do. So if we achieve a new gold, the systems do not stay the same. The systems change. And also, if we to another achieve the goals, the systems will also change. So we're not on an island. So if you invite your party and if you invite your systems into achieving your goals, it's much easier to really achieve them. And this is what I'm going to show you in the next video. So now we're actually really starting. The smart formulation was just a very first thing to get it right. What we want to. So the conscious sets the direction, but the subconscious is actually the huge power behind it that makes it work. 31. 31_How to Integrate your Body: So in this lesson, I'm going to talk about how to involve your body, how to invite your body to contribute, achieving your goal. So before you do that, you should already have checked. If your goal really fits with who you are with your vision. And if you think back on all the exercises I told you to do, we were involving the subconscious there as well, when you were were writing your eulogy. And when you're writing your diary entry in five years and then you were doing your vision board, this was all also involving your whole subconscious. So any gold first make clear that it really fits with who you are and with your vision. Otherwise, you do not have to bother at all. Second, you do your smart method, so you formulate what you want to achieve because this is the excites for the conscious mind the subconscious cannot formulate. The conscious mind has to set a clear frame on what you want to reach, and then you invite your subconscious and you invite your subconscious by inviting your senses. You have a coke, your visual, your auditory, your kinesthetic, your olfactory and gustatory sense. because we're not only a hat walking him, but we also have a body, and we want to have it involved. So what you do now is that you imagine that you already reached your goal and you can either do that you yourself or you can have help from a culture from a friend or, of course, the other way around. You can help your friends with it, so when you start on imagining reaching the goal, you should be in a good condition. A little draws would be nice, but if you don't know anything about trance induction, it's just fine to feel comfortable that you have time that you really building to do it and that you have done all the mind work before this. So you should be clear on what you want to reach and then your first going to the visual and one important note. You should not have any persons in your goal, because otherwise it's again that that it's not under personal control. If you have other persons in your goal, then your subconscious things that you can't do without them, and you should never do that because this is very dependent relationships than so. First you go for the wish. You just imagine when you reach the goal. What do you see? What colors do you see? Is it dark or light is bright. This is a little bit flurry Or is it a clear few? They're in your head to your seat. Do you see? Dragged in front of me. I saw a little bit more to a corner. How do you see yourself? Do you see like your toast? You look through your own eyes. Do you see yourself like some? Some spectator would see you like we see this guy now in the in the picture. So you go through that and the clear. Oh, you make it, the more it helps. Then you go this through the auditory. What do you hear? Are there any noises? Maybe there's an audience clapping. Do you say something to yourself? Does anyone else say something to you? What do you hear? And tender Keenest ethic. What do you feel? How do you feel in your body? How is your whole body tone? Are You may be excited. Do you feel yourself breathing? So you go through all the feeling you have, and then you can also go through smelling and tasting something. This won't be that often, but it can be, of course, the most important senses of the 1st 3 ones. And so you really get yourself into it, and the more often you do it, the better it gets because this invites your whole body to be already there and just think of our vision board. Actually, it's the same. It's also picture off being already dear, I just can't tell you for my point of view. Vision boards, air Really magical. I often look at my vision board 1/2 in my study and 1/2 another one in my bedroom. And you know, I don't look at them at a conscious level. You get used to them so you see them but sort of don't see them because they're just there . And then once in the violent, take a conscious look, a damn it in a suddenly I'm shocked because of C. Hey, this became reality and this is what happens with my vision boards, and part of it is because off how your brain works. NLP is also very famous for the studies on I patterns. I don't want to go into detail here about that, but your eyes look in a certain direction when your brain is doing certain activities and when you imagine something to first time, then it's visually created, like the vision border, like when you see yourself are really achieving the gold. Then for the first time your brain creates it because it hasn't been there before, but the next time it doesn't have to create it because it already created it. So it's like it's a visual memory, then it remembers it, and this makes it so used to it that it feels completely familiar. And I think this is one off the reasons why it works that attractive the vision board because it's it's just memory after a while and you say I yes. Did that been there? I want to tell you about two more exercises. I did it my n A P classes, which helped me a lot to to involve the whole body into being in at the Gold State already one waas We were walking a bar so we would call it Gold Bar. Directly translated. I didn't find anything, so I don't know what the right translation into English would be. But I think walking the bar is quite OK. So we actually had a bar. We had to walk. But