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Getting Unstuck: Unblocking Chakras & Identifying Stagnant Emotions

Solel International, Arts & Culture Non-Profit Organization

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3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Precautions and Disclaimer

    • 3. Mental Mapping: Project Walkthrough


About This Class


Want to stop making the same mistakes, but not sure how? You have the power to make small changes in your life— those series of small changes will guide you to a new destination!

Discover a simple, personalized approach to discover the root cause of your unwanted habits, belief patterns, or repetitive situations that ALWAYS seems to happen to you. Guided by Speaker and Yogi Rishi Sensei Shui, you’ll gain a flexible framework for finding the root causes for the ruts that you always seem to get stuck in. You will find power and comfort in making difference choices and taking responsibility for your life; remember to keep and open mind and be gentle and kind.

This Easy-to-follow lesson include how to:

  • Transform your mindset from confused to empowered
  • Discover a simple step-by-step framework to identify root causes of unwanted behaviors
  • Empower yourself with strategies for exiting “The Rut

Plus, Sensei Shui reveals his story and intimately walks you through the exercise and gives tips and tricks to recall childhood memories and simple logic.

This 30-minute class is packed with actionable methods, first-hand experience and valuable resources of knowledge to help you navigate the uncomfortable aspects of life. By the end, you’ll have more clarity of the mechanisms of your mind, how the law of attraction works and finish empowered to make a series of small adjustments to sum up to a brighter path of life, step-by-step, making your way out of the Rut!


