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Git Workflows In Depth. Feature Branch, Forking, GitFlow, Centralized workflows

teacher avatar Arthur Tkachenko, Have a dream and have a nice day

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

59 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Comparing Workflows Part1

    • 3. Comparing Workflows Part2

    • 4. What is a successful Git workflow

    • 5. Centralized Workflow Intro

    • 6. Centralized Workflow Part2

    • 7. Centralized Workflow How it works

    • 8. Centralized Workflow

    • 9. Central repositories

    • 10. Make changes and commit to central repository

    • 11. Push new commits to central repository

    • 12. Centralized workflow

    • 13. Centalized workflow example

    • 14. Where to go from here

    • 15. Other common workflows ·

    • 16. Feature branching

    • 17. Gitflow Workflow

    • 18. Forking Workflow

    • 19. Guidelines

    • 20. Guidelines Part2 ·

    • 21. Summary

    • 22. Feature Branch Workflow Intro

    • 23. Why to use Feature Branch Workflow

    • 24. Feature Branch Workflow Intro Part3

    • 25. How it works

    • 26. Life cycle

    • 27. Start with the master branch

    • 28. Codebase changes

    • 29. Push feature branch to remote

    • 30. PR feedback and merge

    • 31. Code review

    • 32. Feature Branch Workflow example

    • 33. Summary

    • 34. Forking Workflow Intro

    • 35. Forking Workflow Intro Part2

    • 36. Forking Workflow Intro Part3

    • 37. How it works

    • 38. How it works Part2

    • 39. How it works Part3

    • 40. Forking vs cloning

    • 41. Branching in the Forking Workflow

    • 42. Fork a repository

    • 43. Clone your fork

    • 44. Adding a remote

    • 45. Working in a branch making pushing changes

    • 46. Making a Pull Request

    • 47. Summary

    • 48. Summary Part2

    • 49. Gitflow Workflow Intro

    • 50. Getting Started

    • 51. Develop and Master Branches

    • 52. Feature Branches

    • 53. Finishing a feature branch

    • 54. Release Branches Part1

    • 55. Release Branches Part2

    • 56. Hotfix Branches

    • 57. Example

    • 58. Summary

    • 59. End of our course

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About This Class

A Git Workflow is a recommendation for how to use Git to accomplish best from it.

More consistent, productive work for developers.
More effective work inside of the team.
A more flexible way to manage code changes.

There is no silver bullet for how to work with Git.
No standards.

When a team has a coding workflow, it's important to understand the logic of how changes should be applied to the codebase.

There a few worldwide used popular Git workflows.
We’ll be discussing them during this course.

Why Care about Git workflow you can ask me.
It's actually better to start to care about before things get painful :)

Case1: You are trying to manage the integrity of a codebase that has numerous developers jumping in and out. And you get a conflicting release schedule.

Case2: When you get tired of wondering why features are disappearing before deployment.

Case3: When you don’t have time to dig through the commit diffs of 500 commits to find out why a push from a specific person causes major unintended changes to your project.

Case4: When a feature that’s not ready for release sneaks its way into production and the whole project can be broken.

Case5: When you can’t have a conversation, explaining to clients/team leader (again) that you can’t release feature X because feature Y has not yet cleared QA.

I hope you see, there a lot of things can be avoided by applying a clean workflow.

When you choose a git workflow for your project, you should have an answer for 5 major questions:
1. How much visibility do you need?

2. How much flexibility do you need?

3. Is collaboration important to your workflow?

4. How much control do you need?

5. How important is ease of use to you?

I'm sure that during the course you'll get a better understanding of what type of workflow should be incorporated.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arthur Tkachenko

Have a dream and have a nice day


My name is Arthur
I'm building a meal planning startup.
Teaching to code my team of interns.
Writing articles on Medium - explaining how I'm building a company.

I managed team members with a different skillset.

Usually, I'm managing developers.

Before I managed 10+ members team, created a documentation for complex projects.


Right now I'm code at React/Nodejs

See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, guys. So welcome, toe. My course. Uh, we'll talk at this course about different. Get your flow slight since your livestock flow get floor flow, working, workflow and future branch workflow. I have a lot of students. They tell me, is that give a simple and know how to use it? But I saw that a lot of people don't actually understand how to work together at the same code base. So work flows is essential part to be a great developer. And I hope you'll enjoy this course, so welcome into bye bye. 2. Comparing Workflows Part1: all right at this course will talk about fue mejor get for flows of that different software developer teams using worldwide and all this will close are tightly connected toe features from get and will be ableto floor best since from each of it, and you will be able to find what is actually better for you. Or, for example, you may know only about one of this for close, and then you'll be able tow switch. You're putting for four in tow, and those are more preferable for you. Workflow. So Kit Workflow is on actually recommendation to use gets in orderto accomplish. Work in a consistent and the doctor and get close. Encourage users to leverage kid effectively and consistently. Oh, for example, gets a give you a lot of flexibility off how you can manage changes, but another side business flexibility. There is no like strict rules about how auto actually interacted, get and when you work and visit him on a gift mention project, you need to know that whole team members agree about certain rules off house able use coat or how they will manage changes and actually what floor they will not only for sure, but actually used, and it's just like a good in law. So you you tell another that you'll be a good sittin around the court and in order to ensure that the team are on the same page or give her flow, should be developing did selected. So you cannot just have wonderful opens that pressure for using. For example, get Flow and other developer the prefer to yours centralize. It'll close because it will create a lot of problems, especially when no changes will be measured between different. It's actually possible, but it's better to big Onley one. Whoa ends and use it. And when. When all art is over, development process picture one floor on and follow all the rules. Development protests is actually not a big problem. And issues like deploys or some conflicts in court, uh, are actually notes. No generated a tall Okay, it's enough of this video. My, my 3. Comparing Workflows Part2: all right. So a discourse will discussing just so workflow and how actually it's gonna they can be used the open process and we'll talk well, like rules off ritual pros and will have some examples. And then we'll have some some worry that will combine all businesses from here it off. This workflow also actually will have, like, four major sections. And then we'll have a summary. All right? No. Are a possible close can make it hard to know where to begin Well implemented gets in your workspace and my main interest this course is no Get your starting point and give you, like, fold information in where short amount of time So you can actually bacon between different work flows while you don't need toe know all all differences between So it's like mostly theory, but you'll be able tow exploring deeply later because it was his whole clothes are actually have a lot off like years. Oh, for developers exploring what is better to use and how toe make most off each work for my, isn't it and a salon through? Remember that this were closed. Design it to be a more like guidelines in just a complete jewel so you can adjust it. But again, if you use some, for example, some software's it's, uh, speak it into using some off clothes. It's okay to just follow the rules, and we want to show what's possible and so you can mix and match, uh, differential from different clothes if you if you want to. A bit on what? And Josh sama for work flows. Teoh talking here. Okay, its enough of this video soon the next room my life. 4. What is a successful Git workflow: all right. A senior will talk about what is actually a successful good work floor and how to find. But our war creo and, uh, I have my personal opinion on what is the best way to us, kid and what a ploy is better. But Minute Explorer, he shows, is one and then we'll be able to They are would better for you. And when you're early age in our call for a team, the most important is that you need to consider that what is actually your team culture, because difference work flows can work differently. This difference type of people, the difference. GM's and, uh, your main goal not limit people buds like, uh, like use more from your group flow and, like more or changes have more effectively working people to the other on other. So some things that you need to, uh, understand while you chicken What floor is better for you and didn't understand. Does this workflow scale with Tim size and is this important for you? For example, if you working visit Tim off five developers on Lee and you don't plan toe like, extend your tomb in tow, why 40 60 developers that work on the same code base, that it's maybe not a big problem for you and a 2nd 1 that is it easy to under mistakes and errors resist work, for It's wearing Porton Sin, especially that's current age off technologists, because with the help right now, we have a lot of sins that will help. The Robert called more effectively to check changes that was made, and that's called work. So, like 10 years ago, we don't have so perfect her hoodlum made tools that can help you to make are your codes, like very clean and working better than we have now. So right now it's It's not a privilege, and small teams also can can provides a treat called Sam. No Mistakes and Errors Kim. It's a lot off time of developers. And if workflow is not not supporting since, like going backwards changes or some not not generating errors when you like adding new changes, it's not a good sense too big a support group. So sin is, does this rip low imposed and you no unnecessary government if overhead to the chimp. So if this part of spray TV, for example, you have a few people that prefer to work on one work floor by two. You decide that for example, you have Well, I you read a few articles and decides that Oh, working workflow is Batas and other anti You want to use it after team, But your developers, I don't want to do it and they actually not for a bad causes. But they just tried toe award to use it. And at this situation, you wouldn't get a lot off profits from musings at four can were quote no main goal for you is toe Boco should be use it and people should understand how to use it. And why actually here? That if it means for your needs, then you be able to big wanders, overflows and incorporated into your development process. Okay, its enough of this life. My, my 5. Centralized Workflow Intro : get. Let's talk about centralizing work floor and the slides. I'll try to give you some basic information off how it works, works and so what? And guns off. Using it centralizes toe a flow has, like central Maine repository and local Pistorius, where the whoppers working on different changes. And if you know that was espionage or subversion, you may see that centralized workflow at give is pretty similar. So how submission our repositories. WAAS organizing. So if you actually have a teams that I was working on, submission before centralized before is the less invasive for or flows that you may peak and people will be able easily kill switch between different a version control systems. There are also some tools that will regenerate repositories between different version control system. So, for example, if you have I'm old repository the Jews, then on the grill you can actually run some Commons. It will regenerate. I'm its history in tow gear just to let you know about so centralized clo use. A central lit up is it started to soar as a single point adventure for all changes to the project and instead of drunk the fall development branches called Master and changes actually committed into this bridge. Andi here I'm explaining about some basic development. So John Burns development Model. All developers work on a single branch with open access, and usually it's, ah, Master Branch on They commit called food and drawn that super simple. But for some cases, they grave shortly with future branches and once quote on that branches compiles best this old best or work on some different like checkers. They there's that quote into Master Branch, and it's give you more flexibility because development more conscious and people really see that coat on. My sister wouldn't break. And people, people know that all it's working fine and must have really clean version off cold. Not something like these box or something. No tested or, for example, like people autumn my at five, a, uh, one toe push, A lot of updates they go into againt and they just I make a lot of changes. Don't tested because they visit is that they have some bite in a few hours on they like not but a wire isn't quote Maybe may just broke religion. No strong basic development. It's more secure way. The sense okay, but since realized, workload doesn't require any other branches besides mustard and tradition. So a distribute version control system may seem like a daunting task. But you don't have to change your existence or float. Take event to showcase your team. Can the war But projects is the same way, for example as they do this aversion portion control system. Okay, next light will continue to talk about centralized flow and kill. You get more deeper about how it actually looks in work, okay? 6. Centralized Workflow Part2: right. We continue exploring information related to a central icicle quote. Hands we're still comparing is this workflow was Sveum and centralized Quote is actually better sin rather than spending workflow because it's Do you have a lot of Once I hit powers that's Sam doesn't have. So using get you can do moral sense. So, for example, gives to give every developer of their own local co pay off the entire project, and this has elected environment. Let's each of the upper work independently off all other changes. The lover skin at comments to the roll call repository, hands completely forgets about chicken upstream developments. Uh, while they don't need it and secondly, abuse you and excess toe gives more advances, branching and merging model. So it's then, um, not, uh, once when you raided, so changes that cold and whole development protests was created for, and how actually development process and well and get us more flexible. Forces forget branches are designed to be a fail safe mechanism or integrating court and shared changes between our different triple stories. Different, for example, environments. Andi actually different Insys well And so, for example, this spends there was not ability like work. Yeah, different types of teams life in the lovers and ah, A managers and get actually provide disability. So different type off for people in worlds into process can be ableto work together on the same court. And centralized flow is similar to other clothes in its civilization off our modes Sarah side horses depository that developers used to push and pull from. For example, if you have ah, carp repository will be ableto get that from its or push some data that we made locally and comported toe other workloads tries so has no define its pull requests or fork in terms and actually work on it like, uh, single simple one brain repository that you may use at your made a small project. So I send it's on. There are a few reasons to use centralized floor. For example. You may have a small Tim, and you need to make some changes quickly, or your team is actually my great and promise van or some other, uh, personal control systems that upgrade Teoh. They're pretty. Is it a step by step work clothes? Okay, it's not for this video mine 7. Centralized Workflow How it works: Okay, So how centralized Actually working The developer started by Klahn in Central Ripper Story and, uh, in their own local Copus off the project, they edit files and ah, commit the changes are, say will do at the stream they actually moving firstly, movement changes into a station environment and push in tow story. So it's yours when and your comments was made, they extra start locally on and, uh, they was this changes are totally isolated from the central trip a story. And this leads developers for synchronizing upstream until there really convenient that changes would break a lot of sense at main repository and in orderto publish changes, the official project developers need to push their local my Serb range into the central Up a story. And this is girl into San Comet. Except that it's, as always, local comments that's wasn't already in tow. Central meister bench. So centralized quote is actually wear a simple version all for get. Bronson said you can be ableto creeds if you create ah comp repository. You also alone your EPO into your local machine and then you working on some call changes and then he puts the changes in tow your geek operable stories at storage at the top that come besides, Okay, It's not for the slide by my 8. Centralized Workflow: all right, and the sleight will talk about how toe shoe allies that a central repository So your state for someone needs to create a sense a little prince story on several. It's gonna be also, uh, using some. Give Sarah side Cirrus, get top or markets or get love. And when new Rupert Story was created, uh, for each new project, you can creates or initialized an interpreter or, if you have some cold located before units or imports and existent get to Pakistan and central procedures should always be bear posters so they shouldn't have working. Directory can be created. US. Force Assoc We executed a society, Coleman said, to come there by using your eyes, their name and sexually our place where you put host. For example, if you have ah, get help repository, you need to put here and others and you just get in it. Mind smiles bear on and share is an actual passed to your story and be sure to use when it it's the same shoes, their name, freezer on demand or the others, uh, officer for horse and location, where you would like to sort of my story. It's actually in here and a sissy. Have that get extension. That actually just headed toward repository name, uh, normal to indicate that this is a bear story. Kate's enough for socialization off central. See you. 9. Central repositories: Okay, So burial slide to you and shall lies essential Upper storey bots been to know where we actually can. Your are positive and central repositories are often created to a certain point. Serious side survives is that provide actually was him. Forget projects. And so there are few major platforms so that doing it it's a good top the markets and get lop and process off initialization Bayer Repository discusses buck and is usually handle it for you by the hosting through. I saw you usually should create an empty central repository. Just need to click Ah, bottom upside off. Some of this survives is and all protests will be created society our input. And since then, you'll be provided like just it's a p S o. R as the sage, other than to Actually, we'll use in orderto get access toe your positive and then you'll need toe Kwan Central Ripper story and so age. Each time When you have developers, it's one. So create a custom co pay off your central present Ori finito clones a stripper story on his own local machine. It's a accomplish it by executing