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Goal Setting Masterclass - How to get what you’re after!

teacher avatar Anastasios Tsirpouchtsidis

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (4h 47m)
    • 1. Trailer - What you can expect

    • 2. Welcome, Introduction & Goal of the Course

    • 3. Looking back for lessons and insights

    • 4. Escape the gravitational pull of your current life

    • 5. The two areas you can go wrong

    • 6. Avoid these 5 common mistakes

    • 7. Set goals the right way [3 tools and exercises]

    • 8. Time to take action [Checklist]

    • 9. Beware of the 3 killers of execution

    • 10. Align these 6 elements and you're good to go!

    • 11. Conquer your goals with these 4 success habits

    • 12. Remember THIS - the overall course summary

    • 13. Change the way you look at things and avoid regrets

    • 14. You did it! Now what?

    • 15. BONUS VIDEO - The easiest way to track your habits

    • 16. !! NEW !! EXTRA BONUS: 10 day Goal Setting & Achieving Challenge

    • 17. 10d CHALLENGE - Intro video & what you can expect

    • 18. 10d CHALLENGE - Before we start... (The "warm up")

    • 19. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY1

    • 20. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY2

    • 21. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY3

    • 22. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY4

    • 23. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY5

    • 24. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY6

    • 25. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY7

    • 26. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY8

    • 27. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY9

    • 28. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY10

    • 29. WRAP UP: The 5 biggest factors for successful goal setting

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About This Class

--- NEW ADDITION (Jan 2020): Bonus Videos for a 10 day challenge ---

One of the most powerful coaching questions I came across to date is “Why don’t you already have what you want?

Have you ever taken the time to think about that?

What is it that is holding you back? And what is it, that drags you back to square one, every time you try to change something in your life?

And what will it take to finally escape the pull of the past, to change your default and climb to higher levels?

The class “How to get what you're after!” answers these questions for you. It is designed to help you do just that: identify what you want to go after, adjust your self-image and pursue it with success.

Hope you are excited. I am for sure.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Tasso.

YOU are your biggest asset. I will help you invest in it.


Tasso’s mission is to help people show up at their best – at work and in life. To raise their ambitions, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and take meaningful action.

He strongly believes that the way to success is rooted in an empowering mindset and self-image as well as strong habits.

That’s why his courses combine INSPIRATION to trigger willingness to change, INSTRUCTION to equip with tools and habits that help you move forward, and MOTIVATION so that you can persevere in your effort to change whatever is not working for you.

For more than 13 years, Tasso worked with “Big Pharma.” He understands in depth the struggles employees ... See full profile

