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Goal Setting For Success: Plan And Achieve Your Goals

teacher avatar Claudia S.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction: Welcome to the Course

    • 2. The Importance, Benefits, and Value of Goal Setting

    • 3. Boost Your Chances of Success by Setting Clear Goals

    • 4. How to Eliminate the Unnecessary and Simplify Your Day

    • 5. 10 Questions To Find Out What You Really Want

    • 6. Goal Setting Tips for Creating Your Extraordinary Life: 6 Areas

    • 7. How To Make Your Big Life Decisions

    • 8. How to Create an Empowering Vision Board

    • 9. Set and Achieve Your Goals Every Time: Play SMART

    • 10. Mastering The Action Plan: From Theory To Practice

    • 11. DMAIC: The 5 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

    • 12. Creating a Continuous Improvement Mindset

    • 13. Conclusion

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About This Class

Are you a student, struggling at setting and achieving your goals?

This goal setting course will quickly allow you to start setting personal and professional goals to boost your success.

If you are a studente you can start seeing a path to the success you hope for: you will be able to develop a goal setting mindset, find out what you want in life and create a concrete action plan to reach your targets.

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know about setting clear goals. You'll learn how to use Goal Setting to create an action plan focused on your desired results and align your daily actions with your goals.

You will create your own daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly action plan to know what to stop, keep or start doing in order to achieve your goals.

You do not need any previous knowledge. We will start from the beginning and step by step you will create your life path.

You will learn how goal setting can help you create a compelling future whereby you will start building high-performing habits that align with your goals.

There is an important time for students to become consciously aware of and intentional about key choices.

There are spreadsheets and exercises files available to download so that students can practise goal setting activities they have learned. Together we will learn how to master the art of setting goals.

What will students learn in this setting goals course?

  • Start by understanding the importance, benefits, and value of Goal Setting

  • Dive into creating your own daily, weekly, monthly and yearly action plan

  • Use real examples to manage the SMART goal setting process

  • Advance your decision making skills

  • Speed up your workflow by removing distractions

  • Align motivation and goal planning strategies to create an amazing future

  • Know what to Stop/Keep/Start doing to develop a continuous improvement mindset

  • Make a vision board that works

  • Find out what you really want and make your big life decisions

  • Build the daily habits that will lead you to reach your goals

  • Save time, energies, money and resources every single day

Real Skills for Goal Setting Students

Design your own amazing action plan based on your life goals.

Become a goal oriented mindset and transform your productivity by setting SMART goals.

With the skills learned in this course, students will build high-performing habits that can help them reach goals in terms of relationship, career and personal development.

This is a Goal Setting course for students with the purpose to help them be clear about their goals.

If you aren't happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

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Claudia S.


