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Goal Setting: The Secrets Of The World's Top Achievers To Reach Goals

teacher avatar Alain Wolf, Social Skills Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Welcome + What You Will Learn

    • 2. The 7 Secrets Of Top Achievers: Discover: Uncover Their Secrets

    • 3. Improve Time Mastery: Improve Your Productivity & Have More Time To Do What You Love

    • 4. How To Find Purpose In Your Goals & In Life

    • 5. How To Learn Anything Faster

    • 6. How To Create Momentum To Achieve Anything In The Shortest Amount Of Time

    • 7. How To Solve Any Problems That May Prevent You From Achieving What You Want

    • 8. How To Deal With Obstacles When They Appear

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About This Class

Would You Like To Achieve Anything Faster?

Learn How The World's Top Achievers Think And Behave So They Can Accomplish Massive Goals In the Fastest Amount Of Time.

Welcome to the science of Goal Setting & Goal Achievement!

I had the privilege of learning and talking to the world's top achievers and I was fortunate to learn from them about how to master goal setting and goal achievement.

In this course, you'll learn these goal setting and goal achievement secrets.

This is what you'll learn:

  • How to Achieve Your Goals Faster

  • The 7 Secrets Of the World's Top Achievers

  • How To Master your Time To Achieve More With Less Effort - Time Management Secrets

  • How To Find Purpose & Motivation In Your Goals & Life

  • How To Learn Anything Faster

  • How To Create Momentum So You Achieve Your Goals In the Fastest Amount Of Time

  • How To Solve Any Problems That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals

  • How To Deal With Obstacles That May Come Up

Go ahead, enroll in this course now. The science of goal setting and goal achievement will transform your life. If you want to achieve all of your goals faster than ever and learn the secrets of goal setting and goal achievement