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1. Trailer - What you can expect: Hi, This is Tasso from role model You. And in this class today I am going to help you select the right goes for you and pursue those with success so you can achieve more in life and become the person you want to become . If you're someone whom has been struggling in the past with sticking to their plans, if you're someone who generally starts off something with excitement and passion, but then after a couple of weeks tends to fall back to square one and gets frustrated in the second, tired of having to start over from scratch again and again, Let me tell you that most likely it is not because of your lack of commitment of your lack of discipline per se. Most likely it's because you didn't choose the goals that matter to you most. Here's the thing. If you have been struggling reaching your goals in the past, maybe they're not the ones you should be after. So let's fix that. Okay, so here's what you gonna learn in the class. I'm gonna show you what this tendency to quit this lack of motivation that you might have experienced comes from I'm gonna show you the five major mistakes people make when selecting the goals so that you can avoid them. I'm going to guide you through three exercises that will help you select the right gold gold goes that excite you that inspire you and frankly, get you out of bed in the morning. You're gonna see what the major obstacles are that get in the way when executing you goes and what you need to have in place there six elements that you need to align to help you master your goals. And we're gonna finish this class off by teaching you the four critical success habits that you need to install in your life to crush this year and every year from now on, you will have the opportunity to do the exercises. Writing the during the class. I'm going to encourage you to pause the video and do the exercises. But of course, if whatever works for you, if you like to go through the class first and come back for the exercises, feel free to do so as well. There are also two downloads very, very important downloads in this class. Please don't forget to download them. Print them fill them out. They have critical to help you track and on dfo up on your commitments and they're linked to your project. So for more detail, go back to the project session after watching this introductory video to get more details on what your projects look like. So, with the one thing that I can certainly guarantee you is that probably this is the most inspirational goal setting, cause goal setting class that you have come across the date of you will have watched today and I can't wait to see you on the other side. I can't wait to enroll and teach all these things That will certainly make a difference in your life. I mean, can you imagine how you're Dr How your motivation, how your productivity will change will transform one to have a a reason for all these Once you have the goal a target toe to direct all those towards them. So I can't wait to teach all these things in role now and I'll see you on the other side 2. Welcome, Introduction & Goal of the Course: Hello, everybody. And welcome to this class. I'm so glad to have you here. Thank you so much for enrolling. You are at the right place. If you are looking for new ways for new insights, your inspiration, new practices to achieve your goals if you want to get whatever you're after, this class is actually based on a life event that I organized last year. It was towards the end of last year, Christmas time. You know, the typical time with people said millions resolutions and goes for themselves. And we wanted to answer a typical question that bothers most people, which is what does he take? The change. And I'm sure you're familiar with this that you are. You know, if your current situation it's calling your default setting and you want to write to the next level, you want to change something, you set yourself a goal. Whether it's a financial goal, that business goal, a relationship bowl. Maybe it's a health gold. Very typical for the time of the year. People want to lose weight, don't want to eat healthier something like that. But then, after a couple of weeks of excitement and passion in pursuing those goals. You fall back to square one, you have to start from scratch. You get frustrated, you feel guilty, you blame yourself, and that is so far away from what you actually want to do, which is just get to the next level and move on. Make that change sustainable so that you get someone of time, can have the next level and the next level and experience that progress. And that changed the personal development that you're so after. And so the question is, of course, what is different. What makes successful people reach their goals on what makes other people go back to the default setting? Is it that they don't have the right goals? Are they having too many goals? Are they having you know, that the environment is it themselves? What do they need to change? What needs to be done differently in order to be more successful with goal setting? And so in this interactive and very, very engaging and works up, we've been through some exercises that I told a framework ah, few practical steps for people to do things differently This year, I wanted people to make this year different to make it very alien to feel that the take back charge and control of their lives that they achieved more in their lives. And so that's exactly what I wish for you today. When you go through this class, I want you to get so excited with the gold nuggets you get with the inside of the motivation, inspiration, some very good information and exercises that you will learn that you want to take them away. As soon as you clothes the's class, you're done that you can't wait to lock yourself up for half a day, a day or two to the weekend if it's needed to go through the thinking to go through the exercises and actually do something different this year. So that's what I'm wishing for you. I wish you a lot of fun in going for the class, and I'm looking forward to your successes. 3. Looking back for lessons and insights: Now, if you remember, we want to find a friend. What that helps you make next year or 2018 in this case, a success. The question, obviously, is before we go into the how and you want to doing what it needs you to do. The obvious question is, of course, what would make 2018 a successful would make 2000 and 18 grade? This is a big question that often people overcome, they set goals or wrongly, New Year's resolutions randomly in basin, whatever they feel at the end of the year on. But they don't think about, you know what actually would make 2018 success what I wanna have on my tick box. Some people already have this in their minds, and some people, really I know exactly what it is that they want and what they're after, but sometimes people don't really know it, you know. And so one thing that I found out that helps very much to get their clarity is to just look back a little bit. You know, we had 2017 so let's start by seeing back how 2017 was. So what made 2017. Great. It might give us ideas and insights on what we can do to make 2018 even better than 2000 and 17. So he is the first part of an exercise. What I would like you to do is I would like you to pause this video for a moment, and I want us to get, you know, into a good mood, because when we start planning for 2000 and 18 we need to get into a mood of possibility. We need to get into a mood of opportunity. We need to get more into a good feeling, a feeling that allows us to be kind of a jumping board into new adventures, something that allows us to really tackle the new year with motivation, inspiration and with everything we've got. So the first part of the exercise that I would invite you to do is to take a moment and list the things that make 2000 and 17 Great. This can be things that that that you did that you really intentionally said you wanted to do in your completed them or you did it started them on those things that make you feel good or it can also be things that just popped up. Obviously, you know, we cannot predict the future, and we set goals for ourselves with set intentions for the year and sometimes new things happened that threw us off our path. However, the other day shows that these was the better path for us to follow. So sometimes we follow the things that we set for ourselves and we believe to be the two things. But sometimes things happen to us that actually make things even better. So post this video for a moment or if you don't want to do it now, when you want to go, you know that different kinds of people if you want to go through the whole content first and come back, you can do this, of course as well. But when you do this, please take a moment. Pause this and list those things that made 2070 create and you can make if you like two columns on one column You do you know your list, those things that you did and another column you list those things that actually happen to you, so I'm gonna poses for a moment. I'm gonna stop here and allow you to port and do the exercise. Okay, welcome back. So I hope you took some time to look back for you to see what was the result. Now I'm sure that when you look back in 2017 with, you know, fresh eyes with now having gone even into 2018 you will realize that 2017 was quite good, very often. And that was the case for me in the beginning. When I did this exercise, I went and, you know, with a little bit of fear. I was looking back and 17 and says, I don't think that wasa lot, that was good. But the reality is that when you sit down and reflect, you know, when you take some peaceful moment, you lock yourself up in a room and you you reflect a little bit about last year. What ends up happening is that you realize there were a lot of things that actually were quite good. 2017 was not all bad. Yes, there might be some bad things that happened that you obviously mastered because you're here. But there were also things that you wanted to do that happened and there were things that popped up for you. And so here's the thing. You know the result for me, What does it tell us? The result is there is a lot of things that you've done. There's a lot of things that you can look back and own and say, Look what I've done. This is what I've started. These are those things that that I can be proud, all that gets you into a good feeling. And you also see those things that popped up for you, that that the universal God or whatever you believe in showed up for you that they presented Jonah on a silver plate, if you want. And then you hopefully took advantage of that. You stepped into this opportunity and all these things, then, are things that you can be grateful for. You can so you can split 2017 in those things that you can be proud off because you've done something about it. And did you change something? You learn something you evolved. But also then, on the second on the second column, when you look at those things that happened to you. These are those things that you can be grateful for. You know, those things that we don't even planning or were not even wanting them. They popped up for you because it was the right moment for you. And it was for you to discover those things. So that is a good feeling for you, too, to start when it comes to planning in 2018. Now let's dive into the part two off this exercise, we look back and look what made 2000 and 17. Great. So now what I want you to do is to make the same kind of exercise where you're gonna pause the video or if you're, you know, go through the whole exercise. You come back and post the video then and you look at three other areas and I want you to look into the those areas that are list city on that slide. I want you to look at those things that you wanted to do and you didn't get to do for whatever reason that waas you know, sometimes we plan to many things and then we manage some things and then we don't manage other things that doesn't matter, because maybe it was not the right time. What I want you to do is I want you to look at those things that you wanted to do and that those that you didn't get to because it will be important to understand. Are these things still important? You want to take it to 2018? We'll get to that in a moment. But for now, let's take a moment and say OK, this is what I wanted to do. But I didn't do it or it might be things that you're started but didn't finish. Those that were, you know, things you wouldn't have wished where would have happened in a different way. The second thing that I want you to look back is the things that you didn't like about yourself. And these things are areas that you know, you found yourself behaving in a way or doing things in a way that you didn't like if you look back. So, for instance, you might find yourself that you compared yourself too much with other people or you might find yourself that you have not bean kamas kamas you would have liked in in different situations during adversity. Something that happened at your work and you will not calm. You're stressed out. Or maybe you wanted to build a habit and you didn't do it. You wanted to, for instance, before you No, one hour before you go to bed, you wanted to shut off their You're your electronic devices and you didn't do and you were not consistent. This could be something that you I didn't like about yourself or your kids were wanted to play with you and you and you didn't show that presence that you would love to have shown that you were Not that you didn't give them the feeling that they were the most important part. So all these things that you feel looking back, you didn't like a bunch of list them as well. And finally, it's That's about the self limiting beliefs. Safer meeting believes a similar, like those things that you didn't like about yourself. But they don't go into the kind of behavior. Remember that things you didn't like about yourself with those things that you know, like comparing yourself for not being consistent self limiting beliefs goes a level deeper . These are those things that you believe about yourself. So you might believe, for instance, that you are not good enough to do something or you might believe when you wanna. For instance, one thing that you wanted to do last year was that you wanted to wake up earlier. But you believe that you're not a morning person. You know, you need to understand that very often we operate based on the data base of information that we have installed in ourselves. We operate on a certain kind of an operating system, just like a computer. So you know, when those who runs on Windows 10 maybe a Mac computer runs on always, I don't know, whatever the current version is 13 11 0 no. And you know you need to understand. What is this operating system? What are your column Berries? Because these believes are defining your behavior. If you don't believe that you are a reader or a or a writer or a morning person, then you won't do those things that you set for yourself. To do so, Take a moment, pause the video and list also those self limiting beliefs. So these three areas I want you to look back to positive now and go through this. I'm gonna give you a moment to do exactly that exercise. So how was that? How did it feel? How did it feel to look at those things that didn't feel as good? Those things, You know, that you didn't get done those things that you didn't like about yourself. And if there are also your belief that instead of empowering you and encouraging you to move four rather holding you back So how do you feel about this thing? And you know what? When you look about this, I don't want you to feel bad about these things because I'm sure that you've realized that all these things that you look back in the second part of the exercise Ah, as the title of this light says lessons that you have learned. There are always lessons that you've learned from all this. There are lessons that you learn from, for instance, not doing some things that you want a toe. Maybe the lesson is that you took on too much on your plate, or the lesson might be that you chose the wrong things and you had some conflicting goals there are less sense from those things. It is very, very important. We look back of those things that didn't work well. And we look at what it taught us. The same thing with those things that if they didn't like about ourselves. You know, when you look at those things, it is important that you understand how you function yourself as a human being. Because if you don't work on those elements than anything new that you try to do if you don't change the way you think about several things, it will hold you back. And it will continue to give you that, you know, draw back. And this is why we looked at those things. Those things help you to get the lessons. So how was that? How did you like it? How did you like the exercise? Were they helpful? What? Did I want to do it? There were two things I wanted to do here with you. Number one was the self assessment piece. Before you start anything you need to understand where you come from before you start any journey, you need to understand what your starting point is. You don't want to make the same mistakes again and again. You need to understand what has been holding you back in the past before moving onwards. And the second thing it was about the mood. Yes. There are some things that were not so good in the previous year. Yes, there are some things that could have been better, but there also things that were amazing. And there were things that you either wanted to do that you should be proud of. All there were things that happened to you that you should be grateful for. So amazing. Get into this mood can t get into this feeling that will allow you to plant positively into the future. So these are the two things that I wanted to bring to your attention with the first video coming up in the next video. Whoa! This is gonna blow you away. You need to understand this. What is coming up in the next year? This is the one thing that is keeping us back. The one thing that defines our comforts on the one thing that is not allowing us to grow and become bigger. You're gonna love this. Enjoy 4. Escape the gravitational pull of your current life: Now we know that pursuing those goals is we put me know that there is a reward at the end. But why is it so hard to pursue? Goes? Why is it so hard? Why do we give up? And at the end of the day, why do we all get into the same faith that we try to do something? You and then we end up in square one and square one has seen us so often that says, what? Their head. Dude, are you again? Back to square one. It's enough and what we want to do with this weapon. Now what I want to tell you is I want to show you a way for you to maybe, you know, break through these this pattern off coming back to square one, not falling back to your default setting, but trying to find a way to move forward and increase yourself up. Level yourself, go to the next level for yourself. So why does it happen? Well, here's a theory of mine, and I hope that it will resonate with you because I believe that this is one major reason why we don't succeed at what we do. why we come always back at the you know, our default level while we come back to square one. And I believe it's because you know our lives. If you are honest to yourself most of the time, feel like you know it's in maintenance mode. We live our lives, you know, you know, way. Firefight. We are. We have filled our life with everything we can. We are paying the mortgage. We have the kids, the kids go to these activities. You know, it seems like we're busy all the time. It feels like the glasses full and there's nothing more than we could possibly add. We have reached a level in our lives where we really more defend. We've reached 11 in our lives where we keep just fixing things. You know, something doesn't work. We have to fix it from. Then there's a problem of work. Then we try to fix that. Then there's a problem at home and try to fix that. You know, this is the kind of life we live is not anymore. Looking forward is just about maintaining it. And this maintenance, this settling point is different for everybody. Obviously, you know, different people have stopped in their lives at different levels very, very often that level that. Let's call it a reference point. Maybe, is we choose his reference point for this settling moment for this settling down very often and parents or appears, you know. And then And then we say, OK, this is good enough. I'm going to stop here. What I'm trying to say with this is that in our lives we look around. And, for instance, a zai mentioned to you When it comes to your parents, you see how far your parents have come, and then you even subconsciously, without knowing it. You ask yourself the question, How much dough I deserve? How far do I believe I should be getting? What is my limit? And you know, if you say Let's on alphabet, your parents went from a B C D E f g h up to age. Maybe you say, Look for me, I can go maybe up to a cave and that's that's good enough for me. And this is where I stop. Or if you're not, if it's not your parents, maybe you take appears. Everybody around you has reached a certain level you are at that level or maybe a little bit above or a little bit below when you say this is it And this is where you stop. And so at some point we stopped wanting and we have We have created a lie that we feel comfortable with. We have created a life that at the end of the day is really worth defending. In fact, we have created a life. There is our own worst enemy. We have created a life that now we want to defend. We've reached a level that is so good that is our comfort zone that we want to keep. We don't want to lose these things that this is now. If you feel we created the little chain for self that is holding us back and saw the pull forward is less than the pullback with the pool off maintenance. So we start defending our lives and it is completely counterintuitive to what kids are doing. You know, we removed from being small kids with big goals and big dreams. Obviously, when you're OK, you know you got nothing, so there's nothing to defend. You want more? You want to become an astronaut. You want to become a doctor, you wanna become a lawyer. You want so much more because there's nothing that is holding you back. And so from those small kids with big dreams would become big kids if you wish with small dreams. And we have on Lee incremental wishes we you know, those things that we want to change now are very carefully selected that they carefully selected in a way that, you know, is that OK for me and isn't gonna take me too far out of my comfort zone, is it? Is it putting what I already have at risk? So it's incremental goals and those goals off course you can imagine I'm not as attractive as anything that is big. So that is why the Aero here on the right hand side of the slide is very small. So you don't have anything that is pulling you forward. And in fact, you don't set goals that are big and exciting enough that are worth pursuing. So this incremental goals now whether you reach them or not, doesn't really matter. And that is one of the biggest reasons why you stay where you are because you set goals that are not attractive enough, they wouldn't get you toe anywhere higher. That is, you know, hire enough. Bigger, enough. More important enough for you to actually there doing something differently. So I hope this resonates with you and this gives you an idea Why Very often we keep falling back 20 fold. Well, because this default is actually quite good for us. We have this self talk that what we have reached is good enough. We possibly do not deserve more. If we look around, you know, other people. Also, I'm not so far ahead and we compare ourselves to those people around us and we don't feel we should be getting more. We feel that we should be defending what we have. So this is the reason why it's not easy to escape. You see, for instance, here this picture is very, very nicely depicts the situation if you jump into a bigger environment, a bigger life. You know, one thing is you have to leave people behind. You have to leave something behind. And it's scary because you don't know was expecting you or the other side. You don't know what is on the other side, and maybe sometimes there's nothing yet and you have to create everything. So this is why it's not easy to take lead leap off faith. You need to believe in yourself, and you need to do something without knowing if it's gonna work out, because simply you don't know if it's gonna work out. But here's an empowering truth for you. With all these things that I said, with all these situations that you have around you with everything that you've achieved so far, I want to tell you that you didn't come this far toe only come this far. No matter how far you've come, No matter how much you've accumulated, no matter how much money you have, how good you are on the job, there's always, ah, higher level for you. I want you to believe that it is not the right time for you to settle. This is important because this is the foundation for you to actually want to do something different for you to want to make 2018 a success, because if you hold on to what you've got, if you hold onto 2017 and to the life that you have you need to ask yourself the question? What is it That is so great about what I have that is holding me back toe actually want more? You didn't come this far toe only come this far. So it is important that you don't settle. Don't settle. Don't set yourself the limitations that you live. Set yourself for higher for more. It's gonna serve you more. And it's not going to serve you anymore by you doing what is possible by you showing possibility you're gonna help others believe in themselves as well and show others what's possible as well. And does this make sense? This resonate with you? How did you find the insight? I mean, the reason why we don't do something is because we don't have to. Nothing good or nothing bad will come out of this. Our ambitions are too small. Whether we do it or not, it's just incremental gains is not gonna make a difference. When I realized that it makes a big difference in my in my life and I realized that it must be something that you want to be after. So let's change that coming up next 5. The two areas you can go wrong: Now let's go into the nitty gritty details. Of course, this was more the opening for you to understand why the situation is like it is why you right so difficult to break free from a light that we haven't. We keep, you know, failing on our resolutions and our wishes and intentions of the year. But then you know, why does he know work on the way we want And that two main reasons obviously, the reasons why things don't work out as you want that is number one. You have the wrong goals. I mentioned this already in the beginning, a little bit. You have the warm goals. They do not excite you. They do not move you forward that there are not big enough for you to actually want to make the change so that you holding holding on to those things that you already have and then the other areas. Once you have the right goes and you have some good things, you know you're not equipped with the tools that it takes to execute on those goes to toe, realize them toe to materialize them, to make them work for you. So it's kind of a bad execution 6. Avoid these 5 common mistakes: So let's go into both of them. And let's start with settling for the wrong goes. I want to give you a list of things, a list of mistakes that people do, the major mistakes that actually happened when you define goes and that couple of things, that again and again people do wrong and that holds them back. Number one is that they set too many goals. I'm sure that you have a similar problem and very often, people particularly frustrated with the situation that they are in this year, I'm gonna change everything. I'm gonna change my life. I'm gonna do better. I'm worth more. I'm gonna become a better person. And they start saying I'm going to do that and I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna do that. And they list all sorts of things and too many goals, which of course and will create overwhelmed it will create over one, because if you go from zero goals having achieved zero goals, wanted to achieve 10 15 goals, it's not gonna help you much. Not gonna help you get the confidence you need in order to move forward with these goals and some people. This is why I put in brackets here cheating they cheap with their goals or for instance, they put in, you know, they try to limit the number off, goes by saying I want to be healthier is one goal. But then under that I want to be healthier. They have I want to exercise more. I want to eat healthier and cleaner. I want to sleep more. I want to drink more water. You know, they have some sub goals that again are creating too much of a overwhelmed. You cannot fool yourself. All these things that I just mentioned with exercise with nutrition that they are important life defining goes by themselves. You cannot just say I'm gonna do all these foreigners to become healthier. It requires a lot. And I will tell you in a minute what it is. But it requires a lot off effort to actually do something about it, that you cannot just least 15 things and expected you cannot succeeded all of them. So too many goals is one of the major mistakes that people are doing. You need to limit your goals. May be toe 45678 You know you need to get into the one digit in the lower one digit for you and particularly when you're starting off. The second mistake is that there are conflicting goals or or random gold, so that there is a lack of coherence. Now here's the thing, the goals themselves. I'm not as important as actually the direction you're going, you know, think about it for a minute. If you think about what goals our goals are not perceiving, end destination goals are just stepping stones for you to get somewhere. So if you have goals normally, what should happen is that these goals build on each other, that you that you are on a particular path because when you're set up gold, what happens in your mind? Is it? Do you think if I accomplish this goal, this is a key for me? This is a key. This is an accomplishment that will help me get somewhere. So for you, the goal is a keys. A stepping stone is a milestone on a path to somewhere. So once you define the direction, you need to make sure that your goals are lining the street coins that helps you move forward and you cannot have conflicting goals. You cannot have conflicting goals. And I'm gonna give you an example. For instance, you cannot say I'm gonna get that promotion at work this year and at the same time say I'm gonna be there for my family. You know, I'm going to spend more time with my family because this is internally conflicting and it will not allow you to put 100% toe any off these goals because you cannot get a promotion and give everything you've got at work and at the same time trying to be present and more President home that used, Do you need to put these things in sequence? And there is a time in your life for everything. There's a time when you need to push your career goals, and there's a time when you need to post your family goals. If you don't have case, it's a different environment of different situation compared to when you have kids. If you have a partner is a different environment. When you compared to when you don't have a partner and here conflicting, I'm gonna take it to a next level as well that it's not only conflicting within your own goals. You need to make sure that if you have a partner, if you have a family, that the goes for different people are not conflicting, because this will also not help each other to reach their goals and that can maybe sometimes sabotage one and each others goals. So this is when you have random goals that are not in a sequence toward something bigger. And when you have conflicting goals that you lack coherence. This is a second big mistake when it comes to defining goals. The third thing is that people very often don't know what it feels like, and so this creates discontent. So, yes, you want to do something that you want to make, you know you're going to be coming on top. Oh, no, you wanted Whatever. Your goal is something big, exciting. People don't connect emotionally to the goal. They connect intellectually to that goal, and they understand what it takes, what it looks like. But they don't put themselves into a state off. What would it feel like if I actually become that person, or what it feel like if I actually do that, become a more athletic person What would it feel like if I lose that pounds or that kilos? What would it feel like if I am a president home? It's the emotional connection that makes everything change. It is one thing to understand. Yes, I know. I should be more home, and then I'm gonna be, you know, more present with the family. I'm gonna be one hour more president home every day, but only if you attach an emotional connection. One an emotion to this one's. If you understand what actually is at stake here, what is gonna happen if you do it? Or if you don't win off, you connect an emotion. Only then it will become a gold. It is worthwhile pursuing. So this is the third big mistake that people make that do intellectually understand what they're after. But they don't have that feeling there After, what is it? What feeling are you after when you look at your goals? The next mistake that people are making is that they don't have the right objective or the right results so that there's a lack of residence. They might set a different a certain goal. But it's not, you know, it doesn't speak really to them. So I give you can give you an example. So some people might say I wanna loose 10 kilograms. But maybe losing you know, grams or losing weight is not something and really is important to them. It doesn't speak to them if you know what I mean. It doesn't. You know, I wanted to be thinner was slimmer. Fitting in close might be important to some people. That might be something they've really visualize themselves, how happy they would be to fit in in nicer clothes. But it doesn't need to be the case for everybody, so you need to be very, very clear. One of your objective you set for yourself is the right thing. So maybe in the health space that I just mentioned about waiting, losing weight, maybe for you. It's not about losing weight. For you is more about feeling energized, you know, and it's very, very important to make a particular difference because when you say I want to lose weight, maybe what you need to be doing is to look at nutrition, and if you want to be more energized, maybe instead you need to be looking more at exercising because that is what's going to make you feel more energized. So setting the right objective for you, the right result, the right outcome off the gold being very, very clear. What it will do for you will get this resonant. It will make you feel connected and speak to you. That's what I mean here. Bye bye. Resonance. It is very, very important. People very often get wrong. And the last the fifth mistake is a five big mistakes that people are making. The fifth mistake is about the right type. Of course, I will get to this more detail in how how to execute goals. But just maybe a quick info about the right type of gold. You will see that there are goals that arm or I would come goes achievement goals. Or, for instance, as we said before, just to stick to the same kind off example ago. That is an achievement goal is to lose 10 kilogram. It is something that is the end result, something that is going to happen that you can measure. But another type of goal is that you say you know what I want to exercise five times a week . It's two different kind of goals, and there is. There is a place for both. Of course, is not one or the other will get this also in a second. But it is important to understand what is the right type of gold for you. Because if you don't set the right cut, of course, you will not have the the resilience, that perseverance that it takes. You will not take action because you would let the clarity about what it takes for you to move forward. So these are the big mistakes that people do when defining their goals. Who now that was quite a bit of information. So let me recap quite quickly for you. Let me summarize these five major mistakes that people make. Number one was the number off goals. Five Too many goals were to ambitions on the number of goals, rather on the quality of the goals. Number two was the that they're random and sometimes even conflicting. You can't have learned the piano ones and and then go in and learn a language and they need to be, in a way, building up those goals optimally for you to be motivated. They need to step by step, get you closer to something you know they need to build on your skills on your competences , on your knowledge on what whatever you're after. So make sure they're not too random, that they're fit onto a chain off events, milestones and also that they're not conflicting. I mentioned individually example about work in life. Mistake number three was People don't attach an emotion to the goal. Yes, intellectually, I know what I'm going after, but I don't feel what it will feel like. I haven't visualized what this means truly to me. What is the emotional connection in a way that brings tears to your eyes when you even think about that? Gold number four was the right result or outcome I mentioned in the video about you know, when you want to live a healthier life. Maybe weight loss is not what you're after. Maybe you want to be more energized, so it does make a big difference that they resolved. The outcome is something that means something to you. It's a language that you understand. It's it's words that resonate with you, so make sure that is absolutely align and the fifth mistake that people make is the type of go there people who are motivated more from, you know, by the result and the outcome. Some people are motivated more by a process. Both are important. And we learned this. But you know, in the wording, sometimes one thing will motivate you over the other. So these are the five major mistakes people make. Avoid them and you have much more success. Now. We learned what not to do. Let's go into what to do in the next video. 