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Gmail Mastery and Productivity: The Essential Gmail Training

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

Gmail Mastery and Productivity: The Essential Gmail Training

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Gmail Mastery and Productivity Intro Video

    • 2. Brief Introduction and Types of Gmail Inbox

    • 3. How to Create a Gmail Signature

    • 4. Sending Large Files Using Gmail and Google Drive

    • 5. Gmail Preview Pan, Archive, Snooze, Stars and Display Density

    • 6. How to send group emails efficiently using contact groups

    • 7. Organizing email messages using gmail filters and labels

    • 8. Infinite disposable email addresses from single gmail account

    • 9. Gmail Confidential Mode;Sending self-destructing emails

    • 10. How to setup Out of Office Auto-reply in Gmail

    • 11. How to Recover your Gmail Account if Someone Hacks it etc

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About This Class

Gmail Mastery and Productivity:The Essential Gmail Training


This class is about Gmail or Google mail. This class is one of my first in the series of Google Products.

In this class you will learn some of the cool and new features of Gail’s latest interface which was released in mid-2018. The only assumption about the potential students of this class is that the student has a Gmail account and the student knows how to send and receive an email. Everything else is explained in this class. There will be more videos included in this class and if you are following me on skillshare platform, you will might get a notification of my message (I am not sure about that yet!). 

The purpose of this class is to make you more organized and more productive in your emails. All of us spent a lot of time reading and replying to our emails daily. By organizing our inbox and becoming more productive, we can save a lot of time for more important tasks in our business. You will learn how to organize emails in folders, using labels. You will also learn how to automate tasks in your inbox so whenever an email come, it goes to a desired folder on auto. You will also learn how to send the self-destructing emails with an expiry date on it. You will also learn how to create a vocation responder using Gmail so that whenever you go on holidays, your contacts or people who send you an email could receive an auto-generated response to their emails to you. So, I have made a good collection of some cool features of Gmail in this class and if you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer that in the “community” tab or even could be able to add a video on demand! So have a look at the course outline and see if there is something for you.


You have a Gmail account and know how to send a receive an email using Gmail.

Course Outline:

In this class you will learn the following:

  1. Introduction to Inbox
  2. How to create a Gmail signature
  3. Sending large files using Gmail and Google Drive
  4. Gmail preview pan, Archive, Snooze and Colorful star features
  5. Gmail contacts groups and group emails
  6. Organizing Gmail messages using Filters and Labels
  7. How to manage disposable email addresses.
  8. Gmail confidential mode: How to send self-destructing emails

Future Videos & Questions:

Students are encouraged to ask questions in the skillshare community tab. I will either answer the question there or make a video on that topic if it deserves a separate video. Therefore, feel free to ask any particular problems or questions you may have on the class topic.

