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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Gimp Class04 introduction

    • 2. Gimp Class04 lesson01

    • 3. Gimp Class04 lesson02

    • 4. Gimp Class04 lesson03

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About This Class

Learn how to draw simmetric and geometric designs with the free software Gimp. You don't need to have a graphic tablet for this class... let's draw with the mouse! :D

Meet Your Teacher

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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Gimp Class04 introduction: Hi, everybody. And welcome to another class about the free software deem in this class. I teach you how to create symmetric designs and symmetric partners off course. And this is a class that you can follow also if you don't have a tablet because dramatic designs like these one can be made just using the mouth. So and we learn how to use the flick tool, the rotate tool and so on. And we're going to draw or Christmas designs because I was in a Christmas mood while recording it. So I hope you'll enjoy these glass toe and the high highly recommend off course to follow my first classes before watching these one. Because it would be or more clear if you're if you, for with the first class, is off course. And I wished to remember you that gimp is a free software really similar to for the shop. But free on so many things that I am going to teach you in this tutorial can be used on photo shopped to because really, they are so similar. So many ticks can be with it on other software off course. And if you wish so I e wish you would job. And I hope you will enjoy this new class. Bye bye 2. Gimp Class04 lesson01: hi designer friends and welcome to another class about games In this class, I teach you how to create symmetric designs. So let's urban is always a fire in a new file ember made. If you check here on scale, image should have a good resolution. Remember to check it at least 150 recommended and can choose the side. You wish, of course. Now in my image e, have a background and it's a green. If you wish to feeling with the color you wish, remember to go here on the foreground. Call of you truth, the color you wish and then just Teoh feel with for one caller or, if you remember control in the coma with your keyboard. Okay, now let's open a new lawyer because always we drove on a new, transparent lie yet and and not on the background. Now let's use the free selects jewel in my favorite tool and try to grow, um, a prison mystery, but just health Christmas tree. So if you don't have a tablet, welcome a tablets, a graphic tablets. You can just cleat here in this way with your mouth and create ah ha three In this way, Okay. And then we're going to fill it with the color we wish. If you have the tablet, you can create something with free hand in these way, but always just, huh? OK, maybe so. Okay, now let's choose The caller here in Venice has always feel good for Gun Caller. Now, as you can see here, my line is not to really vertical because it's made freehand. It's It's not so. I usually was this tour, the rectangle sides tool. I go here in this way and I copped a portion here in this way. I'm sure my half three is a vertical here. Okay? And the say cut. This is important. When you have to flee, Peter, it It must be vertical here. Okay, now we always with a rectangle toe. Select tool. We selected a heart tree. We copy and paste them. Okay, It's basted. Here it is. The noon health tree is on a floating selection. Pasted LuaLua. Let's use the move tool, and you can just move it. Yeah. Then you can sleeping with this tour the sleeper pool. So the flip tool can sleep horizontal in this way. Can you see the arrows are vertical. Okay, we are going to flip horizontal off course. Then again move toe and we're going to move it in the right place. So let's zoom so we can do the things factor must do it. Okay, then I'm satisfied. I hankering now they they are all on the same liar. Can you see it? We have our tree. Our Christmas tree. What day? Now? I wish to show you something new about the select the selection. If you use the footsie footsie selected the magic wand, you can select your tree. Then if you wish, you can scale the selection mosque, not the realtor. Just the selection so you can use the skate toward these one. And as you can see, you can choose what you wish to scale. So let's click here. This is the selection. And now if I go I East time. If I e scale, I'm going toe scale. Only the selection in this way. Okay, skate. This can be used awful sometimes that if you wish to create, for example, a hole in shape not eso, for example Now always in the month tool. Let's click here because I wish to move my mine selection. Let's try to scale it a gay UNA because it must be thinner. If I wish to create a whole here in this way, scale it. Okay, in this way now, say captor and create a whole Sometimes this is useful for leaves for many drawings, it is useful to the's. Now let's the scale again. Only this election Let's make it smaller. Scale