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alain Wolf

Social Skills Consultant



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1. Welcome + What You Will Learn: so hi. And welcome to this online training. So I'm so happy that you are here because in his own in training will talk about how you can achieve anything faster. We took about how the high achiever think and how they behave so that they can have outstanding results in their life. First of all, like to say congratulations for being here. Because I know that most people never take action in life. They never want to learn something. And the fact that you are here means that you want to have a better life. You want to achieve more in your life. It can be in your personal life or new professional life. And for that reason, I would like to congratulate you on enrolling in his online training and there to see that I'm proud of you. And I'm honored to have you here. So what will you learn? It is only training. First we talk about the secrets off the achievers. What are their secrets? I will show you. I will teach you. What are the things that will really make the difference in achieving massive results? Number two, I want to give you advice, tools and techniques that can achieve anything 10 times, 10 times faster. Number three. We'll talk about how you can master your time. How can you become a productive? And how can you prioritize better you task? How can you free time and how can you deal? We off awareness in with a lot of tastic? How do you master your time? And I want to teach you how the top achievers manage the times Number four will find purpose. I will help you find your life purpose. But I will also teach you how you can add purpose to any test that you have. Because people who achieve a lot of things, they are able to find purpose for everything that they do and they know their purpose. So we talk about that Number five, How can you learn anything faster? Because if you want to achieve more, there are some skills and some knowledge that you you will have to acquire. So how can you learn everything faster? Do you want to learn a new language? You want to learn a new skill? How can you learn that faster? Never seeks momentum. How can you get anything done faster and the secrets off top achievers. Its moment of moment. I mean something that is amazing. Momentum is something that would fast track to success. And you will be able to achieve anything that you want faster than ever. So this one here is amazing. Number seven, How can you solve any problems that you have? Because if you want to achieve massive things, you would have obstacles and you will have problems that will arise. So how can you overcome them? We're talking. I will give you a framework to solve any problem that you have in your life. Number eight, How can you deal with the obstacles? Because, as I said before, you will achieve a lot of things. You have problems that you will know how to deal now and then You have obstacles like how do you deal with them? How can you overcome these obstacles? So, as you can see here, this designing train will be really practical. I'm really excited to share that with you because it made a huge difference in my life and also in the lives of students that I've coached Coach. More than 100,000 students from 170 countries so far. And it's really amazing to see when I teach these principles here that they have amazing results. And they can transform the life and get what they want in their personality, profession, life just because off these eight points. So I'm really excited. The last thing that I would like to tell you before starting the course is ever like you just to to think, always in terms off. How can I apply this tools, Theis principle these techniques to my life because I would give you the best tools, such confined on the market, how to achieve anything faster. And it's your job to say, How can I apply that to my own life so would encourage you to take notes? And when there is something that's the only god, it's amazing or it could apply to my life. Just write down how you can apply to your life, and also, if they're exercise that I give you through the course, I highly encourage you to do them, because if I give you this exercise is not for nothing, it's because I know that it will. It will make a difference in your life. So I'm so excited. I hope that you are excited. Let's start right now, 2. The 7 Secrets Of Top Achievers: Discover: Uncover Their Secrets: So let's start right now with the seven secrets off achievers. The first secret that I would like to share with you here is about having more clarity and visualize what you want to new life. So top achievers. What they have in common is that they know what they want, so they have clarity and everything to do clarity in the goals on who they want to become, on the task that they have to do. They have clarity and everything, and white that's useful because it will give your direction in life if you have goals. If you have clarity about what you want in your relationships in your personal life, professional life, what you want as a carrier, if you have clarity in that you will have a direction to go forward. And it's really important that you take time to think about the things that you want in your life and really think about the direction off your life. And some people say, Alan, I don't want to have a direction in my life. I just want to let life surprise me, and I guarantee that if you just let life surprise you, it's you. You really do what other people expect you to do, because if you're not clear on the direction when someone would ask you to do something as you don't know you go, you don't know where you want to go. You will tend to do what the other person expect if you or ask you to do. If you have a clear goal and then someone asked you to do something. They have expectations. Sorry, I cannot do that. Is my life purpose. This is what I want. A relationship. It's not. It's not that that I want, so it's really important to know what you want. We'll talk about that also later in the course. But I dressed wanted to introduce here the subject off. You must have clarity in your goals. It's really, really impart important if you still don't know what you want in your life. That's not an issue we discuss later and also visualization. Why is that important? Because our brain cannot see the difference between something that you have imagined and something that really happened. So it means that if you imagine in your head that you have already accomplished what you want, that you already have the relationship that you want a new visualize that over and over and over and over and over again. Your brain won't see the difference between reality and what happened. And what is really amazing is that if you visualize having this relationship over and over and over again, you will be able to attract this relationship. Uh, more easily, I would say why another example would be If you want to start a new business and you want to become successful, you visualize yourself succeeding over and over again. So you know what? You want to have clarity in what you want. You visualize yourself over and over again, succeeding and what feel end up happening that your brain would have been in confidence because you say, Oh my God, I already succeeded in my business 10,000 times through visualization and as I bring, cannot see the difference between reality and what is imagined. You would have more confidence when you will be talking to your clients are dealing with your with your customers, so I would recommend you to just think about the things that you want in your life, right then down and then you visualize that it has already happened, and this is the first secret off top achievers. The second secret is that they will see the best, and then we look for the opportunities in every situation. You have a situation in front of you people who don't achieve anything, they say, Oh my God, this situation is awful. It's a problem. I don't know, I'm stuck and they would have all these negative focus and what you want to do is to see the best in every situation. So ask yourself this question. What is good about the situation? What is the opportunity about the situation and what is the gift in that situation? Because problems will arrive all the time, the only time that you won't have problems that when you're dead. So if you're still alive and you want to achieve massing things, you will have a lot of bad situations or problems or obstacles that will that will arrive. And one of the ways to deal with them is always to see the best. I would like you to imagine that you are seeing life with the glass half full instead of half empty. It's your choice Do you want to see a situation say, Oh my God, it's over. I won't be able to achieve that. Or do you want to see life as my goddess? An opportunity? Maybe it's there to make him to make me grow or it's a challenge for me or it's a gift from me, even if the situation is really bad. And if you want to succeed at achieving anything, it's about looking for the gift, even in the bad situations. And if you are able to do that, you will become a big success. So have a more positive mindset, I would say. And when there's a situation, ask yourself this question. What's the guest? What's the gift in that situation? And even if you don't want to look for the gift, you say I got it just an awful situation. See harder and maybe you will find on opportunity because in every situation there is opportunity. Number three take massive, effective actions. People who achieve many things like really, they're high achievers. They take massive. It means that they take massive action, a lot of actions, ah, lot of daily actions and I encourage you to take a lot of daily actions instead of just one action per week. Let's say that you want to have a better body instead of just running once per week or once per amounts. Try to take one action today. One action can be today that you will take the stairs instead off the elevator. Tomorrow. You won't eat dessert the day after you will go to the gym the day after you will get a little bit less the day after you want it carbs. You know what I mean? Every day you think massive action towards you go. And when you do that, you will start feeling good because you are taking action toward to dream. Why that effective actions? Because you could be taking a lot of factions that are completely useless. It is that you want to lose weight and you can take actions that won't make the difference . So that's why it's important that you ask yourself the question. What are the effective action that I must take in order to attain the goal that I have think in terms off the parietal? The Paragallo says that 20% of the actions will give you 80% of the results. And it's all about finding this 20% these actions that you really make the difference. If you want to put on muscles, you have to train hard. You have to sleep well and have to eat well. If you do this three, which is the 20% you will get 80% of the results, which is amazing. So you must really think in terms of what are the effective actions that you must have in order to accomplish what you want and take daily actions every day. Take the reactions. So my question to you is what are the seven next action that you can take to from tomorrow this week? Every day you can take a small action that is a little bit outside off your campus zone, and that will get you