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Goal Setting Masters: Achieve Any Goal with 3 Simple Steps

Zlatin Georgiev, Country Manager & YouTuber

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22 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Goal Guide Introduction

    • 2. What to Expect of This Course

    • 3. 4 Fast Goal Achieving Hacks

    • 4. Before We Start This Journey

    • 5. Marinate Your Ideas

    • 6. Ask the Right Questions

    • 7. Use SMART Goals to Make Them Specific

    • 8. SMART Goals Examples

    • 9. Imagine Achieving Your Goals

    • 10. Set Smaller Checkpoints

    • 11. Write Everything Down

    • 12. Plan Your Time

    • 13. Plan Preparation Example

    • 14. Vision Board Example

    • 15. Thank You Board Example

    • 16. Overcome the First Doubt

    • 17. Share with Your Friends

    • 18. Create a Mastermind

    • 19. Make a CElebration Plan

    • 20. Dealing with Failure - My Story

    • 21. 10 Books of Inspiration

    • 22. It's Your Turn


About This Class

What if you can make your wildest dreams a reality and achieve the life you have always imagined? For some people this sounds impossible, because they have never learned how to set goals properly or haven't been brave enough to chase them.


The course follows clear structure with real life examples of professional and personal goals. We will break them down from definition to execution during the length of the course and you will be able to follow in real time with your own goals.

"Set a goal that will make something of you to achieve it." - Jim Rohn

In addition, I want to show you how to enjoy the process of chasing goals, which by the way is called Life. The greater goals you set, the greater person you will become and better life you will live while achieving them.

All videos get right on point and follow an easy to understand structure.


- Turn your greatest dreams into actionable goals;

- Transform your Bucket List into a To Do List;

- Formulate SMART goals;

- Create a detailed action plan for achieving any goal;

- Break down big goals into smaller ones;

- Link goals with emotions and why this is important;

- Visualize goals and send them to the subconscious mind;

- Create vision boards and thank you boards;

- Get out of dips on the road success;

- Overcome doubts & fears.


  • Templates for SMART Goal Setting, Vision Board and Thank You Board

  • An audio version of the course to listen on the go

  • Personal stories of failure and success


Every morning I spend around 10 minutes writing down my 2 most important goals for the next 12 months. I always write in present tense and imagine that I have already achieved them. This helps me stay focused on what's most important through the sea of distractions that we're swimming in every single day.

Take the challenge to follow your dreams and I will see you in class!



