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2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Glitch FX in After Effect

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About This Class


Glitch FX or Bad TV Look or anything you call it, is a nice and trendy look that you most of the artists use them in Commercials, Logo reveals and Music Videos. Creating this effect with built-in tools of After effect might seem a little bit complex for newbie After Effect user but its very easy to create.

In this class, we are going to use built-in tools of After Effect to create this type of effect and we can use any type of layer text, image, and video for applying this effect onto it.

So, if you are ready lets open After effect and get started:)

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. A trade from Polygon Motion. And welcome to this sharp class in this class, I'm going to talk about collect traffic. How can we create glitch that kind of looks or bath TV looks or anything that you call it inside of half the effect without using any third party planning. So if you're really open your aftereffect, I am Let's get started. 2. Glitch FX in After Effect: OK, guys. Now let's talk about Uggla traffic and how to create that. Actually, Gala trafficked is, uh is a kind of three near fatalities and you confined in every motion graphic scene in are lots of them and in video collapse and everything's you can find this kind of 20 effects and it would be good for you guys to know how to create these kind of things. Probably you can create glitch effects and bad TV if, uh, TV FX. And also we can call it retro VHS and these other staff. But all of them are probably the same. We can call it that. Definitely they are the same, but you have some some some ah, difference. For example, glitch effect has their own straps and on beaches has its own ethics, and but they are very near to each other, and we can call them, has one. You can create them with tour party Klag, and there are lots of placards and for athletic that help you to create these kind of fix without doing any other things. Just drag and drop if you need, for example, a most ah, fast way to create these kind of things. You can use plans and they are probably have their own futures. For example, you can add more things than and different kinds of a staff. But the main thing in here is that how can you create these kind of things without any plans in outer effect, just by using free footage on adding them, and makes in some flips and tricks and effect built in, if its off out perfect to create this kind of effect? So now let's see what we're going to create in this class. You see a very nice glitch effect with some nice in here that some some channel distortion red and blue. You see that? Some Some very nice distortion. He has, um, TV nineties, and it's very good. You see, that way we have our local and the fixes already Ah, India and the fix applied on all of them. And I can I can simply put if I go to pre calm. And if I put for example this ah image in him now you see that it will work on anything that you put on the need of that adjustment. Liar. I just milia. It will work and that is very nice. So for this, let's create a new composition and call this glitch. So one thing that I don't want to forgot that because very important, you have to download this screen for rich free stock footage that I have attached already on Class Erie. It's free, It's free of use. You didn't have to pay for that. And without that, we couldn't create these kind of effect. Probably there was a way to create that. For example, we can create this kind of a stretch and things, but it will. It will take a lot of time. You have to put a lots of time, and it's so completely waste of time. If there is a free things available, why you? Why we don't have to use that. So just make sure you down this from their class attachment file and also what I'm going to do in here. It just created I've created my composition. Let me check my conversation and gain because I'm not sure it's HD TV and frame rate is 25 duration is 10. I think it's it's a little bit longer. Just go for five seconds and let me put this into timeline into the timeline and now is not into exact same frame s scale. Adapt. But I'm going to use a shark. It called control all f just scale it to the frame size and we don't need to. Any good quality are are things like that because the effects itself is a bad call. The effect And there was no m any minimum quality that you need about anything that you have. For example, if you have ah, for 80 P video, there was no problem can use that. But if you have high quality, probably you would give on a high quality effect. So it's escape talking to match in, create art collector effect. So what I'm going to do in him it just a dream This too, if x footage and also just, um, invisible this. Check this because we don't need it. We just need the effects of that. So I'm going to drag a lower at Hope Exodus script. You can probably use any lower that you want and just scale it down and put it in hand and call this or local. It would be our logo. Let's create over, text in hand glitch FX and put it in underneath of this local. Very good. So now we have a simple set up off her logo, but I think it is not in the center. Yeah, now it's center or not to It is good. So now I'm going to use a jasmine layup. You can use the effects that I'm going to use in here, but it's this policeman map. You can use it on the lower itself as well, but the effect does not apply our or we can call. It's not a world effects, and you can't. It's not dynamic you can use for any other things. If you put on the need of to you local, it won't affect any other layers. For example, if I apply dismissed a displacement map in here. If I type this, I'm going to use displacement after this. If IQ If I apply this on Lee on our logo direct, it will affect on Lee on the logo. If I put my fix and the need of that, it won't effect. So that is why we have to use at Jasmine, Leah and just Malia or Ah are If you don't know if you don't familiar with that Just Malia or you're a bigot or a Nath Perfect. It's good to know about them. If there were there very handy in In case of color grading and color correction and things that it's applied on every layer on every footage that you have and they are, they're kind of solid bath it want. It doesn't have any solid collar. It just transferred the ethics that he applied on that. So just call this ever main if ICS our main displacement map. I'm sorry. It just it's Mrs Spelling. It's not a problem to supply displaced map two main display. A displace menthe. Ah, Jasmine, Leah. And now we have that. What I'm going to do in here is that in displacement map layout, we have to introduce our affects footage that we have in here to this displacement map to being able to applied the FX off that footage into different pixel off these lius. So if I go to displacement maps, Liam and changes to fix footage, this footage that you have download it now, you would probably see this kind of fix bad. It needs a little bit a jasmine and we have to play which values. And here we have different channels. You can use different channels for for different kinds of channels. For example, dis displacement maps with what Onley effect on the Red Channel off their this logo and