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Git Basics. Commits, code merges, GitHub repository

teacher avatar Arthur Tkachenko, Have a dream and have a nice day

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (2h 25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Course Intro what is git history of git

    • 3. What is Version control system

    • 4. Online Git services with code hosting

    • 5. Why use Git as a developer

    • 6. Create GitHub account

    • 7. Create clean code repository on Github

    • 8. Git installation locally for different OS

    • 9. Create Your first GitHub project

    • 10. Check out & Check In processes

    • 11. The staging environment

    • 12. Create a good coverage for your repository

    • 13. Create Readme file locally

    • 14. Pushing changes on GitHub

    • 15. Useful commands for Git

    • 16. Practice

    • 17. Branching workflow

    • 18. Git merge Part1

    • 19. Git merge Part2

    • 20. Git flow simple example

    • 21. Simple example Git merge

    • 22. Git Rebasing

    • 23. Using git merge

    • 24. Fast forward and 3 way merge example

    • 25. Resolving conflict

    • 26. Git merge summary and git merge conflict practice

    • 27. Git Merge advanced example

    • 28. Additional materials about branching and merging · Git Course

    • 29. Git CheatSheets

    • 30. End of course · Git Course

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About This Class

This course is for beginners software engineers.

It will teach you the basics about Version Control and default coding workflow, that millions of developers using worldwide. You'll learn basic git commands.

I will introduce you to some advanced concepts. They can help you in the future if you decide to extend your git skills.

You will learn about the history of the code version system, how to use it, how to collaborate with other developers. It will help you to prevent errors or intersections with code changes from other teammates.

After an introduction to git and how to use it, we'll create code storage at GitHub.

Learning git can sound hard from the beginning.

It's important to have a lot of practice. You cannot learn git just by only reading about it. My goal is to show you practical examples, that can help you in your feature projects.

Mastering git skills it's mostly about coding and applying default coding workflows, that coding teams using at their commercial projects.

I propose you to use the command line for applying git commands. At practical exercises will be real examples.We will start from simple examples, and then move to complex cases.

In order to master skills, use practical lessons and recreate those examples from scratch.

Don't try to copy-paste it. It wouldn't be very useful for you in the future.

You will learn basic terms, like: Repository, Branch, Revert/Rollback, Push, Pull, Commit, Merge

Hope you will enjoy it and in a few years, you become a coding rock-star.

Good luck!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arthur Tkachenko

Have a dream and have a nice day


My name is Arthur
I'm building a meal planning startup.
Teaching to code my team of interns.
Writing articles on Medium - explaining how I'm building a company.

I managed team members with a different skillset.

Usually, I'm managing developers.

Before I managed 10+ members team, created a documentation for complex projects.