1. Goal Guide Introduction: you are here because you want to turn your dreams into goals. Or maybe you already have a list of goals. But you're struggling, or some of your goals are so unreasonably big that you think that their unachievable. Or maybe you have some crazy ideas and dreams that you're kind of scared to share with everybody or to chase them. Well, this course is for you the goal setting and achieving system that I'm going to share with. You works for any kind of goals, personal or professional, big or small, Crazy or not so crazy. Once my name is routine and I'm an ex professional athlete. I'm currently managing a company of more than 600 people. I have already found the girl my dreams, and I have achieved many things on my bucket list, their tiny bit crazy like, for example, swimming with whales, dolphins, sharks or any kind of other animals. I have dreamed about these and many more things through the course of my life, and I have devised a goal setting and achieving system that works like a charm for any kind of goals. In this course, you will learn how to find what drives you and makes you happy and how to turn it into a goal. How to formulate the right set of goals that they're actionable. How to create an action plan that will lead you to achieving your goals. How to deal with the obstacles on the way, stay motivated and persevere until you reach your goals and how to use your subconscious mind in order to speed up the process off achieving your goals, I will walk you through the whole process by using real life examples of a professional and a personal goal. Also, the course includes a lot of downloadable resource is and exercises that will help you design and achieve your amazing girls. And since I'm in the process off achieving and setting more and more goals, I will keep this course updated. I don't know about you, but I'm very excited. This is a journey that will take you to the life of your dreams. Thank you for your time and I'll Syrian class 2. What to Expect of This Course: welcome. And thank you for enrolling into this course. Now is the moment to get excited. Whatever your wildest dreams are, you're going to achieve them. And I'm going to show you how this course is all about living the life of your dreams and becoming the person that you want. It is divided into three major sections, and the 1st 1 is on. Formulating goals actually will go step back and look into the dreams that you have. And if they're really going to make you happy and how to discover what truly to turn into ghost, once you have your list of goals, will learn how to turn them into smart girls. And also, what are the feelings that you need to relate toe any one of your goals in order to connect it to your subconscious mind and make it even more desirable for you to achieve? The second section is all about the goal action plan. I'm going to show you how to break down big goals into small goals so that you're not too scared to change them. I'll also show you the importance of writing everything down and how this will help you to reach your goals faster. Also, we're going to look into planning your time for achieving goals and chasing girls in between all the other activities that you have on your daily schedule. The last section is about staying on track and following through with your plan on the road to success. You're going to face a lot of obstacles, and I'm going to show you a lot of strategies on how to deal with these obstacles and stay motivated through each of the sections were going to use to specific examples off goals that they're going to help us bear, understand the process off, go sailing and go. Achieving the first example of a goal will be a professional one or how to earn $10,000 per month. The second example is a personal one, and that is how to meet your soul mate, the courses designed in situated that you can come back to it over and over again. Maybe you have on you go that you want to chase or after a year or two on your current goals, you're kind of stuck in. You want to review the process again, Don't be afraid to do so. And now let me show you some quick and dirty hacks on achieving goals 3. 4 Fast Goal Achieving Hacks: if you're extremely busy and you don't have timeto wash the whole course in this year, I'm gonna show you for very easy hacks for goal setting and go achieving the first hack is to set ago. That will make you happy. Sometimes we're stuck into chasing goals off others of our parents or financial goals that don't even bring us that much happiness. Sit down and really think about it. Is the money going to make you happy? Or maybe it's something else, like learning, photography or drawing or something else. What are the things that are going to really give you pleasure in this life? Think about it and start chasing them in form of goals. The second hack is to double the challenge. For example, if you have a financial goal off 10,000 per month, double it, make it 20,000. Or if you want to learn a new language in one year, challenge yourself and try to do this in six months. This acts as a trigger a boost in motivation and drives you into immediate action, and I'm pretty sure that within the 1st 6 months, even if you fail on your goal for example, learning the language. You'll be much further ahead than what you have plant in your original goal. The third hack is to write everything down. The power of writing down thoughts into paper is immense. It acts on your subconscious mind and kind of makes it real for a first time. It's not only in your head, you can actually see it in front of you, and this immensely increases the time for achieving it. The last one is to enjoy the process. Yes, achieving your goal can be amazing. But I'm telling you, the process and the person that should become through this experience of chasing your go is much more valuable. Just imagine how many things you're going to learn on the way and how many experience you're going to gain. That will then later help you on chasing even greater goals. So make sure you enjoy the process and don't get stuck on the on the final goal 4. Before We Start This Journey: before we get into the first section on formulating goals, I would like to share with you few disclaimers that are going to immensely prepare you for this journey. The 1st 1 is that this is not a constant process. Goes can very easily change. At some point, you might be chasing money, but then you want to start a family and you have a child and you have to be prepared for this. You have to change your priorities, so be flexible. And don't get stuck on Lee on one thing and that this is it. The 2nd 1 is that go sitting and achieving is a skill in this course. You're going to receive all the necessary knowledge, but it will be up to you to perfect your skills in achieving your goals. And this happens on Lee by practice. So set goes and goes, and more goals and achieve them and fail and just practice, and you'll see that at some point you will become a master. Also, please be aware that this is going to be hard following on. The process is kind of easy, and the steps by themselves are not so hard. But you're going to face obstacles and you need to be prepared for this in the last section . We're going to look into methods on dealing with this, but you also have to be prepared and patient. Which brings me to the last point. Be patient and make sure you persevere. Some goals are extremely big and can take many years to achieve. But don't get this courage. Stay on track and you'll see them happening. 5. Marinate Your Ideas: in this first section, we're going to look into how to formulate the right goals and all gold start as an idea or as a dream. And I'm pretty sure you know this process. You just discussed something with your friends or you watch a TV, an idea pops into your head and you start thinking about it. That is great. That is the first step. But then you need to let it marinate. And what do I mean by that? My urinating on idea is to let your brain play with it. Just think about it when you're going to bed or when you're going out with your friends, discuss it and see what happens. You know this first initial excitement when you get an idea and you're super excited and you're like, Yes, I'm going to do this tomorrow I'm starting. That's it. But then, after they or to this first initial rush is gone, and then you're like, I don't think it's feasible. And so 99% of the ideas and dreams just died there, and that's what I mean by marinating Sief. After the initial excitement used to want to chase it and you have to want to achieve this . If the answer is no, well, that's fine. Just moved to the other one. We're looking for things that really excites you and even idea happens to come back to you after a month or so, and you still have this excitement. Well, that's something that's worth looking into. This might turn into your next goal. The point of this exercise is to not just things that you're not really passionate about. Achieving any goal takes a lot of time and efforts. We want to make sure that you're on the right. Go on the right track. Another thing that you can do is to validate your idea. There's an 80% chance that whatever you're thinking about right now, somebody has already done it. And just for the sake of it, let's take an example that you want to start a business with cookies and there plenty of other businesses out there, and you can go out and see if you can do it better, or if this is something that really interests you and by touching it by by feeling the business, and then decide if you want to make it into your goal, 6. Ask the Right Questions: in this section, you're going to learn on the most important strategy off validating your ideas, and that is