Glitch Art - Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics | Phillip Stearns | Skillshare

Glitch Art - Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics

Phillip Stearns, Creator: Year of the Glitch + Glitch Textiles

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4 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Brief Intro to Glitch Art and Text Editor Based Databending

    • 2. Databending with a Hex Editor

    • 3. Exporting and File Formats

    • 4. Creating Glitch GIFs is GIMP


About This Class


Learn how to make Glitch Art with Phillip Stearns, the creator of Year of the Glitch and Glitch Textiles!

Glitch Art - Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics will show you how to use text editors and hex editors to make glitch art and then turn a series of glitched images into an animated GIF. We begin with a brief introduction to what Glitch Art is, the materials involved, and then dive into hacking the materiality of our digital world.


This class is for you if:

  1. You're an artist, designer or illustrator who wants to do things differently.
  2. You're a digital curiosity seeker.
  3. You like surprises.
  4. You like breaking things!
  5. You wanna know more about how things, specifically digital image formats, work (we get to this by breaking them).

What we'll learn:

  1. Glitch Art - What is it? How is it made?
  2. Databending - What is it? How do you do it?
  3. Digital Materiality - an introduction to digital fundamentals (BINARY!).
  4. File Formats - overview of common file types.
  5. Saving Your Work! - Screen Capture and File Exports
  6. Making Animated GIFs

Tools we'll use:

  1. The Internets!
  2. Hex Editors
  3. Photo/graphic image viewers and/or editors
  4. Screen Capture

What we'll make:

  1. A Glitchy GIF - Glitches are fleeting and dynamic! Capture the process and animate it.
  2. In the process we'll have loads of still to share and documentation of the process.



Top 5 projects as selected by the class will be featured on my blog, Year of the Glitch!





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Phillip Stearns

Creator: Year of the Glitch + Glitch Textiles

Since 2005, I've been teaching digital electronics and other skills central to my creative practice as an artist. You can see select work at

Some recent teaching highlights include:

2009-2013 - Electronics Instructor at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY

2013 Workshop Instructor at Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA), Santiago Maker Space (Santiago, Chile), 4th Annual Anyang Public Art Project (Anyang, South Korea), Boulder High School (Boulder, CO)


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