7. Set goals the right way [3 tools and exercises]: Now let's look in. What for you you can do in order to overcome these mistakes. Do not make this meat steaks to actually get it right. So what does it take to set the right goals? Now let's start by the number one is you know, you need to think big. Remember that I told you that it's all about having exciting and important areas important goes and things that matter to you. So you need to take a step back and instead off at the end of the year. You know, after having gone through all the eating and drinking around Christmas time in New Years time. And then, of course, the one thing that is in your head is you what you want to eat healthier. You would exercise more instead of falling into that trap again and again. I want to step back and think the big picture Look at what is important to you. Consider all areas of your life. What does it look like now? Look at this. There is something that is called the wheel off life. And it is something that I took you from Tony Robbins. But Tony Robbins is one person who uses this. There's many, many other people in the personal development space that are using this. The wheel of life is not something that is rigid. So I mentioned here you can see eight areas. There are examples for me to illustrate this, but these might not be the ones that you really feel connected with. It might be that you have other ones I put in here on the wheel of life does and maybe most common and I want to guide you through them. So, for instance, one thing that people are very, very focused on is their health, and they should. I mean, this is something that is an area in your life where you need to be absolutely, that you need to be intentional about looking after. So health is one family is another one. Korea is another area that people are very, very focused on. And, of course, in their financials, which is different might be different kind of thing. You know, you might wanna have a career path, but also your financial situation can be, for instance, in tow paying off that or building a buffer. Whatever it is taken, it is related to really the actual money, not about what it is that you want to be doing. Other people have areas. The emotion, they said, goes around how they would feel this year. They want to be maybe more joyful. Mawr more engaged, more energized and energizing versus others. Other people set areas around hobbies, goes around the errors of hobbies, about contribution to a bigger core society, nonprofit and also spirituals. Some people want to connect with God with university won't understand. I live with more about themselves. So these are areas that can be important to you are these are areas that might not be important to you, But what this is supposed to help you do is to help you take that wheel and paste those areas that are important to you. What areas are those that you should be looking at? You know, not only health, it's not about losing weight. Only that about being slim, only that will make a change in your life that will make a shift in your life. It will switch the, you know, flip the switch in your life. It is a holistic approach of your life. It is about looking what different areas you need to align because obviously you can imagine that you cannot ever be successful with your job and your Korea. If that family you have problems because it will hold you back, how would you possibly show up at the at your job? If you have trump struggles with your kids and your family at home, how will you show up at your job if you're tired, You all the time and you have not the health that you need. How can you show up with your family? If emotionally you're not stable and you're not joyful, you depressed So you need to look at all those areas. And what I want you to do is I want you to think about all those areas that Julie find for yourself again. These might or might not be the ones depicted on this life. But I want you to ask yourself, you know, to step back and say for each of these, wouldn't it be great if you know, on the family area, what? Wouldn't it be great if we all could come together in a family on a home that is full of love and encourage men and positivity. Wouldn't it be great if on the financial side, for instance, I would have a X amount of money 180,000 euros dollars as a buffer that allows me to push my dream? Wouldn't it be great if finally, on the hobby side, I could finally move on my project besides my job? And what would feel like to do these things? Ask yourself these opening questions that allow you to dream big. You know, ask yourself this question that allow you to break through the roof that you create for yourself through the limitation and think a little bit bigger. Wouldn't it be great if what would it feel like to I feel energized every single day to feel energized all through the day not to come home and be totally exhausted and not, you know, the full you that you would like to be with your family because you left every ounce of energy at work. So what would it feel like to work with, you know, what would it be like if you became the best version of yourself in all of these areas? The second point that I would like you to tow help you with his to visualize emotionally connect with your goals for the first part with the wheel of life was to look at the do not have random goes on all over the place, but to look at all those areas in your life that you wanna line. And the second piece is to visualize an emotionally connect to your goals. We mentioned this in the mistakes slide. If you remember, you can go back obviously any time, and have a look at that where people are disconnected from the goes because they might be intellectually connected but not emotionally connected. So what does that look like? Well, how do you visualize emotionally? Connect your goals again? Like before you ask the right questions. If you set for yourself a goal that you want to achieve before even putting any effort behind it, ask yourself these two questions. Ask yourself, How would my life change if I succeeded in that? You know how? What do you feel like? If you succeeded in that very often, we start building towards a goal again. It might be a little bit incremental. Only that is not really exciting us to pull forward. But even if you have something bigger, you know, with try building. But we don't understand. What would it free like at the end? How would my life change if I did this? How important is this to me? Because if it's not important to you, you either won't start it or you will stop along the way. You will stop at the next best obstacle. You will stop at the next best excuse. So ask yourself How would my life change if I succeeded at that? How important is this to me? And another question that will help you understand how important this is to you is what would happen if I don't do it. Yes, I want to be healthy. And you know what? My life will change if I am healthier. If I fit that if I'm slimmer because I will have the energy I want because I will have the you know if you want to build habits. I have the habits that allow me to go through the day with 100% from 7 to 7. But also what would happen if I don't do it? Step aside for a moment. Take a moment, step back and really think about what would happen if you actually don't do something that you're after. How frustrating hasn't been in the past to not do something that you said you would do? It's not about bony that you don't keep the promises you make to yourself, which is one of the biggest reasons wife people don't have that self confidence that they could have because they constantly break the promises with themselves. They set goals, which is basically a promise to yourself. You say I'm going to do this and you don't and it breaks that contract that you made with yourself. So it's not only about you cheating on yourself. Also, think about what would happen if you don't do it in your environment. What would happen to others? What would happen if you are not joyful? What would happen if you're depressed all the time or negative? What would happen to your family? How do you How does it impact your wife or your spouse? How does it impact your kids? Is this a line with the values that you have set up for yourself that you want to pass him to your field, to your friends, to your peers, to your family. What would happen if you don't do it? Scare yourself a little bit with that question. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in a scary mold that you say, You know what? Yes, I want to do it and it feels right if I do it and you know what? It is absolutely mandatory for me to do it, because if I don't do it, this is what's at stake here. It is very important for you to feel the fear at that moment to really understand what it takes and what is at stake for you. If you don't do this with this exercise, I want you to define the must have. The reason why we do this is because I want you to connect. Tour goes in a way that defines and filters that makes you look after only the big goals that makes you look after only those goes are worth going forward. I want you to define the Mustangs. I want you to feel the year with those things that are at the core off the life you want to live. I want you to not waste time on things that are nice to have. There is no time for nice toe has life is too short. Define what you really need to be after. Define that feeling virtual after and then go for it. Don't compromise and it go for it. And no excuses on the way. The third thing that will help you set the right goals and overcome and avoided mistakes that we discussed earlier. So the 13 is that you start with the end in mind. What does it mean? Remember that we said in the beginning this is about what this is about making 2000 and 18 a success. And I asked the question when would would make 18 year success? And when it what helps do this besides what we did in the beginning, looking back to get a feel. What you define success last year. One thing to help you with 2018 is that you say? Well, what would the end of 2018 look like, You know, seriously, imagine. Put yourself at the end of the year, you picture yourself. It is December. Maybe these Christmas. Maybe you're sitting at the table with your with your parents. Maybe it's, you know, Christmas dinner. Or maybe it's a school reunion. Anything. And you imagine yourself. You talk to people about what happened that year. Imagine you talked and tell people about the successes that thinks you accomplished and you start listing things. And with everything you say that happened that that you did, you get more and more proud. You rise toe a next level, your voice becomes louder. You become confident. Imagine that feeling at the end of the year that you talk about what you have. I have done this. I have written a book. I have created that for myself. I have I lost 50 kilos. But besides those things that you have also think of those things that you am. I am now more confident. I am now more joyful. I am a positive in my life. What are those things that you want to be talking about? What are those things that you think at the end of the year, you would like to list to home ever wants to hear it so that you feel good about it? These are those things that actually should make it into goes if you picture yourself in December talking life Lee about those things and this would excite you. He is your hint. He is your signal. Here's your idea and inside about what should make it into your list off goals for 2018. But you remember that We said one of the thing. It was a 15 day indeed. Yes, it was the fifth mistake that people make when they don't select the right type of coal and they this would lead them to a lack of action. And, you know, no perseverance that they don't post you the goal with everything they've got. And so I wanted to go and spend just a few minutes here because we're gonna tackle it late a little bit. But just a few minutes to understand for you. Why? Why? It is important that you have the right type of gold. Look at this table here. Do you see a difference? On the right side are those things that we call achievement goals. And on the left hand side we have those things that I have it go. So you can you find a goal based on on achievement you want to make, like I want to loose 30 kilos. Or you can define the type of gold as a habit goal on the comm process. Focused goal not on the outcome but on the process where you say I wanna have dinner with home cooked food during the week every week you might say, You know, I want to publish a book. This is my goal. Or you can say I want to write 500 words every morning at 8 a.m. which ultimately obviously would leave to the achievement and the same thing you might say. I want to read a book a week, which is already quite specific. You know, you don't say that. I want to read more. I want to read a book a week or you can say I'm gonna spend 45 minutes each evening before going to bed reading. No, not to confuse you. It is not one or the other. You don't have to select both here. They're interlinked. You need to find out what works for you. What speaks to you. And here's what I mean by that. Look at that. If you look achievement goals and you list the achievement goal. What you want to achieve if you think about it, What it takes to achieve that goal. The next question you need to putting yourself in your mind is what does he take to achieve it? You know what happened? Do I need to put in place? What changing behavior, What skills do I need in order to do that? And then we get old dramatically into that process. So if you want to achieve to loose 30 kilos won't be able to avoid that. You put a habit in place like exercising five days a week or eating healthy at home, not eating out during weekdays or something that will work for you. So it is be part of this. And then, you know you go into the next kind of levels. What is the first month of what is the first kind of thing that will help me get confidence because an achievement goes off 30 kilos? That's something that is far away. But what can you set up with your first mouse on the first thing that will that you can reward yourself? You know, when you lose maybe the first kilo of the 1st 5 kilos and what's my next time? This is the kind off sequence that you need to think off and you need to look at when you look at a cheap and goes. And as I said, he is your habit. You know, here's your process. Here's your he's the habit goal that is part of the achievement goal. And if you look the other way around in types of gold, when you look at the habit goals and you said the habit goal is I want to read 45 minutes. Remember every evening before going to bed again. You will not be able to avoid the question if I need to do something every single day. If I need to go to the gym every single day, if I wanna eat healthy and home cooked food every single weekday, you will ask yourself, Why is it worth it? You need to look into the achievement. You cannot have a habit goal without the actual outcome. The result pulling you towards it. So you need to ask, why is it worth it? And this is your basically your achievement. This is how these two things are in telling you know, there was an achievement bit in the habit goal setting. And there's a habit piece in the achievement goal setting because it is important to understand the achievement of the habit cause because you will need to commit for at least two months, 66 days, you will have heard about it. You know, some people said, you know, it's 20 days, but the reality is that it takes more than 60 days to actually make something happen, and you need to commit to it. You need to commit to tracking it for 66 days and to define something that will work for you. How you will track it. So it's not an easy thing to do and something that will help you pull you forward. Is is the actual achievement. So this is why it matters. What type of gold you have, what type of goals will speak to you. What is it that will actually inspire you to move forward? Okay, so these were quite some exercises. I hope you found them interesting again, summarizing just quickly those three elements. I want you to defined the areas intentionally. Look at those areas that matter most to you and focus on those that you want to tackle. Certainly we set goals towards the end of each year. Normally, that's what we do it because, you know, we eat too much, we drink too much, and then all of a sudden bodies in top of mine is losing weight. But life's not only about losing weight, so look at the whole well off life. Look at the entirety of your life and see what areas need your attention for you to focus on from No one. The second thing was to visualize and emotionally connect to your goals. I can't emphasize this enough. This is the only way to build that commitment to your goal. You need to feel that difference that it will make in your life. If you actually succeeded with the goal and the 13 was to start with the end in mind, it is really, really one of the greatest exercises that I've been through toe. Imagine yourself at the end of the year and say, Okay, if I would look back and what would I love to talk about? What would be those things that I would like to have or would like to have become that I would love to talk about. And it really can help you picture those goals. It really wouldn't matter to you because you would present them with enthusiasm. Next video is summarize a checklist for you. 8. Time to take action [Checklist]: so again, this is an opportunity for you to maybe post this video and look into doing something that's more exercise. But I want you to do and you can do this now, all you can do it any time later. This is a zay, said a video that you can come back to. I want you to set and the following actions in order to set the right goals for you. When you look in 2 2018 and you want to have the right goals, I want you to write down four goals across on the areas that Judy find for yourself are important enough to pursue, and you will see why 4 to 8 goals in a second. I want you to make sure that they are emotionally charged and their non conflicting. I want you to make sure that when you write these goes down, they're all possible without one contradicting the other. And you, I want you to have asked yourself the questions that we mentioned before. What would happen if you succeeded at that? What will happen if you don't do it? Get yourself, think big, get yourself to think emotionally attached an emotion to the goal language, also in a way that makes them specific and actionable. Remember, we said, Are you clear? If you look at your goal, if you look at the way you wrote your goal, are you clear what you need to do next? Because if you are not clear what you need to do next, then your brain will step in. Your mind will step in and it will find ways to block you. It will find ways to talk you out of it, and this is really the least you wanna do. You wanna have a language there in your in your goals, setting in your goal sentence that makes it very specific and makes it actionable for you. And I want you to spread those goals across the year, and that's why I said 40 goes around because I want you to have one or two goals per quarter. There is a lot that you can do in 1/4. There's a lot that you can do in 90 days. It is really, really bad. It's a bad habit to select 10 goals and say they're old, You on the 31st of December as you know, if your deadline is the first very first of December, you might start working on them on the first of December. This is a typical thing on procrastination. This is typical Parkinson's law. You can look it up if you give yourself too much time. It will take you too much time to actually get something that so selective goals and spread them across the year. Select wanted to go per quarter and define very, very important. Which one are you going to start with? If you select these, say okay in Q one. This is what I'm gonna do. Winning 21 is critical because it will help you get in. It will help you boost your confidence. It will help. You want to move forward because you have already you know it past February March and you already have succeeded in something that is signed. You can even cheat a little bit and you can select something that is easier than something else. Find something that will motivate yourself. Find something that will help you to follow through with your goals by splitting them up of the year and starting with something that you can win 21 Okay. Now you should have everything you need in order to select the right goals for you. Please don't get hung up on the Q one message that I said. So, you know, creating winds is critical for you. Want, of course, is Mattias. Only if you start go sitting in the beginning of the year. But it's never too late to start setting your goals. You can set the media, you can send them after any quarter and you just need to look into the first wins. You need to start creating wins as early as possible for you to keep that motivation and momentum to keep going on. Okay, so now you know how to select the right goals. Next videos is about how toe execute correctly on them. 9. Beware of the 3 killers of execution: so I hope you enjoyed so far. I hope already. Now this information about how the the wrong setting off goals, eyes actually prohibiting you from reaching them. What it what the major mistakes are that people make when they set their goals and how to do it better that it inspired and motivated you and give you the tools actually enhance to do it better this time to make it to increase the likelihood of you following through with your goals. I almost tenfold. I hope that this really inspired you to move forward. Now we've got to move now to the second part of these things. Goal Setting Webinar on the 1st 1 was to set the right goals to the 2nd 1 is now to execute correctly on those goals and again, as always, I mean, I think it worked quite well at the beginning to look at the mistakes. So let's have a look at here. The big mistakes that people are making when the executing their goals. Number one is that you have your mind not on board. And your mind is here, the enemy and not an ally as it should be. The result of this is that you self sabotage yourself. This is what ends up happening, and one way I mentioned to you already. One way to do this is that you are not very, very clear on what's coming next, and then your mind steps in. But I wanted to say a couple of more words about your mind Here. I want you to understand, guys, that your mind is your friend. Your mind is your bodyguard. Very often we hate our mind because it comes in the way we hate our shelf talk because most of the time it's negative. And we hate the way that our mind steps in to keep us from doing something We hate the way that we wanted to something. We are excited. Then all mine steps in and tells us all those reasons why we couldn't do these. All those reasons why, you know, we cannot go to the gym. It's raining, it's cold. It's too late. I'm not gonna be able to do now 45 minutes and only 35 minutes. All those things that you have experienced, I'm sure because everybody has experienced them. Who allows their minds to actually step in and destroy all their good intentions. And your mind does that for Ian. You know your mind is there to protect you. As I said, your mind your body got you need to understand it. So you need to work with your mind. You cannot work against your mind. You need to make sure that you reassure your mind that you actually are able to do something. And one way to do this is, for instance, that you know, when you look back at previous reasons, when you fail, if you tell all of a sudden your mind, I haven't done anything right in the past. But I'm gonna be a writer. Write a book in 2018. Maybe one thing that your mind will come up and say is you're full of crap. How do you want me to believe that you're going to write a book when you haven't done anything in the past that even comes close to writing? So you see here This is a good example for you to understand that when you do something, when you talk to yourself, when you talk to your mind, when you try toe on board your mind you need to understand that your mind will take will take a look at the past. Well, look at the bed database that he'd say for itself and will find reasons why What you're telling yourself is actually not matching up with what happened in the past. And that is something that you need toe overcome. You need toe talk your mind in tow. Yes. You know what? You're right. We haven't done this in the past. But I am committed to do this in the future. And this is how I'm going to do it. Your positive self talk now has to come into play that allows your mind to understand and to believe you. If you say I'm gonna credible, you know your mind is going to step in and say No, you won't. You know you're full of crap. I don't believe it. That's bullshit. But if you say to yourself, you know what? If you languages right and you say I'm going to write 30 minutes a day, I'm going to write 500 words a day. Whatever works for you again, remember, it's all about resonating What speaks to you? Then you will have a friend at your side. Another enemy. You will not self sabotage yourself, you know, because there are so many ways that you might want someone as yourself. You might say, Hey, I wanna lose weight. I'm gonna kill it with exercise and then your mind steps in and sabotages your with nutrition. You need to be very, very, Kale, what you need help with and have you have your mind on board you to become an ally? The self. The second big mistake that people do wrong people do when it comes to executing goals is that they set the goals. But they are still operating from an old self image. So basically, the identity is not a line. It's it's very, very fine. You need to understand that if you want to accomplish something very often, you need to understand that the person you are right now might not be able to do it. And this is why you mind very often steps in and says, No, you haven't show me in the past that you gotta do something, that you're able to do something so I don't believe you that you're gonna do something in the future so you need to step into an identity. You need to step into the person you need to become in order to accomplish that. Go because that go that you set for yourself if you do it right is exciting but also a little bit scary. It's a little bit scary because it's something that is outside of your comfort zone, because everything within your comfort zone and that is something that you easily can do. Remember the beginning. It's just an incremental improvement, just an incremental thing that if you achieve it or not, it might or might not be important so that you will give up on it. It needs to be exciting, and it needs to be, you know, so good and big enough that you want to do it. It cannot be, you know, off completely delusional, because then you might say, Oh my God, it's absolutely I don't believe myself, and you will sabotage yourself, But it needs to be into a outside your comfort zone and you need to understand and ask yourself, Who do I need to be? You know what kind of person would actually be able to do that? What does it take from you? Who do I need to be? You know, how do I need to be to achieve their goals? So this is the second mistake that people are making. And the third and very, very important mistake, um is that people don't give it the time, attention and deserve. And very, very often this is what it is. You know, this is in fact, I should have put it number one. You know, out of side of my people are listing the goals, and then they end up in a drawn and they never looked back at them. And, of course, by June or July and some a period, people say, Oh, my God, I had some bullets. What were those rules again? If something it out offside than it is out of mind, you will not be able to accomplish anything that you don't remind yourself on a constant basis. When you set out to achieve big, audacious goals goes that excite you goes that are outside of your comfort zone. You cannot give them the time that is left over for you. To accomplish that, you need to put those goals in the center of your attention you need to set. That's why I'm saying in the beginning, that's what I said in the beginning, when you set the right goals, set a limited amount of goals because you cannot accomplish too many goals at the same time . So set something one or two things at the sent off, what you do and schedule your life around it. Look at how your week your here your month is looking very, very intentionally designed where the new goal will fit in the sign and define how much time you're gonna give it and plan everything else around her. Okay, so these were the three major obstacles that can come in the way of your executing your goals. The most important one. Please don't only give your goals the goals that matter most to you. The ghost that you selected with so much care Don't give them the left over time from you know, when everything else has happened, give them the time and attention they deserve. Put him in the center off your life. The 2nd 1 is make sure that your mind is on board and your mind will be on board. If you actually believe when you look atyou, it goes and you believe them that they feel good and you believe them. If you come with something completely delusional, it's gonna be a big It's gonna be a big struggle to get your mind on board. Make your mind and ally not the enemy, and the 13 was about your identity. It's not the same thing as with the mind. The mind was all about yourself. Believing the language you use is about believing that this is possible. Identity is the person you need to step into in order to make this possible. If you want to be more if you want to be more healthy, you need to step into the identity often. Athlete. You need to transform yourself into trying to understand what a person who would be successful in this, what they would think like what they would be like. This is what's gonna help you do. Talking about identity. There's more to come in the next video. Enjoy 10. Align these 6 elements and you're good to go!: I want to say a couple of words more on this identity piece because it is something that is truly important when it comes to executing. The biggest mistake is really besides out of sight, out of mind. The one that I mentioned just just just just now is that people are not aligning the identity with what they're gonna have. So as you see in this picture, they say, I'm gonna have this. I'm gonna have this. I want to do that. I want to do that. But very, very often with his missing is yes, but who do I need to be? What's that? What's the higher level? If I wanna have all these, who do I need to be? Toe have all these? You might have heard of this example, and I think it's a very, very good example for those people, for instance, who win the lottery and they become millionaires all of a sudden. What happens to them? More often than not, they lose everything they want. Why? Because all of a sudden they have something for which they were not ready for which they were not right. The right person they did not have the right behaviors, the right habits. They had money, but there were still poor in their in their mindset. So when you think about all those things that you wanna have, what I want you to do when it comes to executing is I want you to think about who do you need to be in order to have what you want to have. And I wanna another way to look at those things and to illustrate maybe better about those things that you need to get in alignment in one line in order to be successful with the execution of your goal is you know, you need to understand that the top off everything is your self image, your identity If you don't see yourself doing something, if you don't believe with everything you've got that this is something that you are capable of doing, even if it's ever talk your comfort zone. And even if it is so hard ashes and exciting that you don't know at the moment how you're gonna do it, you must know that you're capable of doing. You must believe that it is possible. But you know also to believe that you can do it. This is the identity you need to understand. You know, who do you need to be in order to get this and below that identity piece? It's also something that you are that you have that is, and I'm gonna class It is now in order for you to be a little bit more conscious of time. It's about your values and your believes to give you an example. If you said he said it in the beginning, when it comes to value, when it comes to the Senate, goes, if you say I want to read more. If you want to say I want to read a book a week, then you need to understand if you don't value reading if you, if you don't don't value reading is something that is an intellectual luxury. That is something that people that moves people forward, that the changes mindsets that changes everything. If you don't value these, and if you don't believe that this is something that it takes what it takes to become successful, that you're not gonna do it, so besides the identity of the person you need to be in order to be successful, you need to also value them. You cannot be successful at work if you don't value hard work if you don't have the work ethic and you cannot be a good family person if you don't value the family time with your family. If you don't believe in that being important, the next level that needs to be in alignment is about the competence. You know, the competence and their behavior. What are the skills that you need to do? You know, when you say this is the identity that I need to have in order to accomplish that goal, I am absolutely my belief and my values are aligned. But am I exhibiting the right behavior? Do I have the right habits in place? Do I have the right competence, the right skills? Do I know the right things that I have the right knowledge? And do I have the appropriate practice in place that allow me to do this? And the final thing that needs to be in alignment is about the environment? You might have heard about this before. A lot of times, you know, we live in a in a world that is completely distracted. The destruction is everywhere we re lack focus were not able to focus on something more than a little bit about how we do it ourselves, by constant notifications on our smartphones, or even if we switch that off. We have people that PSN worked with, open office offices and open space settings in or in an office environment that was distracting us constantly so you might have all the other things. They're lying. But if you're not creating the right environment for yourself in order to do that, if Greece is to take the book example again, if you don't these 45 minutes to read before going to bed. If you don't say what is that share, I'm gonna go. How is the light? How am I not disturbed? Have eaten before so that my hungry stomach is not disturbing me. If you don't set everything in this pyramid here a line, you will not be able to accomplish your goals because all these things that you see here are needed for you. Ex execute correctly goals. You need to have a clear identity, the values and believes the right skills and habits, and you need to look into your environment to see. Am I having a my operating the right environment? Because you know what? You under the tree, you can move environment. You can move away. You can choose to be somewhere else. You need to. When it comes to distractions forever, you can't for it. For instance, you're not stuck. You're not rooted somewhere. You can define your environment. That is something, as you see here, the basis off all execution when it comes to reaching your goals. OK, so that was quite interesting, wasn't it? Did you get that? So here. The message was, Who do I need to be in order to have what I want to have? And if you want to remember something, remember the lottery example where you know, if you don't change your mindset, whatever you achieve will not be sustainable. You will not be able to hold it because you have not made it part of who you are. So this is absolutely critically important. Adapt your identity. So what you want to achieve and then align the rest of the elements so based cascading down from your identity you saw in the pyramid is your values and beliefs. It's it's your competencies and skills and behaviour. And then it's, of course, your environment absolutely critically important, a tap toe environment to make it easier for you to push you your goals coming up in the next video. The four critical success habits it's it's kind of the best practice and good habits that will help you more successfully. Porches your goals enjoy. 