closer to your dream. And it has to be effective. Actions. Secret Number four People who achieve a lot they don't complain, period. They don't complain. Most people who don't achieve anything they're always complaining about why they cannot do that about the personality. Type off that person about the situation about anything, and when you complain you don't achieve anything So from now on, I would like you to stop complaining, like to analyze the situation. And instead of complaining, either you move on, are you do something about it? That's the true on the options that you have. Complaining is not an option anymore. So from now on, when you're taking action to achieve what you want, no complaint, you don't complain anymore. That's over. You want to achieve massive things. These are the secrets off the top achievers. They don't complain. The analyze the situation the same. What is the situation about? Can I do something about it? Do I want to do something about it? And the either let it go all they do something about it, but they don't complain. The change, the situation, all the latest go or the let's go. So it's really important to understand here, pointing before. But from a Fife, I'd like you to welcome success in your life. Most people who don't achieve anything. They focus on the fact that oh, if I fail, that's not a problem and they focus on on fading because they say, Oh, if I focus on failing and and I really fail, I won't be disappointed, but guess what? This kind of people that they never accomplish anything. Because if you focus on failing and you don't welcome success to your life, you won't have success to life. It's a simple as that. So if you want toe achieve more, it's important that you welcome success. What does it mean? I would like you to expect that you will win. I want you to expect that it will go well. You have a presentation to give expected going well, visualize the presentation going well so that you can build confidence in your mind. And as soon as I said before, you mind cannot see the difference between something that have imagined and something that really happened so you can build confidence and in that way we can will come success. So it's important from now on that you don't expect failure anymore. Yes, she will analyze the worst case scenario, but you will also welcome success. And so Okay, this is the the worst that can happen. I know it could happen, but what I'm going to focus on and is on how I can win this situation, not on how I can lose the situation or how can fail situation. It's really key here. If you want to become a top achiever number six, if you follow this three step method, you can actually anything. First you identify what you want, you identify. You have more clarity on the goal of the test that you want to hit. 2nd 1 is you implement the actions, you find the effective actions, you implement them, you take action and then you evaluate. Are the actions giving you the results that you want? Are you getting closer to your dreams each day or not? Because people who don't actually anything, they may be identified what they want. The take some action but the never evaluate. And here it's key here. After one week, one month, many month like Are you getting closer to dream? You want to lose weight? Are you actually losing weight with the actions that you are taking? It's really important because if you if you see that you get that you're not getting closer to goals, it's maybe because the action that you are taking are not effective. So you have to change. You have to ask yourself this question again. Is it something that I really want, identify like if you want to confirm that, it's something that you really want and then you planning to take new actions reactions and you evaluate and you see if you're getting closer to dream and that where you cannot fail, you can only succeed. Now be patient here with the evaluation because maybe you are taking the right actions, but it just takes time to transform yourself. If you want to transform your body, it takes time. If you want to be the successful business, it takes time. So when you evaluate yourself, ask yourself this question. Other of the action that I'm taking, really not giving me results or address has to be a little bit more patients and may be evaluating one week or one month from now. Okay, and Secret number seven. It starts with the end in mind high achievers. What they do is that they think about what they want, and they start with that. Let let me explain. Let's say that you go to a movie and you arrive late and you can only see the last 10 minutes of the movie. Would you prefer to see the last 10 minutes of the movie or the first then minister for movie. And most people say I prefer to see the last 10 minutes because then I can understand what the movie was about. And that's what high achievers do. They imagine what the end of the movie would be like. And the start from there they don't start with the 1st 10 minutes. They say, Okay, this is what I want. This I want to have clarity in what I want. Our start taking massive actions I will implement, evaluate them and see if I'm getting the results. I will welcome success. I would always look for the opportunities, even in tough times. I won't complain anymore. And I will always analyze the situation and their start with the end in mind with what they want. So if you want to achieve massive things, you must apply this seven secrets here. So I would encourage you to take a piece of paper and just write down the one two or three secrets from this one here. That really made a difference for you right now. Say, Oh my God. Maybe I should welcome our success to my life. I said I should see the best. I should take massive, effective action. What are the three that you must implement in your life so it can start getting real results? 3. Improve Time Mastery: Improve Your Productivity & Have More Time To Do What You Love: so there's no talk about how you can master your time. How can you become a productive? And how can you deal with this task that we have more effectively so that you can free up your time and just have a better life? The first advice I would like to give you is to first define the task that you want to do the project, that you have all the gold that you have, because if you want to master your time, it's first about mastering your goals. And I know that I'm saying that over and over again. But you can see here that it's something that is common with the high achievers. So what I would like you to do is to take a piece of paper and write down what you main projects in your life are. For example, I workbook recently, it is in here, its master, your life. It's the book that you can you can you can have its own master your life, I must say Life book that come and I had to write this book, so it was one of my projects. So I define. The goal is to write the book. Another goal that had it was about a live event under the goal that I had it waas about my website and then I had about YouTube videos. So had many goals that I have. I defined them. What I did is that I took an extra shit and I wrote down Okay, what are the goals that I have my own for my website? So it's important that you know what you want to do and when you have written something down. For example, when you have a goal that is written, you must ask yourself this question. Are my 100% committed in achieving that goal? If you're not 100% committed, it's a waste of time and literally, I mean that So you want to be doing task that you really want to be doing. So just be careful with that. I know that some people will say, Alan, but I have this job here. I keep my job. I just have to do that. I just have to do this task. Yes, but if you I want to get a better life, you must start thinking terms off. What did you really want in your life and setting the goal for what you truly want and start taking action towards that. So that's why you want to master your time. Even if you at work and you work for someone, you can just ask yourself this question. What are the goals? What? What is the mission that I have here in in my role? What are the goals that I need to accomplish? What are my project? And just by having more clarity on the thing that you have accomplished, you will be able to master your time. So it's about taking an Excel sheet and writing down all the goals that you have. Number two. It's about defining the tasks that you have and toe prioritize them. So I think again the example of this book. My goal was to write this book, the task that I had I had toe find us a topic, had to write the book. I had to find someone to edit the book. I had some to find someone to print the book and has to find someone who would who would send the book and someone who would do the marketing. So these were my tasks and I also have. That's for my website also had. That's for my YouTube videos for my life events and what that is that I asked myself this question. What is the priority? Number one? The priority number one is to find a top. The priority number two is to start writing the book. The priority number three is to find someone to copy toe edit the book. So I just broke down my project that that I had So I took this big project off writing a book and I broke down in small pieces and basically I broke it down Milestones. So my stones are big things that you must accomplish in order to accomplish human go. So I encourage you to do. He's take this excess shit and this is how you do it. You take this except she to define your goals. And then you define the most on the big actions that you must complete the big step that you must complete in order to in order to achieve what you want and then you start prioritizing it. What I encourage you to do is the night before you look at all the milestones that you have at all the projects that you have and you just ask you say this question What is really important? What do I really have to do here and what is really important? What are the important step that I must do and what I do the night before? I just sit down with this blank piece of paper, and I prioritised the test that I will be doing the next day that does that are in relation with the Might Stones and that emulation with the goal that I want? Why do I do that the night before? Because the night before, I will ask myself the question. What are the actions that I must do and what if I don't do that and I arrive in the office ? I would ask myself this question. What are the task that I want to do? And sometimes that does that. I want to do our complete difference from the test that I need to do because there may be painful and comfortable. So that's how I'm able to really do the test, that they must do that as that are really important. So I really encourage you to prioritize your task when? The night before you write it down before leaving the office, you just throw it as the test that you have to do the next day and say OK, is the most important asked. Is this another one, then this This one here, just one here, just one here. Why do we want to do that? Because when you arrive in the morning of like you to start doing the most important tasks first, why is that? The reason is that we have a limited amount off, will pour each day, and in the morning you can imagine that it's full, and when it goes through the day, it diminishes. So if you want to do an important task at 4 p.m. you will have less like willpower. That's why I encourage you to when you arrive