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Getting a Chinese character tatoo

teacher avatar Dandan, Chinese teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Getting a Chinese character tatoo intro

    • 2. Top 10 beautiful Chinese characters

    • 3. "Bad" animals in Chinese

    • 4. “Bad”characters because of pronunsiation

    • 5. Chinese font introduction

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About This Class

Hello everyone, I am Dandan . I am a Chinese language teacher.

One of my students recently wanted to get a tattoo of Chinese character. I think this  is a good idea, so I want to make this video to teach you how to choose the proper Chinese characters.

As everyone knows, Chinese characters have a long history, each one has its own story. And they look beautiful, so many people want to get a tatoo of it, which is good-looking and can represent their own story. But if you don't know the word, it might become a joke! Like this:





In this course, I will introduce to you ten most beautiful Chinese characters which you can choose for a tatoo. And I will also show you some characters that are not very good just in Chinese, so you can avoid them. Finally, I will recommend some beautiful Chinese fonts.


After you learn this course

1 You will know the basic concept of Chinese characters

2 You will learn something interesting about Chinese characters

3 You will know Which one cannot be used casually

4 You can get a beautiful Chinese character tatoo

Really hope you could enjoy my class.

If you want to learn more about Chinese characters ,you can check here

Meet Your Teacher

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Chinese teacher



Hello everyone, I am Dandan. I am a Chinese teacher.I have been teaching Chinese for more than six years. I really like my job. My students are from all over the world.I like to make Chinese learning videos and share them with the people who is interested in this language. I hope my video can be useful for you.