Meet Your Teacher

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Gmail Mastery and Productivity Intro Video: handling emails is not always a fun, especially when you are getting a lot of emails. Do you know how much time averaged? Professional spend on reading and answering emails? According to the reset of Carter Pianistic Canada and average Professional spent 11.7 hours at office and 5.3 hours at home reading and answering emails. This is a lot of time. Hello, guys. I am tired Yakub. And in this Gmail mustering and productivity class, you will learn Harto, organize your images and also become more productive in your emails. This Jimmy is the men plate from the old mostly use, so this class is focused on Jimmy. However, you can do these strategies in other email platforms by using their own features. You will discover a lot of Gmail features which you may not know before. For example, hope to use archive emails hope to use a snooze. Email. What is a preview pan particle in your inbox from two years old 100 messages and how do you start labors and forgers to organize your emits and other important features we will be discussing in this class is card out off a tree, so this feature allows you to direct incoming emails instead of the inbox directly to their corresponding folders. For example, if an email belongs to a particular business at a particular department, you can create $4 for those, and your email can be directed directed to those borders, and your inbox will be clean. Another good feature, which we will be discussing in this class, is the vocational responder. If you're on holidays, you can draft up a particular message that I am not available for these days, and you will send this message toe any incoming in May as a reply. So this is a good feature, and one of the game changing features of Gmail is the confidential mode of Jimmy. By using the confidential more, you can actually send images with an expiry date, and at that particular day, the email will self destruct itself. So this is a good way to protect your very sensitive information from sitting around in other people's in books. Similarly, if you are surfing on the Web and you want to download any PdF or a video or any other information, you have to give their your email. Tow them so instead of giving your main email address, you can create a disposable email address using your Gmail com, and you can provide that address there so you can kill you in forint. Number of disposable addresses from your single G Milica So you will also learn the hard to do that. So there are a lot of things which we were discussing in this glass. So this is a good video resource for someone who used the D mail constantly and who gets a lot of this on who is struggling with managing those emails. And also for those teachers and trainers who are looking for Google certification because Jimmy is one of the Google products and I think the second most important Google product after Google ships. So this is an important resource for those type of people. So I hope that there is something for you in this class. So if you think that this class is suitable for you, I invite you to join this class and I will see you inside the class 2. Brief Introduction and Types of Gmail Inbox: So this is the first video in this course this courses for people who at least know ho to send and receive an email and hot open an email account. So, first of all, let's talk about briefly for those who may not know how toe create a new email. But they have opened an email account. So to start a new email you press this composed button, and once you press this composed, but then in this to you have to write the email address to which you want to send this email. So let us say I tied my own address. Eso this in my email and let's say I tried to send this email and then there see any subject Hello, then you type your message in this area. No, if you look at their bottom right inside, you will notice that this email has been saved. So if you send this email so this will be sent. So just press the send button and this evil be sent, and you can see this in your sent four orders just to double check that your email has been sent. So if you click on the sent folder So you will see that this is your email which has been sent. So this is how you send the image. This number shows that you have 13 unready messages in this inbox. So in books is the place where you get that All your emails draft shows that you have a 14 unfinished images which you have started, but you have not sent to anybody. And Google has saved those emails for you. So if I click on this, I will see that these are my drafts, my unfinished emails, which I have to send if I want. Otherwise, it will stay here. No, let's talk about the interface. So this is basically the D Fort interface, which looks like white. And if you want between the color, there are some teams available. If you click on this settings icon and if you click on the stand, there is teams click on teams and these are all the photographs. If you want in the background, you can select any of these colors if you want. This is their default team at the moment, and you can also select your own photos. By clicking on this, it will show you your own photos of these air your my photos. I can select any of these as my background image. And if I close this so no. For example, let's say I want through on this blue color click on blue and it will change the blue color than you can save it. Now the next thing we want to discuss is the inbox types. If you click on this arrow, you will see that there are five different types off inbox, every labour to you, it's or d Ford, which is the current one. And if you click on before there are some details here what type off inboxes? This for example, this important first so important First, if you slept important first type off inbox. So then what will happen? Just click on this and I will show you first. And then I will explain this for that. So if you expect this, you will see that an important debuts at the top. So these are your important to emails. All your important emails and everything else is here. So this is how this type of inbox will work. All the important name is will come at the top and everything else will be at the bottom. So whole Google knows that this is important. Said Well, this is determined by Google based on artificial intelligence algorithms and are either you can tell Google that this email is important. So Google figure out that if you reply to a person very regularly and go will take that, okay, this email from this person will be important. You can also tell Google that email from a certain person is important. For example, let's say this person ice like this icon, he this error ship I can hear. If I click on this, this becomes yellow and you will see a message here, that conversation mark as important. And this thing, this email will move toe one of these on the top section off your inbox. So therefore it disappeared from there, and it has more to somewhere in this area. Similarly, if you select unready first type off inbox, let's selectors than all off the 100 messages which you have not read yet will appear at the top. So these are your 100 messages. Your new messages and all the messages which you have already read will appear at the bottom. So in this way, if you want only new messages at the top, then use like this type of invokes from this. And if you want to further customize these type of these inbox types or you can goto settings and settings again and then here we will see in books. And here you have all these types off in boxes. So currently in box type is unrated. First, you can click here and you can select any. For example, this priority inbox is very powerful. Just select party in books, so it gives toe four different parts, four different portions of the in box and you can customize any of these. For example, currently, the first portion has important in 100 messages. You can go into options and you say that, Okay, I only want 100 at the top. Then you want start okay. Otherwise, you can select any of these X second position, second portion tart portion and everything else at the bottom. So, in this way you can for their customize what type off in books you want. So this priority inbox give you a lot off flexibility and customizing your in books. So these for the different types of inbox. So in this video, we learned hope to customize the appearance of this area or to change the color background image of this area, and we discussed about some of the types off in boxes. 