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the Course: Do you feel like you're living your life without having a clear idea of where you are going for. Maybe you know exactly what you want to achieve, but not how to get there. The reason most people don't achieve their goals is because these goals aren't clear enough. I want to earn more instead of I1 to earn $3 thousand a month. I would like to be fit instead of Ireland to increase my muscle mass by 10%. The first step to achieving a goal is to precisely define the result you want to achieve. The second step is to create an effective steward, a plan that will lead you to achieve that result. Be it a professional or personal goal. That's where goal setting comes in. I will teach you exactly how to define your goals, can help to make the best decision in any situation. Considering that all decisions must point toward the achievement of what you want. You will also learn how to structure and develop a strategic plan designed to guide you towards your goals. What is more, I will teach you a force depth management method used in business credit continuous improvement of processes that you can apply to a birth, any aspect and live. These contents are priceless. 2. The Importance, Benefits, and Value of Goal Setting: Hi, and thank you for being here. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving yourself the opportunity to take this path. And you are not familiar with the topics covered in this course. I can assure you that these are strategies that really can change the course of your lives for the better starting today, these techniques have improved the lives of many people and continue to do so. If you want to implement one or more aspects of your life, you just have to apply what you will learn in this course. But don't worry, because in addition to teaching uses theory, but have also prepared some practical exercises that you can use during and after completing the course and that you can apply to both your personal and professional life. Perfect, let's get started. And so excited because we're going to talk about one of my favorite topics and for sure, something that can drastically improve your life if applied properly. How to set and achieve your goals. We're going to talk about how to identify your goals. How to take the best decisions to level up your life. How does set achievable goals and the strategies to improve your chances of success. This course is one of my favorites among the ones that have created. And this is because identifying and setting our goals means planning our personal path to happiness. First, we need to have a goal in mind. And this is because by introducing clear goals in our mind, we will begin to recognize the opportunities that favor their realisation and take advantage of them. Without a clear idea of what we want to do, we cannot even begin. It's all about being absolutely clear about the end result we want to achieve. These increases the probability of getting what we want. What's even more important than achieving our goal, the commitment we put into trying to achieve it. Because trying to achieve a goal means you are becoming the person who deserves the final result you want. You are working hard. And in the meanwhile, you are also working on discipline, determination, courage, commitment. And this means you are already successful. You are already improving who you are. Because thanks to you, you are facing an evolution of the person you were yesterday. Remember that an important goal in life, represented by the transition from the person you were to the person you want to become. That's the first reason why goals are so important. The second reason is that if you think about it, an idea or a goal comes first in our mind, and then we bring it into reality through our actions. Lys means that thoughts define our reality. Voted they are positive or negative. For this reason, we need to be extremely picky about what we want to focus on. So what you need to do is to ask yourself, what exactly do I want? Why do I want it? How do I get there? The answer to these questions are the key to define our goals. What's the next step? We need to write these goals down and create a plan. This is the best way to go from an idea to the desired results. I will show you the golden rules to define your goals and develop a strategy to increase your chances of success. Of course, to get what you want, you need to be committed and show determination. Nobody can achieve your goals for you. Let's start becoming the person you really want to. Remember that you can always choose between two ways. You can choose to have an excuse or you can choose to get results. 3. Boost Your Chances of Success by Setting Clear Goals: In this lesson, we're going to talk about the importance of setting clear goals and how these can boost your possibilities to achieve what you really want. Having clear goals is the basis for achieving them. Clinicals to sign your life path and declare path guide you step-by-step towards your goal. Let's analyze these for goal setting tips to increase your success in life or business. Specific goals. Difficult but specific goals lead to higher performance than simple tasks. In fact, when a goal is unclear, the instructions for achieving it are often unclear to. An example of unclear instructions would be to increase productivity instead of increased productivity by 10%. Challenges you can face. In many cases, the more difficult the goal, the more people work hard to achieve it. The reason is because when you achieve something big and complex, you feel much more satisfied than when you reach something small and simple. A challenging goal is great to improve motivation. But remember to keep the goal achievable. Otherwise, this will have the opposite impact on your motivation. Commitment. This point is extremely important. Usually, when there is commitment in achieving your goals, you will have a better final result than if there isn't. Making a commitment is choosing to create a desired future outcome. Successful achievement of a goal requires your 100% commitment. Last but not least, listen to feedback. Ask and listen to feedback provided by your friends, your team, your business partner. And above all, listen to the advice of someone who has already achieved the result you want to achieve. In addition, you can have feedback, not just from other people, but from measuring your results. Track your performance, then eliminate what isn't useful to you and focus on what works. And include. Just remember that goal setting is an extremely important part of achieving what you want. Set clear goals. Choose challenging ones, commit yourself and check your progress. Follow this logic and your chances of success will improve drastically. 4. How to Eliminate the Unnecessary and Simplify Your Day: At the end of this lesson, you will have a general picture of what you want to achieve in your life and what you want to eliminate because it is not in line with your real goals. We will call this table stuff. Keep doing. Start. Having a mental pattern is very important. But having a visual pattern that reminds you every day in which direction you should go. He's even better. Thanks to this table divided into three columns, it will be easier for you to identify simply and clearly the elements that you have to eliminate, those that you have to implement, and those that you have to introduce into your lives. The process is very simple to think about your goals and attitudes that you are adopting in your life, the environment around you, and also your mindset. For each column and ask yourself, what should I stop doing? For example, stop drinking carbonated drinks for staying in bed until Saturday afternoon. What should I keep doing? For example, Exercise four times a week. What should I start doing? For example, reading two books amongst, I assure you that just writing this out will help you alot to remind yourself what results you want to achieve. 5. 