Goal Setting Using Design + Storytelling | Rob Stenzinger | Skillshare

Goal Setting Using Design + Storytelling

Rob Stenzinger, Interactive Storyteller, UX, Game Design

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Life in 5

    • 3. Gratitude and Support

    • 4. Adventure Map

    • 5. A Day Without Fear

    • 6. Passion Pitch

    • 7. Reminder Word or Phrase

    • 8. Actions and Check-ins

    • 9. Keeping At It


About This Class

Goal planning can be fun, exciting and usefulWe have created the Where Next Journal and included it with this class. Join us as we walk through how and why to complete each exercise and offer tips and examples on how to get the most out of your goal planning.   

Throughout this class you will learn:

7 creative and analytical experiences designed to help you identify and articulate your best future.

  • Life in 5
  • Gratitude and Support
  • Adventure Map
  • Day Without Fear
  • Passion Pitch
  • Reminder Word
  • Actions and Check-ins

This class is for:

Goal planners looking to both design your goals and create a simple story to make your goals more memorable and shareable.

Co-taught with Kate Shields Stenzinger: Kate is a life coach, business partner, mom, wife. Kate coaches part-time and works full-time as a team leader, she has a lot of experience living joyfully in chaos. Kate has spent years studying child development, psychology, relationship dynamics and professional development.