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Gifts From The Kitchen

teacher avatar Stacey Doyle, Little Figgy Food

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Prepping & Planning

    • 3. Spiced Tea

    • 4. Earl Grey Tea Loaf

    • 5. Afternoon Tea For Two Gift Basket

    • 6. Containers & Ribbons

    • 7. Recap and Signoff

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About This Class

Join us in this 25 minute class for some crafty fun in the kitchen!

We’re going to take simple recipes and turn them into treasured gifts that you can give to friends and family for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion!

At the end of the class, you’ll know three recipes that you can try on your own, as well as a few easy yet professional-looking gift wrapping ideas!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stacey Doyle

Little Figgy Food


A Southern girl with a taste for travel, Stacey takes inspiration from her global pantry (capers, green curry paste, chili garlic sauce and more spices than she has room for) and cooks with a sense of adventure.

Stacey is the face behind Little Figgy Food, a food blog with recipes that will inspire you to try something new, experiment with an unexpected ingredient, explore an exotic cuisine.

Over the last few years, Little Figgy Food has partnered with many brands including, Colavita, Celestial Seasonings, Castello, Santa Rita wines and many more, creating recipes to showcase their products. As a brand ambassador for Cost Plus World Market, Stacey and Little Figgy Food, enjoy bringing you the latest in trendsetting styles and recipes to enjoy in your own kitchen.