the vertical displacement map Is Onley applying our only affecting on the green Channel off off off this local or we have different kinds of other modes. For example, luminant it would Onley apply their displacement moppet fix on the bright airy off your logo. So Luminant says just a bright area it it it will find the right area on applying this kind of effort So we don't want these kind of things. We just want these red, green and blue, the RGB color FX. So in any mode and red and green and blue in animal that you put these thes thes options it's it's not a big problem. You would get the same FX. So I'm going. I'm going with these, um, set up on Lee. I want to change this Valiant. You see that in his tensely? Once I changed this, you would get bad effects. Very nice. You see that I can simply change a place that I want from this footage. If I if I changed a position of this footage and you see that it just applied at EFECTO calling to Dad if, except we haven't here, you see that? And if I play that you see that it's not. It's a kind of looking get is not attractive, like like the like project or their commercials or things that you see that you've seen on the YouTube or any other places. It's not looking like that, but just bear with me. We will do it together. The first thing first. We don't want this effect. This displacement map toe effect on our logos are our on our project canteen hisley. We want to create breaks between this ethic. So for breaking even, Uh uh, displayed Leah by prison control, shifty or a split layer can simply you see that it will just effect on here and now it's a normal mood. Once again, I have to just use this on going here, use this effect and displayed Delia and go split it a gain. Sorry, I have to split it again. And so now change some of the values. For example, in this ah main displace map is good, We will go for this valley. But in next one in displacement to we can change this value to have a random kind of effect . See that and we can change it. This as well. Maybe go for this as well. It's plated that and I think to seeking is good. Just leave this and turn the comp. Now, if it pleases, would get this kind of effects. Now it's cool, but there are things that we have to apply and I make it beautiful. So the first thing is that I want to create the channels of distortion that their ah, red on Blue Channel first. So the next thing that I'm going to create as the channel separation the channel distortion the red and blue tell that that will help at this scene too look beautiful and look nice at . And then the now. So for this I want to duplicate this local and just reading this our first army, maybe RGB local and then supreme, and that a copy of that in but the name of it to Blue Channel and Red Channel. So now we have Ah different channel Bad. Ah, we want to extract the red and green blue blue Chel weaken Do it by And if it calls level not level itself But you have to use level individual control because in level in normal level, we don't have control two different channel properties like red, green and blue. So for this we have to use level individual collars that controller Sorry. And just apply this to Blue Channel Onda. And in here we have different kinds of child. So for this, because we need blue, we have to I'm going to just, um, invisible this one just to to put over focus in hand. Ah, if I control is you see that we can get that kind of effects. So for this, I'm I'm just putting this 20 Now we have our Blue Channel and copied Pacific and pasted and Rachel and visible this and go to rave and and read what I'm going to do in here. It just But this too. 255 And put this to zero. Put this 20 Now you have your HL. So now we have this. We have both of them with RGB. But how can we create this kind of physics? Now? There is no FX. So for this we have to use We have to add on a just Malia. Ah, sorry. You have to add an adjustment Leah in here and at a slight a controller to being able to control the expression because I'm going to use a legal expression. So just type this to control or maybe on and go to Blue Channel and in position of this press p to talk around the position and hold auld and click. Now we can add your expression. Just leave this expression and at a very normal and simple vehicle expression. So what vehicle expression does is create a random position over the time, so that help has to create a glitch. Effects and glitch. Challenge, distortion. So what is I'm going to use 10 comma in here. I don't want to use a specific ah into number or a specific number. We want to give the number from this. Just okay. Gave has error. It's not a problem. We want to use the slider controller for ease of use. For example, we don't if you want to change their the amount of legal. We don't have to go to position and changes from here or we can keep from the amount of the vehicle. So that helped us a lot. So for this, I'm just ah, long this effort controller and go to Blue Channel. And in here, just clicking after the comma. Choose Pickwick Tool and shoes. Saliva controller. Now and add this. And now Now there's nothing because the slider control is values zero. So now if I change this, you can see that it's apply. And that a school so and for this ritual, I'm going to add another vehicle, Andi. But this to maybe 15. And take it from this one and add another and maybe changed us too. Five. It's not looking good bye. We'll fix this. So for this, I'm just supreme ing this channel and split down this Leah and here just splitting down in the place that we have this distortion. We want Pacific to apply and split it down. Go and split it down in here very next. Now we have this So weaken Simply change the amount of it to create the random look around them. Looking half of this. And Alison. Now, let's change just I want to, um, split this Ah, Blue Channel Red Channel logo as well. So just used it is because we don't want to see them. And also put this split it down and put this. Maybe so. Now we have a very nice looking ah, Fixing him when I'm going to do in here is just you can add some niceness as well. So we have a preset called If I type hey, about TV, we have ah built in presets. Ah, wrap old and weak that I'm going to use rapid If I apply this to these adjustment layer and ham, you see that? It just faked in here on weaken change the amount of air pixel ations on. And we have some nice venous things. And just at this to each one off these layers to the main displacement. And, for example, me being here, we don't want this. And here we warm that you see that. And now if I put for example, if I pitch Ah, this image in here, you would get that look. And that a school, for example, You see that? Very nice So if I play this, you see that it's it's cool and nice probably can work in there to make it a little bit like nice attitude. Who to have, Ah, different kinds of looks. And also there is one thing that keep in mind that you can download different kinds of glitch screen footage on different, for example, from you to be contaminated different kinds of college and use it on your as seen to, ah, make. It's very nice. So that was from and hope he doesn't drive from this class. And if you enjoyed, please put your reviews and the need of this collapse. And don't forget to check out other polygon motion classes. My name is assurance you guys next time.