get common, get going comment and gets going and then Assisi here on others. So it's actually contain your is your name. Both resembled can be get top on and then it's like Pasto rebel. And when you, long sexually, sometimes different people use different bids are. So, for example, one The Roper Candy years. Three instances off. You're a poser. It's not. But that's the way to do Bob again. Central repositories and central workload centralized club sometimes create some No, sometimes create a great raisins. So if you read the local repository and clone it, get well, actually adds a list or first cards, call it a region that will point back to these editors off your, um, sort by the Sarah side repository. Others and original is actually just a short name that so you don't need toe. Remember whole line. You just like replacing it. This origin and it will work for pushing changes into it. So it's actually like you may have a few repositories story don't get hop. And, for example, you may work from one local directory, so you'll need to add another ls. And it can be origin. Toe the points in tow. Second, sir, present orders that to working with. Okay, it's enough of the slide. Go to the next one. Yeah, 10. Make changes and commit to central repository: get the slight will talk about ultimate changes and communism in the central ABI story one . So your history was kwon it developer can make changes using the fall commit process. Why, I added some files, then stage them and then commit You're not from Europe is a station area. It's a way to prepare committed out here into in the gloves that were changed It was a working duke there and it's lets you create But it focuses commits Even if you made a lot off local changes that you don't want to Bush, for example into your central repository. No, the false workflow is like you made some changes than you was a cure to get state of common and you see, is that something was changing. Then you execute, get at file name. So you actually pulled file names here that you want to stage and, uh, the executions, this comment, a spell and then unity was killed. Gets commit. Um, it will actually move your files from staging area until you're get history. Let's pray, Teoh, Uh, if you know, it's very Houston. So you just need to do by directors and then you'll be ableto learning better. So remember that send this Commons great local commits developer can repeat this process a lot of times, and their upper don't need toe worries that these changes will affect somehow essential buster only when well, a verbal Bravia can push changes into sets up a story. But right now, moving filers into Stagen area and then commit them toe get history. It's only change in history on Hiss Lago Commission. Okay, it's very useful because sometimes you don't new to like work weeks on some big feature and then only when it works and tested. Well, you didn't need to push all this court angel one chunk on the main repository, so I also prefer making more small comets that actually can be easier roll back. So if I made some mistakes, I can jump back or make your journals back and be able to see what I actually personally did wrong. Our court. Okay, it's enough is a slide. I'm 11. Push new commits to central repository: Okay, So braver slides the talks that developer make made some changes locally on and here move changes from his local holder in tow. His local repository its history. But, uh, this changes, uh, arm no visible from central place and fought to do it. I will learn it right now and how actually get push work. So we need to understand how pushing new comments to Central Repository will give ability for other users. So seasons changes. So developer make some changes, commit them, and then we need toe push. This changes in the central Aleppo will do it by executing our get Bush origin master common. And so this common maybe looks a bit confusing, but get push. It's the fault. Bar origin is our Elia's. That's you remember, It's you can actually not us origin, but foot hole Ah gathers sage or a stitch ups that Ah, if your repository on your like sort by to serve wise, like it hot and my soul is actually brain judge, where you want to push changes and when pushing changes to the central repository possible that some updates from other developers, um, will have sound conflicts and, for example, you made some changes. I made some changes since and filed and our changes conflicting. And when conflicts are periods, get full output A message? A. Your changes contained conflicts. I cannot, uh, who is this changes without? And you we're basing process or any conviction, stolen process. So the station you'll need to fix it by hands on. On this end, you'll be able to push your changes online. And, uh, that's our examples. I'll show you example. When, um so the lovers actually creates, Ah, conflict And how? Well, so it gay It's enough of the slide. CNN's the next one by 12. Centralized workflow: Okay, so let's talk about managing conflict Central per story represents official projects. So it's commit history actually should be treated secret on immutable. If our developers local commits, divers from the essential upper storey get will refused to push. They're changes because it's well, all right, official commits and for developer can publish their future. They need toe fridge data from Central Repository has only them. After a basin changes, he can put his Fisher into the central. A poster. It's like saying I want to add my changes, But before I need to know what's everyone was done and this will result like great tip perfectly in your story. So actually, we don't have, like difference were close helps more like tree view. But this will give you like a line off history of comments where each one made a comment after Braves changes. Okay, so it's were similar. Toe traditional span will close, and if local changes directly conflict with extreme comments, Gittel pow's over basing process and your chance to manually resolves the conflict. So you give Kenneth fix conflicts that was made by the exchanges. It will follow Severson, and we will tell you that hate. I cannot measure it. Please do it on your own update something. And then I will be able to put your co changes in tow a repository into central thesis make . It's pretty easy for new developers. Stone manage their or Merce, but get is also give your ability toe aboard like entire base and do it again. So, for example, if you do something wrong, you can actually all the time you can step back and make us much steps, backs a senior, so give the spread to useful falls. This kind well since okay, I think they will be able to learn more about conflicts when some examples. So was the slides enough by 13. Centalized workflow example: Okay, that's the slide to talk about. Example. How centralized workload, working soul jump into it. It's a general example. A tall, typical small Tim collaborate together. Using this, we'll see how to developers John and Mary can work on separate features and share. They work. Centralized surfaced, so a sissy. Here we have John, so it's working on his Fisher. It's Hiss local What's Historia? And this is a centralized, but it may also have sure separates in the story of Okay, don't your local machine a swell? When John, working on his local was the story? You can develop its official season, Um, and development put this feature, and if you still using the old kids commit process like at its edge commits ons and Bush interests until a superstate. But remember that this changes, uh, creates Onley history at local our repository. John can repeat this process as much time askew wants. I was out warning that his changes that will break Samson at Central Repository, for example, or that his changes will prevent work off mayor. For example, what, since I met her works on your future, sure, a local president or E and, uh, while may working on just your own future. She also can use the same edited stage comet process. Like John, she doesn't care what's going on in Central per story while Cheney in on the our local GOP in order to develop some features. And she also doesn't care about what John doing at his repository because weak Mary and John has centralized super Sir, we're all important since Won't Keep and old changes uh, that they both made at local persons are actually private because nobody seen it then John decides, oppose Bush, his changes and so since relies super Story. So John finished his future and hitting into Bush local governments into centralized the story. So I wasn't in members can. It's just them and she do it it by executing get pushed common lives. This get Bush origen master. Remember that origin is a remote connection to the central percentage that get was created when John Long, the centralized purpose story in tow, local machine and muster argument, tells get dry. Uh, Origen Master Branch Local I could work on my serve bench since his central or but sorry hasn't been updated, sign John Quant. This wouldn't result in any conflicts or any problems because he has changes. Actually, it form. Ah, linear. You start changes. Okay, then Mary tries to push her Fisher into since I suppose, and she didn't actually after drunk changes. And, uh, she tried to push for changes after John, uh, successfully Bush these changes, and she tries to do the same way John did. And she was accused people surgeon, master. But since your local history was reversed from Central Story, it's actually refusing. So proceeds your request and greed and there and show some Mrs like this, like updates were rejected because the tip off current branch is behind more under part No . Who gets prevented from making conflicts and against telling mirrors. Action. You too, Ron. Get pool before so she can sink your local repository with history. That centralize superstate story. Yes. Uh, who's changes that Jones made? And the Serra will prevent Mary So override some comments while she didn't run a same process. So she needs so actually gets a history of changes as it was made by John. And then she'll be able to push her changes into central life. Separate Torres. Well, get so Mary freebasing on top of gets coming. She yet information all get history from Central, I suppose. 30 by using give full so she can incorporate up soon changes in tow your local history. And this comment is similar. Life, a span of dead so it's actually pulls entire upstream comet history from centralising Buster. Is that my actual look it If you're hip hop, uh, Triple star and all this history goes to Mary's local Ripper story, and she can also try to integrate it with your local committed by running. Get full, minus Mr Bass origin myself, the minus minus, her base option tells. Get to move All off, Mary comments is a deep off the master branch. After some pron izing, it changes from the central story shown below is the bull would still work. You should forget to do this option, but you would wind up is a super flows merge comet each time that someone needs a synchronized but central person. And for this work low, it's always better so rebased instead of generating a much common okay, so mayor in you. To result much coming, they're based on works by transfer and each local comment the updated mussel range one of time. This means that to catch much conflicts on the commit by coming basis prizes and resulting all of them in like Juan Mrs Mesh, this keeps your comments us. Focuses as possible and makes for clean project history Jordan's that make it much easier to figure out where box were introduced and, if necessary, to roll back some changes. The It was made by you with some more minimal. In Pa current project, Mary and John are working on underlying features. It's unlikely that rebels and processed will generate, but if it thus, Guettel powers rebels in protest at some current comets ends output. My sense is that give some permissions that like a we have a conflict at this file, please go into its personally get, can't some conflicts gets, cannot solve off. And so when it's what you need to go, opens this file and she solved comments by your hands. So give, get, not always be able to resolve comments without human input. And but it's actually greats in about because if you create ah much conflict, you be able to resolve your cold, your conflict on your own and in our example Mirror would simply run, get status Commons and see were a problem present and conflicted files who appeared in the unmeasured passed section. Yeah, similar lies is we have, like, phew files that was modified by Teoh. I have a conflict inside. Then she go into this files. Ed is, um, be conversion that actually need to be here committed into mental present er and one she happy with the result. She can stage updated files after much conflict was salt because before his file's WAAS removes from station environment so she Ron light, it adds file name and then Shiran gets your base minus lines continued, and that's all gets will move shortened when you commit and repeat the process for any other comments that generates conflict. And if you get to this point and realize that you have no idea what's going on, please don't panic. It's bad, actually. Barden panic adult. Just execute full uncommon and you'll be right back. We're started. You can insecure kids were based. My response apart again get is a great oh on. You cannot destroy whole repository. Dustin, by making comments, you're all the time. Be ableto jump back. It's a great sin about it. Okay? So, Mayor Ron a few cycles and fix your cord and she actually be able right now toe push her changes into Central Story. So when she done synchronised process with Central Part story, she be able to push for changes online, and she can loses by Ryan and get pushers and myself. Okay, It was one of the biggest examples for the scores, but I hope it waas right. Useful for okay. It's enough for this light my life. 14. Where to go from here : okay. As you can see, it's possible to replicate the whole traditional subversion development environments using only parts or forgets Commons. And it's raids. Central floats agreed, who centralized explosively to upload for transition and team from this fan or other old software version systems? But it's actually not so. The main logic off kid so centralized or clo, is great for small teams. Also, it's great for experienced teams, so if they have great experience of the whoppers, it's okay to use it. But if you have a lot of different members and their hair different like levels off skills , I will not recommend to use centralized and conflict resolution process detail it's above can form ah, bottleneck as your team scales inside. So it's not the best way. For example, if you have a few gyms and you need toe like manage all of their changes and it. But if your team is comfortable, there's a centralized clo but wants to stream lion. It's collaboration. Bryce is definitely Borse trying toe move. Hold him from centralized folklore into future branch workflow because it will give you more flexibility. But we'll talk about Fisher brain truck flow in details later in this life, and by dedicating on as a late range for each Fisher. It's possible toe in shades, in depth discussions around the new changes before the changes will be actually measured into our main brain shoe. That's, Ah, production radio. And so sometimes it's pretty useful, especially if you have big projects that, uh, continue a long time. And you have different teams. It is different skills. Well, so again, centralized flow is okay, Betters and Madison. But if you want to grow, if you want to give your developer small flexibility, it's better to consider moving