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Gimp Class 03 Watercolor and pencil effects with Gimp

teacher avatar Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Gimp c03 intro

    • 2. Gimp c03 L01

    • 3. Gimp C03 L02

    • 4. Gimp C03 L03

    • 5. GimpC03L04

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About This Class

In this class you can learn how to draw with a graphic tablet using the free software Gimp and give to your drawing the look of  a real pencil sketch or a real watercolor. The process I'm going to teach you can be used in a similar way on other software too, like Adobe Photoshop. To understand better how to use this software, remember to check my first classes about Gimp! :)



Meet Your Teacher

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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Gimp c03 intro: Hi, everybody, and welcome to my third class about Kim in this class. I'll teach you how to illustrate on create an illustration direct in game for using a graphics tablet. And I teach you how to give to your realization the look of a new station made with diarrhea, water call or or really pen seals and colored pencils. And so then we tried toe created to illustrate a flower, using a reference Bhutan ical vintage illustration. And at the end, I teach you how to use the tax tool on Leah's references because we'll right that the name off the floor, the light in the name of the floor free him. But using the text tool as a reference has helped to write it in the right way. The the name I hear command my glass. Two designers that don't he was game because and they use other software like Father Show because I think that many deep sigh used Indian can be used on Photoshopped. Oh, they are so similar. Eso I hope you'll enjoy this class and remember to follow me by 2. Gimp c03 L01: Hi, everybody. So, in this less son, I am going to teach you how toe create a watercolor effect. So, um, we have to open, as always, a new fi. Any major, I'm going to create 2000 for 2000 pixels image. But you can choose the size you wish, and and here you can use the feet pines in just what you wish. Then I recommend always to check the resolution because it must be high resolution. If you wish to print these image. So a to least 150 I'm going to work with a 300 pixels for inch resolution. So them feel wheat. Always transparency. Remember, I I love to work on Lee with a transparent liars profit. Okay, the colder RGB, we say. Okay, now we have already allow you a background and we can start giving a call or to eat. I wish to create a seahorse today, so let's make a background in a dark blue When you have selected the right call or the right for foreground caller, just say edit field with foreground color and you have your background now, um, way to create a liter drawing. Really, really simple off a seahorse. If you don't remember how to draw a seahorse, you can always go on your bruiser. Check for a seahorse. You like any major, then you copy. They made and you pay state as a new law year. Eso you do paste as a new lawyer. In this way, you can have it just as a reference or if you wish, you can use it to trace that the shape of the seahorse off course. So, as always, if you watch it money, the other classes, you can rotate scale of this. The seahorse in major, I recommend before you scale and rotate. Recommend, always toe. Check the side. The liar sides off your clipboard. Liar. This is name and clipboard, so you can do liar to image size. Then you can rotate it and and then you you will work on a new lawyer off course, a transparent You can name it seahorse sea horse and your seahorse will be on this new law . Yeah, you can just use these one as a reference. And then with the pre select tool, I m try toe to copy the shape off the off thes seahorse. But today, I'm going toe to draw free without the help off these images. So I'm going to the letter. This lawyer I show I wanted to show you these these because it can be useful if you can, uh, draw alone. Now, um, Asai told you you have to use the free select tool and trays a seahorse up. So I'm going toe make something. Really? For now? Well, ridiculous. I can make a break. So if I leave the tablet with my pan, I always a remain Anchorage toe my shape. Can you see it? So you can make a break if you need, Then you can continue. I'm going to create the Koreas seahorse in these away. Okay, This is my seahorse. Now I have to check to be in on the right. The liar. This is always a really important. Then I choose the hear the call right. We should for its sample these caller this yellow, then just make control coma or you don't remember the keys on your keyboard feel with foreground coral. Now, now we can start to create the merger color effect, so let's start from our seahorse. Um, just pick the white and with a paint brush tool, you have to use this. Brush the galaxy bigger. OK, it's here. The galaxy