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Getting to know the Tarot Court Cards

Heidi Snelgrove, All you wanted to know about Tarot

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Court Card Weirdness

    • 3. Queens

    • 4. Pages

    • 5. Kings Part 1

    • 6. Kings Part 2

    • 7. Knights Part 1

    • 8. Knights Part 2

    • 9. Whats Next


About This Class

This is a look at the Minor Arcana Court Cards in relationship with the four elements.  After this class, you will learn how to use the Minor Arcana Court Card’s suit and Name to determine its meaning even if it does not have an image to work from.  With this and the other 2 classes in the set you can read any Tarot deck easily.  After this look for the 3-card read class.

  The Project for this class will be a 7- card reading looking at the elements to determine which cards’ element is the strongest in the readings. 


1. Introduction: Good morning. Welcome to getting to know the terror court. This is a short class we're going to do, focusing on just the court carts. My name is Heidi Snelgrove. Mystic trees. How I read terror. You confined my Facebook page. Mystic tree Tero, where you can email me a terror at l A X designs. Treat yourself dot com, which is the website I used to sell artwork. Let's take a look at what we're gonna be doing in this class. First of all, before this class, there was a class on structure of Tero. The major are Khanna, a class on a through 10 of the minor terror. This is the final in the Siri's being getting to know the terror court cards. If you're not familiar, Otero, you may want to back up and check out the other three before you move forward. The nice thing about scare skill shares that let you do that. If you found this class and are interested in the others, that's great. In addition to that, I've got some other classes coming down the pipeline that will be available in the coming weeks and may already be available by the time you read, you're doing this class. They include creating a terrorist story during a reading, creating your own terrorist spreads, the car Balon and the Shero. And what is a Baranek magic in this class? We're gonna be focusing on understanding the court cards who they signify in a reading because they bring people into the readings and kind of give you an idea for the players in the situation are what elements do they bring in? We've talked a lot about elements and the other classes and how they enhance a reading, and we're going to continue that seen in this one. And then finally, how does it impact the reading? We've talked in the past about how the different ways that fire and Air Kenly represented near a reading have effected cards, and it is so much more detailed when it comes to court cards. So we'll take a look at that and get it all straight in our heads. Finally, the clock project for this class is a seven card reading. It's a simple spread of seven cards reflecting this situation in the resource section. For the project, you'll find an instruction sheet that will walk you through the spread and give you some advice on how to do the reading and a quick reference sheet. If you've taken the other classes, you filled out most of the quick reference sheet already. But in case you come into this class cold, I've gone ahead and provided you mostly filled out. One that you can just add the information from this class to so that you can use it while doing your reading. You're gonna post your story online. Hopefully, you're gonna include images of the card, if you can, if not, at least list the cards in their positions. So we have an idea of what you're reading. Look like the purpose of this is so that you can get feedback from May and from others. You take the class. This is a This is something that will help you become a better reader posting readings. If you'd like to post more than one, you're welcome to. I wouldn't post more than two without going on to take another class will do this and other classes as well. I don't forge taking this journey with you. So you said 2. Court Card Weirdness : welcome back to getting to know the terror court cards. We might as well lay all our cards on the table and start out with what weirdness is there are in court cards. So that's our next section again. You, This is Heidi Snelgrove, and you can reach me by email or on my Facebook page. If you want to get more information or contact me directly, we have a couple of just too real fundamental issues that we have to deal with those court cards. First of all, they have multiple identities, so we're gonna talk about that as we go through each card and we'll do that in four sections. One on Queens, one on pages, then kings finally nights and then the elemental confusion that they exist with them. And that's different for the various cards, So we'll go into it in detail as we get there. But to give you an idea, if you're following the current prevalent way of reading or the pagan way of reading, then you associate fire with sorts. If that's the case, then the family that you're dealing with with the cards are the king card, signifying fathers and being very mutable or changeable in their energy, the queen's signifying mother being cardinal in their energy night, signifying sons more fixed in the king's more more stable but more subordinate. And finally the pages representing daughters or any younger sibling. And they're too young to determine which we'll talk about specifically when we go into pages. If you follow the particular golden dawn spin on things, then they treat the kings as more. This is more the sons with the fixed energy