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Gluten and Dairy Free Baking: Holiday Edition

teacher avatar Kristen Mitteness, Well Fed Kitchen

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Gluten and Dairy Free Baking Basics

    • 3. Lemon Bars

    • 4. Ginger Molasses Cookies

    • 5. Peppermint Brownies

    • 6. BONUS! Whipped Coconut Frosting

    • 7. Thank you!

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About This Class

Are you looking for gluten and dairy free recipes for the holidays? Join Dr. Kristen Mitteness, of the Well Fed Kitchen, in making a few of your favorite holiday baked goods without gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Make any holiday extra special with these recipes.

Bring your appetite and I'll see you in class!

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Kristen Mitteness

Well Fed Kitchen


Hi! I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness. Through chiropractic, nutrition and self care, my goal is to not only help you FEEL better, but FUNCTION better... for the rest of your life. Leading a healthy and happy life is not nearly as complicated as you might think. I'm here to help.

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1. Welcome!: Hi, I'm Kristen witness, and this is the holiday edition of gluten and dairy free baking. In this course, we'll be making three holiday inspired treats, including lemon bars, ginger molasses, cookies, and peppermint Grammys. Your class project will be to make one of the traits that we make in the class and share it with us. Take a picture of it, let us know if you made any changes, what worked, what didn't work. We would love to learn from you and see what you create. Let's get started. 2. Gluten and Dairy Free Baking Basics: Before we start baking, let's go over some of the gluten and dairy free alternatives we'll be using today. So for the flowers, we are going to use three different flowers, including almond flour, tap yoga flour, and coconut flour. Almond flour is typically a lot more dense than the other flowers, and it's a bit more expensive. So I don't like using just almond flour. I like using a combination, but almond flour is definitely my go-to for most of these treats. Then the other one I really like is tap yoga flour. It's a lot less expensive and keeps a lot of the, the things we're baking a fluffier texture so they're not quite as dense as they would be if we're using only almond flour and in coconut flour and like to use because it's also a bit more inexpensive and it's really high in fiber and nutrients. So I like to use that. However, I don't like using just coconut flour because if you've ever eaten something with coconut flour and 2-inch coconut flour, it really dries out your mouth in your eating at your life just doesn't feel good in the month. The alternative, if you don't want to use all these flowers, is a rice flour or, or a gluten free flour blend like no. Bob's Red Mill has that. So you can separate out pretty much about any of the flowers I use and replace all of them with a gluten free blend or a race flour blend, you won't get the same nutrient profile, but you will, or you should get very similar or just as good results. Now for replacement for anything that involves dairy. So we're going to use a few things, will be making a frosting and we'll be using a coconut milk, canned coconut milk for the frosting. The only thing you're gonna do that's different than using coconut milk regularly, is you're actually going to put the coconut milk in the fridge so it can harden and separate. We want a separation of the hard thick coconut milk and the watery portion because we're only going to be using the thicker portion of the coconut milk. So don't take it take it carefully out of the pantry, put it in the fridge, keep it in there for about a day and we'll use it in just a little bit for the sweeteners. So I know it's gluten and dairy free, but I also like to use better quality sweeteners and less refined or less processed sugars. So we're gonna be using a combination of honey. We'll be using dates in the brownie recipe. We'll be using obviously molasses in the gender molasses, cookies, and then we will be using chocolate. So I really like the Enjoy life chocolate chips. They're allergy free, so there's no dairy. You could also look for a darker chocolate bar that you could mix up. You'll be naming about a cup of chocolate for the brownies. So I like to use the chocolate chips. It's easier to measure out and add one more thing for the fact that we're going to use. So in lieu of butter, we're going to use a coconut oil. Now, I'm going to use a refined coconut oil. I know we're trying to avoid