3. How to Create a Gmail Signature: In this video, we will learn two things. Number one is hope where the profile image into your email account and number two is hope to add a signature in your Gmail. An email signature Is there text like your contact information on an image that is automatically edited? The end of the gym, a message as a foot, so I'll show you my signature. So if I start a new email by pressing, get composed, here is my signature. As you can see, that there is an image, my name and my contact information, and there are some of the length which I want to put here. So whenever I start an email, this automatically airs at the end of my passage. So first off, let's get some ideas about signatures and see what kind of signatures are being used. So if you type here for professional de mille signature and then you click on this image is so here, you can see some examples off signatures so you can get some ideas from here. If you don't know what signature will look better for you. So in order to make a Gmail signature part, you need to do is you have to create a over document and then you based that Gore document into your Gmail setting. So goto this settings here and then inside the setting again per settings. And here you can see that this is a signature area and normally no signatures by depart. So I'm using a signature here if you are using Sand mill as feature of Gmail like I'm using . So I can use these to email addresses to send email from my Gmail account. So if you are using this feature so you can add a separate signature for each of them. So I will delete this and I will make this again. No, I saved changes. No, I don't have any signatures. Or if I go back toe and compose a new email, as you can see that there is no signature, so we will make this signature and I also delete this Google document, so I just deleted this. Remove this Google document and create a new goober document the letters name. This document is a Gmail signature. The first thing we do is insert our table and we're inserting two rows and two columns in first row. We have to insert an image. So I have this folder, and in this folder I have my picture, my image and then a note pad file in which, if I open this file, you can see that I have my contact information in here. And then I have these three icons for social media, which I won't wear it into my signature. If you don't have these icons, the best way to get these I Connie's goto can were dot com Just goto can were dot com. So you already have, ah, account with Ken. What? You just create a design First creator design and click on custom dimensions. And for your photo, you should give 200 by 202 100 by 200 is the size, and then you create a design. So this is your canvas or 200 by 200 Nor you upload a photo so you can upload a photo and upload an image click upload image, and then you can select water. I have already uploaded this photo, so I'm not gonna upload, So just cancel this. So what I do is I have created a 202 100 design and So I just put this image here and then who If because if your image is not off the proper says you just iss justice like this and then once you're happy with everything, then just click on download and you have to don't know this PNG fight and then you click download and it will prepare your design and just press continue their duty. And then this dialog box will appear. And on the right side, you just save us and savers into your whichever four did you want So you can just say there's like this. So this is the whole you change the size of your image to 200 by 200 pixels if you have a different size, so you can change it to 200 or 200 pixels. So once you have done this so I know you to yet another design. And for social media icons, you need a size off 80 by 80 pixels, so 80 pictures by 80 fixes and then you create your design and no, this is your canvas affected by it. Then you go to elements here on the left hand side and this can ways free you can open a free account, so there's no problem about that. So here, your type social media icons. So here you can, as you can see, that most of these icons are free. So in Canada you have some paid images as well, sometimes $1.2 dollars. But these all these icons are free. So what you do is you just drag this and put it here and just in order to center it, just put it like this to move it and when it's vertically center, and then when it's hold until the center we just released your most. And then you again. Just don't Lord this and as a PNG file download and save the rest procedure is same. The only difference is that for social media icons, you need a 80 by 80 cannabis. So this is a very to ensure that your personal four toys 200 by 200 pixels and your social media icons are 80 by 80 picture, because this it would be easier for you to make the signature. Once you have done all these images and these images are in your folder, you have your picture and all these icons, you are ready to create your signature. So fasting you do is let these two cells and for mitt tables and Marge cells. So you market these two cells because we will put a social with the icons here. Here we have been sort of our photos. Or just put your cursor here and insert and image and upload from your computer and I select this image. So know this image is here. No, I want toe Add my social media icon. So again, insert image upload from computer and I select this one. Then control this one and this one open. So all these three images are selected. So what you need to do is just to decide. Sometimes sometimes it doesn't get it properly. So you just resize all these images which looks bigger at the corner. You will see this and then you just drag it and first roughly resize them. And when you are here, then you can actually resize them once again. So no one's all these images are of the same size. No, you open your contact information file. This is a note pad file. I have contact information's just select all this copy and placed in this cell. No, we have toe former just a little bit. So what I do is I select my name and happy with Ariel phone just like size to 36 make it bold. Then, for my business name, I use a phone trick. Our Laura sighs I use is 18. Then for my phone number, I use a phone card. No, Nieto Sizes 11 There's fine. And for the website, I use a formed Georgia and 11 size and she will really for my email address. I used the phone most world this one and 11 sizes. Okay, so one more thing is that you select all the table. We don't want these lines here and here. Zero point. So this is border with. So just click on border wit and zero point so it will remove all the lines. So no, no. Once you have removed off this border, know the last thing we have to do is we have to insert links. So there's the purpose of these images said that somebody should be able to link to our Facebook page LinkedIn page on our YouTube channel. So let's see. Okay, we can do that. So this is my Facebook page. I just copy their dress off this and then I go back and click on this image. And as soon as this image of selected I will click on this link, I can't and I will insert my Facebook page link here and apply it and off. Similarly, I'll go to my LinkedIn page. It's not years. Elect me. Open my linguine page. So once you are inside your LinkedIn page, you goto you profile and this is my address for my profile Page. Copy