Goal Getting: Your Implementation Roadmap to actually make that Change

Christine Locher, Coach to actually make that change

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Goals fit for implementation

    • Living it out loud

    • Practical action steps

    • Wrapup and next steps


About This Class

Ever had a goal that never fully got off the ground? Isn't that a bit sad? Let’s change that.

This class is a step by step programme to take that goal and to actually implement it this time. This will include

  • (Re)formulating your goal statement so it is fit for implementation
  • Making it real (living it out loud): Fit with your surroundings, saying yes, saying no, roping in other people and getting back on track when things slip
  • Practical action steps: you can do every day to start things moving and to get support

Kind of like working with your own coach, but more flexible and accessible. (so, no more excuses).

Come right in and start making that change! 

You picked your goal for a reason - now let it move your life in the right direction. 







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Christine Locher

Coach to actually make that change

Hello, I'm Christine.

Who am I: (never stop asking that question...)

London-based cosmopolitan, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, approaching the 5th half of my 20s, entrepreneur after 18.5 years on the corporate side, over a decade in high-pressure environments (top 5 consulting companies, "Big 4" experience).

Avid reader, traveller and networker and crazy curious - balance of big-picture thinking with practical implementation for impact. I never let technology get in...

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