you can take toilet paper or something. Attack tape of whatever is well, you just put it somewhere in your garden or in your living room, and you stand there were with the letter A is and you imagine your goal that you achieved it already. There rather let appease. So you stand there at a and you build up your goal. Let's be so you're matching how it feels, how it looks like, what you hear and you build it up so that you can really feel it, that you're very close to achieving the goal. And when you feel yes, I can do it. Then you just walked a bar and you walk towers your goal and into your gold. And it's of course, nice. If you have a partner who is leading you through this exercise, who is waiting at B? But you can do it without any partners male, and you can do that several times because this really makes Yes, I'm going right to my goal and I can make it and you build it up and feel it. And in our trainings, we usually had our group sitting on the left and right side off the bar, and they would cheer whatever you've asking them to cheer. Usually it would be your major values, the key values you thought you need for achieving your goal, like clarity or confidence or courage or whatever. You thought that you would need most evil. Tell your peers and they would cheer it for you. This is also very nice, for for some goals that it is every morning. I just walked into my goal, Really feeling it? Yes, yes, I can do it. I can achieve it. It's really great. And the 2nd 1 I wanted to tell you is the so called behavior generator. There you imagine a person who has already achieved what you want to achieve, and this can be a real person from your life. It can be some celebrity, you know, from television, or it can also be just a invented person. Somebody you're just making up that this is a person who has achieved this goal already, and with your inner eye, you have a look at this person. And you just imagine, How does this person stand? How does it work? What moves does it make? And then you take, like, sort of like the skin off this person, and you put it on like an overall with who he has really stepped into this person into this person skin. So you're in this curse now and now you can walk like that person and you can talk like that person and you can move like that person. And you just do that some minutes and then you step out again. And this also really involves your whole body in achieving the goal. So these were just some exercises from NLP. But you can do many more things and you can invent things what it is all about. It's just that you invite your body to already feel and already see and hear to be in the goal. And I tell you, it really, really helps 32. 32_The Benefit of the Problem: in this video. I want to talk about the benefit off the problem. This might sound silly to you. Buy should a problem have a benefit? But it's just a way to use, and I want to explain it to you. So if you have a certain problem, there's always a benefit with having this problem. Your body, your subconscious was, let's say, inventing this problem at a certain time, and it was very useful then NLP Saiz that people are always acting the best way they possibly can at that moment, so you can do really crazy things, but still, it's the best your body and your subconscious could come up with. So why, for example, shoot people become fete? Maybe because they are afraid of the other sex? A young girl maybe doesn't want boys to go after the after her, and so she becomes fat. So in order that the other sex doesn't really feel attracted by her, why should somebody be shy? Maybe because you do not want to talk about your opinion or maybe because you do not want to talk in public so people wouldn't expect that off a shy person or vie to pick. People stay poor, maybe because the whole family's poor and they just know when they would be reached. Suddenly they know that, of course, in a subconscious net level that if they would suddenly become rich, they might not fit into their family any longer. He always have to be aware that there is a gold US setting, and there's a problem you're having right now, and the goal should be the solution of the problem. But often you cannot take the benefit to the new situation. So this is the price you have to pay for for reaching that gold. So, for example, if you're certainly slim, maybe the opposite sex will feel attracted and go after you. And maybe if you suddenly a rich your family won't like you that much anymore because you're two different suddenly. And maybe if if you are not shy and the longer people want you to hold speeches and to talk about your opinion. So you always should be aware that there is sometimes even a crazy benefit, but that there is a benefit in each problem, and when you find a solution and you region, you go well, then you might also lose the benefit, and you should be aware of that because then it is not that shocking when it happens. 33. 33_How to Integrate your Systems: we do not live as islands, and so we all live in certain systems. This is the from the systemic therapy and the savior and lots off systems. It's groups of people we belong toe like oneness, our original family from with your parents and one is your new family. If you have one, one might be your working field. Another might be Hopis or groups where you belong to. And you have to be aware that if you change if you reach your goal, that this will have an impact on your system. Because systems therapy says that if one person in a system changes, the whole system has to change. Just imagine you were the one who always say this certain thing in the system. And when you suddenly stop saying that other people have to react differently to If you were the one who was always doing that, like for example, doing the washing up off the meeting or whatever, and suddenly you do not do it anymore, then the whole system has to change because either somebody else