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Gift Giving 101: 5 Tips for Giving Great Gifts

teacher avatar Holly Hungerford, Author | Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Do You Want To Give Good Gifts?

    • 3. Let's Make It Easy

    • 4. 5 Key Tips for Giving Great Gifts!

    • 5. Go For It!

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About This Class

Who doesn't love a personal and thoughtful gift? But giving them is a whole different story.

We often find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed trying to think of the perfect gift for those we love.

In this class, we will discover practical ways to identify personal and thoughtful gifts for everyone on our list. Whether it's a reminder of something special they experienced in childhood or their favorite snack, gift-giving is meant to be sincere and special.

This class is for anyone on planet Earth! We all are in relationships and desire to show the people we love just how much we care. This class will provide you with the skills to do just that.

All you need is a computer, notebook and a printer to assist with our class project.

I can't wait to show you how simple and fun it can be to identify great gifts for those you love.

Join me as we explore gift giving! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Holly Hungerford

Author | Entrepreneur


Hi I’m Holly. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and lover of all things people. I’m a creative who’s found a way to make a life of all the things I love

My greatest passions are travel, developing people, and living a passionate and purposeful life. You can often find me cozied up with a good book or planning an awesome party.

My book, Generation Insecure, is a personal dream. After walking a tough road with anxiety, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and written a concise story for the millennial generation. It is my hope that others will find freedom through the words written on its pages.

Thanks for joining me here on #skillshare as we learn and grow together.



