Goal Setting: 5 Days to Shape Your Best Year Ever | Dean Yeong | Skillshare

Goal Setting: 5 Days to Shape Your Best Year Ever

Dean Yeong, Entrepreneur & writer on DeanYeong.com

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8 Videos (26m)
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About This Class

There is an old saying that without a destination, your ship is going nowhere. It's not about the map, without a destination, you can't even plan your route on a perfect map.

It's clear that without a defined goal or vision, it's extremely difficult for us to achieve anything. We won't know what to do and how to do it. Even we're busying doing something all the time all day, we won't know if it really matters at the end of the day or the year.

There are tons of information about goal setting on the Internet. Therefore, I like to clarify that this is NOT about the S.M.A.R.T goal setting method. This is something more.

Have you ever wonder why top achievers like famous actors, top athletes, and successful entrepreneurs seem like crushing it every year after year, and the average achieve nothing at the end of the year? Even with the abundance of information? That's because most information is not effective.

Successful people don't set goals like many others. Their goal-setting strategy doesn't only provide them the clarity, but also the motivation and momentum. And that's what we're going to learn in this class.

The best part is that this process doesn't take long, but only 5 days. Perfect timing that allows you to really think about your coming year upfront, yet forces you to make important decisions fast.

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Dean Yeong

Entrepreneur & writer on DeanYeong.com

I study successful people with wide range of background and discipline from top performing athletes to successful entrepreneurs. Here, I share research-based ideas and techniques about behavioral psychology and performance improvement.

Being a creative and an entrepreneur myself, I acknowledge that the ability to making better decisions, cultivating good habits, and maintaining great health are crucial to our work and life. That’s when I started to dive deeper into these topics t...

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