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1. Welcome!: Hi, I'm Stacy from little figure food, food, blood. That is all about discovery for the whole family, with recipes to inspire you to try something new, experiment with a new ingredient or explore an exotic cuisine. This course is all about gifts from the kitchen food gifts. Now, when I was a little girl, my mom used to take me into the kitchen. She would have may help her make a huge batch of Spice Team eggs. Now from that, all these years later, I'm still enjoying making Spice Team mix. It's something easy to make. Wrap it up beautifully and give it to family and friends during the cooler months. There's so many other ideas that you can do out there as well. Cocoa mixes soup mixes, even just a simple food gift basket. The point is, has become a dying art, and I think it's time that we brought it back. So today, in this course, I'm giving you some simple tips and tricks to show you how you can create your own food gifts that you can get to your family and friends, whether it be birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just a great dinner party doesn't matter what time of year they're going to enjoy receiving something special from you and your kitchen. In this course, I will be giving you three examples of food gifts. Now you can follow along with May and make the recipes I will be making. Or you can create your own specialties, whether that's something from scratch, a box of brownies or even something straight from the bakery, then we're going to turn around and wrap them up beautifully to give to your family and friends. So before we begin, first things first, I want to get to know you. Please introduce yourself. Say hello. And then at the end of this course, you're gonna have created a project of your own. And that projects is make your own food gifts. Wrap it beautifully, then take a picture, upload it so we can all share and be inspired. 2. Prepping & Planning: in this class. I want to talk a little bit about prepping and planning. Now I know we get busy and we forget, and our plans don't always work out. So that's when the bakery might be your best option. But you can still take that food item, wrap it up beautifully and turn it into a food gift for your friends or family. But in order to do that, you're gonna have to have a good supply of wrapping items. Those include colored ribbons and containers, mostly, and also some other little knickknacks to finish it off throughout the year. It's a great idea if you could start collecting or picking up different colored ribbons. Now remember, after every season after every holiday or event, there's going to be a nice sale, and that's always the best time to start adding to your supplies and for containers, start thinking different types of containers, not just your typical. You can use any type of 10 any type of basket repurpose jam jars and even funky bottles make great containers for your food gifts. One of the things I recommend doing is learning your local discount stores scouring your antique stores and flea markets for containers. Now you want to make sure that their food is safe and that they'll clean up nicely. But trust me, they're going to add such a personal touch in a uniqueness to your food gift that will make such an impression. One more thing to remember are your name, tags and name cards, and this is probably where you're going to put your instructions on how to prepare your food gift. I personally I enjoy getting seasonally generic name tags or name cards, and I always make sure that they're big enough to write the instructions on Now. In the next class, I'm going to teach you how to make spiced tea mix one of my favorites from my childhood and how to wrap it beautifully. It's perfect for the cooler months, and I think you're going to enjoy 3. Spiced Tea: in this class, I'm going to show you how to make spiced tea mix or Russian T. My mom used to make this when I was growing up, and it has great memories for May I like to give it during the cooler months, starting around October and all the way through to the beginning of spring. It's perfect, especially around the holidays. For this recipe, you'll need 1 19 ounce canister of either country time or Lipton tea half and half T mix. That's half lemonade and half T mix, and then you're gonna need to mix in 1 20 ounces container of Tang mix, which is an orange drink. Mix. One teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon It's ground nutmeg won t spin of ground cloves and one teaspoon of ground allspice. You could give that a good little mixed together. Finally, you'll add in one cup of cinnamon red hunts. Once you have your team mix ready to go, it's time to pick out the containers you're going to use for this. I prefer the smaller, about four outsize jam jars you can use any size you want, but I think four ounces. It's quite a nice amount to give us a gift. So all you have to do, Liz, just pop it in. And, um, I don't have a spelt on this cut, so it wants to fly everywhere. You don't want to over packet, either, And keep in mind that some of the cinnamon Candies might sink to the bottom. But that's OK. It's what spins air for now. Once you have it, just kind of clean it down a little bit, preferably with the cloth. Not your fingers, like I just did to, as I say, not as I do. Once you have all of your jars filled, you're ready to rap. I like to use thes scrapbooking tapes. They're crafting tapes, and you can find them in most of your scrapbooking supply sections of your hobby stores. I really like this guy is pointing that way, so I'm going to grab about three. Handsworth depends on the size of your job, and some of them have the peel on the back, and if they do, you can spend all day trying to get it off. If you've noticed in your special to stores, a lot of the jams will have one piece of tape or paper that comes down one side. It's kind of a seal protectant, and I like to do that just for fun. Now I'm gonna loosen this up a little bit because once we tie string, it's going to go there. We don't want to tear the tape quite yet. Now try to tie it so that your strings will go downward rather than upward. Now for this one, I've created a bit of a holiday feel with the green ray from the boxwood as well. A. Some of the red in the shoot for this one. I've created a little bit more of a fall feel to it. It's has the nice deep teal color jute mixed with some actual kitchen twine, which I really enjoy using that. So as you can see one recipe two seasons and it's perfect for any time during the colder months, don't forget to add instructions to your name tags. The instructions are to one cup of hot