Right now I'm code at React/Nodejs

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1. Intro: Ah, hi, everyone. I am welcoming you. So join my get basic course. This course is for beginners, and it will teach you basics about Russian control systems and followed. Couldn't work falls that's used by millions off developers each day worldwide, you'll learn basic. Get Commons. I'll introduce you a difference concept, and I hope it will help you in future. So codes a better products and you learn from history about Russian control. Some basic common. Some maybe advanced Commons will touch. Also, I have, like a section off slides are related toe. Imagine protests and ah, I hope you'll in judges course after learning it's you gets almost important since it so you need to know about get Okay, CNN's discourse Bye bye. 2. Course Intro what is git history of git: all right. So unless it started with in basic schools, it's a beginner guides to get. And so unions discourse you alone how to start using the system and created first depository. Should the over. We should know that it is essential toe and you will be able to no basic. So it here's the school's and so we'll also not on the loan. How kids working will also explain to you how his heart works. So the top is similar sides. Otherwise, is it Teoh? Help him people to stores there. Hold on line and so we'll be able to by corroborates, impedes and stuff. Okay, so wants exactly goodness gets is free. Source Off Best was created violent stalls and 2005. This is since most incorporates basics off Russian control system. And it was develop it for corporation by the nose. This other more visits want to contribute. Hiss Development boards is off for your external. Was there a lot off different control systems that this why CBS? It's when the coral and others but today get is standard for on developers I was using personally. It's when and the grill butts began. Fetus ruined for it is the same, but is the most transit system right now. And so, as you can see here on my slides and most of the workers years of Okay, So the next slide to you alone, what is a version? Control systems? Thank you. By 3. What is Version control system: All right, So version control system one is your immune. Welcome world. This warrants don't tell you, but once more we will want right now. So Russian control system. These are mentioned systems that track all modifications that you've made on file or set of files. For example, you have a project and we have different files. You can walk or other the war person waffles. This system helps you and your teammates toe work in the same files without any worries. Like some of you will little board or at some cause. It's not working. Only civil. This changes, files will be stored in the system. And so you can just visit a navigate. So his soon off modifications and that all changes it can be useful. Not for there are writers that creating its together or, for example, some sense of community also use. And it's like tracking changes on papers. And it's also easier to work together like the example you submit. Some sends documents and some other people Do you wanna peer review and they can not only make notes, they can also help you toe update some details and you documents version control. Also here in branch system and bring system helps toe the workers by separate. And there space is home for work. This is a way to use, like bon developer can work on one branch, and then my work is done. Marshes was main bridge or, for example, you can spare a few tasks. And so, in the morning you want to work on first ask and to working on it on one branch. Then you're jumping into another task and to create in our separate Enbridge we're in. You can start only changes related to this stuff, or you can have a proposed daughter just for wanted over. Oh is easiest way to explain. It's like cook brutal docks, for example, where people can work on the same document and she conflict on history and see what was done, what was deleted or change it. And it's pretty useful, especially for holds. His changes will be sort and trace it in Houston. So she said, it is the main mistletoe when Sanson go broken, for example, so you can open history and check where always well confined and so where son symbols broken so you can easily never gives change. Okay, so inside is done is an ex slightly alone about where to find sooner side some upsides. It's still cold by. 4. Online Git services with code hosting: what so you can use gets, ah, on your local machine. But if you want, so collaborates with someone's a little proceeded, place online, breaking future coats and share with other people. So is there a difference? Pleasant platforms that offer CEO free space, but we'll talk about I. Usually major functionality off them are free of charge, but for some additional once you you may need Teoh chase it plants, but for our needs, pre plan will be just so just popular. Gets science Era is a good hop. It's, Ah, on addressing by Microsoft. And so right now it's scarce with the most huge community online of lovers. It's ah, such a standalone users and unfounded. It's a Milan opened visitors. So there. A lot of hold starts from one, and the second is love on service. One is a bit market product. It's on in my place, and companies that creates a beautiful Bridget Management's off their like Jura and other small brother. That's help people to collaborate. All hosting possums are ready to the use to into it so you can use It's like public Sarah. Everybody can see what you're done or you can actually install it on your local server. For example, we have a company ends single been lovers. Want to have get server is its on Lee? Read it the use, its problems. This office. You can install it like private. Well, Baker, get Harper, for one isn't because it's a man. Huge quote. And so other repositories life get lab market is they care for the same fictional. It's just Or maybe a big difference. Ah, user interface. So if you learn how to get up, you'll understand how is get locked. Okay, Zentz. And on the next flight, well known why actually to use gets if you're my 5. Why use Git as a developer: What? So let's find out why you need to use its possibility. Oh, I seen the stool is crucial for was my delivers basic advantages for the school. This example Union needs more hopeless. So from sample working on big updates or you just have small, but it's you change new courts walking on, say bullshit, Teoh, get top repository answers and ready to shoulder as a loss. For example, you can also the leads and breaking and respondent bosses is there. A lot of times when you will break sons and resolve gives you, we will be like small baby inwards gets will help you. It's like a map when you can check history and mitigates from your changes and see what exactly was done, where it's what were it not working, why it's not broken. So it's where you settle. You can work. Visit your friends so you can Kevin team and all of you be able to for comes the same file . There's no forests that someone building something and your war will be. I remember a story when one of my teammates she was more cargo she creates understand Mel for our projects. She don't use get and each time on a request, show some changes. She just sent me email with the Zip archive, his name off markup dot zip. So are the legends most time. But then, when I'm just awarded another IEDs change name for Mark up one, that's the market to Yes, I put your court into it, but it was not very easy to manage small changes that she did. You can also forget for what was done. And so one common so will display changes, and it's actually a really useful to checker Will changes those names. One note that which in your quarter in line you want to provide commit message. So please use this very carefully and put details into commit message waas later, when Sanson was wrong and it's always some symbols. One. We will be able to open the history and see your messages like titles and still be able with with great explanation on comic mysteries, be able to understand work was done on this coming. It's actually only man advantages off. Is there a a lot of different Tom Part is it's a helping us the workers to more. He's giving the top on the for example, you can stop some additional software as that will testicle. Oh, we'll show you some warnings. For example, You forget the cynical or you using the word enables that was not defined. And so also, sir, party programs actually working greatest himself. So you can also push in your court online. You'll be able to also automatically deployed. You see it? Sure stop is its software for your okay, this is my 6. Create GitHub account: what it's time to have some practice and so mildew Separate state breakfast on gives. And after our exercises, you'll be able to create and manage your projects on separate that suppositories at the top , and you also use all basic features, I said told him before. We're using a good copper only because it's the biggest center for science. Get otherwise. And so it's a no brainer. Keys become, and so you'll also meet moans. It's for Get the woman to use graphical user fisheries. We'll use a shell. Come on. So you need to know how to use it or, for example, how to Iran on your operation system. You're a plea. It's come online. The baseball on my crosses just told German well, separately creates Ah, new constantly cup and also in style are gets on your local PC. So miss local getting stopped, you will be able to work flying who some changes locally ends and isn't that you will be able to will since your more congressional off, forget deposit or a visa repositories that Siri was created on the cup. After that, we will have some additional practice, so I want you to Would you cancel, you move and also