Glasses Off! Learn to read easily again one step at a time.

Cassandra Arnold, Natural Vision Educator

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9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. What and Why

    • 2. How is this possible?

    • 3. Reading The White Spaces

    • 4. Sliding For Clarity

    • 5. Convergence Games

    • 6. Relaxing Into White

    • 7. Project Review

    • 8. Final Thoughts

    • 9. Red Shifter Bonus Lesson


Project Description

Create your personalised tools and get started!


Make your own set of tools needed to practice the vision skills taught in the course. Let us know what your vision is like at the beginning, how soon you notice changes, and which practices are your favourites.


Create and upload photos of:

1. Your centimetre string

2. Your small print practice bookmark

3. Your convergence game  

I really encourage you to make them your own. Use the templates if you wish, find something in the house that you can use, draw your own convergence game. These practices are about relaxation and flexibility not just in the eyes but in the mind. Add text that inspires you, makes you laugh, or both. The more you like what you create, the more you will be inspired to use the tools, and the faster you will read again without effort or stress.


Here is a link to the resources so that you can print and play with them. Right click and open in a new tab to download from Google docs. If you have any problems, please  let me know and I can email them to you. 

Convergence Shapes


Red Shifter Print Practice

Black Spot Convergence

To print the "convergence black spots" document, click on the link to download and  SAVE the file (do not open with windows explorer). Once it is downloaded, go to the download file and it should be visible there, ready to open and print.


I have also attached a Small Print Template for your bookmark and a page of different size typeface for the Red Lesson.

You can make a Red Shifter card in various widths to suit your reading method. For example, one for books, and another wider one for your laptop or tablet screen.


Student Projects

project card
Catherine Errey
project card
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