from centralized PLO in tow. Special branch for quote Okay, it's enough was a slide. It is the next one by 15. Other common workflows ·: okay, so centralized. It'll roll is long the only one that you can use at your development process. And actually, it's like a father for other work flows. Ah, a lot of a lot of time. The world procedures, that centralized workload and it waas grateful for them. But right now, most popular beautiful clothes him similar logic. So they have some sort of centralized super story, uh, that injured or Telebras can't pull and push, but, uh, it's cute from more flexibility and in a few nicks slides will briefly touch some off other popular get or close, and these extended or close offer more the slice. But there that will help developers so manage their daily work for better. So, for example, a lot of developers figures, box. A lot of developers work on some architecture changes, and more advances or close that gets, has will help them to men. Is they work better. Okay, it's enough of the slide. See you in the next one by 16. Feature branching: okay, in order to compare, centralized to a flow will dodge a little bit. Now our future branch in or so future pension is a logical extension off centralized and scoring there behind future branch folklore is that all Fisher developments should take place in the dedicated bridge. Instead of working on Muscle Bridge, it's actually pretty easier to understand why you need to incorporate this work. For example, we have a mussel Branch set is actually our production radio court, so you don't want to mess with the school. But do you actually need to add some new features? So project. So instead off making some, uh, bucks and some man brain. She will be better to create a separate branch where you can, since Blade is them and you all your future work good. If it's done, cow some crashes or don't let's down your project. You may actually finish this feature on merger with Master Bench, but it's pretty safe your way toe cord on a big project. It's actually a pretty better to use when you have a lot off. The opposites can work on different features, or they can collaborated between futures so different. Ah, branches may gives them more flexibility toe jump between branches and called differences in the same time without warning about how many problems it's going Cause on this assistant , absolution makes it easy for multiple developers to work on particular. Future is our Mr Been a man called Base, and it also means that Master Been should never contain broken court with which is very big advantage for continuous integration environment. We wouldn't touch here. Continuous integration and continued delivery bods. I would watch you toe Lauren involved. It's by yourself. It's, ah, pray to useful sin for modern developers. Okay, it's enough for the slide. CNN's the next one. Bye bye. 17. Gitflow Workflow : me. Okay, let's talk more about comparing. Centralized for flow is get floor full on good flow or CLO was firstly, mention it in, uh, one block bossed. It's ah, 210 year from been sent dressing ad and by, uh, good floor clo defines streak brain should model designers around The project really is so man logic off. Get workflow that you're working on particular release and you actually know what you're doing as this release what fishery doing and other. So this workflow doesn't at any new concepts or Commons beyond that was required for the future branch for But it's give more clarification for prison managers, other team members. What actually was done around this Really? So it's more advanced than just and different names off branches or heaven Different leans inside of it. This it's like more mature. We're close it, developers can before cause it on shipping. One release after other releases. It's a sign very specific roles. So different branches and defines how and when they should interact. More details will talk about it flow. It's our next sessions, but for now it's enough. Game seems the next light by 18. Forking Workflow : All right, let's find out how centralized workflow is different from for Colonel. So working work floor is actually fundamentally your friends. Other work flows that this concept in this course instead of heaven I one major repository , we're all branches, all developers. Andi all history and can't change is located. Will have main Sarah side superstar. Is that action like Essential couldn't base and a lot of small opposite. Doris Name it Forks, uh, that each developer has I could serve separated several side place. So with central Well, I saw quo We have only one story on get hot, for example, and use developer clone it locally But this fork in workflow each the lover will have four kids Mizutori that's will combine it always main represent Ori and oh is the Loper will be ableto stop anywhere flow us He wants inside of his only personally But when he will finish According his changes killing him to push information and changes from his strippers are inter man Central Code base. And so actually it's all so each contributor has not one but two get preposterous or I would local one and politics here side one and we'll talk more about fork in workflow later . But for now, I sent Gets enough. And, uh, Bill compare different clothes in the details a bit later. Okay, you 19. Guidelines : Okay, let's make some sort of summary. So, um, a su C. There is no one size that fields all get foreclosed and stated it's important. Toe you up. Get your clothes. That will increase productivity off all your team members. And in addition, sitting culture of clothes should also I don't collaborate with business culture and get features like ranges. Dogs should complement your business release schedule. And if your team is using gastric and project management software, for example, like Junior asana or get heart issues, you definitely can cooperate branches to correspond with tasks related to some I work. For example, son task will be related to fix Embarks on Paschal related. So Bloomington some features or some task will be just, um, hot Texas. So, uh, you just need to understand what you need to do and what your team need to do inside the project and accordingly toe your Jim skills accordingly to your project specification units , a big, uh, closed toe mostly work well with your members. Okay, I think it's enough of the slide. CNN's the next time. Bye 20. Guidelines Part2 ·: okay, and the slide will talk about some additional details that will help you toe big car get. Or was it actually working better for your case so shortly? And brains, no longer a branch Live separately from Production bridge, then risk off and some measure conflicts and big changes that will break something between Monster and other bridge is more highly risk, so it's better to have shortly branch that will limit, uh, number off conflicts off box. The two will have and sure little branches promoting more clean away. So Merce changes. I'm between production and development. Right? Close Second sin is minimize and simplify perverts. It's important to have our cause that help you approximately prevent measures that will have to be reverted. For example, it is good to have workflow. Is that given your ability toe jump back on, for example, see previous changes or your ableto step Houston backs and be able to see what was actually done. Why is this? Changes works and next changes doesn't work, for example, and this is crucial. So we're flows at this inn brands before Lauren to be measured in So my siblings is a great example. Off why you need to be able to reverse some changes because accidents happens all the time . You don't need to be worried about them if you have a grateful. So when workflow give you ability to jump back in tow, she served changes. It's a great applause that you may need to implement into your holding process. Um, match early schedule. We'll call Should Complement Business software development Release cycle. And if you planned to release, for example, if you plan to release multiple versions per day, you want to keep your meister brain stable. And if you're really schedule is lit last frequent, you may consider ah, using get dogs to talk a bridge. No version. For example, In my combining, we build in a few model lists the same time. And each time when you make Oscar, you can show it you creator your loose. Then you installs its release at as a Ramana Lis tested, and if since working well, you also need to make a release off. That's a model ISS as well. So sometimes when since not working, we create a few religious per day in order to fix issues that fine and we are actually using a fork in work fall for this gay icing gets enough of this light. My life 21. Summary : all right. It's an actual last slide decision on Do we making some sort of summer. So in Britain slides, we discussed different. Get your clothes and Muslim God should centralized so we could in their flu how it centralized works. Uh, I show you a practical example and in addition, would talk about comparing centralized or flow is a difference it for applause. It actually our own markets right now, and some small takeaways from this section are that there is no one size that field all sins in one to get your clothes so you actually need so big Sampson's that it's better for your kiss or closure the symbol and Ganz the brother to the victim. It's also important because if you work floor are preventing people from working, it's not a go through flow for your kiss, and your business requirements should help shape your call. So each time when you decide what you probably should implement at actual project, you need to understand how it Gorlitz, who's your businessman? Okay, next Lights will talk more about its workload in details. Yeah, 22. Feature Branch Workflow Intro : Okay. Uh, right now we'll talk about future branch Arklow, and now this section will contain around 10 15 slides. So wars is actually future brains, or CLO and some core Indian behind this or for is that all Fisher development should take place in the dedicated branch instead off keeping all new records in master bench. And this encapsulation makes it easy for multiple deplorables work on particle of future without disturbance. The main convey. So your developers are actually not worried about to make some errors because they know that they have separated places where they can test since and Onley when feature like working clean without any problems, court will them murdered into the main core base. And it also means that my substantial nearer contained broken court. And this is a very huge advantage for continuous integration environments like using Travis a Sigh or get lap Messias. Well, games. That's all for the slide. CNN's the next one 23. Why to use Feature Branch Workflow : cave. Let's find out why I to feature brain choked flow so encapsulating future brain development also make it possible. Toe leverage of pull requests Cool, which are way too in shade discussion around branch and pull requests. Give other developers as opportunity. Justo sign off on the future before it will be integrated into their official broader. Also, great stole or immune called because sometimes people are busy or trying to do something quickly. And, ah, a lot of times developers pushing code. So it's not so Battle tested and pull requests to give you an ability for team leader or some repressed or maintainer toe. Actually catch some bad places in court and prevented from, um, moons this cold inter main for base. So for them, you start getting the middle Fisher and see you. You can spend a lot of time before we will actually track it, and so you can open a draft board request. It's official from Get up and your Tim Tim lead or your other team members. Will Bennett fight that you actually opened requests and you may ask inside of It's like, Hey, I have some problem. May you take a look And actually, you can use some things like good boards where you can viz out toe, checking out all pull requests data. You can actually click on bottom, and you'll have a separated workplace with the old changes from this support request. It's very useful, for example, a person to live to be in a lot of court from my two members, and I don't like each time to create a separate branch code, uh, called on my little computer and then set it up and it spreads easily for Mito iron style. Get barred extension and just click one button ends. I be able to like have separated space where I can check awards. There's developer of just exact request was done, and so I may quickly check its changes, apply comments and move forward. So pull requests make it incredibly easy for your team to commend on ish other work. They can actually also jump into this cold, make some changes and out some comments with simple request. So get Fisher Branch or close a compensable work clothes that can be rigid by other high level get or close, and, uh, uh, we discuss it a little bit about that other biller Pulis. That's our flights before. So okay, that's all for this life. CNN next one by 24. Feature Branch Workflow Intro Part3: all right, last slides While it's introducing the future bench or CLO, so is branching model. Focus. It work floor meanings that it's a garden frame broke for managing and creating branches. And, for example, other work clothes are more repository folks in but future brain for clothes can be incorporated into other actual, so it's like modeler logic inside of it. Get flow and get for can upload. Traditionally, use ah, get Fisher branch or flow in regards off the branch and model. So by learning how fishermen Shil for working, you're also will be easy to understand. Target floor or get for can work for works as well is this slide? I was pretty short. CNN's the next one by 25. How it works : okay, I have this life will talk about how future brain sharp law actually works. So official bring short creature branch or claw assumes essential repository. And the master branch actually represents official project history. And instead off committing directly on their local master branch, the lovers will be forced to create a new branch every time they started to work on a new future on official branches. Should have. Where is describe it'd names like uh, you can put them what you doing to, like animated menu items or issue number, and they put the number from your task. Drakkar. So both off this ways works great, and it depends or what your team lead or represented maintainer laugh to use. So I'm I'm or Pappas. It's on issue is number because my work always died up with some the striker like asana trailer or, for example, some sin complex like Ajira Or get Hampshire's as well. So I always have a task where we are working. So for me issues, his number is more preferable send. But sometimes when you create some separated brain, she you may want total name. It's amore. Understandable. Okay, so it's depends on time that branch has. If it's a short little brain shit, better to use. Issue is number. If you have more Long live lived French, it's better to you some understandable name for it. So the idea is to give a clear entirely focus its purpose for each branch. And when you create this branch, you need to separate your work game. So don't put a lot of different, UH, code related to Different. Since into one branch is better toe. Go back to my Serb range, create another separated branch and start to work on another future if you need to work on different Fisher in the same time. Okay, so it's a more branches, the better. It's maybe not very clear, but, ah, if you have brains that's contained small fish inside, it's very easy toe. Understand and maintain K. So get