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32 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Git & GitHub

    • 3. Centralized vs Distributed Version Control Systems

    • 4. Why You Must Learn Git

    • 5. Advantages of Git

    • 6. A Summary of Terms and Definitions About Git and GitHub

    • 7. Important Notes Before Using Git and GitHub

    • 8. Signing up for a new GitHub account

    • 9. Creating Your First GitHub Project

    • 10. All About Readme File of GitHub

    • 11. Git Downloads for Windows, Linux And Mac OS

    • 12. Install Git on Windows

    • 13. Install Git on Linux and Unix

    • 14. Install Git on Mac OS

    • 15. Using Cmder Console Emulator

    • 16. Cloning Remote Repositories over HTTPS

    • 17. Create the Main Structure of the Project

    • 18. The Status of Your Project

    • 19. Tracking The New Files of Your Project

    • 20. Unstage Files Using Git Reset and Git Restore

    • 21. Setting Your Commit Email Address in Git

    • 22. How To Git Commit With Message

    • 23. Inside Git: (dot) Git directory

    • 24. Pushing Commits to Remote Repositories

    • 25. Review The First Git Push on GitHub

    • 26. Committing And Reviewing Changes To Your Project

    • 27. Copying A GitHub Repository by Forking

    • 28. Delete a GitHub Repository

    • 29. Inviting Collaborators To a Personal Repository

    • 30. Update Files In Your GitHub Project

    • 31. Editing Files As a Collaborator on GitHub Project

    • 32. Pull Changes From Remote Repository


About This Class

Learn the fundamentals of Version Control through this step-by-step tutorial that will teach you the ins-and-outs of Git. This course is your complete guide to how Git and GitHub work in a professional team environment.

Git is a free and open source Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Throughout this course, you'll learn about Git's core functionality so you can understand how and why it’s used in organizations. We’ll look into both basic and more advanced features, like branches, pull request, tagging and merging. We'll demonstrate how having a working knowledge of a VCS like Git can be a lifesaver in emergency situations or when debugging. And then we'll explore how to use a VCS to work with others through remote repositories, like the ones provided by GitHub.

Then, we'll explore why GitHub is such a powerful and popular tool among software developers, project managers, team members, designers, and students for its flexibility and control. You’ll see how to manage a software project, and how to utilize Git and GitHub to work effectively as a team.

Finally you’ll examine how to plan, follow and execute a project with Git and GitHub, and then apply those concepts to real-world situations.