water at 3 to 42 spoons of the Spice Team mix and stir well. In the next class, I will be showing you how to prepare and bake an Earl Grey tea lows 4. Earl Grey Tea Loaf: for this class, I'll be making Earl Grey tea love. It's a nice, dense and slightly rich tea bread that's also has a bit of a sticky top to it for a nice bite. The ingredients you'll need is one cup of self rising flour. Into that, we're going to add our pre soaked, chopped dates. It doesn't look too pretty right now, but trust me, lend it altogether until mixed well, stirring out any lumps that may happen once you've mixed the self rising flour and the earl grey soaked chopped dates. Then you're gonna add to that two heaping tablespoons of orange marmalade. Next, you're gonna add one egg, lightly beans and mix again. I like to mix between ingredients that way. I know, and I can ensure that they have been well combined. Finally, you'll add 1/2 cup of sugar. I've used golden sugar, but you can use white as well. Mix thoroughly until everything is well incorporated. Now you'll notice that your batter is slightly running, and that's what you're looking for. Once you've poured the batter into the loaf pan, you'll bake your bread and a pre hated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven, and it'll take about 50 to 60 minutes. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes and then carefully remove the bread from the pan. At this point, you can carefully peel the parchment paper away from your bread. Now that R T Lowe has cooled, you can see that it has a shiny top. And that's kind of a sticky texture, which absolutely is my favorite part of the whole loaf. I'm going to pull away the parchment paper now, and we'll start rapping. Now that we have the Earl Grey tea loaf removed from the parchment paper, you'll notice that I have a clean sheet of parchment paper. Here. You lay that out first. On top of that, I've also put some clear plastic grab. This is because the loaf is sticky and you don't want any of that using and through your paper. So we're going to wrap with the plastic wrap first. You don't have to be perfect. It's just kind of to ensure. Make sure that the edges are tucked in as well. Now I flipped over the tea loaf. I've wrapped it and secured it with the plastic wrap. Don't worry about how perfect it looks. It's just to prevent any stickiness from going through your parchment paper. And you're going to wrap this like any other gift Now have gone ahead and underneath. I've put this rafia bow. This is to secure as I'm wrapping. The reason for that is parchment paper and sticky tape. Scotch tape do not like each other. So I'm just securing it with a good and not on the bottom of the gift. Do not tie so tight that you're going to squeeze and cut through your bread. You just want it secure enough that it paper won't fall off. I like to slip my string underneath prior to folding any edges. So I'm not scrambling and messing up my beautiful t low. So we're just gonna fold it. You don't have to be ultra picky. No, I got it like that on this side. Gonna flip it over. The reason is that's not now. I finished fidgeting with the Rafiah and I have secured the bottom side with the knots. You can do this with one whole string if you're very coordinated and you enjoy that kind of frustration, I've decided to go with this lovely bright pink which looks great with the white Rafia. It just gives it a real summary, beautiful, bright and cheery feel to the whole gift. I'm going to take my beautiful pink ribbon and I'm going to make sure it's even at the bottom and my center. So I keep track of where that is, and I'm gonna offset my gift. Now bear with me as I try to put this over and I'm going todo fidgety, coordinated cross over on the bottom. Remember, I'm offsetting so it doesn't have to go directly above the center and try to keep everything flat Bear with me again. Okay, Now I'm just doing a simple not you can adjust after you've tied it. No, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can do it with a pretty bow if you're really good at those or enjoy those. Um, also, depending on the ribbon, you can use the wired edged ribbon as well, which will keep your bows in shape. But this time I'm just doing a simple Not now. I finished wrapping and we have this beautiful t love all ready to go to give us a gift from your kitchen. 5. Afternoon Tea For Two Gift Basket: in this class, I'll be making a raisin and orange scented scone Mix Thean Greedy INTs You'll need for this recipe. Art. Two cups of all purpose flour. I'm going to add the 1/3 cup of sugar. Basically, just add all of your dry ingredients. 1/4 cup of dry milk powder, 1/3 cup of shortening that doesn't need refrigeration. Salt baking powder They tried orange pill and now give that a good mix until it's all well blended. Next you'll take the dry ingredients. Place them in a food processor along with the 1/3 cup of shortening. After you've combined the shortening to the dry ingredients in the food processor, then you have a crumb type texture and a little bit moist. But that's OK, because the shortening that you're to use does not require refrigeration. Now we're gonna add the one cup of the dried fruit. Makes it through, distributing the fruit throughout the mix. Next, we're going to take this mixture and place it into a lovely jar of your choosing. In this class, have decided to go with a themed gift basket, and, as you can probably tell of chosen and afternoon tea, for two, so we're taking our scone mix from earlier I found this lovely little mini whisk. We have a couple of pretty little teacups, some Devonshire clotted cream, lemon curd, a box of nice black tea and some shortbread biscuits. I've also found this nice basket. It's a medium sized basket, which is gonna be perfect for what we have here. And it came with the filler as well as the outer bag and a name tag. Other themed ideas for gift baskets would include a pasta or pizza night. Or you could do something really romantic for someone's anniversary, and that would be a wine and cheese board basket that's always a winner. As you can see, I've gone ahead and I've placed the scone mix in the very centre. One is because it is the largest item when two, because it's very heavy and it will center the weights of your gift basket. Now next, I'm going Teoh carefully place the other items. Now, when placing breakables in, you do need to think it through a bit more. Um, you don't want things to shake around, so you want them to be quite nice and snug in there. And if you don't have room for everything, it's OK for them to spill out of it. Not, you know, to the point of breaking. But it is OK to have