it. OK, now check Always here to be on the selection and the movie, for example, Here and now you can, for example, change the call or and, uh, say contra coma then e I go here and I change Kohler and say again off Didn't change under field change the color. I didn't say OK, maybe. Okay, now control OK, now, as you can see, this is really a first way to feel your pattern on this or design. So you just move your selection. It is useful when you have to create a menu. Bizarre. Many shapes with the different colors. Okay, control, comma and so on. So let's try to create a Christmas card with a tree. And if you wish, you can put here the texter. If you don't remember how to put the text on your card. I recommend to follow my third class about game, but in the third less on, um or fourth lesson. I don't remember. At the end of the third class, you can find how to create a good text on your Christmas card from over design. Okay. I wish you good job by 3. Gimp Class04 lesson02: Hello, everybody. Today we'll try to create a heist. Istria has no crystal ice. Crystal Esser We learn how to assess. Always help out to use the fleet to create symmetric symmetric designs. And we lose the rotate tool, of course. So let's put it this year with our old design down under the background. And now let's create a new lie here, okay? And we're going to create The first thing to do is to create hands, arms off the six arms off our crystal so you can as always, if you don't have the tablet, you can create a Christa. In this way, a health are Greece. Tell some you can do something like these. Let's feel it. Can you see? So you can just create a dramatic Krystle so really similar to the crystals so you can just work without the tablet in this way. Let's another piece. Okay, then you are going to copy er the are increasing flee Pete baster and flee Peter, just like for the Christmas tree. But I wish to create something with free hand. So I talk it and they create my health arm with my problem. It's to the free select tool, and that creates something like these. Okay, thing that we are going to do can be used to create the petals of a flower off course. Okay, let's feel it. Control coma or hear. Edit field with for Graham cooler. Now can you see here? It's not really bear tickle Mike resell. So I could just add some white here in this way Because I need more wife. She are below it. Feel it. Okay, let's check if it is a really vertical. I I always do this thing. I I cut a piece, okay? And it got okay. Now I have my heart for shape. You can off course are the details if you wish of with the paint brush tool. But I recommend to work with the hardness 100 dynamics off. If you have toe do some changes here, it would be easier when you have toe are the textures to have the color without just flat a flat Kohler. Okay. And then you can, as always, use the reserve toe, like like a pink brush to create holes in your design. Okay. These are all things we learned at the when in our first class about being you can hear Cut , for example. Okay, so you will have just like this is hell for hurted your heritage. Got it? Okay, then. Now you can call p and the pace it. And now let's flee. Picture it must be fleet did horizontal. Okay, in this way. So you go on your shape and you free feet. And now with the move tool check to have these the lawyer here and not the selection. Because if you're going to move, it will not move there. The major. Okay, Now you put it here. You can zoom to do it better. Okay, This way. Okay. And now you anchor just like a sudden your uncle. So let's zoom out due out. Okay, this is our first arm of our crystal Now copy, eat and based. Eat. And now let's sleep. Eat vertical. So, please, yeah, check you out. We must be with these. Click and put the new arm here. Zoom to do the thing. Better to be more okay in this way. Let's Anchorage. So zoom Oh, now we are going to select carpi paste. And now, with a rotate tool You click here on your shape. And here you have to put 60 degrees Rotate. It is not good on the center. So you have always to use the move tool and put it better on the center of your crystal in this way. Okay, then don't the Anchorage it back. Just copy and paste again. And now fleet the time and planted the new arm here. Okay, I think I made it good on Crete. Let's give a look. It's perfect. Ah, look. It is a Sarah. Cute. Okay, so you have learned how to do it. Let's repeat really faster with a simple crystal You can just with your brush freehand, use the brush in This way you will make something really simple like these. Okay. And then you select it. I call b based flip Do it very tickled the first time Where tika move it with the move to will Here in this way. Okay, Anchorage Now select all happy based And now rotate toe rotate to you. Click here and you write 60 degrees because it's a Krystle and an excellent OK, now put it in the center. And then Hungary just caught the end paste again. And in our fleet. Pizza. Horizontal. Okay, back and here you are. You have your crystal. It's really lovely. So let's create a Christmas card. We could use