11. Conquer your goals with these 4 success habits: let me summarize quickly what it takes those critical success habits when it comes to executing those goals. The number one and I mentioned is many, many times, but I need to sit again because I want to bring it home is that you need to make gold's visible. You cannot list your goals and put him in a dryer and expect at the end of the year those goals to be accomplished. You need to have them somewhere, whether it's on your smartphone. But it's on your background of your computer, whether it's on a simple paper listed and and attached with a scotch on your wall. Whatever it takes for you, you need to make those goals visible. You need to remind yourself of those goals optimally. This will be part of your routine in the morning, where every morning you will just quickly in five minutes. It doesn't take a long time in five minutes. Go through these goals and remind yourself, Oh, these are those things that I'm working on. And if you are somebody who is actually very productive and very contentious with his with his time, you need to ask yourself the question is what I'm about to do today aligned with those goals that I set myself to do. So that is number one. Please give yourself accountable by making those who was visible. The second thing is, I want you to consider your external reality and schedule accordingly. How much time can you and will you allocate to your goals? As I said before, this is very, very important. If a goal is important that you do not give it on, you cannot give it only the left or time. When everything else is done, you need to look at your external reality. What I mean by that is your current life. How does your day look like? How does your week look like? How does your month look like? Well, you need to change within this reality that allow you to actually focus on that goal that will allow you to put that go in the center of your attention. And you need to schedule when this girl is gonna happen. Otherwise, your default setting your current reality, your current life will take over. And remember, the chain in the beginning will drag you back to your default setting the third thing that will be critical for you to execute correctly on your goals. Remember, we're now in the execution is about defining how you will track them. You need to understand that if you set goals, things will come in between. Of course, things will come in between because there's one thing that you say. This is what I want accomplish, Be intentional about what you want to do. And there's another thing about, you know, people wanting something for you and an accident happening. An emergency happening. These things happen. We humans, we need to be adaptive, and we need to be very, very flexible. This is a skill we need to have as well. But you need to understand. Okay, How then will I know that I'm moving closer towards my goals and there are ways to do that . I'm not gonna go in detail here. This webinar again just being respectful of time. But you need to look, at least on a weekly basis. How have I done this week? Have I done what I said I would do? How often did I deviate for what I wanted to do? You know how good am I keeping the promises that I made to myself. What things am I good at and what things have I do. I still have to improve on the monthly setting. You need to understand on a monthly level, you know, sit down and make a little bit of a bigger revenue to say. You know, I have 12 kind of milestones 12 months or if you set the quarterly goals, you know, you have three major milestones over. This is my second month. Am I advanced? Am I'm or around 50% of reaching that goal or not? Because, you know, if I'm not made any to speed up, you need to look at the monthly level, how you're doing if you need to adapt something and the same thing on a quarterly basis on a quarterly basis, you you step up to a higher level. You actually look at those goals and you look back at the court and say, Oh, you know what? From these two goes. I didn't do one. And you need to honest, be honest with yourself and ask yourself, Is this something that is still important? Is this something that I still want to move forward? with. Is this something that is still, you know, exciting? Me? Maybe, You know, this is something that I wanted to do. But at the end of the day, it showed off being something not important. I was wrong. And it is good to admit this. It doesn't matter if you were wrong and defining something that you wanted to do. Maybe you said I wanted to exercise more. And at the end of the month, you say, You know what? It's not something that I want to do. I thought I wanted to exercise more. I am not the kind of exercise person. And maybe it is just for you to find another way to exercise because you don't like going to the gym and lifting weights. Maybe your more runner or more a group sport person. Or you might say, You know what? Another way for me to reach my goal of losing weight off feeling energized is nutrition. Maybe this is what I'm gonna do next next month. This is my new goal. I'm gonna watch my nutrition instead. Well, I'm gonna watch my sleep instead. Maybe this is gonna get me closer to my Energizer. Go that I set for myself. So this is what happens on a quarterly basis. You look from a former from a higher level onto your onto your goals and the fourth and very, very important critical success habit. When it comes to oxygen, you go. Is that you anticipate you anticipate? Because, I mean, let's be honest to ourselves. Yes, there can be things that happen that we didn't foresee. Yes, of course, there are agencies. There are dramas in our lives. There are things that will happen. But honestly, how often does that happen? Many things and many obstacles and many decisions that need to be taken. Many moves we find ourselves and we know these things. It's not the first time that you're not in the mood off. Going to sport because it wanes is not the first time that it's windy. Outside is not the first time that you don't feel like doing something that you said you would do so this time for 2018. To make it better, plan for yourself, strategize. What is my plan? And if then kind of setting, How will I react if it's gonna read in a very simple you know? Example again, If I you say I'm going to run every single morning, What would I do if it rains? What will I do if it if it if it's windy, what will I do if my clothes are not washed yet? What will I do? What is my strategy? What is my plan? To mitigate that mind that steps in and says, You know what? Just skip it once, because you don't want to skip it once. One thing that you want to be is you want to be consistent because it just keep it once the chances are high that just give it twice and just keep it twice. Your your consistency becomes your habit that you wanna build on consistency becomes an inconsistent, happy, and that's not something that you wanna do. So these are the four things that I recommend to you that you want to look into toe act, successfully execute your goals, visible goals schedule, and put it in a center off. What you do the tracking and then an if then anticipation. You know you know yourself. You know, you have fallen off the wagon in the past. You know what holds you back. What will you do this time if it shows up quite easy, right? Common sense, you might say. But here's the thing. Common sense is not always coming practiced. That's why I wanted to bring to your attention once again before critical success habits. The best practices Number one make your goals visible. There's no point in putting so much effort in selecting goals that matter to you most and then locking them away. Make sure then forefront of youth and make sure that on top of your radar, make sure you look at them on a regular basis optimally daily number two. Scheduling. If something's not scheduled, it's not getting done. You know life's unpredictable things coming between urgencies emergencies. Make sure that things are scheduled, otherwise you won't get them done. Scheduling is the only way to give the gold that time and attention it deserves. Like we said before, number three, tracking nothing can be improved if you don't track it. That's the reality of it. So when it comes to gold setting, tracking can and should happen in different levels weekly basis to, you know, smooth, correct on different mistakes you make and when you go off track on a monthly basis to see whether overall the theme that you put for yourself, it's still valid. And then, of course, on a quarterly basis like a sanity check to see are those goals that I put for me that I selected for me still relevant because things happen, you know, lives full of surprises. We need to be adaptable and flexible and finally, if then thinking very rarely what comes in the way, something that never happened to us before. We know what comes in the way we know ourselves. We know that when you wanna go outside, what comes in the ways that we don't have our clothes ready, that we don't have our shoes ready, that we don't have our bag ready, that it rains, that it's windy. These things are known, and they make for the majority of excuses. So if something happens, then what will be your response? Be intentional about it. If then thinking is gonna help your big time pursuing your goals with success. So in the next video, let's sum up the core ideas once again 12. Remember THIS - the overall course summary: Now, let's take it to the big, big, big, big, big summary of summaries. If you look back at all the women up, what is actually the essence of everything? Well, we said two major areas. One is to define the right goals. You don't want to think small, you know? Wanna have incremental improvements because you know what? Again, I'm gonna say that I hope I will have hammered enough for you to understand. If it is just a little bit off on improvement and incremental shift, what are you doing or not? Will not matter. And that is a big reason why you don't have to do what you have to do. And so you see, one major reason why we don't do what we said we will do is because we don't have to, particularly if you don't have a boss. That is, you know, telling us you have to do that, Do this. Where is it? Where are with us? If you have your goals and you have no accountability, partner is, you know, holding you accountable. You need to do this for yourself. And one way to do it is to have a goal that is really pulling you forward. Look into the past to help you with looking to the past four themes for clues, for insights, for lessons. What were those things that you know that happened repeating themselves. If you have been keeping setting the same kind of goes again and again, it can mean two things. It can mean that it is important enough for you that you wanna do it point might mean that you actually have not set the right way to do it. So So look into the past for those themes and insides that will help you do something differently in 2018 and plan forward in an exciting way. If there's one thing that you take away from, this is I want you to the goals I want to set. Go to Excite. You remember, Goes are something that comes on top of your life right now. Yes, you will carve out the time. Remember, we said you're gonna put time for it. You're gonna put it in the center of your attention. But it is in the moment. It feels like it's on top. It needs to excite you. It's not a project like a work that you know. Oh, my God. It's I don't like it. I have to do it anyway. If you set a goal something that you don't really want to go, don't set it as a go. This is not a goal. A goal needs to be something that is a life changing thing, something that changes you that chance, something that changed the way you are that helps you become a better version of yourself. So you find the right goal. Set yourself in a good mood. Excite yourself, read them every morning and put yourself in a mood off. Yes, yes. I want to run the day in a way that helps me achieve my goals and the second beast again, if you want to take something away from today. Besides, the right kind of goals when it comes to achieving them is give them the time and attention they deserve. There is a reason why you set that goal. There is a reason why you say, for the past years, this is something I kept having on my agenda. There's a reason why you say I don't want yet another year toe pass without me doing this. So give it the time and attention it deserves. Grow into that gold identity wise. Don't separate yourself. Don't keep the goal is something that is an objective. Make it subjective. Link it emotionally to yourself and making this part off who you are. You know one reason why we don't take for instance. You know why we will fall off the wagon when it comes to sports and you travel on vacation or to a hotel and you don't take the sports up with you. And you know you don't do this sport. You're not as regular during the change of environment compared to what you said you would do is because you are not yet you have not yet in degraded, it is part of your identity. If you say I am an athlete, I am a runner. Then you will always take your running stuff with you because this is what one is due. If you see, I'm gonna and have a healthy nutrition and then you go and you know, business dinners. You eat heavy or you have that desert or you You go to hotels and you eat the bad stuff. You have not yet integrated it into your identity. You you have not yet said, but that's not who I am. The new me is doing differently. The new me does not eat dessert at the business dinners. My, the new me is not going to the warm breakfast but has cereal since that you the new me is not behaving the way that the old me was. So is a growing to those goals identity wise and keep them off top of mind. Keep them on top of mine. Read them, Read them aloud for you everyday Excite yourself every day. Every day is a possibility for a new start, even if in one day you fell of the wagon, it doesn't matter and nothing matters. What matters is that you go back on that wagon that you grab back on that horse. So keep them on top of mind. Remind why you wanted them. Remember that emotional connection and track them track yourself. Trekking does not mean showing yourself how bad you did. Tracking means showing yourself where you need toe find you in a just a little bit. This is what it takes. Okay, so you see that goals very often feel they're on top of things. I mentioned at the beginning of the class that we live our lives in maintenance mode. It's full, you know. Rarely, we feel we can put something on top. We fix things here. We arrange things and three things there and goals. When we set goals at the beginning of the year, where any time in the middle, it feels like, Oh my God, this comes on top And this is why it's so critically important that they excite you, that this is a goal that stands out. That makes a difference, but you won't pursue it. And don't forget that it needs. Once you have selected one that is so important, you need to give you the time and attention. It is as you need to treat it with respect. And the 13 that I wanted again to bring to your attention is your identity needs to step up if you pursue the goal ago that is supposed to make you bigger than you are a goal that is supposed to put you to the next level. You can't do this with the identity from your previous life. You need to step up. You need to Yeah. Raise, rise. You need to raise your ambitions in yourself. Now, if you're still struggling with how do I really get this? How do I change myself? How how can I motivate? Must have to actually put you That goes in the next video I'm going to share with you. And instead I'm going to share with you a quote that transformed the way I saw things. I would really be looking forward to this if I were you enjoyed next video coming up. 13. Change the way you look at things and avoid regrets: This is the way I want you to look ahead this year. I don't want you to say Let's see what happens next year. This year in 2018. I want you to think, Let's see what I can accomplish next year. Let take ownership, be responsible. Think off. This is what I want to do next year. Let's see what I'm capable off. Let's see what I could do if I just put a little bit more effort. Let's see if I implement those things that NASA said about defying the right kind of goals as well as changing a little bit the way that I execute them. If this helps me accomplish more, let me see what I can do next year. Because all these things I want you to do for a reason I want you to do them because I want to avoid help. And what is hell for you? I don't mean hell today in the sense of religious or in the sense of the religious setting hell here is in a very specific way. I saw this quote that I'm gonna show you now online, and it really make a big switch in my head and I want you to read this to yourself. I want you to read it. I want you even pause it. I'm gonna pose as well for you to let it dive in to read that quote Because that is the reason why you want to be different this year. This is the reason why you want to make something better this year. The reason why you want to do it is because off this because hell is that on your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become. Imagine for a moment how that would look like if you settle if you settle for mediocrity. If you are happy with just what you have if you just say that it's good enough what you have that you don't believe you're worth more capable of more or that you deserve more. But then at the end, off your life, you see, you were worth so much more All those things that you could have accomplished imagined the regret. Imagine the feeling you would have imagined that you can say I had one life on in this life . I did not live up to my highest potential. I settled for less I I did not give it my old for me or for others, I could have become so much more I got will give you a second to read this again if you like, pause it for a second, pause the video and read it through up for you, understand? And let it sink What this means really Well, right? I mean, I hope this quote resonated with you. The weighted with me When I saw this quarter the Internet quite some time bag it changed the way I looked at things. It made me realize how little time we have to postal these things we want to do on all those things you want to be that there's so little time and we still waste it. So I hope that was a short kicking. A. But for you to change a little bit and to motivate you to give you the driving and fuel you need to move forward with Hugo's. Now here's what's next for you coming up 14. You did it! Now what?: So with this, I want to thank you once more, very, very much for your time. I know it has been some time to go through this. I hope you You you took the time. And even if you did it in, you know, in two settings, maybe you you watched half of the would be not before in one sitting in the other half of another. Um, yeah, I hope that it helped you. I hoped I really hope from the bottom of my heart that it served you. I hope that it inspired you that it helps you understand that it gave you some tools to do something differently. Because sometimes we we want to do something differently, and we don't know what it start. We want to do something better, and we don't have the tools in our hands to do it. It's so much easier to have the right tools. For instance, if you're, you know, in a DIY I Why kind of saying you can screw something with your bare hands or screwing to the war? But you can also use it the electric screwdriver, which makes things so much easier. So I hope this presentation give you an idea what you can make differently. And I hope it gave you the inspiration of the motivation to do it. Because again, what I want for you is that 2018 you step into a new kind of you. I want you to that you step into a new identity. And so with this, I let you Now I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that you, um I learned something from this and you're excited to try. And if you did, please write back to me. I have. I'm sure that I have sent you the email already. Tasso at role model you dot com right. And let me know how it went. Let me let me know if this help you. Let me know if you did something different. Let me know if you if you achieve something differently this year, if this presentation help you will, it will help me to even find unit and make it even better. So thank you very much for your attention. Thank you very much for your time. And I wish you nothing more that you crushed 2018 that you have the best year so far in your life. All the best. And until the next time. Bye bye. Okay, folks, you're almost through the class. It's almost done. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it resonated with you. The message of this more video was Do something differently. Don't wait for things to happen. Be proactive. Get into the do mode. You might not need to lead on everything in life. But there are some things that are for you. Find them out. Discovered those things that matter most to you and grab them by the horns. Go for them. Attack them. Tackle them. I hope these videos I showed you how to do that successfully. Please don't forget to follow me. Click on the follow button so that you can get the updates and new class announcement as soon as they're out. I would be absolutely grateful for that. And thank you so much in advance. So there's one more things has One more thing is old Steve Jobs used to say coming up in the last video 15. BONUS VIDEO - The easiest way to track your habits: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this bonus video. Everything in a lot of em in the last a few days and weeks on end about how to help you better reach your goals. And I was thinking off. I was thinking about what could possibly get in the way. What is the biggest obstacle that you guys might face when it comes to achieving and accomplishing your goals? And I mean, the elephant in the room is obvious. It's and consistency because the most let's put it this way, the factor that most likely will determine whether you achieve or not your goals is whether you've been consistent with actually doing the work necessary to get there. And that's what most people are struggling with, whether it is breaking some bad habits, whether is installing some new habits that they defined as relevant in order to achieve their goals. It's all about cups all down toe, actually doing the work. So in order to help you with that, I created a tool that I'm gonna share with you now. I'm super excited to share that you can download right away and then manually enter things yourself. Okay, so let's get back right away. Let me put it on screen. How this looks like. So this is what I did. No. Listen, there are a lot off ways for you to track habits or toe. Let's a track. Your consistency. There are a lot of applications are there If you have an android phone, no iPhone, whatever you have there are happy track us for everything. But if you're like me, I love toe actually combine digital and analog tools and particularly for happy track us in gold trackers. Anything that is tracking I have not yet managed. I mean, I tried many, but I have not yet managed to get accustomed to using a smartphone toe to track my habits. Because I e. I know there are notifications that keep me on track, but, you know, it's somewhere in the phone. I don't even I don't have a visible in front of me. And so if you're kind of person like me and you like to have something visible in front of you, I believe this is one of the most important things and critical success factors. If you want to achieve something to actually have it on your radar in your face all the time as much as possible. In order to do that, I designed this tool That is, as it is so simple that you actually will use it. You know, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. And if you are, let me zoom out a little bit so that you see, this is how it looks like. This is one page. If you click print and you printed on on a dean a four. This will fit all on your page. You can print it and you can put it on your wall. You can put it next to your computer. You can put it on in your bedroom. You can put it on the door when you leave the apartment at home, anywhere you look, you can use it as a bookmark page if you want in your journal, whatever works for you. And so he is the simple elements of this habit tracker that so brilliantly simple that I believe will be an immense help for you to create the consistency you need in order to achieve your goals. So as you can see here on the bottom, I have made this so that you don't have to for every single month of the year. Every single month is prepared with all these days and the weekend's marked in gray so that you don't have to look in all what days what, so you see him exactly how it looks like, so that you can really make out your habits and projects, So it's very, very simple. The first thing that I would like you to do is when you download it is I want you to look at your year because I mentioned this in the course as well. If you've gone through the course, you know that I want to bring your attention toe your external reality. Very often we say we will do things, and then we didn't look into Well, how does this year look like? Do I have the time to do that? Or what can come in the way? And if you're honest with yourself? And if you look back at the reasons why something that you wanted to do didn't work out very, very often. What comes in the way of habit formation is actually the change of environment. I talked a lot about environment in the course as well, but it is something very, very important. The reason why, for instance, you know you don't manage to eat healthy constantly, is because there are days where you have to eat outside where you have a business dinner. The reason why you don't manage to consistently maybe exercise or run is because you might have to travel for a week or you're on vacation for a week. Or there might be you might be sick for a week or or the kids might be home because they're on vacation and you cannot work or do the things that you wanted to, because it's a different environment. So what I want you to do is I want you to use this row here very, very simple not to for detailed planning, but just highlight those things those days that are different. You know, if you have a week vacation here, you might want to say, OK, now here. I don't know. So the kids are home this Friday. Whatever it is, you mark low so that you may be not in red like this, like an alert, but you make it in a way that helps you see very, very clearly what days will be different so that you can adjust a little bit already. So this is this role, you know, seeing when does your environment change so that you can adopt then these rows here and there are, you know, on purpose there not too many because I don't want you to take too much on on a particular month are those where you write your habit down You write those things down that you want. But you want to do all that you want to stop doing whatever it is that you want to do. So here, as example, is exercising. You might want to exercise more. You put it here and in this column here, you put in what your target is. You know? What would you be happy with? I talked again in the course very a lot about the fact that when you want to do something, it's very, very important that you define with what result you would be happy with. And this is exactly what this does you put in here what you want to do and how much it will take. You really just roughly to see how much time? It will take, like, 60 minutes each of these things. Because once you put them here on the specific dates, you can have a look at the day. Zero. What? You know what? Maybe I took on too much, and this is not really feasible. Very, very visible. Very simple, but very powerful to see at one glance and on one page. And be honest, real job. Is that something that I actually can do? You might say I want to make a no sugar challenge in February, for instance. So it's OK. Every day I want I will avoid added sugar, and this is what I'm gonna do. I don't know why I put in here two hours. No, it's not gonna take you two hours. It's gonna take the whole day. You can take it off. Then you might want to run, You know, besides exercising, have a long run every week for your for your stamina for your cardio showing on 90 minutes . You might want a journal. 30 minutes at the end of day. This is what your d means here. If you okay, This is my example. If you have to learn theater text, then you might want to practice 30 minutes a day. If you want to restrict movies Theater, you might say, You know, I want as little as possible maximum one hour day so that you track. At what days did I actually meet my target? At what days did I actually watch or served less than the one hour that I said? And this is not to judge yourself is just to keep track on things again. The most important thing is not to judge. Your behavior is just to make it visible for the first time to have it in front of you so that you can see how you behave and what is behind that you might want to say, Oh, I want to introduce something you into my life. I wanna watch inspirational videos 30 minutes per day. What? I want to read a book 30 minutes a day or I want to learn. My new language tournament is today because only if you do something on the constant consistent basis you will actually succeed with doing this. And then you might want to say, this is something that I also mentioned in the course I want every week. I want to set aside two hours to look into my week that past and planned for the week ahead . And I want to put in, I don't know, two hours for that, so that I am constantly reminded of the goals. I'm constantly staying on track, and I'm not distracted by things that I shouldn't be doing. And then what it would look like is something like this, you know, you might say, OK, so this is what I'm gonna do. First week I'm gonna do three times per week, and I'm going to do this exactly the next week. And then when you do this and you take it off, you will see Oh, he I didn't do something because why? Oh, I was on vacation so clearly. This is a reason why you didn't do it. But you might, knowing that there is a vacation plan ahead and make sure that you find ways to actually do what you wanted to do despite your vacation, because now you know that your environment will change. And now you know that there is something that you need to go around in order to achieve your goals. So this is something that will help you. It will help you on, you know, a vertical level. See whether this is something that is feasible in the first place and you don't take too much on this consistency here. Making things visible is something that is based on Jerry Seinfeld's principal off Don't Break the Chain. I'm not sure that you if you're familiar with this, but Jerry Seinfeld is a very, very famous comedian and actor, and he for his job. He needed toe right on a constant basis, needed to write jokes for his stand up comedy and needed to write the scripts for his TV show. So he said, I need to write something on a daily basis because he knew and I'm I'm sure you know this for yourself as well. If you break the chain, if you don't do something on one day or more than two days, it is gonna be very, very hard to come back to your regular practice of this, whatever it was. And so he said, I don't want to break the chain and what this wonderful tool allows you to do, Let me copy, Paste it here is you can see very, very nicely. And you can be actually proud off that you have a Siris in whatever you wanted to do that you that you that you have a chain, that you constantly did something, and it's it's very, very encouraging. And you know what? If you wanna if your aim is to not break the chain, if your aim is to keep your promise. As you said here, whatever the target is that you said for yourself, you will feel uncomfortable to break in. And you will maybe move needles to actually do that, despite off obstacles and hurdles that you might be facing. So the two most important thing is here that it's visible in front of you on one page. And the other thing is that, you know, shows you the consistency, shows you the Siri's that you need to do that you need to go through in order to be successful. No, that is one thing. The last thing that why this tool is, I think brilliant and will help you achieve your goals by by helping you being consistent. Uh, well, how you improve and this is more down here. You might have seen this in the moment when I am zoomed out a little bit to show you that this is all fitting in one page. Once you've gone through the month and the month this fall and it shows you what you've done in what you haven't again nonjudgmental. You're gonna ask yourself a couple of very, very powerful questions. And the questions that you have to ask yourself is what has made me successful this month. Now, please don't expect that every month you will succeed with everything you have you wanted to do, and that is absolutely human. And this is absolutely fine as long as you take the lessons. And as long as you look also on those things that did work, remember in the course we started the course by exactly that we started the course by making you look back at what actually went well for you. Because it puts you in a good mood because it makes you look and focus on those things that work well. And this is what I want you to do Here is well, what has made you successful this month. So maybe you were successful with the exercise and not successful with the nutrition. Why? What was different? What made you successful with exercise? Write it down here, Capture it. Capturing, you know, by handwriting. Once you have printed it out, it does matter. Was it because you have join the runners group? And it was people and maybe nutrition. You were on your own at home, and, you know, you did not have the accountability. What was it? What it down would make you successful in some cases to make sure that you can maybe adapted for those cases for using in cases that you weren't successful. The second very, very important question is. Okay, so what have I learned from those things that didn't work that will help me improve for next month? What were my lessons? This is very, very important. What was it? And it might be that, you know, you underestimated the days that you actually had time to do it. And you need to maybe adjust your planning, whatever it was capturing and then make a decision because it's gonna be a couple of things . I'm sure it's gonna be. They are going to be multiple things that you realize have not gone as you wanted them. But you know what? Don't sweat the details. Look at the look at the key. Needle movers. Look at the most important things that you actually want to change. Select two or three things that are worth changed and then say OK in February. This is what I'm gonna change. It might be that you drop off the habit. It might be that you change the schedule. You want it. You know, the target that it's not gonna be three times a week. Maybe it's gonna be one time a week. Whatever the decision is captured here, 23 maximum. Well, and then you go to February 2018 and you either have the same things. Copy, paste, or you select new habits, you know, reduced amount, reduced number. Or you add something that you realize you need it in order. Maybe to complete something else with this. That's all I wanted to share with you. So I hope you're excited as I am. I think this is MM brilliantly simple tool for for multiple reasons. First, because it's it really allows you to print it having in front of you. It allows you to scribble in it. That allows you to, you know, to come right out. It allows you to cross it out. It allows you to see the Siri's that you rain. It allows you to tow, almost be competitive and want to complete the series. It has a lot of psychological elements built in there that I believe will help you very, very much with your consistency. And it has off cause the improvement elements making you focus on the good things, making you focus on those things that work and making them work for you in the future and learning from the past and taking those things on for the next month. I promise you, you can set on 30 day challenges you can set out to do something even for one month only. It doesn't mean that you have to use it for the whole year. See how it works for the first month and see how it you can improve it and make it work for you. I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to share this with you. I'm looking so much forward to your comments. Please. If you did this and it worked for you write it down, encourage others to do the same If you feel something's missing and you want me to adjust something and have ideas, police let me know in the comments. I'm going to read those comments all the time and I'm gonna reply to you, so thank you very, very much for your attention. I hope this is help you and serve you. And I'm watching you all the best for 2000 and 18. I'm hoping that you're crushing it. Take care. Bye bye. Okay. I hope you enjoy this bonus video. I realized that one of the biggest biggest challenges for people was to actually install new habits into their life. So this is why creep created this ridiculously simple tracker. It's a one pager, one page per month printed. Fill it in and track it. You will be surprised by the power off off the consistency that the power that it has with , you know, just keeping track and seeing visually the series that you have ticking off the boxes or crossing them out without whatever works for you down with the tracker and start right away to track your habits. If you consistently manage to do things you wanted to do. If you don't let them out of sight, you're gonna get there. I trusted. I really believe that. And I know that you can do it. So congratulations once again for going to the entire course. I'm super Grateful Toe Have yours a student. Don't forget to download both. One page is the one for your overall goes to have them in top of your mind and the habit tracker Because I wanted to install those critical habits into your life. Please follow me to get so you can get the updates and the class announcements right away. And until the next class, all the best. 16. !! NEW !! EXTRA BONUS: 10 day Goal Setting & Achieving Challenge: having, but it's tussle. I am so excited to be able to share these bonus videos with you Now What's the story behind these bones videos? In the beginning of this year, I took the lessons that you've just been through in this master class, and I decided for the first time to actually run a challenge with a group of people, and I invited a few people. It was around 50 60 people, and I guided them in a 10 day challenge in a step by step process in life videos through a process for them to identify what they truly want, define those goes that matter to them, and that will make a major impact in their lives. And I gave them the absolute fundamental critical success factors that will help them pursue those goals with success. It was so successful, and I received such a great feedback that I wanted to share these videos with you as well. Now, having said that, I want to make you aware that they are not polished. They're just the raw recordings off this challenge. So please don't come in that you know the quality is not perfect or it's not you know there's no images or videos or something like that. I do understand that. And I will make those changes along the way. But because the feedback was so great and it helped people so much and because it's the right time now, in the beginning of the year, I didn't want to lose time. And I wanted to make these available with U S available for you so that you can, if you haven't already kickstart your gold setting process and make sure that you have everything in place to make 2020 your Here. I hope you're excited. I am very excited. I know that this is gonna be super help for you. I can't wait. Check out the next video by 17. 