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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Goal Busters Introduction

    • 2. Goal busters video 1

    • 3. Goal Busters video 2

    • 4. Goal Busters video 3

    • 5. Goal Busters Video 4

    • 6. Goal Busters video 5

    • 7. Goal Busters video 6

    • 8. Goal Busters video 7

    • 9. Goal Busters video 8

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Marla Williams

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Hello my name is Marla J. Williams and I am a skilled trainer in the field of Adult Education and Transition. I have extreme passion to see growth in peoples' lives and careers. I am a certified professional, career coach, trainer, instructor, and graduate of World Coach Institute and has over 20 years of business and training experience. I am also also the founder of the annual I.M.A.G.IN.E. Women's Empowerment Conference and author of 51 Career Tips and Questions you need right now on Amazon.

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1. Goal Busters Introduction: hello to the skill share community out there. My name is Marla Williams, and you are about to take gold busters. I want to start off by thanking you for taking my one of my most popular classes. I am so excited to bring gold busters to the online feel sure community, So let's jump right in so a little bit of background about myself. I am the owner of the True Speaks Group. We are professional development training company where I do a lot of certify career and life coaching. I am a sort of my career and life coach, and one of my most popular classes that I teach is this one Gold Busters, where we talk about how to develop a goal, bus down the goal and keep moving on to the next goal. And there is a method behind it. Call the smart method. So you're probably thinking what's going to be my project? Great question, your class projects going to be just that developing a smart girl based off of the easy tools that I provide you in the easy worksheets that you'll be able to fill out. You want to visualize, I'm gonna have you dreaming and we're gonna bring those dreams to reality one goal at a time. Okay, so let's go ahead and get started with our first lesson. I am so excited. Let's bust down these goals. 2. Goal busters video 1: Hello, everybody. It's go busters time. Who out there is ready to bust down some goals as a title states turning your dreams into reality one goal at a time. I'm so excited. So let's go ahead and jump right in. So what is this class all about? Great question. I'm one to help you visualize. So you look around rather your at your house or in your car, in the library. Wherever you're taking this course, look around everything you see was once dreamed about and visualized before it happened. Someone had to think about the chair that you're sitting in before they designed it. So I had to think about the laptop or the computer on the phone that you're using before it actually came to be. Then they brought into reality. They said, You know what? I want to have my dreams put down and realized I'm gonna help you do that with Smart goes, it's specific, measurable, attainable results and time bound. And then how you gonna implement the goals? Being smart, we're going to plan it out with the work she's that we have. Then here's the hard part. It's up to you. You have to do it, just like Nike says. Just do it, Art Williams. He says it the founder of pro America. Just do it, then you repeat. Okay, go ahead, download the first worksheet entitled Brainstorming and then I'll Talk to in the next video . 3. Goal Busters video 2: Okay, everybody. Now it's time to complete part one of our project. Like I mentioned in the introduction, we're going to work our product together and then have a final at the end. So hopefully downloaded the brainstorming activity worksheet that I have for you. If not, take a second and go ahead and download that. Okay. Now, as the instruction state, I want you to sit and daydream. Remove all obstacles. If you had all of the money all the time, all of the effort, all personnel, all the resource is all the baby sitters. What would you do? Take time to really think about this? What is in your hearts desire to do? Not just now but period travel the world, right? 10 books Write a book, own a business start a card card trading company Anything. What would you do? Take time and think about it. I want you to write anywhere between 10 to 20 items down. Okay. I'll check back with you in the next video. Happy day. Dreaming. Napoleon Hill says, Ah, goal is a dream with a deadline. Talk to you soon 4. Goal Busters video 3: Okay, everybody, welcome back. I hope you wrote down at least 10 to 20 items. Now take that sheet and put it to the side just for a little bit. So let's talk about what is a goal. You see this guy in the I States Marine Corps? I'm not gonna complain. I was United States Navy, so I can't say much. There were all serving one purpose, but looks like he's running. He's running to complete something. As it states here. Simply stated, A goal is something you want to achieve. This runner, the Marine Corps guy he's running because he wants to achieve a goal doesn't mean he's tryingto win. Visit me. He tried to beat anyone else. The only person he's competing with is his self. So what you think about that when you think about your goals moving forward, you're not in competition with anyone. You're in competition with yourself. You want to impress yourself. That's what it's all about. Something you want achieve not anyone else. Not anyone else's dreams but your dreams. I love to quote Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs said. Remember, don't live your life trying to live someone else's dream. Don't waste your time. So let's move on to the process of goal setting. Very simply stated the process of achieving the goal, and we're gonna talk about that. What is that process? We just can't write down the goal and move forward? Of course not. There's a process to it, and that process is called a smart process. We'll talk more about that in the next video, see in a little bit. 5. Goal Busters Video 4: for everyone. Welcome back. Now it's time to discuss. Is your goal smart? So let's break this down. Remember, the acronym is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. So let's talk about specific. So when we think about specific, we wanted to be something that we can clearly define. So example. I want to travel the world. That's pretty broad. It's a great goal, but it's very broad. So let's bring that down. Let's decide on what country we're going to start at. So let's say we want to explore the United States. Okay, let's bring that down to a state. Let's say California, let's break that down to a city. Let's say San Francisco. Now we're much more specific and we have something that we can actually look towards instead of making it so broad. Now, moving into the m, which is measurable. How are we going to measure that