10 Questions To Find Out What You Really Want: In this lesson, I'm going to show you the best strategies about how to understand what you really want and how to define your goals. This is a fundamental step because without clear goals, we would not be able to take the right direction to achieve them. Therefore, before the end of this lesson, you will be able to determine what you really want to achieve in life. Having a purpose allows us to understand what matters to us. And Walter's not understanding what is not relevant to our life prevents us from wasting energy on activities that do not make us feel fulfilled. We can therefore use that precious time to focus on our goals. If you already have clear goals and you know exactly the way you want to take, that's great. If you haven't found the answer yet, don't worry, it's totally fine. And that's also a very common situation for many, many people. What we know is that we want to be happy. And being happy means doing what we enjoy. There are people all over the world who can't stand their job. And honestly, life is too short for you to spend eight to ten hours a day struggling with an annoying colleague, boring tasks or doing something you don't care about. But now it's not only about your job. Looking for your happiness concerns every type of activity, doing exercises, studying, hanging out with friends, et cetera. That's why you need to be surrounded by an environment that happy and comfortable. That's why you deserve to do what you really like to do. Something that brings you joy. Situations that inspire you, that make you want to put more energy, more enthusiasm. Let me tell you one thing. To get the right motivation, you need to set goals that are in line with your priorities. Can turn. Your priorities should only be related to the things that make you happy. Think about it. Do you really like your job? Or have you been influenced? Choose it by society? Have you ever given up on a work experience abroad because someone else asked you to stay in your country. Are you in a relationship because you love that person or because you think you can't be alone. So let's find out what you really want to bring into your life. I have already prepared the documents that you can download. In this document, there are going to be eight questions. We're also going to see these questions together one by one. And in the meanwhile, you can stop the video and fill the file with your personal answers. Then at the end, save the file in your computer, read it again and you will have a better overview about what you want and what you need to bring into your life in order to reach a higher level of happiness. So I hope you have already the file opened in front of you. Let's begin with the first question. What are the five most important things for you? I know that is a very open question. For think about something you cannot live without. Something that is essential to your life and that represents a source of joy for you. Can be having a family, financial freedom, being healthy, but also more specific activities like playing baseball or cooking all the time because this makes you feel happy, etc. What are your top talents? What are you good at naturally? There are passions, interests are topics that have been part of our life since we were children. Do you remember what you loved to do when you were a child? Ask yourself, while your greatest talents are, you definitely stand out from the rest for a few reasons. But the question now is, did you give the right importance to your tons? Is the person you most admire. There is always a source of inspiration. Think about your source of inspiration. It can be one person or a group of people. Now ask yourself, why do I like this person's so much? Why is he or she such an inspiration for me? Identify those qualities and values that you typically appreciating people. You will then understand what you admire and what you really want to achieve in your life. What job would you be willing to do even for free to exactly what can you do all day long without being financially rewarded. You may also say, Yeah, you know, I can watch TV series all day alone. Y naught. Well, yes, of course. But ask yourselves, is non-activity has the power to bring real joy into your life and to evolve who you really are. Personally, I would think about writing stories for children, painting, playing a certain sport, or even studying a specific subject. Actually, it can be anything. So what activities give you energy? It could be your job, a hobby, or something you do as a volunteer? How do you imagine your life in five years? Sometimes we're so caught up in our daily routine. That we don't think about the future we want. Take ten minutes of your time and write down in details how you would like your life to be in the next five years. What goals have you achieved? Where do you live? By the people around you? Also, describe your daily routine. Describe your ideal day. Think about the perfect day you want to live. It could be a casual day, but I suggest you to think about your perfect daily routine. What time do you wake up in the morning and what do you do first? Are you planning to start with a yoga session? What do you eat for breakfast? And how do you spend your morning routine you have lunch with? In the afternoon, you could devote yourself to your hobbies. Take a walk next to the sea, or even read, study. We're gonna go. Also think about how you would spend the peer-effects evening, perhaps with the people you love or relaxing, watching the sunset. There are no limits in describing your ideal day. When was the last time you felt a lines? What were you doing the last time you experienced real happiness? And also, what are the necessary conditions for which you could feel so happy? Again, what would you do if you weren't afraid? Fear is an irrational break that does not allow us to fully live our lives. Think about what's holding you back. What are your fears? Will, would you be doing if you weren't stuck in fear? And also, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? If you had just a year of life left, how would you spend it? Which is banded playing video games, looking at puppies, videos on Youtube, checking how your favorite football player is living his life. Becoming aware of the fact that we have limited time on this Earth can help us understand what we really want to do with our life. Ok, great. And now read your answers again and check to see what they have in common. Tried to check if they have similar concepts, find what it is. And you will discover an important element that is probably leading you towards your destiny. Tonight, before going to bed, read your answers again, and spend some minutes thinking about the current situation or your daily actions and habits in line with your goal. 6. Goal Setting Tips for Creating Your Extraordinary Life: 6 Areas: As you may have guessed, setting your goals is a very important procedure that has above all to do with knowing yourself. If we don't know ourselves, we can't really know what makes us happy. And if we don't know what makes us happy, we could never understand how to achieve it. Because we risk-taking paths that are not in line with our goals. For this reason, this course collects several exercises that will help you to get to know yourself that either the end of this lesson, you will have a clearer idea of what you want to retract in your life. Not only in general, but also in relation to specific categories. First of all, before moving on to the practical activity, I would like to specify some aspects regarding the setting of your goals. One, be realistic. If your passion is to collect mushrooms in the woods, you were thinking about quitting your job to do that full time. Well, wait a minute and really think it over. If you already have another incredible source of income, that can't be fine. But if you need to pay the bills and your current job represents your whole salary. Well, maybe that's not the right move to make, at least right now. And I'm not saying you have to get trapped forever and even in something you don't like to do, I am saying that you can still spend time on your passions without necessarily taking big risks, collect mushrooms as your side gig. Then if you manage to build your own business around your passion, you can definitely dedicate yourself exclusively to that. The second thing I want to underline is this. Don't feel