Gluten-Free Teacakes from Around the World with Dairy-Free Options:(part 1) Carrot Teacake | Lana Petruzzi | Skillshare

Gluten-Free Teacakes from Around the World with Dairy-Free Options:(part 1) Carrot Teacake

Lana Petruzzi, Gluten Free Baker. English, Italian & Portuguese

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    • Welcome!

    • Class Intro

    • Gluten-Free Carrot Teacake "Bolo de Cenoura (with Dairy-Free Option)

    • Finishing Touches

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About This Class

I'm so excited to share some of my family's favorite teacakes; Brazilian Carrot Cake and many others.

These Gluten-Free recipes (with Dairy-Free options) are the kind of cakes that grandma would bake: simple ingredients, easy to follow techniques, and a rustic look (they aren't fancy, elaborate cakes-that's for future classes), yet they're so delicious and perfect for any occasion. The best part? We will only need a blender. Yes! They're that easy to make, so leave your blender on your countertop. This is a 4-part class. You won't have to take all parts if you’d rather not.

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Thank you!
I am new to being Gluten free and was wondering how I was going to do any baking again! I'd looked at expensive large books in the book store but some recipes had long lists of ingredients. Lana takes you through the recipe and l loved how she adapted a gluten free cake mix. I am in the UK so need to shop around for some similar supplies but did find a cake mix in the supermarket today. I would need to watch the class through a few times and take some notes, however it was good because my non gluten free family liked the look of the results of Lana's baking so I'm sure I can create something we will all eat!





Lana Petruzzi

Gluten Free Baker. English, Italian & Portuguese

My passion in life has always been cooking. I'm a trained chef and a self taught gluten free baker. For the past 16 years, I've had some major food allergies to soy sauce, chocolate, and gluten. I'm a former chocoholic so I think I may have deserved that one, but gluten was really hard on me for a while. I had to adapt all of my old recipes into new, gluten free ones, and some of my recipes are also dairy free. I love creating new recipes and being gluten free challenges my culinary abilities...

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