this and again. I just let this pressed link icon put my link here, and it's like so for you, too. I have This is my subscribing to my YouTube channel. I said, just copy this link and how to make this link. I will make a separate with you for this whole to make this YouTube subscribing. So no, in YouTube just calling and put myself scribbling. If somebody clicks on this link so they will stay together, subscribe option so they can subscribe immediately. So you can also link to your website just like your name of your website and press the Link icon so it will automatically link toe your website. So as you can see that, No, it has been converted toe a link. So this is how you make this signature. Now, you just let all this copy and in your email settings and settings again and in signature section just right, click and paste. And don't forget toe save changes. I don't know why this person is so small. Are just safe. Genius. I know you're signature is saying so. The last thing I have to do is to add my profile image for this account. So just click on the top right corner and then change, and then you can add a for two years. So this is my folder. So let us drop this photo this time into this one and no, this cannot just this picture here. And once you are happy, just savor has been fighting for and it will show after some time. Uh, sometimes it takes some time, so you can either reload are just check here or to city and in these settings, as you can see, that it is still not appearing here, but it will soon appear here so you can just reload this once. As you can see that no over profile images there and over signature is complete with all the links. So when you compose the email, so let's say every compose an email and you can see their signature is here. You can also edge one more thing here that above the signature, you should add something like best regards. Don't forget to save your changes again and know that you compose, as you can see, that you're signature is here. And once you send an email to your to somebody, for example, let's say I send email to myself and, uh, send it and see whole when I received this email. And no, you can check these links. These links are working so you can see that our links are working properly. So I hope that this video will help you in making your email signatures in your Gmail account. 4. Sending Large Files Using Gmail and Google Drive: with every Jimmy account. You also get Google Drive account. So Google Drive is a free online storage which go will give you to store your valuable files. So you get 15 GB of stories free with every Gmail account you open with Google. So this Google drive is a great opportunity for you to store your valuable videos. Your photos are your pdf files, but here we're talking about Jimmy, not the booger. Tried, right? So why I am mentioning over Dr Year, Because if you want to send any file using Jimmy, the maximum limit as an attachment is 25 MB. You cannot send more than 25 them before using the Google Jimmy attachment. But when you want to attach more than 25 m before so see what happens. So let's see, I compose a new email and this is the attachment I can't. So if I click on this if I look at the properties, this file is around 68.1 MP. So this is more than 25 me, and this file is also a very large fight, which is around 3.96 GB. So let's say I attach this four Jimmy file and I say open. So Google will show me a message. Your file is larger than 25 MB, which is the limit for attachment. It will be sent as a Google drive link. So what does it mean is that your file will be uploaded into your Google drive on and then ah, link will be sent to the recipient of your image and the recipient. Even if they don't have a Google account, they will still be ableto see the fight. And even if you delete it later on from your Google drive, the recipient will still get access to the fight, depending on what permissions you have given to them. So I will talk about permissions in a minute. But this is what happens. You can send upto tangible files using Google Drive link, so I'm not sending this file because it will take too much time. So what I do is I will attach the other foil with the 68 let me show you another way of doing the same thing instead of attachment. You can also use this Google drive icon if you click on Google Drive icon So then it will show you all your Google drive. So this is my Google drive. There are a lot of fires here. I can select any of these fires, and I can also upload fight from my computer. So let's say I click on this upload and then select files from your computer, and I still can come toe my folder. I can attack this fight, so let us do it this way. I just click on this 60th and before and I see open. So again you will see a message here because your file is getting then 25 members. So it will be shared as a Google drive release so I can see Okay, upload. So it will take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet. But it's a 68 m before I. So hopefully we will get it soon and know when the file is uploaded. Will get this link. So this is a link to your Google drive, and you can add them disappearance of Let's say I emailed toe myself 60 year temper. If I is the subject and I just hire here and I send this to myself so you can see visit a file I got If I click on this so as you can see there No, I can see this file. And if I click on this link, I will be ableto don't lord this fight. So let's click on this link and you will see another window. So here I can watch this fight. I can play this foil and then I can Also, there is a link for downloads. I can download this fight and I can also share this file going toe this resort. And then there is a share option. And if you click that you can actually write email address of any person and then you can set the permissions on here that that recipient can addict roller to see. I write another email one of my evening and then I can set permissions can edit, can comment, can Julie. So let's say that I sick and we only and then you will see a message that we're is of this for. You can see the commerce and suggestions and shared with you, and then you can simply send it, so I'm not going to do there. But this is all you can share this fight for that. You can set the permissions, so just cancel it. So this is the very you send five more than 25 MBN. As I mentioned that, even if your recipient do not have any Google account, they can still use this fight. They can download it and whatever they're put emissions. And even if you remove it from your Google drive later on, they will still be ableto use that file. So this is how you can send five more than 25 MB by using a Google drive link. 5. Gmail Preview Pan, Archive, Snooze, Stars and Display Density: In this video, we will talk about some of the cool features which we have in Gmail and which we can use toe be more productive and more organized with the word emails. So, first of all, I would like to introduce this whole direction. So there are four things you can straight away do if you go on the right side off any of your emails without selecting the email. So you can, for example, select an email and press the delete button to delete their email. But no. In this modern interface, you don't have to select an email. You can stay there. We go on the right side and delete the email and the Similarly there is another feature, which is called Archive, so you can archive this email and I'll talk about this next and ASU's feature, which we will also discuss today. And what does ASU's mean? And similarly, you can also mark this email as hundreds if you click this or the S u C No, this email has been checked already, but if I click this way, it can be marked as undressed. So no, let's talk about archive. So when you archive an email. For example, if I archive this email so this email will disappear from your in box. And where does this email go? This email go into this all male Ford. Google should name this folder