guilty. If you pursue what you like. You are not a selfish person, especially if you're not hurting anyone. The resolving this tendency to think that if you are having fun and what you are doing is not serious enough or is too exciting when you're spending too much time doing it, instead of taking a coffee with that brand, then you are selfish. If you are doing something that makes you feel satisfied, that's one of the best things you can do. Why? Because you will feel happier and less means you will tend to be more polite and to spread Julie, Which means there will be an overall positive effects on your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, and all the people around you. So promise me that you are not going to feel guilty because you are expressing yourself in an activity that you love, as long as this does not hurt other people. Now, let us write down what you would like to achieve because at this point, you should have a better overview of your own goals. Here is a list of categories. And once you divide something in this list, if you don't feel comfortable now where you don't have enough ideas in this moment. Feel free to fill this list. In the next days. There will always be new goals and challenges. There is no rule to fill this list. So take your time, but really think about what you really want to bring into your life. So let's start. In terms of relationships. Do you want to romantic one? Do you want to get married or do you want to just date and meet new people? Feel free to write. What makes you happy career? What kind of work would you like to do? And under which conditions? In which country do you want to work? How many hours per day? Financial. How much money do you want to earn? How much do you want to say? What are your sources of income? Personal development? What do you want to learn? What are the skills you want to improve? Which habits do you want to build? Health? Do you want to exercise? And how often? What healthy food do you want to be in your fridge every day? Your daily routine? Think about the best day you can even live. What does it look like? And what times you wake up and what's your morning routine? What do you do? What night before going to bed? Cool. At this point, you should have a better overview about your goals. As I said, one of the most important things is you have a clear idea of what your goals are. Only in this way, will you be able to outline the right strategy to achieve them? 7. How To Make Your Big Life Decisions: In this lesson, I will show you how to make important decisions in life. Taking into consideration two important aspects, rationality and emotions. Making decisions is very crucial because our life, as it is now, is the result of the decisions we have made so far. So decisions define our reality. What happens sometimes is when people try not to make any decisions. Often the reason is that they love to stay in their comfort zone. However, in this way, you don't allow yourself to evolve. And on the contrary, you force yourself to get stuck in the same situation by taking away from ourselves the possibility of changing the current situation. We also cancel the possibility of improving our life. So let's analyze how to make the right decisions. Because these choices are those that bring us closer and closer to our goal. The first golden rule is to focus on what brings you closer to your goal. It really seems like a simple concept. But believe me, that applying it is not as obvious as it seems. Often we are so absorbed by the environment that surrounds us that we do not realize that we are moving in the opposite direction from where we would like to go. Take a few minutes during the day to understand if you are actually working towards your goal or if you are swimming in the opposite direction. Once you've defined your goals, follow these steps that will help you make the right choices. First step, understand what you want and chase it. Your goal must be defined and clear. If you know the direction you are going, you will avoid getting lost. Reaching your goal must be your main thought. In fact, the problem of people without a go is that they are undecided. They don't know where they're going in their life, and consequently, they won't get their important question. How do you find the goal? To find it, you need to analyze what the meaning of life is for you. For many people, it is happiness. So what makes you really happy? It sounds like a simple question, but the answer may be complex. Stop for a moment and really think about this question. If you have difficulty answering this question, at least start listing things that don't make you happy and start moving in the opposite direction. Then start outlining your perfect life. What are the essential elements of a perfect life? Being surrounded by friends? Playing sports, financial freedom, being healthy, having a family, whatever you want. Ask yourself who you would like to be surrounded by. Where would you live? Would you like to live with? What are your passions? Think about all these elements and if it helps you write them down. But really take your time to list all these aspects. At this point, it is time to optimize the process. Now, let's move on to the second element about making good choices. They have risk element and our decision must be irrational. Therefore, we must evaluate the risk and learn how to manage it. We can help ourselves with a simple method to define the risk level of our decision. Whenever we make a choice, there will be two main elements to consider, the positive consequences and the negative consequences. For example, consider all the positive consequences that can happen at best. If all goes well, what can happen in the same way? Consider what your life would be like in the worst-case scenario, obviously in relation to a specific choice. Let me give you an example. You like someone that so far you've been too shy and insecure to tell him or her in the worst-case scenario, what would happen if you declared your love? The person you like does not return your feelings and you will continue to be single, exactly as you were at the start of this example. On the other hand, what is the best thing that could happen? The other person falls in love with you. You get married and live a happy life together. Let's try the same thing for a business. He wanted to invest 10 thousand into a business. The worst thing that could happen to you is you lose your investment. Obviously, creating a business include many more aspects. But I use this scenario for a simple example. At best, your business will grow incredibly. You will achieve financial freedom by the house of your dreams. Live in a city you love, have medical treatments, travel around the world, et cetera. But what's really great is that you achieve your goal. And then you are certainly happier than before. If you know where you want to go and you know how to manage the risk, choice for you would be really simple. Therefore, before making a decision, carefully, evaluate all possible scenarios and their probability of occurrence. Dasani wait, if the best things that can happen has a much higher value than the worst things. But also remember to consider the probability of occurrence of both scenarios. The last step is, how do you minimize the risk? When making a decision, you must try to minimize the risk. But leaving amble opportunity for growth and development. For example, the risk of finding U with empty pockets at the end of the month decreases if you decide to start an online business while you already have an employee job. This way, you'll be sure you already have a monthly income and therefore you have minimized the risk of not having any money for food and bills. Of course, you always have freedom of choice, but try to minimize the risk of failure and increase the chances of success. If you quit your job and unfortunately, your business doesn't make enough profit, you may find yourself in an unpleasant financial situation. I used the word unfortunately, but I don't really believe in bad luck when it comes to achieving your goals. Instead, you keep your job and work on your business in your spare time. You may also use the incomes generated by your