that we saw the nights having the other way of reading the queen's will remain is the mother cardinal. The nights become the third generation and become changeable, and then the pages continue to represent the daughters or other younger siblings that are too young to determine. The catch is, though, when a lot of people read, they don't do this. It could. Most people who read with the quote unquote pagan method are gonna follow what what's listed under family. But there are people that read. Using wands is fire, which technically would be the golden dawn method but still use the family assistance see over in the family side, not the ones under the golden dawn spent on family. It's like they decided that part was too complicated for those of you want to know how I attribute this to Golden Dawn? This actually comes. One of the primary sources for this is Samuel Mahathir's book, the T, where he talks specifically about Tero in its relationships. That's where this comes from. I find it easier if I look, if I follow the family tradition unless I'm doing something specific that is part of the Golden Dawn. If I'm reading with the trough deck, if I'm doing an open key, spread anything that is traditionally part of that family that I'm gonna use their tradition because if I'm going to expect their energies and their creations work for me, it makes sense to me to use the system to its fully not just theory, easy parts of it. So the elemental confusion pieces that every court card has two elements. They had the element of their suit, so a queen of cuts has water in it because cups of water in them. But then you also the fact that they have a secondary suit which has to do with their position in the case of Queen of cuts. The queen is also a water out is also considered a Waller element with water of water, so those are easier to figure out. It gets a little more complicated when you're dealing with a system where you said that swords equal fire and you're now looking at the Queen of Fire Queen of Cubs. So she's fire of water and we'll talk about how to deal with that specifically with each of these court cards. This is an interesting Siri's, and I'm looking forward to talking with you about the next one. 3. Queens: welcome back to getting to know the Tero court cards today. We're going to focus on Queens. I realize I'm doing them out of order. But I wanted to start with what is the simplest of the court cards. First, the queen is eat her energies, easiest to understand so well get used her kind of as a ground level for setting ground before we moved to the other cards. She's mother. We all understand Mother Energy. She's the cardinal to see something to be held in Revere. It's always a good sign. I very rarely is she a completely negative thing in a reading, and she brings water into the conversation. No matter what suits your in, she's gonna have some water elements in her. So how does that play out? Well, here's how it plays out cups or the easiest suit with her because with cut, she's water of water. So there's always an underlining its got something to do with psychic community. It's got something to do with subconscious. It could be a strong feminine energy that has a lot of maternal energy, somebody that now remember when we say feminine energy doesn't have to be a female. It is a nurturer, somebody who cares about this person, somebody who displays that set of characteristics. It is not necessarily somebody that has that genitalia. So you have to kind of understand that we're talking about energies here. But this is definitely the most supreme case that you're going to see that water energy next. You have Earth of water. Earth is always a compatibility. It's a friendly element of AIDS, water, earth and water in the same card. Not a bad thing. You still that that nerve nurturer. But now you're looking for a more grounded nurturer. She's less emotional. This this energy is less emotional. Mawr more grounded, more balanced in the reading, and you'll see in a minute where when you have this kind of circumstance, the more other Earth cards you have surrounding this card, the more the Earth's is going to be the predominant characteristics here. It's gonna be more about grounding and less about psychic ability or subconscious. If you have a lot of water cards around this in the reading that it's gonna be the opposite . But both of these come into play nicely with each other now, wands and swords we still have to deal with the strangest of there being ones and swords being one element or the other. So depending on what element you've decided, they're going to be in your deck. You could end up with a fire of water or an air of water. Same with swords. We're going talk about those two combinations. So if you're dealing with a queen whose fire of water, then you're dealing with something with something that's an internal conflict, and that's something you need to understand. It's changeable. It's not something very rigid. It's. This could be an emotional person that changes their emotion very quickly. So that's the kind of energy that you're dealing with here is volatile motion. If you're looking at something that's air of water than you're looking mawr of, yes, there's a motion under there, but it's much more controlled. It's much more fixed. It's very much akin to a more rigid atmosphere. It also doesn't weaken the water card, having fire with having air with it like fire does, typically a fire of water card. Unless there's a lot of water surrounding it isn't that I have a strong, a lot to say with, say, with the deck, and that's what you're seeing here. The Fire of water