as archive, But I don't know why the name that says all male. So if you click on this folder so you will see that on the ninth of December, This was probably the emails of which we have archived. You want to bring this email back so you can just right click on this and it will show you move your inbox if you click this. No, this email will come back to your inbox. So this is how you archived an image, and the purpose off archive is toe make your inbox clean. So if you don't want to read any email, but you don't want to believe the email, then you archive that emit so that if in case you want to read their emails, you can still go to your in all male and you can read these emails later if you like. So this is the purpose of archive and soon news is a very good the feature as well. To lose means that this email will be removed from the in box and Google will show this email again in the inbox as a fresh email. So if you don't want toe reply to an email at the moment, but you want to replay all off these type off emails on, let's say on Sunday or on any next eight are you have fixed a day for these type of emails so you can see new some of your emails in the inbox. And then whatever time you tell Google so Google will show you that email again as a fresh image. So you press two news and it will show you some news until if you stayed away, want to seduce until tomorrow are later this week. You can select any of these options, and if you want to salute for a particular date and time, you can click on big data in time and then you can. You can slept any date and time when you want Google to bring this email back to us fresh image so that you can reply. So this is also ah, very good feature toe when you want to organize your emails, and when you want to be productive, you want toe. Reply some of your emails urgently while other you want to sue news and another veto. Organizing your email is by using these stars, and the next thing we want to discuss is this star feature. Since we have already discussed this important feature that if you click on this, aerogel will think that this email from this centre is important, so I'm not discussing this now, but this start. You can also arrange your emails by using stars of different colors so as you can see that you have yellow started the moment. But you can also select some other colors for these stars and the where you do it is, just go to your settings and then click on settings. And in this gender tab, if you scroll down, you will see stars off other colors. So I am currently using only three colors for these Start. So, for example, if an email contains some question and you want toe, highlight that email with a question mark, which you want to reply later so you can select this question for their email. You can just drag this and bring it to in your section and you will be using this star. I will not recommend using all of this because when you select this star, you have to click one by one. So let me show you how we can do this. So we save changes, go back toe no inbox. So the values like different colors. The first color you select is yellow. And if you click on this again, it will show you some other colors like green. And then this question mark so you can select any of these stars, whichever you like. So the next feature we want to discuss is the preview pants. So the way you enable preview pen is by going into settings and then settings again. And then you go to add one last section at one step and in ad one step here, you can see the preview pen enabled. It is currently disabled. You can just enable this and then you save changes. And no, you will notice a difference here. As you can say that, I know you have this icon here and if you look on this, you can split it in a word to cuss plate. Horizontal split are no sprayers currently no split. So we will say particles put it. And no, If you click on any of the emails, you will see the preview off that email here. Any email. If you click, you will see the preview of the email on the right side of the image. So this is the preview plan which you can use if you want to quickly have a look at your emails. So I would drink man the word tickle spend. But you cannot also spend it horizontally. So the last thing I want to show you the display setting of general interface As you can see here that this e mail has a little bit more white space in between than all other emails. And this is because this email has an attachment. You click on this veal and there is a displace density icon. So if you click on displace density so we're using before disparate density. So there is another available, which is called comfortable and a compact so in before you can see the attachment so you can see if the email has an attachment, you will see it here and therefore, this email will be a little wider. And while if you use any other, for example, if you use this comfortable and you select Okay, No, as you can see, that you don't see the attachments. All the emails are having the same victor. And if you want to use the compact one press Okay, you will see there. No. You have lot more emails in your display than the comfortable are the D fort one. Whatever display you like, you can arrange one of these displays. I normally like this comfortable. I don't like that before it one and I don't want to see the attachments with my email. So therefore, I like this comfortable one. So these were some of the cool features which we have in Jimmy. So I hope that you can use these features to be more organized and more productive with your email. 6. How to send group emails efficiently using contact groups: you can organize people and businesses using labels in gym it so you can call it as context groups. But there is no such thing as group in Gmail interface. You can use labels to make context groups. So in this video we will learn how to make contact groups and some other functions related to debt. So the first question is, were our contacts in the Jimmy? So in previous version of Gmail, the context were on the left hand side here. But in this latest interface, Google has moved the context with this Google APS icon. So these are the mind doors on the right hand side of your interface. If you click on that and then click on Contexts. These are my contacts so we can make groups off these contexts and just in order to organize them. And the benefit would be that when you compose the email, you will not be required to put the email address of each and every individual. You can send email to groups as well, so this is very useful for some kind of businesses, like, for example, for teachers who are teaching various classes so they can make groups off their one subject class. Similarly, product managers working on many projects so they can make groups are people working on the same project In this way, they can just send one email and they don't need toe put each and every email address into the A to section off their image. So this is all you can organize a context. So as you consider it on the left hand side, there is no such thing as groups are kiryat groups. The only thing we have is create label, and we will use this create label to actually create the groups of over context so fast silicon create label and give it the name. For example, I give you the name off example group. Then you have to save the label. And no, you have this label here. So let's say I want to include my first contact into this group, so I just selected. When you hover over the image part, you will see that it becomes a clickable box. So you click it and on the right time side under these doors, you go there and you click on the group in which you want this contact will be so example. Click on example block and you will see a big sign here. It means that this contact is ready to be included in this group. So if you click on the right hand side outside, just click here you will see a window working and then you will see a message that this contact has been added