Give Your Adult Learners What They Want: Engagement! | Ken Brown | Skillshare

Give Your Adult Learners What They Want: Engagement!

Ken Brown, Make learning engaging, memorable and unexpected

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11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Agenda

    • 3. Room Setup

    • 4. Setting the Expectation for Participation

    • 5. Answering WII-FM in your Opening

    • 6. Involving your Participants Often

    • 7. Reviewing and Revisiting Key Takeaways

    • 8. Effectively Managing Participants and Time

    • 9. Close and Celebrate

    • 10. BONUS: Teach Back Flow

    • 11. Close


About This Class

It’s showtime, instructors! If you completed the 4 Steps to Prep course, then you should be feeling pretty prepared right now. If you skipped that course and came straight to this one, this course will help you successfully engage your students - early, often and on purpose.

The end result: You will enter your classroom confidently and with a plan that will allow you to talk less. As a result, your students will engage more - with you and with each other - which means they will retain more of your content. In other words, everyone wins!





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Ken Brown

Make learning engaging, memorable and unexpected

I work with learning professionals who are feeling stuck in their teaching, struggling to get better engagement from their students or looking for creative ways to enhance their training content.

I show them how to purposefully engage their students, deliver their content in unexpected ways and create a memorable learning experience. It's what I call The EMU Experience.

EMU is an acronym for:

Engaging Memorable Unexpected

But it's not just for teachers and trainers...

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