actually makes no technical dissension between the master bench and future branches , so developers can edit station commits changes to official bridge. And you also need to remember when you imagine since unit toe go into, for example, your master branch because ah merges sensitive toe what branch you want toe merge inside of it. Okay, we'll be careful. Is it? Oh, that's all for the slide. CNN's the next time. Bye 26. Life cycle : okay, and other important, Noto will have a dislike. So in addition, future branches can and should be pushing to the central repository. Um, this is important and make it possible to share a future branch with other developers without passion on any official called from Master Bridge. Uh, since Monster is only special branch store in several future branches on essential Reppert Started doesn't pose any problems. Of course, this is also convenient wayto backup ever by the lack of comets. And on the next life will talk about how excellent for parades for been short flow like we'll go through the whole life cycle over future branch game. Let's go until that's life, see you. 27. Start with the master branch : Okay, so we started to work with Ah, future. Bring shark flow from Master Branch and all future branches should be created over the latest called State or project. So this guy, it assumes that this is my intended unabated in the my service. But sometimes our muster contained production radio quotes and from Monster, it's people create a developed range that is actually containing all stayed. That's Ah, people called in at this time off project. They boots all fishers into this door bridge. And from that the low brains they actually create a new future branches. But it's not important. In just awards, you'll either pressure or to dio. Well, I will assume that the master is actually are brains that contained all lakes changes. So you need to get you got my Sarah. Then you need is a good adventure region. In orderto grab all data, That's ah, for example, your get hop repository Storin. So you like, I think in your local repository, your local check out. Check out that meister bench with my Serb range from your remote service side repository and then you can run. Get your said minus miles. Heart origin. Master. It's all dates some of changes from your local court and replace it. This data from Origen Master So it's reached the rapid story. So the master branch pools on leaks coming Center cents a local computer repository from my sister A branch off. Uh, get Harper latest version off your boat, Onda. Then you'll need actually create in your branch. The world been separated. Issue of Fisher and change your local quote. The intercept branch It ends. This will dodge in the next life, Yeah. 28. Codebase changes : All right. So we actually get the latest changes from serious Side Master Branch and Berated Toe. Create our separated feature branch. So use a separate branch forage creature or issue you work on after Great and bridge. Check it out locally. So all your changes that you make will Bay presented on that branch so you can do it by executing on this comment. I get shakeout. Miners be new feature. It's actually the name off our fishermen and the checks out a branch called In Future, based on master and miners Be live tells, get to create the branch. If it doesn't already exist, then we just making some simple changes said are brick like Edinson files or adding a new file. And when it supports this changes from our local our repository into get history. So it's have the same workflow us they usually working with get and developer can do us much comets. Ah, I said I need it. Okay, so you make some changes you commit this changes. You make some changes again, you commit this changes and then you need to run get status that will show all changes that was made as this branch, as in the U. N. And your changes into a stage environment by executing, get at file, name, comment and then you It is acute in gives commit That puts all changes into Big Sister. So this changes will be able to single service sides repository, liken, get hot, for example Gins. That's all for this life. Bye bye. 29. Push feature branch to remote : all right, so it's bringing a slide. We make some changes in our local feature. Branch Butts is as branch Waas Onley allocated in our local repository. So we and this slide will push our changes into Sarah Side Repository. I get hop, for example. So it's a good idea to push feature brain shop to Central Story because since captains, something goes wrong with your computer or laptop and said, I always pushin changes from my local siento get Harper Historia that I use in pretty much every day because I always need my data storied safely. So pollution is also important. So set your personal were close to one, but at least one time per day you need to push your court in sore, get Harper positive. Okay, I send gets just a matter of discipline and so you will get Houston. So we make some changes we commit. This changes into our local get history, but in orderto ever convenient backup and give ability to other developers to see what you're actually doing right now, you need to bushy or, uh future branch in tow. Sarah side of the story by his kids and give Bush minus you origin. New future. So is this common actually pushing new future branch to the central repository This name its origin here and to minus flag as it a ser more tricking branch. So any other deliver may actually be able to get the same link like get check out new future and be ableto get all get history from changes that you made and they be able to work from place where you stopped work on it and after sitting off the trunk and branch, give Bush and being broke it without any apartment Er's. So it'll be Bush New Fisher Branch. Is it sensible, Pistorius? And in order to get feedback on the new Fisher branch, you can create our request in the Ripper story Management solution like you get hop. And from there you can add to yours off your chords and make sure everything is booked to go before immersion. For example, I also advise toe, create a great school request description in order to give people really understanding. Oh, for what was done, because sometimes when you were busy and you like a timidity, always have the lions in your mind and have a lot off Knuble requests without description is spread. Teoh Big Pain for May I. Escort, review, or so be careful to your leader and to be agreed team member by creating are good Pull Quest, The description each time and you must America changes from your future branch in tow. Man branches like myself. It's enough for the slider. Seen him. 30. PR feedback and merge : Okay, so you completed a feature and you Bush Onley according toa remote surplus story like a get up. You open a bull request with changes you made. I also hope you put a greater pull request description into your pull request. And so then, units, wait some time while you're Tim Leader or Project maintainer will be able to review record , apply some changes. For example, after creating a pull request teammates I actually have separated place where they can comment and approved for comment that waas pushing by you. All right, You can er solve their comments locally by commission and you changes and push sound nuisance. For example, Sometime you create the functions that is maybe working for your case. But you're not aware about some other complications and people ask you for at some, some additional, since that actually prevents your made from prison and units at more comments into your future branch and book, Chris are actually agreed. Way to celebrate with other developers and all changes that you've made will appear in chronological order. And so all people will see what was actually done inside off your branch and also inside of this poor request, then you can measurable Grasso before mercy may need toe really solve all nurse conflicts if they actually appears because if other people dies, the same files or the same method this at the same time you will get Mersch conflicts, so result emergent. Without her sullen nurse conflicts, you will not be able to merciful request. And when you pull dresses up for what I got for free, you can add your old master bench on merch from the border. Question you cup. Uh, you actually just need toe open pull request. Stop open your pull request and you'll see a bottom in the bottom before before new comments. Who, um, local appear where you can click. Um, in order to merge your changes, sometimes they give up or Ripper story. My intended. This solves this feature. So not all the loper scare for access to emergent bowl crest. So sometimes administrator just close this feature and only team leader or repressed or maintainer be able to emergent pull request, but is also debatable. For example, if we have one person responsible is great, but it will require was this post, um, to each time reviewing your changes so depends on your collaboration with this other lovers . Okay, pull request aside from either late and future development branches to make it possible to discuss changes inside of pull requests. And once someone completes the features, they don't immediately just murdered Inter Master. There's a Bush feature ranger to the Central Server and file a new book, West asking to Murschel. They're additions into Master Branch, and this gives other developers important to review Coat to make some changes or ask some questions. Sometimes it's important to discuss, since before actually applying court. And maybe, maybe you'll talk with other developers that will tell us that, Hey, this feature is not so radio right now that is better. Toe keeps this open that support request for some time, and then you'll be able to jump back into the seizure and complete it. So sometimes it's OK to not just today complete Sampson OpenTable requests and merge it in the same day. But if you will example great 10 or 20 people, Breasseale gets used into the sort floor and see you'll be prepared to not like having your coat inside of my sir after completed your work each day and I assume, could start vilifying because discussion is important part off the bus. Hope. Bronzes. Okay, it's enough of the slide. CNN's the next one by 31. Code review : Okay, so let's also talk about code review called The Review is a measure benefit off poor Quest , but they're actually designed it to be a genuine equate to talk about changes you can Singapore Quest US Discussion Boards Vindicated Toe particular branch. This means that they can also be used much earlier in development process. For example, if a developer need some help, the some and they can file a draft pull requests. And it's a very useful toe because sometimes you need a separated place where you can just some problems and interested parties Will Bennett afraid on its fired automatically, and they will be able tow disintegration, right? Next does the relevant court comments. And once a poor breast is accepted, the actual act off publishing the future is much the same as, ah, talk as a centralized workflow. First, you need to make sure your local master branches synchronize it with upstream master. Then you merged official branch into my sir branch and pours updated my sir back to the central story. So again, you, when you complete your changes at your future branch, you need toe check out your master brings and need toe. Ron fetch bull workflow. And in order to check if maybe someone of some changes at gets hot repository, that's not local your Ripper. And if, ah, when you simp changes from upstream, you may be able to actually merge into my sir Data from your picture branch. Okay, I think it's clear, you know, the next light by 32. Feature Branch Workflow example : all right. And this video will talk about picture, bridge or claw example. And, uh, below, we'll talk about example off the type of scenario in future. Future brain short flowed years hands. It's the false another that Tim doing good review around on the new future. Poor guests. Uh, this example. Like many purposes. Oh, why's this model can be used for. So let's start simple. Mary begins a new future before she started developing future Mary needs to create his life brains to work on it. She can regressed in your bridge. Um was executed in full in common, like gets college miners be mayors Fisher from Monster. So Maris feature is actually sure Newbridge and she based it this branch base it on history off limits from Master Branch and minus B. Why don't get to create this new bridge from scratch and she college into it on this branch ? American edit files stage them to make changes. So, like it ended the fault workflow. The talking before on build your future is after many comments, show one. And then she can wrong get status and odd. Each file intercom, its history Mayor goes to lunch and uh, she had a few comments into your future branch. But before she lives to lunch, it's a great idea to push a creature branch into attentional story, and this is actually like convenient backup. But if my was collaborating with other new offers, they should also give them access toe short court changes so she can indicated by running on get pushed miners to origin Maris Fisher and this common push, uh, changes. And actually, whole bridge is this branch was not his. If this branch was not moved in tow, give Harper for story, for example. Uh, it's all more. Not only history off comments, promises featured bridge but also creates are separated. Yes, sir Lion. At's a comparable story, so it's actually minus flag a ser molt tricking branch. So after MoveOn's is, anyone can actually check out your branch and work on it. Onslow American call get pushes out any parameters to pose your code, but it's actually good for sinking Francis. Then my finishes, your future, and so when they get back from lunch, should do it. So before imagine, it's into Monster. She need to create pull request that will let no other team members that the work was done and she medical true view. But first she would make sure the sense of history has all of your present comments and shape Gideon get pushed. Then she fly Miles four Crest and Your Gets graphical user interface and asking to merge, Marry Special Branch into my serve, rich and team members or depressed or maintained. For example, Will Bennett fired were email automatically that creating your board Chris and want to merge your changes in tow, Man Bridge and Awesome Sin about full credit. It's actually have a separate ways or comments, and it will show all related, commits and so nice sort or so court review us, for example, myself, I'm reviewing court of my team members, actually each day. So it's very useful to use for Quest. In order to be able track wards was done because sometimes it's but to help poor Chris resins. And it's in Troy so well when old people just commit what they want in one place and the separated place. It's actually a great way toe. Cooperate like talk about some questions or us changes. Some say no. Then John receives a poor quest. She Hey, actually getting indications that he need to go and read Pulled quest and make some culture of you. So he gives us a mile and opened the graphical user interface as well. And take a look at, um I miss Fisher Range. And if you decide you want to make a few changes as this branch before integrated into official project and Can Mary have some like her, charge what we need to be done. He makes some changes, luckily, puts into this pool dress as well. And she also makes some called changes because hey decides that Courtney to be and all this history added toe break your sister that Mary was my before No. Mayer