bigger. If you use it to really be, it's ah, it looks like a sponger. And with the dynamics pressure rapacity, you can just, um, off course, you have to change here the color. It must be why you can go on your seahorse and started to create that watercolor effect. Let's change the corner. For example. Let's use a red or runs that dark orange, so I'm creating a watercolor effort. Can you see it in this way? So the Galaxie big is the better brush toe to make the watercolor effect. In my opinion, you can always change colors. Yeah, and another thing you can do either to use the to change the moder off. Okay, the mode and off the paint brush here if the mood is normal. If you put here multiply. This is really useful because without changing in with a dark carom call or he are without going here toe, check it to change with the darker color. This after multiplies the caller and and it makes it the darker so it's really useful use it very much when I have to make a darker part on a face off the steam. Because e m I can just going you in this weekend receipts. It's, ah more more dark in this way when you will be, you have to to make the y just change here the Mordor, it must be normal and then you go on for the white. So I am going to doom so you can see better day watercolor effect. Now with the same, um, the same brush, you can just use it with smaller sides for example, three or four points and go toe to add some details. Like if you had a pencil, a cholera pencil to your seahorse in these way. So I love this brush because I can use it smaller, like a pencil colored pencil e in this way and our details and, um, bigger like a sponge. So really easy. Really useful. Okay. And with the same, you can off course the background on the background go always with the galaxy. Big brush really big. And, um, and create a watercolor effect on your, um, undersea In this way. Remember, toe change call or you have not to use only blue, but try to put in a power Paul to mixed colors because this'll is the the lovely thing off water call. Or it is that you can mixed colors and create really lovely effect. So this is all for the next for the first less? Um, I hope you enjoyed Try to create more shapes. Now I'm going to greet the coral here and to finish these illustrations, so I hope you'll enjoy bye bye. 3. Gimp C03 L02: Hi, everybody. And welcome to another lesson about gimp. We're going to create a today a new illustration using this software end using a tablet trying to give to these illustration. I look over administration made in our traditional way with pencils and water Call off. And And so the first thing to do is to look for any majors. The reference Because today I wish to create a plan Flower and I need any majors. A reference. So I look it on my brother and I found this lovely Rosa. And I'm going to copy these Major, it will be just for reference. So it's not so important that the copyright because we need it. Just do toe to see how the flower is made. But we are going to draw with this. And so you based the major. As a new lawyer, you copy it and then you paste as a new lawyer. Here you are. Here is our rules. You can just put it here and the scale it a little because its story this small scale, remember the chain must be locked it now. Um, before you started to drawing, remember to check the resolution of your fight, you can open the file off the sides. You wish. Um, bat, remember always to use the high resolution. So if you don't remember what the resolution you have, you can go on a major Scalea major and change here. The resolution. It must be at least 150. Okay. Ah, you can always change the size of your, um um the camp aside in this way here, going on come. Besides, you could make it bigger or smaller. The but on on campus eyes you have You can't change the resolution. Okay, there you can find the resolution in made scaling age. Remember these. Okay, now you can walk into in two ways. You could just make these for this clipboard lie years more transparent, changing here the opacity. Then go on lager. Create your larger where you are going to draw se UK. It must be transparent, of course. And then you could start to dro um, copy them the shape of your off these rules. But I prefer to work really in a traditional ways catching and just using the majors are reference because you can't just do the flower to similar to the one you are going to look for. Okay, so I prefer to work in this way, really? In a traditional way. So let's ah, choose, um, a black hole or for the foreground color. And then we're going to use the fancy. Um, we thought these brush the brush to hardness. Afif 50. Um, so the the sides could be four. Maybe now we're going to look if it's okay enough. And remember the dynamics must be pressure opacity. Now, if you wish to work in a traditional way, you could just create some lines just to do to understand where your or your, um, the tastes will be And, uh, in his way. So