1. Introduction : If there is one essential tool in every mother and developers to kids, that is, get whether you are an absolute beginner or you already know another version control system . This course explain what the first is about. This is a popular, distributed version. Control Sustain. This course is your complex. Cueto. How Get and get help work in a professional team. Environments divided into three parts version control projects, management and teamwork. This course reveal what's wait for you in the real world and how to resolve the problem you might run into. In this course, you will learn how to create our local reposition. Re commit file was changed to a remote repository. Fixed error in your commits and many off gets other future. Once past the basics off, get you're see how to manage a social project with get hope successfully. First, you will see how the state can be used to manage everything from suits, repositories, two branches and realists. Then you will explore many future off YouTube beyond just hosting your ripple finale. You would understand how get group can help you manage projects with Projects board. After watching this course, you will have a student in descending off what get and get hope can do for you as a developer. More than just polar Quist and Forks. Hey, it's Bean. I am a Web developer who's being writing code for over 12 years, and I've been using gets and get up for over 10 years. So drop this course I will share with you my teen years off knowledge that will let you actualize, get and get hope toe work effectively as un expand. Troubled. Of course. Maybe you will feel that's my accent is a little strong because English is my third language. Just try to change or adjust your speaker configured and volumes, and I will guarantee to you that you will get Acosta mated to my accent and you will be able to understand. Of course, better so good luck and see you in the next lecture 2. What Is Git & GitHub: hello and welcome in this new course about the kids and get help. So the first time we're going to talk about it is what is get and what is get top. So the first thing you need to know is that kid is a distributed version control system, and we're going to concentrate on distributed version control system. Then get is are free and open. Source. This is the most important information you should know about. To get. The 1st 1 is it's a free and open source. You can use it without any problem. Then it is a distributed version control system. So get is a free and open source distributed version control system. Design it toe handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency . So what is the vision control system? The VCs is a software that helps software developer toe work together and maintain a complex history off their work. So you should concentrate on version control system so it's can be safe that it is bare to perversion control system. It's mean ish node in the network is our prayer, and it has multiple, no distributed backups. In other words, get provides municipal represent Cherie Ah, some trotter of positivity and a city off a local repository. This local er position are the copy off the central repository with an injury history off change. So this option is one off the security option we have when using To get that mean we have our back up off the projects in the get hope on in the local or of positivity Then we have get hope. What is the get up do get help is source for projects and sources. So you should know that we have get up And also we have another websites college get love orbit pocket or some other kings off website that work with the same cars assumes for projects and sources So you should know that when we use get it does not mean necessary to use get hop we can't use get with get lap or with beats bucket or any other way Buzz it server that do the same work So the get hope is are we deposit get represent Cherie hosting service wish over are the distributed revision control and source code management functionality off get as well as adding it out future so to get her provide access control and a number off corroboration futures like task management, backtracking or future requests for projects. It is an open platform that developer can work on or via eight. So don't get hope. Allow you to share your repository with other has the same as get love or Pete Pocket so you can share your position in get lab orbit pocket or in get hope. So also get hop alot you to access other user of positivity and story much Kewpie off your repository in the get help, sir her as a back up off your local copy. So get is a revision control system, a tool to manage your stores called history and get hope is ah, hosting service. Forget repository so they are not the same thing. Get is the tool. Get hope is the service for projects that use get so you should know that get it's not the same as get top. Also, you can use get without get top that mean you can work. We do get without using the top and another information about get is that get has its our graphic user interface off course. Get work with common line, but also we can use the graphic user interface if you are interested in the graphic user interface. But off course, we always recommend it to muster the comment line, because the common line off any software have milk people function and multiple future that you can't do it with. Do graphic art using their fees or even simply, you can do ah lot off function with simple command line with two or three words to make the task but into graphical user interfaces will take you a lot off time. 3. Centralized vs Distributed Version Control Systems: so when we see that gets is a version control system. So what does meaning version control system. So the vision control system we have to type off it we have. The central is a version control system. That's mean. See VCs and distributed or meaning. This song is a version control system. That's mean D. V. C s so in discourse. We're going to concentrate on Lee on distributed version control system and especially own get get filed in their distributed version control system. That's mean, when you is get we work with distributed version control system. But if you use some other software that's concentrate on sometimes eat inversion Contra assistant, you can do it with other software. So the central is eat version control system user are used a central's. There were two store I'll defy and enable team corroboration. But the muzzle drawback off the central version control system is its single point off filer. For example, filer off the central server. Unfortunately, if the central server girls down for a now, they ain't doing that. Our no one can collaborate at all. And even in a worst case, if the disk off the central server get corrupted and proper backup has not being taken. Then you were lost. The entire history of the project hair, the distributed version control system come into a picture. So the distributed version control system clients, not Onley Check out the latest snapshot off the directory but they also folly mirrored repository. If the server goes down, then the repository from any client can be copied back to the server to restore eight. Every check out is ah fall back out off the repository. Get, though is not rely on the central server and that is why you can perform any operation. When you are off line, you can't commit change, create branch view logs and perform other operation. When you are off line, you require network connection on Lee to publish your change and take the latticed change. 4. Why You Must Learn Git: hi again. So why you must learn? Get so the first thing you need to know about learning it is that the developers can contribute to the same project. That's me. The developer can work. Simpleton, use me on the same project. So this sort of benefit off using the same project. For example, if we don't use the get that's mean is on Lee traditional white. That's mean. We create art projects. For example, our website. We increase the month file. I make any idiot I need to send a copy off the project are other teams to get update off? What? I needed it then accomplish their work. So every time when someone other something new or dilate or operate anything, he needs to send a copy off that project to all the teams so they can get update off what? Change it and complete the world. So imagine how much work we need to do in the traditional. Why, every time we need to send our copy off that file to other teams in case some off the team didn't get the update and complete his work in the old version off the project, Then we have a conflict. That's mean when he needed something new and sand, as do copy. Hey, forget to get the editing that one off the other teams do it before and sent as the copy. So we have a problem doing that. Every time we have more number off developer in the team, more working on the project will be more complex. So get help asked to work on the same projects similar Talia's knee without any problem. Every time we make our need it in all the team, get the update off that editing and so on. So the other benefits that we can revert the change. When you make a change in the projects, you can easily revert the change. You can easily find the right time or the person who make that change. You can revert that change. So, for example, if one off the team make a new up, But I tor a new editing in the projects and that editing destroy the website for resulted the man fire off the website does not load anymore. That's mean, we have a problem. So in the old time we lost our projects. If we does not have a copy off the preview editing that mean we have a back up off the man five before making that editing. So we lost our projects. If we does not have a copy off that men file, so the get help us to revert to change every time we want, without needing to have a back up manually, so automatically make a backup before making any change on the project. So we can easily revert that line off the products or that future or anything. Even if the editing was happened before two months ago, we can't back to that. It didn't and revert it without any problem. Also, you can collaborate to fix issues. For example, we have on issues in our projects. We can't collaborate two or three member of the team to fix that issue. Similar Terry's name that's mean to off the team. One off them will create two or three lines. Then the other one created the second or deterred line to fix that issue in the project. So we collaborate to fix the issue by using two or three member of the team to working at the same issue. Then you can't collaborate to create new features. For example, we want to create a new future in our projects. We can collaborate to create this new future. For example, we want to add a new future in our websites. So I expect in the its chairman. But I'm not into assesses on JavaScript. So what I do I create the part off the HTML in the future. Then might front in the team that is Experiment in the stairs is and JavaScript will complete do the future from its own side. So I created the estimable part. I send it to the server, then my friend in the other side with Go to the projects on other services and JavaScript function to make the future perfectly. So we collaborate to create this new futures. Also, you can solve conflict. That's me. When we make the same function from two teams, we have a conflict between them. So the administrator off the projects can see that's conflicts and chose do want that is right and fix the other one. So, for example, I make our future on. I do, for example, some javascript function. Then you from your side unique. Another javascript function that is work for the same reason with, for example, the same future. So we have a conflict in our project. We have to function. That work has the same, but they have some different. So when we is to get, we cannot see the double function available. We see which one is correct and wish one is not correct, which shows the correct one on apply it to the projects and then delays the function. That is not correct. So when we do that, do it, it will automatically send an update to the other member off the team that have the wrong function to get the right one. So I get a notification that your function has a conflict with other function, but the other one is the correct. You need to update it in your projects to automatically get another date in his project to correct his original function. Then you can organise futures. That's mean every futures can be created alone and you as an administrator organise ate the future to be added to the projects one by one 5. Advantages of Git: I again So the advantage off using it the 1st 1 is that the kids is a free and open source . So get Israel is eating the GPL open source license. It is available freely over the Internet. You can use gets to manage property projects without being a single penny has. It is a new open source. You can download it source code and also perform change according to your requirements. Also, it is first and smile. As most off the operation are performing locally, it's give ah heart benefits in terms off speed. Get there is not roll. I understand trial server. That is why there is no need to interact with remote server For every operation the court part off get is