makes all the changes that was requested by John and make old changes may use the same process. So she held a local opiate. She made some could change locally. Then she put your changes infestation environment on DSHEA pushed this changes into get history and all that's ah, get bull at we'll request uh, old. His role for changes will appear. It accordingly toe logic all for guilt. History and John also can make co changes. See, he just needs to pull murders feature branch into local story, makes some changes and then put them in tow. Same pull request and any comment that he will add at this poor request. And this branch of real will be shown at the same place and in the right order. Oh, for during it at you, sir. Then my poor scare feature. When John's readyto said, Poor quest, someone in the Merced pressure into the stable project on this can be done by anyone like John Omeri. So someone doing get your coat monster. Then you're on, or Shea get full, then get full original Maris Fisher and then get pushed. This brunch is often resolved in emerge. Comment. Some developers like it because it's like a symbolic giant off the future with the rest of the code base. But if you are Bartell pulling your history, it's possible to re base the future into the people of the master because before executing the merge, resulting in a faster partners. But me personally, I don't adore probation, so I'm more like, um, connecting both histories together and working with merge. What Maurren three way merge, Not always by use and fast Forward March some graphical user interface will off commendable quest acceptance process. And it's gonna be like clicking on accepting bottom. But get help actually has free for you Few options toe. Imagine poor press so you can stay exchanges through base changes or just marry them as they are You get used to. Okay, um, John can do the same scene on John can court on his own brains while they both chatted at Samara Special Brain Show. John can also create a separate branch and called his fissures on his separate branch. And then when his work was done, he also can file progress that will request toe culture you from some other developers as well. So Assoc Sure, Picture Branch report is actually bread pretty flexible and give ability so different people work on different place and make changes since the same but based result words that some single goals one. Because each time you can file poor quest and talk as a separate ways what was done and why you want toe. Why is this change in tow? Main Kobe's Hey, I send It's enough for this life. Yeah, 33. Summary : all right, um, at the section we discuss it, get feature bench or floor, and this will quo helps organizing Teoh tribe branches that the purpose it on business demand, future sets and other gets who were close like a fork in workflow and get floor clo more represented. Focus it and can leverage the get Fisher range for photo. Manage their branches and the slides demonstrated a hollow called example and ah, fictional example off. How to implement Get Fisher Branch Workflow. So some gay a cessation to make with the Fisher Rencher floor are they focus it on branching patterns. Campbell Arrest by other Ripper story. Ari into poor PLO. So it's like with the Larsen that can be connected with other opposed. And it promotes more collaboration with team members through pull requests and nurseries, and by using get your base comments during the review and different Merced Ages, Oficial Branch will create and force a prehensile get history or future mergers and future branch model is a great tool to promote corporation. Ah, with Tim Environment as an ex little talk about other Get your clothes and hope you will actually uses Fisher Branch or call after completing this course. Okay, CNN's The Next Life by 34. Forking Workflow Intro: all right. So as the section off our course will talk about four can look awful. So fork in your flow is actually fundamentally different than other popular. Get your clothes instead, off using our single Sarah side repository to act like a central food bays. Uh, for Kennel Club, use every developers, their own suicide repository. This means that each contributor has not one but two Sarah society tripper stories a private local one that nobody be ableto push any changes except this one developer and a public serious side repository that contained all changes from all different developers inside a partner poets most often seen in public open source projects. So, for example, if you are using it happens, you're my an upside for story in Sarah cited for stories. You actually may see a lot of repositories that's have a four bottom on the toe prides corner, and, uh, you'll be able tojust fork. Some complex repository. Have your own Kelowna version of it, where you can put some changes that will not affecting the work off main depositor in them . When you will be ableto understand that your future is done and you ready toe show your court to other repository maintenance. You just open poor quest. And it will, um, compare court from man. Um, range off central repository of these cool changes that you was made us the upper at your personal for kids Ripper story. Okay, we'll talk more as the next slide. I think it's enough of the slide. See you mine. 35. Forking Workflow Intro Part2 : Okay. So, man, advantage off the fork in work forwards that contributions can be integrated results in its for everybody to push your courts into a single central Europe. A story developers may push on there own, sir Sighted person set up different work floor as they want and Onley the main project maintainer or repository owner uh, able to push changes into the official report story on this alos I'm entering the maintainer toe except comments from any of the upper without giving them a lot off, like access a grant in different drawls or explaining how actually called base working. So it's save a lot of time when you just have, for example, hundreds, all 1000 developers that want to contribute to your code base. Okay, well, the jump into next light and see what's next. Yeah, 36. Forking Workflow Intro Part3 : pork and workload typically follows the branch and model based on the get floor close. This means that complete future branches will bear purpose it to merge into the original project maintainer Super story, and the result is distributed or close. It provides a very flexible way to work for a large organic teens, including untrusted server party. Survives is to call bread securely. It's also makes it on a deal will close for open source projects. So this is why is this? Workflow is commonly use it at open source of projects. And if you want to master how actually get works, I'll advise it. Toe, find some maybe big on my small repository where you can actually contribute and see how exactly big, uh, separated teams are working together at get hop. So you may not be in ableto understand how their court works, but there a lot of possibilities for example, toe of the documentation or check some broken links. And this will really help. So those teams and add some value toe that model. So if you want to really understand how far can work floor works is better to like jump into the ocean and find out how it works and this is my job. Okay, let's go with the next life. My 37. How it works : Okay, so let's find out how it actually works as it's ah from other good or close working. Arklow begins with an official public Ripper story. Storage on the Sarah, for example. It's gonna be report, sir, is it? Store it on, get up. And when a new developer wants to start working on this project, they do not directly clone the official story. Instead, they fork official reports started to create a co pay off its on Sarah. So if we are talking about hip hop when you four kin official history, you may get another second repository of is the same court, but with different logic off parents. And so it will have a parent from Man Ripper story, and it will be store it on the same website life. It's hard for get locked orbit biking. Ah, but have a different issue to be or a cessation. Others this new corpus source. US developers personal public repositories, so no other developers are allowed to push into it. But they can pull changes from oh, developers copy, and sometimes it's important. Well, we'll talk details about it later, but usually it's for example, when you make some changes you file a new poll request, but your changes is not enough. So other people may be ableto fork changes that you've made and contributed that full requests as well. And after, um, Senator Corp iwas created developers can perform get blown to get a copy off Sarah Science Repository, store it on get help, for example into gets in a copy, uh, on their local machine, where they can actually put some polls changes. And this Earth as a private development environments and just like in the as a rock falls. So it's not, we're a lot of changes is the main changes is like you have a central poster. You have four kids triple story inside or which you be ableto It's your own Ripper story, and you may be able to ah, work s you want results. Ah, understanding different for clothes from other teams. So it's like your own place where you can deal to work with the code base off main official model, and when you work was done, you may actually try to push your talking try, because sometimes your cold will the not very well. For example, if it's some big A model or some big company working on it. But you at least may try to open the pull request and maintain there will be no Try it about the changes and you will be able tow get inputs from them. What you need to add or maybe changed in orderto get your coat changes accepted into the main code base. Okay, I think it's all that I want to talk about this slide. CNN's the next time Bye. 38. How it works Part2 : all right, so you made some changes. It's your cologne int four kids a repository. And when you ready toe, push your local comments, you may push the comments so your own Ripper story at yours. But it's not the official one, and it's will give you ability like you may commit us much. Yes, you want the same. You may push us much court changes into your personal repository, smashes who want and choose your own schedule so nobody is washing or controlling you. And then you may need to file our poor quest with the manner per serving, which leads the project maintainer to know that you made some changes and to your baby is ready to be integrated. Sometimes. If you're your court is not ready, you may while not the pull request, but pork was dropped in order to initiate a new conversation. Life Ah, shot in order to present your changes and get some feedback when when it's not finishing. But you want to show that Hey, I made some changes. Let's talk about it. And the poor Greste also serves us a convenient discussion. Trade, that's it told you and especially there some issues with the contributed court and the full in below is a step by step. Example, this or close. So developer forks and officials are stupid story. This is created their own suicide. Korpi and TOC New suicide Kobe school on it so their local system gets remote. So bus connect to the official report Story is added, uh, to the local corn. Then in your local future, branches created then developer. Make some changes on the new branch, new comments created with some chord changes and then developer push. This changes with brains in tow. Developers own suicide Copia. After their developers be able to open a pull request from the new brain into the official requester and then the pull request gets, approve it birch, and it merged into the original Sarah cited poster or, for example, sometimes pull request gets not abroad and rejected, so you may need toe date. Some comes in on your cold base ends, then file. Another Polar quest is more clear explanation or mobile record, for example. Okay, I think it's enough of this slide. CNN's the next one by 39. How it works Part3 : in order terms grade feature into the official Kobe's maintainer Municipal Contributor changes into their local EPA story check in order to make sure that your chord changes doesn't break the project and then merge it into their local master branch. Then push changes in my syringe was official repository on the server and the contribution that you made is additional part of the project and other developers should pull from the official story in order to synchronize their local stories. It's important to understand that the notion off unofficially story in the work in report is merely our convention. In fact, the only thing that makes the official report story so official is that the probably triple story off the project maintainer so it's actually making a bit heart logical for a sink in off court changes. But it's give for more ability for people to sit ups a personal like it workflow and not follow all the rules from ah project maintainer as I told you, for example, if you want to use get flow, But ah main repository maintainer don't allow visitors get floor, you be ableto fork his super story and then apply rules or get for your own poor kid's version. Off man reports story. Okay, I send good solve of the slide. See in the next one. Bye bye. 40. Forking vs cloning : Okay, So let's understand the difference between fork in Risk wanted Project is important to understand that for kids repositories and fork in it is not the special oppression. There is actually no comment for doing this. And orchestra Pistorius created using the default, gets glowing common and four kids. You poseurs are generally like a Sarah side clones and usually manage it and hosted by 30 part to get survives like it hot. So there is no unit get common to create for kids, superstars and all. Cologne operation is essentially a copy off my an official report story, and it's get history of changes. Okay, that's all for the slide. CNN's the next time Bye. 41. Branching in the Forking Workflow : okay, and the slide will talk about Branch in in the four Cano quote. All of this personal publicly preserves are really just a convenient way. Toe share branches with other developers. Everybody should still be using branches toe. Isolate some unique creatures just like it was doing a future bench or floor. And as they get floor pull down, the difference is house. Those branches gets shared in the four Canada quote there, pull it into another developers local story while in the future branch and get flow or close up, we should into the official report story. So, for example, if we using get floor offshoot Beautiful and we have, for example, hundreds developers it in the same time working on different features will have a long story off branches inside of Manchester, and sometimes it's good. But sometimes it's not very useful, especially when you have open source of project. So this is why fork in work clothes better because you don't need to have all this history off different branches inside of Central, but started because sometimes those branches are just death, and nobody working on it or, for example, is bring just waiting to be merged and then after merge these branches like not not deleted because someone forget to do this is why for can oppose better because, ah, history off changes between a lot of different people are not so huge. Not hearing like where a big tree with all the brains represented inside of it. Gays. That's all for this life. CNN's the next one by 42. Fork a repository : Okay, so let's talk about fork in Arab historian, you cannot use fork in workload without actually a fork in annual report story. So only developers start forking a