Glass Painting-See Through Your Art: step by step guide how to start and paint your art on a glass. | Kasia Banasiak | Skillshare

Glass Painting-See Through Your Art: step by step guide how to start and paint your art on a glass.

Kasia Banasiak, photographer

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4 Videos (22m)
    • Welcome

    • Glass paints and tools

    • How to paint on a glass

    • Examples and class Ptoject


About This Class


Hi everyone,

For all of those who took classes from watercolors and would like to try painting on a glass, it shouldn't be hard to enjoy this technique too.

If you are addicted to buying those little, cute, handmade things for your house, guess what? You can make it yourself. you don't need much. you can simply start from a few colours and the outliner.

In this class, I'm going to go through the tools you need but also different painting techniques. In this class, we are going to start and learn how to paint simple shapes on a glass but also how to transfer your art pieces into the glass surface. I'm going to show you that using simple shapes you can beautifully decorate glass items at your house.

This class is for anyone who would like to learn different painting techniques but also for those who love decorating as I do :D

So don't be afraid and start watching NOW!





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Kasia Banasiak



Hi, my dear students!

Summer is over and we are going to be using studio more often from now on so I thought it will be a great idea to share my knowledge about studio photography with you.

In this lesson I'm going to talk about:

light set up I use in my photography. how do I direct my models regardless of if they are professional or not. what accessories you can use to make your images more interesting. what to do to add more movement to your pictures ...

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