asking the right questions there, tons of questions that you can ask for Vita in your ideas. And I'm going to just focus on several examples. Make sure that you ask specific questions specific for your going for your idea in order to make sure that this is the right one for you. I always love to start with. Imagine questions. Can I imagine myself actually doing this and chasing this goal? Can I imagine myself doing the same thing after five or 10 years? Do I imagine the obstacles on the way that I'm going to face? Also another question that I'm starting with this. Why am I doing this? Do I have a higher purpose? Am I doing it just for the money? Or maybe because it's trendy or some other reasons? Maybe my parents want me to do this. I really wanted this question really helps me to focus and make sure that I'm choosing goals that I really want to chase, and I will enjoy one of the toughest questions you need to ask yourself in this process is what are you willing to sacrifice, So chasing your goal will require time or maybe time away from your family or you'll need to invest money. There are all kinds of sacrifices that you need to make, and unless you're ready to do so well, maybe then this is not the goal for you. I also asked myself, What are the skills that I'm going to need in order to achieve my goal? So if I want to earn $10,000 per month, maybe I'll need to learn about business and management and marketing and finance. Do I have enough knowledge about this? Or I need to take some classes, same goals with personal goals. If you want to meet the woman or the guy of your dreams, are you really ready for this? Do you have the specific skills and the personality that this person will actually fall in love with? Or maybe you need to work more on yourself. Most of the questions that we already discussed are going to help you to narrow down your list of ideas to just a few, and then you have to ask a very important question. Is your idea specific enough? And this is something that we're going to discuss in the next lesson? 7. Use SMART Goals to Make Them Specific: Once you have marinated your ideas in your dreams and you have narrowed them down through specific set off questions, now is the time to turn them into goals. Dreams are great. We all have them, but they're not really tangible or specific there something that might or might not happen in the future. And we don't have a clear plan toe achieving it. Goals, on the other hand, tend to be very, very specific. And if your goals are not specific, this means you need to work on them. The most popular way to formulate goals is smart, which means that our goal needs to be specific. It needs to be measurable. It needs to be achievable. It needs to be relevant and also time based. But let me simplify this process for you and give you several examples. Your goal needs to be so specific and so clear that if you put it into two sentences and give it to someone else to read, they will be able to understand what exactly needs to happen. For example, I want to earn $10,000 per month. That's a dream. Our goal is I want to earn $10,000 constantly every single month before I turned 28. I'm going to do this by first of all, acquiring the skills in finance, marketing, management and other type of skill that I'm going to need. And I'm going to start my own business that is going to make me happy, and I'm going to invest all my energy into it, or I would like to become ah CEO of a company. And that will be my monthly salary, minus the bonuses and on the bonuses. You can, you know, play with it, whatever you want. But that's the first example of a goal. The second example is I want to find my soul mate. Well, that's great, but it's just the dream. Our goal is I want to find my soul mate that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. By the age of 30 we're going to have two kids were going to be in excellent health, and we're going to care for each other. We're going to respect each other. She or he is going to be my best friend, and we're going to communicate in a way that is going to make us flourish as individuals. As you can tell by the examples, the difference is huge. That is why you need to dedicate a lot of time for this process. As I mentioned in the beginning, this is one of the most important steps in the process, and formulating the right goal would just ride away sit you on the path to success. 8. SMART Goals Examples: in this video. I want to show you how to create smart coasts. And I will use this template here that you confined in the resource sections. I also once we complete this together, I'll include the example with the older feuds field then So we can also use this as a reference. And as you can see on the top, here we have our dreams. And in this case, in my dreams, I want to earn 10,000 U. S. Dollars per month and find the soul mate. So these are the two thinks the two examples that we're looking into through the course. And as you can see, we have lines here and the go has to be specific, measurable, achievable revenue on time based I personally not a huge fan of the name ings and the words and so on. It's more important for me what stands behind them and what is the logic. And we need to just dissect, let's say one of the goals and you see what I mean. The end goal is we discussed in the previous section is to have ah well defined to go within, like two sentences that can everybody understand. So this template is just for you to construct those two sentences. And let's start with the 1st 1 So earn $10,000 per month. Yes, it needs to be a little bit more specific. This is already quite specific. But one question that directly pops into my head is tax is doing in this to be net or brutal, because depending where you live, taxes could be huge. And 10,000 It could not make that much sense as an income. So right away for specific thing. All right, um, I am burning then those. And here's the for months old taxes right away. I want to give you a tip here. I'm writing everything down in present tense like I already have it. And this helps you A lot would go sitting and with the unconscious mind. So this tells your mind your brain that you already have this and you can already ah, you know, touch it, feel it. And you living the dream basically, and especially when you're dreaming when you dedicate your time for imagining yourself with the go. Also use this like you have already have it not like you have. You're going to achieve it in a month or two or two years or whatever, and this is super helpful for the subconscious mind. So just use it and you see what I mean in the future. Okay, let's go back to the gold. 10,000 measurable. So this needs to be a clear quantity of result. Okay, 10,000 is a quantity, but do you want it for a month to 35? Ah, in my case, I think that I want to earn this type of money. Ah, per month for the next uh, five years. Let's say so. This is a well defined, measurable quantitative results that I'm chasing next one achievable, Achievable. Make sure you don't have chasing unicorns here. Yes, because, ah, where they going to come? This money? Are they going to fall from the sky or you're waiting for someone in your family? Die Got for bit. Um, that's not a valuable strategy when you're setting goals. So here, in my case. And I'll give you a personal a idea of mine that I have, and that is to have on online business off selling T shirts that will give me this type of income more or less passively. And so I right here, I have all right shirts and you know, the old school T shirts where you see, like, a nice text or something like this is a really cool that and something that I want to do A some point in my life. Okay, let's go to the next one Relevant. And this is something that I co higher purpose having a relevant go. It could be relevant for you are for other people. But make sure that you have a higher purpose at the chase. And in my example here, I have more family time. Um, okay, my business is quite passive in home, and, um, I work up 20 hours for a week for it to maintain its. So, as you can see, this is already shaping Really realized. You have the the income go you have for how long you have, where is going to come from. And you have that how much time you're going to need, um, per week to maintain it. And, you know, this is quite an ambitious and and good goto chase if you ask me. And the last one is time so set a clear timeframe. When do you want to achieve it? And, ah, this would later help you when you're creating your plan and like the time frames for each of the little gold that you're going to chase and achieve. And in my case, I am along Ching the business in 12 months Ah, I hit my income. Go within 18 months off the So I have a clear co. I have about 12 months to develop the idea. And then once it starts running, I have about 18 months to start earning this type of money. Okay, Now let's go to the next one. Find s omit. I have personally being lucky enough to find this person next to me. Andi, we're not going to go and so much in detail. But I want to give you the examples here off how to formally this text also in a in a personal goal. Let's jump right into the 1st 1 being specific. And here I'm going to write down I I have a girlfriends that is a scene as me. So this is well defined specific goal girl or a guide, you know, depends if you what you're into, um, then measure. Okay. Ah, here I will the rest of my eye with her. So we don't want this to be for, you know, a week or tour two years. If this is your soulmate, you want to spend your life with this person next one achievable. So here, I'm going to say that she's kind. She loves travel. Ah, And you know, you can include all the beautiful things that you want from ah