writing in C wish have weighed runtime overhead. Associate ID with other height. Lovely language talk Get mirror on Tyra positively the size off the data Kanda client side is smart. This illustrate the efficiency off get at compression and storing that are under client side Also, dude, it's implicit. Back up. The chance off losing data are very rock when there are multiple copy off it that are present on any client side mirror the repository has it can be used it in the event of a crash or this corruption. As we say, we distributed version control system. Then we have to do security. Get used a Commons cryptographic hash function, college secure hash function as each a one your name and identify object with its database . Every file and comet is Chick Sumit and road. Drive it by its chicks, Some at the time off Check out. It's implied that it is impossible to change fight, date or commit message or any other data from the get that I raised without knowing. Get, It's me. We can't keep any change. No one can eat it the date or are specific change in our project. So we lost our chronology off editing our projects. Also, no need off powerful hardware in case off the central is it version control system. The central server need to be powerful enough to starve requests off the entire team. For small teams, it is not an issue. But as the team size grow, the hardware limitation off the server can be performance. Both clinic in case off the distributed version Control system developer don't interact with the server, illest, denatured, push or pull change. All the heavy lifting happen on the client side, so the server hardware can be very simple. Ended us. We have easy branching, the centralization version control system used ship coping mechanism. If we create a new branch, it will copy all the court to the new branch. So it is time consuming and not efficient. Also delish in and merging off branch in centralization version control. C State is complicated and time consuming, but branch management with the kids is very simple. It take only a few seconds to create dilate and mayors branches, so this is the most advantage off using the kids with the get hope or any Web hosting. 6. A Summary of Terms and Definitions About Git and GitHub: elegant. So no, we're going to cover some words. You will hair drop the course when we is get and get home. We have some expression or some word. We use it and have some specific 1,000,000 into get word. So the 1st 1 is the repository or we simply see it as ripple. So repository are software repository or our report for short is a storage location for software package. Often a tower off content is story as well as metadata. Repository group package. That's me. It's like a full data in the server or in your local that have the file project inside it. So proposito is like a new project you created. Every time when you create our project, you create our repository to do the work inside it. Then we have Branch Branch are used to create another line off development by default. Guitars are master branch, which is same as trunk in sufficient. Usually, a branch is greeted to work on a new futures. One the future is completed. It is merge it back with the master branch and we delays the branch. Every branch is referenced by hate, which point to the latticed commit in the branch whenever you make a comet head is update with the latest commit. So simply branch is a new function or a new future. We want to other projects we create at brash we make that future inside the pressure. Then we operated projects were due in your French Then we have local report. It's the same as a repository, but it is local. That's me. We have that repository in our local machine and not in the server. Then we have remote ripple. The same is our repository Windows Server. So the local report is in our desktop or laptop. The remote report is the one in the server like get hope or into get love or in the bucket . I didn't have the world commit or snapshots or checkpoints in your local report The comet hold the current state off the repository Ah, comet is also not made by s each a one hush You can't consider a comet objects as a nerd off the blanket lists Every comet object has a pointer to the parents Commit object from our giving Commit You can travels back by looking after the parents pointer to view the history of the comet. If a comet has multiple parents committed, then that particular committee has been created by leveraging toe Branch. Then we have the word clone from local or remote. So the work alone is the same as meaning Clone is the A patient created the instance off the Reppas. Actually, cologne operation not only check out the working copy but also mirror the complex and repository user can perform many off operation with this local a repository. The only time it working it involved it. He's wind the repository Instance are being synchronization. That's me. We can clue in our project from the server to our local or from the local to another local . Why we need to is from local to local. So, for example, you have your project and you worked on it in locally, then you deceit to make another date that's have two options. You can make an update using PHP and another update with using another language. So you want to test which one. It will be perfect for your projects for the secretive, the projects for efficiency and Exeter so you cannot do it at the same repository, then you need to revert back to be able to add the new language. So for that we clone our project from our repository Oneto, another repository to in our local machine. Then we make the editing indoor repository number one. Then we make also the same edited with other language in the repository number two. So we compared the double update. We see which one is efficiently and which one is more securities. So when we found that the repository number two is more securities and have good efficiency , then we chose that propose it to remember to is the one that we need toe complete the work on it. Then we appetite the server or the remote with the repository number two. With the editing in the repository in Umberto. That's why we need to Is the clue to be able to make double appetite into same project? Do you have the world push? That's mean upload local changed too remote. It's the same When we finished the clone and editing, we need to push our update to the silver. So push operation copy changed from the local repository Instant to the remote one. This is use it to store the chairs permanently into the git repository. This is the same as the Comets operation into submission. So the word push. That's mean. When you get into restaurant, you're found in the door that the world push me units pushed the door to get inside. Then we have the pool. If you found Mr into Dorsey full, that's mean. You need to pull the door to your side to be able to get in the restaurant. So the poor operation copy the change from the remote repository Instance to do Look out one. This is the rivers off. Push, Push! We send in the update and pull. We get the update from the stair her So the poor operation is use it for sunk organization between two or repository. Instance This is same as the appetites Operation insert vision Then we have food request. That's me until other About your changed to pull its from lookout Too remote. So this is the different ward You can hair in the get off course We have some other word. Like tree tree is a no object We shall present at directory its hold club as well as other sieve direction. A tree is a binary file that store reverence to block on treat Wish are also need ours. It's each a one harsh off the treat objects. So this is a different world. You can hair drug due course and you should know about it so soon in the next lecture. 7. Important Notes Before Using Git and GitHub: So when we work with get and decay job, we have some important not tick careful drug. The work. So one of the most important is that we need to increase our repository for every project. Every time we want to create a project, we need to create a new repository, never create to project into same repository. Every project should have its own opposite. E. This is one of the most important note you should take. Careful. Then we need to create a new branch for every future or enhancements. Every time we want to create or up on your future or an enhancement. Our project. We need to create a new branch and do the work inside this new print. This branch will help us to revert back any editing, or C, which is written at the time off that editing so every time, create and your brush before at any new future, then nodded to connect to the remote report went working. So when we get our projects in the local desktop, we don't need to have connection with the remote to complete the work we can work on locally without any connection. Then we will finish the project or the editing and we want to update the farm projects. Then we need to have a connection with the remote to send updates for using the kids. We can work locally. We don't need into the connection until we finish the editing. Then we can't use the connection to push the editing to the server. Then anyone can push and pull depend on permission. That's me. When we create our projects, we haven't administrator. That ministry church will distributed the permission to the team member. Some of the team will have the permission to push and put some off. The team can Onley people on. Some of the team can only push etcetera. We have, for example, the clients in our team, the client, that we want to get the projects we can give it on Lee the two permission. He cannot push project to the remote server. For example, he wants Onley to seek the result off our projects. For example, our website. So when we make any editing and pushy to the server, the clients can only pull update from the server and state the result. So, for example, his seat, the website, how it is look like if you like it if you want some detail. Oh, there's not like some future he sent as a missile that say please, I want to eat it. This ah, head right here. I want it. It's this image or I don't like this future or I want to get this new future. So we nicked editing. We appreciate you to server and the client can Onley also again to pill the update from the silver and see done your results And this is the permission that we have, for example, to clients with only two permission. So this is a different important not you should take care When you create our projects, we do get a to get help. So see you in the next election. 8. Signing up for a new GitHub account: hello and welcome again in this new section. So, no, we're going to create our first account in get help with side off course, the same thing that we're going to do in to get up. It will be the same as in the get lab or in the bits pocket or in your central server or any came off server centralization your project. So just get the idea industry. How do step work, then You can't do it in any difference website. You have to sort Allah is your project. So we simply got to get help. That comes as the scores we're going to concentrate on to get home. And of course, it will be the same for the get lab or get pocket. So we need to create. I use the name, for example, my name like that. Of course, you need to get a check mark right here. That's the name is available. The a mile and password. Of course, it should be complex to be able to log in. So of course, it asked me to save my password in my robot phone, so it ask you to verify that you are a human and not our computers to verify. And you simply need to make the picture correct. So no, the picture local normal. So you click down on its okay, Then you have option to send me occasional products. Have dates, announcements and offer. If you want to get Ah, a mile news from the top. You can't check this one. But of course, this is our course. We don't need to get any email from get top. Then you see that you are 60. Really subscribe to get help, We're confident. Get hope and hear What skin off work do you do mentally? So of course, Harris ask you a little about you. So the websites will know about you. Then he can help you to get what you need to do that you need us. You are a student, so show you idea about new student. Then if you are a project management or a teacher or anything. So as you are a student, you want to learn about get hope. So we chose students. If you are a software angina and want to work, we do get hope you chose software Orangina to start working with the projects as this is the other teacher. You want to teach people you chose teacher, so I am a teacher. So I truth is one you are accidents chose this one. How much programming experience do you have, for example, None As a new to the get up. You have none experience on the programming If you don't know anything about programming in JavaScript HTML If you have a little or a moderate amount or unloads so it just shows are moderate amount because there are always new tanks to know about the program it So what do you plan to do is get her for so we don't use it for learning the code. Len, get and get hope of course House a project like that. Then it, for example, create our websites. Off course you have the ability shows only three. So this 31 is great for us as our students, for example, want to create our websites, Collaborate with your team, for example, if you have a team and want to collaborate projects friend and court a bitch or pincers, use the Gitcho puppy or school work on students projects. But not you have a project in your school you can chose this one. So here we want to learn to cook, get to get up and we want to host our projects. So it's not a big deal to chose between their butts off course, the most closed to your situation, then I have interest in language framework industry. You can add some information right here if you want to add some interest so you simply click complex. They talk to finish your strips cried so her. You need to verify your in my address to be able to use your account, so I will verify it. So we knew. Verify your a mile. Of course you will get Mr That You might is very few correctly. And this is the main page off key chop from the inside. Of course it ask you here to start a project or to lend, gets and get hope without any coat. And then you can, of course, customize your profile. Look and go to your profile to see your profile like that, and you can customize the picture. The named ah information right here, the beauty company, etcetera. You can edit this information to customize your profile to look like what you want. And, of course, next we're going to start creating our first project in the top. So see you in the next video. 9. Creating Your First GitHub Project: Hello again. So after subscribing in the get hope that come website, we can't do anything without creating the first repository. So the first time we need to do when we get into get up, we need to create our repository. So, as this is your first time to get into website, you will see this page right here. You have the option to create your first repository from this part right here or from this part right here. Or you can do it from your profile. As this is the first time you will see this massage. But when you have our first repository, this missiles will gone. So we need to do it from the safe place. That's when you want to create the 2nd 1 You can easily no where to do it. So we need to get your profit because this is the place that you can't create military repository without any problem. So off course you can go to the repository, right? Help! And here you see two create in any repository you want to do. So we creek new but right hurt to create on your opposite story. So here you see the name your honor and indoor repository name Repository That will be show up in your funeral with your team. So, for example, get course like that. So this is like our get course then here at description. This says the get Gore's Fred stricture been so just our description to know this repository is for what, For example, you create our website for a special clients. You stop right here. This is the websites for do clients X on, for example, and other projects for the company. You see, this is the project's X for the company X etcetera. So here you chose between public, anyone can see your repository and content inside it and the provides. You can only see this sort of prison Cherie by yourself or the member off the team. So off course, as this is our course, will keep it as a public. They have the option to initially. Is this a repository with our read me file? So this repository, when we're going to create this one, it will automatically art are read me file and this rhythm, if I will help us to treat some instruction to do team. So, for example, this is our new products. We want to get some instruction to the member of the team to do that or to not doing that. So we need this rhythm. If I anyone off the team getting decided positively, we'll see this arrhythmia five. And I can read the instruction inside it. So we always recommend it. Used to read me file in the beginning, off your project to write instruction to the team with that fire. So off course. And here you can add some other script right here. But of course, as we are you, we don't need you. Is this option right here? So we click. Create a repository to create our first repository. That's call it get court. So this is the repository off the get course. 10. All About Readme File of GitHub: have your seat help off course. Dismissed. Then you see to read me file right here. You see? Redefine and the constant off that arrhythmia file gets Course this is the kid. Scores from Vita been so here. You see that The rhythm If I is not a t X try it's an empty The empty is due marked down sent text You see right here from the Wikipedia. If you want to know what does meaning in the extension is the markdown is a light weight mark up language with plan, text format in syntax so you can read this information about it. If you want to know is on off course, you need to know how to use this m dick language by this page right here from the future. You can't just the different sent text we can use in the end. The extension file. So you see right here, for example, we want to create ah, large headline. We used gays symbol. If we want to use the second large headline we need to use double the is simple. It's set up. So if we back right here, you seek hair. We can edit this empty file. We can click on it. It and you will see that is right. It we do m d programming language. So you see this symbol right here? Get scores. Make the get scores as our first headline. So, for example, we want to add a second hit like we use double days. Then this is Ah, just off the new en de language, like adults. So then we can't commit the church. Of course, we're going to do the change from the common line. But here, as an example, to understand the arrhythmia. Five. We can't do it with the user graphical commit change to see the results. So, you see, this is a test off the new empty language in the second headline. So the same. If you want, for example, Bolt, you can use this double star, so you get the double star and the text inside it, and the result will be a both text for the Italy's it text and the same for every option right here. So, of course you need to keep this page with you. He gets some instruction. I used to read me file and picture instruction to the team until you must have this language because it's ah, short language and easy. By the time you can memorize all the ah Centex available, we do empty fight. So this is the most important. Think you need to know about to read me file and next we'll start using our projects in a local machine so soon in the next video. 11. Git Downloads for Windows, Linux And Mac OS: hello again. So the first thing we need to do after creating our first projects in the ghetto Hope is to download that projects in our local machine to start working on it. So to do that's off course, we need to back to the gate course or repository like that. You see that you l will be your name and slash didn't repository name. Then you can't do it manually by clicking on the clue or download off course in the project . We are inside our projects to get scores. We have a clue or download and we have this year l right here that have the extension dot Get off course, you can't down load to the file and off. Do it with the A graphical user interface. Or you can use the common line off. Get that we're goingto cover in discourse. So we'll going to chose to use the get command. Of course, here you can't download the file I did in zip this file in your local machine to get the projects get So to do that, we need to don't not the kids off course, we simply thought get into Google. And here you see the town not option to gets down within the gates as this is. Our Windows machine automatically detects that my machine is our windows and is are the 64 bit. So hey, suggest Mitchell. Download the version available for windows, so we simply click on it and download will start. So, like that's off course, I will start downloading they here. You can see if we back right here. You can see if you want to get the other version. For example, the 32 deeds or for our windows portable. This would 32 bit. And this is for the 64 bit. You have executable file order, portable file to run it without and studying a tightly in your windows. So of course, we always are committed to is the executable 52 of with any problem? And, of course, if you have our mark Wes, you can simply run this command in your ma questo installed. Get in your mark machine and to sell four Lenox. If you have Lennox, you have this different common line to use it to our style. Get inside it. It's very simple. For example, for the DBS or want you run this command upped touch gets in style. Get then, for example, for fedora. You can use this command. And this is for the version 21. And this is fourth person 22 later the gentle arch Linux, etcetera. So they are different distribution off limits. You chose the right one for you didn't run the right command for your rights West. So this is the difference. Get stuff to our we have for the different version Marquis Windows and Lennix. So we have the Windows profession. We'll see in the next video how to our style Step off windows See in the next video. 12. Install Git on Windows: hello again. So when you complete the downloading off the get software, you simply run it and chose next without changing anything. So next, next, etcetera. Off course. There are some option right here. But off course we don't care about them right now. The next. Next on. Next thing, it's ask you to enable fire system caution in never gets credential management and so on. So we don't scare about those options, right? No off course. This option will be useful when you master to get and to get up when you need some more other Vincent option Then you can change the option to fit your situation or your projects or its center. So the installation were complete successfully. Then we can run the common gets in our terminal or in our consult. So where is it? Win the installation complete. We can lunch the git bash If you want to see some really is not about to get you can run it So we click next And here. Is it the bash off the gate? So here you can run the first command kit Reversion. Like that receipt version the to 26 on to burn. Douse versions. You see, it's the same version that we downloaded right here. So here we can't run toe comment off the get in this bash software. But as you see this terminal or this console, it's look backward and you need to work with a council that you feel comfortable. We did. I don't prefer to use the consul off the kids because that I don't feel comfortable using it. So you can, of course, use the same day. So the same. If we top get version like that, you will see that version available indicates so anything that we're going to do it with Get console. We can't do it from the CMD. And for that, if you take one off my course about the commonly, we can also use the same that I always prefer to use. Do cinder Consul to do any common line in my computer, so I always prefer to use the cinder. So how do you see my center software? You can go to Google and search for seemed to download this software. It's, ah, portable version, and it's beautiful. You see it give you some cooler, and it's make the work easy for you in the common line, so the same. We can run. Come on, get version to see if the get is integrated with the cinder. You see, we get the same version. That's mean the sin that can detect the common line available from the get. So from now and in the future, we're going to use the cinder council to do any tank. And, of course, if you don't want to use the cinder, you can run the same command in the get concerned or in the same the consul. It's the same. But as I tell you, I prefer to use distended because it is more comfortable for me. So see in the next video to start the first common line off the get. 13. Install Git on Linux and Unix: hello again. So no. If you want to on style to get in our clinics machine, you can simply go to the website, get SCM dot com and slash download and then you click on the Linux UNIX option. Right? Help off course. I don't have a Lennox machine in my laptop, so I cannot record the step. But it is very easy. You can simply run this command in relation about the version off the Lennox. You have so to download the gift for the Phoenix machine. If you have a deviant or a Novato operation system, you can step. Please run the command RPT dash, get then in style get and it were on Star gets in your machine without any problems. So you only need to have our network connection. Then you run this command into shell command line in the Debian or the Avanti. So the same if you have fedora and you are, for example, the version 21 on duh all the version you can run the yam command. The CME is very far most into Fedora Yam commanded in style Dane gets and it will download and in stargates directly to your machine If you have a new vision for 20 two on later you can run to D and F. The new common DNF dinar start gets did the same in relation about the vision you have. For example, if you are Gento, you can't run this command. If you have archly nukes, you can't run this command and soul and so on. For example, Three bs. Solaris. So what is expressed and so on and so on. So it is very simple. You just simply go to this website right here and chose the version off the operation system you have for the Lennox and didn't run the command that is generation about it. Off course. You don't need to run this hash tag right here. You just stop the text from right here and so on and so on. So seeing the next lecture 14. Install Git on Mac OS: hello again. So the same for the McCoys operation system. As you know, I don't have the Mark West and Lenox. I only use the windows. So the same. If you want to install, get in the Mac OS, you can simply got to get website gets Dash is CME dot com slash download and you click on the Mac os X. True. Don't not do gets for the Mac OS, so the same. If you have ah Homebrew version, you can simply ran Braille and style gets so it is very simple. You just got to the common line off McQuay's. On top of this common off course, you need to have a network Internet connection, and it will download the vision off the gets and on style it in your Marco Royce. But in case you have the X coat you already have, do get on starlet as our packers. We do X court. If you have the software, install it in your McCoy's. You already have the get to the stand, for example, for Windows. If you install the cinder, the far vision, it's automatically have the get version and started. We did so the same. We do Xcor and the same for the binary on style you can. Is this lank right here to our start to get on division available is 23 the same. For example, If you want to get it from the source, you can go to this website to download the latest version available. So you see, if we past the mouth right tell you received the latest version right here is get 2 27 and to file tar dot g. Is it? So it's very easy to follow this instruction right here without needing to record the step on off course. I don't have our Marco is to do that Zazi under next lecturing. 15. Using Cmder Console Emulator: I again. So when we start using December, I want to let you know a little about the cinder that is available in to get hope. They already used the repository of get top to manage their projects off cinder. So if we check right here latticed version, and there you see ghetto proposito re for issue Norquist and sores. So if we click on get hip repository, we can't go to the repository off the program. Cinder. So here, you see, this is the cinder, the project cinder, and I'll do file and folder off it. You see the different fire and folder and here you see the rhythm. A file. If you remember, we talked about the read me file. And there you see some instruction about the project off. Cinder. Mr. Here are screen shorts and why we use it. The installation how to our style, the instruction, etcetera. So here you can get the different information or an instruction to the team who want to use this project. So all this is our public projects. You see, right here all the information needed for the team to know before star use in the projects . So the good work on it. So of course, if you want to make some editing on the project, you can't use the clone or download off the cinder to do it in your locally and work on these. But as this course is about a new project, we start from the zero. So we're going to with our projects one by one. Of course. Here they are, almost completed the project on Onley Get some issue or some new updates to do it. So you see here the different appetite 21 die for months to years, etcetera. They are some files that have three years did not change it. And some New York it's always on update right hand. So this is an example of a project in get hope about the software that we're going to stroke the court the cinder. So next will start cloning our first product 16. Cloning Remote Repositories over HTTPS: elegant. So no, we need to download our projects in our local machine. So we simply copy this year l off the project and we've actually common line. Then we need to create a folder. True. Make the projects inside. It's off. For example, in car buyer get courts like that. So we get in the folder, which course, then we run the common get space clue, and we put our your l and repressed enter. So I start cloning the proposito re from get hope to our local machine. So he's succeed downloading the projects and give you the data about different file and folder downloaded. So if we check city get scores like that and we stop die, you see that we have to read me files that were loaded in our desktop. So if we talked explore like that, we can't get to the folder that is downloaded in my ah see user my name get scores and get scores inside it. And your front that reads me file is there. So help you see the kitsch course projects and to read me the contents off that projects that only have to read me fight. So no we don't load our first reboot in our local machine. So the first thing you learn it in this command line is the command git clone. So this common get clone and then do your l off your repository and your report, Italy now become our local repository. So you get your opposition from the remote server to your local machine. So see you in the next video to learn more about get command. 17. Create the Main Structure of the Project: I again. So the next step we need to do after Clooney in our projects from the give hope to the local repository is to work on our projects. We make the editing necessary for our project. As our member of the chip, your function is to create the website fire necessary to start the project. So for that's for example, as I am response off creating the website, we going to create some folder, for example Imagine a full that that we constant image off the project. Then for example, digest the full that as well content JavaScript. Fine. Then for example, statuses like that. So, for example, we're going to add index five. But jello like that? Yes. Then for example, we are the same since five dement five like adults. So no, we have our projects almost ready. Judy standing to the server. That's mean I complete the task that I need to do in my side 18. The Status of Your Project: The first command we need to do after completing our project is to run the command, get stating We need to know the statue of our project. So 18 meat that the projects have to in track it file. That's me. I have 25 that is added to the project and still not track it by Do gets project. So you see here that we have the sex is fine and index file. That's mean. They detect that, destroy or find still not be track it by the brush muster. So you see your branch is up to date with origin muster. Interactive file is get out and find to include in what will be committed. So I ask you to Is the get other command toe at this to file to do a staging area? What is the staging area? So this picture will help you industry what we're going to do in the kids projects. So when we work in our project, we are in the working directory. That's mean the full that That's half the project. It's called the Working directory. When we're finished editing in the working directory, we need to use the command, get up toe that Ah editing to do a staging area. And when we're finished, the staging area that's me. And we complete out editing necessary in our project and other them to the station area. Then who is the command? Get comet discovered. We're going to see it later to send our operate to the local a repository. So no, all this step was still in our look. Our machine, We still not connected Remote server so help we work in local machine. So we will finish the project. We stand it to the local repository and will be really to push the update to the server. That's mean I finish my task. Then I will be ready to send it to the server. So we nature is the common. Get out to the up today to do a staging area. When we finish any update, we need to send it to the station area 19. Tracking The New Files of Your Project: so we'll run the command get at and we need to mention the name off the file. For example, Main Services and Index Off course. We can change the wild card if you want to add, although file available in the folder. But if you want to chose a specific file, you need to Munchen the name one by one. So, for example, we have the man says this and indexed its chairman's. With press enter, it's OK if we're run to come and get stage like that. So you say that we have two New York Fine, that is available in the staging area. Can need to be committed. So changed to be committed. New file services learn five, then indexed five. So know we are in do staging area. We are in this place right here. That's mean we have the change. Send it to the station area So what we're going to do, right? And he ask you commit this change to the local repository But in case you want to in stage that mean you want to revert back this change to the working directory, for example, you have something wrong with the national Fire and you want to add it or you forget something to add it to the stairs. That's why you can in stage this fine to the working directive, not to start working on it. So you still get restore stage and name file. So next we'll see how to restore our five and complete the editing on this before committing to the local repository. So see, in the next election. 20. Unstage Files Using Git Reset and Git Restore: hi again. So the next step we're going to do is jerk in stage. Are fire from the staging area to do work in a repository. That's mean. We want to make some editing to our file before complete the war. For example, we forget to add something into index file with mitral in stage. The index five to the working directory. Aunt, make the 18. So for that you see right here we have this common right here. You can run it, get restore double dash, stage it. And we put, for example, the file index like that with presenter. Then if we run, get stages, it show you that the indexed file still in track it in the project. That's me. We Onley track it. The man says his file and this one it's not ready to be committed to include in what will be committed when we commit our update. This file will not be committed. Will not be updated in our original projects. So when we in stage this fire No, we can't go and make editing necessary. Then we can't stand it again. So, as an example, after off course, it is in the index file. Then we want to eat it. Something new, for example, We add the Excel Shit Excel. I didn't have some five. For example, that's TF like that. So, for example, we have two new folder that is connected with the index, etcetera. And then we want to update our projects again. So what we do, we ran the common to get state you. We always ran to get stated. You see what changes in our product. So you see, we have treating your file naturally included to the staging area before be able to committed. So again, Orlando, come on, get at. And this time we don't need to top all the name off the file. For example, weeks use the wild card. That's mean we'll add our the fire available and in track it in our project. So you press enter, then get state again. You see, that's the three in your fight is added successfully to the staging area. So here we learned how to use the common get restore, and then we are them again to do a staging area. So, for example, another old common that we use it before this new one. This gets restore stage it file. It's a new one. It's changed by diversion In the Previa vision. I was using the command Get rece it hate and then top of the for example. So with presenter this command waas working for re sitting some fire from the staging area in stage to find I was using this comment No, it's changing. To restore stage the same, you just need to know the difference command and use the one that fit your comfort. Tom. We'll do it again, for example, to in stage to find. We Can is, for example, the index find space in the DOC file so we can in stage two fine at the same time. So if we top get, stay true, you see that the treat file instead it the one right here. But we did in the first common tender 2nd 1 With profile, they use Gates. Add to add the index file, for example. This is the final project, but I want to run. That's mean. I want indexed, Andrew says, Is this true file is in necessary, For example, I use them just remember something. For example, the doc have the different restriction that I should work on it. So, for example, I add this dogfight with the destruction that I need to put it. The J ss, the function number one, The function number two. It's a tear up and, for example, at some picture Exeter. So this is just our remainder for me. So I don't need to commit this file with the project because it is on Lee for me and not for the product. So this is why we use gets restored to in stage that fire from the station area. So next we're going to send the project from the staging area to the local repository, so see in the next video. 