first job as a method to invest in your personal business or ideas. Once your business is profitable enough to allow you to live the life you want, you can decide whether to focus exclusively on that. We're also keep your current job. Obviously, there is no correct solution and I am not encouraging you to keep or quit your job. I just want to give you a general overview regarding risk management. Before making any important decisions, you should analyze the situation and try to understand if there are possibilities to minimize the risk in order to increase your chances of success. Let's recap how to make important decisions in life. Remember that this small and big decisions we make affect our lives every day. And the situation you are in right now is nothing more than the sum of all the decisions you have made so far. If you want to change your lives or rigid goal that you have not yet reached, you have to start making new decisions. Sometimes changing scares us. But staying in a situation that we don't like his much more tearing. Ask yourself if it's worth staying in the situation that isn't giving you what you want. Or if you want to give yourself the chance to live a life that reflects your desire. Therefore, to make the right choices, we need to consider three basic steps. Set your goal based on what makes you happy or on the end results you want to achieve. Evaluate the risk of your decision. What can happen in the best case and in the worst-case scenario? What is the probability that one scenario will occur rather than another? What is the risk I need to minimize? What strategies allow me to minimize the risk? How do I increase my chances of success? I have an extra tip for you. Many people asked for advice when they want to make a decision. This thing is definitely right. What's wrong is to ask anyone for the wrong people for advice. If you want useful and constructive advice, you must rely on competent resources. For example, it doesn't make sense to ask a doctor how I should build my house because the doctor is specialized in something else. And he's not building houses all day long for years. For the same principle, you should not ask for financial advice from a person who has multiple debts because he probably does not know how to manage money effectively. Therefore, get relevant advice from relevant resources. You have a specific goal and someone else has already followed that path and has been successful, then he is the right person to ask. That person has already achieved the results you are aiming for. Therefore, it is a better option than someone who wants to tell you how to achieve something that he has not yet achieved. The best advice comes from those who have already achieved that goal. 8. How to Create an Empowering Vision Board: And this section, we're going to talk about the importance of creating and having a proper vision board. First of all, I would like to discourage skeptics. Many people believe that a vision board has very little to do with setting and achieving goals. Of course, we all have freedom of thought. However, I want to share my experience and assure you that I would not have achieved the results I achieved without my personal vision board. You don't have to listen to my experience. But you can do an internet search and notice how most successful people believe that vision boards are not only important but fundamental for achieving the desired results. If you are skeptical that a vision board could help you increase your chances of success. What I recommend is to give this strategy a chance. After all, it costs you nothing to try and methods used by those who have truly achieved incredible results. But what exactly is a vision board? A vision board is a collage of images chosen by you that aims to visually show you what you want to achieve. And all these images, when you look at them, should give you a feeling of joy, peace, and also excitement. Because they basically represents the lifestyle you want. That's why vision boards are so important. They help you visualize your goals, inspiring you to complete the necessary steps to achieve them. Now that we know what a vision board is, we need to understand how to use it and the most effective way in order to exploit the full potential of your vision board. The first thing you need to do is choose what you want to attract in your lines. The second step is represented by the creative process. You will therefore have to visualize the actions that lead you towards achieving each one of your goals. Or even better, visualize your final objective as if you had already achieved it. Imagination is a gift of our brain that we often neglect during the passing of time. Do you remember how much imagination was affecting your life when you were a kid? In some cases, you probably also felt very happy, despite the fact that the situations you were experiencing were not real, but only imagined. Never underestimate the power of imagination and visualization. That is a skill that can be very useful to us. Because visualizing ourselves as we perform an action and activates the same brain areas and produces a body response, which is very similar to when we actually experience that situation in real life. Actually, this is a technique used by many athletes. Hill imagine themselves doing their work ads running as fast as they can and crossing the finish line. So in order for your vision board to be effective, it is necessary to actually imagine yourself doing the actions you want to do. Imagine the situation you want to experience, and what is also extremely important. Ceiling what you would feel in that specific context. This is another important key. Feel like you've already got what you want. For example, let's think about something small. You would really like to eat your favorite pizza. So you actually close your eyes and imagine, and when the pizza in front of you, look at it, look at its ingredients, look at the colors, smell it. Then visualize yourself grabbing a slice of that pizza and then taste it. But really it, taste it, smell and taste it. This was a very basic example, but you can actually apply it to other situations. Do you want to earn more money? Visualize your bank account. How much money do you have in there? Feel how you would feel if you had that money and visualize yourself doing all the things you would like to do. A vacation or driving a new car, just visualize the life you would like to live. So let's recap how to apply these technique. Choose a goal or an object. Look for an image that represents that goal or object. Remember that you can also represent emotions with the picture. For example, finds an image that inspires happiness or love. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in that specific situation. Tried to imagine every detail. If you want to drive a new car, tried to use the engine noise and observe the shape of the steering wheel. If you want a romantic relationship, then imagine the things you could share with that person. At this point. Try to perceive the same emotions that you would feel if those images where real, tried to do this for five to ten minutes a day. At the beginning, it is always a bit difficult to start. But the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to dedicate yourself to it for even longer if you want. When you think you have completed the process, slowly return to the present, open your eyes and sang for the wonderful things you are attracting into your life. Here are some aspects to consider to implement the process. When you formulate a thought, do not use the negative form in the sentence. Instead of thinking, I have no problems at work. Think I work in a stimulating environment with nice colleagues. Be precise with your request. Try not to put a target bigger than your unconscious blocks, which can be, I want $1 million tomorrow. Tried to go step by step. If $1 million is too much for your unconscious, put a target like $10 thousand or even $10, just for your mind to make it acceptable and achievable. Then when you will discover your potential more and more, you will be able to remove your mental blocks. And after explaining the potential of the vision board, now, let's analyze every