Getting it Done: Time Management . How to finish your tasks in a day | Jose Castillo | Skillshare

Getting it Done: Time Management . How to finish your tasks in a day

Jose Castillo, Advanced English Education

Getting it Done: Time Management . How to finish your tasks in a day

Jose Castillo, Advanced English Education

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. An introduction on how to reach your goals faster

    • 2. Tip 1: Setting a timer to accomplish goals

    • 3. Tip 2: Turning off notifications on your phone

    • 4. Tip 3: Making a to do list

    • 5. Bonus tip: Be thankful for small accomplishments

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About This Class

How many times have you struggle to get things done?

Do you struggle finishing up your to- do list?

No worries, we are here to help you.

In this lesson you will learn how to set goals and reach them with out distractions!

You learn easy tips how to get to get down to the task you need to get done.

These tips are super easy.

You will need a watch ,  a list , and your phone. When you get these things ready the lesson will make sense. You will learn how to get you goals done by learning practical skills to get your goals done.

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Jose Castillo

Advanced English Education


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1. An introduction on how to reach your goals faster: Hi. Welcome to this video. This video will be featured on skill share and this video is all about setting goals. Now, I know I've done a video on this, but this video will be part two, which is how to reach your goals faster. What are the things that I've learned specifically? I wanna help you want to train you in the ways that I have gained a little bit of success. What I've seen other people do. So in this video you will get tips on how to focus on your daily goals so that you can reach your goals faster. So stay tuned. This video will start 321 2. Tip 1: Setting a timer to accomplish goals: Hi. This is Jose from advancing with education. And this video is featured on skill share. The topic that we're gonna talk today is how to reach your goals faster. How to reach your daily goal. So I know I've done a video similar to this, but this one is with three specific tips that will help you reach those goals faster. Okay, so I want to go straight into it. A lot of the problem with people these days is that they are motivated. That's not the problem. They are motivated. They have a passion for it. So some of you are even more advanced. They even have a vision. And they have a journal like this where they written down all of what they want to do and all the things and where they went ahead. And they have a business plan and everything. But I believe that one of the main problems with our generation Generation X for why is that? We have lots of distractions, right? So the main distraction could be that you either have Children and your Children want your attention. You have a spouse, you, your spouse ones your attention. You have many people that are calling you. They're saying you look over here. Look, I'm you know there's food on the stove. Make sure that you go and turn it off in five minutes. And people are asking you to pay attention to something while there's a kid in the bath. And if you are not careful, you gotta pay attention to your kid. Otherwise he might drown. You might have accidents. So things like that they're always asking for your attention. And how many ways can you split your attention, right? Not many ways. That's that is the bad news. But it's also a blessing in disguise, because if you just focus on one thing and that will be really good. So the tip number one that I have for you is when you argue either going to write emails or you're gonna work on your sales funnel or you're going to call people and say, Hey, have you heard about what I have to offer or whatever you may be doing this right here. Hold on, let me demonstrate. This year time, this watch doesn't have a timer because it is not one of those watches. But if you have a timer that you can set for, um, 15 minutes. How much can you do in 15 minutes? How productive can you be in 15 minutes? How many emails can you write? How many phone calls can you do in 15 minutes? And then after those 15 minutes, you will realize you've accomplished a lot of things, So that is tip number one. Tip number one is set a timer so that every task you spend 5 to 15 minutes and even shorter 5 to 10. How many phone calls can you make in 15 minutes? And you'll see that in 15 minutes you might be able to make maybe 3 to 5 phone calls, especially if in your sales, how many can you do? How many emails can you do and fly in five minutes? See, there's a lot that you can do. So I wanted to share that with you. Okay, so I have tip number two. It's coming up in just three seconds, so hang in there. 