Gluten Free Mug Cake | Sarah Olmstead | Skillshare
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7 Videos (12m)
    • Chocolate Mug Cake's

    • Gathering Your Supplies and Ingrediants

    • Mixing the Dry Ingrediants

    • Adding the Wet Ingrediants

    • Microwaving Your Mug Cake

    • Enjoying Your Mug Cake

    • Thank You for Joining Me!


About This Class


Join me in the kitchen and learn how to make a Chocolate cake in under ten minutes!  These cakes are very allergen friendly, they are free from: Gluten - Dairy - Eggs - Corn - Oats - Soy - Nuts - & Sugar!

  After learning the basics in this class, you will be ready to whip up a cake in no time - it's the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, without indulging in processed sugars!  





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Sarah Olmstead

Live Simply - Love Deeply

Hi! I'm Sarah, a "Jill of all trades" kinda girl! My primary occupation is homemaker and wife, but I wear a lot of other hats too! I'm a DIY-er, freelance photographer, an aspiring blogger, a dog trainer, a horse trainer, a seamstress, an amateur makeup artist and videographer, an avid Instagrammer, and recently took up Longarm Quilting!

Above all these trades however, I am a follower of Christ Jesus. He is my Lord and I gladly seek to glorify Him in everything I do, wh...

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