here are the leaves thing is the big flower the rules of So in this way. Okay. Okay. I'll do only the rose. Only these relieves because it would be too much for a tutorial. Okay, Now, um, what you made thes came the sketch. Really simple. You can, uh, change the opacity off this lawyer in this way, and then you create a new lawyer and you work, Um a both these. This yours came in this way. These can be beautiful because you you draw better all these days in these ways. So now I'm going Teoh to create my rules. The effect off the paint off the paint, Bruske off the paintbrush is just like, um, a pen. See if I do a stroke I don't love you could use the a razor toe, but I recommend when you have to cut something just selected with the free selectable What you don't like and say Cut, Okay. And then you dis elect all to the select. Or always you can go here and say Select no one or justice with this tool If I click outside the selection I did select all. So I am. I used to always this brush and the continued to draw. Now I'm going to stop with these video because I am going toe draw and to make faster the video off drawing because I don't want a tutorial too long. Taking so much 4. Gimp C03 L03: So I'm finished with my pencil sketches. I can. Now they let my came. This this parter on this liar, I don't need it anymore, so I d let it. So this is my my heroes. Now we can try to call, or it it is better to call or the rose on another lawyer. So you'll have these sketch useful for other projects. For example, if you wish to create the shades in black and white with another technique, so you you will have thes thes pencil sketch on these liar. And let's open a new lawyer. We can Do you have a core coral name? Okay. And that these new lawyer, it's better to put it under the depends field sketches. So I used these are oh, you can grab and put it and move it under the pencil. Liar. Okay, now we can start to draw. You can if you wish to give a look off colored pencils. You can just continue using these a paint brush tool with this kind of brush, and you have to change the call. Or so if you wish toe use this call or some of our reference made you go on the clipboard last year. And with this tool of the pick a color picker tool, you pick the call or here, this being you can go on the color box and make it more saturated or with the more black as you issue on. And then you say, Okay, if you we should just change a little the quarter now, um, on the call or liar, remember, always to look on which liar you are working because sometimes I forget and I make mistakes . I called her on the on the roll Liar. So let's make this thing stand still and and you can start to draw, like with Bean Pence's. So in this way, okay, and you can off course change call or while drawing and use a darker one here in batter. Um, I usually prefer to work in a mix that way, so we are going to create a shape with this tool them the free, select tool. I make an Islamic state, and, as you can see when you have to create, um, complicated shape, I used sometimes to to leave the top letter with my parents. Still, in this way, I remain uncorrected. Can you see with the the tool and I create this point So I do in this way and create a point. Why am I creating this point? Because if I make a mistake, I can use the back home key on my keyboard and I e I return on the last point I need If I make a really long shape and then I make a mistake and then you have to go back. I am in this way, I lose very much. Worker, can you understand? So I recommend if you have to create a difficult shape, remember to make some points. Okay? Now, um, you are When you finish this shape, you can just use contra coma and colliery. Maybe it's too dark this quarter. So let's cooler with this This pain now you can diss elect all and we can start to coal or the single payer petals. In this way you create the shape. As always, this is useful because now when we have to create a dark shade here we work only on the petals. So as light in the first last son, let's work with the galaxy big tool. They brush really bigger like US phones. Maybe it's too big. No. In this way you can change the mode in multiply. And now you are with the thing call or you make a darker part off your petal. In this way. Giving. Really? Ah, look off, watercolor. If you wish, create a lighter part here. I usually use the wild. You can change here. They're foreground color with the background color. So it's a go faster on the pass away and that he had changed with the normal. And then you can create the light I recommend when you are working in this way, I recommend it to try to mix. Scholars don't use only this pink for the rules. Try to put something different in your remains. For example, these Leela always with the multiply Mordor. I go here and they create a, um the dark barked and experiment because sometimes the green could be good in the some points. So just try experiment and