Glitch Text Animation In Adobe After Effects

⚡️ Sergey Basharin, Motion Designer

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13 Videos (46m)
    • Intro

    • Build Letters

    • H Letters Animation

    • E Letter Animation

    • R Letter animation

    • O Letter Animation

    • Letters Blocks Distortion

    • Twitchy Blocks 1

    • Twitchy Blocks 2

    • Twitchy Title Blocks

    • Gif Render

    • Gif Render Adobe Media Encoder 18

    • Thank You!


About This Class


This training course consists of 11 lectures. It is divided into 5 sections, each section - it's a few lessons doing that you learn to use animation tools in practice. In this course, we're going through one specific case from importing files to rendering.

The videos are made as clear as possible, so that even a person who has never worked in After Effects could make a project. You create the project, do A, do B, do B - ready.

You can practice at a comfortable pace and communicate directly with the instructor.

By the end of the training in your portfolio will be 1 self-created work.

All lessons are recorded on professional equipment.

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This class has been very helpful! I love that every step is explained clearly with details! The attitude is great and it really made understanding the process easier. Will soon share my project :)
Luisa Barbero

Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

Some really solid techniques for achieving glitchy motion. Not for complete beginners but great for intermediates with some understanding of expressions and the graph editor etc.
It's a great class, a little advanced, if you are starting it's difficult to keep up with the workflow, however you'll learn a lot!





⚡️ Sergey Basharin

Motion Designer

Hey! This is Sergey Basharin

Since 2012 I have been engaged in motion design. I make explanatory videos, infographics, openers, graphic design of television channels, commercials, animation interfaces.

My works help to understand the client's product better, make the speaker's words more expressive, help to orientate the audience in the television broadcast.

I know how to draw storyboards. How to distinguish a good script from a bad one. Looks like a cool character. How c...

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