pro project need to fork some official reports story and its preface a stated fork in Is Justice. The false gets clone operation. It's possible to do this by, uh, running. It's a Sasha Interests error and then run and get going to cope it to another location on the sir. If we're talking about some private servers or some fostered repositories but popular get horse and services like get half offer rep before can features that automate in this step. So after after running Fork, you will have separated repository with your own address with your own excess, where you can clone data, push data and pull data from Europe. A story without worrying that someone else will change something at your own private. Everybody started, but again, after four can represent EU man stands that you're working with a lot of different people. They made push a lot of changes at times that you know, traded so you need toe, adjust your quote and always pull data from upstream in order to be up to date with Central official story. Because if you're open source it, um, model, uh, great. Hardly used. And a lot of people pushing some changes. You need to fork. You will need toe sink your for contrition a lot of times before you may be able actually to put your changes in support of breast. Okay, that's all for this life seeing the next one by 43. Clone your fork : All right. So you made a fork. And to you right now, have your own separates in place. Oh, is get history from their main story. And now you want to clone all this data into your local machine. So next step is, uh, alone. You're publicly for coated history. And you it's the same. Get a clone common and assuming that really get have to hold the superstars. Developers on the project should have their own get have accounts. So they you should clone their phone fork it trip off their per service. Simple execution of common get blown with actually, that still bears or it's a sage. Others here. So since you confuse their horse and use your name repository Okay, it's enough for the slide. CNN's the next one. My, my 44. Adding a remote : another important part to talk about. Four can work ploys toe ed in remote that connected in tow. Main official registers that we actually clone. And for, uh, whereas other get repose, Use a single origin remote for points into the central part story for can workflow requires to remote one for the official Pistor and one for the developers Personal Sarah, side your pistol. Ah, well, you can call this their most innocents you want Ah, usual convention issues origin As the remote off your fortune reports story, the origin is actually, um ls for your as just get help and absolutely like an ls for no Edris Official reports story where you can push your changes or pull some new changes that was made from other all right contributors. So by you, when you clone a forecast triple story by the folds, some sort party, sir, writes like I get hub create our remote origin. But upstream is not so the Fort Lee created as well. So you need to execute a common get remote at upstream with others that you have for official reports. Stir. So it's is their name off maintainer and through a story and do you need to create the upstream remote yourself, using this comment until led to easily keep your local or per story up to date as a official product progresses and more Sumco changes in forward Know that if Europe Soon Ripper story have some identification enabled, For example, you may need to add the passport or you're here is the name or your email? So it's actually your poor kid. Triple representatives. That you are actually forking is not an upper source, and it's close it for outside development. You'll need to supply is their name like so? So you may need to change your business. Common and execute gets remote appstream with data about yourself. So your own credential should the past us well, and this requires users to supply it while it's possible the folk alone or pulling from the official cause. This, you may actually end your user name and password into some of your local gets environment, so it's, well, a lot off confusion when you try to push them changes and it's asking your passwords again and again. But by the fold, you need to supply by sword each time when you make some changes with the official code base. Okay, the soap. All this light in the next time bye bye 45. Working in a branch making pushing changes : all right, we talk about some theory, and now it's actually an example Time. So working in the bridge, making some changes and pushing exchanges from the local historian. So your suicide triple and into official buster in the developer SoCal co pay off the fork it super story of developer can edit codecommit changes and create branches just like in other guitar clothes, like by executing Get shakeout Man is being some future you'll creates in your some future branch and check out into it. Then we may make some coat like editing some files, right? And we need to put this changes to get history by executing a comment like gets comments minus a minus m for message. And we edin um, interesting commit message that explain what we did. All other changes will bay entirely private until they push it into a private public repository and is the official project has moved forward. They can excess new Commons by because acute in the fold gets full common. So if you, for example, spend a few days by working on future and at the same time you understand that other developers making changes and that changes merged into the central official repository. You need to get the data into your local for the story by basin, your official fork it trip a story and you using Give Bull Upstream Master, and this Commons will get all information from Meister Branch that's related to upstream ls and absurd. Um, in our case, it's official history, so get boo will get that. Give history date off. Changes into your locker per sorry. So you actually will have a sink it called base. So your local historical have sink it called base with main official story, and it's pretty useful, especially with open source project. When a lot of time, a lot of the low person be able to push different changes off different part of project. And since the opera should be working in a dedicated future branch, this should generally results in a fast forward march. But sometimes it's may have some conflicts that you well needs over solve on your own. Okay, that's all for this life Seems excellent. Bye bye 46. Making a Pull Request : all right. So let's assume that we made some changes in our local reports story, and we want toe shares. This changes with on official project, my antenna. And when we complete our Fischer, we need to do to since, in order to shares it with other world. So first we need to make our contribution assessable to other the operas by pushing it. So they Republican Pistorius. And it's is it to do by executing a common get pushed Origen future branch, take another 20 to have our fishbein for will be able to push it, and so are 42 per story. So usually when you clone your fork it ripper story, your origin are actually set up. So this executing this comment wouldn't create any mistakes. And this part is actually divers from other work clothes because right now, origin, remote points toe developers personal service I tipper story notes Domain code base. And secondly, we need to notify project maintainers that hey, we actually complete some fisher. We make some cool changes and we want so that our court will be merged into the official code base and get com provides Are poor Chris bottom that lives off form, asking you to space five. Which branch You want to merge into the official start and I'll advise you to spend some time with this form when you filing a new will request and put a lot of details into this ah form in order to explain what was actually done, why you did changes. And, uh, what what? The change just will be beneficial toe Ah, project maintainer. And you actually have some questions. For example, if your fisher is not completed and you stock a bit, so will request form, given your separated place where you can charge with project maintainer and have a discussion about features that you're trying to mate or was that was actually made by you, um typically want to integrate your future brains into the upstream remote master brush. But sometimes if a predicament and make some changes in tow brought development process. So sometimes you need toe Ah, integrate your court with ah, obscene remote developed brains, for example, or some other branches. It's always up on Roger maintainer. Okay, I send goods. All that I want to share the slide seems an excellent bye bye 47. Summary : All right. So let's summarize some of informations that I going to in the bravest slides. So fork in Rick roll is commonly used in a public open source project and for kin is gets going Operations that executed on the server copy off project to press story Working workflow is often used in conjunction with Get horse and syrahs. I get hard Forget lob that bike it and Hailo Example off a fork in your flow is, for example, you want to contribute to an open source library hosted at this year l So we have some approach maintaining name and name offer price story by using get happy creative fork off the stripper and this fork located at your space. So good hard that come your user name and the same name off for project upper story on your local system. You should, is that you get along with your l to your forget super story without on actually, and get your local copy off the Ripper story. It's your local computer. Then you need to create a new future branch on the local Ripper story when work is done and you actually feel like you completed the future. Ah, you execute and get common gets comets common and it will save all the changes as your four kids private trip a story, get history and then you can push new feature branch to your remote for kids, trip a story, then by using, get Happy Open and I'll pull requests. Ah, in tow a new branch against the original story as a We have the comb user name opened up a story and by opening a poor quest You actually notifying Project Maintainer said some changes was made by you and you want toe merge. This changes from your code that the base into the main code base and that's it. This all for four can workflow. I hope you enjoy this section and that's all. Was this aside later will talk about get get floor workflow And I hope you will enjoy this Well seems an exception Bye bye 48. Summary Part2 : all right before talking. No about Get floor for winning toe. Finish on and we have second slide related to summer. So, actually for control four helps a maintainer off approach in, uh, open up the river started to a lot of contributors from any developers worldwide. Without heaven, too many really manage authorization. Satan's for each in judo contributors. So, for example, if your project maintainer and you have a lot of people that want to help you with the project, it's, ah, a bit challenging toe open and given to some people, like read access and for other people given to write acts and as well, so given them. Granting them some excess is challenging. So four can workflow eliminating it, and it gives a maintainer more awful bull style or floor. Most commonly, it's used an open source project and for Colonel Flow can be also applied to private business for close to give more operated control over what is actually measured into a release. So the ways for can report you always need to have a presentment enters that will check Oko changes by opening a bull request and the hero, or she will be responsible for applying old changes and measures its changes into code base . And this can be useful in teams that have sound deploy managers or street release cycles. Okay, at next. Life's will talk about get floor quote. It's enough of the slide. It seems the next time Bye bye. 49. Gitflow Workflow Intro : all right, so now will help off your slides. Where will talk about good floor for So get floor close up, get your flow designs that was firstly, publish it and made popular by Vincent's Dreesen and V. The Good Floor CLO Defiance the Street branch model Design it around the project release This prized are obese friend broke for managing large project. The floor is ideally suited for projects that have a schedule it really cycle, and this workload doesn't add any new concepts or common beyond that was required for the future branch workflow. Instead, it's on various Pacific roles for different branches and defines how and Wednesday should in track miss a shot. In addition to official branches, it's used in judicial branches for preparing, maintaining and recording releases Course. You also get to leverage all the benefits Office official branch for clothes like pull requests, isolated experiments and more efficient collaboration. We'll talk about this features as next lights and that's all for this light. CNN's The Next time Bye bye 50. Getting Started : All right, so let's talk about outfits. Branches is slight. I'm in tenants or whole foods. Branches are used to live it. Sure, production releases whole trip's branches. Ah, lot like released branches and future branches, except as a visit on muster instead of little. And this is on the brains. That should work directly off the master and assumes the fix is completed. Should be measured in tow boats, monster and the war branch as well, or to the currents release branch that will are there when it is completed. Message into the world branch and my sister should be target with an updated version number after he exists, completed and a dedicated line off development for about Crixus. Let's your team address issues without interrupting the rest or for kuo or waiting, for example, for next recycle. Sometimes bugs are actually sitting inside of your production cost base and a unit to fix it immediately, or ah, your users will see a lot of problems. Who's your brother? And later, when quote is actually emergent at Main called Base inside of my Stourbridge, you should move the same picks into the L A branch, so this bark wouldn't appear later with new releases a swell and so you can think of Minton's branches. Similar, like really branches that work directly with myself on the hot figures Branch can be created using the format of Without Get for extension. You should execute Get Scoutmaster that will move your inside of master branch and then you should execute Get Scout minus B Hot Fix branch. And so, when you used to get flow library extension, you can execute a common get flow hot, fixed start and similar toe finishing early brain Short Foods brand should get merged into both master and raw, and here you can see ah, simple example so you could get in get scoutmaster than you. As the kids in the next common get Marshall Field's branch. Then you should execute Get scout brain, get your call developed branch. Uh, then you should execute. Get measured feeds branch So you see that both branches, you merge them with hospital branch and then you should execute. Get branch manager. The heart feels bush, and so you will delete actually the hot fix branch because you don't need it. And the same logic your carefree few just executes his branch I get floor fix, finish tricks branch So associate floor are actually more useful. And the last confusing If you have discipline to work with it Okay s and gets enough. All slides related, So hot fixes CNN's the next time. Bye bye. 51. Develop and Master Branches : right. So let's talk about good flow or poor end how it actually works with Branch. So uh, instead of single master brains is