1. Introduction: peace. Everyone, we're about to go into many course and work sheet that is getting unstuck, unblocking the chakras in stagnant emotions. So before we dive into this, I want to get a little bit more about stagnant emotions in the chocolates is the chakra system is a flow of electricity. Your body, the way that you could say the spirit or the soul communicates with this body that you're moving around and unlocked. Shock Rosen staggered Emotions are one in the same thing because our thought patterns that we get stuck in tell this energy within the body to move in. Some places, when we get stuck up here way get stuck emotionally, we find ourselves repeating some of the same mistakes over and over again. Or, if you're like me sometimes feeling unworthy or having this hard sense of connection, often times those stemmed back to child. So what we're gonna do right after this videos about 18 minutes long? Be patient for me, but download the worksheet, the worksheet I'll walk you through. That's why it's 18 minutes long. I'll walk you through, share my story and help identify by what happened in childhood. What you're stuck from the story. You told yourself one of the consequences Now that you face from that. And then because of that, what happens in your life and you loose back. Well, I didn't buy three different areas in your life and discover the way out. Be patient with me. I'll see you there, Pace. 2. Precautions and Disclaimer: hello and welcome to getting unstuck, unblocking chakras and freeing emotional stagnation. So in this brief course and work, she we're gonna identify those thought patterns that keep you from moving forward in life. Often times I hear people want to do affirmations. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am worthy. I am wise. That does work, but what it really gets to the law of attraction and how worse in your life, how it manifest. It happens from a subconscious level. Most the subconscious is developed in childhood. So in this worksheet, what will do together, I'll share my story and identify the story. I told myself that reasons why it happened and then the consequences that I experienced now in my adult life and understanding that that story has a thought that Bob Blue tracks the same situations. Why the same things came having again. If you want to change that in a block, this emotional energy stay to download the course and printed out, I highly recommend it out so you could watch and follow along, and we don't have a printer. Go ahead, just downloaded on Google docks or open in your pdf viewer, shared word anyway. You can and just let the audio playing ball online. I encourage you to self reflect on this, and I just want to give a little bit of warning. Some tender subjects might come up. Please respect my privacy. Respect your own and be gentle and kind with yourself. I'll see you there. 3. Mental Mapping: Project Walkthrough: the walk through just a heads up. I know. Probably when you click the pdf and you looked at this, you're like, Yo, what is that? I gotta watch the walk because it's looks hella confusing if it didn't And you're like, Oh, yeah, I know what this is, then. Thank you. And let me know. Uh, so basically what this is, it's a mental map. So what I mean by mental mapping is looking at the process that you go through in your mind and writing it out on paper. If you're anything like me, it's really crazy, and it seems random, but nothing is truly random in the universe. So by riding it out and seeing the flow of thoughts you have, it's easier to see where things connector ways you act to be like, Okay, why do I not accept love for others? Why don't always get self defensive when people compliment me on how I look And then you realized like, oh, because so and so did this when I was eight years old. Oh, this happened when I was filming. All of these person people laughed at me. So what I'm gonna focus on is the event I found when I was going through my Facebook messages Death of my grandfather when I was eight years old. So I'm gonna go through this and it will make sense, all right? At least I'm hoping so. Right. So the triggering for childhood for me is grandfather, right? And so for me, my grandfather passed age eight. So the biggest thing what was hard for me is because my belief in the belief system I had with the way I was raising religion and not gonna talk bad about anybody, but just for me realizing the logic I had there, it was like my grandfather was a loving evangelist, but because he was of a different denomination that we were my mom like, Oh, he's going to have all. But I love him, you know, like it cause a lot of internal conflict in me and just really messed me up. And on top of that, it was two weeks after he passed away, and then I remember getting in some conversation with this boy at school, and then he ended up making fun of me and teasing me and somehow got everybody laughed at me. That my grandfather passed away and I remember because I was just bawling my eyes out. I literally ran from after school and fortunately enough, my mom working at school. And then I ran into a room and I remember like we just cried together. It was really fresh. And we still have really processed everything. And nothing gets that boy because I understand. Actually, his father was killed in the 9 11 terrorist attack from the United States on itself. So I understand where, how, like that was his message mechanism was being part of it. Well, as for me, my coping mechanism What that waas is to really, like, detach from my family. So for me, it was like have emotional detachment from my family cause it wasn't just have that passed away. After that, I went toe seven more funerals in the span of about 14 months, so I got a lot of suits from it, but, you know, whatever, like helping that mechanism detachment, and I will say the type attachment. This isn't like that healthy Buddhists have attachments more like that, healthy, like I'm trying to get hurt, so I'm not gonna feel anymore. Tapa detachment It's not like analyzing it and attaching yourself moment. This is like, Oh, I'm gonna ball everything in and act like it doesn't exist. Attachment English is very restricted in some for all some y'all who speak different languages. There is a better word for it. Let me know, and I'll start easy. And also with the emotional detachment thing. The story I told myself, logical reasoning is because, you know, everybody's gonna, like die. So everybody. So for me, I was a, you know, an old soul. So as a child, I had some pretty deep logic here in there for those who are in tow stuff like I was baptized at