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Give Emotion To Your Characters: Drawing Expressions

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basics Of Expressions

    • 3. Creating A Base Face + Downloadable Template

    • 4. Positive And Happy Expressions

    • 5. Negative And Sad Expressions

    • 6. Angry Expressions

    • 7. Surprise And Fear Expressions

    • 8. Advanced Expressions

    • 9. Extra Tips For Drawing Expressions

    • 10. Conclusion + Speed Painting

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About This Class



Do you want to give emotion and expression to your characters? Do you want to bring your
characters and portraits to life?

Then this is the Class for you!

With this Class you'll learn everything there is to know about drawing convincing and emotional
facial expressions. You're going to go step by step through the drawing process of creating
beautiful emotions.


First, we'll start with the very basics of expressions and how you can use each element of the face
to make believable emotions. As well as some tips to help you get started right away.

Then it's time to get started with expressions!

I will guide you through several fun expressions like:

  • Exhilarated
  • Pouting
  • Shock
  • Fear
  • and many more!

I will also give you a handy template to help you draw emotions!

AND I will give you some extra advanced tips to draw even better emotions.

I know that this might seem like a lot to handle, but don't worry! Every video is pretty short, to the
point and practical! So you'll be drawing right along every time.

So let's get started! I will see you in the Class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction: killer. Do you want to give emotion and expression to your characters? Do you want to bring your characters and portrait's to life? Then this is a class for you. With this class, you learn everything there is to know about drawing, convincing an emotional facial expressions. They're going to go step by step through the drawing, process off, creating beautiful emotions. First, we'll start with the very basics off expressions and how you can use each element off the face to make believable emotions, as well as some tips to help you get started right away. Then it's time to get started with expressions. Not on Lee. We like I do through several fun expressions like accelerators, parting and even shock and fear. But I will also give you a handy template that you can use to help you. What, and we're not done yet. There will also be a lot of other expressions, including somewhere at first ones like confusion and discussed, and I will give you some extra advanced tips to draw even better emotions. I know that this might seem like a lot to handle, but don't worry. Every video is pretty short to the point and practical, so you'll be drying right along every time. So let's get started. I will see you in the class. Bye bye. 2. Basics Of Expressions: Hello. And first of all, welcome to the glass. I'm glad to see you here now, before we start. Let's just see how you can use expressions effectively with a few examples. Expressions are very important in art. No matter the exact medium you're working. It doesn't matter if it's comics, cartons, realism, concept, art or others. Everything needs a strong facial expression. There are three main parts off the face that are fundamental to give a strong expression. The sheikhs Eisen I rose and must. By modifying and combining each of these parts individually, you can create hundreds off expressions on another note. Remember, if you need an extra help with your expressions, we can always use Google or interests, which is my favorite to find handy references to help you. That is nothing wrong with that. Another option is to take photos of yourself while doing the expression. You can use a mirror to help, for example, and then just use that photo to guide you. All right, that's about it. For the basics. Let's start trying 3. Creating A Base Face + Downloadable Template: Welcome back. We're going to create a base place to use in the expressions. But before that, I'm giving you a handy template that you can use to draw each emotion while watching the class. So be sure to download that you can print it out if you're working. Traditionally, are just to your own templates up to you. Two things about the 10 point, though one, he said. The first square of top is for you to draw your own base face. This is the face that you'll be using as a reference to drug the other expressions. The second thing is that, as you can see will be drawing more expressions than the ones available in the template. This is because I want you to choose one expression from each, feed you and draw it. You don't need to draw the expressions were doing this class for the assignment, but if you want to create them all, feel free to print out another copy or make a new document in practice as much as you want . After all, practice makes perfect all right back to the base face. We will use it to practice official emotions in the next few juice. This can be a simple or complex as you want that are many styles that you can do, so don't sweat it. The only important part is that it's a complete face with Eyes, IRAs Month and those. The rest really isn't super important for these videos, so customize it as much or as little as you want. All right, that's it for the base vice. Let's work on some expression snap. 4. Positive And Happy Expressions: Hello and welcome back. We're not going to start drawing some expressions, starting with