times this comments on your own. So it's a little bit like my mother from the fingers. Okay, it's enough for now. Let's bones of Rex by. 7. Create clean code repository on Github: Oh, so we're going in practice. And But now I said, I told you before, you'll do it through music since well installed it on creates a new top cop. Let's go from the couple accomplished. So it's pretty simple. You need to go toe card that home ultimatum beach and send up and seals this from and actually, it's it is. So now you're officially a member of the cup of I loved it more since here, I'll advice you to spend some time. And so to your profile is information like create a place image and because, uh, the cup is most important profiles that you might have a lot of information that you've been boots and so limiter Maybe this will help you to get some new job. Must a lot off. There's using the cops. Search for finding new mm, please. So please spend some time and said, also, you can explore a bit of how the couple walks, gets more meals. Okay, it's nothing out. And that sleights real No, it is your house and stop its popular 8. Git installation locally for different OS: Florida. So right now we'll install it on your so there are different related to you, and right now we'll go is pretty basic one. Harming Gholston Stall port for Pete's and also install common lines that U s ability to communicate and so wrong. For example, a few months you'll get more familiar this get You may be interested to install our practical, usually user interface related to you but ill advised to, for example, half off year or maybe a full year porcelain. You trying to your own needs and Jordan? It's well, you used to come online because Common Lion will give your ability to Lorne. It's a basic floor. Yeah, so zero different once that you make. So we have a version for boots. We have a passion for MacOS on. We have a version for Willis. Great dissimilar. So we actually don't Lord in something. Or Mr Alan package that Corbyn to and them units Iran common. Why could it's minus minus session from your come on line in the race or germinal and so use it this woman to return your some information about the questions. It wasn't stopped. Why actually means is common you want to know that yet us otherwise was installed and also start. Sometimes when you get some street Teoh that's this to yourself there or operation system. You might have some reception. So, for example, installed it. But it's not working. For example, you may need it so rebooting the song. It's important to know that it is actually work after solution and so opposites union. So it's it's, ah, important scene for users, for all Russian systems unit so and configuration for your credentials. And it's like your digital sign, you know. So each time you'll make Cem changes until Russia changes into official depository on the Cup. It's no plan for so important roles whose information So who wants his changes, like was her name So And what's in my own was used. It was exchanges. So actually, you need to understand that if using the public repositories UML number accessible to us, don't take this into consideration. Don't symbol. Bones. Did you see here? You need to type it and it's a little store. Your eventually and, for example, of physicians, another computer. You also need to put this data posse resulted. So you actually big baskets. It's time like a Can you tell ASIO user name or your email? Okay, it's enough. Enough 9. Create Your first GitHub project: what so could have gets installed for curry out. So we have also, you know, it comes profile, and now we'll go and create hers Project or the visitor. It's also commonly areas. It's up. So on the all right inside, it's a tell on Give me new you'll CIA more job bomb Miss Plus I am. It's you can't we'll see down and see. It's a click on nearest transitory in the arts. Zen will because it on it for him. So this is doesn't like it looks on my side. And so this creates a great story name and also put a description because description will give other people ability to know what exactly, and us working his other teammates is one of our goals. The description is also gruesome. Um, who used probably Russian and what you need so knows it's right now. We don't click on Jim Mosa initialized suppositories deserted me. For me. It's like er while that cute an explanation on bar with what this is by the Tory extra. Doing so it's one of the major files and suppository. It's like a simple operation off recommendation. Eso a lot off big company, a slide, please. Boob. Our Google using the Woodmere like so So starting all information about some of their models. You can also does it make up its widely use it. You can go and search for simple For some, we could visit Doris all tied some big names like Microsoft visible and check how they visit Doris Actual. Why we don't live on this street boats because we'll create Certainly file. Why are friends and season Who's his changes into the compound from our local instance? There are also two important scenes that any dimension so and this from the cop. Well, for your own personal visit young carpets and later you'll use it in order to, uh, wrap this repository from the cup into your love attention. And so here you can see, like, two examples for how, exactly again whose information in doses was it? And this is also important. No, because sometimes when you using, get from your local PC and you maybe creates in an interview depository on your local computer, you don't have this link between your want it and actually the copper visibility. So is this humans. You can actually connect both of your daughters, ones it's have on your local machine and second on that store. It's on the cops center site. We'll talk about this of it later, but just originals at this moments are pretty useful. How can see your repositories? You can click on your profile patient. You'll see another down. And Europe stores are excellent. Okay, it's enough for now, and the next slide we will talk about Woods is a lot of Russian, but I also want to mention zits. Maybe we'll learn more about hope Ross's off chicken files and chicken out files between particulars until my it's also useful scenes. An accident by 10. Check out & Check In processes: what ends a slide. Don't talk about. And so when you walk in this kid, they're check out and check influences that help you to Long Chris gives an impression. You making a corporate off opposite donated to Wanted to Chris. You make change sloppily once your changes, you chicken your chicken, you and in the changes by their visit Mrs Permission message shit about or changes. It's dudes in most that spots so close loans and changes you from it changes miss. Just a message was no. And then it should change the foundation, and I want to use it. So actually, art off the scores is actually organized. Information from a cup. Great great explanation with step by step. If you open your older where your start, we don't make oh puppy off your master batsman. You can open this folder and you'll sees it. It's has docked Beit Folder inside the Fury. And is this a section of all the Where did stores all history? So it's like just through databases that store all changes was made. It's not only about it was filed to have or changes was made to also contain information about branches and this is that you have for you. Should you change this into a cop and other? Since I have also fewer errors in work, she shoots and otherwise next to it. And you re p just llamas. Um, because they beat difference. And what is more convenient to just tickets And you also print oneness is just sheets and scoop. It's on the table because when you just start too long needs you may need them. It's like, uh, that's, um means all making group. So how some comments? Representative. Hey, it's enough of the slide hands and that slide about station want on. What is my 11. The staging environment: it no more the station, and it's one of the most efficient Answer when you start to get and the concept off station won't is actually is a place where a lot of people stock and calls the station environments lates. It's so comedy is a record for what's violent secret change sounds. The last time you made it essentially made changes to ripple. Example. Any new month hands and you to get to. So, for example, Comet dislike. Welcome to the debates where you can hear and I d was despondent. Your message. Some some usual information, like off the name date time when you should make this changes end. For example, Permission Your brain shooters Guns makes out this sense of your project actually a long to go back to the state off project at any point. So you can Sometimes in robot, you bring us comments. Can see how files out and what changes of may. It's. It's a great way to cage some box. Example. The court reinstated sports walking good and your last June or somebody else. If you walk us, remember, lesson changes, Chris, and since this is a time when you can, I wanted it. History and be able to chip through stages said to your project, Yes. So how do you tell Get Rich France? And this is desirous Asian environments. She comes in when you make changes to rip it started, get notices. It finds changes. But it's done. Fluency cause its rating for your home. So actually comments. It's Commons. That's you. Execution and term to enter five. So certified out wanting first meter and Stagen and this is a senior two years. It's It's finally So, for example, if you allow along 60 you want to get had along up the jeeps to offer resemble you Jump ship. If you vile street, you conclude them also into one comes, we'll talk about it's But let's about just a new machine works. So once you use it, do you own oh so files who want to at station one moment are you and might it take you to