Glam Your Instagram: How To Brand Your Photos On Instagram | Amanda Creek | Skillshare

Glam Your Instagram: How To Brand Your Photos On Instagram

Amanda Creek, Photographer, Designer & Biz Coach ☕

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19 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Welcome To Glam Your Instagram

    • 2. Class Materials

    • 3. Class Project

    • 4. Part One - Improve Your Photo Skills

    • 5. Camera Hacks

    • 6. Lighting

    • 7. Depth of Field

    • 8. Reduce Camera Shake

    • 9. Part Two - Branding And Storytelling

    • 10. Brand Consistency

    • 11. Composition

    • 12. Atmosphere

    • 13. Part Three - Planning And Execution

    • 14. Craft Your Plan

    • 15. Curate Your Feed

    • 16. Create a theme or pattern

    • 17. Continually Improve

    • 18. Instagram Tips

    • 19. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to Glam Your Instagram!

By taking the time to brand your Instagram through this course, you'll cut down on your posting time because you'll have a library of photos to choose from and a theme or pattern to help you to know what to post next. I will teach you the steps that I take to create a feed that looks thoughtful and well-branded which will help you get new eyes on the things you create. By learning this method, you'll be able to take and post photos over and over that reflect your Brand personality. By knowing what to photograph and how you want it to show up in your feed, you'll take the guessing out of the equation (which is usually half the work).

So get your camera ready and let's dive into Glam Your Instagram.


This Class Is Ideal For:

  • Creative business owners (like painters, illustrators, jewelry makers, and crafters) who want to share whatever they create through photographs on Instagram,
  • Entrepreneurs who want to connect with their ideal audience on Instagram,
  • And individuals who want to create a fun, beautiful feed that reflects their Brand personality.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • A Branded photo prop box or items from around your house and office/studio to take photos of for your business
  • Backgrounds/backdrops that work well with your Brand
  • A camera or your smartphone
  • Access to a planning tool (like Planoly or Later) or to a design software (like Canva or Illustrator)

The lessons include how to plan your Instagram feed by using a theme or pattern, tips on how to improve your photography, how to curate your feed, how to improve things like composition and Brand consistency, and more!







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Amanda Creek

Photographer, Designer & Biz Coach ☕

Hi there, creative friend! 

I'm so happy you're here on Skillshare (and that you've stopped by my profile). Learning is one of my absolute favorite things, as I imagine it is for you too. 

As a teacher here on Skillshare, it is my ambition to create practical classes that grow your skills and knowledge. Currently, my classes are all geared towards teaching you how to use photography for your Brand and business, but be on the lookout for some other fun clas...

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