Give Your Career a Boost: Be a Better Writer Today | Sharon Ernst | Skillshare

Give Your Career a Boost: Be a Better Writer Today

Sharon Ernst, Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • How Your Writing Skills Impact Your Career

    • 5 Characteristics of Good Business Writing

    • 10 Ways to Improve

    • Wrap Up and Ways to Learn More


About This Class

Everyone writes at work today, no matter their role. The written word has become a vital part of the business world, and no amount of technology is going to change that. But we are not writing well. We're not learning how to write well in school, and we're definitely not learning how to write well on the job. We end up wasting so much time as a result, plus poor writing skills negatively impact our careers. The good news is, we can all get better! We can all learn to be better, faster writers at work, for work. In this class, we'll take a quick look at why writing skills matter to your career, the 5 characteristics of good business writing, and 10 ways you can be a better, faster writer today. Let's go! 





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Sharon Ernst

Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

Do your sales messages fall flat? Are your marketing messages only mediocre?

Do you want to be a better, faster writer at work, quickly dashing off emails that engage or writing proposals that win praise?

Whether you're writing for sales or writing for work, I want to help you tackle writing challenges head on, slowly but surely developing your skills to be a better, faster writer.

I'm Sharon. I've worked as a freelance copywriter for almost 20 years, writing my first web...

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