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Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome! + Class Project

    • 2. Apple Butter Muffins

    • 3. Pumpkin Pie

    • 4. Ginger Spice Grain-No-La

    • 5. Thank you!

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About This Class

I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness and this class is part of the Well Fed Kitchen series. Do you love fall flavors? Then I've got just the course for you! This course includes three gluten free recipes that are absolutely delicious and perfect as the air cools. But, really, you can enjoy these fall flavors any time of the year!

Bring your appetite and I'll see you in class.

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Kristen Mitteness

Well Fed Kitchen


Hi! I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness. Through chiropractic, nutrition and self care, my goal is to not only help you FEEL better, but FUNCTION better... for the rest of your life. Leading a healthy and happy life is not nearly as complicated as you might think. I'm here to help.

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1. Welcome! + Class Project: Welcome to your well-fed kitchen course, gluten free fall treats. Today we will be making three and delicious a fall flavored treats. The first thing will be apple butter muffins, followed by that, we are making a pumpkin pie. And after our pumpkin pie will be making Ginger Spice granola. All of these recipes are free of any gluten products. One of them contains dairy, but could be made dairy free. So the other two are naturally very free. So if you have any food specialty issues or food allergy issues, food sensitivities, these recipes will be awesome for you and your family. Our class project will be to make one of the recipes, take a photo of it and let us know how you enjoyed it. Let us know if you made any changes or if there's anything you would do differently. You never know who you'll inspire. Let's jump right in. I look forward to seeing you in class. 2. Apple Butter Muffins: First thing up our apple butter muffins. So you will need to apples plus the apple butter and butter for the apple butter, we're also going to add some maple syrup and some spices. Once we're done making the quick apple butter, which we'll go over in a second. We're going to make it into the muffin. So you will need a gluten-free flour blend. At least that's what I'm going to use today. If you want to know more about them, free baking, know how to make your own blends. I recommend you take my gluten and dairy free baking basic because you could make your own blend and that would work totally fine in these muffins. Will also need some honey, three eggs, and baking powder. But we're going to start with the apple butter. So you will need Pampers, dope. We're going to put that on to media almost medium, high heat. Get that going and we're going to chop up to apples. I am using a local organic Macintosh apples. You really could use whatever kind of apple you prefer. Oops, I turn on the Run button. We want the front one. I prefer an apple that is not too sweet and just a little bit tarts and I find the Macintoshes good for that. And we're just going to cube these. And then we're going to talk them into the pan. So once we have the apples in there, we are going to four tablespoons of butter between a couple of tablespoons and a quarter cup of maple syrup. Thanks how sweet you want it. I don't like my 23 with it's both good. And then our spices, we're going to do salt, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. So we've got our spices in there. Then we're gonna give it a good mix. The butter should melt down. But we want to keep, not the butter should. The butter absolutely will melt down. And we want to keep as much moisture in here as the head. So we're gonna put the cover on. And we're going to let this go for about 20 minutes while we mix in between. By then, the apple should break down in. It will be nice and smooth. So I'll see you in 20 minutes. All right, let's check on this. It smells delicious. I turned the heat down to low, medium and it's going. So I was going to break down these apples a little bit more just by smashing on waste my screen. It looks great. And as it cools, we're going to turn that off. Let it cool a bit. As it cools, it will thicken up a little, a little bit more. Um, I don't mind my apple butter a little bit chunky, but if you want to run it through the food processor to make it more smooth, you can totally do that. So we'll let that sit there and continue to cool off and we're going to start making the muffins. So let's start by preheating the oven to 350. Oh, I need a mixing bowl. Mixing goal. What we're going to need to do is melt the butter and the honey bee will need four tablespoons have been butter. And again, if you want to make this theory free, just sub in coconut oil, refined coconut oil when that doesn't have any flavor in it or your other fat of choice instead of the butter. But I like the flavor of the butter in this recipe. And butter doesn't seem to bother me too much, even though I do have a little bit of a dairy sensitivity. So we're going to do four tablespoons of butter. In three tablespoons of honey. I have a local honey from a local farmer was gifted to me and I'm so excited to use it for this recipe. So we're going to scoop that in there. About three tablespoons of honey. And I want to melt this down. So I'm actually going to pop this into the oven while when you get up there. Well, it pre-heat, so I'm going to put it in there, let it preheat, and we'll grab it in a few minutes. I'll write our honey and butter is mostly melted and the bolus cool enough now that I can handle it. So now we're going to add the rest of the ingredients. The first ingredient we're going to add is our apple butter. So we're going to add who are homeless witness a moment. We're going to add traffic, cut. Half a cup. The apple butter, which is almost all of the apple butter that we made love to find a recipe for the rest of it. Alright, we're going to add one cup of our gluten-free flour. Have that in. So there are three eggs. Room temperature is best because then it won't harden. The honey and the butter. Slowly mix that said our spices are gonna do. You're gonna add a little bit more of salt and cinema. Half teaspoon to a full teaspoon, salt and cinnamon. And then a little bit less of clothes, ginger and nutmeg cloves and the ginger and nutmeg. Now the last thing we'll do, a baking powder and baking powder. Mix that all. And we'll apply our pocket and give them added. The correct answer. Just short of the 12th muffins and that'll be okay. We'll make 11. Just going to fill this guy in a little bit more. I used a quarter of a cut to measure. I'm cool. Apparently you can use just, just under a quarter of a company, a fellow 12. We're going to pop that into the oven. We're going to set the timer for 15 minutes area. And I'll see you then. All right. Let's check these. And yes, they look awesome. That just starting to rise, just starting to brown or getting a little cracking and Matt one, they smell delicious cake. We're going to let these cool off while they're cooling off them in a clean everything up and then we will give them a try. So our kitchen is clean, our muffins are all tool that off. They smell so delicious. They look awesome. So moist. The apple butter in their roof. So, so good. I'm going to have to stop myself from eating the entire pound. These are good. I hope you let them. One last thing. If you have extra apple butter, which you probably do. I don't use all my apple butter today. I highly recommend putting it into a gluten-free crepe. I'm going to put the link to my gluten-free crepe recipe in the PDF below with all of the recipes that we're doing today in this class. You're going to love it. 3. Pumpkin Pie: Next up is pumpkin pie, and we're doing my paleo pumpkin pie recipes. So no gluten, no dairy, no grains. We're going to make the crusts kind of like a Lara bar. And we're even going to cook our own pumpkin. We have local sugar pumpkins here, so I'm going to use that. I like making my own pumpkin squash. I think it tastes delicious. And actually in this recipe, if you can't find a good pie pumpkin, I highly acorn squash, I think the flavor of it is delicious. So you need your pumpkin for the crust. We're going to need about one cup of date, since about 20 dates, half a cup of pecans and a quarter cup of coconut. For the filling. We're going to make that the pumpkin filling. You could also use Canada pumpkin. We're going to use one cup of the pumpkin, three eggs, all of our spices and honey, a little bit of honey to sweeten it up. We're going to start by clicking the pumpkin though. So we're gonna set the oven to 425 is like how I like to cook my squash. I'm going to grab actually a pan. Put that pumpkin. We're going to cut the pumpkin in half to the best of our ability, kinda hard with the stem, but we'll make do. And it's not too hard to cut through the vagus, get the back-end. There we go. We're going to put it face down in there, almost fix I'm actually going to fill it with just a little bit of water. So we've got the water in there and now I'm going to pop it into the oven, even though it's not done preheating enough. Okay. And we're going to let that cook for 40 minutes. And while that's cooking, we're going to make the pie crust for our pipe trust in our pie dish here, we are going to need about 20 days, so it's about one cup maybe like a heaping Cup, dates, pitted dates, and make sure there's no kids in there that throw that into the processor. Also going to add a half a cup of pecans. If you prefer a different net, you could use a different mesh and a quarter