specific goal? Okay, we said we want to go to San Francisco. Great. Now what am I going to measure that by How How's the weather in San Francisco? When do I want to go? What activities were out there? What? The lights were out there? Am I going to make a cross country trip. Am I going to drive there? I was going to your means of transportation. Once you get there, how are you going to measure your process in your progress as you move forward with this goal? Next is, is the goal achievable? Every goal you have should stretch you. So using the San Francisco example, if you live in, let's say Florida. That might be a stretch for you because the flight may cost more money. The travel time will b'more. It just depends on what your situation is. But is this something that you can actually achieve? You should feel slightly challenged with making this decision next is realistic or even results. False focused is this goal we realistic Ishan measuring outcome, not activity. So let's go back a little bit. Let's say I'm looking for flights and I'm looking for activities to do in San Francisco. Those are actually activities, which are things you need to do, like we discussed when making it measurable. But now it's time to make it realistic and results bound simply meaning what is the actual outcome? Did you actually book the flight? Did you book the activity that you want to do in San Francisco Now, time the brain need to see a date on here. One choose. Put a time on your actual goal. Now it's time to actually move forward. So example you want to take this trip to San Francisco by, Let's say, the end of the year. December 31st. Okay, now your brains and our manically goto work trying to figure out how to get you to San Francisco by the end of the year. Okay, guys, I hope you make your go smart and I'll talk to you next in the next green. 6. Goal Busters video 5: Hello, everyone. And welcome to part two of your project. This part is exciting. Well, all of it's exciting to me. So as you can see those beautiful umbrellas, you're probably thinking, What are we gonna be doing here? Great question. So if you have not done so already, go ahead and download your life component breakdown worksheet. I'll give you a couple of seconds. Why you do that? Okay. So as you can see here on this worksheet, you're gonna take those goals. Yeah. Remember the goals. Don't forget the goals that you did in part one of your project, those 10 to 20 items. Now it's time to help you with the smart part getting specific, measurable, attainable results and time bound. It's time to break those goals down into sections. As you can see on the worksheet, you have different labeled sections Health, family, finances, business career Just cause I have a left, a couple of blame for you. Go ahead and take some time to at least put 2 to 3 goals into eat section. This is helping you to get the goals to be specific so you can break them down. Or should we say, bust them down, take some time and work on that and I'll see you in the next video 7. Goal Busters video 6: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to part three of your project. So so far we done some visualizing and daydreaming. Then we did some talking about goals and talking about smart goals. Then we broke down our goals into the life component breakdown. Now it's time to take those goals and put them into a time bound area. Remember the time Smart t. So how old will you be if you have not done so already? Go ahead, download your third worksheet. This was called your Years Goals worksheet. I'll give you a second to do that. Okay, Now, if you notice on the worksheet, you have one year, five years, 10 years in 20 years. So here's what I want you to do. Write down your age one year from now on the first line. So if you're 20 you will write down 21. If you're 40 you write down 41 next five years. What is your age five years from now? Don't make the mistake and write down five years from the year one age. I want you to write down five years from today's age. So if you're 40 that will be 45. If you're 20. That will be 25. Then do the same thing for 10 years. If you're 50 maybe 60. If you're 40 that will be 50 into the same thing for 20 years. If you're 20 that will be 40. If you're 30 that will be 50. Don't get depressed by hearing these years. It's all gonna work out. Trust me. Now, I want you to take those goals that you place in your life component boxes. You know the work. Should you just complete it and put those goals into the time frame that you want to see them accomplished in. So if you want to lose Ā£10 that make on the one year one. If you want to make that trip to China, that may go on the five year one. Take some time to really think about the timeframes. You want to achieve your goals and I will talk to you in the next video 8. Goal Busters video 7: Hello there. And welcome back. We're going to continue on with our project part for So I hope you didn't put your worksheet away from Part three. If so, get that out at the same time. Go ahead and download the work Chief apart for this one's called one week, one month in six months. I'll wait a second. Why you do that now? Your worksheet that has your years goals on it. Take one of those goals from your year goes in. Place it at the top of the one week, one month, six months worksheet. Now, whatever that one goal is, which should be a year ago. I want you to think about it. What can you do within the next week to accomplish this? Goal? Next. What can you do within one month to accomplish this goal? And then what can you do within six months to accomplish a one year ago? Remember, you're taking this from your years goes worksheet. You're picking one of the goals that you place in the years in the one year box and putting at the top of the worksheet. Think about all of things you can get done in one week, one month and six months, This could be repeated over and over again. A matter of fact, I highly recommend you down though this sheet as much as possible and make copies. So you complete all of these for your one. Your goals go ahead and do that and not check back in a few of the next video. 9. Goal Busters video 8: Hello, everyone. And congratulations were at the end of your project. Now it's time to take your one. Your goal. Yep. We're gonna post it. You guessed it. Post your one your goal. And in the timeline, let's discuss it. Let's keep each other accountable. I am so excited and anxious to read what some of your goals are cause I believe that you can bust your goals down using these simple, smart methods and the smart tools that I provided for you. Use those worksheets as much as you can and move forward. Don't forget to post your goals in the timeline and keep working on this project. I'll talk to you soon and see in the next class remember, gold busters. You can bust your goals down. Like Albert Einstein said, Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance. Just keep moving. Talk to you guys later. Hope you enjoy the class. This is Marla Williams.