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1. Getting a Chinese character tatoo intro: how everyone welcome to them than Chinese. Then then so recently, one off. My students wanted to get a Chinese character tattoo, and she hopes I could recommend a character to her. I think this is a really good idea as well know that Chinese characters have long, long, long history. Each character has his own story, like People's Tattoo, each People's Ted two could represent his own story. So if you could find a character that could represent your story, then get him tattoo off. It is really cool using, but Chinese characters are very difficult to learn, and lots of foreigners. They got Chinese character tattoos and without knowing the meaning. So it turned out to be a big joke, such as this or this or this her even like this. So in this course I will recommend the top 10 most beautiful Chinese characters that have perfect for a tattoo. These characters are not just beautiful outside, but also have very good and deep meaning inside. And also, I would tell you some characters that have some special bad meanings just in Chinese and then the last I would recommend some Chinese false that has suitable for 10 shoes, So let's get started 2. Top 10 beautiful Chinese characters: Hello, everyone. Welcome for my course. In this video, I'm going to introduce to you about 10 beautiful Chinese characters that have very suitable for a tattoo. Now, in this get start Joan from the Asian Tanna with something big happened, a sign would be placed at the center off a public square. When people saw it, they will come one after another. The person who posted the event will announce it to everyone at the center. Therefore, Mito is not only dissenter position but also the high social status. At the same time, media also has the meeting off just the right behavior. Never extremely happy nor extremely set. Let yourself be in a state off ballast. You'll you'll? If you'll know a little about Chinese characters, you may know that they're composed off strokes. Young is very special because it contains all the basic strokes off Chinese characters dot horizontal vertical hook, rising bend left falling and right falling. So if your practice calligraphy you your do, they start with this one and it means forever eternal. This character can be turned into a beautiful picture. The upper part is the sun, and the middle part is horizon and the bottom is the character Miss Water indicating the ocean. So don't you want this beautiful view last forever on Um, the character army is quiet, safe, giving people a sense off solidity. Why is there a sense off solidity? Because on has true parts. The top part is the roof, which represents the home. The bottom part is the female character. It means woman. So, even 4000 years ago, the Asian Chinese people saw that woman could give the family a sense off. Safe, quiet and solidity loan boom. The dragon is an important sign off Chinese traditional culture. It is also a symbol off Asian Chinese royal power and imperial power, whether you haven't or in the human world. The drug has a high authority and has received the love of Chinese people for thousands of years. The color for dragon coucher effects oa suspects off Asian China. Now the chain is still claimed to be the descendants off the dragon. I think this off two parts. The left part is a person. The red part is a character called yen means the worst that people said So the meaning off shin is that people believe others worse. E h antenna. There was no law man, and my agree on verbal promises. Everybody's interaction is through language communication. Only when you tell the truth, can you make a true friend. So the deep meaning off this character is that people should treat each other with sincerity than no deception. In this way, can we have ah, harmonious society? Fool, fool. The original character fool is the opposite. Off the current one. The left part indicates the table off sacrifice, and the red part represents the person who participated in the sacrifice. This character shows a person who is offering alcoholic drink and food to the God in other to get the blessing off God. Now it means good fortune. There is another explanation. Let's divide the character into three parts. The left part represents close. The upper red part represents food, and the lower right part shows the place of residence. So a person who wears clothes has food to eat, has a house to leave is good fortune. It is teaching people that happiness consists in contentment. Sure shun the top part. Off shunt is young Mi's sheep, the top two ducks. Many people think there are sheeps horse, but they're not. There are the eyes off the sheep. The bottom part is coal means to speak. So the deep meaning off this character is gentle eyes and warm. Worse uh, reach yours. May May. This character comes from the shape of the human body, and the upper part refers to the head with feathers because the ancient Chinese people generally sought that wearing a head with fetters was very beautiful. Today, beauty is not only beautiful, good looking outside, but also means good hearted and beautiful inside. Do, uh, there's reports in this character. The left part is a person who is walking. It means taking action. The operetta part is a character, Miss Street. It represents just his and code of conduct. Below is the character sin, which means the heart. Let's combine the three parts together. The meaning is that even though all actions should follow your heart but they must meet at seacoast enders do not do improper things. Be honest, do the resting. I I This character has three parts. The upper part represents one hand. The meat apart is a layer off yard. With me is the strange feeling The bottom part is a character, me, his friend, indicating a good relationship has been established. Therefore, the story off love is to establish a good relationship with others by generally opening the veil between you and them. This is the premise off loving others. 3. "Bad" animals in Chinese: Hello. Everyone will come back in this video. I'm gonna show you five bad animals. Internees? Well, it doesn't mean this and Jose really bad is just They have other bad meanings just in Fanny's language. Now let's see. The 1st 1 is chicken See? See you. Nation panna The breath A was legal and the prostitute boss in Brussel was called Lo Bao Ball is a kind of bird that the female birds will mate with multiple males during the mating season Is the owner off? The brazo has become a kind of bird Then all the women less to be burst too. So people naturally called them the most common burst name See, the 2nd 1 is duck Yeah Yeah Because pressed use are called chicken men who work in the same industry A called duck Because they belong to the same species off animals The certain one Is there fuel? Sure Well, because there is very fat It looked clumsy when they walk So many words about bear in Chinese described as stupid And the bear worth in the north off can also have the meaning off Coward! The 4th 1 is dog Go go dog is open commanded Torrey English worse, giving people the feeling off longer t. But the situation in Chinese is a bit different. The reason is related to the declining off thoughts in people's life. As we all know, a Santana was dominated by farming. The important animals off people's lives are keno and horses and other livestock that a needy for farming as well as pigs seem and poor tree that can provide more meat, many idioms and the proverbs related to dogs and now directory and open used to describe passings and bad behaviors. The last one is pig True True Do to people's prejudice against pigs. The pick worst in Chinese always have the meaning off stupid and lazy. 4. “Bad”characters because of pronunsiation: Hello, everyone. Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna tell you five Chinese characters have really bad meanings just because they're pronunciations. Now let's start. The 1st 1 is number four. Food number four is very unpopular in China because this number is a very unlucky number in Chinese language, just like 13 English. The reason is that if pronunciation is very close to the pronunciation, off to die to die is suit. A number four is Susan. So a four is your lucky number and you want to tattoo it on your body. I suggest that you can avoid that Fanny's character Virgin. The 2nd 1 is clock from Joel is pronounced the same as the end come. That is why it becomes unpopular Chinese character because end means the end off life, especially when you want to give gifts. If you give a cock to someone, it means you're sending them to. That's so be careful. The service is umbrella son, son eyes also Chinese character that you should pay attention to because it's pronunciation is a same as son Miss Full apart. It means things cannot be successfully done or people cannot be reunited. The 1st 1 is a surname in Chinese that has paid pay. The character pay is actually not very common because it generally refers to people's last name. But if the person was the last name, pay may be difficult to find a job because pay have the same pronunciation with hey, and this pay me is make a loose in business. So if you met a very sensitive boss, you may be eliminated just because your last name the last one is yellow. I want to tell you that the worst color word in Chinese is yellow. That is form because Huang itself has to bad meanings. What is pornography? Therefore, the yellow joke and the yellow movie in Chinese are equivalent to the blue joke and the blue movie English. But another bat meaning is both through. 5. Chinese font introduction: Polonnaruwa. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you how to choose the right fault for the Chinese character to To there is a 10 is saying you're writing Comptel, who you are with me is that how you write can reflect your personality Similar to fall help . Your Chinese character, Ted two, can also express your mood and personality. As we all know, Chinese calligraphy has a long history. Today I will introduce to you five basic Cheney's falls. Let's start. The 1st 1 is cut. Shoot. This one is the phone that Chinese people truth first when they practise calligraphy by themselves because it sure is need beautiful preds coat and everyone can recognize people with a strict personality like to use this one compared with the practicability off catchall south, who is not very practical because even the tennis people may not know what is what but how show is very artistic and easy to write an oak so we can see this font is very wild. The 3rd 1 is showing through superfluid evolved between chi flu and how flu it won't be a recognizable and not soon needs the drugs off. You are sicker, so it looks more comfortable. The next one is Xuan Xu, who has the characteristics of Hera Cliffs. Some characters are easy to recognize, but some are difficult. If you used it fault. The risk is pretty high because fault is easy to make mistakes. It requires to pay two artists to note Chinese characters very well. If he doesn't have high ski off writing, the fault is actually not good looking. Last one is leave flu, please who was developed from trying flu and it is self her and fled her, even though it is a little bit fat but is very cute looking, so that fault is suitable for girls.