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1. Introduction: I love giving good gifts from the smile on someone's face when they unwrap it to the joy it brings when they use it. Gifts show others we care and bring wonder to our lives. But finding the right gift for someone can be hard. We often find ourselves grueling over an amazing present for mom or our best friend when there are helpful hints along the way that can make gift-giving a blast! If you've ever felt the creative struggle associated with gift-giving, this class is for you. Hi, my name is Holly Hungerford. I'm an author, entrepreneur and lover of all things people. You can often find me cozied up with a good book or hanging with my close friends and family. But when I'm not out and about traveling I'm making plans for these special moments which often include great gifts And the people I love. As someone who prides themself in giving amazing gifts. I can't wait to show you some practical ways to find the perfect gift. Join me for Gift Giving 101. 2. Why Do You Want To Give Good Gifts?: Why? Why do you want to give a good gift? Well, if we stop and think about it, it's genuinely because we enjoy the people we're shopping for. We want to bring joy to their lives. And sometimes it's as simple as a really meaningful gift. Well, then why the heck does it seem so hard to do? Maybe it's because we're so busy and creating one more thing or adding one more task to our list feels like a huge undertaking. Or maybe it's because we haven't taken the time to really get to know the people we're in relationship with, to study them and see what makes them tick, what they enjoy, and how we can really show them that we care. I know it sounds like I'm adding more to your plate, but I promise we're going to learn some simple ways to simplify gift-giving. In this class, we're going to create individual gift-giving sheets for those we shop for. It will make shopping and identifying a good gift super-simple. And you'll be amazed at the time you'll save. Make sure you printed your personalized gift-giving sheet and have it ready to go. In the lessons to come, we're going to learn some practical ways to give gifts and just why it's so important and simple. Join me in the next video. 3. Let's Make It Easy: I love giving gifts and the people in my life tell me that I'm pretty great at it. I know before you roll your eyes, you too are going to be amazing at it After this class. We're going to learn some simple ways to make gift-giving special and effortless. We're going to take something we sometimes dread doing and we're going to make it enjoyable and thought-provoking. Shopping for gifts can often be difficult. I totally agree. We love the people were shopping for, but there's so much pressure to buy a gift that they love. One that's meaningful and useful, and that brings the biggest smile. But what if finding that perfect gift wasn't so hard? It's not. I can't wait to show you some easy ways to identify what your friends, family, and coworkers will love. Make sure you grab a pen and a journal and join me in the next video to find out my five key ingredients for gift-giving, I'll see you there. 4. 5 Key Tips for Giving Great Gifts!: Let's start off with a simple truth. It doesn't have to be extravagant to be meaningful. Did you get that? Go ahead and write that down. Sometimes with all the pressure associated with gift-giving, we think that we have to go big or go home when in reality, that's not true. Gifts are meant to be a meaningful symbol of our adoration. For those we're in relationship with. This class is all about learning to take that truth and apply it. All right, it's time to get serious with some practical ways to do just that. Are you ready? Imagine with me you're shopping for your Uncle George. He's a sophisticated and educated man. He owns a business, a boat and a vacation home, and his birthday is just around the corner. For some reason, all you can think of a buying him as a new Polo, but you feel certain that is too basic. How can you think of a gift that is personal and has that wow factor. Thankfully, the people we buy for are a part of our lives, whether an uncle, a co-worker or a friend, we have knowledge of who they are and what they enjoy because they tell us all along the way. These important clues will help us to identify a meaningful and engaging gift. Okay, So back to your uncle George. He may be a millionaire and have everything he needs, but you can always find something that is special and heartfelt if you just stop and observe. Our first tip for finding the best gift is observation, which is great, because again, we love the people we know and ultimately we have a desire to know them better and making an effort to observe them can help with just that. Engage in conversations that discuss things they like regularly and take mental and physical notes of those things. I love the notes app on my phone for this, someone will be talking and mentioned coloring is such a sweet past-time. I wish I did it more. And voila, I have an easy, meaningful and thoughtful gift to give to someone. We think it's so hard but the clues are there all along? Here's a pro tip. Pay attention to significant moments in conversation. When I was a kid, I... I've been so busy I haven't gotten to.... I love blank... My favorite book is... observation is one of my favorite ways to give gifts. And sometimes it can be quickly identified through someone's love language. If you don't know much about those check out the book by the renowned Gary Chapman. It can be another helpful tool in identifying gifts. Often people will open gifts later and they realize that you paid attention and tuned into something that they like, it's meaningful to them. Another way we can identify great gifts is through location. Millions of beautiful gifts are sold each year that have to do with where our friends live, work, play, or travel. So many friends have a favorite vacation spot like the mountains or a hometown they return to often as an adult. These gifts are not only meaningful, but they tell a story and they warm our hearts. Make notes of conversations that include places people love like coffee shops, pizzerias, parks, and landmarks. Another sweet and fun way is through creation. I know, I know. Maybe you aren't creative and you can't make a meaningful gift but tons of people are. Think of something special that your recipient enjoys and then create it. Whether it's a painting of a favorite bird, a piece of pottery, or a special handmade sign. Creative gifts are loved by many! Then there's identification. How we see ourselves. Whether you're buying for someone who identifies as a mom, a yoga guru, a school teacher, or a ranch extraordinaire, there's sure to be a gift that speaks to their liking. Places like Jane and Amazon often sell shirts, hats, signs, and unique gifts that say, I see you and what you do matters. Now it's time to get really serious with some personalization. It is said that people loved to hear their names. So why not let them see it on a gift that they'll love too. Take for instance, your coworker, Tim, who loves to golf. A monogrammed towel or golf balls would be a great gift. What about your mom's love for cooking? A sign that reads Cindy's kitchen or a recipe box with her name on it makes a beautiful addition to her favorite room in the house. Personalizing is a sure way to up your gift game. Okay, I know I said five key tips, but I wanted to level up your game and share with you my ultimate pro tip. Do it early. What do I mean? Well, not only should you take some time and shop early so that there's not a major crunch but when you're out and about and you see something that makes you think of someone you know and love, Get it. Oftentimes I get to Christmas at the end of the year and my shopping has been done for months. It is the best thing! I'm not going to lie. Here's what I do. I grab a large tote and I keep it running with gifts for friend's birthdays, family Christmas and everything in between. Sometimes when I have a few spare minutes, I search sites and find custom gifts for upcoming events and voila, I'm ready to go months in advance with gifts that are special. I'm telling you this can be a game and changer. So recap, There's observation, location, creation, identification and personalization. And if you want to be a pro, do it early. All right, let's take these steps and head on over to our next video. I'll see you there. 5. Go For It!: Do you feel like you learned something? It's so fun! I'm telling you gift-giving can be a blast! Now it's time to take this class and put it into practice with our project. These simple gift-giving sheets will be so great to keep on hand. Take a few minutes and write a few. Take some friends and family and get to work. Remember creating one for everyone you shop for, will literally be life-changing. So create a list of key people and start sheets for them. I can't wait to see how this class inspires you and helps to create meaningful and memorable moments in your life. Be sure to upload one of your favorite gift-giving sheets and use these simple and practical techniques throughout the year. Thank you so much for taking my class. I hope it brings smiles to those you love. --- --- 00:01:40.840 --> 00:01:43.500 --- ---