person. Also, e. I think it's a great idea to write down how you're going to spend your time. So even if this is your soul mate and you spend your life together, you don't want to be arguing. So Ah, you, um we have a great cool venture and soul. So any kind off problems, for example, or something like this next one being relevant again, having a higher purpose in this case. I think it's a great example to say that we we have to Children. Children are great thing to have a za higher purpose the last one time. And this is in this case where when you're when you're going to meet this person, So I am meeting this person within the next off. Let 12 months off my life write down something that is tangible for you that you believe you can achieve. And here you go. You have two examples already with well defined smart goals. And I would strongly advise, once you've gone through this exercise just summarized all of this into, like, two sentences and write it down. This is everything for this video, and I'm going to see you in the next one. 9. Imagine Achieving Your Goals: one of the most powerful ways to make sure that you're formulating a perfect goal is by imagining yourself achieving it. This is an exercise that again will take some time, so make sure you dedicate a week or two even a month as much as you'll need and just imagine yourselves in the different scenarios of achieving your goal. Another benefit of this process is that is going toe link your goals with feelings, and this automatically sends it to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has very strange ways of working, but it will automatically start the goal before you even have a master plan for achieving it. Now let's go back to the examples. Close your eyes and just think what it will be like if you just had 10,000 doors on the first of the month. What are you going to do? What are you going toe by? What is the business that you're going to be managing? Is the job that going to bring it this income before feeling for you? Or maybe it will take a lot of time to do this and you won't have any free time or time to spend your money. Or maybe if it's something positive, Where you going to travel? Toe? Just imagine all the different scenarios. This will help you to form that, even bury your goal. So, for example, if you have ah, work that is very demanding. Maybe you don't want this. Maybe you want to formulate a work or a business that is not going to take your full time. Yes, You're willing to work hard for the $10,000 per month, but not at any cost. So maybe you need to find an idea and formulation of the goal that is going to help you do this with the other example again. Just let your imagination run. Think about where you're going to meet this person, how you're going to go out on the first date or how you're going to fall in love. What will be the first argument about? What are you going to love about him or her and what he or she is going to love about you? And also what is going to hate about you? What are the skills that you need to develop? Maybe you need to be more patient. Think about the moment that you're going to have your first child and maybe your second child and how you're going to grow old and think all those feelings to your go and just make it even better. Formulated even there. Once you have gone through the whole process off playing with your ideas, narrowing them down through questions, imagine yourself achieving them, formulating them into smart goals. Then just let them aside. Give yourself some time away from your goals. This period will help you kind of solve any problems that you're going to have at the moment of formulation. It might be difficult to figure out some details, or maybe sometime in the future something will happen in your life and you'll see some solutions for this, and this whole thing will help you former, even better goals after they have been away from your mind for some time. 10. Set Smaller Checkpoints: you have formulated the perfect goal. And now is the time to create the action plan for achieving it. But I know what you're thinking right now. This is so huge. This goldmine ISS sold difficult and so big. I'm scared and I'm ready to quit even before I start. Don't pour. This whole section is dedicated to avoid this and to make sure that we have on the action plan, that is very easy to fall. And the first thing we need to do is to break down this huge, great, immense go into many other small girls. The best part is that you don't need to be so specific with the smaller goals, the same way that you are with your greater, bigger goal. But you need to list as many as possible the smaller goals who help us stay focused and not discourage you on this long way of chasing this great big goal. You can have as many as necessary small goals and it doesn't matter how small you make them . Let me give you several examples. So you know what I mean? The thought of finding a soul mate could be daunting. But you can start somewhere. For example, going out on more dates or going to places where you have similar interests with the people and then work your way into finding this person. Also on the other side, what will be the skills that you need to have When you meet this person, you probably have to be communicative and understanding and patient. Are you that kind of person? Or maybe you need to work on yourself. Do you have internal issues that you need to resolve? These could be smaller checkpoints on achieving your goal, because once you meet this person, you need to impress him or her. And that won't happen just like this. In the professional go example that things are exactly the same, your end goal could be 10,000 but you might want to start with 23 5000. It doesn't matter whatever you believe is feasible right now. Also, you might want to look for a job in the finance sector, so you learn finance and then sign up for classes for marketing or anything. Els, Another thing that you can start with is your city. Do you have a rich enough beautiful enough CV in order to impress your future employer. Or if you're looking to start a business, what are the first steps that you need to undertake in order to find to start the business ? Maybe it's funding. Maybe you need to find the money, or you'll need to start with a business plan. Start today with just riding one page of it. Do research on one of the products that you're interested in just very little steps that will take you to the greater arm. I would also like to give you a personal example of this course when I was designing it, and when I was planning it, I broke it down into smaller pieces. So, for example, what camera do I need for this course and what lighting? I signed up for several online classes just to see how they look, what are the structures and so on? And I also sign up for a class for designing of online class. Another small step that I did is doing the research on the topic. I had this topic in my head, but was it relevant? Are people looking for it? Is anyone going toe by this class or not? So These were only all things that I started doing before even launching this class or before, even writing the script for it. 11. Write Everything Down: Once you have your list of smaller goals, it's time to write everything down. And I mean three specific things by this. First, you need to write down your big go. Then, in a schedule like type, you need to write down your smaller goals with the time frame that you're going to achieve them, and then you should create a vision board. Now let's look all of these separately. First of all, you need to write down your big go if you have a diary or maybe a note on your computer, whatever. Just right. The two sentences that are your main go make sure you have your big goal written down in places that you visit regularly. So somewhere on your computer or maybe in your diary, whatever you'll see it often. And I mean every day, every week, every month. A protein that I can give you in there I personally do is riding down your go every single day. A lot of the days this might seem boring and redundant, but trust me, it keeps you focused and makes you stay on track on what is most important. You can even go a step further and not only write your ago, but also spent some time for think about it. So every morning, once I write it down, I have, like, two or three minutes where I just imagine myself achieving it. And what are the feelings that I'm going to have at that moment? And this really pushes me. This really drives me to chase it even harder and harder every day. The next one is to put all yours more, goes into calendar type schedule set time frames for achieving them and make sure you fall through on every single one of them. For example, if you take a year for your financial goal, January and February, you focus on learning about finance and marketing. Then you improve your city. Then you'll start looking for a job or something else. If you're trying tow, launch your business. You do your research in January and February in March and in April you're going to write your business plan. You're going to collect your money in May and then launch your business. Try to hit your first financial goal by the end of November and so on. I personally love using Google sheets because it's accessible from everywhere and even from my phone, I can change just and adopt the table the way we want it. But you know, if you want to write it down and like a notebook or something, no problem. Whatever best suits you just make sure that it's going to be easy for you to fall through, and you're going to have constant access to it, because once you complete something on the list, you need to move to the next one. The next one is vision boards. I really love them because they help you visualize what you're chasing after and kind of gives you a little bit more meaning and makes it more reachable in a way. So in the example of a personal goal, if you are looking to find your soul mate, you can cut out pictures off people being together or being together somewhere or having Children and just go out, release your inside artists and just create something that will affect your in. Make you smile in the process because don't forget every feeling that you relate to the goingto creating this vision board. It will bring you closer to your goal after that Once you're done. I suppose you can do this in several different ways. Of course, you can do it on a computer or again. You can do it on the piece of paper with getting out magazine whatever works for you. I personally prefer having it on my computer so I can bring it out after that. Stick it on my wall. I also have it as a desktop background and all those other things. I just need to have it in places where I can see it constantly. And I think this is something that you should do. So a combination of all of those three things, First of all, they need to be very easily accessible. You need to have access to all the things that you're writing down every single day so that you can look at them. You can think about them and you cannot just them in the process. 