21. Setting Your Commit Email Address in Git: hi again. So no way we complete our project editing on Put it in the staging area. No, we need to send it to the local repository. So we are in the staging area when we add the index, Understand? Since why? I know we need to send it to the local repository. So the comment that we're going to do is the get commit, get commit like that. We used cash and we always use the touch and toe at the missiles necessary for that editing . So that's missiles will help us to industry. What happened in this specific editing. So, for example, are five member of the team Everyone will send it into the remote server to the remote repository. Every potential have our brief description what it is about. So we'll have not mistreated or you, as a member of the team get in the projects in the ghetto. You can easily understand this editing is about what or this other editing about another member is about. What we do it we're using. The dash came this dash M is like, ah, brave description off what happened So, for example, created do month stricture off the project then we press enter to commit our projects. So here it ask you to define yourself to be able to complete this process. So it's just do it like that on. We're going to define ourselves, for example, uh, coddled us been that's called just like that. 22. How To Git Commit With Message: then we try to commit the projects again. So you press enter. It's OK. He just needs our name to define you too pretty in the log file. That's mean. If someone used the same project, he should detect which name available for that. So no, you see that? Get commit is complete. Successively create the mayor structure off the project to five changing zero intention zero dilation. So he created the 1st 5 and the second fire. So no, we ran to command get state again to see what we are. Hair. So you see her. Your branch is ah hate off origin. Muster by one commit use Get pushed to publish your local Commit. That's mean we are in the local commit We are in the local repository and still not send our update to the remote repository. So we ask you to run the command. Get pushed to send your work or your update to the server to the sometimes aided server or to the get hope. But here you see that we have to fire in track it off course If we don't care about this true file, we can't just run to come and get push to send update That's continent it index and says is five. And if, for example, remember that we still need to add the Excel file, for example, we need to add a new five That's college excel sheet. So you back to the projects right here. And we aren't, for example, the Excel five. What example? That sheet that's expel is peaks like nuts because as a Nixon file, so we remember that we need to add this one. So we back to the get stated like that and we see that we have another file at it and we need to send this one to the staging area. Andi, then we need to commit it. So, for example, will beat em, for example, Doc and excel like that. We need to delete those files. Here is it. Then we stand, get started again. So you see that we delayed this true file because we don't need it in our projects, and we only need to that are sheet. So what we're going to do is add our new file that she'd like that. Then again, if we get state, do you see that we have one your fight in the staging area and we have one commit are waiting to be sanded to the remote server. So again we is the government Get commit like that's with top end. For example, this is due that sheet file like that. For example, we want to add the data sheet five to the projects with press. Okay, so no, After committed our excel file, we can run the common gets that you again to see that we have to commit to be pushy to do server. Your branch is ah, head off original master by to comment, we have two comments. The 1st 1 that at the index understands is fine And the 2nd 1 that constant do that are sheet Excel file. So here it ask future fish your work to do server If you back right here we still in the local area That's me are the work that we did from the preview off the course angina We are in the local area know when it is the commander gets pushed to sound our it into the remote repository. So in the next video, we'll see how to push our appetite off the project to the server 23. Inside Git: (dot) Git directory: Hello again. So let's try to know something new about the kit. Common. So hell, if your seat, that's when we get in the folder gets course you see that do expression College master earned Orangina show up. So to know what is this? If we top CD double dot you see that the master and origin expression is not show up. But when we get in the get course folder you see, that's it changes your master and origin. And then, for example, when we ran common get branch like that You see, he show you that you are in the master. Then for example, get remote the like that. You sure that the regime is this lank? This is the lung cough, the origin project that you work on it but me, If you were in two different projects and you want to know is this folder exists in what? From the get hope, For example, it showed you the here l that's host this project. That's mean, the, um from the user fit the happen. And in the project, that's call it gets course spends over. If you have another projects in your local machine, you can get the origin from, For example, another name. Like, for example, another projects from another. Use it. You can see. Do your right here. So how he can get this data. And if you check your for the writer use it is empty. It's only half some folder and file off your projects by default. Some computer have the file Explorer option to show hidden files and folders, and some off them does not have this option. So we need to go to the Fight Explorer option and try to show the hidden file if we apply. You see right here that we have I hidden folder Collett dot Get if we get inside it, you see the different file off the project. This is do different file and folder off the project from the GH Hope server. So I automatically have all the information about the project and he can't detect the origin your l of the projects, then the master folder it set up. So this is a quick idea to know how the common line can detect this information. So this file right here it's do one homeowners your project. So then the first tank, we don't every time when we're back to our project is the get stated to know which task we stop or let in the last time That's me. We are in this stage right here. That's me. You have to branch is ah hit off Parisian muscle by to commit. That's me. We have our project in the local repository and we're too commit. Still needed to be pushed to the remote server. So no, we're going to run the command. Get push! 24. Pushing Commits to Remote Repositories: so no, we're going to run the command, get pushed from a regime. Do mustard. That's me. We're going to send the updates from the regime to the server, the master server. So if we stop enter, it will ask us for the user name and the password. So you already know that this project is exist in to get Hope server and hey, want to send update to do server? So he asked us for the user name and the possible to the albatross push out it into their server. That's mean your server and your project. Anyone can fool or clone your projectors. Look our machine. But it does much be able to push the editing to your public's interior. Make it available for everyone. That's mean you make the permission that anyone can appreciate the entity. But off course, the editing will not go into the updated interview it through eat, for example. In our project right here, we make it open for everyone. Everyone can make editing, Then they can push the editing without needing to use the name and password. But off course it will be India pending process until I approve it. That's me has an administrator. I should approve the editing for everyone but for our team, a private team that worked on the project, everyone should have to use their name and password to be able to get to the projects and make the 18 inside it. And of course it is in relation about us. They're very, for example, in a company years our local server. You don't need to use the user name and password because it's already pretty. Define it by the permission off the machine. You use it in your company, so I will add my email and password on Complete the logging. So when I thought from Logan, you will see that it were long into the get hope and complete the process. It will take a little time. So here is it. So the logging successfully and the project is operated to the server were read in immigrating object. Seven. Don continue a project 100%. That's mean it's complete successfully. There's no corporation using after four trade etcetera. So this information about the operating processes display he decides it set up, So the important is that the resolving there's not 100% done so next, with the result in our get trope server so soon in the next video 25. Review The First Git Push on GitHub: hello again. So after pushing our projects from the local repository to the remote repository that remember this picture So no, we are in this place. That's mean. We push our projects from the look at a repository to the remote repository. So if we got to the gate hop server and log E, you will see did not to commit. That's mean. We create Joe, commit in one repository. That's me. In our project we send to commit truck. The action happened in the server, so if we get inside it, you see that we have the new file available in the projects from the get hope. That's mean we have the status is we have to that a sheet and we have the index. Is Jamil fine. So if we check them, you see that we have a description on every file and folder. So you see right here creates the mess stricture off the projects. If you remember when we had a massage with fresh common, we add a description to this action right here. So you see a hair description available then, for example, when we are do that, she This is the data sheet you see it right head, then the index file Exeter. You see her time off. The latticed commit when we commit the stairs is and to index file. It's one hour ago. Then later when we are doing that a sheet, it's on Lee 44 minutes ago on this is the read me file that we edit it yesterday. So you see, we can see the different change by more details about it. We can track do latticed tie and description off it. So, for example, if we click on the description right tell you see if this comet is your mixture fit that are of us being that is associated with your account, That's me. We use this in a mile. True. Define ourselves in the common light If you remember it when we did it before. So this changes happened by feta have been That's me. You know, the person who make this church as an administrator off the project. You can see that this assesses fine and index trial committed by Treat that battle. Bus bean. That's Crume. That's me. He know who's the member off the team who make this editing right? 10. That's mean. If someone take this to file and make editing. You will see his name right here. But if you are the same person who will complete the entity, he ask you to make sure the fitter Arabs been is associated with your account. So here you see the different updates happened to the projects into get hope. And next we'll see how to make some editing in this file. So, for example, if you click on the index five, you can see the content off its. So you see zero contributor. That's mean there's not have any editing. So next we'll try to make some editing in the smile and see what will happen in the projects from the top. So see you in the next lecture. 26. Committing And Reviewing Changes To Your Project: hello again. So, no, we'll try to make some editing in some five and applied to project. So before we start that if you remember, we defined a my you see right here in Kano creates the man structure off the project because we did not define do use the name. So for that, we need to go on defined user name, for example, gate, corn feed and global. Then with pitch user that name onto, for example, Trita Dash been like that, But I mean, we defied the user name retirement. That's me. Any work we're going to do it into the top will show up my name as the member of the team who make this edited. So next we're going to explore dude our projects and make some editing, for example, on the seriousness five. For example. Let's open recesses, and we are, for example, body like that. Then, for example, we could front sighs. This is just an example that we make some editing in our projects. For example, 20 PX like that. That's me. We make unedited in our project, so we closed the project after saving it. So we have a new editing in our project. So if we're back to the common line on that get staging You see that we have one more defeated five and not one new fight. If you remember in the preview video when we is the common tickets teacher, it shows you that there are new file but here it's not on you. It's already exists in the product. But it is modified by our member of the team. He ask you again to get out, to send it to the staging area or to get restore if you want to. This can change in the working directory. If you want council all revert back. This change so the next is to add this fire to do staging area. So if you remember, we are in the working The actor will make the editing in the working factory. When we used to get stitches it show us there are are motivated file in the working directory. We need to stand it to the staging area, then to do local a ripple. So we do it. Get out then services like that then, man. So we send it then to get state again off course you brought me to keep doing its teacher every time. This is just to show you where we are. As this is your