does it or nobody does it . And maybe there's a more of about it, so it any any change off. Any person in the system involves that the whole system changes. So if you do a major change and reach something that reach a goal that you wanted to achieve, then the systems in which you live will change. So if you're suddenly Muslim, then maybe somebody else's jealous could also be that you do not want to go for dinners anymore with your crew. But he used to do. And if you're suddenly rich, maybe some people will invite you for new things that they didn't invite you before. But maybe other people won't talk to you anymore because you are very, very to fancy. Badr opens in the expensive watch, for example, So in order to not be shocked when you saw when you achieve your goal and suddenly you're playing new roles in your systems, you should think of your systems off your existing systems and what impact reaching your goal might have on these people. And Steve Deshays er he was the inventor off the short term therapy. He had the so called miracle question, and this is a quite a good question. You can ask yourself for you. Coach can ask you and this is Just imagine. You go home and you spent your evening. Guess you usually do. And then in the morning you wake up, the miracle has happened and you reached your goal. And then what follows? There is lots off so called circle of questions, and these questions are questions like, How would you first realise that you reached your goal? What would you do differently? Which person would realize first that you have reached the goal? Who would like it most? That he reached the goal? Who would not like it at all, who would not even realize that you have reached the goal or what put Peter say, What would nd say if you realize is that you reached ago or from the eyes of Eva, how does it look to her that you reach the goal? So these are all questions that you can ask yourself where you can have a coach ask you and these questions make it more clearly what it means to you that you reached a gold and so you can think about if you really want to have it, because you know stories of people who were the co workers and Then they suddenly became the leaders off a certain company, and they didn't like it because suddenly they feel lonely. Before they were just member of a team, they were all peers. And suddenly they have a more exposed roll and cannot chant about the usual things but their colleagues anymore. Or like, for example, if you have a new skill, maybe other people who used to be the best ones on no longer the best ones. And so maybe they are childless. Maybe people are expecting more off you if you have to certain skill. So just be aware that reaching a goal also means that that you might have to pay a price in your systems and that you might change your roles in your systems. Or maybe even that you might have to leave a system. So the more you are aware of that before, the less the shock is. If it really happens 34. 34_Ressources: last but not least, you should be aware that for achieving your goals, you might need certain resources. That can be something easy, like a book or a YouTube video. But it could also be a certainty year, for example, for for sports that you need some equipment or it could also be the help of the coach. It's just important that you know in advance that you will need something to fulfill it, because otherwise you might procrastinate on doing things and you do not know why. And actually, it's just that you do not have the resources for doing it, actually, and two very important resources off course time and money. So if you want to achieve a certain goal and it involves a lot off time or a lot off money , then you have to plan in advanced. If you can really afford it, the time and the money and maybe you have toe make new arrangements with your partner about who takes care of the Children or about not going on vacations. So it might be quite a price to pay if you want to achieve a goal, and so you have to be clear about the resources you need in advance 35. 35_Who am I: Who am I? A little riddle for you. And I hope you find the time to think about it. So who am I? I'm your constant companion. I'm your greatest helper on heaviest burden. I will push your own world a drag you down to failure. I'm completely at your command. Half the things you do. You might just as well turn over to me. And I will be able to do them quickly. Correctly. I'm easily managed. You must merely be firm with me. Show me exactly how you want something done. And after a few lessons, I will do it automatically. I am the servant off all great people and Ellis off all failures as well. Those who are failures. I have made failures. I'm not a machine thought. Work with all the precision off a machine plus the intelligence off a human being. You may run me for profit or to remove a ruin. It makes no difference to me. Take me Trained me. Be firm with me and I replace the world with your feet. Be easy with me and I will destroy you. Who am I? So have fun guessing. Hold. This is 36. 36_Your Future Pace: So in this section we were talking about how you can go forward to really achieve your goal , how to stay on track, how toe actively go tower to your gold and every journey starts with the first step. So it's very important that we define a future pace. What does this mean? You're not clear about your goal. You have to find everything. You you are aware off obstacles. You are aware of the price you pay, but still many people formulate their goals. But then they never start walking towers them. And you have to define now what your first step is. What can you do to go the first step tower to your gold? And this could be just of telephone call. This could be a YouTube video. This could be buying or borrowing a book. This can be lots of things, but just do this very first step because we know the first step is the hardest. So define what your first step is and do it as soon as possible. The best is right now, and this improves the percentage of that. You really achieve your goal enormously. So do it 37. 