ultra refined foods on, for the most part, but refining coconut oil is actually a different process where they just heat it up and actually steam away the odor and the taste. So other than the coconut flour making some things taste a little bit coconut eat but not too much. At least we know our coconut oil won't be super odorous or have a really strong coconut taste. If you have any additional questions on the ingredients we're gonna use, feel free to leave me a message below. But I think that's enough that we're ready to get started. The only last thing I'm gonna say is if you want a more in-depth explanation of all of the gluten and dairy free ingredients I use. Go to my other workshop, gluten and dairy free baking basics. That'll break down a little bit further. Alright, let's get baking. 3. Lemon Bars: We're going to start with the lemon bars. So the things you'll need for the lemon bars are two mixing bowls. You'll need a Pam to bake it in or baking dish. And I'm using a nine by seven baking dish. Something close to that size will work out totally fine. You will need a cutting board and a nice. And if you have a juicing rebirth because we will be juicing our own lemons. If you and something to zest the lemons, that will also be helpful. You'll need measuring cups and measuring spoons, and then you'll need all of the ingredients. So the ingredients we need for the lemon bars are coconut flour, tap EEOC flour, almond flour, three eggs, coconut oil, you'll need celt, you'll need three lemons and honey. So let's start with the 11 bar crust. First thing we're gonna do is preheat the oven to three D. And then while that's preheating, I'm actually going to put my honey in a bowl to soften it a little bit. And we're gonna do a quarter. A clammy. My honey is pretty hard. So let's put that in there. We must be cooled in my house because that honey is a real hard. And you know what? I'm going to add the coconut oil. So we're going to need a third of a cup of coconut oil. I'm going to add that to here to, to soften that. I'm just going to use the same screaming. Hopefully it doesn't get too much about the admin. A third of a cup of coconut oil. And I'll put that in the oven so they gently stuff and they don't have to be fully melted, but I do want themself in at least a little bit. Before I forget, let's oil the pans. So I'm going to use coconut oil. So we don't want this sticking to a briefing from Kolkata all over the place. You can use a paper towel to create a well-oiled pan. A little bit of my mess. And I'm going to pull out the honey and coconut oil because it's pretty well melted. The oven still preheating a little bit. Let's actually pour the ovens done preceding. Let's pour that right into the bowl. Might need. There we go. So my honey and coconut oil is already in there. Now I'm going to add half a cup of coconut flour, half a cup of almond flour, a dash of salt. And I grabbed my fork. We're gonna mix that all up. And once it's mixed up, well, we're gonna put it right into the pan. We're gonna press that flat into the bottom of the pump until it's nice and smooth. Since our little crust. I gotta coconut oil chunk Aretha. And we're gonna put that into the oven. And we're gonna set the timer for ten minutes. And while that's faking, we're gonna get right into the lemony top layer. The first thing I'm gonna do is use the lemons because that is the most time-consuming part of it. So I'm just going to cut these in half and then try to get all of the seeds out that I can. And I'm going to introduce them and I'll speed through this so you don't have to painfully watched me do the whole thing. Before I do cyst lemon, I am going to adjust it. Now. I'm gonna get out all those extra seeds strain or would probably work for the US. Finally got all the seeds out. That is by far the most labor-intensive thing I do when it comes to picking. Thank God, these are delicious. I'm gonna get my lemons out of the way. And we are going to add one, keeping a tablespoon, tap yoga flower. I can just open that up. Heaping tablespoons of Jaffe, aka flower. One, heaping tablespoons of coconut flour. And that, and they're going to add a dash of more salt. I'm gonna add another quarter cup of honey. It would be helpful to us as soften and we'll make do. We're going to pop the honey in there. Since the timer for our crusts just went off. Let's grab that. There we go. To our lemony top layer. We are going to add three room temperature. Eggs. We want them room temperature because as you can see, our honey is already pretty hard. So if that got any colder, this would be even harder to mix. So three room temperature eggs, I'm just going to massage the honey a little bit on the side to