in the office, you know your priorities and you start working on them. And then this money 2345 p. M. On its When you're a little bit maybe tired and you don't have a lot off willpower, you can do stats that are a little bit less important. That way you will be able to accomplish massive task and accomplish massive goals because you are working on the most important tasks first in the morning. Number three I would like you to have 100% focus on one task. It means that when you are working on this project, you are working on this project and the mistake that people have had to try to multi task say yeah, I'm doing a lot of things at the same time, but it doesn't work. So when you are when you are creating that project, when you are writing that book when you're doing that, you are doing that nothing else. You're not also working on the project. You have just doing that. Why is that important? Because if you focus 100% off your energy and your attention on one task, you will enter state that we call flow flow is a state where you become productive and you have good ideas and you are able to work freely. And it is you're just flow. And I'm sure that you have already experienced that it's a state well, like you are working, working like on fire focused and you can accomplish amazing things and you can accomplish massive things in order to enter this flow. It's important that you just do one thing at the time. Okay, so I encourage you. From now on, when you have the priorities of protest and you have the first task, you try to remove the distractions. It means that you turn off the Internet, you turn off your phone, you don't have any notifications. That buzz is your phone. You just turn off the phone. You just try toe, not be disturbed, disturbed when you are working on your tasks. And I know that can be difficult because some people would say, You ever have my colleagues have my e mails? I have that I understand. But if you want to manage your time in master your time, it's important for you to sign time where you can be 1% focused on the task that are really important, and that will give you the goal that you want because mastering your time it's about knowing the test that are really important to you, and you must the test that you must do and the task that are not important. And that's not that's actually your responsibility It's not something that you want in life mastering your time. It's about doing the task that well, Did you cross that will get you closer to your dreams. So it's really important here, and you must remove the distractions. What I encourage you to do is present to turn off the Internet if you don't need it to block certain websites. When I wrote my book, I went toe a room where the only thing that was there it was a small table and a computer, and I didn't even even have Internet on my phone. So I just sat there and I wrote the book like really quickly. In a few months. It was written just because I had the single tasking so entered, this flow states constantly. I knew my priorities, and I had defined the goal, and I removed all the distractions. So it's important that you learn how to remove the distractions if you work from home and you say Yeah, but I have my Children who always come just tell you Children I know it's, I know it's it's maybe something that you're not comfortable with. But tell them Hey, I have to work for this hour. Don't disturb me. Go play there but don't disturb. I have to focus on this task. If you want to master your time and take massive actions to get close that you dream you must set boundaries those people. And that's why when you are working, you are working. It means that you work 8 to 9 hours per day. I don't know how many hours you work, but when you're there, you work. You try to single task as much as you can and you remove the distractions. A great tip here not to be disturbed by people is you just put your friends. You don't have to put music. But just the fact that having your friends people will interrupt you less often that this is one creative never site. It's about tracking progress, something that was really, really well well, for me is that I have this extra shit and when I complete task, I just put addressed, make it clean or if I have a to do list, I have something like that. I just I just cross it because at the end of the day, I say I gotta have accomplished this task it like it's amazing and it just give me the confidence to say Wow, I'm moving closer to my dreams I'm accomplishing. I'm accomplishing a lot of things and it's something that can really, really help you. So track progress. It's something that is really great so you can do it. You can cross on this on a piece of paper are just on excel. You can just change Omar completed and making cream. It's something that works really well. Just I, um, something that I wanted toe out here with the distractions. It just came to my mind What the heavy is a distraction list. It means that when I'm working, I'm 100% focused on a task. And I say, Hey, maybe I should buy this new T shirt instead of going online and looking for the new teacher . Have a distraction ist basically address right down le new teachers new T shirt and at the end of the day, I will take my destructionists and I would spend 15 half an hour, one hour just researching everything that is on distractions. So instead off stopping the task that I have and blue and looking for the new T shirt and and wasting half for now there. I just write it down so that at the end of the day, when I would have less willpower, I will just go online and do the things that are less important because I have prioritized my tasks, okay, responsibilities and the roads and is really important here to just understand what your responsibilities and roles are. Maybe you're in entrepreneur and have your own company. Or maybe you work for someone, or maybe you don't work at all and just want to do. It's to start a new project. How can you do that? It's important to understand what your role in the company's it means that what are the what are the task? What is your mission? What other three roles that you have in that company? Because if you work in marketing and your worries is to do social media and to other things and then you have someone equally that comes, Hey, can you help me with finance? And it's not something that is related to roll. Now it's up to you to decide. Are you going to say no, or are you going to say yes to that person, and sometimes it's better to say no because if you want to master your times about taking control, back off the time if it's not your world, maybe it's great to say no, I'm not saying Hey, say no, say no all the time, toe everyone that comes and ask for help and nothing that I'm just saying that you must be willing to say no to people if it's not your war or your or your responsibility and if it's their responsibility, can remind them that it's their responsibilities and it's not. It's not yours. You can just you can just tell them and it's a little bit uncomfortable and people will hate me for that. But if you want to master your time, it's about really focusing on your goals and how you can get there faster. I'm not saying Don't don't take it. Don't don't help people but others saying Hey, tell people Hey, I have to work in this important task until three PM after 3 p.m. I can maybe help you. We will see later, you know, I mean, you must be precise and laser focus with the test that you want and what I encourage you to do also is to remove the legate. Ask when you have written down your task and have prioritized them. Maybe their task that you could delegate to someone, maybe have an assistant of someone that can do this task for you. Maybe this'll person won't do as well as you because we entrepreneur anything that we only we can only do the job and no one else can. But it's not true. There are people who can do the job even better than us. So what you can do that find someone that you could delegate the test 20 You can remove the task say OK, it's distress. Really important is this That's really important. If I don't do this task, what would happen? Nothing will happen. Maybe I can remove the task. So as you can see here, it's a new way of thinking about how I can master your time. And it may make you a little bit uncomfortable because you say here, Alan. But I want to have everyone in my company. If you help everyone in your company, you're not in control of your time. You're not master new time, and they're lost mastering your life. So it's about just prioritising defining what you want. You break down into my stones and you make priorities, and you write down the tasks the night before and you prioritize the test. And when you're working, you try to focus 1% of the time. You remove the distractions, you track your progress. You crust on a piece of paper or you make it green on the exit. Shit. You remind yourself off what your roles and responsibilities are really in this company. Like what? What? What do you have to do to make that happen? And also you try to ask yourself this question. Can I remove the task? Can I delegate the task oak? Should I say no? When someone comes and has for help? It's not my role in my response every day. Do I really want to help this person? Is Is it in my advantage to help that person? Should I have that person? It's the question that you should ask yourself. And don't always say yes because you must master your time. Okay? Yes. Help! Some people, I would say do it but you must really find the balance, OK? Between mastering your time and helping some people because you want to be like human. Not not. Always say no. No, no, no. I have to do. Say, yeah, I can help you, but it will be at four. Pm when I have accomplished that. Okay. You're because you are always the priorities. Your tasks. The priority is your goals. And then if you still have a little bit of time or you want to have that person, you can do that. And I encourage you to do that at the end of the day. So that was it on how you can master your time. 4. How To Find Purpose In Your Goals & In Life: How can you find purpose? I would like to help you here, find your life purpose and also explain what properties and how you can deal with purpose. So there are two cases here. The 1st 1 is that if you have a job that is related to your poppers, and the 2nd 1 is that you have a job that is unrelated to your purpose, let me explain. Let's say that your purpose in life is toe help. People have a better life and your job is a coach, so your job is related with your life purpose. So it's related. Let's say that your purpose is to express yourself through art and your job. You are an accountant here. Your job is unrelated. Toe the purpose. So if you have a job that is related to the purpose, that's really great, because you're really spending most of your time aligned with your life purpose. And if you are here, what I encourage you to do so remember, If you have a job that is not aligned with your life purpose, it's either you changed your job so that you can. It can be related to your life purpose All that you do is that you just show your brain that this job here that you have, for example, an accountant and you want to express yourself to art. It's just helping you to pay the bill, while on the weekends you express yourself through art. That way, when you will go to your job that you're an accountant and you don't really like because your life purpose is to express yourself to art, you