card. If there's a lot, a lot of fire around it, then you're going to see more of the changeability and the instability of the subconscious . Then you're going to see the maternal or nurturing aspect to this card. If you're If you've got a card that has more water surrounding a fire of water card, then you're looking at a very volatile motions. You're looking at a lot of with the emphasis on the emotion, not the volatility. It enhances that aspect of this card. The same could be said of air. If you have a ra of water, then you're looking for a very calming, peaceful emotional energy, much more on the nurturing. But if there's a lot of air around it, it's it tends to calm it down. If you're looking at a Nair of water carved with very little air around it, a lot of water, then, yes, you still have a heightened emotional understanding of the situation. Emotions, air kind of ruling the mind at that point. So you see how they interact with each other queen to the simplest of these relationships. But take a few minutes to really think before you go on to the next lesson about how these play out and kind of identifying who you know. Look, think of the women in your life for the female energies in your life and and look and think about which one of them is more of a water of water. Which one's more of an earth of water? Which one's fire of water and which ones Air war kind of Put a name to those just in your own mind, and that will help you understand these elements and 4. Pages: Welcome back. This time we're gonna be talking about pages and are getting to know the terror court cards . This is Heidi Sound Growth, and I'm looking forward to this with you. Pages bring some interesting twists. The first of our twists on court cards, the first being that it's not necessarily is clear cut. As the queen was with Queen, we knew we were looking for a mother figure and nurturer. The page card has gone through several name changes over the years. At times they were called page cards, sometimes ever called prints cards. Sometimes they were. Call the Princess cards. If you look at a modern playing that this is the card that's missing, it was completely removed, considered unconfident, intial as faras, the exact person this is in your in the spread. They're considered to be too young to determine, to be determined. So you don't know the gender of this person. You don't know whether it's a daughter or rather, it's could be 1/3 son or a second son. It could be just Children in general, especially when you're looking at a complex relationship spread. The page may show up his Children in the issue as faras the elements port. It's always kind of that initial brought element almost like we saw with the ace cards. So say, miss, with the queen, you have ah element of elements. So all of the page Karger of Earth. But in the cups you get water of earth. So you have in a very emotional child side the coins. You have a very grounded, very practical card, Earth of Earth ones and sword. You either have the voluntary of fire on Earth. But remember that Earth really doesn't affect fire, so they kind of function independently. Whichever one's greatest in the spread is that is the energies you're gonna be seeing and swords and ones. If you've got an Arab earth, remember that air on Earth don't get along. So you've got some. But the practicality and the and the mind may be fighting each other. I'm of two minds of things and is he is a good way to express this. So let's take a deeper look at this. What happens if I have a lot of the element or very little of the element? So let's look at a water of earth with a lot of water. In this case, it still reads more earth and water, but you can't ignore that there. Some been going on in the subconscious side of this thing. So you've got to understand in a water of Earth situation that you've got an underlying current of some other issue that that is not readily apparent to your choir int that is influencing. It's not shattering. It's not tower card type situation, but it's definitely under there, and you're gonna have a more clarity on the situation. If you can come to a point where you can take that subconscious and bring it up into the now and make it where they can understand what's going on now, if you have a water of earth and there's no other water in your spread, then you need to be aware there is a secondary issue, but it's not a major factor in what's going on. It signed a minor factor. It's there. There may be an alternator motive. There may be an alternate understanding, but it's the discovery of it is not mandatory to get on with situation at hand, and that gives you the page cards 5. Kings Part 1: alright for kings and knights were actually going to split them into two sections. So this is gonna be part one of kings in the getting to know the tarot court cards. This is Heidi Cell growth and let's jump right in. If you noticed when we were looking at the beginning in the earlier slides at the multiple identities. It's the kings of the nights that change around in this, and that's why we want to spend so much time on they could be fathers. They could be sons. They could be fired. That could be air that could be fixed. They could be mutable. And that's before we even get into the four suits. That's what makes these such a challenge. So let's look at wands as fire. So if your wands or fire in your estimation, then you're gonna have a fixed air king. So what that means is that the of element part of your thing is gonna be air, so you're King of Cups is water of air. Your king of coins is gonna be Earth of air. You're king of Juan's fire of