eight. I was teaching college classes at age 12. The story I told myself was that everybody dies, So why bother connecting? Because it hurts when they leave and my entire thing waas Okay, I understand this truth because also not ate ate. But when I was nine, my best friend died while he was basketball. Like he was going for a layup. He fell down and broke a school, died right there, and it was just, like, really messed me up ahead. Um, so I was like. Yeah, really? Everybody dies. Doesn't matter. You are So for me, it was like, Okay, why bother connecting? Because it hurts so much when this happens. Like I want to try to get rid of this. But the consequence of that Waas that I never I didn't have any genuine connections like it took me a while to form so black off. No compassion and empathy for emotions because I, like, understood emotions. But it's like All right, cool. So and so I don't care. Like get over it. You'll get over just like I did. It's like somebody's crying and I'll just look at them like this. Like that was my coping mechanism, you know? And the consequence of that is like I had a lack of genuine connections, no compassion, last empathy for others like I wasn't rude about things, but it was obvious that it was like, Wait, do you even care? Even, you know, that was really the response. The consequence I had because I wouldn't have deep connections with people and from that, like I have maybe one or two friends from growing up, And that's not a bad thing because I am raising myself operationally, so that happens. But before I started on that path, I was just alone by myself because I hadn't brought anybody to my house. I had told any stories. I hadn't really made those connections. I was afraid to have deeper connections with other people in my classroom. Like Oh, in my head, the logic in the back story, my subconscious only, like, Oh, I'm become really good friends with these people, and then they're gonna just die in some freak accident. So why bother making good friends? You know? See, I just made that connection. See, that's that. That's like the power stuff. Like some things when you talk about it out loud, your teaching yourself you know what I mean? I talked about that, um, most likely has some classes, like deeper, more premium group classes for these deeper concepts. I'll touch autumn. If you're interested, let me know. And then I could make a class out of it because there's some things I do want to talk about , but it is not. I'm not allowed to talk to it to the masks. I must talk to it in small groups because that's just how it works. So Lauvergeon connections, No compassion, empathy for others. All right, And so what I have here? There's a three responses, so basically, I know it's like, No, I don't just respond three ways, but basically there's three responses and within those other things follow. So from that, how do I respond when somebody tries to be friendly? Okay, so it's opposition cynicism or retaliation. So for this one retaliation not as much. Not like other trying to be friends with me. Let me get even with him. But read down. It manifests in my life as a lack of trust, losing freedom, negative dreams, struggling spiritual relationships and anxiety. What's happened and pass relations is I've had not just with friends but my romantic relations to I never was out front with my spirituality. So of course it would lead toe downfall the relationship, because I'm an extremely spiritually person. That's my first step in my life that's like by I exist. And when it comes to a lack of trust Hello, right. So I just told you is like, OK, I wouldn't even trust people, so I wouldn't tell them like people would open up to me and I help them out and they look for me. Do the same night just, you know, used my superpower, whatever. Like I don't even know what it is. But just magically like taking conversation other way and happen, not feel like, Oh, they just took advantage of me leave and they felt helped, you know, it wasn't like exposing myself and making that connection is like they could they re sounds connected me and I was just like, you know, the person goes to hug your trying to go, they're going for a hug. And I was just like, here you go, like, that's metaphorically what I did. And the thing is, I'm gonna do the ways out, like after I go through these, because basically what happens is if I keep doing that, what happens, goes back to this trigger subconsciously and then ghosted emotional attachment, then. Oh, this is my reasoning. Everybody dies while connecting. And then the lack of genuine connections and deep friends. And then you're back here, and it's this vicious cycle, right? And so the other one is cynicism. So it manifested leftist envy, anger, jealousy, shame. I didn't really have this as much Well, I don't have a sous much currently in my life right now, but when I was a child, definitely when I would see people with their grandparent's is that Grandparent's Day. I was super envious, super jealous because they took them for granted and mine were gone. Or just like not there because what My grandfather passed away. He was really close to me, the other one extreme alcoholic. I've only seen him like twice in my life once, when you he was drunk off the street in the other time when he was already had Alzheimer's from drinking. And he was just in his bed, just a vegetable. And so I was super angry and jealous of others who had grand parents who were present with them and loving, and they took it for granted. I was really, really angry or opposition, not accepting what is what happened. So for me, it's like not accepting that. Okay, this happened to me. This was the card I was dealt because of the lessons I learned to it because it enabled me to have empathy because I saw my grandfather before this happened. When I was six, I saw him have a heart attack with little red beans and rice on his mouth. When I came out, ran in to see him and he was really having a stroke or heart attack. Not sure which one but same type of thing. And he had red beans and rice artist faces. He was literally eating that soul food and having a heart attack like right in front. Remember running into the house? And he was just, like, literally just veg. Doubt on the on is, you know, a special chair because you know, they all have their special chairs, and from that realizing, it's like, Wait, this is the type of food now, like with my brother that cooks like connections and everything. It's so important to eat, clean and eat mostly plant based, because the way that we're trained to eat, you know, if everybody doesn't matter, you could be