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Git For Beginners

teacher avatar Said Hayani

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Install git

    • 3. Git remote

    • 4. Git add commit

    • 5. Fork and clone

    • 6. Git pull

    • 7. Pull request

    • 8. Work with Branches

    • 9. Merge

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About This Class

This class is for free , through  you will learn git version control , and by the end you will be able to create your first repository , fork and clone , push your code to the GitHub ,and contribute to open source

And basically This are the skills you will learn in this Class:

  • Create your first repository
  • Add remote to your local repository
  • Fork and clone the repository
  • Commit changes you made in your code
  • Add your changes to git
  • Push the code to the github repository
  • Work with branch (create,delete,switch ,rename)
  • Create your first pull request
  • Merge data and branches

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Said Hayani


Hello, I'm Said.I am a Full Stack Web Developer and Front End instructor,I am Writer at FreeCodeCamp,and author at Zeolearn  .

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1. Introduction: Hello Guys will come to this free class to learn again. My name is said, any forced up with in front and why get get is a version control. It's an important tool for every basically allow you to show you God with others and walk one central. But sometime and obviously in this class you will learn how to create your first my people request Way had brought you got to get. But before we start hello, it's on social media to get more. 2. Install git: welcome to the first part off loving git And this part words are exploring Dwight to Dahlan Get on configuration offer to get so first past for 30 step is to go to don't won't get no just goto this link right here and don't get on Get is available toe measure a person system It's available Mark and we loved on on lyrics as well And so I have linen Just like I have to do is tow around his command after get on star get And I did this Come on A swell did repository on After their wounding gets, uh, you have to check if you don't get a successful on if get is available in your mission Oh, after that is just run Get version, Miss, Come on, we'll give you a diversion off your get on. And if he if you have get on such correctly and you'll find a is output And what's other step aside is to configure, uh, gets you have to define usually Israel on a mile. So just run This command gets confected gulag. So must be a buyable Ghobadi user What name on your name here Not going to run this command because I have to get confused before. And also you have to configure your email off your get in. My You're a mile, for example. He smiled. Come after a configuration off. Get Ah, The next step is to create on your account. Get up if you don't have one, you didn't have one. Just go to get out the car and create in your account and then log into your account so you can have profile on you can. I don't want to go and work would get so, uh, why would choose get up? We could have is first platform for using Get Actually, it's pretty fraud from For all the Yeah, do you suppose so? We have a great future. It's easy. And if provide us a cli and your first sogen runs get come on on terminal. So it's more forward to another part so we can start exploiting Explain feature and tools off. Get 3. Git remote: her on sorting Get on! Configuration off! Get on our mission now! I went to create a first report literally on Get up. So go to your profile in get hub and is create heart our first report jittery Go to collect just Onda, create new reports tree I'm gonna call it just learning Get gets I just give it some description. Get nos on if you want. Just added, read me automatically Get up. I would read me. I'm not actually I'm not wonder with us that's going to squeak reports three After creating a history get up, give up Give us a link to our repository. So no, but you are winded is just copy this link and by displaying toe went to add remote to look our local registry. What does it mean just now? I went in our lookout project in our machine. I went toe connect this project into remote reports Reengage top Just open you your project or your good in a terminal. Just I have just in terminal Just stuff over this open Tim, you know, uh, inside your project And now we're just to add it remote to our report. Just run this command gets three more added on origin. Origin means it doesn't be nothing just is. It's just a simple name. Just give his name to our remote food to have this specific name as what you want, But only it's, uh it's it's so famous. Just I love the report. Just start by origin and next ist to copy bus. And that's our link. Remote link on click enter because it puts we have Okay, uh, is forget in first. We have to