Give Stuff Away the Right Way: Choose the Right Freebie to Attract Your Ideal Client | Whitney Strong | Skillshare

Give Stuff Away the Right Way: Choose the Right Freebie to Attract Your Ideal Client

Whitney Strong

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction: Freebies

    • 2. Things to Consider Before You Start

    • 3. Three Businesses (Examples of How Freebies Fit a Business)

    • 4. Brainstorming For Your Business

    • 5. Personality Vs. Professionalism

    • 6. Must Haves for a Great Freebie

    • 7. My Super Successful Freebie Test

    • 8. A Quality Freebie Brings a Quality List

    • 9. Final Thoughts


About This Class

You: My work speaks for itself.

Me: Well, is that enough?

The Truth: If you're trying to attract new clients, you need to do more than show them your Instagram feed or website. Clients want to know more about YOU. And they want proof that you know what you're doing before they pay you. Enter: the freebie.

The conversation between you and your ideal client starts in the copy on your website, and in your emails.

But, how do you find your ideal clients? You give something away in exchange for their email (I call it a freebie, but it's also a lead magnet). Your email subscribers then get to really know, like, and trust you through those emails you send. Each interaction strengthens your connection. In this class, you'll learn all about freebies, how to use them, and you'll finish knowing which freebie type will work best for you. 

The right freebie tells your client that you have the skills they need and frames you as the solution to their problems. They find you, see how helpful you are, then fall in love with you via email. Yep, you’re that good.

Whether you're a freelancer looking to grow or an employee looking to make a bigger impact, freebies are a perfect tool to improve and test your marketing efforts. Plus, you'll collect email addresses from people who actually want to hear from you. This class is perfect for beginners and pros. The main goal is to get your creativity flowing, so you can come up with the best idea that will attract your best customers.

I'm so stoked you found me. Let's go.

*Whitney Strong is a multi-passionate solopreneur who helps small business-owners write copy that's fun, memorable, and sets the stage for awesome connections. Her background is in social media marketing and copywriting, and she has an MFA in Creative Writing. Head to or Instagram for marketing and copywriting tips to up your game and quit your full-time gig for good.