12. Plan Your Time: Now that you have written down the perfect plan for achieving your goal, you need to plan time for it. Life has a funny way of getting into the way of things. And if you're like me and if you have a normal job than a family, then you travel a lot. You probably don't have, ah, vote of timeto work on your dreams, and this is the moment where you have to plan for it. Check out your daily schedule what you're doing when you have free slots and make sure you dedicate time for chasing your goal. For example, if you have the personal goal off meeting your soulmate, set aside time for two dates this week. Or, if you're chasing a financial goal, make sure that you dedicate some time to study on the subject or to prepare the business plan for your idea. This is the moment when you're going to have to make the sacrifices that we discussed in the first section. I can give you a personal example. I have a long list of goals and my current job in my personal life and the travels that I have related toe work are not helping me. I need to block additional time late at night or early in the morning in order to chase my goals. This could be extremely difficult if you are not prepared for it. And if you want to go out with a friend or something else or you have a wedding to attend or something else you might have to skip because of your dream. Otherwise, you will have a week or two or three without doing anything on it. And it will just get somewhere you actually get nowhere on your goal. And of course, there are a lot of weeks where there are many things that you need to attend and that is OK . We live in a very dynamic world with a lot of changes. But just make sure that you have checkpoints every week or every month or so. Where you say that, Okay, for this period of a month, I'm wanna dedicate this amount of time toe my goals and you might not do it in the first week. But then you have to catch up in the second and the third week and you have the time to plan for it. So be ready for this in dedicate time before everyday life get into gets into your way 13. Plan Preparation Example: in this video, I want to show you the schedule type plan that I personally also used for bigger goals. So I don't lose track of them and let me first zoom in. As you can see, I have to type of goals. Big goal number one and big goal number two. So this is more like a dashboard for all your dreams. So you can copy and paste this and go on the list and keep track of everything that's going on in your life. Go wise and I want to spice things up a little bit with this one with the first, Big Coal will actually make it. It's a a smaller, big goal. If the 2nd 1 is to earn, like 10,000 U. S. Dollars per month, the 1st 1 will be two to have a nice travel trip and why I want to show you. This is because if you have ah long list of goals and they're all like, huge and take, like so many years to come, at some point you might get really, really discourage. So I strongly encourage you guys to have also smaller goes on your major bucket list of life that you can chase and see results relatively fast. The 1st 1 will be a travel go. And in this big field here you write down you're smart gold. The two sentences that we defined earlier. You ride them down here and this is the example here can, of course, play with old feuds and everything you can script in. You know how this works. It's an excel sheet. Ah traveled to Rome for romantic weekend in April this year with my girlfriend and visit all places and our list Off course you can do this. Ah, even more in detail. But I think for us more go like this is quite well defined. And then you can break this further down to smaller go. So what you need to do in your planning such travel? Well, first of all, Ah, safe money for this trip. This is like a force mogul. The second smaller go is to plan the trip and buy tickets. So everything where you want to go, what you want to visit and just buy the tickets on and also find accommodation and so on. So maybe if you need a car or of this by If you really want to be romantic and Italian style. Ah, and so on. Just write down everything that you need to do, and the last one is to research the city. So there's so many things to do in Rome. And before you go there, you want to be prepared. You know, you want to see what are the best places and how you get there or maybe the best restaurants and so on. Eso you don't Lou Diamond looking for restaurants when you're there And then this time frame, as you can see, it's it's for the whole year, obviously through December. Of course, you can change this in tow yearly plan. So this could be one year and it's up to you. I prefer to have it yearly and monthly eso save money. Obviously this needs to come first. And here I'm not gonna write anything. I'm just going toe. Ah, highlighted. So saving money Green Looks like a nice color or ah for me. I live in Europe, so tickets will not be that expensive. If you're living for their way, you might need more time toe to save the money. Ah, but January looks like a good month to save money. Since I'm planning the trip for April. And I think this is one of the best months toe visit Rome. I can also mark this here as some kind of ah, big square where you wanna be, like Target, the chief or something, You know, just have something to aim at Andi. Then you go through the next one. So I planned the trip. Buy tickets. Okay, So if you have two months in advance to buy the tickets used to get good prices, so definitely you wanna have this somewhere here? Uh, let's have it in orange. Whatever. Off course you can. Once you purchase the tickets here. Now, I'm just thinking out louder, and you can extend this. You can still be saving money. Maybe you want to take your girl to a nice Michelin restaurant or something special, So this could be an ongoing process, as you can see, saving money. But that is like a reminder that you need to do it. And that just buy the tickets. Booked the hotel on. That's it. Research the city. I prefer to do this in the last moment because everything that I've seen and learned is like fresh in my mind. When I go there eso I'll definitely spend the month looking for is the ground. It's on toe to research the city, and this is how a small goal looks like again. If you need a little small, more smaller goals you can at fueled here. But now let's go toe to the big one. These are the two sentences that we defined in the Smart Met with order in the course. I earned 10,000 years doors every month for the next five years from online business selling T shirts, which will take me no more than 20 hours per week. I'm launching the business in 12 months. So if this is your time frame for a year for the launch, um, this is like you have a lot of small goals here because this is quite a big goal. And here you have to write down everything for the course of a year. So the first thing that the out probably to do is research online. Okay, so I will check what else is out there. What my competitors are offering. Ah, And so then I'll probably sign up for on courses. So I want to see what's on out there on the subject. How to construct the online business. And they're everything that is related to this. Another small goal could be right. Business plan. This is also quite important, so you can see what will happen and what are the potential returns. And if it's viable and so another small go is to design the website, for example, this is very important. Also research Ah, service fighters. Are you going to do this locally? Are you going to do this? Ah, with someone in China or some some other kind of service and so on. Uh, then, um, pre aids marketing strategy. I think this is also quite very important when launching a new business. So these air just five more goals within the big goals. Six. Actually, you can probably at a lot more on this, but let's just focus on this one. Ah, and again, if you wanna achieve this ambitious goals out, advice to start right away. So this is the first thing that you need to be doing. You need to be researching the competitors and take as much time as it's needed than sign up for online courses. I think this could be done like at the same moment. Three months is a long time, but I would say two months if you're really busy. And if this is your side hustle, go through the online courses, write a business plan. I would advise not to