some kind of pick up and out because you're gonna have this bag that's going to secure everything into place. Now I finalized the gift basket and ever arrange them so that they're nice and snug. You don't have to worry about them fitting in there perfectly. In fact, you can add a few more little items in there if you wanted, including some little bits of chocolate, which would be really a nice finish. As you can see, I've gone ahead and put the bag around. The Gift basket and Theory journal not I made was with E Rafia that came inside, and that kind of helped secure so that this doesn't slip and loosen. I've chosen to use my favorite all time all purpose jute twine. Just it could be dressed up or down and add such a lovely rustic charm to so many things. I've also gone ahead and attached these beautiful carnations. The pop of pink in the center is just what really caught my eye and then the purple around . It was so soft and so stunning and actually blended with the purple and the box of the T. So that was a happy accident. Um, I've also used eucalyptus leaves. Now, eucalyptus is a really sturdy green ring that I love the smell. If you don't like the smell, then there's other options you can use. Box woods, rosemary. Um, evergreens. Any evergreen will do one thing I would suggest when using fresh flowers, Remember, And keep in mind that your fresh flowers that peddles air going toe wilt, and that means she cannot keep it in the back of your car in the middle of summer. Also, I want you to notice that for the flowers I've partially wrapped him. I've just twisted with string round and round, and then I've secured it with a not on the back. That's all I've done, Teoh. Now I've left some stem hair, and that's because right before I give the gift, I'm going to keep my flowers fresh, and the way I do that is I stick these flowers already bundled and a small bit of cold water, and keep it in the refrigerator 6. Containers & Ribbons: in this class. I want to talk about the containers that you might be using in your gift giving. You have to remember, though, if you're using anything from an antique store thrift store to make sure that you can clean it up well and that it iss food safe. Other ideas for containers include your jams and jelly jars, of course, but make sure that the opening is wide enough so that they can pour it easily. Or put a spoon into UM, you can also find these grapes foldable boxes that come flat packed and different colors, shapes and sizes and perfect for candy muffins or treats like that, like this one would be perfect to put a jumbo muffin into. Take it to a co worker along with a nice big cup of coffee that you just bought them, and they will absolutely have a wonderful day with that. Now to continue. We've got, of course, are baskets of all shapes and sizes. So when you're planning, remember how many items you're gonna have, how what size they're gonna be and is it going to be sturdy enough to tote the gift basket around in now for the ribbon. As you know, I have quite the love affair with jute twine, and I have this election to prove it has collected numerous colors, and I really find that they dress up or down quite nicely, and you can use them with other types of ribbons as well. In addition to the jute twine, you'll notice that I have this really wide ribbon here, which speaks holidays quite loudly. This I would use on a large box of like a gift basket, but in a box, maybe, and then also, I have grow grains and ticking. A selection of Rafi is and this lovely scrapbooking tape, which really isn't a ribbon. But it is more of an ornamental finishing touch that you could add to your gift for the ornamental part. You really don't have to use anything. In addition to your bows. It just really kind of defines theater occasion and shows off your gift a little bit more. Um, as you remember here on the spice jars, the spice tea jars, I use some scrapbooking tape. Now, this is not for securing anything is just for decoration purposes only because this is not a very sturdy tape. Other ornamental ideas besides the scrapbooking tape could be fresh flowers, printed name tags or Christmas ornaments, or anything in between that really defines the occasion and the season so throughout the year. Remember when you're scouring the stores. If you see something that could be used for wrapping your food gift containers, ribbons, ornaments pick them up, especially if they're on sale. That way, when the occasion arises, you'll be prepared for your gift from the kitchen. 7. Recap and Signoff: in this final class. I just wanted to remind you of a few things we went over today. So the first recipe we made was the Spice Team mix, which was absolutely dead easy to make. Then we poured it into some jam jars and gave it some pretty little ribbons and some scrapbooking tape. One more holiday looking and the other one for the fall second recipe we made was for Earl Grey Tea Bread. Absolute easy to make. You do have to prepare ahead of time a little bit for and that is to soak your dates in the Earl Grey tea for at least two hours or overnight. Then, when you're finished mixing, make it for an hour, let it cool and then I'll be ready to wrap. I wrapped it in the parchment paper, which you can use other types of tissue paper for wrapping paper. I also gave it that pop of color with the pink in the white, which made it more summary feel, but you can use it any time of year. It's a great tea bread and makes a nice little gift from your kitchen. Now, the last thing that we did was, we made a themed gift basket. Now for your gift best gets. You can really do anything you want. Fruit baskets, obviously our winner. For many, you can do a pizza or pasta night, which is always tasty, and then something a little bit more romantic would be a picnic for two or wine and cheese board, especially for someone's anniversary. Now, for your themed gift baskets, you can use any type of wrapping you want. Just remember this season and the occasion, and that will define how you end up wrapping your gift. Also, what goes in it will kind of help determine how you'll want to wrap for this being an afternoon tea for two. I wanted a shabby chic feel and kind of a summary or spring look to it, and that's why I went with the jute twine and the fresh flowers for this course. I've included the principles for the recipes and below for your convenience, but you don't have to use my recipes for your gift from the kitchen. Scour your own cookbooks or go to your local bakery. Wrap it up beautifully. I want you to take a photo of it. I want you to upload it and share with the rest of us so we can all enjoy each other's gifts from the kitchen.