3 to 1 3. Tip 2: Turning off notifications on your phone: Hello. I'm glad he joins us. This is Jose from advance, in which education. And today I'm giving tips on how to work on your daily your very day. We task that you have so that you don't get distracted. We talked about in the first video that you have a lot of people wanting your attention, whether it's your wife, your Children, your brother, your sister, whoever it ISS. Even that poem that phone is always saying a notification. I want you to pay attention, pay attention, notification, notification and e mails and things like that. You get all those things all the time, and I was just saying that the first advice that I give you it's used this pretty little thing that is, Watch if it has a timer. If it has a stopwatch, use it to your advantage, because every test that you can, you can set the time for like, let's say, five minutes or 10 minutes. You can do that and accomplished a lot. I'll give you an example. The other day, my wife waas about to set the table and I was washing the dishes. I was like thinking, Oh, man, I have a lot of dishes to you. I really don't want to do them, but I'm gonna do them anyway. She said I'm going to set the timer for six minutes and in those six minutes see how many dishes you can watch. And when the six minutes are gone, you can stop me. You can just join us at the table whenever you're ready. So that's what I did. All right Was washing. The first thing that I felt was I felt challenged. I said, Great. I'm gonna do as many dishes that they can. I'm gonna do it fast trying to have really well washed off to see how many I can do. And I really did a few and it felt good. And then after this, it's the six minutes were gone. I sat down, and now I felt good because I did a few dishes and I feel really good. So that is the advice that I give to you. It's that timer for different tasks that you can do. The second thing is, if you don't want things to bother you during the day, I would suggest I know it's hard. I suggest you turn off your phone because your phone is the one the main device that will distract you in the long run because you're always checking your phone for notifications either. Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, I guess. I don't know. I'm no use Snapchat, but like e mails, it will always notify. You would say, Hey, look at me. Look at me. We always I you listen to my advice on tip number one, set the timer and been turned off your phone and then you will be set. When I go into meetings. I don't take my phone anymore. I have, ah, a weekly meeting with my family where families get together and we hang out. I decided not to take my phone. It's the best thing that I can do because I can focus on conversations that I'm having. They usually we all bring a meal, and we just, you know, just gather, you know, fellowship. And I'm not looking at my phone. I'm like talking to the little kids. I'm talking to the adults at the table. I'm I feel a little bit better. My wife is not saying Hey, why why Why are you looking at your phone? All the time just focus on the conversations that you have. You know, it's a lot better. I feel healthier with my relationships. So that's my advice is turn off your Facebook. You can't turn it off. Yeah, well, you can time out. But if that if you don't want to do, you can turn your phone off while you're doing your task, and that won't distract you. So that's my tip number two. Okay, I have one less tip. Then I'll give you a bonus because I always like to get bonus, Lanyon. So hang in there. I'm gonna give you my tip number three, and it's gonna be really good, so I'll see human next video. 4. Tip 3: Making a to do list: Hello? Hello. Okay, so I'm going to summarize these tips, and I'm gonna first of all talk to you about what we've been talking about, which is how to get your work done on a daily basis without getting any distractions, without, uh, having an expectation that you are going to get all this done. And then at the end, you don't get not even halfway done or not. Even 1/4 of a wait time. You feel disappointed and yourself. So I don't want this to happen to You don't want this to happen to anybody. So the three things so far that I've been talking about two things the first thing is set a timer for small task that you have, for example, you you're going to write 10 or five e mails. Let's say that for every email, you're gonna take about two minutes, so you multiply that by to say, 10 minutes for every email. Say that it's I mean, an email ISS is a message, but you are writing to someone, and I believe that it's depending on what's hyping email. It is. He shouldn't take you that long. So I I gave the example of washing dishes. How many digits can I watch in six minutes or in seven minutes? You wouldn't believe how many I can wash. I can wash the dishes in six minutes and still be on time for dinner for whatever is happening at the dinner table. You know people, people will always ask for your attention. They will always want you to be present. The second thing there I'm talking to you about is turning off notifications or Facebook. I mean, sometimes that's really hard. You know, I've heard that Facebook was created to be addictive because Facebook it's something that people like to be on. And even when they're not on, they are often. But they're getting still notifications and that it's that they're happy feeling that, Oh, people replied to my messages, that happy feeling off, just, yeah, it's something. It's It's very complicated. I rather not get into it so much, but you can turn off your phone while you're writing your e mails. You can turn off your phone or not take your phone into a special meeting. For example, you have a meeting. I have a meeting. Everyone say it's a family group that I go to and I don't take my phone. That's my new habit. Is I just leave my phone. If someone calls me them, they can wait. You know, I'll be finished with the meeting, and I'll call them back and say, Hey, heard that you call me back. They would probably say, I don't worry about it. You know, I found the solution. I'm all right or yeah, I called. You really need to talk to you. Okay, so So there are ways that you can just keep your phone somewhere else. Keep it in the car off, obviously, in a safe spot and just go into your meeting, be present, be present where you are so that people