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Gimp Class 01: Draw repeat patterns using Gimp

teacher avatar Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro Gimp

    • 2. Gimp lesson 01

    • 3. Gimp lesson 02

    • 4. Gimp lesson 03

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About This Class

With this class you'll learn how to draw with Gimp, a free open source software. I'll teach you how to create repeat patterns, how to use layers useful to create a collection of surface designs in different colors and textures. At the end of the class you'll be able to create patterns with a tablet or if you prefer, using original drawings imported with a scanner andĀ  then made repeatable with this software.




Meet Your Teacher

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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Intro Gimp: Hi, everybody and I am a photo and I am an Italian illustrator and the surface pattern designer . And I'm going to create some tutorials for you where I'll teach you how to use a free open source software. Dean, you can freedom, Lord it going on, Dean for daughter or GTA Gimpel ism software free software and similar to for the shop. And we learn how to draw with it. Using a Wacom tablet, a tablet. I have a welcome tablet and how to create a repeat pattern like these one. I'm going to show you one of my partners. This is printed on fabric on spoon Feel where? So I used to upload my patterns on both sides of print on the month sides where I earn a commission. If someone poor chases a doctor with my design, I I'm going to show you a pair of shoes, always with a part time maid using. So you learn how to draw how to create the repeating and how to use the lie Years on game Liars are really useful if you have to change callers on your design. If you wish to create collection off patterns and at the end of this class, we learn how to create textures that cortex sources for our designs. Off course, if you wish. When you learn to use the emperor, you can, um, draw in a traditional way on riel paper with water Call or pence's what you wish, and then you can import your illustrations and create the repeating with simple. So I hope my tutorials will be useful for you and that you will enjoy toe learn with me. 2. Gimp lesson 01: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the first lesson about creating a repeat patterns using gimp. So the first time you open deep, you should find these two windows, the toolbox and the tool Options should be open. If you can see them. You can go on windows and you find them here. The tool options in the toolbox or undock a bill. Dialogues here is always the two options, and please selected the lower years window to because we need the liars window. No, let's go on file. New Way have to create any major here. You can choose the side, so we're going to create a square. So right he are 2000 for 2000. You can change big cells that if you wish with in just millimeters points if you need it today we're going to create a 2000 for 2000 picks us a square, and this is really important to do. Don't forget to go on advances, options and look at the resolution off your five because they made the master have ah high resolution if you wish to printed on fabric or or on the other or on paper. So we need a 300. At least 150. I used to work with the 300 peak sells for inch. But you have to write at least 150 if you wish. If you wish printed these image okay, then the color space will be RGB call or end. Feel with the choose here. Choose transparency because we will work with all transparent liars. You say you okay, Now you have your file. If you wish to give a look to your file, you can zoom and you can zoom the view. Zoom out Just so you go on view and you say doing out so we can see a white square. Okay, on the liars window. Now we have a lawyer. It is a transparent lawyer with the name background. Let's feel the background with a cold or so on the toolbox. So here you have a foreground and the background call or click on the foreground coral and choose the color You wish in an easy way. You can go here and choose a all the colors you wish. Okay, I choose these one. I say you okay now I can go on a date and say feel with foreground color. Here you are. The background now is is blue Now the design will be on another liar We'll work on a new law You're so going here last year New lawyer You can give a name to eat if you wish. Ah here must be transparent and you say ok now Can you see it? We have a new lawyer. It is selected So it's blue. If I am click here is the background is selected So when you work, they always attention to be on the right lines. So we wish to draw on this larger. Okay, now we work with another call. Of course I e choose the wife. Did I say you Okay now my foreground caller is white. So if I am used a paint a brush, it will draw with white collar. So today we we learn that work with this paint brush tool and, um well, use this kind of barrage if you brush. If you click on on the brash, you can see there are many brushes and I ever really many over Russia's the These are personal brushes I created. So let's use these one. It is brushed to harness 100. I'll teach you how to create your personal brushes. You off course, The genomics there must be off. There are many dynamics. We learn to use some off them. In the other lesson today. Let's work with the dynamics off. Okay, here is the sides off your brush. E Wish to show you these is a really big sides. This is Tina. Okay. If you create a stroke, you you don't like, just like thes two. Once you can go back and under what you made your mistake. So