say, Hey, I'm just going there and its parts off my life mission like I must pay the bills. I must have the job and on the side. I can start painting and I can express myself to work. And then maybe later you can have. Maybe later you can make money expressing yourself to art, and then you can get read off the job that you don't like. So it's away, toe at purpose to a job that is not aligned toe your life mission, and now you may say, Yeah, and I don't know what my purpose. I don't know what my life mission is, and I would like to just help you with some kids here. Try to come up with the life mission is that something that you would like to know? Let's start. The 1st 1 is about having a rush off energy. If you're doing something right now and you feel totally there inside is because it's not aligned with your life mission. Because when you you are doing something that is a line video last mission, you will have rush off energy we like alive with fully alive. And it's something that they use all the time. When I'm setting my goals, if I set a goal and I feel almost dead inside, I know that this goal is not for me. I know that this gold is not aligned with my life mission, and I won't push you that gold. What I will do is that I would imagine that I have a scale between zero and 10 and zero is like I'm dead and tens like I have these rush off energy inside me to some amazing. And I would ask myself this question on a scale between zero and 10 how excited I am about this cold. And if it's a two, I will ask myself this question. How can I make it a three if for a five a 67 until I reach 10. That's why I always have goals that are lined with my last mission. I just listen to my body because my body would give me the answers, and it's really powerful here. You must look for the rush of energy when you are. You have clarity in what you want and it's not. It doesn't excite. You don't have these rush of energy inside. It's maybe because that's not the right girl for you. It's maybe because all the people want to to achieve that. But you don't really want to do it. So I encourage you to find goals that are aligned with your life mission because you will be able to accomplish mawr and will be more fulfilled and happier if you have goals that are aligned with your life mission and from you can see that I still haven't given you the keys to to find what your life mission is, because you don't really need to find it. I will give the kids to you. But just by having here, looking off the rush off energy in the things that you do, if you have a project right now, and you feel that it's over that you are there inside. Maybe it's time to move on. Or maybe it's state of change. And if you start something else, you would have this rush off energy yet. Okay, Number two. Trust your intuition. The little voice that is inside you is there for reason. It's your intuition, and your intuition has access to the past, present and future. And your intuition has access to information that your rational mind doesn't have. So if you want to find what your life purpose is, I'd like you to trust your intuition. If you contrition tells you that you should start painting, why not pains? Why do you have to suppress this intuition? Because your intuition most of the time will guide you to find your life purpose. And that's how I built Alan Wolfe coaching. I followed my inefficient I always I have always reaching my goals in terms off. What is the rush of energy that I'm getting? And I started taking massive action in that direction, and then I trusted my intuition when my intuition told me to do something so I would like you to be to listen to the little voice that is inside you, that is. You hate you should do that. You should do that instead of that. Maybe intuition is guiding you so that you can be aligned with your life purpose. And if you don't listen to disease, thes intuition, this little voice the little voice would never disappear. And this is a sad throws. It means that you could spend your whole life suppressing your little voice. Any little voice is there to guide you. So listen to your intuition. Number three. Analyze your strengths. Why is that? Because your life mission is based on your strengths God or whatever you want to call it. Give your life mission that you could accomplish. It seems logic. So it means that if you analyze your strength and you ask yourself this question What? Amma? My five strengths. And you just write it down. For example. My strength is 12345 And then you ask yourself this question. What could my life mission be based on these five strengths and you can get an answer? What I did, I wrote down my Fife my five strength and I asked myself the question, What could be my life mission? And then I got it. I was able to analyze myself because I was always taking massive action and listening to the rush off energy inside me and trusting my intuition. Okay, so this is analyze your franks, even if you say island. But I don't really know what my strengths are. What I encourage you to do is to ask people around you and they can help you and and And they can give you and they have their their opinions could say, Hey, Mark, I think that you strength it's 12345 And then you ask the best friend you all over your family, you say, Hey, what are my strength? And then you combine them and then you can have the top five friend five strengths that's you think it's real. And then you ask this question. What is my life purpose? And you can get a sense for it. Number four. It's about how you can find your life purpose. And here is the key. So, in order to find your life purpose, your life mission of like address to take a piece of paper. And if you want, you can do this exercise. Right now you take a piece of paper and write down my life Mission is and then to find the answer, I would like you toe experience a pig state. So if you're at work, maybe that's not the best place to do. I would prefer that you are home or the just someone where can just close the door and be by yourself. And what I would like you to do is to experience a big state. A big state is where you are on fire. You are fully alive. And when you are fully alive, what will end up happening is that you will be aligned with your life mission. Why is that? Remember that I said that when you write down the gold, you have a rush of energy fits in line with your life mission. What you want to do is that we want to generate this energy, this rush off energy, Andi. It has to be the highest that you can so that you can ask yourself this question. What is my life mission? And it's incredible, like when you do this exercise it go through you and you can just write down what your life mission is and you can find out this is the key here. So how can you experience a big state? A pick state is like when you would change. You bought you will change how you use your body, what you focus on. And yeah, I will just explain it to you. But I want you to do is that I want you to put their hands in the hair in the air. And what we'll do is that we will change your physiology by changing your physiology will change your state and will be able to reach a big state. So what I would like you to do is to jump in the air with the hands. I know it sounds silly, but you want to find a life mission. Okay? I waited to jump in the air with your hands like that. While you do that, you will smile. It will force a smile for one minute. Why is that? Because when you force a smile, it has been proven that it will change the energy in your body. And if we put positive energy in your body. And while you do that at the same time, you will focus on something that you are really happy about for me, what I do that I focus at M I'm on a beach that's relaxes me and gives me great emotions. So what I would do like for 30 seconds to one minute, I would put myself in the great state. So I'm doing it. Who? I'm on fire right now and our s miss discussion. What is my life mission? And I can see you know if you can see that through the camera. But my I am fully alive because I have activated myself toe a rush off energy inside me. And I have aligned myself with my life. My life's mission. I can ask myself the question. What is my life mission? So I really encourage you to do it. If you still struggle finding what your life mission is, it's maybe because you didn't enter the pick state. So again, you put your hands in the air, you jump, you smiled, and you focus on something that makes you happy, gives you positive emotions or relaxes you. And when you do that for 30 seconds to one minute. And if you truly do that and you ask yourself this question, you will find what your life mission is. OK, so to summarise, you can have a job that is related to your poppers. If you don't have one, you can either change your job or you can just say I'm going to keep my job. But on the weekends, I'm going toe work towards my life purpose during this activity, painting or doing something else, and I would justify and say, Oh, I have to go to the job because it paid the bills so that I can do this all the activity here that is related with my purpose. Look for the rush of energy in any goal that you have in any goal that you set. Look for the rush of energy. If you have written something that does not excite you as to say this question, how can I make it more inspiring? And how Kony, How can I make? How can I write it so that I'm more alive, something that is really powerful? Trust your intuition, trust the little voice that is inside you analyzer strength because your life mission will based on your strengths and enter the pig state to find what your life mission is. So if you know what your life mission is, it would become the easier to set your goals because then you can set your goals according to what your life mission is and according to your strength, and that's where you can achieve anything faster than ever. 5. How To Learn Anything Faster: How can you learn anything faster? So I like to give you hear eight advice on how you can learn a new language. Hurricane Learning new skills basically basically anything. How do the top achiever learn something fast? The 1st 1 that they will ask experts. You don't want to ask your friends who have. No, I don't have to do it. Let's say that you want to get a raise in your job instead of asking your friends who had never got in the race and you ask them, Hey, how could I have a raise to just work harder? They will give you some advice, but they're coming up there are trying to invent advice instead, what you want to do is ask experts. Did you know that the where experts who could teach you how to get the race? They are only trainings? That's Ah, created by experts that you exactly how to get a raise. Their are the best negotiators in the world and the teach you how to get the race. So instead of asking your friends or people who don't really know, you say, I want to find the best expert and I want to ask them, How can I get the race? And then they will give you negotiation strategies that will give you Scripps. There will give you communication techniques, and it will be better for you. You will learn faster, have to get a raise. If you ask the experts, then you say, Yeah, Alan, but it will be expensive. Most of the time it's not. Some experts will help you for free. I have, like, high and experts who helped me for free because I just asked. So it's Sometimes it's better to ask the experts and even a little bit of money and gear and get the real