Glowing Light Bulbs | Monja Wessel | Skillshare
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9 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction: Glowing Light Bulbs

    • Installing the right Programs

    • Installing the right Programs 2

    • Import the Image and apply the right Settings

    • Modify the Image

    • Modify the Image 2

    • More Settings & export the Image

    • The last Touch

    • Outro & Project


About This Class

What is the first thing you put attention to when you are looking on your Facebook Timeline? What is the first thing you pay attention to when you search for something on YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest?

Right, it's the image which make us click or scroll down further. The first thing we look at is not the great content. The first thing which catches our attention is the image.

In this class I want to show you how to turn a picture with too less light into an amazing one which catches attention on Social Media and beyond.

If you want to become a successful Internet Marketer or Online Teacher you need to make sure that you get the attention you, your content and your product deserve. And the first thing to get exactly that is by taking care of the pictures you use.

We will have a look at all the things you need to turn a normal image into an amazing one and that won't require huge skills. You don't have to be a Photoshop Artist, actually we will use a program which is free to get on the Internet. 


I'll show you step by step how to go for the image you desire.





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Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner


As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick...

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