happy ones. Before we start. I have here in my self you window and image off the base. Faisal. True to have as reference. If you don't know that the template, you should draw your base face there. This way, you can always check your character. So you're sure you didn't miss anything when drawing them again? All right, let's start. Our first expression is content. I have a new much here as an example of how it would look like this is from the cartoon show Avatar, the lesser bender. And as you can see, this is a very plain and simple expression. There's not a lot of difference from the base face when drawing it a small smile. Just one simple line is enough, and the eyebrows can go a bit upwards. As you can see, it's just by changing the mouth, the little bits and moving the Kairos, our characters expression changes right away. I feel that the content expression is very simple and easy to do, so that's the one I usually draw in creating new characters that I haven't decided on a personality. Yet now that's so for the next one. A happy expression, this time with help off phone you from Studio Ghibli. The biggest difference from our previous expression is, as you can see, the big open mouth. So that's what we're going to do. Depending on your style, the must convey rounder or with straighter lines. Even though I drum also bit differently, you can still see and feel the happiness in the expression. Again, the eyebrows go up. Feel free to exaggerate other first details. For example, you can draw the eyes getting bigger. Finally, we're drawing exhilarated. The first thing I see right off the pot is the coast ice. I picked this image from Lilo and Stitch because that's exactly how I like to go about it. When drawing a super happy expression, close ice and a big open mouth off course, you can go with another approach and give the eyes open. It's all about experimenting and seeing what you feel works best for you. When going with very strong emotions, for example, I like to exaggerate them a lot again, As with all happy expressions, the first remains very open. Any eyebrows will always shoot upwards. Another thing I like to do. And I recommend trying s playing with other details off your character, for example, here on drying your hair a bit more puffy and going up like it's following the movement of her face. This gives more strength to the expression you're trying to illustrate, and it gives more feeling and movement to your drawings. All right, that's it for our positive expressions. Let's go for the next video, where we're going for a different tone, so I'll see you there. 5. Negative And Sad Expressions: Hi. Welcome back. We're now going to draw some sad expressions again. We'll start with simple emotions and increased complexity afterwards. The first thing I want to point out is that opposite to happy expressions. When drying sadness, the face closes up. Every future off the face comes closer together. So let's start with about. It's very simple, and they can look sadder or more stubborn. It's also not to exaggerate it, but a simple change in the mouth changes that cares his expression right away. I have this example from the enemy. Kill a Q, but I'll be trying a mouth a bit differently this way. You have two examples to experiment with and see how you prefer to draw your part. For example, here I'm going with the saddle approach for the parts, but you can try more £7 like the one from or reference again. It's all about experimenting and see what works better for you. All right, that's it. Let's go for a set expression this time, as you can see from our example off business show tangles. The eyebrows arched the opposite way When drawing Saturday expressions, they also come closer to the ice when drying it, said expression. It is also a good time toe ever tear or two to emphasize the expression on a reference image. The mouth opens up a bit, but you can live it close like I'm doing. It all depends on how much of the emotion you want to show and how said you want your character to look for now. I want to keep it quite mild so the mall suggest a line. But this time, as opposed to a content expression. The line artist downwards. We're done with our said expression. So now it's time to exaggerate and draw very devastated emotion. Feel free to go overboard with it. This shot is from narrow toe, and, as you can see, it really focused on the tears and snot. Look how exaggerated it is while drawing. I'm also going to exaggerate other features off the face as well. An open mouth, closed eyes and the river of tears streaming down her face again. This is how I go about it. But feel free to experiment with each facial feature and see what works are looks best for , said expressions and many features. Toe having attention are the I rose that come closer to the ice and tilt outwards. The mouth turns upside down and everything else are details that we add to reinforce the expression, like the tears and the change to the head I did in the drawing. All right, we're done with our set expressions. I hope you like them and had fun. Remember to feel in your templates so that you can share it in the project section. Next, we're going for something that I enjoy. Drawing a lot as well. Angry expressions, so I'll see you soon. 6. Angry Expressions: Hello and welcome back. This time we're going to learn angry expressions. As always, we'll start with a mild expression. We have here a very good example. Often annoyed expression from Kim Possible. One of my favorite cartons is it in? The first thing I want to point out here is the