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Gio's Basic Design Class!

teacher avatar JustGio

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. PS Tutorial: How To Make Curves Using The Pentool

    • 2. PS Tutorial: Black and White Effect

    • 3. 5 Tips for Graphic Designers (2019)

    • 4. Twitter Header Speedart

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About This Class

Hello, I am Gio! I have been in the creative industry since early 2015, and I am an active designer! I have a strong passion for designing. So, In this class, I will teach you how to do basic things in photoshop, while also giving you some tips to improve your brand and portfolio. 

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Hello, I am Gio! I am currently 17 years old and I have been in the creative industry since early 2015, and I am an active designer! I have a strong passion for esports and designing. I have been very interested in video games and esports since I was very young.

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1. PS Tutorial: How To Make Curves Using The Pentool: Hey, what's going on, guys? You here and welcome to a brand new video in this family, showing you guys how to do curbs with the pen tool. Okay, so first things first. What you want to do is you want to go and look on the pen tool, make sure it's on path and go to the little cog right here and click on Rubber Band. The first thing you want to do is make a point. After that, make a second point and click and drag, and it will make a curve for you. And, as you see it does something like that way could just keep it going in the like. A flat kind of shape way could do something like that, and we can scared like a random, greedy and I got Do you. There you go. There's like a little curve kind of looked right there. Obviously, the bottom left doesn't really fill, but we could just stretch it out. There's a little like curve thing you can do. You could also do something like this, which is good for like, something extreme screens or like business cards like that. Make sure you ought click on the second point, so it doesn't keep going. Go around the outside and they dio cook on selection, and then you can do whatever you want. So there's another curve. Do stuff like that do another curve on a different layer? If you want, just like you something random, there's another curve and we could do. Let's say, if you do different college do like writers. There you go. That's a different color curve. So, yeah, you could do this for the any color or radiant as always. Looks nice, but yeah, that's really the effect, pretty much it for how to do curbs with dependable. It's pretty simple to do. Once you get the hang of the mental. I recommend practicing doing curves and doing different shapes that you would use in your designs on just practicing, making different shapes. That's really how I got the hang of the mental, and it should work for you guys as well. The mental is a very, very useful tool in photo shop, and it helps a lot. Yeah, that's just a random shape. You could literally do any kind of shape you want with the pencil. I could do something like this. I do like a little cool X or something. You know you heard is just a really rough example of what you could to obviously you could do something way, way better with lots more practice. That's a little exits, A little messed up on the right, But that you get you get what I'm doing here. You could make all kinds of shapes and curves on stuff like that using the pen tool. So, yeah, that's basically how you make curbs in photo shop. If you guys have any questions, be sure to ask down in the constable. Well, be sure to smash the like if you guys learned something new today and, yeah, make sure to check down in the description for all my links and stuff like that and yeah, I'll talk to you guys and next video, like 2. PS Tutorial: Black and White Effect: Hey, what's going on, guys? That you hear and welcome to a brand new video In this way, we're gonna be doing a tutorial, and we're gonna be showing how to do, like a kind of, uh, black and white kind of effect on a picture to make it look nice. So I got a picture. Just I just went on Google and looked up, uh, people playing games. Okay, so we got this picture right here. I put it in like a Twitter header. Kind of format resolution, which its 3000 by 1000 if you want to be specific with that. So, yeah, I'm gonna show you guys what I did like this thing. One. And then there's also this one, so you could use either or so let's get right to the luminosity one, which is very, very simple. All you have to do is click on where it says normal and then stroll when downward says luminosity. Once you get to luminosity, change the opacity to around 15 25%. It's all up to you. So that is it at 25% now, once you get 25% you don't want to click on a new layer. Get the brush tool, make sure it's on hardness zero and it's on right? Okay, normally, what I do is I put in the corners. I put a little light source. And then once you do the little light, sorts, whatever, Wherever you want the light source to be, you click on normal again, and then you click on softly, and then it just gives it this kind of cool effect. You could use this in a lot of different ways. If this is what it looks like, if it's lower opacity, there's like, 15. If you do it on like if you do on 10 it looks like that. So it it's a good way to get, like, a background image that isn't really your main focus. And put that in the back instead of just a, um, black screen. So that's the first way the second way is using black and white. Um, we're gonna turn this back to normal and put it off opacity just to show off this. You don't want to click on this triple that has half, half of it filled, half of it not filled. You're gonna want to click black and white. Now, once you had black and white, you can change the opacity of it. You could do like 75% suit. Still have a little bit of calling. You could do 65. So if you could change to whatever you please, if you want to, like, just be saturated a little bit, um, you could also put the lighting on there as well and keep it on like the same thing. So it looks very, very similar. If we group these real quick and then we let me change the opacity back here if we compare the two. So this is the black and white one, and this is the luminosity one you could still tell Bit of a difference because their season color and like the screen And like the purchase and neck and stuff like that. Where, as in luminosity, it's just black and white, kind of look for black. You could just keep it at 100 if you really want. But I would recommend turning down the soft light. You could have that kind of been going. You can change. You can change the soft light to whatever you want, and you'll get this effect just in different variations of it. So, yeah, that's basically it on how to do this kind of effect. Kind of like a background image for whatever you want for the background image, you could really have it to whatever opacity really want on, you could just put the soft light and just have, like, a subtle background to whatever you're designing, uh, the background image. Uh oh. Patsy doesn't really matters on its above 10 because soon gets like a little bit below 10. It starts. Get hard to see. Uh, so if it's hard to see, there's not really much of a point of putting in your design. Yeah, this is it without soft light. So if you just want something like that, they go And yeah, that's how much for this with you guys who has enjoyed people like and subscribe, and I'll be sure to talk to you guys in next week. 3. 