making them into comments by using its comet coming? And after you make a comment, these files are excellent changes. Oh, file said. You have actually deleted from stage environment. So Stagen environment. It's like a middleman between New York. What will visit only very major changes and actually get history. Another important nodes. That decision wire moments, sometimes fault station, and this is actually perform toughest or sometimes people call it gets. But surgeon wants to give more details like you. Okay, it's an officer's life, my 12. Create a good coverage for your repository: so there's big meal. It wasn't only who actually owns personal educational, so people Teoh but remember like and see a connection alarm just to suicide. It's just you will. Would you Teoh? What is it, long sickle Bill, When you go to school, you It's not on the files started into It's about kids. All information. It's like this monsoon on the you'll see serviced off all branches and changing when it Jones is stop you tribute. It's grown based U. T s GOP in news any colder one. So for the old general or mountain to see, you just need to change. It isn't sure common people like police for your look open space this beautiful common stand students Here you see some message long it's done. You can actually go into the or to do and section you later use Jim. No buts for agency files. You can you just wells? Maybe some beauts or so before you. I was in that slight. She created Wilkens person deficient 13. Create Readme file locally: what so right now will bring it with me while on your walk into it. We are terminal or with me. While has intention deep, they for it sees its by the numbers for creating the conditions. So open older your visibility and creates number two. Make gold inscription or you're you can instantly says, Yeah, you can change it to on Google's just create some Bernstein. So I have some unity. That and next there was share. So our bulls move your changes from on Inter. You sports is moving changes from love, its history and sections and the capital very scholars committed I told you about before. Let's go germinal and open when you want to say feuds of follow four steps, Steps status. It's like a standard procedure, and Teoh, each time, make some changes and want to save it again. You should bring your lands in Scotland studio, too. The it's a journal inside another piece gets wouldn't know to resist. So stage is about oh, department is a Sean Woods modifications. For example, you Jim creates modification to be not committed, then makes a change tomorrow and ball, so this changes today and tomorrow well, sure by type and gets top spot the boots and to see something similar life. So a second see file, this already means it. You actually see Yujun to make This is me file, but changes storms at history and this is for building also. For example, I creates another file, so Oh, it's this young. And so you see pretty the same message by is you can actually use the same suppression of the file. We'll see our next step is stupid. Section it and to reason this this woman. So you have this our next step. And since he hear you a few file name, for example, more changes. Most one I'll even despite on this, you don't need to type temple landscape. EDS. One file that policy action can be more so. I want to go here. You mean And so when we did it, I want to say, is education? Yeah, some more. If you type now, it's status. Means is it made me file will appear. I agree and use it in spine. And we had Okay, so it's enough all this life and mix like, Well, finish our What is this file and feel about? Come on. Yeah, 14. Pushing changes on GitHub: Well, right now it's time to changes. And so we have that we execute. Gets comments. What's gone? It's a good when the files cultures that wants to. I mean, it's like message to explain what this message. Maybe it's a later if you want to check hi and glances for about its hands soaking markets again. So please time. It's a great message. It's maybe most very useful, right? But you work. Sitting member on messages will help you, especially one some. But since example, some work is depression or you have some box and something Justin, you can use its history. There is a great message in order to group results. So again, make some discipline, spend time. And when it changes, it's nice message is it's what was actually done. This is on example, Let's that's our file into Tuesday. So its commitments and additive me that the reserve description I also regional fire, and that's committed to stress. Well, that's again. You need to add it, Teoh. Its a determined one scams, and you can see also Holmes's. How likely is it? Great filed below. You can see, you know, but from its status. If you're around it. So it's a bit and you see son changed just a file. Next, common suits were important in Bush. So what's with you? You are. Actually, it's immeasurable. Quit file. It's some content into, and you and this file into, and right now it's time to sure welcome. And when you type or hello, only one will be submitted to your service side copper positive, and it will be visible directly onto the President Bridge. So after one moment, you'll be able to go to get up at com and see your local changes. I want to talk a bit about to maybe countries. And since here, so who's religion? Watch his age. Remember, we have land reform, our court issued ups. Others So a region is actually serious since replaced sins of law, long lines and in order to not memorize it, you just have its rawness from carpets. After miserably ends its origin to your get. It was a and my sir, it's actually a bridge, Bill told. Come on, wrench in on. Did you get your stood? That's right. Now mustard is our bridge. Well, she on one from your local story informations that have Mr Branch to Master Branch, located at Origin June. Okay, let's go to your top with h opens and surrounding you reaching seasons. You have a great preview off the file, so we'll be able to see changes. What? You It's enough of this life. 15. Useful commands for Git: Que? On the slides. I want to show you Ronald Zoo. She should said. I more visible. Listen and show you and as a you're so honest. Fork it so we won't talk about all of them here, but it's pretty useful. 2000. So let's stop voltage one. So I despise the sister of comments or modification made by using. Come on, get up. And so she I haven't simple. So it's a big block and you should see here history, all changes. It's what makes and I say, I told you, before Comets creates a new record, it's your and you see it, you are comets. Its long Gedi was this. Come his merge Mary between different different branches at the half. It's a date time stamp, and it's like a message that I have no sir in this comments. Also on that you dates and so much message. Yeah, the print of poor Quest, and so is here. So it's pretty useful to your walk. Um, she McChrystal So it's a bottom is the first comments. It's the beginning. Holds itself because let's change it, for example, you want to reverse some of your changes. You mistake the trial or moods, and you should also be so positive. Changes back formula last you need to secure. Hey, check out that so space. Check out these. It will help you to go for one step back and the truth by executing you Dance. You will step back. Step by convinced, but so you can. Actually on your jump between stages of your project is that March old changes on specific file soon's lost them. So if you remember, was filed. You want to, you need to specify it, so it's more to tell it soon that's using get you. You can interest rates. If I did Chicago file and it's a go to bring this front and you'll see what was made. It's very useful common, but sometimes it's better to jump in jump pigeon comments. But it's a great way, if you know will file What's change? Okay, nous on this Jin's flies a list lost changes on the file since last month and to conclude by years and get so you know, needn't look like decides where you can compare what waas before and what changes was made . Some of you will be able to compare What is that? Usually some beauts editors or hi media get inside of it. Do PPL Better representation bots from common Blind. It's also a stroke. Two years, so these remembers is coming If you want to. Unexpected files you can want get in minus defects. So, for example, sometimes when I walk in, I have some when in the bargain, or have some problem. Oh, before announcer at Steckel Floor. And second, some files. That's amusing personally. Notre Toe Taco. My problem, since in distortion examples. Thanks. I don't come into this files. So my And in order to not forget it, I'm easy. And this files more So, for example, to the Roger Make a lot of all news. It's pretty useful because you don't need to remember where a file dissipated Holt's name. So it's It's a delete all files that was not committed. It's we're doing that's come. You go at all files it was created for You may change. Isn't it amazing? It's getting columns. It's not so it's like and don't changes that I have made soon as the last comment. And so station one very useful but sometimes ill advised not to change all of the files at the same time. Thus you can. The country's later if you go to Chester and home and changes. So sometimes it's better to have small comments is the small amounts of changes. Such is the last Commons that we have here? See you. 16. Practice: it's actually time for practice. Prepare for you for tasks that you need to complete noted, too Mr Basics all for your speed and resided Actually mine. So your starts will be You need to another one file to your with some constants inside of it Only moments into the covered with so well, your baby so open. Come on this story and you file, we'll be there. Second units are three files, too, and it concerts, does its files and move them into the top. Create folders to be some files inside. Well, should we have a content as well? Because without content, they wouldn't be able to the edit major more force its task. It's all files should be added to history its history by using one comment and Zen Woods to the opposite. So it's tricky once and scrapes and you if you get Harper present Tory's on Bridges shoes that you have some largest city me before. And so if you don't Henson on, just create a super virus and what you walk there use even use simple jihad filed. So it's like a drug and drop, and you can actually for the move for into your browser and files with it. But again, get top of border. Don't support. Watch well, so you cannot actually Lourdes film since of the car. And it's hell in addition you again. That's boots more than 100 file since one coming from becoming, you know, and then a unit to create lock or purpose off your dick. Opposite Doris on the commission and police to each of the surprised aureus hurted me file is a small explanation off. What? What was that? It, corporal. Jury this practice and be able to muster skills. 