you go on a detail, you say, under paintbrush and the gate under under paintbrush In this way, you can you can go back. Okay. Now, let's choose a good size the right I, um I'll Zuma, Because I can draw better in this way and, uh, actual them 10. Okay, the sides. Okay. Now I start working and I'll create some leaves in these way. And if I we should I can change the sides and create some details with a teen Are stroke off course in this way. Now, in this first lesson, I wish to show you two different ways toe to draw. This is really classic, classic way to draw. But you was Mary March another tool that I really love And now I'll show you I make a stroke in this way Then I knew the free select tool I love eater. You can just create a shape in this way and there you can feel it with a four gram call. Or now you can always go on edit and say Feel it with foreground color. But there is a fast way to work and it is in this way. You you created the shape, then you with your keyboard you have to use control and coma control coma and it will feel the selection. Okay, In this way you'll be really, really fast. You can create a floor here in this way and then contra comma you. You feel it. Okay. Now with the paintbrush, I will adjust you. Okay. Now, when you are satisfied if you wish, you can add some details that with a razor toe I loved it. I use it just like a paint brush because, as you can see, the razor has a is like a paintbrush, but it raises. So, um, I choose the thinner side and I I go here and they create some details, but I'm raising my image. Okay, so you see blue because it is the background I'm not drawing with a blue coal or okay, I'm just raising it is really useful toe work in this way. Because when you will have to choose, for example, the corridors off this part er you you can just change in the background and these details will be the same color off the background. So I e choose ah, size of really bigger. And I create a whore on my flower. OK, now viewed. Zoom out. Let's give a look to our design. Now let's create a repeat pattern. So I am, um I'll put all these design in the middle off my major and to do these, uh, I'm selecting it. Why? Because if I don't select it and I just move it with this tool, the move tool. Look, if I do in this way, I'm moving all the liar and it's not good. So under move. Liar. OK, Every time you need to move some details of your design, you need to select it with one off these tools. The free selector or the rectangle. Okay, then you cut it and paste it. You cut and paste Always in this way. Look at the liars window. Now our selection is on a fluting selection Pasted liar. And if now you use the mover tool and you go here, you click on your design, you will move. Eat, I recommend. Don't flick here because if you click outside the selection, you'll ankle the detail on the on our older liar and you you have to click inside and move . You move in the media when you are satisfied. Okay? Now you can click outside the selection and it will be Anchorage. Can you seat? We have no more floating selection. Lawyer. We have just our liar. OK, now let's duplicated his lawyer in this way allow you to placate lawyer. And now we have two lawyers, one on the other. And this new one will be Carter in four pieces and the pieces will be inverted. And in this way, this design will be our repeat batter. Let's let's do it So you can better understand you Go on, Lawyer. You go on here, Transform, offset. And here, except you say you write 1000 because I wish to cut in half. But this is a square 2000 for 2000. So I say here, 1000 sheep stealer to 1000 I say offset! Okay. Can you see The new liar now was character, and this piece is inverted in this way. Now the parter is a repeat. A repeat parter. Okay, you can have Ah, another designed like these one and put it here. And it is a repeated pattern. Okay, now we married this to lower. Yes, together you go on. Liar! Merge down! And the last thing to do I recommend toe Sleeper. These details the one in the middle. You can select it if you wish. With the freeze electable. If you go better with Dita, then with this tool the sleeper tool you click here and you can flip it horizontally or vertical. As you wish. I recommend always to flee pit because in this way your ah repeat partner will not have all these details. I'm going in the same direction. Okay. It's better in this way when you can move it always with the move tool. And when you're satisfied, you click outside and you angry? Okay, now we have our liar is good and that this is a repeat partner. So, uh, let's save it. You go on file saver, And, um, I recommend always to say even on excess cf file it. Is that the extension off temper. And in this way you'll have all your liar. So save it. And you you can save it. Then if you wish to export tow applauded these the design on on both sides. You needed to export it in. Ah, another extension off course. So you go always on file and you say export, Arthur. And, uh, this way you can choose, um PMG or ah J. Paige. You can find all the extensions year and you choose the one you we should and you say export. I recommend to export always in hyper I high quality resolution, high quality. Okay, this is all a for the first lesson. I hope you enjoy detail and they wish you good job. E. I hope you will try to make many, many patterns in this way. So you will be more confident with software. Bye bye. 3. Gimp lesson 02: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the second lesson about creating repeat patterns using theme. So in the first lesson, we created these air pattern together. If you have it, you can open it. You