workflow uses two branches onto records. A history, always a product on Master Branch stores. The official release. History like production Ready, called. And though Branch serves US and Integration brain for features, it's also convenient toe check all comments in the master branch with the version number, and the first step is Toe complemented the Files monster with the developed range and the single way to do this for one, developers to create an empty develop branch locally and push it into Sarah by executing this comments like Get brains develop and get pushed on a school Origen. And this Brancheau contains a complete history of the project. Where is my surreal? Contains and a breeze direction. Other developers should now cologne the central person and create a truck and brains, uh, from the l. A branch. And if you're using the get full extension library by execution, get floor in it on an existent ripper. It will create the developed branch for for you without any changes from her sight and so executing this get floor in it and it will show you some similar output like this. Like initialized him to get your story at this file and story and all get history at that. Get holder and no branches exists yet by the branches must be created. Now it's a used main branch for production releases and branch name for next release. Development located at Develop Branch. You may change this names, but it better to keep this, uh, here are here. Us. Ah, good floor was created for this. OK, so it's better not to changes names for before the people that understand how good for works. It will be more clear for them that names that actually comes from get floor large okay and also have shown you that future slash will be a perfect for future branches. Really a slash a little bit related to release branches saw Slash is a little bit also parts of the name of bridge and for figures. Brain Jews who have perfect hot fix less and support branches will have support slash break it, and you may also add some back graphics for different versions. For example, some people use like read dot or we Dodds pointer something. So it's upon you If you want to. Your special talk, you may actually perfect. Sit us well, and then it will show you if you execution, um, could bridge common. It will show you that you have two branches and you actually have developed active branch. Okay, I think it's all that I want to show you dislike in the next time. Bye bye. 52. Feature Branches : Okay, So let's talk a bit about future brains each in future shooter sides in its own branch, which can push it to the central per story for the cop and celebration purposes. But instead of branching off the master branch, future branch issues develop other burn branch. When the future is complete, it gets merges back into develop branch and future should know interact directly with master. It's a like rule or get floor. No, the future branches combine it with the developed branches. For all intents and purposes, it's actually the future branch workflow. But get for flow, get flow. Workflow doesn't stop there, and future branches are generally created off the latest develop bridge and creation. Fisher Branch was out to get flow. Library library can go by executing to comments like gets called develop. So you go on into the old benches and pick out man is the future branch, where future branches actual name off your bridge and you can do the same by using get floor extension and executing, get flow, feature, start future branch, and then you can continue work and you get like you normally would. So there are no big differences at all. So get floor is actually just combining a few comments together and using some naming convention in orderto simplify your work with are creating branches or changing them. Check out them well or closing them. I think it's enough of this life. CNN's the next one. Bye bye. 53. Finishing a feature branch : All right, So it's our brother slides, we create a new future branch. And now well, uh, need to show how you can actually measured together with developed brains. No, Let's assume that's Ah, prayer slightly creating your bridges and we types of or change some cold here. And when you've done with all development work on the future, next step will be to merge your future brains into the river bridge, and you can do it without get floor extension by executing to comments like each call Dellape then Ron Good Mersch official branch Where you actually stating that you emergent cold from future branch into the river bridge and you can do the same with get floor extension by executing get flow. Future finished. Fisher Branch. It's more long cold. It's actually maybe not very useful at the beginning. But if you will type a lot off Commons, get floor, you'll get to Houston. So it's matter off practice more okay, and that's also you can now jump into new future bridge by creating new one and continue records on another task or do something else. Okay, I hope of this Waas not very complex in and see in the next life. Bye bye 54. Release Branches Part1 : All right, So let's talk about released Rangers on and what is actually bouts and why we need them. So once developed Branch has choir it on us, features for release or returning through this date is actually approaching you. Fork and release brain show off Adela Branch and creating his brain starts the next release cycle, so no new features can be added after this point on the back. Crixus, Documentation Generation and other release oriented tasks should go in this branch, so no any new features that also need to be scoured or something else will go insiders at his bridge. And once it's ready to shoot release brain, she gets merged into a master branch and duct with version number. In addition, it should be large back into develop a swell, which make her for progressive since their release. Waas in shade. So it's a great way tow ship, a new updates if you have a teams that focus it on the releases. Okay, its enough of the slightest think on excell talk how we can work with release branches inside off Get flow library seems the next video Bye bye 55. Release Branches Part2: all right, so let's talk more about through these branches and why we actually need to them. Isn't a dedicated branch to prepare releases make it possible? I want him to polish the current release while another team continues working on features, force and extra leads. For example, you complete all fissures that should be going into this release. But you also have separated you and a engineer steam that need so manually test your courts or, for example, run some autumn medical pests. And at the same time the developers actually working on something can features or, for example, a new feature that wouldn't include it. Toe this spiritualist, and it also creates well defined phases of development. For example, you can like I have a meeting with team members and talking that this week we actually preparing for version 4.0 and all fishers that's not going inside of this. Police should be response and moved, for example, Internet next week or when we'll start and you cycle off our development. And actually, it's a very pretty to see life, a straight line and get sister when you open in it, and you see how ah comments going inside the one release or, for example, not included into it. So making release branches it's actually straightforward Branch in operation and, like Creature branches has been just visit owns the developed bridge, and clearly his branch can be created using the following matters like Lisa get floor library or resulted. So without good flow library, you should was good to comments like it. Check out develop. So you actually understand that you're inside of the L A branch and then unit. It was a good get scout manners be really slash and Russian number. I would want you to read about Samantha questioning, and it will help you to understand the logic behind each Russian and, ah, well, wouldn't touch it here. But if you interested, type it in Google and you'll see how version actually use it for development process. And the second phrase to use an extra will get floor release logic so you can execute, get floor lives, start and put a version number, and it will create a new brain showbiz, namely slash and person number. If you wouldn't change when you you shed your deplore, it will have this branch name and once the release is ready to ship, it will get immersed into master and the low branches well. And then the release branch will be ability important to marriage back into developed because critical updates may have been dead inside the release branch and they need to be accessible off when you features from develop branch. And if your organization also half a review, it would be and it'll place for using full requests in order to finish early bridge you can use this matters without it. Flog station you need to get execute. Get scoutmaster then Mersch Master Branch with your really served by executing common get mercenaries and Russian number And this is a good flow library. You can execute a comment like give good flow list finish and version number and it will also murderous master and of combine it combined released with the master and the lob range as well Okay, I think that's offers a slight Seems the next one. Bye bye 56. Hotfix Branches: All right, so let's talk about outfits. Branches is slight. I'm in tenants or whole foods. Branches are used to live it. Sure, production releases whole trip's branches. Ah, lot like released branches and future branches, except as a visit on muster instead of little. And this is on the brains. That should work directly off the master and assumes the fix is completed. Should be measured in tow boats, monster and the war branch as well, or to the currents release branch that will are there when it is completed. Message into the world branch and my sister should be target with an updated version number after he exists, completed and a dedicated line off development for about Crixus. Let's your team address issues without interrupting the rest or for kuo or waiting, for example, for next recycle. Sometimes bugs are actually sitting inside of your production cost base and a unit to fix it immediately, or ah, your users will see a lot of problems. Who's your brother? And later, when quote is actually emergent at Main called Base inside of my Stourbridge, you should move the same picks into the L A branch, so this bark wouldn't appear later with new releases a swell and so you can think of Minton's branches. Similar, like really branches that work directly with myself on the hot figures Branch can be created using the format of Without Get for extension. You should execute Get Scoutmaster that will move your inside of master branch and then you should execute Get Scout minus B Hot Fix branch. And so, when you used to get flow library extension, you can execute a common get flow hot, fixed start and similar toe finishing early brain Short Foods brand should get merged into both master and raw, and here you can see ah, simple example so you could get in get scoutmaster than you. As the kids in the next common get Marshall Field's branch. Then you should execute Get scout brain, get your call developed branch. Uh, then you should execute. Get measured feeds branch So you see that both branches, you merge them with hospital branch and then you should execute. Get branch manager. The heart feels bush, and so you will delete actually the hot fix branch because you don't need it. And the same logic your carefree few just executes his branch I get floor fix, finish tricks branch So associate floor are actually more useful. And the last confusing If you have discipline to work with it Okay s and gets enough. All slides related, So hot fixes CNN's the next time. Bye bye. 57. Example : All right, so let's talk more about simple example. That's a showing how we can incorporated get flow and to using a fisher branch flow as false and lead systems that we have a simple story that was set up before. And we have our actual masturbation, their end to execution if you come. And so I get scoutmaster, then we should execute. Our Hitchcock plan is being developed when the creation and going inside of his branch and then we the kitchen gets you got manners. Be future branch on. We actually jumping from developed branch into a future branch here. Uh, next we have some work inside official branch. Right? Then we go. It's Isabela Bridge by executing gets called developed. Then the murschel, uh, go changes from picture branch, bikes the kids and get Mersch Fisher Branch, Then the going inside of my search by executing Get scoutmaster on. Then we immerse changes that we have at the lop into Master branch by the kitchen. Get merged develop. And after this, uh, Romans, we can actually delete our picture branch and we executing it by, uh, type in comment. Like get branch miners de official bash in addition to the future and release for at card tricks. Examples. Oh, here as well. So we have. We are going inside of our my syringe and executing common Get scoutmaster. Then we should execute. Get scarred manners be hot feeds branch And we have ah hotels branch with data from my celebration. Then we make some work inside of Whole Foods branch. And so then we want to merge this hot freaks inside of our master. And so we it was a kids And get your car develop and three right now inside of the old bridge Then we execute and get Mercial Tree's branch. So we emergent hot fix with data from master in So develop Then we are going into my surveyed by the kitchen Get scoutmaster and we also using the same comments and execute by execute and get Marshall Field's Bay Bridge emergent inside the for my Serb Rencher changes from our fit bridge that this time we can actually also delete the hot feet bridge as well . Okay, I think that's all for this life He is the next time Bye bye 58. Summary: all right, So this is actually our last slides related to get flow. And so it will have some simple summary here and about what's weird, this concept here. So we discussed it about how good flow workflow works and good flow is actually one of many styles off gets or close its you end your team member scan years and some Katie quiz to nobody Good floor are the good Flow is great scene for release basis, off to ever close, and the flow offers dedicated channel for fixes into production already code base and the overall flow good flow is Are you here for the Vela Bridge that was created from Master and you have a release branches that created from the vault branch. Future branches are created from developed branches, and then the future completed its demonstrated to be immersed. It will be immersed into the developed range, and when areas branch is done, it's missed inside of Develop Branch and my PSA branch as well. And if an issue in master is detected, uh, hard Truths branch are created from my Serb range, and once the hot fix, it's completed. Its measured to both developed and my serious well so this bark wouldn't appear in next releases. A swell gate I send That's all for this life. Bye bye. 59. End of our course: Okay, so it's actually the last lives that we have And my congratulations for you to learning on different get workforce. So I hope you will not just learn how they are different shapes. But he also start to use some of this and I'll advice you to use maybe get flow or call because it's the most advances. But for sure, from start to may want to start with future branch on there. Oh, I hope you learn a lot of nuisance during this course. And, uh so that's all CNN's. The next course, if you wanted. See you. Bye bye.