10d CHALLENGE - Intro video & what you can expect: Hi, everybody. I'm tussle from Rome. Order you and I'm going to be your host over the next couple of days. I want to use the opportunity of the short introductory video and welcome you and a warm welcome you and congratulate you for wanting to change something in your life that you might have been already successful in the past with your goal setting and goal achieving. But there's always something to learn, and that's why they're here. And thank you might be here because you already have something very, very clear in your mind that you want to do, and you want to know whether there are better wasted doing this. Maybe you have been not very successful in the past. Maybe it is something that you've been pushing from year to year to year, and you say there must be better ways to achieve goals and then you're here because you're just interested in curious or you might be somebody who never set goals in their lives, never even thought of setting goals. But you would intrigue by my post and thought or realized or understood that if you set goals that actually means that you more intentional about your life, that you take control over your life, that you get into the driver seat and you drive that car to the to the end to the target line. Now, here's what's gonna happen over the next couple of days. I'm going toe, get life in this group. I'm gonna go life in this group every single day. And I want to guide you through a very, very powerful step by step process for you to get the best starting point for 2020. So every day we will do some exercises and I will give you some information and insights so that you can take your notes and day by day improve on your ghosting so that at the end off these days, you will not only have absolute clarity about your goals, those ones that matter to you and that you will pursue this year, you will also have a plan in place. You will also know what to do and what not to do and how to set yourself up for success. That's my promise to you. That's what I'm gonna do for you. Okay, so that just is a very quick introductory video. I hope you're excited as I am. It's gonna be really, really awesome. And until Monday, all the best 18. 10d CHALLENGE - Before we start... (The "warm up"): Hi, everybody Happy Sunday It's me again and I'm I've uploaded this video today because I'm so excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day when we will start our challenge. Now, here's something that I want you to do before and I have a small homework for you. You can call it a warm up. You can call it like getting in the mood. You can call it whatever you want. It's just something to get you into the right mindset for you to really get the most out of this challenge. Now here's what I want you to do. I want you to take today 15 to 20 minutes off your time Sunday. I hope you will be able to find 15 minutes where you can be by yourself alone in a quite space. I want you to find that space. Maybe it's your couch. Maybe it's a favorite room. It's a favorite chair. Maybe you go to a a cafe. You might usually get toe something that allows you to be peaceful with not so much background noise. You can if you if you like thinking about with If you don't mind having background noise but find a place where you feel comfortable. Okay, Now, if you drink, you can take a glass of wine. If you don't bring, you can might get a cup of tea, depending on the time of the day. If you don't drink tea at the end of the day and you want to do this at the end of the day , it doesn't matter. Grab a glass of water. Put it next to you. The most important thing is that I wanted to be comfortable, that I want you to be at peace and relaxed. Okay? And he is what I want you to do. I want you to take a few breaths that you just calm down and allow your body to get to peace. And I want you to then do the following. I want you to imagine that it's the 31st of December 2020. So this year that just started has come to an end. It's the 31st off December. You can close your eyes. If this allows you to imagine or visualize better. You can also open your eyes. It doesn't matter. Okay? All that matters is that you are at a comfortable place and peaceful, not distracted. So you are now at the end off this year, and I want you to think about this year and I want you to think back and think about all those things that happened. All those things that you've done, all those things that you accomplished, all those things that you have become. You know, maybe you have become a better person in the sense that you are emotionally more in control of your emotions or behaviors. What have you done? Who have you become? I want you to think back and list, list all these things. So I hope I should have said it may be. Begin the beginning. Grab something for you to actually have to write something, a piece of paper or a notebook something. Whatever works for you and list all those things without thinking too much, they're not gonna become all your gold. Don't worry, But just list those things that happened this year that give you a sense of accomplishment I've done or either being okay and I want you to think back at them and I want you to list all those things. And this is a very important thing. I don't want you to think off what's possible for the year. What I want you to do is I want to to think about what you want. How would you want this year to be like, What would you want your life to look like at the end of this year again? Don't let yourself get distracted by or limited by what it's possible. So if you write something you say why I don't think I can achieve that in a year. Don't think like that, right on that list, those things that you would love to have or you would love to be by the end of the year. Okay, so in summary, just a quick recap again. You find a place you schedule the time because believe me, if you don't schedule the time and if you said to yourself I'm gonna do this when there's time, there's never gonna be time. Okay? So schedule those 15 to 20 minutes up front and then find the place. Think of the place you want to go planet ahead, take something to write with you, and then picture yourself at the end of this year end of 2020 31st of December. You're looking back and you look back and realize this is the best year you ever had. How would that look like? What would you have done? Who would you have become? What would be in your possession? Everything. How are your relationships with your spouse with your kids? With your colleagues? How about your finances? Um, everything. What about your job? Have you improved? Have you changed? How would you love this year? Toe end? What would it look like? You can picture yourself in a family gathering. When you explain these things, you can picture yourself a a school reunion When you then look back and say, Well, look at my 2020. How amazing this was I did this. And this And this and that All you can even, you know, picture yourself on stage at some point of time That somebody asked you, Can you please share with us? You had such a fantastic Yes, share with us. What happened to you and what happened for you this year. So I hope that makes sense. Guys, I hope that is something that you can do. It is not. It is not mandatory for you to kick start the challenge tomorrow. Of course not. Nothing's an obligation. But I can guarantee you if you take 15 minutes out of your life and you just think about what you want, how you want your life to be, how you want your year toe end all those things that you would love to have love to be. Then it will make a big, big difference in your mindset and the way you approach the challenge tomorrow. Okay, so I hope you'll do this. I cross my fingers that you do this out. Pray that you do this. It's really, really powerful. And having said that, I wish you a wonderful, wonderful Sunday. And I will see you tomorrow for the challenge. Take care. Bye bye. 19. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY1: Hi, everybody. Welcome to the day one off this life video on the goal setting challenge. So I'm gonna give you a couple of minutes toe join in because I haven't announced the time really long enough. Maybe in advance. I want to give you the time to see if you can join life again. As I said before, many, many times. Don't worry if you cannot attend life, if it's possible, it's great because I can watch and I can check the videos, started comments to see an answer you right away. But of course, if you cannot make it, life will always the video will be up. You can watch it at any time you want. Make the comments and I promise you that I will answer your comments and questions every time. Okay, so welcome to day one. Um, I'm tussle and my wishes that by the end of this challenge, you have absolute clarity about what drives you that you set goals that challenge you and transform you. Not only those you know that you quit along the way, and that matter that doesn't don't mean anything to you and also that you are equipped with the tools, the insights and the mindset that will allow you to make those goals a reality. Okay, so that's my wish for you. So yesterday I have given you an exercise. So I saw some people did it. If you did it, let me know. In the comments below, I think this video, all the video off the exercise. Um, and it was, as expected, I couldn't have hoped. Really? For more than that, um, it was really important for me that you understand the difference between setting goals from a perspective of what is possible for me versus what I really want, that is, that is, that is important. And I I wanted you to feel that I wanted you to see that I wanted to experience that the purpose. The whole purpose of the exercise was that you approach that you learn to approach gold setting from the perspective off one and not the perspective off. You know, that's what's possible for me. I wanted you to step into desire. Desire is important desires a little bit scary, right? Because desire is often loaded with well, it holds a lot off weight. In fact, it's it's loaded with a lot of psychological barriers. Desire. Sometimes people think, Oh, I don't know if I deserve a lot Who am I to desire? If I desire something big, I might fail. So it's always loaded with a lot off off, Yeah, psychological weight. And that's why we don't we don't normally do that. But scary is good. You know, if you feel a little scary, that's fine, because this is where the transformation happens. Everything else is just small tasks, maybe a little project here and there. That is something that you know you can accomplish. But desire is important, and desire is something that is missing nowadays. Desire is missing, and that is why we compare ourselves to others. This is why we look at and what what what is due because we don't really know what we want . And so this is why we compare ourselves to others. And this is why we copy others very, very often so stepping into design, stepping into the potential is very, very important. And I was hoping that through the exercise yesterday you were able to experience that. You know, we really need to set goals that is getting us somewhere that they need to get us somewhere , Um, somewhere where we need to be. And this where we need to be needs to be very, very attractive. It needs to be very attractive. That pulls us out of our current situation into a future that we really, really desire. Now, why is this this way? Now here, I want to share something with you that I'm hoping gonna be an eye opener. The reason why many people don't take action on many people don't accomplish the goals that they put themselves is because they don't have toe. See, life is actually quite okay, as it is for most of us. Is not that we live under the bridge, maybe, or the We have nothing to eat. It's actually great what we already have for ourselves. And so it is not easy to give something up that we built over a lifetime. Don't forget that. I mean, even if we don't see it very often, we actually have built quite a life. We went to school and educate. We are educated. We went to college, maybe, and had even a deep dive education. Some people might have married, have Children Maybe some people have bought an apartment or house. You know, a long life. You have accumulated so many things that there is always a fear that you know, if you change, if you want to go to something else or bigger, that you might lose something. And I want you to think about the difference between how this thinking is versus what kids have. For instance, kids, when you ask kids what they want to become, they will always say, I wanna become this Astro now fire where a fire man and so many big to have so many ambitions. But one reason for that is also because they don't have anything to lose. When you are small, you know, everything is added to your life. You have nothing to lose, and this is why they dare to dream big. But we don't as adults, we have lost this a little bit because we are afraid to lose something that we already have . We have a great life that is, well, that is actually nice and comfortable. We are in a comfort zone, and this is why it's so difficult for us to move out of it. And this is why we need a vivid vision off how we want our future to be. We need a vivid vision off how we want things to be like OK, and that's what we're going to focus on on this first day today. The first thing we're gonna focus on creating the vivid vision. Okay, Andi is what I want you to do. Now look, most people, when they make, when they approach the goal setting, they make a couple of big mistakes. And those are that they chose too many goals that they choose random goals that they choose often conflicting goals. There is no in Germany in Germany would say it started like an overall picture. The big picture off, how you want your life to be, and so they choose random items here and there and there. But the reality is that we need to be congruent. We need to become grew in because things need to make sense. And if things don't make sense all of a sudden along the way and along, you know when we try to accomplish goes about the year, then we ask ourselves the questions. Why am I doing this? Actually and What we want to do is we want to avoid these thinking we want avoid this thought off. Why am I doing this? And that is where we need to be congruent. And we need to make sense out of all the areas of our lives that interest us. How are we going to do that? We're gonna tackle that here and I'm gonna use with you a tool that is called the Wheel of Life On the wheel of Life is not something that I invented. I don't even remember where I first saw this wheel of life. But this wheel of life is a tool that I So for sure, Tony Robbins used. And I felt this is a very nice exercise. A very nice tool, really, that you can use to create this bigger picture off your life and how you want your life to be. And here's what I want you to do. I have here a flip shot. Let me put it in a way that you can see it actually. OK, that looks good. So what I want you to do, what I want you to do is after you watch this video or tonight or later today. Okay, a za first step. In order for us to create the vivid vision of our future degree to step into our desire, I want you to do the following because what we want to do with his wheel of life is if you have done the exercise from yesterday. So the pre work let's and you and you and you dreamt how you want your year to end. How you want to have what you want tohave to process it to be. That's a kind of a wish list, and you want to put some structure in some depth to it. Okay, So what I want you to do is I want you to take a piece of paper. If you want to do it electronically, could do it. You can do an iPad. You can do whatever you want, but a piece of paper is the most easy way to do it. And let me see now if you can see that. So I wanted to create a certain maybe you want to create a circle that is better than this one, but it doesn't matter. So this is the circle, okay? And I want you t split it in kind of eight areas. OK, 67 eight. And I want you to look at eight areas off your life that matter to you and that you want to get better that you want to tackle this year. And these areas can be things like You know, your health, your Korea, your relationships. You might have, you know, hobbies, contribution, go financials. It can be anything like that. I m. But I want you to go one step further than that because many people when you look online, they advise that you put in the areas like health Andrea Elation ships. But the reality is this. And this is one of the reasons why we feel with goals. Putting health there as an area is very, very generic. It's confusing, and it's again, it's It's one area that actually is comprised of many areas, because what does health really mean? Health is your movement. Exercising health is you nutrition. Health is your sleep. What is What is relationships? Are you? Are we talking about the relationships with your friends and or peers into the relationship with your kids? Is it the relationship with your spouse. Maybe the relation with your boss that you want to improve. So what I want you to do is I want you to look at eight areas. The bigger picture that I mentioned to you before, you know, health, financials, career. That's fine. But I want you to take it one level down and say so. What is it? What is the area you wanna work on this year? So, for instance, there you would write something like relationship with kids, right? Or here. Can you read? This is perfect. Or you can stay here something like nutrition. Okay, so the area that is important to you I want you to make to think of all these things that matter to you. It can be something about finances. But again, if you if you just would put in financial, that means what really is it that you just want to have more money? Or is it that you want to learn how toe make the best use of your money? You know, you want to be more on investor mindset, make your money, make more money. I want you to drill this down a little bit deeper. One level down. And not only say I want to improve my health, but what aspect off your health. What aspect of your relationship? Which area of your relationship? And I want you to look at these eight aspects of the areas. OK, anything you don't have to have eight. I don't want you to have more than eight, because that's a big mistake. Many people do as well. They choose to many goals and then they're overwhelmed and quit. So eight is the maximum, but you don't have to have a This is no competition. We're not going to say, Hey, who has the most goals? Wings? No. You choose as many as you want, but not more than eight. You can choose four. You can choose six, but choose those that matter to you. And here's the thing. If you have already kind of eight and your head, I want you to leave one blank. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna add here something for you. I'm gonna come to this later. I want to tell you exactly what this is supposed to do. Okay, So you have no these areas. Okay? You know, now about your nutrition, you know, now about your relationship with your kids, You know, now the other aspect of your career not general career. But maybe What exactly is the area you want to get better? Okay. Is it something about your competencies? It's something about your grading and about your position in the company. What is it about the area that you want to improve? And here's the question that I wanted to ask yourself. OK, It's a very simple exercise. You just create the circle, the wheel of life. You find these areas and you ask yourself one simple question. What is a 10? If you would think this is zero and then there is 123456789 10 What would be a 10? So ask yourself, what would it be like? What would it be like? What would it feel like? Really vividly. Imagine it. Picture it in your head. What would it be like if the relationship with my kids would be the best ever for me? What would it be if my nutrition would be the best? How would how would I define this? How did you find a 10? What would be the best possible way that I would approach contrition, You know? What is it for me? What is the best way? Same thing with exercising. It's not about setting small goals here. Like I'm gonna go three times of the gym. No. What is it? You know, I want you to dig deeper is not only one phrase. I want you to really take these areas. That's why I don't want you to do more than eight. I want you to take these areas and I want you to think so. The relationship with my kids. How would it be? I imagine myself being always there with the kids. I imagine that I love them unconditionally. And I would show this every single day I picture myself are exposing them to things that challenge them that they don't know anything about. I picture myself. The best relations with my kids will be if I play with them or the other way around. When you say if I actually don't play with them once in a while because I want them to be creative and figure it out for themselves. Think about each of these areas and think about what would be a 10. What is the top level for you in the area for nutrition? Same thing. What would be a 10 that you say to yourself? I picture that I am in control off my nutrition. I eat healthy. I eat whole foods. I feel energized. I never feel full picture vividly what a 10 is. You know again, if you split this up in a couple of areas in a couple of levels, what would be a 10? What is the best way? What would it be like? What would it feel like if this would be the best? I want you to dream big. I want you to create a clear vision off what this is You can, you know, make a little title and might make a couple of bullet points. You can make a little story. You can even write a kind of of love letter to you saying that this is how you know your future self is going to be, like, really a 10. The best off the best. And that's already for day one. Guys, we want to take it step by step. I want you to go through a thinking process that allows you to really incorporate the essence of all the necessary elements for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. This is number one stepping into desire, understanding the areas you want to tackle in understanding through a very clear vision. What would that look like? What would that look like if I had a tender, You know what is that? And so remember the beginning? I told you one field, I want you to leave blank for the moment. Okay? So if you have eight already using all I have eight. I don't have anything blank. Please leave one blank. Leave something out. If you have only three or four, it's fine. Then you have anyway, a lot of blanks. Here's what I want. You toe adhere. This is what I want you to work on. This is an obligation and mandatory for every one of us. Every one of us. And that is that is self image. I want you to think about how would it look like if you loved yourself unconditionally? How would it be like if you saw yourself as maybe your kids or your spouse or the people who love you and admire you I would see you. What is Admire a ble about you. And I know that at the beginning that happens to me all the time. At the beginning, you were only thing about the negative. I don't know. I mean, what's what's what's what's special about me? There's nothing special about me. Nothing could be further from the truth. You couldn't be more wrong. You are special. You are unique urine individual and how you see yourself metas. In fact, how you see yourself is the most important thing for you to accomplish everything else. Everything else is important for you to in order to accomplish everything else you need, toe, see yourself is the best you so self image again. What would be with here? What would be a 10 here? What would be what would it look like if you would see yourself is the best? It's not about being arrogant on talking arrogantly what would be the best off your image? How would you show up best? I want you to do that as well. This is gonna be life change. Okay? This is gonna be very, very important. AST's part off the holistic picture. Remember our exercise today is to look at this is a congruent picture. The overall guests type the overall picture off your life because what we don't wanna have is we don't want to have conflicting areas of your life. You can't say I want to be present with from my family much, much more. And I want to make a career and get promoted. It's gonna be conflicting. You're gonna You're gonna have to choose one or the other. This is what's gonna happen in your life. But if you look at your life holistically, you can avoid these things because you will see what matters. Did you? Based on what you want to have, you will not have random goals, and you will have not conflicting goals and by breaking it down, Remember, we said not health, but nutrition, exercise, maybe sleep only you what? You would be surprised how improving you sleep with what impact this will have on every other area of your life. Take a step by steps, choose an important area that residents with you and create a picture created wheel off life. If you sit back and say, look at it, you say that looks like a plan. That's a plan. That's for me for this year. I'm gonna tackle this. I'm gonna crush it. I'm gonna work on myself, and I'm gonna manage everything else as well. Now, many of you said in the beginning when I asked in the poor that you already have goals. Here's an opportunity for you to kind of sanity. Check them. Double check them. Would they fit into these kind of things? Have you considered these areas? Now is the time to maybe find just before we move later on, from creating that vivid vision off your life into actually creating the goals that will get you there. So this is the first step. Step into the desire. Step into vision. You must be very clear. What are you actually after? What is a 10 in all these areas that you wanna work on? I hope this makes sense. Guys. I hope you liked today's video Tomorrow. We're going to get to the bottom of it. We're gonna look into Okay, this is where you want to go. Where are you know, we're gonna look at your current situation and see where we are right now. This is the most the next, most important step. If you want to accomplish goals, it's like a GPS. You know when when you put in your one Google Maps and you put in where you want to go, the first thing they ask is what you want to go. The second thing they ask in Google is, you know, where are you right now for them to calculate the path. Okay, so I hope you like that. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it made sense. If there's anything that was not clear or you have any questions or comments, let me know. In the comments below, let me know in the comments below, I'm happy to answer them. I'm happy to give you some more guidance, but this is the first step guys take a couple of minutes. Like for the pre work exercise before. Take a couple of minutes doing today so that we can move on tomorrow with the next one. Okay, have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow. But I 20. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY2: Hey. Hi, everybody. Castle here again with day to off the challenge. Now, I hope you enjoyed video one from yesterday. Yesterday was kind of a foundation. You know, yesterday's purpose, Waas that you look at your life in its entirety. I wanted that you looked at your actions ambitions and ultimately goes congruent at the makes sense that there's a there's a meaning behind them. And then, of course, also that we create a clear vision off whatever it is that pulls us for. So that was yesterday. That was yesterday. Foundation day. Now, Um, okay, great. We know now where we're gonna go, we won't know where we want to be. Okay. Now, for us to define the path that is going to get us there, we need to understand where we are starting from. It's as simple as that. It's It's similar if you remember the analogy yesterday from Google Maps. If you put in, if you want to go somewhere, Google Maps ask you first where you want to go. And then ultimately, of course, it will ask you where you are right now for them to calculate the path towards that. So that's what it is like Google maps. So yesterday, if you remember, you defined what a 10 looks like. It was important for you to understand and as clear as possible. What? That vision, What it looks like if it's the best it can be. It is really just the upper threshold kind of the ceiling. This is that the best What I could imagine. And I think it was Nicole in the comments that that described the sort off, you know, the energy that she feels when she's thinking off the 10 off, how it 10 would look like and that I think I couldn't have said it better. It's really all about making the destination incredibly attractive so that he pulls you forward. That's what it is about. OK, so, yes, I did. You let me quickly have this yesterday. You That was it. Can you see that you didn't get a little closer here? Okay, that was yesterday. Okay. Yesterday you defined what attack Looks like what I want you to do today. What I wanted to do today's I want you to look at to give yourself a number where you are right now. Where are you right now? I want you to pick us up to position yourself in this range. So this is what a 10 look like. And then, you know, you say Honestly, you look at your current situation. You say, Where am I right now? You know, is it too? Is there 3 to 4 million or somewhere Here, I want you to pick a number, and I want you to circle that number. And this is where you are right now. This is like when you go, you know, to the molds. And they say you are here. This is what it's supposed to be. This circle is where you are right now. Now, uh, I want you to do one more thing. In fact, this is where your right now. And I want you to reflect on. Why did you give yourself that number? Why did you give yourself the number? So, for instance, a zai did hear you give yourself a three out of 10. Why was it a three out of 10? You know, what was your thinking behind them? That is important. Ok, so, um, having said that when you position yourself and your reflected on what it is The reason why we're doing this now is off course. Number one is that we understand. What? How big the gap. It's okay. This is of course, if you if you look what you're going where you want to go and you look where you are, it shows you what kind off kind of distance you have to go right. And please don't get discouraged by the gap. If the gap in any of the areas is big for you, that doesn't matter. Really is not is not important because you will never go from a to tow a 10. I mean, that's no nobody asked of this. For you, The 10 was the destination. Ultimately, the vision how it looks like how things can be for you if everything goes well. If you're here, that's okay. It's the first step. We take it step by step. So we do this, of course. You know, to see how big the distances, how big topic the gap is. But also one very, very important thing. Because I want you to look at your current situation and see here and see here. How bad is it? Really? You know how big is the pain. How big is the pain off your current situation? Now, here's the thing. Why am I saying is it is if you have something you know, if you want to go into action, if you want to accomplish ago, if you want to do anything in life one very, very important ways that you activate desire. And we did that yesterday we decided and really find how it can look like for you so that it creates this excitement for you to really start right away and go and do it. Okay? Activating the desire is critical. However, if the current situation is not I don't really bad enough. But he's not uncomfortable enough. You will escape that pool from the 10. You will escape it. You will find excuses. I'm gonna give you an example. For instance, if you want to change a job and you picture yourself that 10 will be you have a job that is perfect. A job that is boss, that is supportive. You have freedom to decide. You can maybe have freedom to work from home. You picture your job, even an independent. A future Azan entrepreneur, whatever it is and you pictured fantastically wonderful. Great. If your current situation is not painful enough, you will always find excuses why you can maybe tolerated another year. Why you can maybe, you know, it's not too bad afterward. It happens a lot that people say when it's okay as it is, and we want to avoid it. And that's why it is important that you look at where you are right now and you're honest with yourself. How big is the pain? Really? Is that something that I know is big enough for me to escape? Does that make sense? Okay, so today's exercise very quick video gives also the opportunity for people to catch up a little bit for those who have not seen the video before. A very simple access to the fine where you are right now and you reflect a little bit. Why did you give yourself that number? Why is it that you need to leave this spot? Why do you need to leave this spot? And so if we pull now they want and they two together, what's gonna happen is basically can I put it, put it a little bit far away. I can I can do it here can see I was doing red, so you can see. So if we pull, they wanted to together you have your current situation A and you have the future situation . And so when you pull A and B together, what ends up happening at the end of it, there is a decision when you look what 10 looks like and you look how your current situation is and you feel not comfortable to tolerate this anymore. You don't want this year to pass with you staying where you are right now in this area of your life. Whatever it is, then you can make a decision. Then is the time to make a decision and to make a commitment. And yes, I will do something about it and the beauty off this decision. The beauty of this decision is you don't need to know what this looks like. It doesn't matter. You will figure it out. But because you define this and you find this very, very clearly, you can make a decision and you can commit to yourself. It's like making a contract with yourself. This is very, very powerful, because whatever you're after, if this is not something that you must have. You will find excuses and quit along the way. This is why we're making this really foundational exercise in video. One video to I wanted to really be very, very clear why this deserves a space in your life by this area desert that you do something about it because it's so freakin awesome to get to attend. And because really, you had enough off staying where you are with your behavior at home with your spouse, with your kids, whether it's you nutrition, whether it's losing weight, you know the typical thing at the beginning of the year. What is that? You're not consistent. Whether it's your job, anything, you make it a surgeon and say this is what I'm gonna do about it. Once you make that decision, the feeling you get is like I'm on a mission, and there's nothing more powerful than that. Nothing, and no one can get in the way of somebody who's on a mission. So if you are on a mission, if you consider this important enough toe focus and prioritize in your life so that you move from a to B, I can guarantee you. Nothing can come in the way. You will not get distracted. And we will. In the course of this challenge and a couple off days from now, I will also show you some very I mean more practical what it really means toe to protect yourself from distractions and to really commit to the to the path and the plan and design that path. But that's not as important as actually first making a decision. I want to do that. It's important enough for me. That's why that's why I'm on a mission. I'm gonna make this happen. Okay, guys, this is not video number two. This is Day two. Very foundational. Very, very, very important to get this right. So two things. Two things. Two things. You give yourself a number where you are right now, okay? And you reflect a little bit. You reflect a little bit. Why? You gave yourself the number I want you to remember. Like when you thought about how it 10 looks like and you explain it very, very detailed. Do the same for this position. For your current situation. Explain to yourself and tell yourself why you cannot stay there anymore. why it is not good enough for you. Why it is not. I'm helpful. Why is it even even bad for you to stay where you are right now? Make the situation kind of bad for you? Yes. You are thankful that you are where you are. It's fine. We made it so far. Everybody is in particular state in their lives, which they like, which they love and they appreciate. But if you want to move on, we need to understand that this is not good enough for us. Okay, So I hope that helped you guys please let me know in the comments below, If you have any questions, I really appreciate you watching the video. Let me know if this helps you. And tomorrow we're going to go and they look more closely into this. Okay, so now that we have this, we're gonna design that leap forward. I hope you looking forward to that. I am looking forward a lot. So until tomorrow, wishing you a wonderful day. Take care. Bye. 21. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY3: Hello, everybody. Good morning castles. Back here with video number three on this goal setting challenge. I hope you don't find I hope you're ready. And you've gone through the previous exercises unless we kept quickie so far. You have your 10. You know where you're going. You also have identified where you are right now and why you need to leave that spot. Okay? And you have made the decision. You are on a mission. What you're going to do to date when video number three, day three off. The challenge is we're going to define the lead you need to make. Okay, So this is the 10. This is where you scored yourself. You know, what is the leap you need to take in order to get there? And I want you to make a big leap. You don't need to necessarily land on the 10. I mean, we don't know what life holds for us. We don't. You know. You know that saying that life happens when you're busy doing other things. We don't know what the future holds. Its fine. What we want is we want just to get to the next way. Want to create and next baseline on you and another base camp. If you want for you, you might know that when you climb the Moloch you have two different base camps. Right? You have the base camp of the different levels and stations. You never climb from the bottom to the top of the mountain. In one, you create different levels from which then you operate on. That's what we want. We want to We want toe like they say, shoot for the moon A big step because even if we fail, we will land along amongst the stars. I like always this expression. It's nice. We want to take a big leap because that's what we will want to create. Another level. Ah, higher level off the baseline. Okay, So if you know, picture your tenant, you have visualized your 10 Remember? We're really thought off what it would be like. You literally you would see your lifestyle, what you would be doing, how you would be and show up. Now it's Just think about that. What would be based on your comment situation? The next big move, the first big step that you need to take in order to get towards that not to land there to get towards them. So obviously, there are always many things that always many things that you can do in order to move forward to something. But there's always something. There's always something that is most impactful, and I want you to watch out when you think about it. When you reflect about that's the That's the exercise of video number three. That's that your homework for this day three, when you reflect upon that's that, very often it's something that is even is something that we avoid doing. It's something that might not even be in that feel in that lane of the off the gold that we're talking about, right? It's something that often we don't do and sabotage ourselves. It's over. Going back to the basics like this is, you know, when you think about the gym, when people start going to the gym day, try to do that specific exercise and that waits and that and this and that. But the reality you could just go back to the basics. What about your push ups, your pull ups, your squats and your crunches? It's all you need back to the basics improve their and step by step. Get better. Well, let's stay with the health example with the exercise. If you want to go and exercise more and you set this as your you know this is my must do In order to get out there feeling off my body, I want to be more no feel my body mobile, tighter, shredded. Then very often people focus on exercising, but they forget about nutrition. They forgot about eating. But I can tell you you can go to the gym seven days a week, three hours a day. If you don't fix first you nutrition the basics. The absolute basic nutrition is 80% off your weight management compared to the 20% off exercises. If you don't go back to the basics, um, you've lost already before even starting. Okay, So the other thing, when you reflect on this big leap off on this big move that you need to do in order to get towards your number 10 I want you not to think about something that you would be doing, not an action. I want you to think off. It is a deliverable now. What do I mean? by that a deliverable is like an achievement. Deliverable is something that you can measure, something that happens, something that you can say this. This is now different than it was before. So what must have happened for you to feel differently? What is that? I'm deliverable that you want toe that you want to accomplish when you have it. When you have to guess what that is, then a rial goal. That is a real goal. It's your big move towards your 10 and it is something that happens. And it's something that there is a stepping stone towards your number 10 and that is important to understand and toe become very much aware of. It's something that is a stepping stone in the sense off. There is something that you must have. You cannot reach your 10 without doing this big move, and this is why it's so important because many, many people focus on on things. There are really nice toe halves, but this is not a nice to have what we're talking about. When you think about this, it's something that is a there is a must have you cannot reach. Let's put it in this way Very, very simple. You cannot reach the 10 unless you did this. Unless you have established this unless you move up that baseline, that's what it is about. So let me give you some examples. For instance, let's take usual. For example, once you commented in the videos in previous videos that you wanted to be a filmmaker and make a living out of the out of making videos. Now here's the question of the thinking that I would encourage to do is what needs to happen, what must happen. Otherwise, you know you're just playing around because just making films here and there might be I'm improving your skills on improving the way you do things great. But Israel, maybe anything else that is absolute fundamental to moving up that step. Could it be something that, and I don't know, like being very, very clear about the message? You know what your movies or documentaries or or this channel of yours to expressions. And what is it about? What is the message you want to bring to the world? And what do you want people to do or how to feel like after you after they've seen your art . That that would be something that I can imagine is really a big move becoming very clear about that. Or General, for instance, you also commented that you wanted to be an entrepreneur here. The question is, what do you need? What is a must have otherwise you're not really serious about being on until Pointer and I can talk about from my own experience. Because when I stepped into the online business into the online world, people have been telling me Post online post regularly be consistent and post people will see you will build trust with you and then you're gonna be successful. But he is what I had to realize very painfully over a long period of time that it's not about the posting. It's not even about the network. Maybe it's an entrepreneur because I was posting consistently for a year. Nothing happened. What it is about is particularly isn't opener. It's about your position. Why would people come to you? What is your product? What is your service? What are you offering? What can people expect from you if you don't have that? Remember, was talking about the basics, the fundamentals. If you don't have that everything else will not really fall into place. This is the absolute baseline that you need to think about. So if you look at your 10 in all these areas, what is your non negotiable? Right? So, for instance, let's take Nicole, for example. They called also in a different areas. She mentioned also something like a love relationship. No, my many people might his goals set their elements like I don't know, for instance, having a date night every week or something like this in order to be spending time together . And there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, it's a It's a very important thing to do, but it's just maybe nurturing the relationship. But what's the fundamental? How can you build the next level of your relationship? Maybe it's about I'm guess what in here. Well, I know I but but just to get you spark and inspired to think about the goals that are really fundamental that you cannot reach 10 without, it could be maybe something like in the love relationship loving yourself, because generally people are attracted, too confident people, or on very often relationships are breaking apart because somebody tries to put another people something based on they're not feeling confident about themselves, or it could be something about setting rules for the relationship. You know, what's your philosophy about the relationship with the rolls off people? How do you want to have it? You know, I think this is the really fundamentals and the baselines debt I would think about in order to set that to set that. And so when you look at that leap, okay, today's day three is to getting from your a weight from a two year be. Now, if you want to make that, what is the first big move? The must have the absolute massive. You cannot reach your 10 without having done this big step. What is that? I want you to reflect on that. And I want you to define that. I want you to be very, very clear butter. And of course, as I said, them will be many things you want to do. But remember, you have a things to look for here. If we decide on one deliverable on one achievement on each of these areas is already a lot . And if we reach that, we can always move forward, so don't worry about that. But let's not overwhelm ourselves. First, let's take this one thing per area and see what this is. And if you don't know what this is, no money. You would already have a feeling. And if you're honest with yourself, you will also find these things that you normally would avoid, maybe, and sabotage yourself otherwise. But think about it. And if you don't know it, then maybe your goal is to find out someone who has a chief would you want to achieve in any of these areas. Maybe don't Parnell was a filmmaker or somebody you admire. Having a stable in a loving relationship with your parents could be friends, whatever and understand from them what I asked him, Understand what it takes to learn what this absolute fundamental is that you need to do. And so this is the message of video. Three guys, If you want to go from a to B, I want you to think off the fundamentals of the basics off the must haves. Think about the one a big leap. Take a big leap. It should be exciting, Even if it's a little bit scary. It should be exciting, you know, to take that leap that will change your baseline from here to here. OK? You're from a you jump over to be, and then you take life from there. You don't need to get to 10 right away. OK, so that is number one. I want you to reflect on that big leap. That big move that must have your first thing that you will tackle. And the second thing nobody. My, my, my homework is always, you know, to four. So that is one and the other one is I want you to think about what will happen if I did that. I want to be clear about what will happen if I actually achieved that. And what would happen if I don't? That is important. What will achieving this? What will leveling up in that particular manner that you will define for yourself do to you ? How will you feel differently? That is a similar exercise. As when we did for number four. You're level 10. I want you to understand also what? That level. The importance off the off. Achieving that big league. Why is that important? I'm sure you have guessed it already. I want you to want to do it. I want you to take a sanity check. If it doesn't make you feel that this is something that you want to achieve, something that excites you, Something that feels good than probably It's not the right thing. So think very carefully about what it will do for you and make it a necessity. But you put some pressure on yourself some healthy pressure to understand. Why do you? Why do you need to do it? Why must you make this big leap and not anything else? So what will happen if you did it? And what will happen if you don't? The simplest thing is, if you don't most likely you stay at the level we are right now. And remember, from video number two, we starting to hate level A. We started to talk ourselves out off situation of a because that's where we don't want to move on to be. We made the decision. We have way are on a mission. Remember the feeling is there the energies there? Now it's all about the big league. Okay, so I hope it helped you guys. That was the video three. Defining the leap. The must have your first big goal that you want to accomplish. And that will get you to another level closer to your 10. That really will be an amazing achievement. So thank you very much. If you have any comments, let me know in the section below questions. Same thing. If I wasn't clear with anything, let me know otherwise. Let me know. As always when you reflect on this, let me know what pops up in your mind. Let me know if you if it was easy if it was difficult what you struggled with, you need to give me details. But if you want, share the process, share what works, what doesn't work and I can help. Maybe can jump in and give you a little bit of knowledge or a nudge or a little help here or there for you to make that step. Okay, so that was it. I wish you a wonderful great day. And until tomorrow, all the best buy 22. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY4: Hello, everybody. Tasso here with video number four from our goal setting and goal achieving Champions Challenge. Now, if you follow me through videos 123 Hopefully those of you who have not had some goals I'm discovered a powerful framework to create meaningful ones for themselves. And those of you already had goals rather clear in your head. I hope the previous videos gave you and an idea gave you a way toe, maybe sanity. Check them and see if these are really the goals that excites you. The goals that are the stepping stones to the place you want to be and whether these are those goals that you want really to pursue, that our goals that are really must have and not only nice to have that you will quit along the way. So now, before going into the next step in sharing with you, what I feel is really the best way to actually accomplish those goals are still would like to spend the video today on day tomorrow as well Toe conclude this foundational strategic aspect from the goal setting piece before going into the more technical and practical aspect Ning next week because it's very, very important is really very important. You see, Here's why. It is not very uncommon that people set the same goal again and again and again for up to 10 years straight. I was shocked when I actually read this somewhere. The people keep putting the same goal on the list. Year after year after year and maybe one of your goals or many of your goals belonging to the category, you might not all have completely new goals that you think that you thought off. Maybe you really have something that you have been, you know, carrying over from year to year and not have managed toe address it before and off course. The question then that pops up into my head and I hope pops up also into your head is the sort of question that goes like, Well, if I wanted so much, why don't I have it yet? I think that's a very powerful question. If you think about it. If this is something that I want, why don't I have it yet? And today, this video I wanted toe explain to you what I think The reason is what I identified for myself. when I gave this a little thought, that little deep type, it was very interesting and it helped me understand his bed. And so I wanted to share this with you to see how you feel about it. Um, now, I would like to put it in this way. If I would come to your place and see your computer, most likely I would be seeing that you run the most the most recent operating system. If you're a Mac user, maybe you might have. You know, I don't know, Catalina, the newest model may be the one before. Have it, Or if you run Microsoft Windows, laptop or computer, you will have most likely Windows 10. Rarely, maybe Windows eight or seven. So one of the most operating and US operating systems, Why do you think that is? Well, I would argue that you would like to have a system that is rather safe. That's why you do all the security updates and you want a system that is up to date and that is basically prepared toe handle. What's coming? You want a system and operating system that is equipped to run the newest software. All these exciting things that we can do nowadays with our electronic devices. And you know that because of these new things the new software, the new applications are getting bigger and better and more complex. They require a new operating system that actually can lift them that actually can manage them, can handle them, right? So what do you think there? Why would that be different with you as a human person? Because here's the thing. You also have an operating system. You also run an operating system. Now, what would be your personal operating system be made off? What do you think? Well, our operating system is made out of our beliefs is the way we see the world is the filter that we put in front of us because the reality is that we don't see the world as it is. Nobody can we see the world is we are through that filter through those beliefs, and it happened through conditioning. I mean, it's not only you is everybody me, the whole world. Through their upbringing toe their parents school their their their colleagues through the news, through their philosophies, to their mentors and teachers. Through everything they've learned every older development created that belief system that framework off believes that is guiding you actions and what you think and what you do generally. And so over time you have built that framework you have built your operating system made off Believes made off the stories that you're telling yourself and assumptions that you made about various things. Very likely, many of these assumptions are true, but very probable, also, that many of these assumptions are 40 and we base our actions on 40 assumptions. So these stories that we're telling ourselves and believes that will give you a quick example. As always, the physical example is always the easiest to use when somebody wants to go to the gym, you can imagine that there is a lot off thinking and stories going on in their head and somebody who wants to go but then actually doesn't go, finds a lot of excuses. Things like it's too far away. It costs too much money. I don't like the atmosphere in a gym. I don't like the people going to the gym. There's better use of my time. I don't have time for go to the gym. You see all sorts of things that pop up in your head. But you explain to yourself why you will not do something that you actually would like to do. And this is what I mean with the stories Andi excuses and the that we use to make up our minds and to do or not do something. Okay. And so this is what I want you to do today. This is this small exercise for this video. I want you to explore a little bit more these area this in all of your areas that you have decided with all these goals that you have set yourself. I would like you to think about this and use the phrase because that's really a way for you to explore a little bit deep about yourself. You say I want to, And then you go although thing that you want to achieve comma but and that what I want you to do is I want you to feel the blank. I want you to discover a little bit more about yourself. What could be the obstacles that can come in the way for you not doing what you said you would do. We did a lot off pre working videos. One of me to make these things so exciting to visualize how it could look like. Remember when I asked you to look at How would your 10 look like to be so exciting that you actually want to do it? We also went through the exercise to see how your current situation is not good enough for you. Why you need to leave the spot, why it's important for you. And when we frame the goal, we decided that is going to be something that is a must have. That is something that is not only is not something that if you don't do it, nothing bad will happen. It is a prerequisite is that it is the stepping stone. It is a building foundation for your number 10 area that you want to achieve. So we did a lot of pre work. But I want you to do this final step as well and think about what? What could come in the way? What am I believing about this? What about believing about relationships, about my health, about my emotions, about the way I eat? What are these things that I'm telling myself explored with the story that you're telling yourself so that you understand better all those things that have been holding you back in the in the past. I think that will be very, very eye opening. It's gonna be great to look a little bit into the into the past. Very often is all those things that you didn't like about yourself. So try and let your thoughts going to be crazy around this and captured. So remember the phrase I want to do that comma. But then list all these things that you feel pop up in your head. Don't judge them at the moment. Don't say it's bad or it's good just lets them and understand a little bit better where this comes from. Okay, okay, That's what I wanted for today. Today was a video about your belief system about your operating system. Tomorrow I'm going to guide you through a similar phrase that you can use to overcome that . And then we will have concluded this way this week the absolute great foundation for you to go after goats. That really means something for you and that you have eliminated those blockers, the blockers that can be your current situation. That is maybe too good that you perceive as maybe I don't want to lose anything. But also those blocks, that is your belief system will have eliminated them so that we can go with much more likelihood of success into the practical and technical things that will make 2020 and amazing here. Because you will, you will achieve what you put your mind. So I hope you excited. I'll see you tomorrow around the same time and have a lot of fun with these exercise. 23. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY5: Hello, everyone. Welcome today. Number five in our 10 day challenge. Yesterday I asked you to look at your operating system. I hope you've seen the video. It was to look at your beliefs and stories that you're telling yourself the assumptions that we make what? All these things basically make us up in Guider and guide all of our actions. These are the basic off our actions. Not many people do that deep work, honesty. And that's actually why they quitting on their goal. So I hope you were able toe look at the video and do the exercises very, very powerful that I hope that by using this phrase this formula I want to and then but that you were able to serve face your old story that you become became much more clear about the old story. So now, today, what we're gonna do is we're going to replace it all story with a new story. Why are we going to do that? Well, because you need the story that you're telling yourself your believe system, that driving the inner voice, they're not critically in a conversation to have with yourself. It must be supportive off your mission. It must support you on your way with your goal. It must be supported. It must be with you because it needs to create a necessity. You know, that's something that people very often forget to create for themselves. Because it worked. We have all those deadlines. But when we have particularly some personal gold, there is no such deadline. So what we need to do ourselves is to create that necessity, basically answer the question like who or what depends on you doing what you want to do and achieving this goal. What's what's really at stake? This is what the new story does. This is why we need to replace it, to have some support for achieving and pursuing our goals. And for that in order to help you with that, I want to share with you a similar formula that you can use to create this new story that it is very, very powerful. Aziz. Well, it is basically four sentences that I want you toe toe, fill in the blanks. I will give you similar to the I want to. But it's four cent consists that I want you to look at that. I want you to reflect upon and fill in the blanks. No need now to stop the video and write those down. I will have them in the comments below. So no worries. Please have a look there. Copy them and then answer them for yourself as an exercise for today. This is the exercise for day number five. So the four sentences are the truth is the doctor and here the realities. We need to look at the whole truth because the stories that we're telling ourselves all these negative things that are holding us back. You know what we discussed yesterday as the old story. All these things have an element off truth. Otherwise, we wouldnt believe our own story. So that's why we want to look at the whole story and the sentence off. The truth is, helps you say Okay? No. But you know, there is also something else to this that I'm not looking at. So the truth is, is the sentence number one sentence them. But to is, if I don't change and continue on that path, then it shows you what will happen if you don't do anything that this sentence number two centers number three is This goal is important to me because that again is helping you to look at your goal and reemphasize why you are after this goal that you become very, very clear why this is important to you, that you emotionally connect with your goal and then the number of sentence them before in that were in the future. From now on, I will and then Doctor top. So now this is almost like a commitment, like a statement like something that you say. This is what I am going to do. I'm on a mission. It reinforces that feeling and the energy that you are on a mission. So these are the four sentences that can, if you formulate them for yourself in your particular case, help you energize and create that new story that will guide you one pursuing the goal. And this is the absolute basis for you to be able to apply all those things that I will share with you next week. All these practical elements, all these very, very important hacks and not tricks, really. These are the actions that you need to take in order to make these goals and reality, so that was already that for video number five. I want to keep it very, very bite size so that you have small exercises that you can do. You've been out for five exercises if you do this, including this today, I suggest. And let me know in the comments below, if you don't agree with that. But I suggested to make a little break over the weekend so that you can do what you do anyways. On the weekend, you are a little bit free and you can relax. But you also could if you want to catch up on some of the exercises and videos, they're normally 10 minutes long and maybe another 10 minutes for the excesses. I hope you will find you see their value and you will find the time to do that. And then I suggested, next week we get right begin because next week is going to be. That will start Monday with the most important action you need to take to actually realize your goal. I planned for next week that Monday Tuesday Wednesday I will give you each one very powerful element in success factor for you to make whatever you want to do to actually reach it and reach that goal. And then on Thursday, I suggest if you look at setbacks that that was the plan, because guess what? Along the way you will. Well, we you will fall off the wagon, you will derail, and I It's very, very important for us to understand. How do we deal with that when we fall off the wagon? We need to understand that it's not a failure, that we are not a failure. We need to manage it appropriately, frame it appropriately so that we actually get back on the wagon. That's gonna happen on Thursday and then a Friday. I'm gonna rep up everything so that you have a quick summary. Awful the A All the journey you've been through the process that you've been through over the 10 day challenge and I hope really that it helped you. So next week please, Junin. I mean, do the foundational work of this week of the weekend. If you need to catch up next week, it's really all about how do I integrate this new goal that I wanna do into my busy life, because that's exactly what always the problem is we have so many things that we do, and just because we set goals doesn't mean that all the other things all of a sudden I know are not happening. So these things are happening anyway. The family has to be supported anyway. The kids are there anyway. Work. Is there any way goes? If you remember, If you said goes right and I emphasize is in the first days, then you shouldn't have set goals for things that are going to happen anyway. So I'm going to give you an example for me. For instance. I also play theater and we have a We have a play end of May. Now I'm going to learn. I need to learn my text. I need to learn my lines and play my role. I go to rehearse, so I have all these things to do. It takes a significant amount of my time, but I won't put it as a goal because that is something that will happen anyway. There's no stretch there, no challenge. Goals are something that is on top. Goals are for growth. They are for you to get challenged and get stretched to really reach. Remember what we said. A new base came another level and become a new person. Somebody that needs toe that you need to become in orderto realize your full potential. So, having said that, that's why next week is critically important. I want you to please join and so learn how to implement. You know what are the success factors for you to successfully implement? Gold setting goal achieving into your day to day busy life. So I hope you like this video today. I hope you got something out of it. Please don't forget to look at the comments below for the four lines for the for the formula that you need to use If you want to connect really emotionally with your goal and create a new story that will help you really more in a in a more energized way, look at your goals and process cuticles. If you have any questions. As always, if you have any comments, let me know in the comments below I would love to hear from you and so have the only thing that you know, rest to say's I wish you a wonderful weekend. Relax, Recover will get back together on Monday. I'm wishing your wonderful weekend and all the best until Monday by 24. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY6: Hello, everybody. Welcome back. I hope you enjoy the 1st 5 videos of the challenge. In principle is you know, the 1st 5 days a week one, We're halfway through the challenge. And I wanted to start now the second half by just bringing back to your attention what we learned last week. I think this is very, very important. So allow me to just bring it in front, off top of your mind so that also what we will discuss now in the next five days can stick much, much better. Just as a quick recap. On day one, we used the wheel off life for you to be able to look that your life is an entirety to to look at creating a balanced life. Why did you do that? Well, because we have very, very often conflicting goals and goals that are not helping each other. For instance, you cannot make career if at home, to have really trouble and you're so close to a divorce. Things need to fit together. They need to make sense. So that's what you did. And within the wheel of life, you also Maybe for the first time, you realized what a 10 in the different areas of your life would look like that should have excited to inspire you and created something that you really want to go to. So that was a one day two. We look at where we are right now where you are right now. Why is this bad enough for you to want to change? Why do you need to leave this spot? That was important because no matter how attractive something is that we want to get if if our common situation is not bad enough, it's gonna be very difficult for us to move on. Day number three. What we did is we look at that gap between where we are and where we want to go, and you find that lead that we need to take in principle. That was the time when we looked at what our goals should be like, what our goals are the deliverables that make up our goals that posed a three on Day four. We look, we had a deep dive into our operating system, right? We wanted to look at our believes our to the stories that we're telling ourselves. Also, the 40 assumptions that we made in the past that has been holding us back from reaching what we want to reach. We need to eliminate those obstacles. We need to eliminate those limiting beliefs in order to be liberated and for us to move forward. That was day for the five was then turning that all story, that nagging voice inside of us that is holding us back into a new story. And we used a very power formula that has helped you, Hopefully to do that toe reverse the thinking to reverse your mindset, to upgrade yourself. Okay, so that was that. Those were the five days last week, and now off course, you might think, OK, having done all that, which is already amazing, the rest should be just a walk in the park, right? Well, not quite, but it's also not gonna be so difficult anymore, So I think you did the majority of the work. Congratulations for that. It was awesome. Thanks for sticking to this. It really will pay off now moving forward. What I want to do now in the remaining time of this challenge is going to help you understand and implement the four most impactful factors that actually actually will predict the success of your achieving you goals, therefore, very, very important factors that will predict your success. And these are number one, the time and attention you give to your goals. That's what we're gonna discuss today. Number two is the environment that you create for yourself to make all these things happen . Number three is the upgrade that you give to yourself to be able to accomplish those goals . And number four we'll tackle this on Thursday is how you handle setbacks. Because, of course, none of what you do matters. If, at the first failure, you just give up and quit. You know, managing setbacks in the right way will help you manage your goals and accomplish in court in a much better way. So these are the 44 34 most important goals for supporting factors to make sure you achieve your goals. And today we're going to start with the very 1st 1 the time and attention that you give to your goals. So the most important thing, really the most important thing to accomplish any goal is consistency. Now imagine McDonald's were only open their shops when they feel like I mean, there's nothing. Nobody will go there because people rely on the opening hours to go and get the stuff similar to supermarkets. They can just open whenever they want. They need to be consistent and how they show up. And that's exactly what is true for all of us. Consistency is the number one thing. Never you will be No, don't you anybody? Never Anybody will be able to accomplish a goal if we give our goal just the left over time . You know the way we do something on that goal when we work on the goal whenever there's time. Because frankly, there will never be time. And even if something freeze up and we have time, it's never gonna be in a consistent way that is needed for us to move forward towards a go to feel that progress. You might get freed up something there in something there. You might get freed up something there, but it's never gonna be in a consistent way, so time will never be given to us. We need to make time. And so this is what today is about. Not in the beginning you might feel inclined to actually try and fit in the new goals. Remember, the must have there on top of things. You might try to fit it into your current life. But you will realize very, very soon that this will not work and simply doesn't work. The best situation will actually be when you look at your life as it currently is, and you realize, Holy shit, there's no freakin way I can make this happen. It is what it is. But here's the beauty of this. Let me tell you what it is on a big eye opener. The biggest eye opener that you will get away from this today is the way you live your life . At the moment, I will not allow you to accomplish those goals that you were after. Let me say this one more time. The way you live your life right now will not allow you to accomplish those goals. But there's a beauty in this as well as always. There's two sizes. You are the architect of your life, and you can design your life so you can design and reshuffle whatever you're doing right now, to be able to work on your goals So you see, now the goals becomes something more like a like a guiding star, like a blueprint, like a like an inspiration that allows you to change aspect off your life because you want to achieve them. So achieving the goal will become secondary. It's not the most important thing anymore. The most important thing is whether transformation actually happens is when you start changing the way you do things in order to achieve that goal makes sense. So all you have to ask all you have to ask basically constantly is how what would I need to do in order to accomplish it? What do I need to do? How do I need to reshuffle my time, my life in its entirety so that I am able to do that. So I am consistent. Remember the purpose off. Huge making changes is because you need to be consistent when working when your goal so that you can do that now. So what changes that you're talking about how big the changes need to be? Well, that depends on the goal. Obviously, if you want to run for instance, five kilometers without needing to stop, it will take you much less of changes in investment than if you want to run your first marathon or even complete an iron Man, this is this is the reality of it. And these changes that you need to may make would always be guided by, um by the simple principle that you already know, which is what needs to happen by Went no is by no, you have. You know how your life, you how you want your life to look like at the end of 2020 and you have no through this process established also the goals that will help you get to a 10 in your wheel off life. Now all you need to do the next step, it's basically break. These goes down into what you want to get done in a duration in a certain duration of time . And this is up to you. It can be, for instance, that you set and say, Okay, I divide my rear into before summer and after summer, and you say this is what I want to get done before some of this is what I wanna get them after summer. Some other people also what I would recommend to keep it a little bit more manageable is to look into quarters because quarters you would be amazed how much is possible in 90 days if you actually focus on that. So what you could do is you can take your goals and you can break them down in these quarters or in the duration of the time that you choose to do. And here's a helpful inside for you. You don't need to make progress of all of the goals at the same time. In fact, that's not good practice for you. Toe have for all, goes a starting date off the first of Jan. 2020 and then end eight off 31st of December 2020. It doesn't doesn't make sense, because, remember, you need to make changes in your life. Imagine if you would have to chip make changes for eight different things in parallel. It's gonna be very difficult, very stressful, and one of the reasons, frankly, why people really quit so you don't need to get everything in parallel. In fact, you can start on some goals and not even start on others until a specific time that you set for yourself. That is the reality that is that that is the simplicity of it. You don't need to do that. You don't need to put the pressure on yourself that that is not needed. Okay, So having said that, this is basically what I want you to do it as an exercise off. Day six. I want you to look at your goals, and I want you to spread them across the year. I want you to get into a feeling at the end that you say, um, my focus in the quarter one is X and why so these two goes, I'm gonna focus on this one. I am going toe work on this and this and not on the other things. The other things will be do maybe the other quarter or after some whatever. So what I want you to do is I want you to be able to spread your goes throughout the year and be able to say, How do I want life to look like by the end of the quarter, for instance? You know how it's gonna be at the end of the year. Now break it down into smaller, bite sized chunks that you can manage and say by the end of this month, By the end of this quarter, this is what I want to do. What is also will allow you to do is it will allow you to say, because that's the next step, what you want to get done in the next month, for instance, in February or what you want to win, What needs to happen in March. If you break things now and you know exactly what happens then then, of course, it's