17. Branching workflow: right, Let's talk about Britain brunch in Disagreed. Hold my changes. It's like what insistence that you want were you? Do you want to make changes? Change is cool to my It's a great time. Then units implement just it. Also, I hope you two states war in project. That's true. It's simple. It's one seriously reminders of must and this is common. You should get translated more its history, my local medications, serious side, my super So using you should into my Stourbridge and before only changes. What must It's a you strong just email Vegas for you. Did they just damn pages. Every school and units and sensible harm brought what and he wants it and that's it. I didn't want to make a speech risible while you No Is it so you here in today's even though it is so you're creating branch cool people off your bravest increase Regis and prove this Then ladies from the seventh was from your This is agents that did your old biggest hold. My seven must eventually clean There should changes before meats. It's of interested branch conditions He must in its tracks Rich Ross fiction so see she eats a lot bridge from this place. For Francis changes, it's this time you since regents, for more, please use stations, ensuring you our branch. So who's on the line? Masa Village Future. It's and creates through constant this place. No degree creating bring from party judge Going to create a interest Each of my three in your branch it's a school combines two goes It's creating bridge ones changes. And it was all strangers whom strong. So when it only one must on one wrench it must've New York Great second bridge you So she's 30 inside. Was it? Bring it changes you adjusted leverage. This is here you consume. Oh, you want? No. If you want to see all you you will see here stars that she to French is no. Two branches don't give from now I said people. Yeah, Each month you need It's a great when you and off to use it with space There you need making changes If it goods Not so no, but 18. Git merge Part1: okay, No. Took about Big section and it's related to get emotional. I want to talk about that. We have a section so too often things. There's an introduction. We'll talk about some teams. All works, just they come from. What's branch Archie? There. Assume bridge. Oh, eventually this remote suicide. Is it your like emergent boxes? We're talking about it much moments. Okay, so marshes were huge stuff, son. And you didn't rush off since you, but I want to give you obits. Informations that soup in ready to use hands announces speeds off. She wants more mission. More pieces. Oh, some. It's important. Sands of the section. So you actually it's more so what's? Bittman joins two or more sisters together. And what is the It's incorporate? Changes form no comments, because sometimes it's serious. Virgin Farms Ambridge into the no. She is used by get hold to incorporate changes like most and confused, too much changes from one branch to another. This is using my friend to are man. Well, dude, merging is a jetway, Putin before confused Syria. It's like your strange cute when you, when you execute Beitbridge, you actually video of its history in tow few lines and owns history, so that gives and all committed at different branches hold storage. Also super. That's when you want to put your changes from mom or ancient another. Get your wife combined. We'll see. Service Complice gets merch. Common slash make independent. Once the world was created by the French for each out, the instant grades and on TV, so much for its name will come one, two branches. But But it won't Teoh. That's what range. But it took about it next, okay? 19. Git merge Part2: okay, we'll continue to. It's for how much. It's not that it's It's a mostly focus. Its emergence into the coverage and the gun range will be updated with Let's emerge. Lots of big bridge using will be completely. It means that much is often used together or selections that are in French. Then you want, you know, guns and use Branch minus two for religion. Absolute welcome, pinch, But I love wants you. It should not, sir. Very confident in your changes. Sometimes it's pretty useful. Toe not deletes your branch, and you can just take some time for changes, friends and made good on his own side. You can run. It's lunch. It's pretty useful. Sometimes it, if you were it smart court bench. So you get like a rollover. Changes Pounds. Makes Mondays much to bench to get. Okay, I'll be in the shops. The commercial combine long multiple sprints is off limits from different, and it's is the most frequent. It's just seceded. Murder combines two bridges to get, and no Muslim will talk about Oh, get nursed his ears at for combining on. It's on the army gold exploded and this nearest Witmer stakes to permit Saunders from different French is, and usually it's branch ships like the loss changes gets, you start and different riches ends. If you find the come base common between you, it's enough. In this life, more will talk about examples, sleep security. 20. Git flow simple example: I actually forget Mark Juan scenes that I want to show you and to open it the chin it's up involved. I want to present you. Uh, so it's called because it will give you more here in standing off emerging process on branch in Watts. And it's no. It's a pretty useful workflow to use when you call to be a service. Other team members and you may like a great organization off futures said. You can't or maybe they want to, but some places fits box on get floor. It's also big talking to talk, and I just want to touch small and just to show earlier and organization how you can. What's a position you make it. If you don't involve the flow and supplement its into your diligent and I'm last year to, we will stone and explore it. It's more because it's where useful or developers, and it's if I live, where is it? Just another now that I would be sentenced to my health and I don't see how is it called to the other. On the same story. The civil give you in a bit and smooth from example off how people get four branches. Tree My look. You can see here all this names are wrenches name, so slash is also separate. So mice arrange with olive branch future binge. And I put it here like the musician, so it's pretty easy. Two Separate since was gets plan. For example, we have man Monster. It's untouchable production radio range where all since it's really working, suggested our boots here and there. The love it's like please for the love Chris. Was it one who bases and school together and be sure it's like a separate the future bridge . Some changes where I wanted. What? Walk onto you Ondas conceit. Future changes A hair to child's like six moment and him tears another range with a different set of changes on it. Branches it's people creates for and then bots. And, as you can see here is, actually can the state. It's like if you have a dust trigger and the project manager or your sister find some Buck vo Roger, you may have created issue food on. It's actually a name and cold for this issue, and it's pretty useful than you find somebody and you just walking on its you create separate branch when you trying to fix his bark and you would also do branch, namely also and idea for you. Sure. So it's will be pretty easy for you to be to the court, maybe project manager, and you cannot actually clones this issue if you put some some areas this injury or sickness we can talk about. But it's better not to cash right now. Okay, so I simply pretty easy and it flow. It's a great current practice. It's requires some practice, but it's really help it on stand, since, like it much hatred based on absence scape, you don't talk more about it much next. 21. Simple example Git merge: de it stand to of one simple example of how did much rocks and I may be repeat myself. I'm a great spots. I think it's important to look again and begin on involved with Marsh. Very helping you to monsters is you. Orton's Commons. So it seems that you're creating a future branch monster for any future is that you want to and you finish working on your Fisher ATSB range and sometime, Remember, made some changes. It's amazing. Muster, bench and before creating who request new My wants my little bits about one person. It's a mighty. It's actually all separate place where the Priskin create nurse and talk to about change to my mom to be true Russian court from my certainty at your village. And there are a couple of ways to business. Get immersion and tradition. Mention watch. Let's say more mush like you should tell him Get get this all mine. You changes sitting made, and once it's so existing changes and you should cannon tear it