first time, you need to understand what happened. So we ran the command gate state. But as a member of the team that work it with get out, get hope you don't need to use the gets. Did you just already know that when you get out processes, then you need to commit your chance to the local repository? Then you can push it to do server step by step. But as this is your first time on, we are learning about to get so we'll keep running the gets. Did you to know what happened right here. So in this step when we ran to get up. So no, we are in the staging area. So you see, changed to be committed and we are in the staging area. So next will grant get commit and we add em. If you remember then for example, more the fate off the man services file. That's mean we make modified into says inspired. So with press enter. So no you see that the file is committed If we run again, get state. Do you see that you have one commits available to be appreciate. So again, get push, then origin to master they in this time it will not ask for the user name and password off the details because we already did it. So I remember the logging and will complete the process successfully. So you see, it's 60 fully and it is sending so no. If we top gets teaching, you see one branch muster. Your bridge is up. Today's with origin mustard. That's mean with origin and the master. They are capitated. There are no different between your local repository and the server repository. So no, if we back to get hope and see what happened, I Terry. If you remember, we have four commit. If we appetite or refresh the page, consider to become five. Commit That mean we have a new commit to the original projects, and if you remember her fit, there have been more diffuse. Dement says. That's fine. If you remember her when we defined the new name, it's already detected that fit the have been is the one home with FBI demand stairs. That's fine. That's me as an administrator of the projects. I can see that. Remember that have been modified. The man fire. And if we check, for example, this five commit right here. You will see that everything is organization toe by that time. So the last appetite in the project is modified off the land surface. Five. It's five minutes ago by feta happened. That's me. And I know that fit. I have been committed five minutes ago. Do motivated off the man satisfy the preview, for example, one hour ago in Kano, because we didn't define user name before. So this is the data sheet. Then before that one hour groggy, he creates the male stricture off the project. And also by the date and the time. So a yesterday I in the 27th of April, we capitated the read me file by Fitter happened. This is the user name off the account right here. If we check writer Rita heaven. So this is the 10 it is to read me. File initiates the committee. Did he didn't read me file by feta happen without the touch but here by another user. Carrot Rita Dash Been so we can see the difference, Of course, if we click on it, we can see what happened in the largest committee you see right here. Three additional and zero delish in. That's me. One change happened to this five, and this is the editing that's happened in this file. Demand senses have three line. If you see three additional, that's mean 12 Did he light and read what happened right here? So has honored me. I can see that the veto have been are a new from science in the project. So, of course, if you want to add some commercialism to click and I tell and we add, come onto this one, for example. Please try to keep these front size on our off the project. Just an example are single. Come on, that's me. Anyone off the member of the team will get to demand says it's fine. He will read this comment right here to know the show. Old respects the 20 pixel off the front size in the project, so it's it, and you can see the different change happen and you can't track anything in your projects. No matter what happened in your project, you can track it on, see what happened off course. If someone delete some line from the projects, you will find it right here. That someone the late our project on it will show up in the red color. This is in the green color. Anytime. Dilated will show up in the red color and we're going to see it later. So see you in the next lecture. 27. Copying A GitHub Repository by Forking: hello again. So, no, we're going to see how a team can use the get hope together in the same projects or how get her up. Managed to different member of the team in the same perfect. So if you remember this project that we were on it, you see, right here. So you, Nick, you not confuse it when we go into used two different account, I would use this account lighter by my name fee Tabin and I will use another a current brisk Patrick. So we have two different. I want into get trip. So not make your confuse it. You just concentrate on this logo right here. For example, this red one. That's mean, this is the account number two. And this in the yellow color will be the original account off my name happen. So when we take for example, this project right here, we could be to lank and we try to visit it from the other account. So it bust like that? That's mean. We visit the products available from feta happen. You see, this is the get scores from the Taliban, and you see the different file and data about it toe information, etcetera. And of course, if you check our profit, we still not have any projects or repository in our profit. So you see, we have zero a repository. But when we get in this project right there and we try to make some editing, for example, or something in this project, that's mean. We want to update the product. But you remember we're still not a member of the team. We are just are one off. The Publico tried to visit this project. So if we click on create new find that mean we want to make a change of these projects, you see missiles. You've created a fire in a new object you don't have write access toe. That's mean. This project does not give us the ability. Teacher make editing on it. It does not give us the rights Access Street. So we've created a fork off this project so automatically do get help, create a fork off this project. It's a clone or a copy of the projects in your server. That's mean in your accounts in the ghetto for you to commit your propose. It change. That's me. Hey, make a copy of the projects in your local server. But I mean, this is your personal account. Commit your proposed changes. That means you can make any change you want. Then you can start meeting a change well created to file in a new branch. In your fault, so you can stand up all request. That's mean. We knew Nick. Any getting into specifics? Then you can stand a pull a request to the original owner off the project to let him know about the irritant. If he want to approve it, they will do. If he does not want to approve it, it will. Then I do a problem. You did so, for example, here you create, for example, are five that you want to edit it. Then if we back to the original owner off the projects right here and we refresh you see a writer that we have zero folk. But when we refresh the base, you see that we have one folk. That's mean one copy off the protecting another account. You can see who's the one who do that. Click on it. You see that Bruce? Patrick, get a copy off the projects. Get court. So I detect anyone who gets a copy off the perfect, and you can see all the user that have a copy of this project and then you can see the editing or anything that happened from the visitor off your project. So if you go back to the visitor account and we're back to our provide, you will see that a new repository just created you. See, the get schools is available in our repository. That's mean we have a copy off the project in our account, but off course, we don't want to work in this. Why? Because this is a public project. That's mean anyone who can visit this projects and make a copy of it to work on it. But as we work on our project, we should use it as a member of the team. So next we'll see how we can add this user as a member of the team in this projects and not as our visitor. So it's here in the next video 28. Delete a GitHub Repository: I again. So no, we have a copy off the projects in our second account. But of course, we want to be a member of the team with Does not want to be just our visitor to the project who work on it as a public. We want to be a member of the team. So for that, we're going to delay to this project from this I can't. And we'll back to the original accounts that have the original predicts job give a permission to this account to be as a member off the team. So how we're going to dilate our projects for is that you have projects and you want to delete it. You go on, get scores, project. And here in the sitting, you have an option to dilate the products and you should be careful when you relate the projects. You can't revert back the products again. Off course. If you have a copy in the local, you can restore it. But if you delayed it from your server, you can't revert back Once you delete opposite Terry, there is no going back. Please be certain. So we click on the leftist repository. You see, another massage. Are you absolutely sure this action cannot be in done? This will be a pair mentally dilate. The Chris Patrick gets course repository. Wiki instrument. Comment on removed car collaboration. Conversation. That's mean. If you have a collaboration association, this project will be the lady. So you simply need to confirmed the late by using the same name off the user name and the project. So I understand. No, it will related of projects. So if we're back to our account, you will see that we have zero a repository. So no, you have zero repository and zero projects. So next we're goingto add this user name to the original projects from the owner feta. Been since you in the next video? 29. Inviting Collaborators To a Personal Repository: I again. So no, we're goingto odd. Bruce Patrick, as a member of the team in this project gets cools off course. Every projects have his member. Of course, you can create music projects, but only one off them who have different member and the other world can be only for you or for some specific members. So we go to the court, gets coursed of projects that we want to work on it. We got to do sitting and we go to manage access. That's me. We want to manage the access off this project. You see, that is developed repository. If we want to change it, Privett, then we have invited collaborator that mean we want to add a cola bottle on this project. So we simply copy to user name, please. See a list off the different name Patrick like that. And here you see the name off the grease, Patrick, the one that we want. Of course, there are two. So we know that this is the right one, because the name is the exact name. That's what years and this one have another word at the last off the names. So we have this one the correct one. So we click on it. We chose up Bruce Patrick to get course. That's mean. We want to add it to the get scores projects, so he will get a notification in the massage. If we back to this one and we try to get access to the A mile address, use it in this one to get an invitation, open power a mile and see the message. So you see the missiles right here fit that have been invite you to fit to heaven, slash get scores. So it's the right had defense information, and you can view the invitation that have only seven days to be expired. If you don't accept this invitation in seven days, it will be automatically declining. So we accept the invitation. So no, we are a member off the project. That's mean we can manage the project right here directly. If we back to the original account right here. You see that are waiting. Bruce, Patrick, respond. If we refresh the page, you see that bris? Patrick is our collaborator. That's mean is ah, member off the team. And here you see a one have access to this repository of course, you can click on it to see the details about it. It's the same right here. That means one collaborator in this project. So no, the user name Bris Patrick home off all access to these projects. And no, you don't see that, Mr. If we try to create a new file, you don't see that massage. This is Ah, fork. And you need to pull our request to the outer off the products so we can't work on this directly. So next we'll see how to make a change on the project from the second account. 