to example group and you will also see a number one here on example group. If you have around this number, it will become a daily trash can. So you can believe this label altogether. This the context group are together. But if you move your cursor back, you will see that it has one member. So let's say egg this as well and re edited and click outside. And this contact is added No, we have to members. So this is all you add? A contacto a group? Are you make a group? No. Let's say you want to remove this contact from the group. What you do is on the right hand side. Under this, don't press this daily. This will delete contact from the contract. Let's just click on this group name are the label name just click on that. It will be removed. The stick will be removed. Then click outside. And then again, you will see the message that this contact has been removed from the group. So this is all you remove a contact from a group. So let us add this contact against. So we want few contacts so that we can send an email to a group. Certainly is two or three So at this as well. You know, we have three members of a group, so let us go toe our email before we get any group here. We have to reload the page because this page was already open in the browser. So I just reload this page so that my group is included into my Gmail system. And no, if I composed the email and in their two section if I know the name of my group, for example, I have put example group. So as I type yandex, it shows me the example group. So no, I can send a group image. Just click on this and you see that all three contracts have been added in tow. This email so you don't have to put all these members. If you have only two or three, then it's okay. You probably can put the jumiller tested, but if there are 50 members in a group, then it's really convenient. It can save you a lot of time. So this is how you make groups off your context and send group emits. So just cancel these clothes, this SoHo, to enter contact. So there's the button here, as you can say, a big button here create contact so you can create any contact by yourself by putting the name and details other details so you can create a contact like this similar lives. You want to delete a contact, you just glow going the right inside and click daily so this contact will be deleted from your list. So as you can see that this is the group name are the label name which is coming on the right hand side off. These three contact that these three context belonged to this group. So this is all you can see in a glance that what context belongs to which group. You can also put one contact into multiple groups to go to this other context. You click on this These are the people which have communicated with me but which are not into my contact list. So if I want to put anyone into my contact lists, I will just select from this box and then on the right inside, I will click this. Plus, I can't act context, so this person will be added to my context. So this is all you egg a non contact person into your contact list. But you can also add these people directly into group. If you go there, you can see that if I click on this this person and click outside, then this person will be added into this group as well. So I'm not gonna do that. So this is how you can add a non contact person into a group. 7. Organizing email messages using gmail filters and labels: The best way to organize your email messages in Gmail is by using labels. Labels act like folders, but they are technically not folders. But you can arrange messages in labour's very similar as you would a ring documents in folders. So let me show you how to create labels and ho toe. Move your messages from inbox toe those labels So there are few labels which are available to us by default. Like this inbox is also a label. Then similarly start were star e mails are stored, similarly seduced, important. These are labeled by default. But if you look after this span, so these are all labours, which I have created for my email ago. The purpose of this label is too organized my messages. So, for example, currently I'm doing a diploma, so I have a label for diploma. So whenever a new email comes, I can immediately see it with a green color and the label name diploma. So Tokyo year, this label for any message. So let us say that this is a message and I want to create a label for this message. So when you select this message and these set off icons will appear at the top once you select the message and the right right most eye icon is labels. You just click on this and you can either assign any of the existing labels toe this message are you can create new. So let me assign this test label because this test and this YouTube video these to Labour's I have created only for this video. So I just slept test and I applied this. And no, as you can see, there dis test word appear here, so it means they're test label has been assigned. You can also assign multiple labels to a message. This message message has to label, but no. Although these messages have labels, but they are still in my inbox and this is not what I want. I want these messages to move from inbox toe these specific labours which will act like folders. And to do that, the best way to do that is to press archive. It's one thing I want. I would like Toa mention about archive is that if I select a message that doesn't have any label and I find this message only this message so this will go to this folder. All MILF order. This is their depart folder, which Gmail has for archived messages. But even message has labeled. So then the message will goto the corresponding folders with these labels. So just press our kite and all messages have gone which I was I select, but I have not selected these messages. I can also archive these two messages press archive again and know all these messages are in their forgers. Or if I click on diploma, as you can see that here is the message. Similarly in test folder, I go to the messages which are archived from there. So in this way you can store messages into any of the four orders if you want to delete a label. So, for example, this is a level Just click on these were ticker doors and you can remove this labor similarly, this label at the moment is nested under this. So this is just acting like a self order off this folder. So if you want this label to come out of this ah nesting behaviour, you can just click here and instead of for no removing or something, you will press edit in this dialog box We can see that nest level under test so it means that this level is nested under test. So if I uncheck this and save it so know this label is no more nested and this is at the same level as this test so you can actually make folders and self orders by using these labours and then you can organize your messages. So if you want toe manage all these labours at once, then you have to go to settings settings again and then labels. And this is the place where you can quickly manage all these labels. For example, these are there before labels. You can either choose toe, show them our hide them. So these are the labours which I have created so I can hide them or I can show them whatever I like. I can remove them. I can create a new level as well from this area. So this is the area where you can manage. These labels are four orders very quickly. So this is the way how you manage your labels. So the last thing I would like to mention is ho to use filters for Labour's. So the one example would be, For example, I click on this for the diploma, and in this I'm storing all those emails which I'm getting during my diploma. And most of these emails you will notice that have this word e 50 to 16 which is the court for this diploma. If, for example, in future I want all those emails which have this word in the subject are in the email toe . Come toe this diploma folder directly without without going into inbox. So I can do that so that I don't have to assign the label each time