air, your king of swords era there, so let's talk through that and how that plays together. So what are king? That's water of air. First of all, let's talk a little bit more about what a king is when you're looking at using this method , then you're fixed. King. I'm gonna go back a minute and look at this slide. When your you have a fixed king, then you're dealing with sons, not fathers. You have. That may seem strange, but understand that by sun they mean the current person. Usually there's a three generational park that we're seeing here. You have the father, which is the outgoing leader in the situation. You have the son who is the current leader of the situation, and then you have the second generation son the next on the incoming leader. So in this particular time, when you see a king appear to reading where wands or fire, what you're seeing is the current leader with an understanding that there were some before him and there were some after, but this is the current one in the situation. It could be a father. It could be a male archetype, somebody who has a leadership guidance in charge of role. Understand that again, just like we said that the queen's we're talking about energies, not genitalia. This is not necessarily a male, but it is somebody with that energy, Somebody that's a key leader. It could be a boss. It could be a father. It could be somebody you look up to a lot. Those are the people that you're seeing in this reading. So we have water of air. And so what we have here is we have water. The idea of the subconscious, the emotional, the undercurrents and intellect. So there could be something buried deep in the head more than a person. It could be a concept that needs teasing out or the there. This is a weaker card doesn't particularly like each other. So in this you're seeing there has to be a lot of one element or the other in the reading. For it to really even be a factor at all. Fire of air, they always strengthen each other. So you're going to get a lot very quickly volatile ideas, almost like a brainstorming. Our bombardment of ideas era there. You've got a good, solid mental concept of what's going on, that this is where everything's coming from now that changes tremendously when we start looking at Sword's this fire instead of wands as far. But we're gonna hang off on that until our second set. So if you want to do it right away, it's the lesson right behind this one were absorbed this for a little bit. 6. Kings Part 2: all right, this is King's part two. We're going to jump straight into the straight into it and look at mutable kings with swords as fire mutable. Another word to read mutable as it's changing are in flux a developing situation. We look at Sword's, this fire. Then we're going to look at this as a true father and son hierarchy, as opposed to the arc of three so same imagery. There's very little difference in that. The difference between having a father, son or 30 generational spread has more to do with astrology, which is something that we're not bringing into this at this point. Then it does the actual our type figure. You still have a leader. You still have somebody that maybe has a small, nurturing element. But it's more of Ah, get on with it type energy. So when we look at it in terms of swords as fire, we still get our two elements. The cup stayed water instead of water. Very now we have WaterFire, the king of coins. You have earth of fire, so the king of coins is somewhat stronger than the very weak king of cups. You have the king of wands being Arab fire, so as opposed to the volatility of the mind. Here we get a lot of change, of which there is some thought process behind it. So the emphasis change. And then a king of swords, You get complete changeability complete idea that I could go anywhere, do anything. The situation could completely turn on it on. How does this play out in an actual reading? Let's take a look at this at a situation where we're dealing with a king of wands and if we're reading it in a swords, are fire type reading. If there's a lot of fire around it, a lot of other cards that were in the spread that that are fire, then you're get you've got a male figure or that male energy is a changeable element in the situation. You have to understand that at any point in time, this major factor could change. If you've got a situation where there's not much fire surrounding this change of both male , then odds are he's not a young Yes, he's gonna keep flip flopping, but his flip flopping shouldn't affect the situation. There's no reason for his flip flopping Gunderson situation he could be an adviser. The guy that you talk to, it work all the time, who has that kind of leadership role in your life because you allow him to. And he may have a different opinion every time you talk to him about the situation. But the truth of the matter is, this situation is that his situation is not. His opinion is not key to the situation. We see that same king of Juan's card with a really different idea and a wands or fire death . If there are a lot of other air cards in the spread, then you've got this mail fixed element. He's there, he's in the situation. He's integral part of it, and you need to take account his role in this situation. Being a positive or a negative role, you're gonna have to take a take account of it. What this person thinks or believes is grounded. In fact, in his something you need to pay attention to now. Same card, with no other Aaron in the Spread, you still have this person with a fixed opinion. His mind's made up, but the truth of the matter is his mind. His opinion on the issue he has made up mind