can go on file, open resident or open. Just open and find it on your PC. Um, please open the excess CF file a week. The the lie years and not of the PNG or JPEG extension. Okay, because we need our liars. So today we learn know how to feel our part. Turner Better to feel the end, to create a deity part and full of the taste eso you must learn to be confident in thes thing that we made in the first lesson just that we cutting four pieces and inverting the parts of our design. Today we have to work with the function way have to go on last year transformed, and we have to learn how to cut the maids when we need to cut it with these offset. So, for example, if you wish to fool of details of these empty spaces, it is better to work creating some designs, going health here and the health here in the repeating you have not just draw in your made because when you'll repeat it, it will remain. Always, says something here, empty, just like a line on empty line and in the repeating your feet. You see, just like squares. And it's horrible. It's not a good repeat pattern if you do in this way, so we need today. Sometimes we need toe cut and invert our drawing the pieces off our drawing. So let's go on LA Yeah, you say transform, offset. And now in the first lesson, we cutting four. Can you remember it and inverted all these four pieces? Now we just wish this part of these empty spaces in the middle over our design. So we just cut the Xa they accept, and we say 1000. Okay, The salon remains as it is. We say offset. So as you can see now, the empty spaces in the middle and we were we can work easily on eat. Let's try something new. For example, we didn't see how to copy, paste and scale or rotate some details off our image. So let's, um, select with the free tool our flower and we say copy and paste when you copy and paste the or carton pace the you'll always have the new selection, like a floating the selection pasted liar. And in this way, if you use the move told, you can move it. Can you see this is the last flower. This is the new one, and you can move it just the clicking on eight and moving Now, for example, we can move it here. And we can, um, rotate it if we wish up with the rotator tool. These one when you rotated a pay attention, um, you can freely rotated. You can if you wish. You can change the angle, but you can just freely, in this way rotated. Then when you scale it that these one is the scale tool. When it scale it, you have to pay attention to have this chain lock it in This way, the proportions remain good. Okay, Now you can scale it in this way or change the other wide and hide. Scale it. Now we have a really big flower. Okay, now, when you're satisfied, you move it. And then when you're satisfied, you on Corrie clicking outside the selection. No, I we should to show you another way to work? Um, you can. Um um you can do in this way, toe you can did this detail is a really big It's better to copy and paste eater and and put it where I wish I rotate it. Okay, because it's really big. But when you have when you have to add some details some leader details on your design you can use another way to work and its user do It is in this way You can copy this flower as we made. Yeah, at the beginning, you cop. But you just don't taste in this way. You paste other and you brush OK. You can piece the floor with flower like a new brush and you can give it a name. I can me meet my floor were OK. Now if you well this selector select no one. If you go on the paint brush tool, you should have year your new new brush my floor Where is the name? You can see it here because it's why to my flowers white and so you can see it. But there is a flower. You can change the sides and this is really a useful way to feel. Now our partner you can change the dinner mixer and let's use the truck direction. Genomics here, truck direction with the drug direction dynamics, the flower you have rotates and so you can paste it. Just click. You can pay state, but it's not always in the same direction. So it's better. Okay, In this way, we are going to feel our part Turner in a really fast way. Can you see it? You can change the sides, and you can create smaller flowers for these spaces. Okay, Now zoom out. Now, if you wish. Now we need these corners to be full off off flowers. So let's do again. Lie year transform, offset. We need all the corners in the middle. So this time again will say 1000 for geeks and 1000 for Absalom because I'm going to cutting four, just like in the first lesson. And, um, embarrassed the powers. Okay. Can you see now we have ah, Warren empty space in the middle and we can really enough us way. Feel it with our flowers. OK, so if you wish you can off course. Ah, um Korpi in peace. Osama, Some leaves are toe edit paste or peace as a new brush. It depends if you wish. Menu Leavis Like the flowers you It's better toe Create apart a brush with this Leave or we can just the now use our flowers to create a ditzy pattern with flowers. OK, so I hope you enjoy the second less son we repeated. Something's off the 1st 1 and we learned how to create a these kind of brushes that we use in this way to feel our pattern. Can you see it now? It's really a DC DT park. Turn Okay, this is all for today. I hope you enjoy the second less some and I recommend to make man a man. Experiments create many brushes with the other colors. Off course, if you wish. Okay. Bye bye. 4. Gimp lesson 03: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the third lesson about creating part turn you patterns using game. So let's open your file with the one. We made it together with a background and some drawings on a new lawyer