warm it up. So it mixes better. We're gonna give this a good mix. What those egg yolks nice and mixed up with the flowers. And make sure the honey is mixed up well in there. So when we eat it, we don't just get big chunks of money. We're going to pour that in there. And we're gonna put that right in the oven. And we're gonna set the timer for 20 minutes. And I'll see you in a little bit. Or 20 minutes and minutes is up. So let's check on the lemon bars. We're going to pull those out. The main thing we want to see is that it's not jiggly and the middle and it's cooked all the way through. And that looks good. We have a little bit of dividends from places where I probably did mix up the coconut oil or honey and F, That's okay. We'll still be delicious. And pull that out. Like any of our other gluten and dairy free baking things, we want this to cool before we cut into it. A either burn your mouth if it's too hot obviously, but also it will be less crumbly if we give it a little bit of cool up periods. So we'll check in and just a little bit. So the lemon bars are all cooled off now. So I'm going to pull a bar up. It has a little bit of a crust layer and lemon all Qing Dui sum2. Sit. No, sorry, but you can't have any, I'm gonna try some health. So go. If you like lemon treats, you will love this one. I typically find myself really liking more chocolatey trips, but man, these lemon bars, they are delicious. Do you think? 4. Ginger Molasses Cookies: Up next are Ginger molasses, cookies. So what you'll need for these are a mixing bowl. You'll want a pan with some kind of liner. I like my good old silicone liner. You can use parchment paper or just oil your pan really well so it doesn't stick. You'll need some mixing spoons. You'll need a quarter of a cup measuring cup. And oh, and you'll need your measuring spoons, so don't forget those. So for the ingredients we'll meet coconut flour, almond flour for are gluten free flours for sweeteners, we'll be using honey. And the last is one egg, coconut oil, and this one has lots of spices. So I'm looking forward to it. Let's get started. So I've turned the oven on and preheated it to 350 degrees. It's not gonna start mixing everything. The first thing I'm going to put into my bowl are the flowers. Third of a cup of coconut flour plus one tablespoon. We're gonna do the exact same amount of omen flower. So a third of a cup of the Ulman flower, plus one more tablespoon. And then to put all the dry ingredients in here first, Not that it really matters, but I'm going to put the dash of salt in here. I'm also gonna do a dash of nutmeg, just enough to get it, give it some good flavor. I'm gonna do a quarter of a teaspoon of ginger. Powder gender right here, you could easily add some crystallized Ginger to this, the sugar ginger been during their record of teaspoon of gender and a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon. It'll be a little bit more 6m shaking it over. There we go. Awesome. And you do one egg at room temperature, just makes everything mix up a little bit better and it doesn't harden My already Hardin punny. Or at the Honey, I am going to add three tablespoons. Going to add a quarter of a cup of molasses, pour that right in there. And the last thing is three tablespoons of coconut oil. So you could soften the coconut oil and the honey beforehand. That would not be a bad idea. Which those side? Going to focus on? The honey and the coconut oil read off the hop so we can warm it up just a little bit so it mixes in a little bit more evenly. And a little bit of friction will help. Once you fold that in mixing. And we had some pretty stellar looking cookie dough. So now what I'm gonna do is roll it up into cookie size bites. Put them right on pan. You could use a spoon for this. I'm gonna use my fingers. An alternative to the honey. But you could do that would make it a little bit more throwaway or pasting is instead of how you would do six dates, but you would throw them through a food processor. So then it becomes more like a paste. Right? So we got six delicious cookies. Let's pop those into the oven. I'm gonna put them right in there. I'm gonna set the timer for 12 minutes. And I'll see you in a little bit. All right. Let's check out the cookies. Open it out. Oh, they look good through mosquitoes, site it out and make sure they're cooked all the way through. Minor a little bit soft. So I'm actually going to pop them back in for just one more minute. We'll see how that goes. But we set a timer for one minute and we'll check back in on them again. I'll write, we did one extra bit expert. We're just a little bit soft, so that should be enough to make a difference. And it is, those look way better. So