out. How to combining two years it. Austin. It's your soul to comforts. And how does saying that is creates an interior visit, or is it explode? and she adds into it. Does this file and from its scope changes and the names changes like Didn't in decentralized, she should get more justice filing shits. This is a sentence. So World of Lights is all zero step, must bridge and for the world and come in through Websites is so then in the science that she wants to add any more com's instances. This file. So she creates the branch future mark on his branch. She into file from the bridge, another since the Whole world and exchanges it's at this time. Another development besides that in Jordan, plays Monster. This is a sentence muse this a second life, and she commits no changes at muster and on muscle. For a World Looks like This and cool worlds, this is 2nd 4 seconds, but its own future marriage in the file, Alexis one, is in second sentence and to be answer updates that was made a master insecure future bench being the merch muster in tow. We all future bridge and the last coming mustard seed is not an ancestor. All the latest permits that Linda mate at your should, so they cannot be combined together because It's like separate lines into history. In order to result. She only two Great Another comet. Additional comment. No, the two Murderball was changed. So when Shiran Shiran show no common, she'll have another call me Have most comets that is made before system agency for aspirants, and it's created Montcalm. Is it actually combined changes on both benches? Your souls in the comments get to do it in that through. And marriage between the chips often branched, and it's how this so it's actually only one comes to end. Usually comments have one. For instance, you can see here or here. So now the world's looks like since at my cell range off the three emotions, it's like, Whoa, this a 2nd 1 And no, this sense. It's a nonsense game form. It should. Okay, a bit of summer so emergent do not revive its his direction. And if you want to keep an accurate representation of your visit only results, listen in you walk and history emergent might be the best way to go. Oh, history. Its history might hopes compromising, because sometimes your changes are their budget, and it's kind of much. And using emergent Reimer means integration might be more working progress on its enlargement, a rules all Internet slang. It's also about it much Montanes. 22. Git Rebasing: because a single simple, much to stall it's about what's It's simple. Can you just at mine changes the changes until I hope you remember an example from Greta Slides Berlin's created to branch in remarks on the most in and look I exist. This is, in an example, separates and branch changes into and between the want to get in a base for mustard coverage. Result. Mitchell much. She could remain stroke our branch on myself. Raising also master Really all future branch commits into the people must. 21 We do it into base muscle. C four on the get old permission from Does it on its future bridge or exile. Indra played into myself in the essential right for Houston. And is there any conflicts when planes on the top myself and we need to decide on their own culture, sold them when you can be great. Summary. Four. The present off the branch Make skulls confusion and advise you to be very careful is replacing because sometimes when you are complex, it's his Serena. John stands it. Sometimes you actually can do some work off your teammates. This revision. It's not usually but sometimes when you don't well, you realize how much or get your best most it's going be harmful for, for example, human. Some changes and some other to mate made changes and result to be caution. Using freebasing human actually lit some other people, so be careful visit and unwanted rise to use it. Jordan. Okay, this may change history by creating Terry guns and if your basis and move the changes to the mold. Mult mai different histories that someone else have on their own local cops on the same bridge. Close able meet French Which time to fight changes has the same state of tea. Sir, The debate that history would need to kill Oh Wendell over uses comments from the local branch to their basic human. So again, be careful. And if you're ever based off a branch, it's important to communicate them to services. For example, this is why the top has great to light request when you have a separate place, actually, don't to your chin, even from simple or starting detainer that a undoes his changes. Let's be careful. Means all take into consideration is that I actually made some changes, and but if amazing used carefully to give you a lot of to meet and example. You can do since, like, creates muscle brains and you create in the future branch a form master and then from range A. You create another Fisher branch be and then you can move comments from your branch, a branch, me or, for example, you can come. It's from Branch to be into master so it spreads useful for more offer base and future branches. You can google it okay, and so amazing. Also long to enough, miss or really what it comes examples you how long history off comments, please. And it's change it and other all right by using the amazing you can create one comments was all changes that moat is out, which in all your small on the screen and when it amazing long range, you get new comments, combined comments or justly your comments. It'll help you to maintain more criminal history and make it easier. Do you find the comet while form sounds basic, but I don't like when people Messan risk it. You, sir, I records of people. A lot of small comes that maybe not useful, but sometimes be working is a big number off to members and golds. Mosen and six months gets history. Get produced. So rib. Isn't it smart? My favorite way to use it is better to have something. Why get floor? Well, some was a Get your clothes. That's a presence online. Never served is that you no longer have much comment studio by using not again because and by I'm looking to get history. I want to find some specific changes, and I'm concerned about your knowledge. What distance Steps was maids? Knots like. Usually, I don't want to understand where some mergers or reason was name. So what was this kind of work? Home gets freebasing. It's actually great, but sometimes you may use get much comets because it will show you where some connections was made. And it's actually also produces. So it's like it's amazing. Have his bones and guns issue no heart to use it. You should use it, Bobby. Okay, it's enough with this, like 23. Using git merge: Let's talk more using, say we have any Braintree. True, does it raise it on my serve, INGE and we now want to match this future branch into muscle working. This is the moment rule Marcis misfired. Range into the garden bridge soon must and get through the Germans, and much algorithm is belong like different ways. The nurse. Most governments are unique against husbands in the fact that they have to earn sconce. I got home this to before when creating emerge common B two at them to automatically merge two separate histories into one history. You get encounters Missile data's. That's changing in both sisters, and it's not be able to automatically nourish them. It will creates Harbor should control conflict, and Gil gets Will needs your personal influence in order to because this issue it's cold. It knows conference. So preparing to march how to do it before performing a much there are few importance preparation steps that you need to do before Field marshal Canticle goals, but it will be extended. Oh, when you long gets sometimes your minds finds fields to him. It's a reference to the last comets in the currently check out bridge so you can sink on the head as the government and when the switch branches needs, check out the intrusion changes to the point off the tip off the new Shikata Bridge. So it's while when you change your bridge. Example it is changing there, place to So it's all nous will be on City Hall all New York history off brain jcummings Something like this. For example, if he rolled back and a little bit the same place by ruins, for example, stem bites that's wouldn't change is well, you okay, confirming there seem rich You want to execute to get status in orderto ensure that at this point to their for it Mersch resuming bridge if you need it. For example, If you're working on future bridge and then you work, then you want to Mercer changes into myself before we need to execute. Get check out and john into muscle. Morbid. Be able to run in. Our case is usually explicitly muster crispy. Usually imagine, only you must are in our arrogance rich latest smartphones, for example. Some you will report on line on this and some changes was made on this. So your side promoter visibly it's gonna be someone els some changes or from simple you yourself go to decouple, come and what you files border or make some changes. Wheels there so you can visit unit, so one to get rich common. And so grab hold changes in history to walk a machine. And then you can wrong to get wounds that will grab on from its It's remote the president has and what's into your locomotion and after Run, get fish and people will be able to know that your local machine history you to your get your actually emergent bosses. So before we talk about preparing too much and right, no, you can start emergent process by executing Bittner. Sh sh NAME What is the name? The brains that merges into their soon bridge. So in our basement future brains. Eight. I mean, it's Juan and get no, she can Barrantes into this. It's fast forward motion through much. What's up before Barton bots will go again was It's forward motion and grew, and there Alina pass from the armed wing stoop. It was a tough image. Instead, off