single stamp to create your personal one. The first thing to do is to make a list of your goals. Find a comfortable and peaceful place for this activity. You really need to concentrate and take your time. You can also drink some tea and listen to relaxing music if this helps you. Now, think about your goals. If your goals are still not clear, think about what you want to achieve, where you would like to live or spend your time. Let's do an example. Let's say you want to lose weight to not just right, that you need to be precise. So for example, you may want to go to the gym more often in order to achieve your goal. Perfect. Then, how many times per week do you want to go to the gym in order to be in shape? Maybe twice a week, maybe three times a week, or maybe even every day. Just write down your goal and try to visualize it at a practical level. You may notice that good ideas may come to you to help you getting closer and closer to your goal. Then you may also want to think how to develop a certain plan for that. In addition, once in awhile, to not forget to check your progresses and take note of them. It is also very important to have an overview and to remind yourself that you are actually improving. Track your consistency in order to boost your motivation. Selection of images. Now that you wrote down your goals, take some magazines, purchased, surf on the web, and start looking for pictures that give you the right inspiration and express the concept of your goal, then choose at least one picture for each of your goals. It may be the picture of the house of your dreams. May be the picture of two people kissing if you desire, love, a picture of a new workplace, or even a picture of a dog, if you would like to have one. You may want to add to your vision board. Not just images, but also specific quotes that can inspire you every day. For example, on my vision board, I wrote, I finish what I start, which worked very well since I was a lazy person until a few years ago, I had 1 million ideas, but I was not planning my life according to my goals. And what was happening was that I started 1 million things without finishing even one of them. So find one or more inspiring quotes that would inspire you improving your life. There are no limits in the choice of images. The only thing you really need to pay attention to is that the images represent exactly why you want to attract in your life. And here is what a vision board may look like. And of course, this is an example, and you are totally free to organize it in the way that works better for you. As an example, here we have the image of a car, which is a specific model and of a specific color. There is a house that maybe the house of your dreams than a place where you may want to live, where you want to go on vacation, a relationship goal, or maybe you want to write a book and publish it, an inspirational quote. This is just an example of the kind of images you can use to create your personal vision board. I hope this inspires you. Just try to find the perfect image and don't forget categories such as love, health, money, the environment around you, et cetera. In each section, you can add the images that correspond to what you like to experience. Feel free to add more sections. It is your vision board. Step three, create a new Google sheet document or use scissors and glue. Let's put all of the inspirational ideas do you have into practice? Lays the images of your goals on a panel large enough to contain them all. During this process, you have time to look at the chosen images and you can already tried to experience the emotions of what it would be like. Live that life. And don't forget to feel grateful for what you are creating. For. Place your vision board in a visible place. All the previous points are very important, but this one is extremely important. Your vision board should be located in a place where you can see it every day. And if possible, even several times during the day. Do not be afraid for other people to see it. You do not want to be ashamed for your own desires. You are simply trying to improve your lines and maybe even the life of the people you love. So the placement of the vision board is very important because it works for you. As a reminder of what you want to achieve, your personal vision board will activate your mind in order to find the best concrete solutions to get where you want to go. So make sure to check out your personal vision board every day. Then close your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing that kind of life. And great things will happen starting from today. 9. Set and Achieve Your Goals Every Time: Play SMART: In this lesson, we are going to talk about the importance of setting smart goals. But what is a smart girl? Well, let's start from the beginning. When people work hard to achieve what they want, sometimes they struggle a lot just because they do not have a clear idea of the path to follow to achieve their goal. If the process to achieve that goal is not well-defined, people don't know which direction to take in order to get there. This is why you need to set goals that are smart. And other words, you need to clarify where you are going, what you want to achieve, and how in terms of time and resources you are getting there. So what does smart mean? The meaning of the acronym smart is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time based. Setting clear goals for your professional or personal life is critical for you to succeed. Let's now see each phase of setting smart goals specific. The first step is asking yourself, what do I really want to achieve? When you set a goal? It is essential to be specific and extremely clear about what you want to accomplish. The more specific your description is, the greater chance you have to get exactly what you want. Or as I like to say, what you planned, losing weight or increasing your income are not specific goals. They are just too broad. Simplifying the concept as much as possible. Setting specific goals is exactly the step that leads you from saying, I want to become rich. I want to earn 10 thousand a month for the next five years by writing books about parenting. Measurable, the goal must be measurable. This allows you to understand if the expected result has been achieved or not, and possibly how far you are from the goal. For example, you can increase the sale of a product by 5% in a month. Achievable. This goal has to be achievable. Otherwise you will see it as an impossible result. And this will have a bad impact on your motivation. Set a goal you know, you can achieve using the available resources. Realistic. In order to be achievable, the goal needs to be realistic. Do not go to far from reality. Time-related. The goal must be based on time. It is necessary to determine the period of time within which the goal must be achieved. In other words, you should set a deadline. For example, writing a novel in four months, we're increasing the revenues by 10%. Remember that in the absence of a time reference, you may consider the goal as not so important and this will slow down your motivation and productivity. To conclude, according to this process, you should set your goals following each one of these points. And you will have your smart goals with a clear path to follow in order to achieve the result you want. I've already created a file for you that we will call the smart goal planner. Using this document, you will be able to apply the smart goals strategy to all the goals you want. Thanks for your attention and see you in the next lesson. 10. Mastering The Action Plan: From Theory To Practice: Mastering the action plan from theory to practice. In this lesson, I will explain the basics of planning and they will help you with the creation of your personal action plan that you can use to organize your tasks starting from today. We have already seen the reasons why planning is essential to achieve our goals effectively. And as soon as possible. The general rule is to understand what are the most important things for us and then carry out each activity in the right time according to its priority, we must draw up an action plan based on the importance and urgency of things to do. In this way, we'll organize our time in the best possible way. And there will be no more excuses. Like, I don't have time for this. There are of course, some fundamental points that can help us create an effective action plan in order to have our days, weeks, and months more organized in terms of time and purposes. 