cup, unsweetened coconut into our food processor. So plug your ears. Here we go. Right? There is the top of that texture looks about right for me. It's blended up pretty well. It should be malleable. We're just going to take that, pop it right into the pie dish out of the way. And we're just going to press it into there is even as possible. And our pipe crest is ready to be filled, are pumping should be done in just a few minutes. Now, right's turn the oven off. Our pumpkin should be done now. So let's pull that out. So the way I like to check to see if it's done is I just push on it to see how soft it is and it's the field stuff enough. So flip that over so it cools down a little bit. We're going to let it cool a little bit. And actually maybe before I do that, I'm going to scoop the seeds out. And I'm just gonna dump them until we have the Davidson scoop the seeds and the stringy part right out of there. Then we're left with just the good meaty part. All right? And then for the pumpkin itself will need one cup of pumpkins and we can use this if I can scoop out the burning myself a cup of pumpkin. So I can understand why you would choose to do a canned pumpkin seeds a little bit less work, but I don't know what it is about cooking squash. I just enjoy the process. I'm just gonna do a little bit more. Some of the soft, really soft edges. Awesome. We have led to keeping cup of fresh competencies and I'll put it right in there. Going to add my honey right away because it makes it hot so it will melt it. Two tablespoons of honey, three eggs. So it's kind of like a custard fillings. And it's really good. It's going to be a little bit runny and that's okay. And then our space is we want enough cell to pull out the sweetness. So half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of cinnamon. And then just like how I spice the Apple Cinnamon muffins. Just a little bit of, a little bit less of our clothes, ginger and nutmeg, and are mixed that up to real well. I mean, it's already hot, so this is okay, but we're going to set that to 350. It should be okay to go since it was just at 425, I should have thought of that. Okay. That's good to go. It's painless by coming into a little bit funky, but it should be okay. Everything else looks really mixed and my port right into pie dish that we're going to pop that into the oven. We're going to set the timer for 30 minutes and we'll check on it then. Our goal is to get it. So it's not generally on the inside. We'll see you then. Hmm, smells like pumpkin pie. I'm just gonna make sure we're not jiggly. We are not jiggly. So look at that. That looks awesome. So I'm going to let this cool off. Enough. We will clean everything out. We just see this cool because what we're gonna do next is make the whip topping. So for the whip topping, you will want one can of coconut milk, ideally coming from the refrigerator. So the cream and the liquid are separate. So we're just going to use the cream for this. You want a little bit of maple syrup and a little bit of salt, and that's all we need for the whip topping. For the pumpkin pie. I'll see you in just a little bit. Our pie is all coiled up, so I cut out a slice and we're going to make the whip topping. So I just took my canned coconut milk out of the fridge. So I'm gonna open that up. And so the reason we refrigerate it is it separates the hard part from the liquid part. We just get a little bit thicker of a frostings. So I'm going to use a fork so don't get too much liquid on there. I'm just going to take the thick top part and put that into my Pyrex dishes. Here. There we go. And that leaves the watery part separately keys at first smoothie or something else later. To that, I'm going to add a little bit of maple syrup like one tablespoon ish. But actually it doesn't need that much. Some salt as always. So it brings up the sweetness, some cinnamon. Since we're putting it on pumpkin pie. And just for fun, I just happened to have some vanilla in the cupboard, so I thought that would be a good addition. So I'm now just a tiny bit of Manila to that. And we're going to mix mix that right up in there. So I've got my arm workout for the day. That up nice and thick. But we're going to throw that looks awesome, running through a little bit of that on pumpkin pie. See if we can get a big dollop. Let's give that a try. All right, we've got the whip topping, paleo, pumpkin pie, the date, and P conquest. So kinda like a Lara bar. So go, Who knew you could make a pumpkin pie, gluten, and dairy free. So easy, so delicious. Enjoy. 