Gimp Class 02: create repeat patterns from real sketches and watercolors | Gaia Marfurt | Skillshare

Gimp Class 02: create repeat patterns from real sketches and watercolors

Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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About This Class

Create repeat patterns with the free software Gimp, using illustrations made with a traditional medium, watercolors, gouache, pencils...imported on your PC with a scanner or a good digital camera.

For this Class you don't need to have a tablet.


1. IntroGimpC02: Hi, everybody, and welcome to my second class about creating patterns using a free, open source software. It's a game. So in this class, so we are going to use our designs made with a traditional tool with a really water col ors , for example. I'm going to create design with water caller and really rushes, and then we'll import our designs with us Canada, and we'll use game to created the repeating. So I'll teach you how to move the detainee. How to create the details on a different liar from the background. It's a really useful when you have to move them. And so so for this class, you don't need a tablet because of the drawing is made in a traditional way. And then you have just to move and scale on fleet for the designs. And you can just use your mouth if you wish. I hope youll enjoy this class 2. GimpskillshareC02L01: Hi, everybody. And welcome to my second class about creating patterns with Gimpel. So today we are going to work with some designs made, um, on riel paper. So I'm I painted some litter drawings with water call or and then with my scanner, I imported them on my PC. So now we have to open our new file And let's to try to create a square 2000 for 2000 like in the first class. And remember to check the resolution. It must be always Ah, high resolution. So I recommend at least 150 pick cell for inch excess foreign. I used to work with the 300 pixels for inch. I feel we We have to say the with transparency. We are going to work with transparent lie yet. So now we say okay. And we have a war file. Now we have two important in a new liar. Our designs. So you go on five. Um and you see open as lawyer and you should have on your pc Your major yours. Canady Major, you say open. Here you are. This is our made. The liar is smaller, as you can see, because I made a little drawing, and we have to rotate it so we can go on. Yeah, transform. And we say, Rotated. You can say clockwise or anti clockwise in this case that I have to say clockwise. And in this way it's in the right direction. My design. Okay. Now, um, give a look to your liar. Can you see the reason just like a black outside the lawyer? So, um, you can say liar tree made sides off course. And it he's, um it's no more transparent. Can you see it? Because, um it is Ah, why away Ordered liar thes one we imported. So the first thing to do it's, um, to select our details and co p and paste them on a new lawyer. Um, I'm a new, transparent liar. So you copy all off them. In this way, we used the always the rectangle Select tool. Then you paste as a new lawyer. New last year. Now give a look to these new liar. Can you see this new liar? Let's make these invisible this No liar has not black here said because it is a transparent liar. This is the good lawyer. We are going to use it to work. The old one. We can just delayed it. Okay. It's well, I don't know where they were thinking, but there are two kinds of liars on game. You can have a liar without transparency. And the one you, for example, you cut something. Um, you have not transparency, but you have the background call or can you see on your two docks, we have always the foreground color and a background role. Or so in the older lawyer that we dilated when you cut it. Or you you created a bigger last year, you had it. Not the transparency, but of the background call. Or I hate to work with such kind of liars. I preferred the transparent ones. So now, um, in this new lawyer, we can move it here in the center, the middle. Then we see liar to image sides. Okay. Now, um, it is really important to, um cut all the wild because we need to work with our details. Without the background, the background will be on another liar. Of course. So I m first thing to do is a tomb to use the brightness and contrast boxer window and to try to to make more corn trust. So I tried toe make it darker, but with more contrast. So the color will be better, I hope. Okay, When you have more contrast, it is easier to cut to select and carter your background. So, um, we go with a real user. These these air to the select by coal or tool We select the white. Okay, Now, when you select the white, um, you can in the two options box you can There is these the threats. Hold it. It can be more or less if you wish this electoral if you wish. Um, toe cut better the whiter. When you use deism tool, you can make it here. The trust, trust trash hold tries hold much max maximum color difference in this way You cut better. The white pick says Okay, so let's try again. OK, now it it is better he selected the software selected matter the white. Now if I see Carter now, I have all my did my designs on on transparency. So viewed Zuma 25. Okay, now this select all Now we have to go on our background we can see anymore and on the background we can choose our Kohler So you click on the for one call or I am going to choose why. Okay, and I say feel with the foreground colder. Okay, now it's all better because we can move a copy, paste our details in an easy way. We have not the white, the white er the background easier on another lawyer. So in this way, now I now I work it always with the mouth now because I e had not problems. You can do these also if you have not a tablet because it's quite easy to select things without a tablet. For example, if I wish to select these detailer, you can, of course with the mouser select in this way with the free select Oh, but if you find it difficult to draw toe to create a stroke off selection of shape with the mouth, this select tool can be used just clicking in this way. And, uh, you can create a selection in the easy way. So really is the tutorial. You can use this tutorial if you don't have a tablet. It's good. You can just use the mouth. Okay, Now for example, I can copy these detail and paste it. I can off course. Um, embarked it with the sleep tool. Okay. When I'm satisfied on uncle eat, as always as seen. These