start right away from the beginning with it. So I will just educate myself and so on. So I would have this in February and March to write a business plan designed the website. This is somewhere in the future. So I want to be designing. I start designing the website. Probably somewhere in August and September. Keeping Landis. We'll probably take you quite a lot of time. Mixed one research service provider. So definitely before you have ah, website and song, you would need to do this and you can do it. Ah, sure. Do it in green. Create marketing strategy. So this is definitely something for me to think about right about here. And I'll put it and Retz. Ah, and let me zoom out. This is how a final version of this could look like for you again. As I said that These are just a few examples, but there you can add on the list here and also fill in October. November said again like December is a great time for launch for such kind of business. So maybe set your and go here when you're going to do this. Andi, just go from here. This I found myself to be extremely helpful. And once I open it and it's February and I'm still not starting with the online courses, then I'm behind schedule. But usually what happens is I see this and I'm always in front of the schedule. So this is the after effect of having everything tract and written down in such kind of plan that you'll probably be well before everything before your end time for a specific goal. So here, researching providers, you probably started in March on a song as usual. Our include this field in template, and also the empty one in the resource is off this course. So feel free to go there downloaded, adjusted to the way you want it and start setting your plan for your amazing ghost. I'll see you in the next video 14. Vision Board Example: in this video, I want to show you how to design a vision board. And of course, I'll include this in the resource is so you can download it either as g Beck or PPT. So Power Point presentation. I really love using camber, which is a two. It's completely free. You just need to register and our used camera for this example. But if you don't like it or if you have any other to, of course you can use it and you can just use the PowerPoint presentation and just stick all your things right in there. And as you can probably tell, vision Board on the background is stars cause aim for the stars, you know, and so on. So I have divided it here into four sections, and I think it's very important when you're designing your goals and later your vision board to have a different type of gold. So these could be professional go so related to your salary or to your earning to your money. Ah, here can have personal goals like, Ah, if you want to find your soul mate here, you can have personal development, so the skills that you wanna build in on Dhere could be just totally random stuff, like travel or anything Els that you want to do. And that's what we're going to do in this example right here. Remember that this is your vision board. And creating it should be very, very fun, because these are your dreams and your life, and you're going to achieve them. So this is the moment you have to be, like, very, very excited. Ah, and lets go right into Camba. And, as you can see here can have ah, for ALS and right away. Oh, look, I've used this already. I can pull and drag just money for, um And since this is, you know, on one of my goals, I can maybe put it out, like, right here. Ah, and I have a picture. Maybe out check. What else? Ah, there Have money related. This looks like a better one. So a bit more cash, Not $1 bills come on, $100 sells better. Ah, and what I will do is also write down stuff. So, um, our add some text and all right, down earned, then. Okay. So, again, this is overlapping with whatever I am writing down in my Darius and so on. And I want to make sure that I have it also in the vision board because, you know, it's very important. Two. Oops. I think this is way too big. There it is. Mm. And you just, you know, put it here. Of course you can ATM or make it more visually appealing. Ah, and whatever. Whatever else you want, the next one that with this course in the courses Ah, find a soul mates. Um, this year, uh, let's be again a bit more specific. Change the core. Uh, this. Ah. And here, of course you can. That's 60. Uh, here. I'll look for, um, Couples. And this looks like a nice foretell. You can add your own forest, of course, but if you don't have or if you put, like, ex girlfriend of yours, it could be kind of weird, unless your goal is to get together with her again. But just, you know, some pleasant moments of couples that will kind of relate to the feeling that you wanna have with this person. And so so the next one will be You can just drag here like this. It'll be easier concerning personal development. You might want to learn the language. So, for example, with talent I speak done in, um by we've been the next 18 months serial. So let's see what there is in Italian. Um Ah, OK, there's this only food. So maybe not. But these air better for us, I think gave can use this one. Some of the forums are premium. So you get this watermark. But you know, for this example, we don't care. Of course you can. Go on. Go, go Dragon drop for us here. Whatever you prefer. It's quite flexible toe. Um and I will probably add something like like this. Ah, that's a good one with the words in different course and such cards really helped Learn the language. Of course, you can add as many personal goals here and again. Just write some little text a little for us, and that will be good to go. So in this last one out, say travel, dream, travel, dream travel, um, visits. Uh, celled, um Mary Girl for a month and rival uhm tae Brazil Argentina Barrow. And so here you go this far. Oh, here is actually from Argentina I didn't I didn't imagine that. They will look also like Canada or some cold, colder place, but I guess they're quite south. So close to the SAPO anyway. So this is, uh, great example. I think of a vision board. You can print this out or you can sit on your desktop. Look at it every day. Ah, no. Go through it. Imagine yourself having all those things are achieving a with those new skills or anything . Andi, just go from there. I personally love having this vision board somewhere where I can see it constantly. And this is my desktop. So here it is. It's not South, so sophisticated, but it really does the job. I have the text and so on and my goals. But you can use this template. I think it looks on which better And yeah, that's pretty much for this video. Guys, I will see you in the next lesson. 15. Thank You Board Example: in the last tutorial video of the section I Want to create together with you. Thank you board. Until now, we have been focusing on what we want to achieve, But I think it's extremely powerful to know what you have already achieved and be grateful for. This kind of gives you a little bit more energy and really self confidence in all the things that you have. And we asked people quite often forget what we had, even if we dreamed about this for so long and we waited for it. Once we have it, it kind of loses its power over us, and I think it's very good from time to time to remember what we have already achieved. Ah, and yet that's what we're going to do today. I have already downloaded some photos of me and for the things that I'm grateful for us. So I'm just gonna drag and drop them here. This year is my little travel section, So I'm super grateful that I've had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world and see amazing places and actually live with dolphins. See a wild line up close and many, many other things here on this side is music concert, and this is also something that I'm grateful for, that there's amazing music over the world and have the opportunity to listen. It also live, but also in the car. It gives you so many different emotions and lets you experience your life in a completely different way. Of course, you can add text, and that's what we're going to do now. I am a great full form health. This is, I think, very, very important. And we take it for granted. And I haven't been healthy. Always. So this is something that I'm really grateful for. Another thing is, um, my family and friends have been looking enough to have amazing, amazing people around me, Um, that I am financially independent. So this is also quite important. I'm thankful for four for my both. This is something very important, a person that makes it pleasant toe work and where I'm working right now. And as you can see, this doesn't look really pretty right now, but you cannot just and play with it. I just wanted to give you a few examples of things that you can be grateful for. General things that you have, like, maybe health. Oh, our family and friends and then things that you have achieved, like in my case. Ah, Lord, off travels and financial independence. Um, and that's it. I think this is a great exercise again. I will leave this template of the thank you board as a G peck and a power point so you can choose how you want to apply it. And if you want to apply it by, I would definitely recommend to do this. Another thing that I do is also just write down stuff that, um, think before or I just sit down at some point, maybe before going to bed or after I'm in bed. And I just think about those things because we get so stuck in everyday life in our problems and everything that's going on and you're so focused on the future and the goals and then someone that we forget would we have already achieved. And that is actually what we are and what is going to get this closer to our next big ghost . This is everything for this video, and I'll see you in the next