1, first of all, it is highly advisable to divide long-term goals into many easier and faster tasks to perform. For example, if you want to write a 50 page eBook, you can divide the project into ten steps. You'll write five pages a day for a total of ten days. In this way, you will know that your daily task is simply to write five pages. And if you work as planned, you will also know that within ten days you reach your goal. To now that you know what to do. The second step is to create a concrete action plan based on the chosen Go. To organize my weeks, I use a Google Sheet divided by months, weeks, and days. Every day, I read the corresponding little tasks. In our example, if you are about to start working on your ebook on Monday, then right in your daily plan, write five pages in the Monday section, then this aim for Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. Three, another essential step. Remember to update the action plan. Add each new tasks to complete meeting, appointment, et cetera. This way you will stay focused on what you need to do and you will risk forgetting important tasks. What I suggest is to create a concrete action plan where you can write down your daily tasks and which you can always check. My advice is to create a visual, adaptable, easy to consult and update table. You can use the tool UD, most suitable for you personally, I use Google Sheets. So let's see how we can turn theory into practice. We will try to focus attention on optimizing the time available through a schematic representation. To help you further, I have prepared a document for you that you can use to organize your days. In this table, you will find all the months, weeks, and days for an entire year. And if you want to use it also for future use, I recommend you to make a copy of the document now. As you can see, each day is also divided by hours. If you want to become an organization maniac, you can plan what to do every hour of the day. Or you can simply make a list of the tasks you need to complete during that day. I can give you my advice, but it's actually up to you to organize this document in the way that best suits your needs. For example, a person might wake up at 630 and decide to begin his meditation at seven for 30 minutes before having breakfast. We can therefore, and this activity in the box, there are activities that I do every day such as a mindset session. In this case, I created this section between the name of the day and the hour. It's here that I write my everyday commitments. During the mindset, I read documents that I created myself, where there are images of my vision board and some motivational quotes that inspire me for the rest of the day, providing me positive energy and that can help me improve my concentration. Of course, I invite you to have a mindset session every morning. It only takes ten minutes or less, and can also be just about visualization in front of your vision board. Then I review my daily tasks to get a complete picture of the situation. While you are writing down your daily tasks, you may want to use a different layout or font. Just finds the design that best suits your personality. I personally like to use colleagues very much. For this reason. I loved to color the tasks related to physical exercise with pink and the activities related to leisure, such as cinema, dinner with friends, et cetera, in light blue. And even when I complete these tasks, I like to keep them in these colors. Because at the end of the week, it will be easier for me to understand if my private and working life height balanced. As for all the other tasks, I write them first on a white background, and after completing them, I like to put a very nice green on their background. This step helps me a lot on an emotional level because see concretely, the completed activities gives me a sense of satisfaction. I feel satisfied as I have given meaning to my day and I feel I am getting closer to my goals. As you may have noticed, there is an additional section at the top of my action plan has entered a space for the month in which I write the results that I want to achieve within this month. Then I divide my monthly goal into smaller steps, inserting the result I want to achieve every week in this section and divided into four parts. So here I write what I want to achieve for that specific week. To divide your monthly goal into smaller parts, you can ask yourself, what do weekly goals do I need to complete to achieve the monthly result? With the same logic, you can divide weekly goals into daily ones. This technique is extremely useful and will guarantee you concrete steps towards the desired result. Here is a tip. Now that you have a complete picture of the situation, you can use this action plan as a reference to organize your short or long-term goals. Think about what you want to achieve and then create your daily, weekly, and monthly plan. A little warning here. I planned the day the same morning, but I recommend you to schedule each activity at least one day before. Plan your tasks in advance in order for you not to waste time just because you don't know what you have to do that day and do not forget the most important step. Write down the tasks you want to complete according to which results you want to reach. There is no time for procrastination. No time to begin secure, no time to waste basically. But pay attention. And not just talking about business or work here, but also relationships, health, private life. There must be a time for fun. Therefore, in your action plan, fun time for activities such as going to the gym, and moments of leisure, such as having dinner with a special person. I am more than sure that this tool will be of great help if you decide to use it every day. I hope you will get the same benefits that this strategy has brought to my life. Thanks for your attention and see you in the next lesson. 11. DMAIC: The 5 Steps to Effective Problem Solving: Welcome to this lesson. Today we are going to talk about effective problem-solving techniques. And I'll show you have the principle of Six Sigma can help you improving your productivity. But first, what is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a quality management philosophy applied in businesses and was developed by Motorola in the eighties. The purpose of six sigma is to improve the performances, analyzing the processes. They are variations, and finding the appropriate strategy to reach solutions and implement these processes. So Six Sigma is used to improve productivity, reducing variability, and avoid waste within a business is a perfect result would be the realization of the perfect, we're slightly perfect product. With Six Sigma. We want to create a more efficient and productive process. We can do it by measuring the data and implementing the process to reach a better result. So let's see how six sigma can be applied to your personal life. First of all, these strategies can bring you several benefits, like helping you with time management, scheduling, and getting things done on time. Helping you being focused on your goals, being more productive, more tasks completed in less time, avoiding spending financial resources or energies in worthless activities, optimizing the quality of your life. So we are basically talking about a problem-solving technique. These steps are extremely useful to have a defined plan of your own projects, and they are all useful also to implement it. Remember, we always need to think with a long-term perspective. According to this logic, remember that repeating your actions on a daily basis is the key to reach your goals and maximize your results. This basically means you should work every day to achieve your goals and not just once in a while. Let's analyze every single point. Follow this list of questions, and try to answer them. We will go through the entire process. And actually, I would like you to do an exercise, reading