actually emergent two branches. All its was about to you. It's just degrade histories My fast forward. So the current branch stoop will be moving up to the top, and we're effectively combines two history signs since all the comments reachable from stock in French and No away Able who's gon example. First World Mitch, Some future into my so moved some selects is so what's for much? You have my cell binge. You have featured branch with some kinds. It's before emergent and after margin people the mustard. It must've been here, and it's it is no office word we cannot be able to on existing balls. Tips off most mentions, and it's great separated from you that will combine WAAS changes. And no monster is it this one. But as far Rush is not possible wrenches. When there is not a lot of you cannot actually make a senior pastor start bridge. It's a personal choice. Bods combined changes from WAAS branches into one comments and do it in three very much soon emerged usage etiquette from its title. He has two sisters and that the mental chill comes from the Friends of it uses three comments in order to be the Reds and march from so it's actually connect three comments like one from one branch, second from second Branch sort of me. It's actually get Marsh from while you can use either off this Merced stretchers Many of the locals like to stress for much. It's usually doing the airbase and almost cases when you have small changes, small futures over fixes. It's a pretty good way to, but again, sometimes you need to be. We're careful, volatile so much well, because it's used three bases and while receiving through commercials, integration. When you work in more time on some features, for example, you can separate the range when you called, for example, weeks a month there and through an urge is a better way to movie changes from your separate and branch into Samson Important brain. Just like muscle simple. It's electric. Case result in March commits stirs US symbolic joining poster bench. Okay, it's an office like 24. Fast forward and 3 way merge example: what that said some examples and compare Fast forward is through emerge. Simple. Its first example demonstrates apartments called Below creates new range at If it comes and degrades this history into the main line first for yes, great for most we head files make comets again. Then we go into a branch, National Citizen Future and Little Brains. It me looks for simple, and this is a common to work for or shortly its branches that uses more development. Robinson Organizational Tool for longer than features and know that it should not complain about the Grinch minds. D Sense in your future is more sensible, and if you require a much common during much we'll record keeping book Once is, you can execute Get march with minus mind snow minus efforts. Oh, so even if you have more auction and you know about it, but you want to have, it's really comment, you can get mesh. It is a sweat discover notion this despite branch into Congress. But always Bean written 20 years for, especially if you working on small features a lot of terms. So assuming nurse great to similar reason, we shall each of range. We also made some changes, and we made changes that show us that I swore. And it will actually create, assuming to its common scenario, for watch features over different developers working on the same project, for example, working together on Sin Future Center. So starting future bridge changes one time Commons exchanges making changes again, this genius going to muster it, it and some files into my sir venture. Cremins. This message comets your changes and sets Islam permission message. Then we want too much process and it's not possible. Is fast forward because Mutis jeans so our brand ships remote and say No, you know, till this get national great assume emerge on we'll have separated. It's much message. And then we didn't our bench know that it's impossible. Forget to perform thus far where changes was made on second branch was fold second, but she so it's no way to move muster up concerning your future is out back, and most of false new feature would be much want. Your feature is that stick a long time to which one be any comments which appear on Muster Center. The future branch was small us. It's our Prius course. Example on the slight. You probably crucial Teoh use freebasing. And this was for if you're changes into my sir by doing sport much, this prevents superfluous much comments from spluttering opposite Roger Sister. But again, if you ask my personal opinion, a news is messages by using when they will as part of a big two, I prefer to have ever since that's our It's pretty useful, especially when you work on the project from Simple eight months or one year something. Okay, it's not for this life. 25. Resolving conflict: at this video. So about, oh, to Seoul while you changes the bomb branches and you are trying to through them and so much changes made on the same part. Well, people toe out more pretty all example and the for example, you have one file where you have some methods which leads to. So you work here or never. That's while and someone else starts. It's never is not very useful, as he just did more. Another my best. And we actually like changing the same file off city one. Is there A lot of, uh, never seen called programs is fine. He should remember. You can help where it's simple, all files where the you matters long file. But again, sometimes it's problems created and out. And when such situation, of course, it's a no poor for you, for the it's like give you an ability profits manually before actually broken for Boeing. So it's pretty useful. And, uh, he makes some changes on the file. He see this comment and one of the great that since I'll get energon process that to me aided stage coming for full sold in this country soul. Lots of, uh, we're young Amish you can around. He started comin and it will show you which files to be so. And for example, like we have 30 branches and more French is. But branches have and change in court the same last file on you from the and five file. So you actually now I understand largest. I love the files. You will be board files are actually creative conflicts. Then it can be either because if you or some changes and it will show you which files inside or something So how conflicts are present? Well, getting cultures conflict your image. You really file, we'll show you by really? How? File on versions in the same violent We're expendable box when you no big rush, You actually see how Oh, wow, change. So without three real markets Yeah, this is one line, otherwise third line that will display place. Wow, Blake, Come did, sir. Very helpful because you can lie council loss. But some of this month place where actually comes again. Sometimes you can It's assault profits. Because, for example, if you have two branches and branch help file life, there's also generated long with simple Decembers on Put some useful information. When you're trying to measure both branches, you will not be able to merge different walk. And we actually don't do this because separate the team. So it was better, for example, if you don't find the problems, made it as what filed giving north. So the pieces will give changes because you will not be able to merge concepts, especially when it walks from different environments or different. So here we example Mabel, your file is for market by Get much file is so I had some numbers. Tsou. He was upset. It better. So on the first line. Help by some. We have our visual want truth that it's fall Bridgeman and second, this line, this conflict. There's him as much then the mother, and it's also a second line causes set bond form. And if this is the line that completely no, you may moved to Big One of this lives will make some changes and for sure publish your markers noticed, noting that the company before this market is there soon Branch and the far author is the merchant and want you define the exceptions. Go on, fix it and when you read it you emerge. Oh, you still safe file and as its decision, Ottoman and coming. So when it did it, And did you know that Tribune completed file actually welcome. And you need to know that sometimes it's OK to help much, and that will appear on the they emerged. It's what's for dinner. She wouldn't work because this forward, your sister should be on the same on the same line ends if you have a because dessert is in the branches for just it's an office. They dio end and then actually do well told more about option and you know it sounds, but 26. Git merge summary and git merge conflict practice: Hey as well, about some summary bob with our section and help we're interested and simple breakfast, I assure you often generates our marchant and drive again days on March one is about If you want to Individual exchanges from multiple it is here are you when the fish you need to How big toe locally But the thought of this changes that was made form the multiple example It can be just work from another war for all. For example, you just rolled to you are a copy was about it and make some changes from there line And no , we have you're change is used to get and your work in and who gets old pitches before changes Um married. Do you think the merge another branch exhibition, for example Monster Branch Watch one branch and the for both cases No, like a 443 He will try to off the motion. But this is not always The times generates and you are responsible Commercial complex Mainelli by Wiles What showing to you by after making these changes with the mark that emerges is give on the former changes We also can't put them by using Come on get check differences. What branch of source going So so branch And our does. Abbas is exit polls stuff. Three. Uh, I waited a basic overview, and so for sure