Gimp Class 03 Watercolor and pencil effects with Gimp | Gaia Marfurt | Skillshare

Gimp Class 03 Watercolor and pencil effects with Gimp

Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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About This Class

In this class you can learn how to draw with a graphic tablet using the free software Gimp and give to your drawing the look of  a real pencil sketch or a real watercolor. The process I'm going to teach you can be used in a similar way on other software too, like Adobe Photoshop. To understand better how to use this software, remember to check my first classes about Gimp! :)







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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer

Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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