eyebrows again. They come close to the ice, but this time the tilt inwards. Usually the angrier the character is the more will die Rose tilt in this case, one off the Ibo stills more than the other. This helps with your night look here. The not also curves downwards, but I tend to draw it as a straight line, as opposed to the arch. Withdrew for the set expression. All right, that's seats 40 Annoyed expression now for an angry expression. This example is from Dragon Ball, a classic and one of my favorite, any may since childhood. I have to say that a curatorial MMA style as being an inspiration for me for many years. As you can see, the arrows here tilt a lot compared to the united look. The mouth opens up and shows a lot of things. Have fun with that, I would like to draw pointed teeth when doing angry expressions. For example, spiky is usually my motive when doing angry expressions as you can see a drug here also quite spiky, to show how dangerous my character is becoming. I like to go with a very cartoony and exaggerated style. I feel it could be so much fun to go out of bounds. But if you don't want to go all out, that's fine to experimenting s key here until we find something you're happy with now, Leslie, but not least, we're going to draw a furious expression this time. As an example, I used Haiti's from these in circle ease. This scene always piqued my interest because of how the emotion is captured, even hiss. Flames go up and change color to show how furious he years again. The eyebrows are slanted going towards the eyes. I'll go with closed eyes and open mouth, making it look like my character is screaming like before. I like going with the pointy teeth, since I feel it helps with the furies. Look, Israel is spiky hair going all over the place. Don't be afraid of trying facial features going on side off the face like I'm doing with the mouth. If you want to really exaggerate and show how furious your territories don't feel going out of bounds, people with your expressions. All right, this is it for this video. Next, we're going to draw surprised and scared expression, so I'll see you there. 7. Surprise And Fear Expressions: Hello and welcome back. We've gone through quite a lot of expressions already, and this time we're going for surprised and fury expressions. Starting with surprise, I have here this shot from Princess Monarchy, once more a movie from Studio Ghibli. And as you can see, a surprised look can be quite simple and mild. From our example. I want to point out the characters mouth and eyes with surprised expressions. The ice tend to look more rounded and quite open. The same goes for the mouth. As you can see, I like to draw the mouth a bit more relegated, but effect is the same as for the IRAs. They usually shoot upwards. The further up to go, the more surprised the character looks. All right, let's go for the next one. Fear for fear. I'm using this image from the show. Gravity falls as an example. Fear is a more negative connotation, so we pick up some details from our set expressions. He don't want to point out the characters libros curving upside down and the mouth health opened curving downwards as well as you can see, I like to draw them off a bit differently, he said. of Ron and curved lines. I go for a more squared shape. This is mostly personal preference. So to try a few different shapes and see what suits you best now for the ice, I want you to pay attention to the poeple, which fear and shocked expressions that popular 50 eyes become very small. The more scared the character is, the smaller with droids as we'll see in the next expression for shock. As you can see from this summer, I check image the populace smaller, and we see a lot off the white off the I. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be exaggerating these even more. As for the mouth, withdraw it very big and open. The more you exaggerate the features, the more shocked the character looks. Finally, the eyebrows. And like the surprise expression, they curve the same way they do when drawing self and scared expressions again. The more they tilt, the stronger the expression looks, and that's it for this video. Next, we're going for more at first expressions, but don't worry. We'll be going through them step by step and you'll see they'll be as simple and easy as everything withdrew so far. So I'll see you there 8. Advanced Expressions: when you start getting the hang off the most common expressions. That's when the real fun begins. In this video, we're going for more. At best expressions, this means more experimenting. The results of trying out different things are usually amazing, and it's so much fun playing with these expressions. So let's start with a tired expression here. We have an example from Pokemon, and you can see right away it's mine. Feature the health closed ice. So that's what we'll do. Just sketching the expression makes it look funny already for the mouth. I'm going to take inspiration from myself. Once I start falling asleep, I'll drool immediately. So let's at the tiny detail. Don't be afraid of being silly with your expressions, unless you really want to do something very serious. Feel free to draw silly and funny details on your characters. Now, finally, for the hair. I noticed that in our example, the girl, Misty, has her hair down instead of her usual ponytail. So I decided to do the same with my character. Her hair is down like she just got up or is ready to go to sleep. All right, let's go for the next expression embarrassed. This is a fun one as well. The first thing you might