the questions and writing down your answers. This will give you a better idea about what you really want to achieve and how to achieve it. Writing down your goals or a plan is very useful for your brain. Do you remember what you want and what you have to do? I attached the list of the questions and you can use that file in order to write down your answers. Of course, feel free to print the document and use it for one or more goals were any situation you would like to improve. So first thing to do, define which is the current situation. What do I want to implement? What are the expected benefits measure, which are the elements that will be analyzed in order to measure my success rate. Which other causes that lead to the current situation, which are the risks and the obstacles I may face in order to implement the process. Improve which actions are useful to improve the process? Which skills or resources should I have to succeed? And where do I find them? Control? Am I reaching the expected benefits? Has final result. How do I keep these results? Does the improvement of the processes aligned with my goal? Let's do a very simple example. First, define the situation to improve. Let's say you want to learn a new language because you moved from your country to another one. Let's say Portugal. Learning basic Portuguese is your goal. Here comes the measure step. Which information do you have? Let's say you were working in a multicultural company that leads you to speak English all the time with colleagues from other countries. You may practice your Portuguese just at the supermarket or during a taxi ride. The only measurement here is that you are not speaking or studying enough. Next step, analyze what point you in the situation of not learning, not talking with people, not practicing portuguese. Well, you're multicultural environment where the fact that you would like to speak English with locals, to feel more comfortable with the fact that you are not reading books in Portuguese or watching local TV. Next step, improve. Your improvement area is learning Portuguese. And since you are living in Portugal, and plenty of possibilities to better master the language. First, anytime you have the possibility, restaurants, post-office, et cetera, speak the local language. Even if it may be difficult at the beginning, you are getting closer to your goal. Doing it every day has an incredible impact if you see the situation in the long term. And you can improve the process even more. Start taking advantage of your imposed free time, which is all the time that you have to use to do basically nothing. For example, when you wait in a line or when you take a bus, try not to waste your time. You can start listening to Portuguese podcasts or watching YouTube videos from Portuguese channels related to subjects that you like. These activities repeated Daily had a great impact on your life. And the best part is that I didn't need to find extra time during the day to obtain these results for only needed to use the time that I already had. In a better way. We all have 24 hours in one day. Do you think Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos has 50 hours per day to work more? No. We all have exactly the same amount of time and it is up to us to decide how to manage it and if we want to use it in order to reach what we want to use it just to watch a new series on Netflix or just chilling on the couch. We do not want to spend our time on useless activities. You need to ask yourself, business activity or this habit useful for my purpose? Or does it provide any benefit from my life? If the answer is no, you already know what to do. They eliminated. And if you can't eliminate it, change it. If you eliminate the root cause of the problem, you will not have the problem anymore. Final step of the DMAIC model, control. After analyzing and implementing the process. Now, check the data referred to a certain period of time during when you apply your strategies. Can you confirm the whole process has been implemented and that you have obtained better results? If yes, you can consider your strategy as successful. On the other hand, if the answer is no, it is still a success too. And this is because you have learned what you have to avoid, because it is not giving you results. So knowledge is the key. Never give up. If you try once and it's not working. If you try twice or a 100 times, you are still learning something. And you will have more knowledge than people who tried just once and then gave up. And do not forget that even an improvement of 1% is still a great result. Imagine if you can improve yourself 1% every day. How do you see it in the long-term? This concepts can be related to many fields of your life, your job, your financial incomes, the place where you live, and also your relationships. And this is why I would like you to consider the DMAIC model as a great benefit if applied to your own life. 12. Creating a Continuous Improvement Mindset: In this lesson, we're going to talk about another aspect of Six Sigma, which is called PDCA. The PDCA is a method used with the purpose of solving problems and setting continuous improvement plans. It's based on a four steps which are plan, do, check, act. The four phases guide you towards the resolution of a problem. Starting from the planning phase of the activity, passing through the operational phase, checking the effectiveness of the activities, and finally, gets implementation. This is a method that can be applied in many, many areas. Let's see together all the four aspects of PDCA plan identified the problem. The first step is to determine the current situation in order to determine exactly which is your bowls and how you want to achieve it. What must happen for the change to be considered successful? Of course, choose realistically achievable goals. It makes no sense to define utopian ideas that cannot be achieved in a reasonable amount of time and effort. Do. After planning, you need to realize what you said in the previous phase. Remember, if the task is complex, divided in small steps, and make sure to stick to your plan. The second phase can also be considered as a test phase or as a learning opportunity. Just because something has been planned correctly, does not mean that it works without errors. Once put into practice, check, collects the results and compare them with the goals set. Analyze what worked well and what went differently than you expected. Look at their results and ask yourself, did everything though, according to the plan. Once you understand how the problems occurred, you will be able to modify the plan accordingly and get better results the next time. Now that you have identified the problems and their causes, you can finally adapt and implements the plan. This means you now have a higher level of quality compared to what you had in the past. Now, in order not to lose this standard, you need a form of control. It is important not to step back. The purpose here is to improve our standards. It seems to be very technical explanation. But the wonderful thing is that you can apply this principle to improve many aspects of your life. You can use it to create a product to be launched on the market are to scale your business. You can use this method for your personal relationships or you can apply it to develop your professional skills, health fun, discovering the opportunity, then this method can have in your life. 13. Conclusion: I'm happy you have come to the end of this course and I really hope that it will be useful for you to set your goals. Remember that the most important thing is to put what you have learned into practice. Only in this way. Will you have the best results in the shortest possible time? If you need more help, remember that you can download the available resources and review the exercises you have done during the course. Remember to be true to yourself. If you have decided to get this far, it means that you have already taken a first temp towards achieving your goals. Don't give out. Now, identify what you want and develop a plan to achieve it. If you are determined and follow the right strategies, you will not need. Look to live the life you want. I wish you the best.