mixed colors on your Honoria Rose. She she it is not only pink of these rules, okay? And so, uh, now and if you wish, you can always I use the paintbrush or the galaxy big or or the 1st 1 used the not of these one the hardness 50 like a pen c and with Athena throw cargo and the create apps, I make him think underpinned brush here with white and not in the multiply mode with the normal Mordor. And you can create some some strokes in this way. So it's It's a mix ed technique similar to water call or batter. You can just add the colored pencils on it. So now I'm going to finish these. Rosa, enough. Faster, more So you can You will see how it looks at the end off these work. So I hope you will enjoy working this. 5. GimpC03L04: So we are finished with our rows of as you can see. And, um, I e always have Can, um when you are finished, you can if you wish dilate the plea board or just make it invisible If you if you think you could need eat um, begin. And now in this third lesson, I'm going just to show you how toe add a text. Um, on on your e major eso um, you can As you can see, you have all the cooler and Rosa on a liar, and it looks lovely in this way without the pencil. I love it. If I should create parapet pattern, probably I e I would prefer this kind off major without depend sylar strokes. So now you can use a dizzy major in many different ways so you can use it in this way or just changes capacity off the pencil and make it lighter if it's too dark. Okay, just changing the opacity than you. When you are going to export these the major, it will look in this way if you export it as a J peg or PNG. Remember, if you wish to upload these in major on put sites. For example, on a T shirt, remember to remove or just make invisible the background. Then corrupt the major. You select with the rectangle select tool Onley the Rosa and you cropped. These major in gizzard decides you can crop to selection and then exported as a PNG. And, uh, this way you'll have any major that can be, um, printed on a doctor shirt, for example, because we have not with the white on the illustration. So it is transparent and it can be printed on yellow red black T shirts on dso on. So now the last thing I he wished to show you today is how to add a text. So these, um these rules is Arosa Ross up, Gent If Olya arose with many leaves the 24 year so and with 124 100 of leaves so now we can use deserves instrument This tool the text tool You go where you wish you were here, for example and you create a rectangle as you can see And then you start next year rolls up . Turn four young Now you can select the text, make it bigger here or on the tool options. You can do this thing here, toe. Probably know it. It's here. You have to change it. Yeah. Oh, in this way. So let's do it bigger. Then you can, of course, change them the phone and look for a better one like handwriting. Or I had found something lovely here. The but it was with a big boreal is maybe you can in the to lop shown you can make larger the the letters In this way you can add some things yellow on your texture and the sides when you are satisfied. Um, you you just click outside. This is your life now the liar over the text Is it in this way? It now I'm going to use it to create my own writing because I he wished to create my own. It is just as a reference I make this liar quite transport known not daughter. With the 30% of capacity, they're not create a new law year. Transparent, of course. And with my pencil, is it the right one? No, this is the right one with my pencil. Um, and the dynamics pressure rapacity. I started to write using this day text just like a reference. Okay, So I'll do it with my owner hen writing okay in this way. So that Jim he Oh, yeah. Why? In this way I have my own arriving, but e got a good the good spacing, The good high thought. The text is a really useful. It helps you to write. But then I prefer to write me with my handwriting. Okay. When I am satisfied, just a dilated the text lawyer. And this is my my my text. Okay? And then you can off course cart it and put it near your image. Junior euros. Also you selected to you and you move it. Okay, you Carter, I'm not on the right dryer. This is the right life. This is the fancy. Okay? Cart it and based it. And you can move it now. In this way, pay attention. Because here the lines are really thin. So you must be if you see if you see the ankle, it will, Uncle, the floating selection, the software. So you must see only the mover symbol, and then you can move it, okay? And you put it where you we share and you want for so These is something we have learned in the first class. So I recommended to look the first class if you ever some problems with this thing. Okay, This is all for the third class. About deep. I hope you enjoyed. And I hope to create another class. The next one will be about symmetry and sleeping and creating a symmetric part. ERM s Oh, I wish you good job. Bye bye.