the zero crystals. Okay, I wish you good dog. 4. Gimp Class04 lesson03: everybody in this author bless on. We are going to create a pattern. It will be a symmetric and the German decrepit pattern So you can find all these tutorial without the tablet if you wish, and let's up in a square, because the way we're going to create the like, just like a Tyler over our pattern, and it's better to work on a on a square. So my square is 2000 for 2000. Let's create your background off the color you wish. And now, on a new law, yet transparent as always, we are going to create a shape that will use as a reference for our design. So use the rectangle, select tool and create a shape. You're a shape from zero from the point point 02 0.1000 in this case, and one time 1000 for the absolute to, and because it must be 1/4 of your square off your files. So how can I? E be sure I'm on 1000. There isn't a are over here. And he asked, Can you see so you can change here, your share, your selection and the Poteet on 1000 and on 1000 year. Okay, You can do meet if you wish to be more precise. Okay, Now let's see to be the foreground call or with White in this case. Okay, end it. Now let's cut a part off the square. You have to put a point here and here and outside off your file, this way. And then you say, Carter. And now you have our tree angle that will use just as a reference for our design. So let's make it more transparent and create a new last year. So I'm going to draw dramatic shapes. Eso you can do them without the tablet that you wish, but trying to feel the Xetra younger. So this way I see control Comma. I tried to learn this control. Call my things because it's really useful. Okay, then now, when you are satisfied of your shades, you can create holes on your sheet. Okay? So you can just say cut edit card. But if you learn on your keyboard to do control, excel you'll the faster. So it's good to learn some use the full of keys, okay. And so create some holes. Okay, then hopes I don't like no Yeah. Now, if you wish. Of course, you can use a more, um closed. Okay, More call or for example, I can try to create the new new shapes here with the new caller, for example, already, Because I'm I I'm enough Christmas mood. I don't know why, but I made of these do door. Yeah, in a Christmas mood. Okay, let's change call or with a dark green. So if you don't know which Carlos you wish to use that I recommend to go on Internet and try to find the color palettes that you like because sometimes it's not so easy to understand which call are are good together. So you can choose two or three callers and then you you work with them. Okay? I'm satisfied when has satisfied you can just delaet diesel a year. The lawyer the triangle shape. We use it as a reference or make it invisible. I just let it Hendon are on my lyre where I have my drawing. I select my drawing a C copy base does always and then flee pit. Let's flee pit or its own dollar first type affair And poor Tito. He are okay in these ways. Okay, It seems okay then, on Crete. Now let's select all your design called the Paste and the Now let's flee Pit vertical. So here it must be vertical. Flip it. Let's use the move. Tool and port. Eat in the right position. In this way. Okay. Oh, elevated. It's really lovely. This design. Okay, Now we have to create our pit pattern. So viewed. Zoom out so we can see that you have to replicate this lawyer duplicate. And now the new lawyer. We have to make the offset. It is something we learn of the in the first class. So I didn't do here. I didn't copy. Good. My design. Can you see it here? I didn't make a good job. Can you seat? Yeah, we have I cocked apart so I could try to make it better if you wish. We can try. Let's let's the lead here and try to adjust my design. How can I do it? So Zuma out. I'm going to do in this way. I'm going to skate in my design just yet to give some space here. Scale it. Okay. And then here we can just make something something like this. It's not good in this way. Okay, Lets feel it, feel it. I'm horrible when I have to do the magic designs because I'm never precise. I'm not So Okay, face up snow or not based. Feel it. Okay, now it's good. So 25 now, now I'm satisfied. Let's duplicate a lot. Yeah, as I see. And the business last year we have to do the upset. So transform offset. Here you have to write 1000 and 1000 because we have to cut in half and invited the pieces so offset Now you can if you wish. Marriage your July. Yes, merge down and you can't say Even if it is Arabic part on this one. You can, as always, export to your major. We here on five export other. You can export it as PNG or ah, if you wish. I recommend always save your major excelsior five toe with the lawyers. And remember that you can also save expert as a PSD. So if you have to deve your five to someone that it using the adverb sweeter, you can always savor the file export to the file as PST with all the liars in P in PSD. Okay, So I hope you enjoyed this class. And let's create a new party for Christmas gift wrap. Okay? This is the class were all about Christmas. Bye bye.