initialized get in our and our project this run. Get in it to initialize. Get okay now we we can't run a remote. Come on. Get be months hearted or regime option gin on. Here we are. Link off the other Get Triple Street. I know he was fully I did remote chickie fit our report. It is connected. Toe get hub. Just run gets really Moz version. Now you see now if he feel have successfully connected, you look a repository to your get up. He was cited this out Punch dealing off your get on A No. Let's move to another step toe added Comet on out, Get up. But there's a another view in another video 4. Git add commit: remote to our local repository. Now we have to push our car to get hop on. No. First it's running. Get added. So I decided all fire to our remote. Does Ryan get added? Dot dot means everything. This everything exists. And in the file of our brilliant this attitude remote on No, we have to run a What I did, I did commit to our change. Get comet and am specified the missus off comment. Just give it initial comets and hit Enter now we committed out. Since now what we have to do is to run, get past to do repository busting our bronze muster bronze our region and brothers and just run it Get's bus and all Regime If you remember, it's the name off the remote and the muscle It's a default branch. You are going to talk about bronze in a never video now must run. It means this is is our default process on heads Enter? No. If we give me to enter my utopian surname and possible war does, I'm going to side. And now Good. Possible? No! Are you see now the upward is started Now we added are fine now is to go to get help. This is our reporter. It's so it's empty. There's nothing This God after a fresh to see our change and called this week a blood. As you know, we upload all the fire successfully. The fight exists and other local reports jury so no, it's moved on more video. 5. Fork and clone: after we made our and upload our first the repository to get up. It's no fork on the clone a repository, so we can do a full request. Now. I'm just browsing. Get up and I'm gonna choose this report rate, which is belonged to react with Trump on. I know I went to for this report. Forking replicas. Ramin, take a copy. Have a copy off this report security into your account so you can make change on it and do upward quiz. And now it's reported. Repository is no man. And now I'm going to focus two straight forward. Okay. And now, as you see after fucking reports, rule were up there in here in my account. And now this. Clone it, clown, It's me. Just don't want this reported future. I will look on machine. No, I just go to don't and globe just I'm going t o copy this, uh, link right here and go to just Yeah, the stub. Okay. I'm going to this stuff on. Just I'm going to open a criminal, okay? And now what they have to do is to blow this report story in our local. Now this. Run it, Gibbs long on for Lord. They link this. We could be and busted here and now. One enter. You see? Now it takes a few minutes. And now we, uh, folks, this just let it it's and just city slick City Preetz. What? Struck? Yes, drugs. And now we have this report right here. You see, now we have all the files that exist. And this repository, this is how club plan and fork in work. So it's moved to the U under video with other mother future off. Get 6. Git pull: so let you'll stay a saint with your team and retrieve the chains. Change made obey the others, develop post a walk on some repository air into your local repository. So let's write an example just I'm going to the get hope and no, he's no, I'm going to other the some change here on remote peoples three. Okay, body after now he's have styles. No, it's quit a new file. Okay, on them will coexist about the edge Tiempo okay, And I just get this. I'm going to I did some female on this. Each 11 Uh, this is about file. Okay, which long his review. Okay, Now, just give it, uh, a comment create about the html file and just committed new file. And now, actually, this about not ashamed. L just exist in the remote repository on. We don't have it in our local repository. Now, as you see now, this we have index allege l Mandel gs and really me MD on style dot CS is now we have to riot. Run, Get Balto. Grieve this file. If it exists in our locker repositories now we have to run. Get ball. Just enough gives Jeanne must. Yes, sir. Now, this command will will dull on this file exists and remote repository now are one. Get bus now. It's mean. It's gets full. Excuse me. All right. Jeanne Moss. Okay. And happiness walk. Yes, it's walk. And just I did some the committee here, huh, Rich? He about no html on this question. Control X could save change. Do you see now on? No, we have about an estimate. In other local estimate is this is the walk off the get that Get a pole. It's allowing to Holland change that made from out by other zero parts that actually walk with you and Sam Project now. So let's move to the under video with unknown future off gates. 7. Pull request: for Workways basically let you to add a change and contribute to other of the Opus Repository. No, I'm going to get hope now. Just now are we're going to make a request. Had to dio repository. We focus before if you remember Reactive trap. And I'm going now to create our first request Just a simple request on no click your request and it chose Bronx. You want toe to make a request on now? Is us a bunch off broad? He and but don't I just chose forms bronze, so we can now get pull request. Actually, if you want Teoh make a broke west first you need to fork the repository. You want toe make a request to we don't that you got a just quit per request. You need to first for the report story table. Just, uh, I'm loving this idea on give it a title on boats sports Robbery would suffer mean it's something right to bush. Rob form, country. Go on, patrol And oops! Welcome. Bonin's Just give it some description. Here are some common. This odd ing home. Bonin's full form. Cool and apply. Oops. Whiteboard struck style. It just I mean nothing. That's a money spot. Request on now. Create up request. Uh, no. We creates our first request Now that my tenner off these open source reacted. But from will take a lot at our request. And if on actually, if he found this our Brooke waste good enough. Hey, will merge it and marriages for our bull request. Actually, it is a lot of pull requests here on this is it? We just made our first a broke with now, as you were. It's so easy. Now. It's money you don't need toe right command on terminal or something like that. So see you Another video with other more future with get. 8. Work with Branches: bronze, allowing you to create a version off your code. You made off the reports, Cherie. Now it's right. An example just It's great. Now it's wrong. This gets bronze to check. Get with her branch. We have We have won bronze. It's the monster is to default problems now it's great. Are bronze on? Made some change on the parties in today's bronze Get hi. Any Just give it a dynamic whenever you want. But one desk on the gifts groans. Now we have two bronze muster and said he had no is to go to the safe to be going to derogatory and Karen wrongs. Excuse me. Now run. Get check out cheek arms to checked to switch to the owner Bronze he'd but now switch It took bronze said here and now run get wrong. And now we will see that handing out color outside He has changed as it means thay this mean that this is current branch working on not just this made some change award just to give it hello side how you need on just now? Just commit this. Get our did and eggs Look on, get committed. I didn't my name. I see No. Five. Choose on this. Which portion is get origin and now we don't. I wouldn't have to write Monster now. And now Now would check Teoh switching to another. Brown's mean We have to write. Say hi. Any you see? No. Uh right, uh, is your name okay? That's worlds. Okay, As you see now, we pushed off cheese. No, it's check the repository only get up. But you know, we have to Bronze. And actually you hope she was on Mrs a little Mrs. Now, this is, I think, every since pushed bronze and now we have to bronze muster and said he obviously no And remove or deal with bronze. It's clear. Yes. Now just greet another bronze. Wrong. Oops, Bones, give it this name. Save phoned side one of you want no chicken. We have problems just now. Three bronze. Now let's remove And elite want this. Ramadi's 1st 1 from inside gets wrong. We'll all be dust d to remove up. Uh, bronze. Flouted by name off the bronze from side. Actually, I didn't write it gratefully. No, As you see no one. Braun did it. But not if we changed Braun. Just you know just we have now. We left to Bronx. Skate is on now it's moved to the interview with another future. Off Get. 9. Merge: After working on different bronze, we have actually to make all does that brought into one bronze The muscle bronze. But now we have We're currently bronze working on his side. He any anomalies to get? Get bronze obviously. Now we're walking. Bronze is setting and no, we have to make the call out. Jeans were made in this pronto Our to muster bronze. Now let's check out to the muscle. Bronze, get check out, Master And now get wrong. Master Others I see now we have mustard is working bronze splittist And now we have to marriage Cheese on update Made it in the side. Brahms To do that, we have to run. Get Mersch Awas to marriage Update We made in other bronze to the master. Brahms. Oh, any other bronze you want, uh, running gets Mayor Mitch forbade the name off. The branch will want that. We want a Ramesh Ah, The broad Nam is said Humpty Any? No. Obviously now of Abidjan on Wala The result off this command while fight change to concession. Now we miss its change made in LeBron's And now we have won bronze all the updated and have old because completed. That said so. See you Another video