37_Your Subgoals: So do you know how to eat an elephant bit by beat or slice by slice? It's not a funny joke when you see this cute little elephant. No elephant. I would never eat you. Yeah, but still, the truth behind this is that if you have huge goals, you should form sub goals because otherwise you get lost in a long way to go. When does just the very small gold It's OK that you just see See the whole thing at one about. For example, if you want to lose 20 kilos, it it is maybe better that you have sub goals off five kilos. Like the Weight Watchers student, for example, you get a star for five kilos loss and when you reach this subculture, you should really reward yourself, not the sweets. Of course, if it's it's about weight. But maybe you shop yourself a new T shirt or you go somewhere you like to go. It's just that your subconscious knows that you're proud of yourself and that you can go on . And if you do not reach the goal, you should have a look at it. Did I ask, Did I want to reach too much of you cannot do. Everything are committed to do to reach this goal shall a change things. And of course, you can always ask for help from friends or maybe a coach. So if you do divide big tasks into sub goals, it will be much easier that you really reached a peak gold because otherwise you get lost on the way. 38. 38_An Example for Subgoals: in this video. I want to give you an example on how to set some goals, and I will take my own example about my you Timmy goals. And I will just switch to Excel and I open a new file. Don't mind that it's all in German, and I don't know how much you know about exam. And if you really do not feel comfortable with it and you just write it on your note pad or take any other device in any other program, you you prefer February and then I just take these two and continue and I already have two month and you shouldn't care much about four month thing. You can do a little bit, but that's not what it's all about. And then I want to have a total in the end. So and I said, one of my goals is to courses the number of courses. So that's it. The number of courses I want to reach in 2000 and 16 is 60 courses, and I have 11 till now. So I know that I have to get 49 that just write it down here. So this is what the total should be afterwards, and to make a total is completely easier. Just mark where you want to have it, and then you go on dysfunction sign and it asks. For some, it suggests other things, but the normal, the default suggestion is some. Anyhow, you just say OK, and then it's asking you from where to where? And you could either put down the fields or you just can market like this. I want to some from January to December and then just confirmed this. And now when I write something in there, you can see that it adds up here. So this should be 49. So, mother, but 49 courses in one year, that's almost one a week. So I know that in January I have some more toe upload, which I do not have to create anymore, but just upload. But I also have a very steep program, um, brought to create the next time. So I said 10 for January and another seven for February and five for March. I know that I will be in London for most of April's. I just say to for for April say five for me, five for June and then I look at my total. It's only half the year and 1/2 already 34 and I only need 49. So it's only 15 more to go, so I know that I can do it a little bit less. So I say, Okay, 10 for General is fine, but let's only do six in February 5 in March two. And that's only 21 in April and for in May and tune, which would be one of weak. Okay, and to lie only to one, because I will be on vacation and also one in August. I can Now it's 32 and I want to have 49 so it's 17 left, so I it's for a month and once it's five. So maybe just a into two in August under 25 senses and I to for in September, it's only 60 left, so four for September forfeits October 4 for November and four for December. So that's a total of 49. So now I have decided when to do it, and I already I just didn't didn't divide 49 by the weeks about a month, but I already had a look at what I know for now, when I will be most capable of doing mawr and when like, for example, here will be on vacation or in seminar and won't have that much time. So this is splitting my goal into sub goals and it's still a high number, of course. But now I know what to do each month and when a month comes and automatically planning, I'm going to talk much more about thes planning's in my next course on time management. So let's say it's January and I didn't dual the 10. I only did eight, so the first thing I would do, I would just put that into February. So then I would say, OK, then, then I have to do eight in February and so I would just take it into the next month. But then when I see it just doesn't work out, I'm always behind. Then I maybe have to think about how realistic disease if I might go down a little bit on this number or on the other hand, if I can take more time for it. If it can take it away from some years, it's always it always depends on how important this goal is to me. But you can see when I set the high goal and when I put it into sub goals, then I can see Am I still on track? I can always seek. Can Candace turn out to be that number at the end of the year? Because a year is quite long and finally, if I only do 39 not 49 it's still a very, very high number. Almost nobody does that on your enemy, I think. But just if I wouldn't set the goal of doing 49 courses that I would never reach even 39 if I wouldn't said any gold at all or very low goal, then I would definitely not achieved this and assess it. You can watch me. 39. 