section 16. Overcome the First Doubt: we have gone throat. First of all, you have formulated your perfect goal. Then you have devised a plan for achieving it. And also you have made some time for chasing it. Now is the moment to start with the first step and this could be extremely difficult. The more you're chaser go, the more you will fall in love with it, I promise you. But as always, the first step is the hardest. This section is dedicated all about the obstacle that you're going to face when you're chasing your goals. We're going to look into them and see what actually stands behind those obstacles and how you can avoid them and overcome them. You're going to get a bear understanding. And this way your know that once you hear an obstacle or a problem, it's not the end of the road. You don't have to quit. You can persevere and continue on your path to greatness. There's always a point when all the excitement off chasing your goal is just gone. It usually happens within the first few weeks and then you face the first obstacles. Yes, you have your plan and you have formulated everything. But once this hits you, you think it's again the end off the road. Don't worry. This moment is completely normal and completely expected. And actually with experience, you see that what will happen to you over and over again after a month, or maybe after two months or after year, you always have those down moments where you want to quit. In this lesson, I'm going to show you two ways that you can deal with this and how to anticipate it. Usually, the first doubts come with the first difficulties, and this could be within a week or a month. Really depends. But the first way that you can deal with this is by writing down the purpose. Why do you want to achieve your goal? Just write down two sentences and put them somewhere that you can read them, maybe next to your bed or to your computer or maybe in your wallet. And every time that this happens to you, when you're in doubt, just open it and read it out loud. So in the example of finding your soulmate, write down why you want to be with this person, how you wanna make him feel how you are going to treat this person once you're together and what kind of Children you will raise in order to make this world a better place. That's a higher goal that you want to chase and definitely will get you out of a struggle that you're going to face in that moment the same way you have your go and your plan for achieving it real and down. Have those sentences of your purpose in an easy to access place and go back to them when you're in doubt. 17. Share with Your Friends: The second method of dealing with doubts has a little bit of a reverse psychology to it, and this is share with with all your friends. Tell everybody about your goal about your plan and what you're trying to achieve. This will make you accountable in front of them for the goal that you're trying to achieve . So this way, next time you see them and you go out, they're going to ask you about how are things going? How is your plan going? Are going forward? Or or maybe not? And this will put you in a uncomfortable place if you haven't really reached anything, or if you're not moving according to your plan, I personally love doing this. I even create a YouTube video and just list all my goals and all my plans. And I'll given update at the end of the year or something like this to know that I really need to push it. I really need to give my best in Northern not to disappoint myself, but also not to disappoint the people around me. The second benefit of sharing your goals, which your friends is that you're going to create a buzz around it, and they're going to encourage you. They're going to help you. So, for example, if your goal is to meet your so mitt, they might be able to introduce you to someone. Or if you want to achieve your financial Gore manager company, you might have a friend that can introduce you to someone that will give you this job or at least a job interview. Use the power of the collective mind in your advantage, and you see that when you have down moments, your friends might be exactly the people that you will help you get out of it and keep you on track with your goals. 18. Create a Mastermind: The next method is to create a mastermind and what this means. You should find like minded people that could be your friends or maybe some other people that you don't know so well and have regular meetings. It could be once a month or more often. It really depends on you, and the sole purpose of these meetings will be to discuss your goals and your progress and then brainstorm on the problems that you're going to face. They're two key things to consider when creating a mastermind. The 1st 1 is to find like minded people. It's very important that you talk with other people that also have high goals, and they're also on the road to chasing them and also have their doubts and so on, so that you know that you can always rely on them and they can rely on you, and you can together work and create this collective energy off achieving your goals. If you try to create a mastermind with people that are not really actionable or don't have similar interests as you, this could be extremely difficult and again actually have the negative effects. The second very important thing is to have a person in your mastermind that you don't know very well. So it could be a friend of your friend or someone that you don't know, but you have similar interest. This will bring a new perspective to your mastermind, because between your friends, you probably know what they're thinking. And you probably expect the advice that they're going to give you, and this person that you don't know bring a totally different perspective. And in a moment off doubt, this could be the type of advice that you most need. And actually, the best part about a mastermind is that you're going to see that all the people go through the same process. They all have house. They'll have problems, a new kind of few, one part of a greater think and that what happens to you and when you're chasing your goal is completely normal. You're not crazy or you're not a loser for being down or for wanting to quit. It's all about perseverance, and you'll see miracles happening 19. Make a CElebration Plan: The last strategy for dealing with doubts is to create a celebration plant, sit down with your closest people and think about how you're going to celebrate once you achieve your goal, because one thing is achieving it. But then you will have to celebrate it. Of course, Think about this when you meet your soul mate, who's going to be invited to your wedding, What songs you're going to play or maybe on your bachelor's party. What They're the friends that you're going to invite. Just tell them sometimes you don't even need a reason to celebrate. Just get together with your friends and be grateful for what you have achieved and what is to come and all the efforts that you have put. Just be appreciative off this and off everything that has happened in your life. I personally love devising celebration, blast with my friends and the closest people that I have for travel. So, for example, once I reached my goal, I'll probably spend the weekend in Rome, or I'll spend the whole year traveling and stuff like this. Whatever drives you whatever is a really celebration for you. You might want to buy yourself something or do something for your for someone nails. Whatever drives you is just an extra thing that will drive you through the hardest moments when you're chasing your goals. Also, extremely important is to celebrate every little step off the way this is actually the most important thing. It's not GM go, it's the whole process. And after you have achieved something little or maybe one of your little girls, give yourself a high five for go out for dinner or anything else. Just make sure you celebrate and is a matter effect celebrate even the doubts and the failures that you're going to have. They're going to give you so much experience, and when you're overcoming them, they're going to prepare you for the next ones so that you can be more ready and go out of them faster. This is again, a reason to be grateful and a reason to celebrate whatever is happening in your life. I personally remember when I was achieving my goal off swimming with killer whales. I booked the trip like a year and advance, and I remember the whole process before I actually got into the water. It was exciting. Every single day. When I was remembering it, I thought that this is impossible. And once I found the trip, I celebrated so much that actually there's a trip like this and that I can afford it. And then for the next 12 months before the actual event, Every time I remember that or I was talking with someone about it, I was reliving it, even without actually knowing what it is like and now thinking back, Well, it was an amazing experience, but that whole year off just thinking about it and celebrating the most successes. It was even more powerful. And I'm grateful for the spirit. So you need to enjoy every every single moment when you're chasing your goals because this is your life ago, my particular year or two or five or 10 years to achieve, and it could take just a moment that didn't Okay, that's done. I've achieved it, but the whole process of 345 years, this is your life, and you need to enjoy to the fullest 20. Dealing with Failure - My Story: Even if you have fold all the steps in this course and you have devised the perfect plan and you're chasing your goal, there might be cases that you'll still fail. And in this video, I want to share with you my personal story. Ever since I was little, I had a dream to become a professional voidable