Goal Setting: The #1 Success and High-Performance Skill

Jill McAbe, Business & Performance Skills Expert

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11 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Goal Setting #1 Success Skill

    • Goals #1 Discovering the Power of Goals

    • Goals #2 Your Subconscious and Your Success

    • Goals #3 Conscious Versus Subconscious Goals

    • Goals #4 Problems with Traditional Goals Part 1

    • Goals #5 Problems with Traditional Goals Part 2

    • Goals #6 Problems with Traditional Goals Part 3

    • Goals #7 MO Your MOMA

    • Goals #8 MA Your MOMA

    • Goals #9 Verify Your MOMA

    • Goals #10 Conclusion

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About This Class

Your knowledge of goal-setting and your brain is vital to how successful you are.

Unfortunately, many popular goal-setting methods are actually working against your brain's natural tendencies.

For many of us, there are areas of our lives and work where success comes to us easily, but other areas where we struggle to achieve what we want. Such struggles are symptomatic of our conscious and subconscious goals being at odds and our goal setting method failing us.

In this training you will learn: 

  • The subconscious and your success
  • How traditional goals have been limiting you
  • The MOMA process for setting goals

MOMA is a new, evidence-based, brain-friendly goal-setting method that will set you up for consistent success. MOMA stands for Motivating Outcomes that are Measurable with Appointments for Review.

Knowledge of how your brain works and the problems with the old ways of setting goals will empower you to be more successful in EVERY area of your life. Whether you want more in business, school or personal areas of your life, what you learn in this course will empower you to get that with far more ease and in less time. 

I look forward to hearing what you think of the course in the comments. 

Feel free to email me at [email protected] too!

All my best, 


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Motivating MOMA :)
This is a great class on how to set goals.I have done a lot of reading and experimenting with goal setting and this class was a great game changer for me.





Jill McAbe

Business & Performance Skills Expert

I am a business performance skills expert, teacher and speaker and my mission is helping people excel at work through vision development and acquisition of cutting-edge performance skills and tools.  

I hold a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University. I am Certified in Change Leadership, Communication Training, Tilt 365 Individual and Team Development Tool, and in Executive and Team Coaching. 

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