39_Your Timeline work: I love working with timelines because they really involved your body and really involve your subconscious in getting closer to your goal. And so I just want this is an endless topic. Timeline says lots of different things. You can do it. These are NLP practices and there are lots of different timeline works. So I just want to show you three simple ones. The 1st 1 you can even already use when formulating you gold. And then when you do all the work, I explain to you in the in the last chapter a za time on you just take a rope or some some back tape or some some toilet paper or you just imagine it. You just put it anywhere in the room and you stand on your timeline and in about the middle of this year, now and then you at one end, there is your goal that you want to reach, and the first exercise you can do. You just standing there now and first. Just look at your goal and you see the way you have to go. And when you did your goal frame, you also set a time. So you know, for example from now to reaching your goal should be one year. Until then, you can you can say OK, this is generally Paparelli march and so on. So you put steps in relation to where your goldis And first you can't just have a look like you didn't with on the exercises with the bar and then you can go. You can walk tower to gold and violence Do you walk? You just imagine the time that it's passing. Okay? January, February, March on then you think, Oh, in April this will be hard. Why will it be hard in April? For example, if if we have a money goal in April, you always have lots of expenses, so you don't have a huge revenue. You know that because this is every year. So this will be a hard one or if you want to lose weight. You know that in April there's this big wedding and you know that you will eat too much from the prophet. So you just go ahead and you just look at how it will develop and where it will might be hard and where it might be easy. So you get closer to your way, you can feel the way you have to go. And then when your dear you can turn around, you can say year I made it. I'm in my goal. I did it and then you can turn around and you can look backwards at your way. And then you can tell yourself how you made it there. So your future, your future, you tells your present You how you made it here. Yeah, I'm here. It was It wasn't always easy. There were some hard parts like here and here. But I made it because I did that and it most helpful waas death and that So you're taking You're digging into your own wisdom and your future if you you tells you how to manage it. I don't know if it sounds weird, but it really berks it Milton Erickson. It's it's trough and it takes old your knowledge or your system of your subconscious. And it really helps you feel that you already there and you feel that you made it and you know how you made it. And now you tell it your present. You and he even can write like a diary or something. it really helps tell you. And you don't only have to go to the future. You can also go to the past. So, for example, when you you can walk along the time line is off, Miss, you want to and you go there and you see Okay, this will be hard. And then you can tell yourself, okay? Do I know this feeling? Do I know this situation? When was it that way? The last time. And then you can go backwards from you now to your past that you really walk back. What's this way? And then you and you're looking for the same situation for the same feeling and then are here. It was the same and anything. Okay. What? Wasit there When Wasit What did I do? What was good about what I was doing? What was bad about what I was doing? What can I learn from the past? But will Bill Ato different next time? And then you take all these resources. So there. So I hope you understand it. You walk along this line and as you walk along that you really feel it. You have your senses involved and you have your subconscious involved. And this really helps a great deal in imagining how you can reach your goal in feeling how you can reach your goal and in taking all the help from a subconscious to really manage a go to really reach ago. 40. 40_The Power of Habits: So who am I? I'm your constant companion and I'm your greatest help helper and your heaviest burden and so forth. I hope you have read it. And I promised you that you will get the solution in the last video of dissection and now via here. And so I don't know what you guessed, but the arms that is it's your habits. So your habits can be your greatest friend, but also your greatest enemy. And this is again, this again has a lot to do with your subconscious mind. Because everything you're doing habitually you do on an unconscious level you wants decided consciously that you want to do it like brushing your teeth every day. And then it goes into your subconscious and they're good habits and bad habits like it could have. It would be that you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is go for a chalk and people who have to happy to do that. They do not lie in bed and think, Should I go today or not? They just do it. Almost asleep, they put on the choking. She wasn't adjust to it. So this is a very good habit. And people who smoke don't think about shallow smoking, other secrets. They're used to doing it at certain occasions and people who overeat. I don't think about it on the on a conscious level, they just to so every happy it's on a subconscious level. First you have it on a conscious level, and then it sinks into the subconscious. So if your gold is to apply and new happy or if you have to apply new habits in order to reach your goal, you should take good care off where to put your habits. And usually it's the easiest if you just build in your new habit, where there is already old one. So you think when at the day is the best time that I should employ my new habit, and then you just do it after another, happy to do. And so it means this much easier that the new habit also becomes normal. And again, this way you just take your subconscious support and make it easier that you really walked , how it's your goal and you really finally rigid 41. 