Globe Trotting With Illustrator: Create A Rotatable Globe With A Focus On Any Region You Like! | Ian Laver | Skillshare

Globe Trotting With Illustrator: Create A Rotatable Globe With A Focus On Any Region You Like!

Ian Laver, Artist/Illustrator

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Setting Up

    • Making The Globe

    • Creating Atmosphere

    • Saving To Different Formats

    • Finishing Up


About This Class

This class is an easy introduction to the 3D Revolve function in Adobe Illustrator.
In it you will learn to quickly place a world map onto a round surface. This will produce a globe of the world that you can fully rotate to any position prior to printing. Great for presentations and reports or for those who just love to explore the software!

As you follow this project you will also be learning simple aspects of the Gradient, Transparency, Pathfinder and Align tools. In doing so you will discover how to:

  • Make a 3D extrusion to form a globe
  • How to turn a prepared map image into a symbol
  • Place that symbol onto the globe and rotate it to any region they like
  • How to expand the final artwork, adding atmosphere and light effects!

You will need:

  1. Adobe Illustrator CS4 or upwards
  2. Your favorite world region picked out
  3. Enthusiasm!

I'm really looking forward to engaging with you all - let's go!





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Ian Laver


Ian Laver is an artist and illustrator living in the southern climes of Tasmanian Australia.

He has painted and exhibited since 1985, but has of late been very lazy in that department due to creative excuses at which he excels. Historical work can be viewed at his DeviantArt page.

As an illustrator he has been more prolific by way of freelancing within the educational publishing industry since 2001. Clients included Oxford University Press, Macmillan Education, Elsevier and McGr...

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