Indian, black, Hispanic, African native American like South Asian like, you know, Southeast Asian, South American, You know, if you're white like come on like that, the foods that were taught Teoh eat are actually making us sick. And then I rocked me at the funerals. When people pass away from like a heart attack or stroke way, eat the same things that put him in the grave. You know how crazy that is, like it's insane. Instance. Vicious cycle because we don't realize what we're doing to ourselves, and we need to find the way out. So Pettiness, lack of trust and losing freedom, negative dreams, troubling spiritual relationships and anxiety. The way out of the seven self destructing cycle is forgiveness. How could I be more forgiving? So for this way, I need to forgive myself more. It's a huge thing to forgive myself for the way I treat myself. It's not forgiving others because all this damage was self inflicted, so I could forgive myself more elaborate on this, and you'll see it there. But just at this point long really plugged in. Right now, I just want to get all this out. And when it came to cynicism that envy the anger, the jealousy, I don't feel that anymore. But it's still in there subconsciously, and it manifests in some ways when you know I see somebody's grandpa or whatever, and then I might not get us close to them, and it's not like, Oh, they're 70 the group in segregation? No, it's because in my mind I'm like, Man, this guy's, you know, in their twenties and they still have the grandfather and they still have their grandma and they're like President and all this stuff in bottled water and for that's like, I need to change my perspective and develop a new understanding for the situation. What I talked about, that's when teaching you right now. But what could I do to start expanding? My view of what happens for me is to realize that everybody experiences suffering. It's just what does the card look like? There's no use in doing comparative comparative suffering. That's just a pity party in itself. Way of negative energy is just scratching a star. Knowing is going to steal over and just only to take it off again, you know? So what can I do to start standing off? What happened to me for me is things like this reanalyze. Look at it and see Notice. Yes, There was a huge con that my grandfather passed away when I was eight years old in the pain I experience, but the prose of it is, it caused me to self start self reflecting at such a young age, cause me come aware of my emotions at such a young age, it caused me to develop this wisdom at a young age. So now that I could teach and raise the consciousness of this planet through my through my teachings. So, yes, I'm very thankful for that. And that's what happened to me. And from that Drew, my mom and I close and we started form a very good positive, you know, really open relationship. And as for opposition, so not accepting what is and what happened manifest against negatively affecting our relationships, self respect, productivity, education. So who can I communicate better with? And what will that do to improve our relationship? So for this straight up over non communication for me, I could all communicate better with my father. So who cannot communicate better with? So I'm gonna put my dad because he's a dad. He's not just my father. My dad. So what will I do to improve our relationship? I have more open conversations because if you're anything like me with your parents, you know they know you. But they don't know you because you put on this mask of perfection that you feel like you have to have, that you felt like you have to have in orderto keep them happy, but at the same time have them from learning and knowing who you are as as an adult, you know. So for that's like I'm or open conversations and stars show no. Oh, Bill, I think that's all right, especially showing more vulnerability like That's a huge thing because, especially when it comes to masculinity is this entire thing. You have to be strong in the emotion list. He considered a man which is stupid and toxic. And why the highest cause of death for men under 35 suicide? Look it up right now. That's true. Because of this, we were taught to not show vulnerability and for you as a woman, what you can do is start to realize how you two have been program toe look for Oh, I need this man to be super strong. I need them to be super hard, and it's not. You're not like you don't say it and looking for, but the way when it's like the first thing subconsciously that you look for somebody to protect you and to do it. And it's like, Oh, yeah, you could protect yourself. But in this way it causes you just subconsciously put out That's like, Oh, I want somebody that's gonna be, you know, really strong and there for me. But the way that marketing and society tells you to look for them is for somebody who's like a stone face, emotionless person like they have in the movies. Because whether we like it or not, those movies and the media affects the way that we received reality. So what you can do is toe realize that and take the power and be like, Hey, it's okay to be emotional, you know, not just posed by like having these conversations with your little cousin's like, if anything with the men. Just be patient with them. But the best way to start is with your little cousin's with your little brother's. Teach the boys. So when they become men, we change this vicious cycle, you know, because too often we try to go from the top down. But if you really want to address the root, you gotta go to the roots, so go to the Children and tell them it's OK to cries. Okay, To express it is okay to talk about in like that. Talk about what's going on. You know what I mean? Not just bottle it up like that's not cool. And so for cynicism, envy, anger, jealousy, shame Change your perspective into developing new understanding for the situation. What can I do to start expanding my view of what happened? Okay, I'm not sure if it reported it or not, but if you have any questions, just let me know. Email me comment below comment on Instagram DME on instagram I really don't care what Just message me and let me know I can inver and use intention as much as I can, but I can't help you directly specifically as best I can if you don't tell me with your words. What's going on so excited for tomorrow Just heads up No exercise tomorrow. It is kind of like a day of self reflection give you break from all this self reflection letter kind of said. It's like a lot like the roots grow a little deeper. So see you tomorrow. Thank you for joining me. And I'm thankful to have you in my life. Have a nice day