Glazing Wings - The What, Why & How of Glazing in Watercolor | Neesha @PaperWand | Skillshare

Glazing Wings - The What, Why & How of Glazing in Watercolor

Neesha @PaperWand, Illustration + Design Studio

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5 Videos (34m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies + Prep

    • Glazing Color Chart

    • Warm Up Exercises

    • Final Project

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About This Class

Of the many different watercolor techniques - Glazing is one of my most often used. It's a great way to take your work to the next level. In this class, I'll break down exactly 'what' Glazing is, 'why' it's so effective, and 'how' you can easily use it in your work.



1. We'll start by creating a color chart. This is not your standard color mixing chart - glazing is very different, and you'll want to keep this chart on hand for reference as you paint.

2. Next, I'll take you through some key warm-up exercises to get you comfortable with the glazing technique and also to practice brush and water control.

3. This will lead us into the final project where we'll put it all together - I've provided a reference of a simple butterfly with beautiful color combinations - perfect for glazing. You may choose to follow along step-by-step, or choose an entirely different image to paint. Up to you!



SUPPLIES -  For this class, you'll need:

• watercolor brushes in a variety of sizes - I recommend round brushes like these

• watercolor paper - I recommend a high-quality one like Arches

• good quality watercolors - Artist Grade or Professional Grade will work the best

• low tack masking tape

• 1-2 containers of water, for rinsing brushes

• paper towels, or art rags

• this Pinterest Board for reference

• this printable butterfly image  (optional)

• opaque white paint, like acrylics or gouache (optional)

• craft heat gun, or hairdryer (optional)

OVERVIEW of the Lessons: 

• Lessons 1: Intro
• Lessons 2: Supplies + Overview
• Lessons 3: Glazing Color Chart
• Lessons 4: Warm Up Exercises
• Lessons 5: Final Project

Music: "Electric Sunrise" - by Josh Woodward. 
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Neesha @PaperWand

Illustration + Design Studio

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