are things we we learned in my first class. Okay. Now, um, let's give a look to our of design. Now. We have to create a repeat pattern. So, as always, um, we can always these details. I wish to put it in another place. So I cut it and baster in this way with the move tool. I can just put it here in this way. Okay, then I can Ah, now I can do, um, I'll put all the details on the center off my major. So I always cut. Always remember, always cut and paste when you have to move your details, then you click on your designs and you put Ito, where you with Now we need to make the, um the offset. Can you remember it? So, um, I you always duplicate the liar. Okay. We have now to off them, and the 2nd 1 we're going to make the their offset. So we go on LA year as always, we we go on Transform Offset. And we try to cut in four, as always. Soap. 1000 here and 1000 year. We cut in hard for offset. Okay, now we have These is our new law yet Let's make the other invisible. So they are one on the other. We have to move. Our detail is, um so let's make the new one invisible. And let's work on the old one. Okay. For example, thes details can't be here, so we can know at first it's better if we in the, um flipped all the design here. It's better because we need to have our designs. Not all going in the same direction. Okay, so we have here some design going, for example, this character he's going in this direction, the other cut off the own, the other yet must go in in this direction. Okay, It's better. The pattern looks better. More are manuals. So now the problem is that we have some designs, one on the order, but they are on different liars, so it is really easy to move them. So I am. I'm going to move them the on these liar, but, um, I usually the new lawyer, the one we captured in four pieces. I used to make it a more transparent. Not are not all transparent. Just a bit. Okay. In these way, I can understand. Well, where Which details are on one liar and which details are in the other liar on the other, IRA, because it's a cow's. Okay, now let's work on these on the first lawyer and try Teoh move our details. For example, these one, we just got it. Cart and peace does always and moved. Eat, for example. Here, it could be here. Okay, then let's Ah, cut all these design and put them in another position. So cart and based. So now you are. You must, um, work hard to find the right position for every off every details. But it's real easy. As you can see, just cut and paste your designs and put them for example here. Okay, Now, um, yeah, this one is too near these other. So I'm going on the older liar, the one quite transparent. And I wished to change the position off this rabbit. Cut based. Let's put it, um, for it. Some ball here, Let's try. Okay. Now, um, remember, always to go on the right. Liar when you're working and to select the right to detain on the right. Liar. So guarded and basted. Okay, now these are the rabbit. Must be in another position, and it cut it based. Okay, I think it's OK. Now, Now you can change the opacity here. We can give a look to our design. Maybe this one is too near these. So it is our rabbit on the Clipper. Liar. Let's select it and put it on another. But based on move it, for example Here. Okay. Okay. We made all the We move it all our days. Now, if if we wish. Ah, I'm not happy with these one. I wish it We got it based. Okay? No, we can marriage the Tula years. Okay, we can say Marge down. Liar. March down. Okay, now we have just to feel backed. Er some, um, some part of our design, for example, we can cope e and paste the some off the little details. For example, these one we can duplicate it. So copy paste and booted here, for example, then Ah, we can That incorrect off course. And these one carpi on based. Okay. In this way, we're going to create a really field. It's apart. Earn you. You can if you follow with my first class, you can off course, create brushes with some of these details. For example, these one could be a little brushes. So you copy? Do you see a copy? Then you can say paste as new brush up in the we say yellow through all where? Okay. And now you can use it. You have to use this tool. The paint brush tool here. You can see in the tour option. There is your yellow flower. And remember to put here track direction and to find that the right side for your little yellow floor. In this way, you can easily feel better. Your pattern. Okay, so this is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this class about creating a pattern with original designs made with water caller or wash your pain sales what you wish. And, um I hope you enjoy toe worker with deep. Bye bye. 3. GimpskillshareC02L02: Hi, everybody in the first lesson off our second class about creating patterns. So using dimple, we created these repeat part Turner with our designs made in a traditional way in this case that you had made a water color. Today I wish to show you how to create easily, Um, a collection with your watercolor designed, for example. In this keys, here are my windows, the toolbox, the two options and the liars. We could easily create apart Terna using just one off these details. So, um, let's start, for example, using these one just these DT we can cope e eat as always and paste it as a new brush. We'll name it black planned. Okay, No, let's create a new lawyer. Transparent. Of course, we can give a name to eat. For example, black plant, because we are going to greet a pattern with these brush. OK, now let's make the other liar invisible this elect or to dis elected, you can just click with this tool the select wrecked embers Do you click outside the selection A. And you just select or you can always go on, select and say no one. Okay, Now, um, you have to be on the black planned liar. You can use your paint brush tool. And here is the tool option. Boxer. Um, we have to to to the the sides the right side for eat. It can be this one. Let's have a look to the old one. Yes. Okay, this is the good side. Now you can just start creating this parter for our collection. Okay? Now it's important to make always the offset. Okay, This is something we can just do without the tablet because you have just to click with your mouth and create these these design. Now, let's do the offset. You have to be confident with these. The cutting off the liar. So you go on, lawyer, transform, offset! And we make the offset in in the middle. How eso 1000 here and 1000 here. We