and email comes and then I move you toe diploma folder. I can do this on auto so I can automatically do this by using filters. I wanted to make another video for filters, but this is the best, best best time to explain the filter concept. So therefore, I will show to you how to create a freighter. Actually, I might have articulated a filter which I will delete. So in order to create that filter, we goto settings settings again. And then there is the step filters and blocked addresses, and I have created this filter, so I just delete this filter and cage it again. So create a new filter. And here I have to mention if I want any particular address from which this email is coming So I don't want toe limit this to any particular address since I'm using two addresses in this email account. So whether I want to limited if the email is coming to a particular address No subject, No, I only want to make sure that the email has the word th e 50 to 16 So I type here that the email has this work. Then what to do? I'm not interested in any MB size of the email. I just say create a filter. And no, there are, uh, many options here. So skip, Dine Inbox. So as I mentioned earlier that I want to skip Dine Box because this thing's diploma for there is so important for me that whenever I open my Gmail I state of a goto diploma off order and see if I I have got any email about diploma. So therefore I want to skip the inbox and state of archive it and normal archive mill goes toe. All male persons I will apply your label so it will go toe diploma. So I say, OK, Skip Dine box and then apply the label and which label diploma. So no, I have applied the label and I'm skipping the in both. So no, I create a field so very simple process. No, the filter has been created, as you can see here and what this filter is doing. Do this skip inbox apply label diploma. So these two functions districted will do. If you don't skip inbox, it will still apply the label. But the mail will be in your in box. So no, I have done this filter to check this filter. What I do is I go toe another email account and I compose an email e mail toe myself, and I put e 50 to 16 This is the word which, if I am typing correctly, I just send this world. Just press send it so the message has been sent. So still, there is a time for me to undo the message if I want and no other message has been sent. So no, I goto my other email. Ah, account in the in box as you can see that there is nothing in my inbox and no, I will goto diploma and maybe have toe might have toe re lured the page once, but I do see and in my diploma for order, I have the email already, so it means no, this email has never went toe my inbox. This email state of A have fallen into my diploma folder. So this is a very powerful feature of filters, which you can use for any particular keepers. For example, any email which, as a company logo, our company address So you can put that into your filter, and then you create off order for that company and all the emails coming toe that for that company will go to your corresponding folder. So this is what you use. Filters and labels in conjunction toe automate the incoming emails. So this is a very powerful feature of Jim it. So I hope that's in this video. You have learned hard to organize your email in a battery using labels and filters 8. Infinite disposable email addresses from single gmail account: We all get promotional emails, marketing messages and newsletters from various companies almost every day, and we don't essentially want to read all of these messages and these messages they come to our inbox sometime. And this is because we have provided over e mails to these companies. At some stage, get some free offer such as Ah Anne pdf document. Are even e book INGE email. You can actually kill Yates some disposable emails, which you can use toe get these messages, and then you can either delete these messages are. You can put all these marketing messages into a separate folder so Jim will provide you a very cool feature of disposable emails. And actually, if you have at least one legitimate account with Google, one Gmail account, then you can literally create unlimited disposable emits. So let me show you how it works. So let's say that your legitimate email is tighter jimmy dot com and then what you can do is you can put a plus sign after ta here, and then you can put any keyword. Google will ignore anything after this. Plus, I will give this address Toh, the companies were I want to subscribe to their mailing list, so I will give this email. Tow them. And what Google will do is whatever email comes to this address. Will goto Tahera, Jimmy Dorko. Then you can add a filter and you applied this fighter and then you can either store this email toe folder are you can tell the fatal simply to delete the email. So this is a good way to track who is spamming you. So let me show you how to create this filter. So there is the arrow in this such box. So you just click on this aero and here you will see it to. So any email coming to and I will typed are here plus Internet at gmail dot com. So I'm saying that any email which comes so this address So what to do with that? So I'll say, create a filter. And no, it has this term included in the search box. So the Google Jimmy is looking for any email coming toe this address. So if you want to delete this email straight of it, so you just take this, delete email and create a filter and any email coming to this address will be deleted straight of it. But if you want toe, store it at any location, so then you don't delete it. But you just apply your label, so you apply your label. Then you say new level, and I will create a new label, Internet. So if you want to own Estes labor under something, you can do it. But first, a broader keywords. So I would say, Oh, it's the top level folder So I would say Internet. And then I will kill here this label and we'll talk about this label and folder in detail in another video in this course. But you can say that this will be stored in a a separate fordham, and then you say, Just create a food and know you have created a freighter. So, no. When any email comes toe that address with a plus sign, it will be stored in the Internet folder, which you can see somewhere in the in this list. So this is your Internet label. So currently, if you click on this, this level is empty. There is no familiar, but you can save all your emails here and then later you if you want You can quickly come here and see if there is something of interest to you. But this is how you can have wired. The junkman is coming into your inbox and going straight of it toe a specific folder are you can state of it daily. I hope that this video will help you organize. Your team is in a better way. 9. Gmail Confidential Mode;Sending self-destructing emails: In the latest update on Jamie's interface, Google has introduced off the game changing fridges, and one of these features is Jamie's Confidential More Regiments Confidential Board. You can send any men with an expiry date, and at that particular time this email will self destruct itself. So this is a good way to prevent your sensitive information from sitting in someone's inbox for a longer period of time. In addition to Deck, the recipient of the image will not be able to forward that emit our print that this matter is not 100% foolproof. So in this video, we will learn heart of those Jamie's confidential board. So let me show you, hold this confidential more of Jimmy work. So when you compose any email, if you look at the bottom, there is a lock icon. So if you click on this lock, I can. Then you will see the dialog box off this confidential more and here you can set the expiry period so there are a few options. So from one day up to five years, you can set any of these expiry, and there is another extra feature here that if you want an extra layer of security. You can ask the recipient to enter the past court. So I just want to demonstrate this