very easy to say. Well, if this had needs to happen in this quarter, this is what I need to get done in in this month. And then this will inform further down how your week will look like and how your day will look like. So, as always, my my exercises are too full. So the one is that I want to spread out your goals for the year, making it manageable and breaking them down. The second thing that I want you to do is I want you to look at your week, and I want you to look at your week for the beginning. Just look at it on. I want you to understand how you spend your time now. So why weak his wife? I know that our let's say the most important unit is human. She's our day. We know we're circadian breath, Mick, being so we work, you know, we have 24 hour that everybody has. We sleep, We are awake every day, basically resets again after 25 years. And we get to do something differently every single day. I understand it. But if we want to understand how we spend our time, I think the the better repetitive cluster that we that we could look at is our week. Why is that? Well, I'm sure you're familiar with this, that you say that you have things on certain days of the week. You might say that. Oh, I have Zumba class on Mondays. Oh, I need to get the kids toe. It would pick up the kids earlier on Wednesday, and so they're there in the afternoon or I need to get them to the sports of football at some specific point of a some specific day off the week. So you see, we have We have arranged our lives around weeks around the weekends of the week is something that is very powerful if we want to look at how we spend our time, Okay, this is why the week does that make sense, Guys, is that clear? I hope it is clear. Let me know in the comments below. If anything, it is not clear. Let me know in the comments below, please Also, what you took out of this after this session, it was all about consistency. I wanted to be very, very clear that what this means is that you need to make some reshuffling in your life in order to do that in order to accomplish your goal. And that will depend, of course, on the goal. Okay, so let me know in the comments below how this sounds, how what you get out of it. And of course, when you try to write this, when you try to reflect upon this, certainly some questions will pop up in your head. And those questions, please leave them. Also in the comments below, I want to understand what you're struggling with so that they can address it. I can jump in and help you out wherever I can. So this was today's number one that the first off the four most important elements you need to tackle to accomplish those goals we talk about execution. The next two days is gonna be tomb or elements that are going to help you big time in staying consistent tomorrow. As I said, it's about your environment that you create. And on the on Wednesday, it's going to be about what you do with yourself, how you upgrade yourself. It's gonna be about your identity. So I hope you like that. I hope this helps you guys one more thing. Because I before I close this day, I want to help you achieving those goals. I want to help you achieve those goals that you actually now put on paper. Maybe for the first time, Maybe again, maybe more precisely than other times you've gone through this process, you have something. I hope you are excited. You see the possibility and you see what could be different for you by the end of 2020. Now there's only so much we can do in the very short period of time that we have in this goal setting challenge. I also don't want to keep don't want to make these videos too long to not make it too cumbersome. And I know you have busy lives and you need to carve out time for you to watch these videos . I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I really mean that. So that's why for those of you who do mean it seriously, who are serious about accomplishing those goals for you who for the first time, maybe look at something and say, Oh my God, I want this. This is so great. I want to work on this and I want to make this happen this year. I am currently preparing a programme, a supportive program where I will guide you to achieve those goals. I will be with you along the year until the end of the year. I will be there by your side, helping you accomplish your goals. And we will look at all these aspects that be touched upon doing the challenge. Of course, understanding the goals may be fine tuning, maybe adjusting, maybe validating. Are they the right ones? Are they formulated in the right way so that you are encouraged to take action are you putting these elements of the off week to that? I'm going to share with you today into a into practice. You know those things that the success factors that will help you accomplish those goals, All these things, understanding the habits. How do you schedule our time for you to work on those goals? All these things will be part of the program. I want to give you all the resources and personal support that is possible for you to achieve those goals. So I hope you're excited about that as well. I will give you some more information as we move through this week. I'm super excited, and I am looking very much forward to this. I'm looking forward. Also very much forward to your answer and to your reaction about this. I hope this is something that will help you. And that you actually looking forward to have if you want to get your goals accomplished. So that was day six. Remember the exercise? Just a quick recap. This is the most important thing. One. You take the bulls and you spread them throughout the I want you to be at the end of the day in the position to say I'm going to focus on this and that in Q one, or I'm going to focus on these three things until summer. Whatever it is that you duration is whatever it is that going to pick. I wanted to be able to say, this is going to be my focus. I want you to spread them out. Okay? And the number two is I want you justice to get comfortable with it. Look at your weak as it is right now. No need to change anything right now, but look at your week and see how does it look like eyes? It's something that makes you go. I have two or three hours left to work on my goals. Most likely not. But you'll see things. You'll see areas that maybe are important. Some things that you think. Why is this? Actually it'll there will go into this swell later on. But for now, just have a look at the week and see how you feel about it. Okay, So thank you very much for for watching this video. I hope it helped you. And until tomorrow, wishing your fantastic day take you by 25. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY7: Hello, everybody. Welcome to Day seven our gold setting and achieving Champions Challenge. I hope you had a good start to the week. Um welcome back. Yes, the day if you remember. And if you had the opportunity to watch the video, which I hope you did, we have started explaining I've started explained to you the most crucial factors and that are going to help you with your goals. And the 1st 1 yesterday it was about consistency. Now obviously a no brainer, people would think. But most of us really do not spent the time. Oh, don't give the goals that time and attention they deserve, right? If you are, you know, off two big things you just can't get You just can't add things to your current way of doing things You don't give them the left over time something's gotta give and so breaking down your goal, making out what needs to happen by went and adjusting the way that you spend your time is absolutely important. The way forward for you to support actually even better prioritize your goals. OK, so today there was yesterday. Number one consistency. Very, very important today. Number two I'm going to give you the second very, very important factor that is going to help you very much with succeeding with your goals, and that is designing your environment. Now. What does it mean? Well similar to what I said yesterday, that it will be very difficult for you to accomplish. You know all these audacious and important and big goals that you set for yourself. If you're, you know, sticking to the way you spend your time right now is the same thing. If you are looking at your environment, it is. Right now. I'm pretty sure that it's not always very supportive for you to help you achieve your goals . And so I'm going to give, you know, three things that related three suggestions and big ideas for you often maybe even reminders that will help you design an environment that is made for you to succeed with your goals. So let's get right into this number one, and this is going to be Forgive me for being simple, but sometimes people forget really the beauty of simplicity. Number one thing and the most important impactful, by far is make your goals visible. It's such a picky guys if people go through a reflective exercise like like the one we do now in the challenge, when they identify their goals, when they connect with their goals emotionally, when they write them down and then file them away, particularly in today's day off, you know, digital age. It's very easy to create a work document typing all these things that you have there and then put it somewhere where you will never open it up again. The absolute necessary for you to stick to something that you wanted to do and avoid that your brain really jumps to the next shiny big thing, which is that's what the brain is made for. So the only way to do that in tow avoid that, is that you remind yourself constantly off what you said you would do, and you can do this in a very simple way. So here's what I suggest for you. Do you take a piece of paper and you're right down a simple list off your goes know the details. Not all the fancy, let's emotions that are behind or your reflections very simple, so that you remember all that was what it was about. So write down your goals. You might be age. It might be less as we discussed in the beginning and make them visible to you every single day. You can, For instance, put them on your daughter your apartment house when you leave home and go to work that you see will go to the gym. Every time I leave the house, you are confronted with your goals. You see them every time or put them or another version can make multiple copies. Of course about it. Put it in the fridge so that you know, if you're like me, the fridge opens daily very, very often, so that you reminded about it. Every time you go to the fridge or you make a small piece of paper, you fold it, and you make it a bookmark in the book that you currently read. So every time you open up your book there, the other goals, a reminder on emotional reaction, I'm sure that you say Oh yes, to these are my goals. You can read them every time, just a quickly. You don't need to act on them at that moment, but you would be surprised how impactful these guys that you are reminded of your goals daily. That was the number one major goals visible. This is a way to design your environment, make things obvious invisible to you. Now let's continue the same path. Number two Number two is the following. I bet you are more likely to do things when they are easier. I don't think anybody of you would argue with me on that, right? So the question that I want you to ask yourself constantly is, How can I make this easier? You know, whatever it is that you want to do, whatever the next step is in your goal and you do it, how can I make this easier? I will give you a few examples are very simple examples. If you, for instance, want toe run or exercise in the morning, Well, you better make sure that your clothes are prepared the night before so that you just have to grab him, put him on and leave. If you want to eat healthier, for instance. I mean, make sure that when you open up the fridge, the veggies and the healthy stuff is that eyesight so that you don't need to search for them. If you want to stop smoking to the exact opposite, hide the package after you smoked, for instance, put it some inside somewhere. Rep it and put it in the back of the cupboard so that every time you want to get a cigarette, it's 20 to 30 seconds. Even more work. It takes longer for you to get them. In fact, studies have shown guys that if you make something like 20 to 30 seconds, only more difficult to get you will not go after it. And the opposite is also true. If you make something easy to get, like, for instance, making the veggies and the healthy stuff available in the fridge easier, you don't have to chop them. Maybe that preach up 2030 seconds will make the big deal. Same thing. If you want to go to the gym, make sure it's the closest one that you don't have to jump in the car and drive 30 minutes to get to the gym. So these are the simple things again, I think I think you get the point. Make things easier to do, create an environment where things become more obvious, you know they jump in the face. There is less friction and optimally in a way that you don't have to think about it for sure. You don't have to make any decision that will cut a pull to forward big time. So that was number two. How to design the environment in a way that is supportive off your goals. Number three. Well, environments is not only things. I'm sure you guessed it already, but, um well, they also people, right? So if you are on a mission to achieve your goals, you better surround yourself with people who either are on the same mission or who are supporting you. They either support you all they stay away, and this is something quite difficult to do. I mean, cleaning up your social environment because you know what? Very often those naysayers are very close to one's friends and family. We need to be aware of that. And it's not that they want to harm us. Far from it, I'm sure. In fact, it's, you know, in their best intention. But you see, the what they do in what they say comes from their own current limited perspective and limiting beliefs and whether they are aware of it or not. Most likely, they're not. People are generally afraid and feel threatened by the success of other people. Why's this? Well, you can imagine if you are in your environment and you're the person who wants to want to grow, wants to move forward. There is a certain pressure that you put on others to do something similar. Use your other people around. You will feel in a way that maybe I should be doing something as well. Let me check if she really all he really wants to do that and they holding you down. We don't even wanting it in the first place. So it's not the right reaction for you to come down to their level to make them happy and accommodate them. Instead, lift them up to your level and let them rise to the challenge. That's what it is about being a role model. And remember that this is very important. I'm sure you heard the saying that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. Well, if you have people around you who constantly go for a drink, constantly bench watch Netflix. It will not help you necessarily. Um, you know, pursuing your goals with success. So these were the three big ideas that I wanted to share with you guys. Make them visible. Remind yourself daily in your face basically what those goals are. Because life happens and we tend to forget what we wanted to stick toe number two was that make things easier, make it easier for you to do something. It's very, very simple to do that. You just have to do it for actions and to take them much more easy. And I'm not be What's your social environment? Are people supporting you? Get them on board. If they're not, make sure that you limit the time with them. Make a conscious decision to put yourself first so that you are successful with your goals . The biggest element is really the other distracted from actually reaching overalls. So that was it for today, folks, this is the second factor besides consistency creating an environment that will help you pursue your goal. So the exercise related to this s o the excess after a seven is a very simple one. And it might not be something that you can do right away. But I want you to please remember it to please make it in a way. Put it in a certain way. That pops up when you start working on your goals because they come to fruition when you actually work on your goals. And that is that. You ask yourself the three simple questions. Question number one is How can I make my goals visible in the best way? So that that reminded daily I gave you some examples you know is a bookmark in a book on the house door on the fridge. It can be in the bathroom. Where do you think would be the best way for you to see them constantly and be reminded of them? So how can I make it? How can I make them visible? Question number two that I want you to ask yourself is, How can I make things easier? I want you as soon as you have your first next action to move on your goals. How can I make things easier? Do you need to make a market research on? I don't know in the weapon for some things that you want. Oh, establishes entrepreneur. Maybe make sure that everything is available. Make sure that all the other browsers Facebook, etcetera, are closed or even inhibited their software That can do that. I use them myself. So make sure that it's easier for you to do what you want to go and the thirties. Ask yourself the question. Who is with me and who is against me? On my mission. Guys, if you design your environment, there is no need for discipline to get where you wanna go. If you design your environment, you don't need to waste energy remembering things or resisting temptations. Eliminate everything that drains your energy so that your batteries always fully charged and is ready for those things that you actually want to do. Okay, so that was this. Oh, by the way, Remember, guys that I am about the program that I'm developing that I told you yesterday I mentioned it yesterday in the video. Well, this designing your environment will be playing a big part of it because similarly to how can you best arrange your time to achieve your goals? The same thing applies to how can you best arrangement damage? I will put it in a program so that I can help you best to do that. Now just imagine that guy's if all that date. If you join me on that program helping you and accompanying you throughout the year, If you would just do that if all that did was to help you make things easier for you I mean , what would that be worth? Do you imagine that? And then imagine if on top, to making things easier being with me a lot of help having me alongside toe help you with rearranging your life in a way that is supportive of your goals and also having being there when you have those doubts because very often we want to take action to something you What ends up happening is I don't know. Should I be doing this or should I be doing that you have experienced is already when you were identifying your goals in the wheel of life, There are questions that we ask ourselves and very often in these remain unanswered. We quit. So imagine all of this would be available to you throughout the here. I mean, what would that be? What would it mean for you? What would they do for you imagine that? Anyways, I think it would be amazing, but let me know in the comments below, if you feel that this is something that would be great and that you will actually want tohave let me know for me, it's really, really I believe it's gonna be very helpful and help you achieve those goals that you really put your mind toe end hard to. Okay. So having said that, I want to thank you again very, very much. That was today's video on designing and creating an environment that will help you reach your goals. Tomorrow will discuss something that is so close to my heart. Tomorrow is about you is about your upgrade because similarly to you needing toe you know, pimp a little bit the way you spend your time pimp a little bit your environment. You also need to upgrade and pimp yourself. You need to look into your identity and that's what we're gonna do tomorrow. You're going to love it. Okay. I hope you're looking forward to it. I am looking forward to it, for sure. And until tomorrow, all the best guys have fun. Chest 26. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY8: Hello, everybody. And welcome to day eight of our 10 day challenge. We're moving towards the end off the challenge. Oh, my God. But look how far you've come. I mean, you discovered what you want and what you don't want. That wasn't a number one. And number two, you created goals that will help you get there. Opposed a number three. You explored what has been holding you back in the past with your old story. They're number four. You develop a new story that will help you on the path forward. That was day number five and a number six. We discussed about what will help you be more consistent than you. Learn that you need to reshuffle a little bit the way that you spend your time right now and then yesterday and a number seven, we looked into how you would need toe adjust your environment to make things easier for you . Why make things always complicated? If you make things easier, you're more likely to do them. It's as easy as that. And today we're gonna add another very, very important factor to the list off big success factors for you to achieve your goals because you're going, Guys, let me repeat this. It's very, very important. Ultimately, the most important factor that will predict a success off your goals is to be consistent. And we discussed. As I said, one way, one element to look into is how you spend your time. You need to create that space in your calendar and in your lifestyle that will allow you to actually be consistent. Enemy also discovered, discovered that was yesterday. How a a differently architected environment can really medical break. Your success for your course is very, very important to make things easier for you because then you're more likely to do them. Today I'm gonna at the third big element that will allow you to stay consistent. And this is so big. It is one of my favorite. I really love it, and I'm hoping that you're gonna love it as well. And this is about your identity. Now, let me explain. I'm sure you're familiar with So you know, you you've heard about this people who win the lottery overnight very often. What ends up happening with him? Well, exactly, or very often they lose what they don't lose the money on the street, but they spend the money in a very short Peter of time. Why is this? Well, it is because they were not ready for the money. They became rich, but their mindset and the resulting actions out of that mindset, where those off a pope off the poor person they used to be before. So I want you toe ask yourself. It's because it's the same thing that examples the same thing with your goals. What I want you to ask yourself is, Who do I need to be in orderto have what I want to have? Who do I need to be in order to have what I want to have and keep it? That's the most important piece because here's the thing. You might be struggling with your goals, achieving your goals as the person you are right now. But think a little bit about what person or what kind of person. I would find it easy to achieve those goals. What about your attitude? What about your beliefs? What about your your skills? What about your behavior needs to shift so that you can make the change in a simple way. Guys, I want you to think about it this way. The results you are having right now, your job from your your relationship. Um, the fitness, your your body composition. Nobody. Wait, how you look. All these are based on the person you are now are based on the actions you're taking right now, based on the person you're force right now. Now, if you want to have better results, different results, and the and your audacious and big goes out, these kind of different results really big results. Then you need to upgrade yourself. You need to change a little bit about your believes, Onda way you think, and the way you behave. You need to step into that identity off the person that has that already. So let me give you a quick example if you want. For instance, toe. Many, many people want that at the beginning of the year. But just as a simple example, if you want to make regular exercising as part of your lifestyle, you need to, and let's say you're struggling to be consistent with that. Then you need to step into the identity of an athlete. You know, you need to think about well, what would an athlete do? How would athletes think about this on? Exactly. This will be the exercise off today's video. Guys, this will be exercise. I want you to take your goals, and I want you to think of the person who already has what you want to you. He already is where you want to be. And I want you to describe yourself as this person. This is the exercise of today, and it's a very, very powerful one on. I'm gonna give you an example so that you get a little bit the idea of how this could look like based on the exercise example that I just mentioned above. So if you want to be, you know, more, more fit. You wanna put regular exercising into your lifestyle and you want to picture yourself as an athlete, then your description, your little paragraph letter to yourself will be something that will sound something like this. I am a nephew. I do what athletes do. I show up. I don't let my mood define my actions. I don't look for excuses. I don't quit Single missteps. Do not derail me. What? You know, take me off track. That's how you see yourself. That's the person who can accomplish your goal. Make this a reality, what you're after. So it will sound, of course, a little bit different for you. But this is how I want you to work it in this way. You know, I am. And here's the thing at the end. No matter how yours looks like again, I want you to find to find the logic with a very, very specific formula because of the very and I want you toe add to simple phrase. I wanted to say this is who I am. This is what I do Should you give yourself a description off how the person who already has what you want, what you after you think, behave like And then you say This is who I am. This is what I do. OK, that's it today, folks. I mean, this is I mean, I hope you like the video. I hope you will enjoy the exercise. It's very, very powerful to step into the identity off off somebody who already has. What you have is a very powerful way of thinking. And here's the thing Now comes again, like always the beauty off this exercise and off doing it this way. Nothing really keeps you from being that person right now. So this exercise you might in the beginning thing. Yeah, but, you know, this is just the imagining. This is just exaggerating. No, no, no, no, it's not. Nothing is further from the truth. It doesn't have to be imagination. This doesn't have to be dreaming. You don't need any results. You don't need any proof. You don't need any permission to behave like that person right now. You just need to decide to do it. So do it. Do. The exercise is very powerful. And please let me know in the comments below how it went as always. Let me know how it went. Let me know what you discovered about yourself when going through this. And, of course, as always, going through something like this might pop up some questions of doubts in your head. Let me know in the comments below how how did. But what you experience is work with this. Can you just imagine how impactful this is, guys? Nothing. There's nothing you can't do. As soon as you become clear how the person thinks um, feels behaves. You know who is already there who already has. If you can become clear on that, there's nothing that can hold you back on in the program that I'm preparing for. You guys. More information coming soon. I want to help you do just that. I'm gonna help you with these three very, very important ships that you need to make in order to accomplish your goals. Number one was to make sure you make the space you give your goes the time and a pen attention they deserve. How would you do that? I'm gonna help you with that. Design your environment to make things easier for you. How can you do that? Best? What are best practices? I'm gonna happy with it. And, of course, the most powerful of all. How do I upgrade myself? How can I make myself? How can I see myself already as the upgraded version that already has those things that I'm after? Okay, I hope. Really. You like it? I hope you see the power of this. I hope you can feel the change that can make for you. I'm gonna leave you with this right now, and I'm gonna hope that you are going to make this exercise and report back to me in a way , how that felt. I really want to know how it felt for you going through the exercise. So that was it for today, guys. Tomorrow we're going to look into the fourth big element into the fourth big success. Factor off how you can achieve your goals. Which is how do I manage setbacks, you know, because it's inevitable. You will. Nobody ever has made the steps toward something that is big towards something that they want a dream 10 on the on the wheel of life. If you want to and has not fallen off the wagon. There's always like this. But what matters is not quitting. And how do you get back on the wagon? We're going to discuss this tomorrow. How you frame setbacks until tomorrow, guys. All the best I hope you enjoy today And let me know how it went. Take care. Bye bye. 27. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY9: Hello, everybody. And welcome today, nine off our 10 day challenge. I hope you enjoy the journey so far, and I hope you got some inspirations. I'm insights out of this so that it helps you, you know, do something different. This year. I'm absolutely certain that if you put to practice what you've learned in this 10 day challenge that you will create an amazing an amazing 2000 and 20. So in the last three days, over the last three days, I have been sharing with you the three biggest changes that are necessary for you to successfully pursue your goals. And that was, you know, we talked about the change that you need to make your schedule to give your goals the time and attention they deserve. We talked about the changes you need to make to your environments that it's a supportive environment. Make things easier for you have to remember. And then we also told about the changes you need to make to yourself. How do you need to see yourself again To make things easier to overcome the obstacles being consistent? Consistency is one off the to big, really, really big cornerstones. When it comes to pursue new ago, and today I want to talk to you about the 2nd 1 So besides consistency, the second cornerstone is persistence, because here's the thing. If you won't get anywhere if you are not consistent, you need to be consistent with your actions in order to achieve your goals. However, even if you are consistent and you put in the effort, life still happens. You see personal change and transformation are filled with barriers, with storms with plucked tours, life found with detours. So for your consistency, Toby fruitful. So if you already are putting in the effort to be consistent, and that is already quite something, guys, to be consistent is quite an effort. If you're this, I really congratulate you. It's amazing to be consistent with something. It means that you really, really want it by. So to make sure that joke do effort, the consistency is fruitful. You need toe add to the mix the willingness to never give up on your goals to never surrender your mission. So if sad bags, you know, are inevitable and this is the reality guys this for you. For me, there is no way if you are on a mission to do something there will always you will always be hitting an obstacle. You will always be with thrown stones in front of the way you will at some point of time, hit your head against the wall. No, The question is, if these are inevitable, the question that is important here, toe ask yourself is what is this setback for you? What will it mean for you? How will you frame that? That that that separate? What significance? What tag? What definition will you give it to it? You know, and he's living explain. Here's what I mean. So some people, maybe at their first obstacle, the first setback, they will abandon their goal, and then they will tell to themselves things like, Oh, that's not for me or, uh, I don't have what it takes or I'm not made for this or something like along the lines. What was I thinking? But you see, this is absolutely not helpful because sat bags are not failure. Sat bags are simply information, a set that just means that whatever you've been doing was not exactly the right approach for you at the time that you need to evaluate it, that you need to look back into it and probably need to be a just a little bit. That's all that's absolutely all okay and that you can't prevent setbacks. She can prevent septics. What you need to do is you need to prevent a setback from becoming a permanent abandonment off your mission. That's what it is now. How will you do that? And that's what I'm gonna show you through the exercise off today's day of today's. That's a nine day off, the off the change. Now he is What I want you to do there's again is always in my in. My exercise is a two step process, so the first thing that I want you to do it, I want you to pick a goal any goal that you have set for yourself, and I want you to brainstorm a list however long it is. I hope it's not too long and a list of things that can go wrong and that can derail you. That's what I want to do. I'm going to give you an example. So apologies if it's again in this in the fitness space, it seems these things pop up in my brother rather easily. So imagine you want to get into a habit and run in the morning. Now, what could possibly happen if you wake up in the morning and you want to get go for a run? It rains. Um, your clothes in the washing machine, you're sick or you injure. You don't feel well. You wake up maybe later than you wanted to know. You have less time to run or you may be you have to drop the kids to school. And normally your spouse, your husband or your wife is doing that. So you see, these are all things that can happen and again forced Unless you have a goal that you've never tried before. Very often we know what's gonna get in the way. We've been there often times. So the thing here is to let those goals that pop into your head again. You don't know what you don't know. Whatever you can think off. You put it on the list and you look what it takes. And then the question is, how will you manage the unpredictable? Because it is something that you know can happen. But it will happen unpredictably. So all it takes now when you have that list, is how will you manage the unpredictable And the answer is very simple and probably already have already guested. The answer is you prepare for this So if you have that list off these things the list off, all these things that you at least could think off can happen. The next step is you apply the i f t t t castle I f t DT. What the heck is that? Now? I have t t t stands for if this then that. So here's how you apply that. For example, remember before in the list off it's running in the morning What we can't come in the way is you know it rains. So what will you do when it rains You? What will you decide that you do? For instance, you can say OK when it rains I will go to the gym and run on the treadmill. What was the other example? For instance, if you wake up light and don't ever last time, what ends up happening very often is guys we skip the training all over. But why? If you say to yourself? No, If I wake up too late and there's less time, I will run less. But I will still run. Okay? If you feel injured, if you feel sick, for instance what you could tell yourself what you will decide is a rule for yourself is I will not run without feeling guilty. I will relax without feeling guilty. And I will not watch my nutrition for the next three days particularly well, because this is something that you want to do. If you can't exercise, you may be one of what you nutrition to just balance out a little bit. The effects of this important this that you prepare for it. And why is this important? Why is important to prepare? Here's the fingers and I'm sure you have experienced this and I'm just hoping to get it bubbling up again in your head. If you put yourself in the position where you need to make a decision and particularly, you know, when you're weak, like in the morning, just woken up or something. When you put yourself in a position where you need to make a decision, your mind will jump in and we'll do an amazing job. An amazing your off talking you out of this OK, So similar to the military. It's a great example. I mean, war is bad, but the military has great ways of training. So let's learn something from them. Those who do it really particularly well. They have contingency plans for everything. If this happens, we do this. If this happens, we do that. If this happens, we do that. Why don't they do that? Well, because they want toe auto, mate their response so that they minimize losses. And that's exactly this aspect is what I want you to take for yourself so that you automate your response. You don't have to think about at that moment what you need to do. Remember if you if you even put yourself in the moment but you have to make a decision. Your mind you can skip it all over one day won't matter. You know that. You've been there. Let's avoid it this time. So put it this way so that you automate is fine. The I have to see what you gonna do when this thing happened. This case, let's say this worst case scenario happens so that what will your response be? All it takes, guys, is you never give up. At least don't give up on your goal for a reasonable amount of time. Remember that we said before that you can You can think of 1/4 for instance, is a very, very feasible and reasonable amount of time to pursue You go and then you can at least look at it and see Is this gold something? You know, when you evaluated again It is something that I want to do. Maybe this is something is not important to you anymore. But give yourself the time. Make sure that you give your goal everything you've got because a what if feeling What if I would have done it? What if I You know, this is a huge regret. If you don't give 100% in your and you can blame yourself, that's what you really want to avoid. Avoid that you face this regret sometimes You know, guys, when you fall off the wagon when you fall off the horse very often, the only thing or the best thing that can help you somebody to be there to help you back on the horse and I want to be that someone for you guys. And that's why this problem that I've been telling you about what I want to add is I want to add a community feature. I want all of us Gold citizen goal. It was to be that together for each other, and I want us to be and a source of encouragement for each other. So can you just imagine how it would be like for you if you have a group off people going through this year 2020 and going through their post during the goal, be on the same mission with you? If you just imagine that how it would be like to have somebody to talk to. You know, if if something goes wrong, have other people's experiences to help you. If you have successes and wins to be able to share this as best practices to others, I think that could be the missing part this year. Guys, if you have never done this before, this group is something that is amazing. That could help you really do something differently this year that could help you succeed with your goals because you have all the other guys being there for you to have this swarm intelligence and that support the encouragement, inspiration from others along those lines. I believe this can be a catalyst for a big change. So Okay, that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me just recap the exercise for these day. Very, very important for you to understand how to frame Sad that so number one that I wanted you to do is you. I want you to pick a goal. And hopefully you'll be able to do this for every goal. But just to practice, pick one and list all those things that you believe could go wrong. All those things that you can think of that could go wrong. And then as a second step, I want you to apply. I f t t t. Remember If this then that. So if this happens, what will you do? If this happens, what will you do? So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I hope you enjoy the exercise as always. Let me know in the comments below how it went. How the exercise when you view if you face any struggles, if you again had any questions If something stopped you from doing this? I am very sure that if you do this, you will put yourself in the position off Much more confidence because you have a plan. You have a plan. What you will do when something happens. You prepared for this? This is a different kind of feeling going all in into your goals, guys, not just random and doing this and that. But I want to do that. And I identified already some things that can go wrong. And here's how I prepared for that. That's amazing. That's already great. I want to congratulate you for that already up front, it's gonna be amazing. So I'm let me know that comes below how it went until tomorrow, the last day, Unfortunately. But until tomorrow I want to thank you for watching this video. I want to thank you for doing the exercise because I know if you do it, it will feel amazing. You will feel much more confident. And so I will see you tomorrow for the last day, guys already a little bit sad, I hope. I hope you guys are feeling this with me, so I'll see you tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful day today. All the best buy 28. 