we cocked in four pieces and impaired them Offset! Now can you see? Now we have some off these plans going through the borders, and we can just continue to feel in this way. Okay? The offset can be always all I don't like it. So they're offset Can be made Onley in one direction for example, you can go here and say, transform and cut only the peaks. In this way, this border will be in the middle. Offset. Okay, this is really important to create a good repeating. Okay, Now you can save these design, um, as it is, or if you we ship, you can use another. For example, the yellow floor. We already have the yellow floor as brushes, so we should find it here, here, visa. But to be good, you can feel it on Lee with this yellow floor in this way. Okay, So I'm creating a new lovely part on really simple that it is. It can be used as far break in a collection with with the other party. Remain in the first class. Okay, so if you wish, always transform, offset. Let's cut again. 1000 and 1000. Okay, this is good to do. Always while you are working on your on your partner. Here you are. These is our new partner off the collection. So remember to go on file export, you have to say they you you should always save all the design with these lawyers. And so with all the collection Assad excess CF I batch. Now we are going to export only these live here with the watch background as a PNG, if you wish, or a J Okay, in high resolution in this way, you will have all the designs really to be uploaded on both sides, like spoon flour, for example, where you can have your design printed on fabric or gift wrap, or would either so in the same way, you can choose on your, um, design on your first design. Another details. It could be, for example, this flower and create another. Another design going in your collection. Um E let's create many designs and then, if you wish, upload them on both sides. I wish you good. 4. GimpskillshareC02L03: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the 3rd 3rd last son off my second plus about repeat patterns made using deep We are always working with just with the mouse You don't need the tablet And with our designs made in a traditional way So with our motor call or in the case So I ever my first pastor made in the first last son Then here I can make visible is not these other liar. Thes is the second pattern we made together today I e wish to show you how to create a background similar to a water color. So we are going to create a watercolor text to But it must be a repeat text or this is important. So if you wish you can import as a new lawyer Um background Ah, watercolor background me the by yourself Or if you wish, you can go on your bruiser and look for a free text. Sure recommend it must be free. For example, these one look for a texture with ah high resolution Not too small and quite homogeneous because if the texture if the watercolor is not really, um agendas it is the more difficult to create a good repeat. So let's copied Easy, major. Then we go on December and we paste them. We make here edit paste as a new liar. As you can see, the the image is a little we can scale it, so make sure when you scale it these chain is lock it off the proportion and just scale it more bigger scale. Now the liar has another side, so you can go on liar and see. Liar to you may decide. And now you you have to create a brush that we are going to use to create the repeat text. Or so select the free, select tool and creator she But you can use the mouth or the tablet if you have it and create a really irregular she It must be irregular. So you can just use the mouse if you haven't a tablet. Okay, Now you call me eat and the base the as a new brush ship, and I'll call it peach Water cooler. Okay, now dis elect all select No one. Make these liar in these ball. We don't delight it so soon because maybe we have to change toe, create a new brush. If We are not so happy off these one created. So just make it invisible and create a new lie here that you can go. You can give a name. I'm naming it watercolor background. And now with the paint brush tool. You should have a here in the tool option. Your peach water caller, make sure the sides is big and the genomics must be tracked direction. So now just click and create. You're next door. So, um, as you can see, the text store, we can see the shapes of our, um of our brush, but they are irregular, and the are not so horrible, But we can try to make something better. So let's zoom out. And if you don't wish to see these shapes, um, with your pitch water call or try to change the opacity, okay. And a leak. In this way, we are going the to create a more homogeneous What? Your caller. Can you see it just changing the opacity. Now let's make the offset toe. So transform offset. Right here. 1000 and 1000. We cut you for as you can see, our pattern doesn't repeat very well. Can you see the lines. So with our brush, we're going to hide these lines in this way. The opacity must not be too small. How can I say this is good? I think e can be satisfied. It looks quite like a water cooler. A really water cold. Okay, if you are not really sure he are. You can se transform in the border. I'm I'm not so satisfied. So I say just 1000 for the except offset. Now, here can do better. Okay, Now these is, um, good text to repeating. Well, so I'm satisfied. The Clipper liar. I delighted. I don't eat any more. The watercolor background. I can now make some changes. For example, you could, um, adjust the brightness and cone trust. Give more corn trusting to your texture so you can see better the the change ings off the course. Okay, Now you have your repeat texture. And if you wish, or you can use it on other patterns too. If you used to create always patterns 2000 for 2000 you can reuse it. I am now. If I can, you should put this liar grabbing it under the first lawyer we made withdrawing. But with my video editing software can do it. So I used this. These bottom here so bottom not bottom bottom. Okay, now I can change the color off course. I don't like this coral. So I go here colorize and I change the core oars as a wish. For example, blue are more green. The lightness again change. Okay, when I'm satisfied. As always, they can exporter as a PNG. So I can added these new partner with a light blue light green background to my collection . I hope you enjoyed it. And the let's try many, many color variations and so you will create many patterns.