to you. Otherwise, this is not essential in most cases. But later said that we require this extra safety future here and I press save here. I just put my own email address one of my only militants here. And when I send this emit, as you can say that if I stand this emit, it will ask me to put the phone number and make sure that report the phone number of the recipient. So I just put a dummy phone number, But I will show you how it works. And then you had sent. No. I will show you what happens when I received this message. So this is the message which I got on my phone. As you can say that it says that this person has it sent you an email and you will require a passport. No, If I open this email, as you can see there, it says verify identity. So I will say, send the past court So I press send passport. No, this is the past court I received 7100 treat. I'll put this hair. So once you submit no, you can see the email and this is the email. And on this you can also see that this content expires on this date. So this is how this past courting work. So if you want to put an extra security, you can use this past court. Otherwise, you can just put the expiry period, and the email will expire at that time. And one more thing. I would like to highlight that if I go to my sent folder and this is the email, which is sent using the confidential more so if I click on this. So it is a link here to remove excess. So even if the expiry date has not reached, but you can still remove the excess off this image. So if you want to remove earlier access, you can just click this. Remove excess and recipient would not be ableto open your image, although this more does not allow any forwarding off the email, are any printing off the email? But this method is not 100% foolproof because, for example, recipient can take the screenshot off your e mail, and it can be sent as an image to anybody, but still, it's a very useful feature. In the long run, your messages will not be sitting here and there in other people's in boxes. So this was a brief introduction off all the confidential moored off Jimmy. It works. 10. How to setup Out of Office Auto-reply in Gmail: in this video, we will learn how to set up out off office Auto reply in Jimmy. So when you are on vacations, you don't want to reply your emails. So we we see ho to set up an auto reply when we are on holidays. So in orderto set this up, you have tow click on this settings and then settings again and it just scroll down. You will see this vacation responder. Currently it is turned off and we have to turn this on so turned this vacation responder on and set up the date. So let us say I start from February 11 and the last date is February 15. You can set an appropriate subject. Let's say I set out off office and then you have toe type your message here. So I have a fight in which I have this message already. So I can just copy this and I will based this message here. No, if you already have this signature like, I have set all my signatures here with best regards and all my details, then you probably don't want these signatures here, and then you simply delete this am currently not losing this signature. So because I have removed signatures from there, So, no, I will be using the signature. So I will just click on this. So here you can see that I have two different signatures, which I will be using this signatures. So either you use this signature are just put your regards and your name in the message itself. And if you want to send this message only two people in your contacts, then you have to check this box or otherwise. If you want this message to be sent to everybody, then you just keep it like this, or just a spelling check here. And that is it will just simply save changes. And no, you are all set. Whenever somebody will send you an email, they will get that message automatically cento them. 11. How to Recover your Gmail Account if Someone Hacks it etc: our Gmail account is very important to us because sometimes we have very sensitive information in our Gmail account. We might have sent some important documents attached with our emails to someone. But in general, we have ah lot of sensitive information in other email accounts. So in this video, we will learn how to get your account back. If somebody has taken control of your account, for example, somebody has got access to your password, and someone is using your account so hard to get back your account. And for this you have toe do few things. And these are very important that you must do these things when you have control of your account. Because if you don't to put a recovery email address are if you don't put your phone number associated with your Gmail account, then you won't be ableto get the control of your Gmail account back lettuce. See how we can do that on Jura Gmail account. If you go on the profile picture, just click on that and then click on Google account. No, you click on this security on the left hand side and in this video we will be focusing on this part which says that security issues found and it also indicates there secure accounts or just click on secure account. And on the first section here, you can see they're signing and recovery and there is a yellow market. So this yellow mark appeared because for making this video, I removed my recovery email and my recovery phone from I told that I could show you how toe put that in. So therefore, I got this sign and ah, if you look at this recent security events, if I click on this so you will see here that removed recovery phone and removed recovery email. So no, if I click on this So here are two options phone number and recovery email, and you just have toe enter these two here. So first, for example, I can add a phone. So just click on egg and know it will ask for the password again Sometimes. But my password is saved, And no, it's asking me to enter my phone number so I can enter my phone number here and I can sit next. And here it says there to make sure that this number is yours. Google is going to send your text message with a six digit verification court. So I would say, Okay, here. Here. As you can see, that I got my court here and I will just enter this court. And sometimes it happened there, too. Don't get the code immediately. So just press this again. So didn't get the court to let me press it again. And I say next, as you can see, where you go to the court again for 93 Too weird for and I really just put or 93 to wait for and breast next. And no, it will show you this success so everything is done. So just click on done. And as you can see, that I got a message on my email on my mobile device. And no, the next thing you can do is also at a recovery email so that if you lost your password are you get locked out of your Gmail account for some other reasons, so you would be able to recover your account. So just press aired again. I know I can put any other email here, and Lord says success so no, I have added up recovery email my this email account. So just press done. And no, you are done with all the security features. And if you just close this and you will see there's no exclamation mark here and you also get this message on my mobile device recovery email waas change for this? So this is how you said the recovery email and you add a phone number to your Gmail account . So if there is a suspicious activity, Google will send you on instant message on your phone and make sure that you enter a phone number which you normally use. And if you want to remove this, you can do this any time by just clicking on this addict sign here dispenses sign, and then just to remove the number from here, if you will, you will delete the number. And you were saying next, it will ask you to remove the phone number and you just press removed and it will remove the phone. So this is all you can remove the phone number if you want, but I normally keep this, so just cancel this and just close the window. So I hope that you find this with your useful