10d CHALLENGE - DAY10: Hello, everybody. And welcome to date 10. About 10 day challenge the last day. If you are watching this, you're probably one of the very few who have the desire end the commitment to change something about their lives. So let me please congratulate for that. Thank you for being here. You see there two kinds of people in this world there are the defenders and they are the dreamers, the defenders. They act, if at all, from from a position of scarcity, they are the aim to keep the status quo. And they meticulously hold on to what they already have. The dreamers on the other side. They operate from a perspective of abundance. They know deep in the heart that there is enough off everything for everybody. Whether it sir love whether it's money, whether it's health, you just need to decide to go after it and get it. So thank you for being a dreamer. Thank you for being a challenger. Thank you for being a go getter. Thank you for wanting to continuously improve. Thank you so much for following along these 10 day challenge. Thank you for watching the videos. Thank you for doing the exercises. Thank you so much for your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and questions and ideas. I very, very much appreciated. It was a pleasure having you in the group. Now let's quickly recap how far you've come. Let's quickly recap what you've already accomplished because it's not only that you learn things. You actually through the exercises have moved forward a bit, and I want to remind you to take a moment and remind you off how far that actually is. We tend to forget. We tend to overlook all these progresses we actually made. Remember, on day number one, we did something very, very important. They number one. We activated Desire. I guided you through the extracts with the wheel off life where I wanted you to look at a band's aspect off your life. Tow. Avoid that. You have too many goals to avoid that. You have conflicting goals and to actually define a little bit more precisely what it is you're after and what a 10 would look like in that area. What would be what it would be like if you would have the best possible experience in that area that wasn't a number one, and I think that was very, very well perceived because it allowed you toe once and for all identify what you truly want. And not only do things that maybe come from comparing yourself with others or what others have been doing in the past. On day number two, we looked into our current situation and where you are right now. And we did that because I wanted to see how bad the situation actually is. Is it bad enough for you to want to move? Remember, even if you identified something that you want, it's gonna be difficult to go after it if where you are right now is OK. So we looked into it and realized No, there's no way I'm staying here. I need to leave this spot. Daniel. Day number three We looked at the gap from where you are, where you wanna go and we defined your goal. We find that leak. How is it? You know, we define what you actually want to work on in tackling 2020 on Dana before we explore a little bit more in depth. What has been holding you in the past? What were the stories you were telling yourselves, What is this old story? The old operating system, if you remember that is not allowing new and exciting suffered to be installed on you. What is that? And we looked into this and on day number five, we actually tried to replace it. I shared with you a very powerful formula that you can use in orderto develop a new story. And with this new story support you on your path forward. Then, on day number six, we actually looked into ways to be more consistent. We look and I try to explain to you that if you just do things as you used to do, it's gonna be very difficult for you to accomplish new and exciting and audacious and big goals. You need Toby shuffle a little bit, how you spend your time. Look at it, how it does it look currently and make those necessary changes to actually give the goals the time and attention they deserve. On day number seven, we looked over another into another very important element. Toe allow you to be consistent when working on your goals, and that is to create an environment that is supportive. Make things easier for yourself. That was the catchphrase. If you want, make things easier for you, design your environment, which is the things but also the social environment, your friends, your family in a way that actually helps you move forward towards your goals. On day number eight, we looked into a very, very important factor. You you yourself, because in order to accomplish something that is that you've never done before, you need to step into an identity off the person who actually could do this because you might be struggling as the person with the current habits with the current stories that you are right now. But if you just step into the identity off that person who could have what you want to have , and it's much easier for you to stay consistent and toe and to play that role and ultimately get them on day Number nine was yesterday, I showed to do that. Being consistent is absolutely critical, but you also need to know and to accept that there will be obstacles around your path and there will be times where you will face an obstacle end and you hit your head against the war. So what do you do then? We discussed how to frame setbacks, that it's not a failure. It's not about you. It's just the wrong way to tackle something. And it's all about just looking at it, evaluating it and changing something. Managing Sepik is important because it will allow you to be persistent, so consistent and persistent. Were the two very, very critical success factors for you to achieve your goals. OK, so that was in a nutshell. What you have accomplished. I mean, look how much it is. Look how much you've you You've moved forward. Actually, in principle you have everything you need to succeed. And that's what I want to say is Please, please don't stop you. Please continue to chase your goals. Please continue to follow your dreams because if you don't you will become a resource off other people who will please make no mistake. It is the reality. Either you work on your goals or you become the resource for somebody else. Either you work on your goes or you work on somebody else's goes. It's a simple is that the choice is yours. I want you to please trust in your ability to get where you want to be. I want you. I want you do to believe that you can't even if you don't know exactly how. Even if you have failed in the past, you are worthy off your dreams. No matter how big they are. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. And so the only thing that remains for me to do is to offer my help in this because, you know, I know that is not very easy to embark on a journey off. Personal transformation, personal change. I know that it's gonna be difficult for you at times to find the time to work on your goals . I know it's going. It's gonna be difficult to resist all those distractions. There's a ton off distractions out there, and I know that there's gonna be a time where you will come across some self doubt. There will be moments of self doubt because you will face disappointment. You will face, you know, a plateau, you will face obstacles. You will, and your commitment was your goals will be tested. And it's in those moments, you know, in those moments of despair where we actually, um, doubt ourselves and we tend to quit. But now here's the thing. What if in those moments, what is in those moments when you're about to quit you? Actually, we're not alone. What if you were part of a community off like minded people? And what if you had people to turn to four inside and inspiration for guidance? How much would that be worth to you? How much would that make it more likely for you to stay committed? If all that community that was to keep you on track to keep you going, how much would that be worth? And if in on top, you actually with on a regular basis have additional tools and tips and best practices and insights that keep you going if you would have the opportunity to get inspiration in moments where you actually have you, no doubt yourself lost hope. What if you would have somebody to turn toe? If you would be facing a small setback? How could that change your odds of success? How much more pleasant and more fun would it make the journey? And what if you could do all this if you could join the community without any long term commitment. Imagine that. Imagine that you can jump onto the community, tried out, see how it works for you see whether it helps you and stay or if not, just jump off again. And what if you could test it all by yourself and see whether it actually helps you move forward for a symbolic price of maybe one euro for your first month? Would that not take the risk off off your shoulders? Will that make the community not a no brainer? And that's what I want to offer for you. I want to offer you. I mean, I want to offer those off you who like the 10 day Challenge. I want to offer you who went through this exercises and you felt this could be different this time that you realize that goals are not just New Year's resolutions. You now went through the exercise and have something tangible in front of you, something that you connected emotionally, something that you really, really want to have. I want to invite you to my membership because I want to help you to work on your goals. It's not gonna be only just theory and generic information we are going to work on your specific goals. I am going to be the in work with you on your specific goals. Now here's what I want to do. Over the next days, I'm going to send you a link to a page with much more information about all those things that I just told you how this would look like, how often we would mean how much you need to invest your time and also monetary. All these things that I describe, I want to I will share with you ending so that you can make an informed decision. And please remember, please be aware that I will launch the membership on February 1st so that we can start all together on those goals I want. I mean, just imagine how it would be how it would look like if on February 1st now, having gone from the challenge and having the goals, having an idea what you need to do if we come together and work on these goals and you would create amazing winds into one in the first quarter. Such winds and progress that will excite you toe actually continued to pursue Google exactly with the same energy and passion throughout. 2020. I hope you guys can see what this can do for you. I hope I was able to express to you what's possible for you. What life has in, you know, available for you. I wanted to see that. I want you to see that you are not done yet. There is so much more. And I want to help you create that momentum into one. Remember short. I told you that you can just test it. See if it works for you. And if not, you just jump off again. Try. You know, quarter one will pass anyway. The difference will be. Do you wanted to be first of April? Looking back the quarter one and say, Whoa, three months already passed from the year. What have I done? Or do you want it to be first of Rabel? Having accomplish those goals that you wanted to accomplish in quarter one and feeling amazing and hyper confident to continue on the same path? Just crush your next go and then the next and the next, so that at the end off your year you actually are in the position. Looking back at the year and being able to list all these wonderful things that you have accomplished that you have is your possessions. All those things that you are. If there were goals that you wanted to work on yourself, I'm looking very much forward guys to welcome you into this membership. I'm looking so much forward to be your guide on this transformation. I hope you join me. You will see more information coming now in the next couple of days. I wish you a wonderful day today. Keep your eyes open for this. I wish you a wonderful weekend. And please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below If you have any questions if you have any any thoughts or ideas if there's anything you want to ask me, please let me know in the comments below I'm gonna be here for you as I am going to be here for you, for the rest off your year off, the year if you let me. It's a very, very no brainer thing. It's for you an amazing opportunity to do something differently this year. Toe get toe touch points in your year where you actually see the progress and feel the change Did you have gone through? I'm already super excited. I hope you guys can feel it. And I hope that you will be able to join me. Thank you so much for your attention. Thank you so much for being with me throughout this 10 day challenge again. A wonderful weekend relaxed on. I'll see you soon. Stay in touch. Take care. Bye bye, guys. 29. WRAP UP: The 5 biggest factors for successful goal setting: Hello everybody. Thank you very much for taking the time to watch this. I'm very, very certain that you will learn something from this and that you can take something very powerful away for yourself. So today I have my friend year my flip chart, and I'm going to draw to the again one, haven't done this for awhile. So it's good for me as well to demonstrate something really directly on the flip chart. Okay, I wanted to give you a quick recap about the big elements that play a huge role in goal setting so that you don't forget about them. And then nearly down or boil it down, narrow down into that one element that I believe is, well is what keeps people mostly bad from actually doing something that they said they would do. Okay, so let's start and see how this looks like. Okay? If you want to achieve anything in life, any, if it's a goal. Remember in the challenge we discussed that there is something that is that is that you desire something on your wheel of life that you want to go to. And so you have your situation where you are right now, which is an a. And then you have a situation where you want to be talking about B. It's B, okay? So this is where we are right now. This is what you want to do. And obviously you want to get somewhere R from a to b. And so here's what plays a huge, huge role when you set goals and when you want to achieve goals, there are multiple things and that's why I wanted to make this video in point out is this relevant elements. So element number one is of course, that be. So meaning that Are you clear? What it is that you actually want? Is that something that you want triggering your desire? Is it exciting enough for you to even take action? Because very, very often we choose something. We say, this is what we're gonna do. Maybe because we saw it from somebody else, maybe because it is something we should be doing. I don't know if it's a promotion, for instance, at your job, you might think it's about time I get this promotion that have been in the same job for, I don't know, six years? Normally in my area, we have to change jobs every two to three years. Oh, I'm too late. So is it something that you feel you have to do? Is it's something that you feel that excites you, that, that inspires you something that you really can paint a clear vision about. Because only if you see something, you can read it. It's really something. It's very, very easy actually to put it out like this. I know it's much more difficult to actually do it, but the reality is, this needs to be so clear in your head that it is something that inspires you that you want to have that excites you every time you think about it. It's something that you might want to be. It doesn't, it doesn't have to be only those things that you want to have. People, not everybody cares about stuff. People also care about personal development. So if this is something about your behavior, if it's something about the way you show up, your confidence, it can be anything, but it must be something that you desire. Okay? It must be something that you desire. It might be something that is exciting. It must excite you otherwise you will not put the other, you know, much better than I do. That if you want to go, if you want to change anything in life, it's tough. It's tough because it takes a long time and it takes a lot of effort. And the only reason why you will do it is because there is something on the other side. So this side that really, really attract. So it has to be, you must be able to see. It doesn't have to be something abstract. You must be able to clearly see you if you close your eyes, you can actually visualize how life would look like if you would have that all be there. Also has to link with your identity. As we said, it's something you want to be. Because if this is something that is absolutely not congruent with who you are, this will not work. You will have a big, big trouble and struggled to actually do that. So it must be something that is aligned with your identity and it must be something is 40 into these four categories more or less. Okay? So that is one of the biggest elements, one of the first elements. Every time we want to do something, please make a check. This is something I must have or is it something that would be nice to have? There is no space in your life. There's no spacing your life for nice-to-have. Life's too short. There's not enough time in the world to do something that is not a must for you, okay, that's number one. Then number two, the other element that is very, very important is of course, the a. So where are you right now? Are you honest? Self-awareness? Self-awareness. Are you honest with where you are right now? Because very often people say it's okay. I'm okay where I am. You know, things are good. I'm getting my salary. Kids are fine. My physique is fine. I don't feel bad. I have a couple of pounds or kilograms overweight, but I don't feel any urgency to do something because, you know, it's like with smoking, you can smoke your life and maybe you don't get anything but maybe you don't. So are you honest with yourself that this is something that is actually a place you don't want to be anymore. This Are you clear why this is something that you're sick and tired about? Is this, in other words, bad enough? Is this bad enough? Because Similarly, you, your mind and you deepen your shot, you know, this is tough. It is tough. So you will not do it unless what you get out of it is amazing. And you, even if that is given, you will not do it. If where you are right now is actually okay. So if it's okay, It's going to be difficult for you to motivate yourself to get out of this place. So that is the second big element, the second really important element in goal setting or changing anything in your life. How much do I want it? Why do I want it? And then how bad is it really right now? Okay, so is it bad enough? And this isn't really heaven and sun. And then come other elements along the way. So obviously. Sorry about that. So now you have the elements that are in here in the second part. So once you say this is where I'm going to go, this one I want and you start on your path. There are a couple of things that are important. Number one thing is the story you're telling yourself. And that is very, very important because it is something that has been holding you back in the past. If you want to change something and you want this time, that it actually turns out, well for you that it works for the first time. You need to look into why has it not happened in the past? Why don't I have what I want? Because I am sure no matter what the series in your life, in your particular situation, no matter what it is, It's not the first time you attempted it. It's not the first time. Never ever we do something for the first time. We've tried it, we fail. There's something here that is holding us back to do and try again. And the story, the way I like to always put it is having live up to our right now where you are right now has its good and its bad. So you are somewhere and you are actually sometimes unhappy about it. Remember, sometimes also proud about it because you might have finished university, you might have your degree, PhD, a good job, good salary. So there are some things you're proud of. So you know where you are right now, It means you did something well in the past. So you created a belief system that helps you understand wherever I am right now, you know, this is why I am here. This is because I did all these things. Yeah. But they also the other side of the coin where you can think about, okay, so the things that I did brought me here, but maybe the things that I did did not allow me to go further. And so I need to change a couple of things. So story is about all those things that we believe, we believe about ourselves. We believe about reality. We believe about our current situation. We believe about our worthiness to have the next situation, the next step, the next level in our lives. So the story, sorry, is something that is your operating system. It's like on a computer. If you have an operating system and then you can run certain software. But then when new software comes, a new software, exciting software, things you want to try out, things you always wanted to buy the software. It might not run on your current operating system. Maybe your current operating system. It's too old to make space and have enough power to run these new things. So here's the way I think about it. If you want to create something new in your life, level up, then you need to look into your operating system and think about, maybe I need to upgrade my system to allow it for the first time, to actually allow this into my life. So there is very, very important to remind me to tell you what's holding you back in the past is what you want to believe about everything about yourself, about your relationships, about your weight, about your self-image. This is what it is, and this needs a Tension first, the second thing then, once you say this is what I'm gonna do. This is bad enough on my sleeve. I fix this, then all there is or there is. Let me make it in another picture and it's already in another color. Ovaries is then keep going. And what will help you keep going? Well, clearly, for instance, motivation will help you keep going, okay, motivation, because remember, inspiration we have already, this is our vision, this is inspiring. I want that you might have seen it somewhere else. You might think it's possible for you, it might optimally come from inside of you. Yeah, So not, not, not coming out from external sources of motivation and inspiration. And this is here. But then what you need, we'll need because this will be tough is ongoing motivation. And there is something that you know, I mean, there's online, all these motivational quotes. I even put these up there because I think this is absolutely critical. Now, nobody ever has achieved anything in their lives just by looking at quotes, okay, so you need to do something obviously. But because doing something is hard, staying consistent is hard. You need motivation. And that is something that you also please need to keep in mind. If you're struggling here. Just find ways to motivate yourself. These YouTube videos, these are quotes that I just mentioned. Find ways to look at things, watch things, rethinks. The trigger some high yes, I remember why I wanted this. I know I can keep going. This is something important. It's not two, It's alone by itself, it will not give you much. But if you have this as a companion along the way, that's going to help a lot. So, so that is very, very important. The motivation and its links very much to of course, your energy. Because along the way, when you try something and you have to give it your all 100%, it will drain your energy because you will hit your head against a wall. Things might not work well. Other things coming between drag you off your path or, or take a little bit of your attention and your focus so you don't have, so you need to manage your energy going. It's very difficult to do this. M, a mirror whites. So your energy, you need to be able to manage energy because you will more than usual. Because our lives normally I just maintenance. Right. We do things we always have done. We keep doing those things on a regular basis. We got to work, come back. Okay. Now with corona might be a little different, but there is, you know, we don't do anything different. We wake up at the same time, get the kids ready at the same time, do the same things at the same time, probably the same breakfast, the same commute. It's maintenance, there's no big deal. So if you ever decide to do something new, exciting, something that you desire, something that you really see yourself holding or being. It's gonna take a lot of energy. So there are important in one of the important things to keep yourself motivated and then of course, to maintain your energy, maintain your energy, manage your energy. Energy is four-dimensional. You need to watch your physical energy, which is all about moving sediment of high intensity training, weightlifting. But, but moving our body creates energy by moving. It's about eating well, it's about sleeping well and recovering. And it's of course about hydrating our body 70 percent water. I'm not telling you anything new. You know, this is key. Then you need to master your emotions and emotional dimension. Then your focus. What do you need to do? Not get yourself distracted because you can only achieve something if you can focus on something very, very strange and B, and then again, the spiritual dimension, which is more about, is this aligned with my values and what I want to do and be. So managing your energy. I'm not gonna go into detail here, of course, because we've done it in the pattern and we'll come back to this in another video. And the third thing is habits. So in order to keep going, The other thing that you need to do is Habits, okay? Why? Why? Well, because it's very difficult to do that. We don't have enough willpower to do that. You know, you might have heard it, you might have read it online. This is all over the place that will power is now considered as a muscle. And as our muscle there is fatigue. So it loses its power. That's in the morning. This is why people like Mark Zuckerburg always wear the same shirt, or even President Obama, the US president before. Trump, always had, he only had two suits, one gray and one blue, I think, or something like that. So to not waste energy in decision-making, in deciding about what to wear. So we don't have enough of that energy. So if we can preserve it by creating habits, habits are those things that we created our automations in our life that help us do things with the least amount of energy. And you can imagine, if this is tough, if you can save energy by creating habits is fantastic. You know, rituals like in the morning to get in the mood, to get in the spirit of doing things. And so you go into execution mode. This could be one thing then habits that are things like, um, you know, that you do the movement at the right times, that you sleep well, sleeping habits, all sorts of things that you want to automate so that you don't have to think about it. It's here. So these three things, your motivation to constantly get things back into your head. Get this motivational triggers into your head that keeps you going, managing your energy, and of course, creating healthy habits will help you. So these are the things that are, that are important, are part of this whole journey of goal setting and achieving. So these things here will enable you to do something this year, probably will stop you. And so you need to change that. And then finally, I'll do this way back to the point. This is all the relevant elements that you must consider. Am I clear on this? Mi honest about this? Do I have this FBI investigated about this life, this in place because all these things will help you. But then there's one thing and we see that here. You know, I didn't I didn't draw a straight line. And that was on purpose. There is a little bump when you want to achieve anything in life. There is a bump because this bump represents basically your own resistance. Two things that can come from mostly either you don't know exactly what you want. People are not clear what they want and that's blocking them. And of course that is blocking you because you know, you holding too tight on who you are right now. Not only that you might not know who you are and what you want, but also you're holding too tight on who you are because this might not be something that you can have. This might be something that only this person can have. You. Your version 2. What upgrade to you need to give yourself so that you can actually be there or have them. Okay? So there is a bump, as I said. And there's one thing here. That of course is the most important thing because no matter if anything is in place, one thing still remains. Have you figured that out where it's very, very simple. This here, my friends. This is the decision. Now you say, that's what decision, Jesus Christ. I mean, you have all these things that make sense But decision, what is that? Well, let me tell you this. None of this matters. Unless you have made a decision. And decision come, comes from the Latin in see. Something like this. Similar. Well, it means almost like an incision is like cutting in or cutting out. Decision means cutting out the possibility of not doing that. So basically, some people say, you choose one thing and you leave other things away as well. A way to say a decision. You know, if you have two things and they're blocking you because you cannot chase two rabbits. If you chase two rabbits, you get none. The most important thing is this decision. You cut out the option of quitting. Once you make a decision. This is your commitment. And the level of commitment here already, we'll define your success. So whenever you want to do something, whenever you want to start something, what matters is the level of commitment you set yourself. What is your level of commitment? Is this, that I will do this no matter what? And quick, quitting is not an option. If this is not how you think, then you better than I even start. You don't stop because the, only, the only way you can do something is if you make a clear commitment for you, the commitment has to be I am going to do this no matter what. And the only way for me to stop is when I have this. This is the decision, this is the commitment. This is the level that is needed here. Now what does this do? And I hope that my enthusiasm now here, and by the way, I'm talking about this, you get a glimpse of what this actually does. Once you say to yourself, I will do this and I have this commitment. That level of yes, until it's done, There's no quitting. Can you imagine this for just for a second? If you say for instance, I'm going to lose 20 kilos and I'm not going to stop until I lose them. That's another level of you putting in the effort. It's it's different than I'm going to try. You know, as Yoda setting star was doing it or don't, there is no try. And that is what I have experienced in my life as well. If you just try, it means you just put in a little bit of effort. You just leave things off the plate, off the table. And you know, why? Why do you do this? It's very, very simple because you're intelligent, because you want to have a way of, you want to have a way out, you want to have a reason why it did not work and you want to have a reason and excuse why he did not work. So if you don't give 100%, you can always say, well if I would have done a little more, maybe it would have worked. But you will never know. That's and that's going to kill you. Those regrets are going to kill you. So whatever you want to do, please make a decision. Yes. I'm going to try this and there's no other way I'm going to not I'm never going to quit. I'm going to do it until I get it. And what it leaves you with is one very important feeling. If you say I will do this, the feeling that you get is almost like, Okay, I'm on a mission. I have this, I'm on a mission to get that. Now imagine what it means if you just say mission is almost like, you know what you have, FBI is our admissions. Military people, our missions. Who else is on a mission? I don't know people, people who set their mind to this is what I'm gonna do. And they can say about this, I'm on a mission to change the world, to change how people think I'm on a mission to educate kids. I'm going to, I'm on a mission is something that is so powerful simply because you cannot stop anybody who is on a mission. If you have, if you're on a mission, you have absolute clarity what you want. And you have that level of commitment that is needed for you to never stop. That is what it means to be on a mission. And that is why I want to bring your attention people, Please, whoever's watching this, I hope you heard this all. I hope you watched it. This is very important to have this in place, but get this first. Have a commitment. The level of commitment, your decision to say, I'm going to do this and I'm not going to quit until I have it. Now you might think of, well, yeah, but you know, with all these things, I must have some, you know, I must be able to quit some things at some point of time. You know what? Don't do 10 things and do them half with exit options. Choose one thing that you really, really want, and don't quit. That's as simple as that. Pick one thing. And very often in life, there is, there is this domino effect that you have something that will always be a catalyst for something else. So what that means is that if you change, that, maybe your courage, maybe your consistency, maybe your energy, maybe your buddy. Can you imagine if you forget everything else and you say, I'm going to work on my Barrio myself image that I logged myself again. If you reach that, the rest will be easy. So that's why I'm saying be very careful about that. It's a critical element. Be very honest to yourself about that. The side that you're going to do it, the side because that will liberate, use cutting off options. Liberates because you don't have to do everything. You will do that, nothing else. And then work on this to make sure you understand what has been keeping me so far from doing this. Because if you're serious about it, you made the decision, I'm serious about it. So now I want to understand why I am like I am. What has kept me back. 1, what do I want to believe? What have, what have other people made me believe? I must get clear about this. And if it's something that is not empowering, if it's limiting me, I'm going to change that. And then you start working with a 100 percent and you put these things in place to help you along the way. There's all these blue things do here. They help you along the way so that you achieve your goal. So that is it in a nutshell, guys, I hope you enjoyed that again, this was a nice It's kind of an overview of all of those things that we discussed at the challenge. But maybe with a little bit more emphasis on how they fit together, how they play together. And this very, very important step that I believe that when a watches now I help you, you know, embrace it. And you truly, truly work on and live it because this will make a huge change. Okay, guys, that was it. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please give me a like and leave me comments below. And there's something that you particularly liked if it's something that maybe you are not clear about and you want to ask me, I'm going to answer. Let me know in the comments below if there's something else you want me to cover that has not been covered here. And of course, as always, I wish you a wonderful day, a wonderful remaining week until the next time. Bye bye.