4. Ginger Spice Grain-No-La: Last but absolutely not least, is the Ginger Spice grade no less. So that is a play on words. There are no grains and this, we are actually just using nuts and seeds and lots of spices. I love this recipe is so great. It's a great alternative to any kind of granola you're using. A high I'm going to use for the next pecans, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Feel free to use whatever kind of Next you want, whether you want to do walnuts instead, sunflower seeds whenever. Like. We will also want coconut oil, were just on the last little bit of honey and then all of our wonderful spices that we've been using this whole time, or Celtx, cinnamon cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. We're going to start by melting the coconut oil. So the cool thing about this recipe is when we bake it, it will be kind of squishy and soft. But as soon as it cools because of the coconut oil into sugars, it hardens and becomes really crispy. But we're going to start by melting the coconut oil. We want about a quarter of a cup of coconut oil. Out of 350. I'm using for that quarter cup of coconut oil. I'm going to have to get this event, but I've gotten pretty good at that. For all of the all of this time. I've spent basically just a tiny, tiny bit more so coconut oil and you know what? I am there to melt too, just because it will soften it nicely to what one tablespoon of honey. And use 11 good spoonful of money that put that any oven to allow it to preheat before we add the rest of the ingredients. Sorry, that's allowed to create to allow it to melt while the oven preheat and where we add everything else. So our coconut oil in honey is all melted. So we're going to add next the molasses we're going to you about today, three tablespoons of molasses. Excellent source of iron. We're going to do half a cup. Pka. We use this to measure half cup like this. I've got pecans. Actually going to use a whole cup of these sliced almonds, because I typically recommend using half a cup of whole almonds, half a cup of sliced almonds. I don't have any whole almonds right now, so we're going to do a full cup, omens. Perfect. And then half a cup of pumpkin seeds became talks that all into there. We're going to add our spaces. You want self for this plenty of salt. Especially if you're using unsalted nuts. Lot sustain him in lots and lots of cinnamon and in some cloves, nutmeg. And as always, some gender, I'm running low on Tinder, so hopefully we can get some somebody here. Awesome. We're going to mix all that up and coped. And that's in CVS nicely. And then we're going to pour that right onto the tray. I have a large baking sheet here covered with parchment paper. You don't want, you either need a well oiled pan. I like it on parchment paper though. Otherwise, with all the sugars in there, it's kind of a pain to clean your pen after. So I find this the best. Put that on there. Spread that out nice and evenly. So you can see me. It smells good already. Saw a little bit left in there. I don't want any of this to go to waste. It's too good for that. Okay, so we've got a little bit to spread it out a little bit more, keep it on the parchment paper. We're gonna pop that into the oven. This'll be ready in 15 minutes. And we do not want to burn this. It will burn a really fast with all those sugars in there who we don't want to miss. So we're setting up for 15 minutes and nothing more. But while we're waiting for that, my favorite topping, which not that this recipe needs more sugar, but I love adding some crystallized ginger. So we're going to chop this up and then add it to it when it's all done. So I'm gonna do that. Well, I'm waiting. So x2 Jane, juror spice grain knows. Oh, it looks so good. Okay. It smells so good. So we're going to add the crystallized ginger. We need this to cool off first because it will harden. But it went to add the crystallized ginger before it cools so that can kind of melting too. And then as always, I'll clean up the kitchen and then we'll give it a try. I'll meet you back here and all of that roof. Now you can see how it's like hardened. So you can kind of break it apart into chunks. Is big or as little as you want. I got a good chunk there. So I often go along time with opaqueness recipe and then I make it. Am I, what was I doing not making it, it's easy. I love actually really like molasses. Ginger molasses cookies are one of my favorite cookies. So this Ginger Spice granola, saga, my taste really good. With coconut milk and diaper to apples. I mean, like Apple Jack cereal, it tastes a lot like that. It's awesome. At least I think it tastes like Apple Jack cereal. I have no idea the last time I heard that. But I feel like I'm Jack Syria. So go every tribe and let me know what you think. 5. Thank you!: Thank you so much for joining my course. Gluten-free fault trees. I can't wait to see what you make. Give these a try. Let me know what you did, what you loved about it. If there was anything that you would have made different or that you did maybe make differently because that's part of your class project. Take a picture of it posted below. We would love to see what you do and look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.