is less predominant. You need to make up your mind independent of hiss and move forward. He's not a key player in the situation. So that's how the same card can read very differently in this situation. And this is where you're really seeing why all this establishing the elements early on was important. We're gonna take a look at the night cards next, using the 7. Knights Part 1: welcome back to getting to know the terror court cards for part one of the nights we have the same issue we have with kings and that you've got the different not so much the different titles and that both their sons get a second generation or 3rd 1st 2nd generation or third. But you're still doing the sons. What really matters here is that you're dealing with fixed and immutable energies, so you have to know what method you're using because what method you're using is going to determine what kind of son you've got, which we've said. It's less important, but it's gonna turn how much fire, how much air you've got in the mix. What's few fixed on what's mutable So moving right into the heart of it, with the wands as fire a golden dawn alignment. You've got a mutable night, the night of water of fire. That's a weaker card. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with the reading. It's definitely something there. But unless you've got an extreme amount of fire or water in the reading, it's not gonna play a lot in what's going on the night of coins. Now you've got Earth of fire. They're kind of neutral to each other, so they're not. Whichever one has. Most of the re is most prevalent in reading is the one that's gonna dominate this. But typically it heralds the bringing in of something the bringing in of new energy. That's the change in this energy. Knights of Wand. Now you've got a fire, a fire. This could be a large change where Before we were talking about a change. Now we're talking about a significant change in the energies at large and something you really need to pay attention to. This could be a turning point for the situation. The night of swords. You've got air of fire. We've said before. They're friendly elements. They interact well with each other, they strengthen each other. So whichever one has the most in the reading is gonna be the more prevalent energy. But you're either going to. But here what you've got is there's a thought process in a lot of emotion in transition and change, but transition and changes the ruling energy here, not the thought behind it. Unless there's a lot of other air in the reading, we're gonna pause. There We will come back in the next set and look at are fixed nights with a sword alignment . Swords this fire and we'll go on from there. 8. Knights Part 2: welcome back to getting to know the terror court card were on her last court card. The nights and this is part two of the night set. We're looking at fixed nights with sore, just fire. So this is more what's called it can call be called the Pagan or the new alignment of cars . We don't see a major change in the nights of cuts of the Knights of Coins. Same thing we saw before. Only this time, instead of it being fire, it's air. And so you've got the air of water, our water of air, not really affecting much of anything. They're neutral to each other. So whichever one's got more in the reading is the one that's gonna have more strength in the situation and tell you whether there's a major subconscious thing going on or a minor. But it's probably not gonna be much no matter what it is. But there is some sort of change coming in the situation when you have a king of coins. Now you've got earth of air. They have a negative thought process between them. Negative energy reaction. So what you've got there is the grounding and the air If there's a lot of earth around it, you may see this really weaken this air card and not make it a significant mental change. If you have a lot of air about it, that it might signify a well grounded mental change, it's just going to depend on the cards around it. When you get into the Knight of Wands. Now you have an air of air so more prevalent thought process here. This is a definite mental change. It is a new thought process coming into the situation, somebody coming into your world and giving you new information or a new point of view. That is definitely changing the way you view a situation with a night of swords. You've got a fire of air. These really like each other. So now you've got kind of ah yeah, not just a change of situation, but a pivot of Well, I thought this Now I think this now I think this now I think this Wait a minute, let me see if I could get my head on straight. This is where I'm landing. So there's more pieces to the change would be the way I would describe it Let's look at it in detail in our examples. So we start out with one. We just left swords or fire, and we've got a night of ones. So if there's a lot of air around it, then there's this male energy, this energy that's a fixed element in the situation, but now causing some change around it. And they are a key factor. But they're definitely something coming in, something that's come into the situation. And they are. They have an opinion. It's an opinion that staying put and they're gonna bring something new to the table. If you've got not a lot of air in the reading than what you're seeing here is, you've got that constant male subordinate in the mix. They have an opinion. They've arrived. They have an opinion. But their opinion is not kita situation. Don't let him become a distracter. You move over to ones this fire than we see it a little bit differently. If there's a lot of other fire