player, and at age of 11 I started making my dream come true. I didn't know much about setting goals at that point, but I was chasing it. I knew that I wanted to be professional, that I wanted with championships and our morning and traveled the world all those amazing things and I started doing it. I practiced really hard. At age of 16. I started practicing twice the I become a national champion at the age of 19. Then I found the team abroad. I was playing professionally. Then I found another team in a different country and I was still playing professionally. But I got injured. Then I got injured really bad, and this happened when I was already 24. So you can imagine it was already 13 years in the making and I was making my dream come true. I was still not at the level that I wanted to be in my dreams, but I was getting there. And then suddenly I had to stop and rethink everything about my life. I lost my purpose, to be honest. And it was the hardest moment of my life. I was completely lost. I was depressed for two years. I was feeling like a failure like a complete failure, and I didn't know what to do. And this could happen to anyone into any kind of dreams. Sometimes they're just obstacles you cannot overcome. Yes, I tried to recover from my back injury, but I just couldn't. So I decided to quit and not risk my health. And while I was in this depression, there was nobody out there to tell me that. Okay, this is normal. This happens in life and you might struggle, but you'll find something else to chase. And at some points, that's what I did. I actually asked myself a very important question. What is the second thing on your list? Obviously the 1st 1 was voidable playing it professionally. But what is the second goal on your list? What you want to do, and I was in love with cars. Actually, I still am. And that was the one thing that really drove me and gave me the same pleasure. And I was doing with the same enthusiasm, anything related to cars. So I found a job that was directly related to cars, and I started developing that passion of mine, and again it completely transformed my life. But this time, for the positive, I found my new purpose, and I was again excited about life chasing goals and so on. And actually, this is where my journey really started, with chasing and achieving goals and learning how to do this in the process and going back on this whole experience, playing voidable for 13 years, pretty much at that time, more than half of my life and failing miserably and feeling sorry for myself for two years , I considered that two years for lost time. I was just entering my prime at age of 24 25. I could do so much more. I could learn so many things and try out so many crazy ideas, and I'm sure that I would have been much further ahead in my life. and I hope that this whole course and this video does this for you guys. Don't get too stuck on your failures. They will happen. That's OK. It's it's part of life. But if you're able to just get up and continue on your next go and on your next goal, this will save you so much time and so much effort, and it will make you so much better at chasing and achieving your goals. Never forget what is the most important, and that is to have fun in the process. Even if you fail or if you're achieve your goals, this is your life and make sure you live it to the maximum. 21. 10 Books of Inspiration: in this video, I want to share with you some of my favorite books that have helped me immensely when I was building the scores, but also when I was setting, chasing and achieving my personal goals, and the very 1st 1 is actually on audiobook, but I recommend it like it's top of my list. This is Jim Rome's The Ultimate Collection Off Seminars. Jim Rohn is the father off pretty much every modern motivation speaker, including Tony Robbins and what he has to say, and the way he has to say is phenomenal. It really touches me every time I listen to his seminars. I do this regularly, like every month or so. I play some parts now. Not all part. There's actually one whole part on goal setting, so I strongly recommend you get a free trial on Audible and get this out. Your book. The next two on my list are autobiographies, and these are Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson and Shoe Dog by the Creator off Mikey Fuel Night. And Richard Branson is quite well known, but his story is extremely interesting. His life is basically a lesson in perseverance. He just decides to create something because he has a passion about it and he doesn't care about the competitors on the market. And he chases his go with all his heart and all his efforts. Shoot joke is another great example of this, and I always like reading autobiographies to see that you know, even really, really successful people go through all the obstacles that I took in this course but that you are also going to face in your life. The next one is the one thing. This is a best selling book like pretty much all the books on the list, but it specifically important for me because it helps you get focused on just one thing, which is most important on. I think this is a truly very important message in the world that we live in with all the distractions and all the different things that take us away from chasing and achieving our goals. The next one is crushing It by Gary V. And you have probably heard about Gary Vaynerchuk already is quite famous on pretty much every social media channel, but I loved this book because he has included a lot of examples off people that has that have followed his advice and really have made a huge success for themselves, which it doesn't happen overnight. Ah, lot of them have regular jobs, and they just chase their dreams and achieve them. It is truly inspiring to see also other people normal people that have normal jobs achieved their greatest dreams. The next one on the list is called Peak for four months, and actually, I'm just finishing this book and it's again amazing. It emphasizes immensely on the rest and how you should rest in order to have your peak performance always and gonna include science about athletes and also great thinkers, great great artists on, and there are a lot of similarities on how they achieved greatness and what routines they fall. And I think it's a very crucial to learn from burning out and all those things that happen every day on and improve on the path to your goals. The next one is by Iran Holy Day, and it's called Obstacle is the way he really focuses on stoicism, and I love his approach to everything that comes in our lives that it has some kind of purpose, and it's our job to overcome it, then bear all the fruits that come after that. The next two books are by Grand Cardone, another quite popular author and also entrepreneur. His, in my opinion, very well spoken, the very like in your face guy. But I love his approach, cause his super honest. Then he has proven track off a lot of success, his sales oriented. So the first book that I'm going to a command is cell or be sold, which really gets in depth off sales, but in a way that you should approach your life and you're selling best basically, on every level of your life, like even like your Children are selling to you and you're trying to sell something to them . Andi, I think this is an extremely important skill to have, like sales in general. And even if you're not working in this area, you should need it like pretty much every day of your life, in your job, chasing your dreams and convincing people to go your way on. So on. His next book that I want to recommend is called The 10 X Role, and basically, in this book, whatever you do, then accept whatever your go is 10 more times this and hey really kind of motivates you to push further work harder, work harder than everybody else. Andi Also, there's a lot of logic behind what he's saying. It's not just a hustle porn. I really love his approach. The last book that I want to recommend is by Bat Flynn, and it's called Will It Fly? Kathleen is a great guy. You should look for him online. He has, ah, lot off a lot of articles on passive income on building an online business, and this exact booked is a complete walked through for someone that wants to start a business. So what? They're all the steps that you want to go through. What are the ideas you want to test, how to test them, how to validate everything and whatever applies for a business I think applies for any kind of gold because it's actually your business to achieve this goal. Then there are certain set of rules that apply across all kinds of fields that you need to keep in order to achieve it, and pretty much these air. My book recommendations, I hope you read some of them provided with some feedback. Maybe we can also discuss them further on. If you have any questions and even more recommendations to give me also, I'll be glad to take them see in the next one. 22. It's Your Turn: I want to wrap up this course with a cool from Jim role, and that is Sarah ago. That will make something of you to achieve it. This extremely powerful message. It doesn't matter what kind of go you said. The road will make your better person, and that is the process that you need to enjoy every single day. Thank you very much for enrolling in this course. I hope you enjoyed it, and it was helpful for you. If there's any way that I can improve it, send me a message or email, and I will make sure that I do the just months. If you want to keep track of my goals and hold me accountable for them, make sure you subscribe for my YouTube channel. And that is actually my goal. To grow my YouTube channel to more than 100,000 subscribers in create inspirational videos for everyone to change their goals and achieve them. Thank you once again And good luck