we're going to pull them out. We're gonna let them cool completely. And don't forget with the gluten free baking, I would rather have you undercooked it just a little bit rather than overcooking when you overcook anything with coconut flour, it gets really dry, really fast. When you under cook something with coconut flour, what it does as it cools, it pulls the moisture out of the cookie and makes it a little bit more palatable. So you're, you're better to err on the side of a little bit, just a tiny bit undercooked rather than a tiny bit overcooked. So we're going to let these cool and then we'll come back and give him a tropic ginger molasses. Cookies are ready for all cooled off. We gotta beautiful and cookie here. Now, if you don't already know, I am a sucker for a chocolate chip cookie, but these are definitely my second favorite, especially around the holidays, around the molars there, my actual favorite. So we had a big chewy cookie. Really fluffy. They're not like the crispy ginger molasses cookies, like the two-way dinner molasses cookies. A knees, are actually what inspired my coconut whipped frosting. So stay tuned for the whipped coconut frosting because that is coming up after the brownies. 5. Peppermint Brownies: Now let's make some peppermint brownies. I designed this recipe just for this course, and it took a lot of trial and error. But once I figured it out, man, it is good. But I'm someone who loves chocolate and milk together. So this is my go-to. What you'll need is we're gonna milk chocolates or using total top that on this one. So we're going to need a pan to melt the chocolate in a mix. Oh, you'll need some measuring cups. Something to mix. I'm gonna put it into it's about a 6.5 by 6.5 baking dish in eight by eight would also work because I'm a brownie would be a little bit thinner. There, kinda fit in this, but we're going to make due for today. You'll also need we're going to use dates in this to make a date pace to make it a really chewy brownie. So I have a mini food processor that I'm going to use for that. So hopefully you have a blender or a mini food processor to do that. I mean, worst case scenario, you could chop up the dates really finally and mix them. It would maybe leave a little bit more chunks in it, but that's okay. We'll we'll make that work. Okay. Let's get going. Oh, but we need to preheat the oven law. I don't know why I keep forgetting that. So let's preheat the oven to 350 as per usual. Now we can get going. The very, very first thing I'm gonna do is start melting the chocolate chips. So it is one cup of chocolate chips. I'm gonna put this burner on. It's going to be three on mine, which is like media to load. So one full cup of chocolate chips. I'm gonna put that right in there. And I'm actually, I could have put that in there with the coconut oil. So for the coconut oil, we're gonna do two tablespoons. One tablespoon, and two tablespoons. So with the coconut oil in with the chocolate while it's melting, it kind of helps buffer so my chocolate doesn't get too warm or burn. So it makes it a little bit more liquidity, which I'm very happy to do. While this is heating up, I'm actually going to blend my dates. So we're gonna do one cup of pitted dates. Be careful that your dates don't have quits met that could create a mess. So one cut, give or take. I'm gonna pop that in math. And I'm going to let this into a paste. So plug your ears because it's gonna be loud. Just getting, I'm gonna play music for you here. Right? We gotta paste. So I'm gonna take that out. So it creates one big ball. And that I'm actually going to pop right into here so it can heat with the chocolate. And then it'll help break it up and make it even more paste like. So. I'm just going to let that warm out for a little bit more slowly, start mixing it. Once you have it all melted down and you have just a few chunks in there because of the dates. But if it's melted down, we're going to turn the burner off and I can keep it on the burner. I'm not afraid it's gonna burn or anything, but I'm going to add the rest of the ingredients. So Let's start with the flowers. So we're gonna do a quarter cup of both almond flour and packing OK, a flour, almond flour. Tap, yoga, flower. We're going to add some salt, about a quarter of a teaspoon that they're gonna do three eggs. And then last but not least, the one thing that I really, really don't want to forget is I'm gonna add some peppermint oil, so and central peppermint oil. So we're gonna do four drops. If you're using a peppermint extract, you'll probably want about one teaspoon of extracts. I'm gonna just drop in four drops of this. So we've mixed up all of the ingredients and we've placed them in a