advice rather than trying to come up with answers asking friends who have no idea have to do it because you will then waste time, you will waste energy. And then you can also waste money on solutions on things that don't really work. So it always try to look for the experts, goes to the top start at the top. You want to learn English, go to the best English school. It can be online. It can be offline or go go and find the best teacher. If you want to go online, find the best English teacher. Maybe it will be a little bit more expensive. Yes, but you will save time and let me take it if you say yeah, but I don't want to pay. If you lose $1000 you can gain these $1000 back. If you lose 10 hours off today, you cannot get this 10 hours back. So I would say that time is more important than money because time is not something that you can get back. That's why I encourage you to find the experts in your industry and ask them the question. How did you do it? And the question here is, How did you do it? Let me explain. I would like you to think in terms off. The parrot ruled party rule says that 20% off the actions that you take will give you 80% off the results. The question that you should ask the person is what are the three or the five things that I could do to achieve that? And you want to ask the expert who knows the answer who has already gotten rid the result. For example, I would ask the expert about how to get a raise. What are the three things that I must do to get a raise? And he will give me the 20% that will give me 80% off the results. It means that he will give me what really works. And then I only have to execute on these three items that he gave me instead off executive on everything that my friends told me and I have no idea about. If it will give me the results you can see here that run faster. You must ask the experts and ask them What were the things that we're really life changing for you. What? What were the things that really worked for you? What are the 3 to 5 things I always asked 3 to 5 things. Because something that is easy to implement and you will get the 20%. That gives you 80% of the results. So I really encourage you to think right now in what you want to learn. Who are the experts? How can you reach them? Is there like a nun in training? Can you contact them? Can you email them? You would be surprised if you email them like how, like their chances that the really respond is really high. So try it. You have nothing to lose, and then you ask them the question. How can I learn English faster? What are the three things that is really important to learn English in the fastest way of time, in the fastest time in the person we say, Okay, you have to do that that that and then you know how to execute. Okay. And I remember it was an expert that I met on the plane, and I asked him, What is the best way toe learning a language? What is the 12 or three important things that you must do, he said. First you look for the 200 most used words in English. You translate them in Russian because like if you want to learn Russian, you try, you translate them and then you go to Russia. And he told me that he did that. He learned the 200 words, and after one week or two weeks, he came back with 1000 or 2000 words like, Wow, that's really SWAT smart way of doing that that's really smart. Wait, I don't know if it's the best way, because that was not the best expert, which was an expert that I met and had, who gave me unanswered on how I could learn faster. But maybe if you ask another expert on how you can learn a language, he will give you other blocks. That's why it's really important to go to start at the top and asked the best expert add excitement. You should ask yourself this question. Why are you excited to learn that? Because if you say yeah, I want to learn this new language. I want to learn this new skill. Yeah, whatever. How likely do you think you will come in to it? If instead you ask yourself this question, Why am I excited about learning that? And you add the excitement you write down the least off the things that you are excited about, the thing that you want to learn and every morning you read them and you feel the emotions in your body. Give yourself permission to feel that emotion. You will be really excited. You want to learn it, and by adding excite excitement, you can learn faster. And then you say, Yeah, and it's like rhi, Rhi don't for to do it, you know, it's like I don't need it, really. I'm sharing with you the stuff that really makes the difference. High achievers. They are able to generate excitement into the add excitement to something they want to learn so that they can learn faster. Number four. I would like you to take notes, drew and summaries. So it's something that I've noticed in everyone who can learn something really fast. And I would like to just talk about my personal example. So I got my business, my master degree in business and the thing that I was always doing that by taking notes of us growing and I was summarizing, I was able to get a good graves and like good grades in the shortest amount of time, like working. I didn't work a lot of us not. I was really not a great student, but I was able to get amazing rates by just working a little bit. And how I did that is that I summarized and I was always drawing. It means that if there ah, the person says okay, thing is important. Blah, blah, blah, blah. This is important. Blah, blah, blah. This is important. I was always dressed. Writing. OK, this is important. This is important. This is important. Not just drawing. Okay, One circle here. This is here. This is here. I was trying trying to make it visual for myself so that I could I could understand that I could learn faster. So everything that that you you learn it can be a new skill. You can be a new language, a new skill that you need for your company. Always try to take notes and to summarize, summarize what is important and you can try and control. It means that you have the words. But then you also have the pictures because if you have the pictures, the high chance that you will remember the pictures difficult for For example, if I have a word that he's a TV, let's say that I show you a piece of paper and it's written TV and then I show you a picture of a TV. Would you We Would you remember the word TV or the picture of the TV? Most likely you will remember the picture of the TV. That's why it's important to draw. And you'd have to be a non artist. You just have to draw one sequel to see, to see Occurs three, Focus. Okay, this is number one. Number two. Number three, try toe. Draw the things that you have to try to summarize. That is really, really, really, really important. What is important? He had this whole book. What is important. Okay, you have to summarize number five. You can teach it. You can pitch it to dog. You can teach it to yourself. You can teach it even if there is no what? How I integrate the theory, the concepts and everything that they learn from the world's best experts is that I interviewed them. And then I teach either to myself to my chair to my dog, to my girlfriend or to a friend. That way I can integrate the theory, the concepts in myself, and then I can learn faster. So I really encourage you to take notes to Joyce, Summarize, and then you teach it to someone else. Teach it to a friend to a colleague. To someone say I just Can I just call you five minutes I just wanted toe share with you what I've learned in this book and then you have summarised you have notes and you you drew something and then you can teach them and you will see that you will learn faster because it will enter your brain. 100.1% focus. When you are learning this news kill, I would like you to focus 100% of the time because you attention is limited. It means that if you have 80% of your attention on what you want to learn and 20% off on your phone or your what's that message is, what will end up happening is that you won't have your whole focus. And if you fucks 100% you will learn faster because all your attention is on the task. So it's really important. Number seven are likely to repeat what is important. So after you have taken notes, you have summarised I'd like you to repeat over and over again. The more you repeat, the more your brain will remember it. And I want you to repeat what is important. Let's say that you have a book about how to cook a chocolate cake, and it's a really big book, and it just tells you five steps instead, off remembering all the book. What I want you to do is to write down the what the five steps are and repeat them repeatedly. Step number one is that step number two is a step number three. Step number four. Step number five. Okay, just what I should do is step number one step Roberto. You repeat over and over again. You can also teach it to someone else, and it was still actually be able to learn faster to repeat what is important many times so that you can really stick in your brain number. Eight. It's a technique that I use so that I can really consume information faster. I always play audio faster and video faster. For example, if I want to learn a new skill, I want to listen to the normal speed. I will accelerate the speed and accelerates the video. For example, if I listen to an audiobook, what I will do is that I will said the speed to two or 1.5 or 1.6. It means that in the less amount of time. I will get more information and can still understand information, but it takes less time. So it's something at happy that I really encourage you to do when you watch videos or when you listen to something toe play. It's, uh, in tow Play. It's in high speed, okay? And it has to be something that you can still understand. So how can you learn faster? You ask experts, you ask them What are the three things that really made the difference or what are the three things that you can do to get the result that you want? And if they will give you the thing that you must really do that will give you the result that you want at excitement? Why am I excited about that? You take notes, you draw it, summarize you teach it to someone even if you don't have someone, we can teach it to yourself or to a chair. Yeah, it's a little bit weird, but who cares? You are learning faster. OK, your focus 100% off your attention and, uh, yeah, your attention on the task. You repeat what is important and you can pay the audio in the video faster 6. How To Create Momentum To Achieve Anything In The Shortest Amount Of Time: So now let's talk about something that I'm passionate about because it can really help you achieve anything faster. It's about momentum. What is momentum? Let's say that you have a ball here that goes downhill, the speed here at the beginning. If you have a bowl that's you, just throw it down. Hill. The speed here is really it's not high speed like it's getting is getting momentum. And then at the end, that downhill. The board is going really, really, really, really, really, really fast. So it's a way to accelerate your results. It means that at the end, when you gain momentum so that when the bowl is getting momentum, the ball goes faster and this is something that you can use is how can you use the power of momentum to achieve anything that you want faster. It means that you would start taking some actions. The ball we start getting down here will gain some speed. And then the more it goes down downhill, the more speed it has and the more you can accomplish. Okay, so this is the the idea here behind momentum. So how can you add momentum toe any A few goals I'd like to share with you. Hear the seven secrets Are you? Are you? Are you excited? Are you happy? Are you? Are you willing to learn like how to accelerate your results Faster Number one. It's the daily actions. Watch dreams. It's about taking baby steps. It's about doing something day that's will bring you closer. Children's Let's say that you want to lose weight instead of just running once per week or once per month, you take a daily action towards your dream. And what would end up happening that if you take one action today, means that you can be you go for run. Then tomorrow you go to the gym the day after you don't eat dessert. The day after you buy a book on how to lose weight the day after you lose you, you take the stairs and you should take the reactions. What would happen is that you start getting momentum. It is actually my God, that's amazing. I'm taking action towards my dream. Oh my God. I'm taking action and you will have this drive this motivation to coaching you doing something. So what I encourage you to do is to take a goal that you have and to breaking down into daily actions that you must do another to accomplish. You go. And if you take the actions, the fact that by taking the reactions you will feel good and you with South creating momentum, and this is really powerful here, don't kill momentum. What happens if year if the ball is going downhill and then there is someone that catches the ball? What happens with the momentum of the ball? It stops, it dies. And there's some people who will start getting some results, which means that they take the reaction to start getting some of those they say Yeah, off. Yeah, but I think I shouldn't do it anymore. Or maybe I should wait another week and to stop the momentum. If you stop the momentum and kill the momentum, you have to start everything again. OK, so it's important that when you are taking action toward your dream daily actions, you must continue it. You must add more to eat. Okay, visit. You can add more. You take action. Let's say that lipstick example example off losing weight today. You take the stairs tomorrow what you can do that. You can take the stairs, but you can also eat less dessert the day after you can take the stairs. Taken weightless dessert, and maybe you could go for a 10 minute walk. You can see if you can add more. When you start getting momentum, you can add more on top of that now. The rule here is that I would like you to have maximum three most three separates. Momentum's one momentum can be to losing weight. One momentum could be to start a new business, and one momentum could be toe. Have an amazing relationship with your wife or your husband? Okay, It's about understanding that if you have too much momentum's, you won't be able to follow with your daily actions, and then you will kill one or many off the man. Momentum's so it's important that you just have maximum three. And when you start getting momentum, which is amazing, that you can add more so it all starts with what is the goal that you have breaking down in the reactions and then when the daily actions become happy's you can ADM. Or on top of that, because if you now have a habit off, not eating dessert. You can add another extra action on top of that, and the ball will start. Get we start going faster and faster and faster, and you will be able tow. Be closer to drinks before become an action taker. If you want to create massive momentum in your life and transform your life almost instantly and get massive results, it's about become an action taker. It's not about just watching these nine trains, so yeah, it was great. But, hey, I want to take action. I want to actually do what Allen says I should do and become an action taker. Make the habit off big off. Taking action toward your dream. Despite the fears, despite the obstacles, despite the better the doubt you must make the habit off taking action. And how do you do that? You do daily actions daily, small actions towards your dreams. I'm not telling you true, do one action that is really incredibly big, and that's you are really afraid about. I'm just saying, do one action a day that can get you close, that you dream can be a small action. But by doing that every day you start creating momentum and then you can add more and you can add more. Okay, Number five. What I have is the momentum ship. It means that I have three Momentum's right now that as that is going, one is the new launch that I have for this book here. Like the master your life. So one momentum that that I'm I'm having is this one here. And what they have is the momentum ship. It means that every daily action that I have it's written on a piece of paper and then we cross It's when I do it. So now I have a huge least off all the action that I'm taking and I can see Oh my God, I'm creating momentum and pretty month, and I'm getting excited about that. So the ex my excitement part off. Oh my God. I'm taking so much action toward my dream. It's something that will help you create even more momentum and to show your brain. Oh my God. I'm taking massive action towards my dreams and it should make you feel good. So I encourage you to have the momentum. Shit. It's a piece of paper where every day you write down what you have done toe get you closer to your dreams And when you only write down what you have done. So then you say, Oh, my God, it's my momentum. She, like I've accomplished so much, is weak. I didn't eat dessert. I took the stairs. I bought this book. I went for the run. Oh, my God. Like I'm getting closer and you see the momentum, Okay? Never thinks when is the best time toe begin creating momentum yesterday. When is the second best time? Right now, Right? I said, Yeah, I should lose weight. I should start this new business. I should start this project. I should do that. The best time to create momentum is right now. When is the best time toe to throw the boat? Right now. Evaluate quickly. I know some people that were start taking actions, and after one week, they say, let's sit down and evaluate for a few weeks. What happened that week? No, no, no. I just want to say okay, these are the action that I took during these seven days. And this The result I got okay, is what I should do this what? I can improve and you evaluate quickly. Because if you don't evaluate quickly, you will kill your momentum. Okay, If you say okay, I took the seven actions. But right now I will reflect the need for one months to see if it for the success you will kill momentum. Okay, so you must evaluate quickly. So that was here. How you can increase momentum in your life. And here this is the big secret here. This is what would really make the difference and make you achieve anything that you want faster than ever. The secret is momentum. How do you do it? You take daily actions throughout your dreams. You don't kill momentum. You add mawr Every time that you do that and it becomes a habit. You can add more actions, daily actions towards your dreams. Maximum three separate momentum's. You must become an action taker. So it has to be part of your personality. Like you lost. Someone could take action. It's not only talking, but it's so so doing. You have the momentum sheet. The momentum sheet is when you accomplished something. When you accomplish daily actions, you write it down. So then at the end of the week at the end of the month here, like Oh my God, I work. I I did take all these actions you begin now creating momentum and you evaluate quickly. You evaluate the actions of the past week or path months really quickly. You don't take many days or many weeks evaluating it like you re evaluate quickly in a few hours in a few minutes is OK, this is what happened. Did this is the result I got. This is what went well. It is what I can do better. And you evaluate quickly so that you don't kill the momentum so that you are not the person that is that stops the ball here in the middle. Okay, so I hope that you enjoy decision. He on momentum. He's one of my secrets and it's the secret off all the high achievers that I've met that's makes a lot of money that can really give you the results that I want. And actually the first mentor who told me about how to make more money, he said, Money, love, speed. When you start getting money, it's really it is easier to get more money But when you're broke Oh, I got this really difficult to get to get money. So money love speeds. Everyone loves speeds if you understand momentum. 7. How To Solve Any Problems That May Prevent You From Achieving What You Want: let's not talk about how you can solve any problem. So we like to give you hear a five step method that I used to solve any problem because you will have problems in your life. If you want to achieve things, there are problems that will arise are things that are not in your control. That happen. And that's make you feel bad. Make you feel sad, angry, like how do you give us problems? And I'd like to share with you here the fight step that I've used and also that high achievers used in order to overcome that problem, find a solution and really move quickly and continue getting closer to the drapes. The 1st 1 is about changing your state. When there is a problem that happened, The first thing is that you will feel bad. You would feel negative. And you're like, Oh, my God, I have this problem and you will be in a state off mind why you are negative, frustrated or your experience. Another emotion can be stress. It can be anxiety. So when you are stressed, anxious, negative, your brain doesn't function property. So what ends up happening is that if you want to look for a solution and you're in the state off stress, negativity and anxiety. You won't be able to come up with a solution because your brain doesn't function properly. What you should do that you should change your state. The best way to change the state is just get away of the situation and start to move and do something else. Let me explain. A few years ago, like where? When I started my company like a long time ago, I remember I took a risk with my life events and it didn't pay in what ends up happening that I got over these bills that were coming in and I remember was sitting at my desk and it's always been like, Oh my God, I have I cannot pay them. I have to pay them But I can't. And I was so stressed, and what I did is that I just went for a walk. I went for walk. I tried to breathe deeply. I tried to look at the beauty around me, and I literally did that. Why? Because when you change your your body when you change your state, you would have a fresh mind toe analyze the problem and to come up with a solution. So it's really important that you change your state. How can you change of state? You just move, OK? Because if you're stressed, you have a posture of someone who stressed like Oh my God! Oh my God. You have tension. Just risk deeply. You try to relax, you go for a walk, you go for run. You can even jump in the air like this is something that I do all the time. You're jumping here and you smile, even have the worst problem ever. You just do it and it changes your state and from the States, you're able to find better solutions. And it was surprised most people because if you are dealing with people in their the problem like Okay, let's go for a walk or let's change what you're doing that people would say No, no, no. Alan, who has to stay here? We have to focus on this negative problem I feel is negativity. But you have to stay there with that. Say, now you don't understand another to solve this problem. What you must do is that you must change your state get the way of the environment off the program. Put yourself in the Great State and from that state you analyze the problem and you find a solution, OK? And then have faith. After that, you have changer state of like you to remind yourself off all the times when you have problems and you were able to overcome them. And I'd like you to have faced that you can solve this problem. And how do you do that? You focus on the past experiences where you had a huge problem that you thought that you couldn't handle and you handle It's successful. Okay, so this is what I did. I was walking down the streets of Are just moving, breathing deeply And I was reminding myself off all the times when my company was in bad shape when I had problems and I was able to overcome number three. You take a piece of paper and you ask yourself the question What is the problem and what are the solutions? So most people spend all the time analyzing the problem thing? I got the problems there. We should left focus on the problem. No, you focus on the problem. You analyze the problem and then you move on to the solution. OK? Most people they spend 80% off the time on the problem and 20% of the solution. No, you should spend 20% off your time on analyzing the problem and then 80% of the time on brainstorming and finding solutions. So if elected to analyze the problem, But the problem is about and then you try to find to come up with solutions. So in that case, I said Okay, I don't have any money. My money. My company is not generating any money. How can I do? Okay? I can ask. Can ask a friend. I can ask my family. I could get a job. I could. I released it. All the options I bring Stone, I analyze the problem and then burst on number four. You're going to evaluate the options that you have under brainstorming. You can have your own criteria, and then you can find Okay, this isn't the number one option. This number two, number three, number four, and then you're going to take action so you can take action the same day. But I wouldn't recommend because you may still be emotional about the problem. So I would recommend that you wait one or more days so that you can really come down and decide. Evaluate and take action from a place where you have all your abilities, all your capabilities, and you are like, who relaxed and you take action. And it's not. It's not an action that you take emotionally. Okay, So this is here the five step process that you can use to solve any problems that you have in life. Any problems that you have in your life? It's really powerful. It works really, really well and well. And I encourage you next time that you have a problem. But your first thing that you change of state your change, how you use your body, your breathe deeper. You go for a walk to go for a run. You jump in here, you just do something silly to break you out of this negative state. Don't say Oh my God, I'm stressed. I'm stressed. I'm stressed. It's not going to serve you. Okay? Have faith. You remind yourself off the problems that you were able to overcome and to handle in the past successfully. Then you brainstorm the solutions. But remember, you're bring something, the solutions from the place where you have faith and when you are in a good state, then you evaluate and then you take action the same day or the day after when you are a little bit more calm and you don't act emotionally. Because what most people would do is that they have a problem. They're in this negative state, and then they will start taking the first action that comes up to their mind. And the first action that will come up to the mind is not is usually not the great the great action. Why? Because they come from a bad state and your brain cannot function property. Okay, so this is here the five step to solve any problem. 8. How To Deal With Obstacles When They Appear: Now let's talk about how you can deal with obstacles, because when you are achieving something, so you have problems. So we have already learned how to deal with them. But then you have obstacles that would appear, and how can you deal with them? The first thing I'd like to tell you is that I would like you to perceive the obstacle not as a roadblock but as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Let's say that you are surfer and you see a big weight. You're excited. You see that as a challenge. You are someone who doesn't know how to swim, and you see this big wave. You see that as an optical, as as an obstacle and a problem. So when you have a challenge, when you have, when you have an obstacle in front of you, I'm just going to I'm address, want you two to say OK, this is a challenge. This is an opportunity for me to grow. This is something that I can learn and the record to be excited about the obstacle not say , Oh my God, it's a roadblock! It's over, Abou to I want you to expect the obstacles and it come here with number two. It's part of the game. All the obstacles that you will have in your life are part of the game. They're here to make you grow their here so that you can learn something and they are here to make you a better person. So instead off wishing that you wouldn't have problems and obstacles, life would be so boring. You know that the obstacles would be there, you know the problems will be there. But you know, it's also part of the game, and it's the mindset that I have when I take action in my business and there is something that goes wrong and I have had and I have an obstacle. I say OK, it's part of the game. It's just to see if I'm strong enough. It's to see if I'm good enough and I see that as a challenge as a game instead of Oh my God , it's a roadblock. I'm over. Everything is over. So while acute to imagine that everything that happens to good the bad, it's part of the game and it's here to make you grow and to make you a better person focus on learning. If you have an obstacle that is in front of you and you are able to overcome it, ask yourself this question. What did I learn? If the obstacle was there, it was for a reason for us to make you learn something. So by asking the question, what did you learn? It will help you now. The obstacles here. I'm just showing you the parts where it's here to make you grow. And basically it's testing you like Are you strong enough like there is something that you are doing wrong? Maybe you should just adapted and change it, and you should become a better person. And this is year, the obstacle that is testing you. But sometimes the obstacles is there to tell you. Hey, it's the wrong thing. When I finished university and I wanted to get a job in a big corporation, I couldn't get it, and I had this obstacle like I couldn't get it, and it's because it was the wrong thing for me. I had to become an entrepreneur and do what I do so when have enough sick or in front of you, I would like you to ask yourself this question. It is obstacle here because I'm doing the wrong thing, or is it here because it's testing me, and I should approach that as a challenge and opportunity to grow, and it's part of the game and learn something from that. How do you know if it's the wrong thing, all testing you? You would know it. When have they find what you want? And it's really something that you truly want. It's aligned with your life. Mission is something that fuels you with energy. And then there is something that that an obstacle. He was safe. It's part of the game. It's part of the process. But if you have a goal that you're not really passionate about, and then you have an obstacle, say, Hey, maybe this obstacle here is is here to tell me that is the wrong thing, and I should do the other thing. You should always follow your intuition. So how you can find if it the wrong thing are testing you. You just listen to your intuition and long don't let fear paralyze you, okay, because fear can also say Here, fear says it's the wrong thing. No, maybe it's not. Maybe you're just afraid and you should overcome that challenge. So obstacles something that you will have all the time. And I encourage you to approach that as a challenge. The growth part of the game. From now on, I would actually say thank you to all the obstacles and the problems that you have because it's part of the game. You cannot leave life without problems without challenged. It's part of the game. Focus on learning learns launch strip something from the obstacle of the problems that we have and ask yourself this question. Is this obstacle here because I'm doing the wrong thing and they should do something else? Or is it here because it's testing me, and I should approach out of the challenge of growth part of the game and focus on learning something here so that they can become a better person, a stronger person that can truly accomplish what they want and accomplish my dreams. So this is here the awning training, about achievement, what we have seen here it is online training. It's about the secrets off top achievers what everything that they do that set them apart from other people and How can they achieve more than most people? What are the secrets to achieve anything 10 times faster? How can you must say your time? How can you become a productive? And how can you take control off the time? Because if you take control of your time, you take control of your life. How can you find the life purpose you put yourself in the pick state? You analyze the strength and then you can find how can you learn faster? How can you create momentum to achieve anything faster? How can you solve any problem that you have and how can you deal with obstacles? So I was really honored to give you the these online training and it's on my in training That is really important for you and for me, because I really wanted to share what I've learned over the years, talking toe the high achievers, the words best experts to everything that I've learned from people that I've met from the high end mastermind and everything. And I really wanted to share that with you because I know that it can make a huge difference in your life. And you can really master your personal and professional life and basically transforming dreams into reality because achieving something is it's to make your life better to make you happier, more fulfilled toe make you more live when you wake up in the morning. If you can achieve more, you can have more time for you for your Children. Can I have more time for the things that you want because you'll be more for field, more energized, more life? Something that I really encourage you to do is to take, maybe go through this, owning training again. If you really want to write down everything that I say or not, or if what you can say that what you can do is that you just say OK, what is one thing that I want to apply from the zoning training and you're quite right now . Then next week off, maybe tomorrow you come back and you say, What is the second single thing I want to apply and you do it and you apply and you apply and you apply in your apply and you will see that your whole life will transform. So it was an honor to give you this online training here I really wish you a lot of success in a life and maybe against I can see you in at in one out of my one off my life events. Or if you can just write me a name. A. I'm always ordered to receive image from for my students or to shake hands and to talk with you. Have a great day.