in just one call or okay, now, today we are going to play with callers and with the tech stores. So the first thing to do is to create a cool texter. But it must be a repeat textile. This is important. So let's go to your brother and look for a free text or to use for your major for a in high resolution. It could be this one or this one you can to the watercolor texters or boot textures and so on. Okay, I like these one in, So I called the eat, so I made a copy image with the right, um Barton all of your miles. Okay, Now you go on December and see just the paste as the new law year. We're going to pay. Sit on a new lawyer. Okay. Now, as you can see you can you see the light? The new liar has another side. So we say Lawyer to made decides in this way. Now the clipboard has the same size off the order off the file of the age. Now thes is really a cool texture, but it doesn't repeat because, for example, here it's too dark and it couldn't repeat Well, here is dark. And here not so we are going just to use it. To create a repeat text toe, use the free select tool and select a portion in really stranger shape. And as you can see, it must be a strange shape. It's matter now, Um, you just call Pete copy and paste as a new brush. Just like in the second lesson, we made the pace as a new brush with a floor work. And you remember now we make a new brush with these attacks so we can call eat roller texture, for example. Okay, it is our world text. We say Okay, now we can dis elect all you go here, select no one. You can make these liar invisible because we don't need it anymore. You could relate it, but I always user toe I don't delaet eat so soon because maybe my I'm not so happy off my new brasher. And if you wish to try to create another shape, it's better to have its year. So just make it invisible in this way. Make this one invisible toe and now create a new lawyer where we're going to create our text. Or so let's name it texts or so we understand. Better. Transparent. Okay. Now, uh, big is the paint brush tool, and here you should find your wall text door. It must have a genomics track direction, just like with the floor in the second lesson. And the sides must be really get. It's better. Now let's click just leaker and you're going to create a really cool tech store. Okay, it is almost oma generals. I don't know if you can use it. It's harmonious, this texture. But we have toe check the borders if they repeat food. So let's do lie, transform, offset So we can look at the board. Us not stood out. I'm sorry. 1000 year and 1000 year. So, as always, we cutting for our our design and invert the part. So now I don't know if you can see because this is the really Imogen is. But there are soma empty spaces as you can see here. And you could see just a line here, but it's quite a marginal. So now, um, Zoom 25. This is important. Now to go with our brash and to click here Okay, in the center. Now it's really, really more generous. We are. This is a repeat partner perfectly. OK, now we're going to use it. So the clipboard, we can just relate it. We don't need it anymore. Now you could just grab it. Lee, I think you can see grab it, the text, a liar and put it down. But with my biggest software can't do it. So I just click here. It's the same. And the texture now is under the lawyer, so make it visible. Now, Um, a view to out now does. You can see now we have attack store as background and we can change the core of it, of course, but, um, I wish to duplicate it. So because the so in this way we have the original texture and well, we work on the duplicates lawyer, these one. I wish it dark hair and with another caller so you can just go on colors and you could say polarize or you saturation. I usually use a saturation. I love it most. So dark hair. You can change the saturation and you can change the call or okay, Lightness. Okay. I love this cold. But of course you can change the course. Going on polarized to this is another way to work. Okay, In this way you can give it such a less saturation. So more gray or release accurate. It's too much. Okay, when you are satisfied, for example. So I love it. You say you okay. And now you have your new background. Can you see the text tour? Okay, now. And you can use the same texter here, the regional one duplicate it. And now we are going to create that at the texture on our designs. So these one, this lawyer must be above or so go on a bowl and Poteet invisible for the moment because we have to selector Now we are going to select the empty space. He are okay in our liar with a lower floors. And to do these you can use these instrument the stool, the a color tool select by Koller And just click here on the empty space. Now, if you go on the texture copy here, let's make it visible and you say Kata. Now we have our flowers with a text tour a bit a bit too dark, so let's change the corner. Or you can use the brightness and contrast to if you wish your toe get give more contrast in this way, so the tax or will be more visible. Brightness and kontras. Here you are. Okay, so now can you see how how cool is now our design with the new texture and off course, you can duplicate the background liar, for example, or the text copy here off our flowers and change coal orsa. And in this way you can export your major in PNG or JPEG in many color variations. And there you can create easily, um, a collection. I hope you enjoy that. These things New Vitoria Let's make many men experiments. Try toe, create many textures. Many brush text trust because you can then use reuse them on many other designs, so they are really useful. You wish you good job and I hope you'll enjoy