notice is the blushing. This is the main feature that you don't want to forget when drawing an embarrassed expression. The rest is all up to you. I picked this image from the enemy, even Gallion. And as you can see, both skaters were pretty shocked. Israelis embarrassed to have an example of what shocked and Tim. It's on drying embarrassment with a timid approach. Notice how it through the shoulders a bit differently, even though we're focusing on the face, changing the body can also help betray an emotion. When Marsh, I would try to hide ourselves. So that's what I try to do here with shoulders. As for the eyes, they avoid the viewer, giving even more than idea of how teammates and embarrassed or character is. And, of course, the final touch. A beautiful pink beneath Zara blushing lines. Now let's do something completely opposites, a confident expression, this time with the help of Whole from the movie Howl's Moving Castle. You can see that Ghibli movies are a great inspiration for me, since this is 1/3 time I've used their movies as an example, you feel like animation and character design. I really recommend watching this movie and all others from the same studio for this expression. I want to point out that Eyebrows tells a bit differently. So let's do that. As for the mouth, it usually goes sideways, giving our character a very smug look, which is right what we're looking for. This is another one of my favorite expressions to draw, especially with that smart. All right, just two more expressions to go, and I hope you're having fun with this. This time we're going to draw a confused expression, and I know I'm repeating myself here. But I'm having so much fun with these list expressions for a confused expression, you can see right away that differently. Angled Cairo's This example is from the movie Aladin by Disney, and I really like how the IRAs are angles and the mouse Onley slightly opened. This is a look we're going for, but I'm going to change something here. Let's tilt the head a little bit as well. Now one iro goes way above T I, the other close to it. As for the most, I'm drawing its health closed, but it be to the side as well. And there we go. A very confused look, complete with the tilted head. Finally are less expression. Discuss off course. I had to use discuss from inside out. As an example, I used inside out as an example a lot when talking about emotions and drawing, because I think they captured it very well in the movie. So this is another movie recommendation from me. If you want to learn a bit more of emotion and how color can help create a mood in your drawings, the thing you to catch my eye right away is that song sticking out. So we're definitely using that again. I'm tilting the head a little bit and even moving a shoulder to the side like she's running from whatever is discussing her again. The Kairos have different angles. The hair goes up a bit as well, and that's it. I tried to play a bit with body language in this, the first expression so you can get more used to it. A swell as you get more used to drawing expressions, start trying to draw more off your characters, worry and giving it to the emotion you desire. But baby steps first practice, trying official expressions like we did here and grow from there. All right, we're done with the drawing part. Follow me to the next video where I'll give you some more tips on drawing expressions, so I will see you there. 9. Extra Tips For Drawing Expressions: all right. I hope you've been practicing. The expressions were watching the class. Now that we've done all those different expressions, you can go ahead and post our image in the project section. I have a couple more tips for during its fresh and said, I want to give you remember that you can mix and match different emotions. Your advantage. For example, you can mix shock and happiness to showcase someone that has just received a happy surprise . Another thing that you want to pay attention to is to be sure to use each face element as best as you can. Just by tweaking the eyebrows. For example, you can go from a surprised look toe, an angry look. This is very important and require some practice. So just there's different ways to draw the same special features. Also, he's not a useful tip for you as human beings with close attention to people's and counters face, but more specifically, we focus quite a lot on the ice. So if you're trying to show why a character is feeling the way they are, make sure that the eyes are pointing to that object or person. For example, if a character is very scared of spiders, and you want to showcase that. Be sure to make your character look directly at the spider with their fear expression on the face. This will also help you guide the viewer through the composition of your art piece. Okay, that cell for the deep stick. Just a little longer for a tiny class conclusion and the speed fighting so else you in the next video. 10. Conclusion + Speed Painting: well done. You finished a glass. I hope you've learned a lot in a joint drying all those expressions. Be sure to fill the template and posted in the project section. Remember, practices super important to improve your artwork, so don't skip it. And, as always, if you can leave a review to discuss that really healthy out, it helps other people discover this class. And it allows me to keep creating and updating glasses for you. All right, that's about it for now. Thank you so much for taking my class. And I hope to see you in my other classes. Says, Well, have a great day and keep on trying. Bye bye.