there I wanted since a lot of small streaks or important information many about knows another, um, on the Lexx slides. Wow, So it's are you great and above 30 Brooks's. It's where What's important? Losses way discusses do prints began. It's the kind of notion more this actually difference between us. More to emerge and some people are. The emergent combines sequences upcoming want unifier, history off. There are two man, great emotions, four lives. There are changes that complete boards and interest in on excited. But for me, this is about well Oh, you've been his breakfast resolve myself. I hope so. Color a bit understanding how simple murdered both of us have first conflict. Morgan and I will show you how action yet deal. So get the branches and the first unit to create file, possibly as one line is so beautiful. Be able to okay, then create face safe from one of the examples. I showed the long branch other example, but this is first I actually don't care about for example, that the bridge what sparked the place then which branches? And at six example your printed and the and you try of you tried toe used you may as for why exactly? My But my whole give you really station how exactly much works and how exactly much conflict will represent content inside of one you might if you want for them blood ones your skills when you march you might do are worse in for example, this content is a monster this found with future bench You might replace them Why sores constant go into intervention second goals and it generates you his responses and you go also like more. You may no church last their changes. Hence it will also be interesting to play with. So I called people Read some it's will and to be able to the problem here we can talk about this about how to solve this. So first there's not the best way but our example or bitch So you can while one of prevention they're making comments with changes. And when I try No, The second thing is have you pulled Konka? Welcome Leicester Second file saying file the simple. So you get a parking temple 12 file. It's a consult and defined, okay, and my Topol come in his changes also. Okay, so something is preferable and usually used by over. You want to get on the emotional changes, my pick, this version and other side of fronted, and from it changes you're are yes, just the options is not the best way for soul, but bump it. But my goal was to show you have that confidence generating. So when you know it's a logic behind rate, I'm confident you'll be ableto isn't so when you row, for example, working with people and actually want this much and mix live when you don reflected. But he's going to the next life very well. For example, Oh rial for was branches good much that you might have a little commercial. Okay, my 27. Git Merge advanced example: so I hope you did the breakfast previously. There How old and now one example working. Get structure. You have so mentioned that we have this history brunch and inside this going well, corn sure number Never. Teoh, for example, accomplishes so your you have a ticket. Number three. You need to make side great. The person bringing they think hitch a call. Come on, check out Mine. Fisher slash. Sure it's up. A cynical about the whole this knowledge from video. Look, business, my friend. Three This way. So now we have changes in our structure. My teacher slash issue three one You want on your red? Yeah. Here. We working on the website making measurable changes. Pinch them over and more on your site. Oh, doing this changes your picture shoe through branch for goes and checks out That Yeah, right now. So you're editing Well, you So this is how you actually what? No, no, remember, get some gold there, somebody and just right now, Result in first and this gets done. Have a wonderful teacher Fashion shifted to see changes and didn't have to put a lot of effort. So reverse belt changes before he's been on a plan into production. Oh, that's bad. How about before you do? Three stages ERA have been a change, that confident branch chicken out and you don't actually give us which bridge. So before you make some changes, check colleges. Another bench. There are a few ways to get around this life session, but he wouldn't touch. Of course, it's for a bunch of pieces and actually don't put a lot people we could use station. It looks like the site How you feel. I agree. Whoa, you wouldn't. We could use special by my, But again, I would like to take some time and Reza Bahn station. So now let's assume that we come with changes. Branch features sweet, and now you actually be able to go back and see. You must avenge their on pitch mustard and and your virgin the way call looking before when stuff that's what you can that is. Want to create important one for Mama Venice's branches? You said people can do waas Sam, you're making a branch. So, for example, to create new file did you bring and then you called Monster? But while we love the movie because it's actually not history of, you know, when you make check out extra, make a question, But is it? You have the branch of the different structures. You know, I filed over organization. Yeah, that's removes and modifies the files file ultimate to make sure that your copia is, what, the branch, all of it, like you made the life. Okay. You need to make your the peace great. The bridge where you file and create coming, made changes, changes well, but changes. And right now, this is how you So my suit, once a year insurance less You should this week boys here once, maybe skinny, but see life. So if you may, many more over 11 changes. So this is not not a very great structure that have work in fact, now you can, Tom some of the best. Make sure that Doing what? The family members, the bridge deck until mustard bench. So you want the boys to changes? Let's do this. This may check out my have for okay. Yeah. Your I please afford the merch. And because the comet off the court appointed by Branch 16 directly, four points who changes of praise. Is that another way they tried to march 1 from his opponent can be reaching my goal in the competition. Gets to fight for because they're not virgin through three inches right now. Monster, More people coming Ensure slash Sure. So common. So your expections reports in the production and now 400 creature. So you ready? Besides the bridge? Get branch will change And you don't with this also you have Cirio branches. Okay, so what? This? That's a future flash to shoot. This is for Branch And since then genius to walk it is a file You got another changes like sure number What changes? And this is how you why actually is ahead for future Should registry and mustard for years yet See for the force must Here What is it? Small contained Changes that corporate the files Be sure shoe if you want been mentioned Master Branch Future Last issue This street bridge By running when you college features flesh you should pick this tree branch You can broaden Knows that much money so changes for months We'll go insult your picture Bench on convicted Depict the changes So you decide Future slash bishop in history Branch by myself So they imagine that are here. So let's assume you're won't on the chute number and aerated merchant changes. You just mush your bridge, the muscle the same. But they like it did before change back then you on Witmer Scripture. You sure made by their my because you're different. But you don't have, like so yes, without difference that hot but you, you changes. That was not before myself and myself have some changes. That was not before this is why so no. So from this being energy and action is you know, we kept coming and said here and then it's emerged to come. It will create another herds flight before NC five and somebody you know, you're you should Google interest slash bishop it straight. Five comments on my service changes from the French. Yeah, common sense is, sir, plummeted. Now your war And you said that you don't you go to your that's expected to keep it into your it your bank by branch. I thought this example was not very complicated. You sound here. Okay, I said get him out for noting section at this. Yeah, but 28. Additional materials about branching and merging · Git Course: All right. So, big section. Of course, This extra I remember that I more and the first part one, uh, the one that is about related to no exceptions. Both this places are and I five you feel the bottom section that you go, Bob get It's an awful video here. 29. Git CheatSheets: what but show do that. You big later. That post it's for to you Simple. I don't have a lot of permission, but actually, please, but the same. Like I show you before the middle off, but long A lot of information to talk about. Oh, uh, yeah, actually, lots of next, uh, read preparation for kind of work, maybe. Well, but his help sale that brings a kitchen seconds to pretty soon. Well, it's become production ready to help Mayor. On second, it's pretty much so. Especially those from the complication. Also, medication section. Well, how helpful. By using their and both. Goodbye step. And they have also kitchen that you may be. Actually, then she's like languages, not English, and also have Yeah, this is just that you may be one, actually. Also point So, affections, for example, no more about brunch and bridge. They state all its watts. This is the but you're not hands. You choose disability to people little table, and you're welcome 30. End of course · Git Course: It's actually the last light that I made. And, uh, this is end off our course on. It was long course on that tape is that you don't give up Andrea Sands of it gets is important skill. And Teoh, I hope you will use it Wednesday off your career. And I hope you live scores and I will show the best in yours. Off their engineer. Don't. Okay, It was a pleasure. Bye bye.