can enjoy your personality. You are beautiful people. You're people that you know, you have a purpose, and people want to see that. And so if you're always on the phone, you're not gonna get that task done. You're not going to go into the meeting and have a productive meeting if you're always looking at your phone. So that's what I would say is first thing is turned. It set a timer for a small test that you have writing emails, making phone calls, cleaning your bedroom and turning off your phone because, yeah, you can have a timer, right? And it can be going to. But if you are halfway, do making your bed and halfway looking at your phone. You're not gonna get your test done, and it's gonna be half made, and it's going to take longer than you expect longer than you expect. And people are gonna say Why, why did it take so long to make your bad work or to make those phone calls? What happened? So the last thing and they don't give you my bonus, make a list. I know many people make lists, but if you make a small list of four items to five items every day and you take them off, you will feel what you accomplished. You can reward yourself at the end if you've done that, so I wanted to share that with you. I wanted to make it so that you benefit and making a list. Many people forget and they don't write to. They don't write anything on a piece of paper. But if you write a list and you say this, what I'm gonna do today, You will most likely do them. You can always go back to the habit of looking at your list and saying, OK, I'm gonna do these things. I have to do this one last and this one will be next and so on. So I hope these three tips have been helpful. I really want you to benefit from all these. I know that some of them are harder, like turning off your phone, especially when you're doing a test. I know that the timer is kind of new for some people, but I know a lot of successful people that do it from and give this advice. And I feel like like I told you about washing the dishes, that's really helpful. So anyway, I hope that you enjoy this video. I'm gonna give you, um, another tip bonus tip. And I'll see you in my next video 5. Bonus tip: Be thankful for small accomplishments: Hi. So this is my bonus tick. My bonus tip. I want to give you something that doesn't It has a little bit to do with what I've been telling you. What? My advice has been for you in this video, but my bonus took is when you finish your day, um, something that I've learned from a lot of entrepreneurs. Excuse me, is be thankful. So say that you've accomplished all the things on your list. Let's say that you worked with your timer and the timer has helped you. And you felt productive because you wrote all those five e mails. You turned off your Facebook. In fact, my phone is far away right now. It's not even close by what kind of it kind of is. But I'm not looking at it. And I feel better already because I'm spending time with you. I want you to practice. The aren't of gratitude. I want you to practice this when you finish your day, go into your special spot where you are doing work. Close the door so no one can hear you. And just write down by three things that you did in your day that you're thankful you're thankful that you've accomplished them. Let's say they in your business you have a new student or a new customer or you have a new graphic design job or something really special like that. Save something like that that you gained a new follower or maybe 10,000 followers because of your video. Just say, Hey, I know many people that thank God. Maybe they just think, um, I don't know. I don't know. They think themselves, they think just maybe not anything, but they just say, Hey, I'm thankful for these 10 new followers. I'm so thankful that I got this email done, which was very important. I'm so glad that I finished all the newsletters that I was going to send out today. I'm so glad that I finished my painting, that if you've accomplished these things, it's almost like celebrating what you've done during the day and you've accomplished these things and just these things are not like they're very simple, but they're not normal things because the way people are trained is you haven't done enough , so why do you have to be thankful? Um, those things are too small, so those those things are obvious, so you shouldn't be. Think about that. You know, you should you should do more or you you expect to yourself to accomplish more. So why even celebrate the small things, like even having a new student or even a new customer? Or someone compliments you and says, Hey, good job for washing our position. Be thankful to that person or be thankful to yourself that you've done something good like that. So I just wanted to give you that last tip is at the end of the day, what are you thankful for? If you've accomplished a lot of those things, you know, on your list and you've set the phone aside for 40 minutes, The more you do that, the more you're thankful for you. Well developed a habit of gratitude towards doing all of these great small things during the day. So that's my tip for you. I really hope, and I'm thankful that you've watched all these videos, and I really hope that these will benefit you and that you will feel better about yourself . Better about your day. Better about your purpose in life, what you're doing. I know that many people say Well, what is my purpose? What am I doing that one day at a time, guy? So be thankful for them for today. And you will just some have better habits and a better mindset about your life. So stay positive. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope to see you in the next one.