30. Update Files In Your GitHub Project: hello again. So no, we'll try to make some editing in our projects and we'll see the results in two different get hope A current. That's mean as a one off the member of the team, I make some editing how it will look like in the different account. So if we're back to our original projects and get scores, for example, try to make a simple editing. For example, we add our word duck rtf file, for example. Of course, when we make any editing, just we make a simple it into get the idea. But off course, in your environment you will create difference fire and JavaScript and HTML and anything that you need in your projects. But just to make the idea, we use only one or two exam. So we add, for example, are word 0.30 f five and we try to get the stage, for example. Here we see what happened. Get Stater. You see that we have a new file added to the project. That's mean we need to follow the steps we ran. Get odd and we are the world like that. Then I will keep repeating the get statue. So you can easy remember which step we are in. But of course you will be able to memorize all those comments so you can go them one by one . So know we are in the staging area. We need to send it to the local the repository by using the command Get commit Dender massage on We are for example added would five like that. But I mean we're going to add I was viral play center so no, we are in the local repository. If we ran gets teacher came to see the result. That's mean we need no to push the modification to the remote server. So we're under cover and get bush from or a ginger mustard. And is it? No, it will is the connection to the Internet to send the world five to do a server So the operation is successfully complete If we back to the how original account That's me, the owner off the projects and we try to refresh right here You will see a new file Add it right here. You see word that rdf off course it will check the data. That's mean feta have been added Our word file If we check right here. Are did Ah, word file. We make a mistake right here, but using and have it word fire. If we back to the other account writer and we refresh the page, you will see again. That new World file is at it successfully. So if it happened to use their name Ho, make this editing is feta haven't. And this is the new one. You see right here. It's one minute. Argue that. I mean, this is a new fight and this is for yesterday. And this is to read me that we created to they ago. So no, everything is working successfully. That's mean we can't push the upper days and all the member off the team can see the appetite. Of course he can check what's ah happened inside it? So you say if it is committed the word fire. If there are a charge in the world by, he can read it back to the projects and do it again like that. If, for example, opened this word fire and mix some editing What is often Halo work? This is knew he didn't like that. So we save okay. And if we go to the step again. If we thought gets Digeo, you will see that there are are modified five So the same gets out word fire like that. So Okay, then get commit pain Apatit the word five like that. Then get to show you see, in the step I did not use the common gets teacher because you start memorized the command we is it just to see what's happened in the background. So we get the bush. That is it. If we back to the original one on reload the page you see right here feta updated the world Fine, that's mean and make an update on this world Fire. It's 25 2nd again if we back to the second account on the same If we refresh you see it's appraised, We checked updates What's happened in this common right here? You see, it's at our this line. Of course, when we is the Microsoft word, he added, Just live to make it a word document off course This editing happened. When is Microsoft Word idiot our document? So if we try to fix it, let's back to our projects right here. Let's open it with not but plus plus. And we try to delete all this lung on pop. This is a new update off the What if I like that And with civet No, we can't repeat the same staple. Get state you. Then we is odd word. Then commit. What example? This is there Second updates off the world fire. Then get went Bush to the orders. You know that is it. If we back to the ah contrary terror and refresh again you see will be changing to the second update. And for example, in this contractor, if we refresh this page, you will see that it will still show us the old It didn't because this is the preview. Commit that these are four minutes ago. If we back and see the other changed, a lot has changed. This is the second happened eight. If we check it like that, you will see that is changing to a new text. Right here. You see the one in the green? This is on your update off the word fire. And this one in the rate is the content that is dilated. If you remember in the preview video, I tell you that the red one That's mean related content, and the green one is the content of it. Let's me. This one was before, but no, it's dilated. And this is the new one, the constant off the word fire. So I make an editing in this file and delays all those scripts off the makers afterward. Hey, still remember that this fight was content? Does text. And no, it's change it by only this one. So if you check this one, this is a new update. This is the content for the document for now. But if we chick do update, that's happened to it. That's me. Before making this lost of it, it was like that. This is the one that is dilated before then. This is the new one that is operated. So next we'll see how to do it in the opposite direction so soon in the next video 31. Editing Files As a Collaborator on GitHub Project: hello again. So, no. If we try to make a need it in from the second account that mean from the Bruce Patrick account. If we go to the project and we click on, create a new fine No, you will not going to see that Missiles that say this is a fuck off the project. That's me in. Make a copy of the product. No. Go directly to work on that project. That's me. We work on the project directly from this account. And of course, if we check right here in our repository, you will not going to found the copy off the projects in our account. That's mean, the original project that I work on it exists in the fifth. I have been account and not in my local repository in the hope That's me. There is not exist in my account. So no. We work directly to the project from the original account from the hour from the Taliban. The project exists in every table. So from here I worked directly. Only I can't make the sedative directly to the projects because we are a member off the team. So, for example, we're going to create Bruce dot txt as an example. And this, for example, this is he detained from the sickened. A court off. Bruce, you can Kate in the HTML. And here you can preview the result. If you want to see how it will look like if you use the exchange and language, then hair. If you remember, when we use the common get commit and we use dash and we top double quotation marks on top of the text right here that Mrs Text we created her. We can't do it from this place right here from the get hope directory. So we can't commit on your file. This is a test from Bruce account. That's me. We make a test from Bruce account. Of course, if you want to add a new optional description, you can add it right here to let other user know more about the editing that happened right here, for example, you make a new function and you want the team to know about it. You're right. Description right here that this is our new function off the javascript about that and they're used. Maanshan, a Detroit. Mr. Remember, please. We want to try to make a function about that. And if anyone off the team no technical. Another language. Programming can do that better than the JavaScript. Please contact me, etcetera. So you put more digitized right here and this one true. Let's remember no what this editing about? And here we have Comet directed to the master branch. That's mean we stand this update directly to the master branch to the project. Actually, all we create a new branch for this committee and start up Ulrich ways. That's me. Want to create a new branch, and we ask the other member of the team to check this new our date. And it proved it or not, but no. As a member of the team, we're going to use this direct one, and later we're going to see how we can Is the pull request. If you remember, we talk about the pull request as an expression we used in the future. We're going to see it later. So, no. Is the company directly to the master. So we click Comet new five and it will save the new updates. You see, Bruce, Patrick, this is a test from Bruce Patrick. And here is it to file the British txt file one hour ago. Of course, this one hour ago, because I have, ah changed my clock in my computer. So it's always show me one now, ago. So if we back to the original owner of the project and we reload the page right here, you will see that the Brits, Patrick, this is a test from Prince Patrick. And here is it file artists successfully. So, no. As I am administrator off the projects, I want to complete the work on projects by using the Bruce text file available in the project to. So next we'll see how we can complete the work after getting an update from the Prince Patrick account so soon the neck. 32. Pull Changes From Remote Repository: Hello again. So no, we get a nap tight in our project from a member off the team. That's mean one off the team. Create a new file College bridge. Those txt. But if we check our local repository which does not have that file in our projects in the local repository, as I'm working in my local predatory, I don't have that fight right here. So if we go to the common line and we're and a common get stage again, you see, it does not detect any difference between my project. And my central is eight projects into server. You see, here we have Chris takes defy. But here in our project, it does not have this fight. But the command gets Teacher does not detected the difference between my local repository and my remote repository. So for that, we have a common that get the update from the server to the lookout repository it. Remember this picture right here when we're working in the local area and then we have the remote repository. We were finished. Any update in the local area? We stand. It's by Do. Come on, get Bush. No. When we want to get updates from the remote repository. Where is the command? Get for it. Remember, push is standing. Pole is getting or downloading or reserving from the remote. So push and pull is an important command. You should always remember it. So push was sent. Then pull. We get updates from the server. When we is the command, get pulled. It's going to do a double command. It will get the check out. Then we'll get Mirage. That's mean. Is this double comment in one common. When we ran gets pulled, he automatically will Randall Common get check out, then get mere. That's me. And he will get the data from the remote to the low calorie poetry and it will stand it to the work in the factory. Will check any difference between the local and working directory. He will stand it to do working directory. That's mean we can't work very little to do file without needing to run this to command by only one command. Wicca do it. So let's try to do it. So in the common line we check right here, you will see that the new fire will be had it automatically. So we ran the Come on, Get full and poor From where? From the origin. That's mean. We are the mustard and we send the top out of the origin. No, we want to get the data from the origin. So we top regime like that and we pressed. Enter. If we check on a tear, he will add the new find after downloading it from the silver. No off course. It does not ask us for the user name and password because at allergy save it. So you see right here we have the file. Bruce, that's me. It's added automatically. So if we check right here Hey, detect any difference between the local repository and do remote repository? And here you see, that is found in only one new file. That's call it Bruce dot txt plus one. And here one fire changing one file inserted and create more etcetera. That's me. Hey, come part between my local repository and the remote repository in Mika Corporation and check the difference between this to project and get on Lee. The difference on the same if we make unedited if we back right here and we got, for example to the world Attaf and make some editing If we click on it it this file to make it in this is on sickened update. Truth check more if you hate file like that. So we go on make for example Hat pissed off Motive five. When do we save? So here is that you see that the editing is successfully on If we back to the get cold So I tell you will see the latest update Fitter This are motivated five on the same. If we got to the other account, you will see that there are unhappy days again There's off. But if you find so if we brought to do come online. And also if we check the final right here, for example this work he will offend that Onley have the old text and there's no to get toe appetite yet. So the same. If we ran gets pulled from the origin and you will see right here. Remember Here we see one file change it in session and here you see that the word rtf are one file changes hair It's one Fine Change it One insertion And here four insertion and one dilation. If you remember when we delayed the preview text. Then we concert on your text. Then again, we make a new in session. So if we check again the world not tell you will find that have the second line. This is a second update to check motive yet of course they can't the inception Baidu line If we remember here we have four insertion. The 1st 1 that we did in the preview. Then the 2nd 1 When we add this new line then the 3rd 1 with place and to write her then this is the fourth in session every inception, meaning a new life. So know we learned to use the get push and gets pulled. So this took command is very important to get updates between the local and remote server. So see in the next video