5 Tips for Graphic Designers (2019): Hey, what's going on, guys that you hear? And welcome to one of the first kind of commentator videos for my second channel. So this video is going to be about the top five ways to grow as a designer if you're a beginner. Uh, and this could also help some of, like, the people that are more ahead of the game than others and people that are more advanced, but it will still help out. This has these five tips don't really have much to do with skill. It has just most to do with the consistency and stuff like that. So let's get right into it. Tip number one It is be active on social media, not posting wise. Not just yet. At least just be sure to be active common on your friends post. Common on like people that inspire you. Just like, you know, like post stuff like that. Normal stuff. Just try and be active. Try and be a part of community, you know, it helps and goes a long way. It kind of gains. Used a little bit of support along the way, but don't just do it just to gain supporters. That's not cool. Just just do just driving a normal person and it will help you out a little bit. Number two is Be sure to have a portfolio. Now, a lot of people I've seen in the community saying that they're graphic designer and most designers have baby hands, portfolio or any kind of portfolio. So please make a portfolio. Don't say your graphic designer, and then you have none of your work to showcase. Make a portfolio, showcase your work so people know what they're looking at and what your quality of work is . I've seen a lot of people that don't have it. I've seen a lot of people that know what they're doing, so just be sure you have a portfolio and have all your work showcased on there so people know how to reach you, and you might get even more clients with that just because they could see your quality of work. Tip number three is be consistent now. Consistency. It's not. It's not just like about posting. It's also about quality. So you wanna have the seem like quality, good designs, great designs, every single post you make okay, you don't just like post stuff just to post it. That's not how that works. You post your quality work, you're trying to be as great as the designers. You can every single post. Don't just post stuff for, like, your clout. Don't do that. Don't That's not That's a no No. Okay, don't do that. Just post good designs. Be active post. Put it on your portfolio after you're done. Stuff like that to do that. Okay, Tip number four post on Twitter and Instagram. Now Twitter and Instagram are both great platforms or social media to grow your brand as a designer and Instagram is super super active. But you have to use tags s so be sure to use the correct tags. There's plenty of other videos you could use to know what to use the correct tags. Or you could just look at other people's posts and see what tags they're using and so on and so forth. But for Twitter, you could just do the type of design at the person that designs for and then just do retweet. And like they're like put retweet And like feedback is much appreciated because every designer needs feedback. If it's it's a thing okay, You need feedback to grow the designer. If somebody just nobody tells you that's garbage, then you're not gonna go anywhere because not every single one of your design is gonna be the best that could possibly be. But personally for yourself, it has to be. You have to put on. You have to put your best work out there, in your opinion. And if somebody says okay, you can prove on this you can through on that, Then just listen to them. Just try and try and listen to certain aspects and try and work on that for your next post . It really helps. Uh, I have plenty of my post. Have feedback on it, and I even at people and ask them for feedback on it helps me out. So, yeah, be sure to post on instagram and Twitter, and it will help you out in the long run and expand your brain number five. You can do this if you want. You don't really have to do this, but it kind of helps out branch. You toe another platform of social media, which is YouTube. You can upload your speed arts or tutorials, whatever you want. to do upload like you're a showcase of, Like, what? You designed stuff like that. Just upload that to your YouTube channel. Make sure you have all the tags, right? Title the cool looking thumb. Now, obviously, you're a designer. You have to showcase that. You're at least decent at designing. So whatever you want to upload, be sure it's graphic design related to your graphic is on channel. Don't upload something that's not relate to graph design at all to your graph design channel that this won't work. So just make a second channel if you want upload gaming and stuff. Which is kind of what I did. Didn't want to merge mine because it was kind of like gaming subscribers and designed subscribers. It wasn't really mixing stuff like that. So this is the graft is on channel. Keep your stuff based around graphic design. Don't go to gaming and stuff like that and all kinds of stuff on your chance. Keep its graphic design and you will be on your way and make sure to promote on your Twitter, instagram and YouTube. Make sure you have the links to all three of those, Like for your YouTube you have a link to your Twitter and Instagram to your twitter. You have the length to your YouTube and Instagram and here and on your instagram you have the link to your Twitter and your YouTube. So everything is late and everybody could see everything if they just clicked on party your profile. So that much of this for you guys. You guys enjoy please like and subscribe, and I'll make sure to talk to you as the next video later. 4. Twitter Header Speedart: