Gmail Mastery and Productivity: The Essential Gmail Training

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Gmail Mastery and Productivity Intro Video

    • 2. Brief Introduction and Types of Gmail Inbox

    • 3. How to Create a Gmail Signature

    • 4. Sending Large Files Using Gmail and Google Drive

    • 5. Gmail Preview Pan, Archive, Snooze, Stars and Display Density

    • 6. How to send group emails efficiently using contact groups

    • 7. Organizing email messages using gmail filters and labels

    • 8. Infinite disposable email addresses from single gmail account

    • 9. Gmail Confidential Mode;Sending self-destructing emails

    • 10. How to setup Out of Office Auto-reply in Gmail

    • 11. How to Recover your Gmail Account if Someone Hacks it etc


About This Class

Gmail Mastery and Productivity:The Essential Gmail Training


This class is about Gmail or Google mail. This class is one of my first in the series of Google Products.

In this class you will learn some of the cool and new features of Gail’s latest interface which was released in mid-2018. The only assumption about the potential students of this class is that the student has a Gmail account and the student knows how to send and receive an email. Everything else is explained in this class. There will be more videos included in this class and if you are following me on skillshare platform, you will might get a notification of my message (I am not sure about that yet!). 

The purpose of this class is to make you more organized and more productive in your emails. All of us spent a lot of time reading and replying to our emails daily. By organizing our inbox and becoming more productive, we can save a lot of time for more important tasks in our business. You will learn how to organize emails in folders, using labels. You will also learn how to automate tasks in your inbox so whenever an email come, it goes to a desired folder on auto. You will also learn how to send the self-destructing emails with an expiry date on it. You will also learn how to create a vocation responder using Gmail so that whenever you go on holidays, your contacts or people who send you an email could receive an auto-generated response to their emails to you. So, I have made a good collection of some cool features of Gmail in this class and if you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer that in the “community” tab or even could be able to add a video on demand! So have a look at the course outline and see if there is something for you.


You have a Gmail account and know how to send a receive an email using Gmail.

Course Outline:

In this class you will learn the following:

  1. Introduction to Inbox
  2. How to create a Gmail signature
  3. Sending large files using Gmail and Google Drive
  4. Gmail preview pan, Archive, Snooze and Colorful star features
  5. Gmail contacts groups and group emails
  6. Organizing Gmail messages using Filters and Labels
  7. How to manage disposable email addresses.
  8. Gmail confidential mode: How to send self-destructing emails

Future Videos & Questions:

Students are encouraged to ask questions in the skillshare community tab. I will either answer the question there or make a video on that topic if it deserves a separate video. Therefore, feel free to ask any particular problems or questions you may have on the class topic.