41_4 things: in this video. I want to emphasise four very important things to do so that you can really reach you Go. The first time is make it public. As soon as you tell people that you are up to reach this goal, it's not so easy for you to get out of it anymore. This is part of the reason why I told you on my you'd amigos for next year. It won't be that easy for me, toe. Just step back And I mean, if I don't fully reach it, If there is some numbers left, I think that's quite okay. I mean, I still want to reach it on, but if I if I'm not even halfway through, it's quite a shame. So this is why you should make it public about You should tell friends made my you maybe should post it on Facebook. Er even open up your own Facebook group on your goal. And maybe you'll find accountability, partner. Somebody who wants to reach the same goal and so you can do it together and can exchange your experiences over. Or maybe you can ask a friend. It doesn't always have to be, ah, professional coach. It can be a friend who maybe has come through the same or just knows how to help you. And for many topics, they're also mastermind groups. So just find out who can help you and don't do it all silently and solely make it attract. If this is very important, if you look through the goal line, there should be something attractive waiting for you. It should be something that you really want to have that you really want to achieve. Because if you think of your goal right now and you say yeah, kind off want to do it, but not really. And if I don't, it's okay as well. Then you really have to rethink your goal again. It shall be attractive, otherwise you won't achieve it. So if it doesn't feel too attractive to you, then just think about it again. Do you want to reach it at all? And if yes, then how could you make it more attractive? Yeah, Nike says it's just do it. There are so many people who just never stop thinking and start acting. So don't be one off them. Just to the first step in the second and the third and so on and think of it daily best. It's of course, you do something for your goal daily, but sometimes it won't be possible. Sometimes you only have, like, weekly achievements, and you don't have the time or are. Somehow the circumstances don't allow you to do something for your goal every day, but you should think of it every day. So maybe you'll find a nice information or you just read your goal allowed to you or you look at your vision board or you have something in your pockets that that reminds you on your goal, because this is just when you, when you load it up with lots of energy on a daily basis, this is what happens. Energy flows where the attention attention goes, so this is very important. It's one off the Kunar sayings, and that's just the way it isn't. We can explain it again with our conscious and unconscious. So are 40 beats of conscious, mind off conscious thinking. They said the goal, but you should, of course, take the help off all the 13 million pizza unconscious knowing, and you can do that by making your goals attractive by really loading it with energy and by thinking off it daily and and stepping towers it on a daily basis. 42. 42_You want it Fast: in this video. I want to talk about what happens if it's just not fast enough for you. You feel like you have already spent ages on doing exactly what you thought you want to do to reach you go and it just doesn't develop the way you wanted it to develop. And it just seems that it's far too slow. And I want to talk about the learning curve. And this is something many people don't get right, so or just never thought about it. Eso I want to tell you how it works if you see this year and the X would be the time, so the right one is the time, and the one in the height is what you have achieved the learning. And when you start off, you usually spend lots of time, and there's not that much learning. And this is, of course, strenuous, and it takes lots of energy. But what many people do not know that is how how the brain works and it just takes a vile to build so called synapses. This is when then the neurons built new collections so that you can have you. You build your basic knowledge on that s of any, for example, 1000. A new language. You really have to start on the first vocabulary and the first sense off how the grandmother works and how the bird sounds a sound and how they're pronounced and things like that. And this is lots off effort because you don't have any any synopsis yet. So it's You have to build something completely new and this takes away. But what many people do not know that is after a violet really goes fast. This it doesn't develop the same way because once you have filled a good base, then it's easier for you. You learn more in one date and you used to learn in month because now your brain has already Vova. Never there very can put the information down, and so it can take much more information. Many more bits off information every time, every second to improve the knowledge you already have. And painful thing is that many people have stopped on learning then so that they never experience that there is suddenly this exponential explosion off knowledge when they just continue. And this is just too to tell you that you really should keep going because you will get your reward. It's just that it takes a while until you really will learn enough that you can feel it, that you really see that you are going forward. So this is about when your goal is to learn something you wore to establish a new habit and things like death. The second thing I want to say is, I guess this saying people who are over 80 haven't got their overweight from Christmas to new new years. They have got their over it from New Year's to Christmas. So this is not just about weight goals. What I want to say is that there you are now brought you by using Wrong habits are contra productive habits, and it took a while that you got there, and now it will take your vile that you get somewhere else because you have to establish new habits. But you have to keep going because in this 0.3, what else could you do if you just stop? If you just give up? What's the option? So if you really want to chief, you go. You just have to keep on going. There is no other way, otherwise you just won't achieve it. So I wish you really good luck and not only luck, but just the energy to keep on going, even though if it's sometimes rough. 