well oiled pan. I'm going to smooth that out. We're going to pop it right into the oven. And we're gonna set the timer for 23 minutes. It'll be about 23 to 25 minutes. And we'll see you in a little bit. There's a timer, smells delicious. We're gonna take that out and make sure it's cooked through. Oh my gosh, you guys, that looks so good. We're going to let it cool off, and then we'll give it a try. Okay. Are you ready for a super thick 2B brownie I have here for you. So like I said before, if this pan with a little bit wider, we'd have thinner brownies and I would be okay with that. But I mean, I don't mind. I don't want to thick thick juicy brownie. The texture a booth with the grown-up rooms is for dates, sorry, not pruned states is phenomenal. I'm a little hint of mint underneath is my absolute favorite. My boyfriend doesn't even like mint chocolate and he will eat these brownies. That saying something. Now, I'm going to show you that really awesome trick in the next video with the whipped coconut frosting. We're gonna make these, I would have this world. Just wait for it, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. BONUS! Whipped Coconut Frosting: I've got a bonus recipe for you. We are going to make whipped coconut frosting. The first thing you'll need is a can of coconut milk and this type of camp. And you want the full fat coconut milk, not the light stuff because it won't have enough of the coconut meat in it to make a good whipped frosting. So make sure you check your ingredients. It should only have coconut milk, water and maybe guar gum. Some canned coconut milk sexually have added if stabilizers to try to avoid that, you can find it in the International Food section of a grocery store or sometimes the natural food section or the baking section. So you're gonna put your can of coconut milk in the fridge at least overnight. So what this does is it helps separate the really thick coconut milk from the watery portion. So don't shake it up or anything, just put it in the fridge overnight, let it cool. And then we're just gonna take the lid off of x. And on the top should be the thick portion. You're gonna take your fork. And the reason I'm using a fork instead of a spoon is if I scoop up any of the liquid part, it will come out the bottom of the fork. So you're gonna take thick portion of the coconut milk, put it in a bowl. And then you're left with just the water in the canon. You can discard that or save it for your smoothies. And you have the coconut portion, your Bull. Now, you're gonna grab your favorite maple syrup and add one to two tablespoons of maple syrup to sweeten it up. You're going to add a dash of salt to that. And then just going to mix that all together. Wow, I got a lot of coconut out of the can of coconut milk. Mix that up until you get a nice smooth frosting admin. If you're using this on the Ginger milk cookies, you could add cinnamon or nutmeg to it, maybe even a little bit of vanilla. If you're gonna put it on the mint peppermint Grammys AD one to two drops of the essential oil or a little bit of your peppermint extract. Hoof, that is delicious. So I'm just gonna put this on my gender molasses cookie. Doesn't melt. Look delicious. I actually designed this whipped coconut frosting for my Denver molasses, cookies, and people absolutely love it. You would never know that this is gluten and dairy free. My gender molasses, cookies are all frosted. And then I want to show you what I did with the peppermint brownies. So what I did with these is after the brownies to fully cooled, I created some more of the whipped coconut frosting. I added one drop of peppermint oil, put it on their, tossed it in the freezer, walling melted down to more chocolate chips, about a half a cup of The enjoy like chocolate chips with one tablespoon of coconut oil, one more drop of peppermint oil. And we created these peppermint layer bars. So store anything with a frosting in the fruit, it will stay a little bit better and it'll stay a little bit more hardened. So as the coconut milk comes to room temperature, it might melt Just a little bit. So to ensure it stays intact, keep that in the fridge. I hope you enjoyed these recipes so much. How easy was that? 7. Thank you!: Thank you so much for joining me on the holiday edition of my gluten dairy free baking course. I look forward to seeing all of your projects below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, leave me a question. And all of the recipes are in the resources which you can find just below this video. If you do making, if those recipes, I would love for you to take me in any of your social media posts. I look forward to seeing them. Thanks for joining me. Take care guys.