cards in the spread, then you've got a subordinate male that's making a major fluctuation in the situation. So this is something that's gonna come in and shake the world up If there's not a lot of fire in the situation, then yeah, it's gonna bring about a change, but it's not nearly a significant changes it was before. It's not gonna shake the world, but it could change the path. So you get an idea of how knowing what kind of system you're dealing with in making those decisions as you read really can affect how the Car DRI The last thing to talk about in this is what if I don't make any of these decisions I've been reading forever and I've never done this, So let's talk about that in the next set. 9. Whats Next: All right, let's tie up some loose ends here and talk about what's next. At the end of the last recording, I mentioned, What if I never make any of these choices? What if I don't pay attention to any of this? Then none of it's affected, Right? True, you can read. There are a lot to readers. You don't pay attention to this, and they give a good reading. The cards that need to show up will show up, but it's all about new ounces and what you lose in just that's take a simple card, the three of hearts for the seven of cups. Either of that works. Take it seven of cups. If you have just some keywords for that card, and that's what you know, then it controlled in a reading, and you use the keywords to completely bring out the energy of that card. In the reading. You may not give your queer int the clarity they're looking for, but you give them something they're not wasting their money. They're getting what they're paying for. The difference in getting at him really studying the cards and understanding the associations and understanding the actual associations and All of this is about having more information to drawn. When I go to tell my story when I start to write my my script from the car from the deck, the simple reality is more information I have about each card in the deck and how they relate to each other. The more things I have to pull from in order to craft the narrative, that makes sense. And that's what we're doing here. And that leads perfectly into our project. This is your stab at doing that. Shuffle the deck, take seven cards and spread them out. Used the instruction sheet toe. Walk you through. If you've not done it before, writing a narrative, make sure you have a clear question in mind. It could be about your own life, or you could be doing this for 1/3 party. But make sure there's a clear identified quest thing you're you're trying to talk about. My least favorite readings are doing reading for May about my life. You really want to narrow it down to something you can actually bite your teeth into, so that you can create a narrative that's interesting. Use the instruction sheet. Download it it will give you some ideas on how to craft this. There's also a quick reference seat out there. If you've taken all the different classes, then you've got one filled out. Now, if you don't, there's one out there with everything but this classes information in it so that you can jump start into this and have it you're gonna craft your story. It's just a paragraph or so posted in the results. And the whole point of that is to get feedback on how you wrote your narrative. You're gonna list out the cards, and my goal is as I come back to give you feedback is to actually point out some things that would great that you caught and some things that you could have pulled out to make your narrative richer, that the cards with had there. And that's what causes the people you read for. To come back to you is those little details that you can pull out those little key things that that give them information nuggets that they can trail on, and they'll also be available for the other people who take the class to get feedback between now and then, go look and see if somebody else has already posted a project and tell us what you think of of what they did. It could be a statement. It could be a question you have about why they came to a conclusion they came to. The point of this is to learn in a safe space where there's not people that we read for reading our work. Please do the project. This is your way of grading me, more so than clicking that like button is showing people what you got out of the class. This is the last class in the Siri's that I've been working on started with Structure of Tero. If you've not taken it yet, there's that the major are Khanna. The eight through 10 cards also have a class. Things I'm working on is a creating of a terrorist story during a reading, an actual class about how to write that narrative and the home those skills creating your own spreads. I use custom spreads. I have a couple I used that I go to all the time, but they were made for me by me, for my reasons, and I kind of share some of the logic of them on a more advanced level. I'm really excited about a class that I'm gonna be posting later this month. It may already be out. By the time you hear this, it may not called probable on. And the terror. We're actually gonna be looking at the seven hermetic principles And what? How they're reflected in terror and how they affect the way we read terror. And then finally, I had a couple of people asked me to do this. So I'm gonna step out there and gut when people ask me what I practice. I consider myself a Baranek magic practitioner. And so I'm gonna try to address what that means. You know what makes that different than everything else? And that will be a short one. I hope you enjoyed this class. I hope to see you in another class.