43. 43_Celebrate all Successes: So what should you do if it just doesn't work? You do not reach your goal. What can you do? And the easiest thing to do is just to go through the whole process once more. So you really start off thinking months more. If this goal is really in alignment with who you are, what your life vision is. If you really, really do want to reach this goal and if you say yes then the next important thing is that you formulated girls who look again at your smart and you three piece. Have you formulated it the way that you can reach it? Is everything OK? Is it boss? Positive? Is the time frame realistic? Is everything realistic about it? And if you say yes with that, then you'll have to ask yourself, Is my body involved? All my senses involved is my subconscious involved are my systems involved? Did I understand what the benefit off? The problem isn't Am I willing to give it away? And did I get older? Resource is often the resources are not enough. And one great resources to coach because it seems that you cannot find the reason why you didn't achieve the goal so far. So maybe it's good to have a coach to help you so that you can go through everything together and the coach doesn't have to be a professional coach. It can also be just a friend who is willing to help you. And this way you should find out. Very problem is, and then, with maybe some new settings, you will be able to reach your goal. And then it's time to celebrate. It's so important that when you're done, when you have achieved your goal, that you really celebrate your successors. Many people reach their goals, and then they just make a check mark and go for the next topic. And this is just wrong celebrating successes. You can be proud of yourself that you reached it, and you should really celebrate it, because when you have celebrated it and it's much easier toe reach the next goal. So this is the end off this course in the hope you liked it, and I invite you once more. If you want, you can right into the discussion and can ask me any questions. And if you haven't done yet, I would kindly ask you for a star review because this helps me. And it also helps future participants of this course. So have a great time. And I hope you will reach all your goals. Everything you really want to achieve in life. I wish you all the best with it. 44. 44_Project Goals: congratulations. You have made it to the end off this course, and I hope you have enjoyed it and that there is a lot you can take with you. And, yeah, there's some final information I want to give to you. First of all, at skill, share this rating system with thumbs up and thumbs down. So I want to invite you to review this course in the hope it will be a guess. You find this part just above your video and when you juice when you picked the yes, the following happens, there's a pop up that looks like that, and you see there's three Yes, marked already. You also have the opportunity to give give it, give you rating specifics, like to tell me by exactly you liked it and not only tell me, but it because it's a public review. So you can tell everyone who is in the course of maybe just wants to decide to get into the course. 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You can share on Facebook or on Twitter, and the last information I want to give you is that skill share is very project orientated to each course. Has a little project toe make you actively do the things that just learned so that you really can adopt them right away. So under your video, you you will find this bar and the communities all the sharing Zolder all the off a book people are saying about the course. The ballot is about the course, all the information and he in the middle. You have your pro checks and old projects. And if you click on your project you will find the project description and you will find out what exactly assignment for the course is. And underneath you have to possibility toe load up your project if you want to, child. And ah, here, with all projects, you can find old project that half have been sent in so far, so you can see what other people have done. And now I want to invite you to join the project of Discourse. So Ok, guys, this is the project for this course. If you're just in the course, you have your projects and you just click on there and then you find the project description. And but I ask you to do what I ask you to share its your vision board. So maybe you already have a vision board before the course. Or maybe you're just creating one that you can draw it so you can paste and glue or whatever. They're all different kinds of vision boards and everything is great, Justus, long as it reminds you on all the things that you want to accomplish. So brother ask you to do is to share your vision board with the community. And so hopefully soon you will see lots of projects, a lot of lots of different vision boards here in all projects. All you have to do is to go to your projects and scroll down and underneath the project description. You can put your project so he can give you the title, and you can upload an image you can right a little bit with it. And you can also upload the photo. And in the end, he just say create. And then everybody can share your project. And I'm looking forward to seeing your great wish. Imports